They Don’t Talk About This Airline Disaster!


You know how the media is scratching their heads over this Malaysian Flight 370 that went missing two weeks ago? And how they now suspect some kind of foul play? They go on and on — the same speculation over the barest of facts — all tiresomely repeated on each hourly Zio propaganda “news” show. About the only thing different is the talking head pundits they richly hire for each network, who say the same BS as the rest.*

But they sure as hell don’t talk about Pacific Southwest Flight 1771 that crashed horribly on December 7, 1987. Why? Because it was a filthy black bastard responsible, that’s why. And sure, some details are different from what we know about the Malaysian mystery (so far). Yet Flight 1771 was still a violent cockpit takeover that ended in tragedy for the passengers and crew — the main difference is that it happened over land.

The point is, they won’t mention this airline disaster because of the never-ending PC head job afflicting America and the White race. After-all, we’re supposed to think these worthless, violent blacks are as innocent as the driven snow, don’t you know?

David Burke, born to Jamaican parents in Britain and stupidly allowed to immigrate to America, decided he had better split from Rochester, NY, when he came under suspicion for taking part in a drug running scheme while working as an USAir customer service agent. After transferring to Los Angeles, he was fired from his job for stealing $69 from cash made from inflight drinks and an earlier, unspecified disciplinary event.

Burke knew the boss who fired him, Raymond Thomson (sometimes spelled Thompson), hitched a ride aboard a certain flight home to San Francisco on weekends. So he borrowed a large caliber .44 magnum revolver from a buddy and used his airline ID (foolishly, Ray didn’t demand he turn over) to bypass security and get on the plane. Once the plane reached a cruising altitude of 22,000 feet, he went to the lavatory to get out the gun. Passing by his boss in the seats, the murderous bastard threw a note down in his lap he just finished writing on a convenient air sickness bag. It said:

Hi Ray. I think it’s sort of ironical that we ended up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family. Remember? Well, I got none and you’ll get none.

He was never married, just had seven children with various women.

Leaving the plane’s bathroom, Burke went back to his boss and shot the guy twice. One of the flight attendants, probably Deborah Neil, ran into the cockpit and told the pilots “we got a problem.” The pilots ask “what’s the problem?” Burke, following right behind, darkly announces “I’m the problem” before shooting the poor girl. He then immediately shot both pilots, Gregg Lindamood and James Nunn, probably killing them outright (there wasn’t much left of the victims to do any real autopsies later).

Burke pushed the steering yoke straight down and jammed forward the throttle (as if it would make much difference). The airline’s chief LAX pilot, Douglas Arthur, deadheading aboard the same flight, was thought to be heard screaming at Burke as he tried vainly to get into the cockpit so he could pull the plane out of the steep dive. Burke apparently shot him down with his last bullet or himself. They don’t really know.

So few photos exist of this tragedy that it's pathetic -- and revealing. Only small low res images of the flight crew can be found on the airline's website.

So few photos exist of this tragedy that it’s pathetic — and revealing. Only small low res images of the flight crew can be found on the airline’s website. Few people have ever even heard the story because of PC.

Wow. The angry, freaky ape was bound and determined to kill a bunch of innocent people that day. He certainly didn’t care. The case truly, truly needs to be classified as the biggest single instance spree killings in US history. Absolutely.

But because of “PC,” few have ever heard of it. Even back when it happened. That’s how long this “PC” business protecting the black race has been going on.

The murderous and cowardly black bastard shot down five defenseless White people right off the bat (some may have been wounded and clinging to life for a few more moments). Another 37 innocent people aboard that doomed plane — now completely scared out of their living wits and probably screaming like crazy — had only seconds to live before their existence abruptly went black. Let’s hope they didn’t feel anything crossing over. A truly horrible air disaster.

When the plane slammed into the California countryside of San Luis Obisbo county, it was traveling at 770 miles an hour — actually breaking the sound barrier. The hard rocky soil literally rebounded under the 5000 G force of the impact, instantly turning the plane into a fiery geyser of small metal fragments and tiny body parts. The largest human remains found were hands and bloody feet inside shoes. At least 27 of the 42 innocent victims (not including Burke) have never even been identified. The black box (actually bright orange) and loose papers survived pretty well, including the note Burke gave to his boss.

Luckily, the now badly damaged pistol was found with a piece of Burke’s finger still jammed up into the trigger guard. They were able to run fingerprints (like so many blacks, the SOB probably already had an extensive record). The cockpit voice recorder was also found (making a mockery of many details to 9/11†). After careful listening to the sound recordings (all kinds of background noises can be ID’d), where the gun came from and Burke’s own handwritten note on the air sickness bag, they were pretty much able to piece together the Negro’s evil act and the horrible last moments of Flight 1771.

At the time this terrible crime happened in 1987, the whole story rapidly went down the rabbit hole. They did this back then, too. They might have made brief mention of the suspect’s name (without running a photo of him) weeks or months later and what the FBI concluded, but that’s about it (they know sheep have such little memory — thank God for the Internet today).

Now, if Burke had been a White guy, all kinds of TV drama specials and documentaries would have already aired in the US. Only Canada and Britain had a couple of little things because they love to make out America as gun violent crazies, without saying anything about the real problem, or their own horrible “people of color” crimes. Believe me, if Burke was White, everyone in America would have long heard of the evil deed by now.

Hell, you can easily tell how PC-suppressed the story is, just by the perp’s photo alone. The one in my top graphic above (just look at that angry ape) is the only thing I could find on the Internet. If it was a White guy that did it, you would have tons of photos to choose from — probably even some cool photoshop illustrations as well.

You see, that’s one of the biggest reasons I do up my site. I want White people to realize the wool has been pulled down over our eyes when it comes to these sorry-ass, worthless, violent blacks running around, acting like they now own the place and are so civilized.

I mean it’s really, really bad, White people. And getting worse by the day. Just go to this one website and see how things are now going in America.

You can never tell where and when one of these brutal apes might go haywire.

— Phillip Marlowe


Auburn CallowayAuburn Calloway (left) was another total wackjob Negro like Burke (because of PC, few have heard this story, too). In 1994, Calloway was a poorly-performing pilot who erroneously believed he was going to be fired (he wasn’t), deadheading aboard a FedEx shipping flight (705). He planned to kill both cockpit pilots by blunt force, swing the plane back around to crash into the Memphis headquarters building of FedEx — all so his black family could collect on his 2.5 million life insurance, no matter if he killed numerous fellow FedEx workers. Like Burke, he didn’t care.

Fortunately, for a lot of innocent FedEx folks (of all races) on the ground that day, the two highly-skilled White pilots bravely fought back and were able to stop him. Both pilots were gravely wounded by a vicious and cowardly claw hammer and spear gun attack (believe it or not) out of the blue.

They pulled the plane out of an aeronautically impossible dive and miraculously landed back on the airstrip without crashing. This real event was stolen by lefty Jew Hollywood for use in a made-up movie (“Flight”) starring Denzil Washington — a black actor who they also have sleeping with White women in the script. Jews love stealing White heroics and having blacks sleep with our women.

It’s absolutely true: AROUND BLACKS, NEVER RELAX.

* Of course the news media knows the company line to put out and what NOT to talk about, so us White people don’t get what’s being done to our race. Just think how all of them — I mean ALL OF THE MEDIA — takes the same side when it comes to the situation in the Ukraine and keep mum about any details that may be contrary to what “our” so-called government says over that and so many other Jewy Globalist NWO issues. Tell you anything? HELLO!

† What I mean here, is the lack of surviving cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) and black boxes from the three Flights that hit the WTC and the Pentagon on 9/11 (witnesses report the FBI took possession at the WTC). The compact crater left by Flight 1771 in 1987 actually supports the crash site of Flight 93 in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; yet for some reason (probably the Negro angle, but maybe the CVRs), I can recall no mention of Flight 1771 corollaries in mainstream media 9/11 conspiracy debunking efforts.


* Raymond Thomson, 48 (w/m supervisor)

Mary Shawn Addington, 28 (w/f)
Douglas Milan Arthur, 41 (w/m Chief Pilot)
James Franklin Carroll, 50 (w/m)
Stephen Earl Cone, 40 (w/m)
John Frank Conte, 30 (w/m Field Service Agent)
Anthony Raymond Cordova, 46 (h/m)
Jeanne Avis (Clark) Dealan, 40 (w/f)
Sharon May (Holvey) Engstrom, 49 (w/f)
Karen Marie Fox, 38 (w/f)
David Anthony Giuliano, 41 (w/m)
Julie Gottesman, 20 (j/f Flight Attendant)
Donald Mitchell Hoag, 43 (w/m)
Theresa Mary (Lujan) Kekai, 55 (h/f)
Jocelyn Gae (Byers) Kempe, 56 (w/f)
Karen Krom, 39 (w/f)
Gregg Nelson Lindamood, 43 (w/m Captain)
Kathleen Elizabeth Mika, 35 (w/f)
Owen Francis Murphy, 60 (w/m)
Deborah E. (Nissen) Neil, 37 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Wayne J. Nelson, 48 (w/m)
James Howard Nunn, 48 (w/m First Officer)
Paul Clifford Perry III, 56 (w/m)
Kevin William Phelan, 35 (w/m)
Thomas Daniel Rabin, 24 (j/m)
James Richard Rettinghouse, 42 (w/m)
Curtis Fung Rhee, 33 (a/m)
John Arthur Roseen, 41 (w/m)
William Ira Rosenberg, 40 (j/m)
Birgit H. Saur, 21 (w/f)
Erika Saur, 51 (w/f)
Carmille Lorraine (Strazzulla) Scafire, 54 (w/f)
Jonathan Kirk Shiba, 39 (a/m)
Linda (Gerling) Hathaway Siegfried, 41 (w/f)
Wolfgang Studemann, 47 (w/m)
Allen Frederick Swanson, 45 (w/m)
James Robert Sylla, 53 (w/m)
Ray Frank Thomson, 48 (w/m)
Debra Lynn (Watterson) Vuylsteke, 32 (w/f Flight Attendant)
Earl Lewellyn Webb, 35 (w/m)
Mary Mae (Moore) Webb, 54 (w/f)
Neil John Webb, 58 (w/m)
Leon Winters, 62 (w/m)

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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194 Responses to They Don’t Talk About This Airline Disaster!

  1. RED PILL says:

    Tbone this is you, you said “It IS the jews – not zionists, NWO, illuminati…or whatever else takes the focus away from ‘the jew’.”

    well golly gee whizz, if you say it is so, then it shall be so, and by your decree i must believe it or keep my rantings off of incogman blog. is that what you meant ????.

    since there is no room for any argument as you have set you self up as the minister of truth and information for incogman.

    there sure is no room here for wiggle , as a thinking man and an old one at that,
    i find your authority as demeaning, as you set you self up as the only authority.

    now i bow before the magnificence T BONE and his limitless knowledge and with that point in mind there is no reason to ever try posting here.

    oh illuminated one, please forgive me.

  2. sog says:

    red pill you fail to correllate the directio of the flow of evil to its source are you saying it isnt the jews .and so we are to believe you ..we dont belive that at all and thats pretty evident from most of the posts ..we do know that israel pays hasbarats and a super flag team money to troll the internet looking for any thing that exposes jews for the pices of shit they are ..
    that nigger who took that airplans down with all the security inplace ..nigger looks like richard prior ..
    all zionists ,illuminati mason knights of malta skullandbones most politicians are jews and some degree of communist ,bolshevik ,neo con etc ..all jews ..and shobbos goi so up jews asess that they are jews as well after all a jew isnt a israelite at all and jews are mixed race light and dark caucasions with ABSOLUTELY NO ISRAELITE BLOOD…
    thius is the reason you have to kill any nigger you are trying to fire many god dam stories are like theis with shit stain niggers seeking wreaking revenge on innocent by standers like in drive by’s or even blaming the whole white race for “slavery” ..higher than 97% of todays americans had no forefathers involved in indenturd servant useage or selling and buying and indentured servants gained freedom after a few years to insure that jews could sell more “slaves ” to keep the jew slave market propped up ..
    black freedmen owned more slave numerologically than did jew slave owners ..only very rich non jew whites of around 1% of population owned slaves who were indeentured servants who gained freedom after time was up ..or you wouldnt have had freedmen like frederik douglass .etc ..civil war and gaiminmg freedom was about niggers getting early release from indenture for participating in the war which cost 800,000 deaths on both sides ..niggers blame everyone for their own stupidity was the freed nigger who decidded to stay in america WHEN THEY HAD THE FREEDOM TO GO BACK TO AFRICA ….when niggers get fired for stealing from jobs thay always come back and kill everyone in close proximity ..people who didnt make the nigger steal far as i know anyone who steals on the job is fired whatever color they are ..niggers think everything is about them and raycism is aginast them when tey are the most racist sob’s alive ..
    nigger tkaes a jet down ..thats one for the record book ..forget al kida ,we got feral lo IQ nigger takin down aircraft ..this nigger didnt use underwear bomb or shoe heel explosive because he wasnt escorted onto the plane by the mossad/cia ..

  3. Jason says:

    Federal Express flight 705..

  4. t bone says:

    Red Pill

    Anyone who thinks its anything other than the jew simply does NOT get it.

    You can rant all you want and try to redirect the blame away from the jews, I wont bother you about it. Its your opinion so there’s nothing to forgive.

    It wont change the way I see it though.

    And I will say my piece.

    If I thought it was anything other than the jews, I’d be at Alex Jones’ site right now.

    That is obviously not the case.


  5. Hoff says:

    Why the jews can gang up against us non-jews.

    Wherever to jews goes, what is the first thing the criminal jews do? Start a sinagogo. That is the jews powerbase, the jews HQ is the sinagogo/kehilla/soviet/council.

    The first thing to do is to exterminate the jews powerbase, then the jews will run like rats.

  6. bubba says:

    Ah donutz get it…

    I thought the Blakz invented door nobz, peenuts budturdz, …….gravitee..and did a JV with KIke Joooz re: black whoolz

  7. sog says:

    nigger pilot ? …special ebonix instrument panel ,sure ,i get it now ..
    oh and niggers arent stupid or dangerous at all ..i canz fly dis arplanin upsides down n sheet..
    Auburn Calloway worked as a pilot for FedEx, but he had fudged his resume a bit and had greatly embellished his flying experience while serving in the U.S. Navy. When he was scheduled for a disciplinary hearing he panicked, assuming that he’d be fired. He launched a pre-emptive strike at the company that he thought was unfairly singling him out and decided to, in one fell swoop, both provide for his family and punish FedEx

  8. sog says:

    maybe since soo many niggers are muslim and spikbeenerrz are converting to shitslam they ought to profile these people in the airports ..ya know all the special security that you pay for when you buy the ticket ..yeah jew tsa cheka, patriot act cheka ,would rather use penetrating ionizing dangerous radiation x raying your privates and stealing you blind and hur hur hur laughing about what morons and thugs they are and they are since the communist jews do the hiring ..i read where muslims are givin a pass on the checkpoints from hell ..and past these points even after youve been raped by irradiarion and told to like it they come and inspect your drinks ..preposterous coercive and forceful comliance part and parcel of the communist gloabalist nwo state apparattus ..they can check the drinks at the bar before they serve them ..nooo theyd rather force you to become a compliant sheep ..i will never fly again ,,never ..i would never allow myself to submit to such terrorist procedure that doesnt stop anything from happening ..the planes are old and ill maintained ..the p[ilotes are over worked and against faa regs ..there are supposed to be 60,000 pilots in the field working but are only 15,000..
    computers fly the plane ,take off and land the beast ..people need safe reliable fast transportation but tsa is not about making travel safe …
    this fuckin nigger on fedex flight protests his coonviction ..such as it is with this completely worthless race of jibbering baboons ..i dinna doo nuffinz …niggers have no place in america and are not wanted here by most people with half a brain ….
    niggers still practice slavery ,witchcraft,sacrifices and ritual killings and jenkem huffing in africa …its in their dna ..they are lmited and bound by the prehistoric dna and their dead end pathologies ..niggers only care about pimpin and they hate slavery ? wtf then is controlling women thru violence to male them work for a worthless trousered ape ..
    niggers only care about thier 24 inch rims and spinners and loud rap and committing crimes against niggers ……remember bernard goetz ..a jew boy who had it right ..shoot the mother effin niggers down when they come with violence ..needs to pick up a bit till we get even ..and some ..
    this next accident happened in the congo ..oh yaeh republic of the coongo ..
    A passenger brought aboard a crocodile hidden in a sports bag. The crocodile escaped, causing a panic among passengers who all rushed to one end of the plane. This caused an imbalance in the aircraft which led to loss of control and a crash.
    08/25/2010 Filair Bandundu, Congo Democratic Republic ..oh excuse me ,democratic republic ..? hmmm ok ..poor aligator ..

  9. sog says:

    11/23/1996 Ethiopian Airlines
    B-767 Off Moroni, Comoros The aircraft was hijacked shortly after taking off from Ethiopia by three drunken escaped prisoners. They demanded to be flown to Australia, but wouldn’t let the pilot stop to refuel. The plane eventually ran out of fuel and ditched 500 feet offshore killing 127 of 157 aboard.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      With all these crowning examples of black aeronautical ineptitude, we have to see movies with Denzel Washington heroically flying passenger jets upside down.

  10. You are so right Incog. You are putting out some great shit my man.

    Check out the picture in this link


    Lot of good stuff on daily stormer these days as well.

    Best, AOP

  11. sog says:

    niggers only care about thier 24 inch rims and spinners and loud rap and committing crimes against niggers ..true enough as 11,106 niggers were made good during the trial of martinez by other fellow apes …but niggers crimes aginst whites are escalating as crimes of racial hate oportunity ..percentage of active crime aged niggers and discounting the fece thrwoing apes in the slam ,the percentage of violent crime committed by niggers is extrememly high they say 80% of violent crime ,i say more ..over 95% of interracial crime is the niggers targeting whites this is true then that there is a core of spree and mass and serial killer and raper niggers running around out there ,free as an ape to commit more and more crimes ..if a group of crime fighters was to eneter the ghetto and liquidate every nigger in sight for say half an hour the crime rate in theat sity and surrounds would precipitously drop ..niggers = crime ..niggers equal welfare and 10-14 chirrens ,guture whoite hating racists …dumb fuckin niggers ,dont blame us ,blame your disgusting ugly whore of a monkey mommy for having you by every tom dick and harry in the ghetto ..fuckin die niggz ..

  12. RED PILL says:

    Tbone, RED PILL believes Satan AKA Lucifer is in charge of all that is evil and that oppresses the white race and all the rest of the dirty mother fu*kers work for that
    satanic force , it’s every where and in your face every day jews , niggers, bankers, Zionist, politicians, Illuminati, masons, Jesuits, you name them , they are out there.

    there is not enough bullets, or gas to kill the enemy’s of mankind, let alone 6 fucking
    million jews body’s stinking up the place.

    no one can accuse me of not knowing whom the jews are and their abundant negative traits. the biblical scriptures define their predatory nature. Jesus did not like the jews, neither did God find favor in them , let alone the common man. no sir, no jew lover here.

  13. Hoff says:

    This video is about Ukraine and China and its mandatory. You don’t need to watch the vid, just listen. This man got the whole jew crap covered – except he don’t say Its the jews.

    Exchange Neo-con and Washington with jews and you will get the real picture about what is going on in Ukraine.

    The video is an hour. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this. He got the jews doing nailed to the bedrock.

  14. sog says:

    i wonder what happens in reality to a nigger that gets kicked upward to hios level of incompetence ,,the pressure is on and he embellishes or he is a total apefirmative action mollycodel and cant fly a plane ..i mean do these shit birds go through the citadel or navy academy on nigger schaoolarships ..i wantus to beez a plane pilit afters i sees denzl flin upsides down n shit ..i wonder what the nigger washout rate is ..thats why all these coons have their 200 nigger only colleges (dazzz raycis) no whoite alowed even tho your friggin tax money ios going to waste there ..they teach these idioats heh heh at a special slow rate and fake their gradiatuin then ..
    speaking of bafoons ,i dont think gW bush can really fly a jet ..come on ,really ? ..this coke head fly a real plane except on a simulator ..he was washed out so he dodnt go to the air gaurd he was transfered to during the “war” and he was a draft dodging coward anyway ..

  15. Flanders says:

    Monsanto jews and slaves:

    “Be it known to all to whom these presents shall come, that I Benjamin Monsanto do really and effectually sell to Henry Manadu a negro wench named “Judy,” aged Eighteen years, native of Guinea, for the sum of four hundred Dollars in all the month of January in the year one thousand Seven hundred and ninety one; and paying interest at the rate of ten per cent for the remaining two hundred and fifty Dollars until paid; said negro wench being and remaining mortgaged until final payment shall have been made;…”.

    “A man who shot four people near a Greenville Walmart in June picked out his victims because they were white, according to several indictments handed down against him.”

    The trend of jew media in intentionally skipping over the reporting of black crime against Whites is getting very old: “Media-Suppressed Anti-White Crimes”

  16. sog says:

    with any situation in a nation just convert it to the sum of jew interference ..know that they bever quit ..they seek total control of the whole world ..they will not stop till they have done it or blown the world to hell ..they have alreday released their low level samson option with the nuke job at fukashima …yoo put the jew in the center of the calculation and go from their ..
    jimstonefeeelance for fukashima intel and he’s got good information on the malaysian plane mystery ..
    maybe it was niggers on board hijackin it to mazambique ..

  17. The illuminati does exist. Masonry does exist. It a conspiracy headed by jews. The inception of masonry was when the knights Templar found secret knowledge at Solomon’s temple. Whether it was actually from or by Solomon, we don’t know. The illuminati was created by a Jew, Adam weishaupt. If jews didn’t always control masonry, they do now. It is guided by the kabbala, a guide for sorcery. If I say that the greater part of the evil we see from blacks is because of jew slavetraders cum black liberators, I may be scorned here, but if I say that non-jew masons and illuminati are every bit as bad as jews in their own right, I am scorned, perhaps, as well. The masons and illuminati have willingly sold their soul to the devil for gain in this life. They are your most definite enemy, and are every bit as bad as the Jews, even if the jews are leading things. The blacks may be dumb, impulsive and base, they are not however actually wicked, strict (and generally) speaking. To come to the point, it does not, and largely cannot work between blacks and whites at this juncture in our respective developments. The jews and illuminati masons must be singled out, identified, and isolated for their own special attention by everyone else, somehow and some way. Let’s put it this way the blacks aren’t planning to take over the world and institute a dystopia; one may happen under their regional jurisdiction, but they don’t plan it, and it certainly does not posses the same motivational attributes of a jewish or illuminati or masonic variety of putsch. Furthermore, blacks aren’t mind-molders. The more critical battle is in the mind, thought and faith or belief spheres of things.

  18. Flanders says:

    Scroll down at the link to: “Black race hatred and the murder of 188 whites”

    Further down are photos of the crew of the airliner that Nigger Burke killed. Also, be sure to check out about the Zebra murders near the end of the link.

  19. t bone says:

    Red Pill

    The jews have been doing this for a long time. Jesus was targeting the talmud readers of the time because of their satanic ways.

    All of the groups you just mentioned are judaic splinter groups. Its all straight from the jew playbook.

    If there were no jews, or judaic society, Christian politicians wouldn’t be doing what these talmudic-subscribing politicians are doing.

    They have been groomed by the jew. The jew doctrine is very cut-throat and these dupes have been caught up in the throes of these practices. And now its too late – they sold their souls.

    So, the jew is the source – always has been.

    Mentioning anything other than that confuses people, as it is meant to do.

    People don’t have time to research all of that. And ‘all of that’ reverts back to the jew anyway.

    Yes, I fault the jew bidders. But there wouldn’t be any jew bidders if there weren’t any jews in the first place.

    We must hack at the roots – not the branches.

  20. INCOG MAN says:

    Thanks, Flanders, for the links.

  21. Len says:

    The ‘super secret U.S. military base’ Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean is one of the least of household words that is spoken in the entire United States and rest of the world.
    When I say ‘super secret’, that is exactly what I mean.
    This island has security cloaked with security like you can’t imagine. I am led to believe that the missing Malaysian passenger jet landed there.

    Now the question that a person must ask themselves is why, way out in the middle of nowhere?
    I am also led to believe that in the cargo-hold of this jet was a very toxic bio-chemical agent.
    Did this “bio- chemical agent” leak?
    I am led to believe that could have been the case, or the flight was deliberately diverted from its course back to Diego Garcia where no one, and I mean no one would know any different.

    Have you ever seen over 25 countries at the same time looking for one passenger jet?
    Of course you haven’t.
    The massive “search” turned into a military operation to “find” and/or give an appearance to be concerned as to the jet and its passengers only.

    Next, ask yourself as to why there have been many recent flights of bio-chemical warfare experts from the U.S. and other nations flown into Diego Garcia right after the jet disappeared?

    I am led to believe again, that everything else you are hearing on the Jew controlled major media broadcast are nothing but ‘rabbit trails’ to sway our thinking from where it could land.
    Another thing to take into consideration, all new passenger jets can now be landed automatically, even if the pilot and co-pilot were DEAD!!

    If this was a “planned operation” for the toxic jet to divert and land
    in Diego Garcia, was there a sinister plan for the passenger problem?

    If the plane was headed towards Diego Garcia (which is under eight hours of flying time from Kuala Lumpur), it would have been captured on Indonesian radar as well, and it was likely to have crossed over Indonesia.

    But unlike Malaysia, Indonesia is a defacto Globalist client state, and would immediately cover up such information.
    Australia also has a sophisticated radar network, but we haven’t heard from them either.
    Apart from radar, there is also other “live” data associated with commercial aircraft, which is not being discussed.

    Of topic, even some Germans are having problems with ObamaCare

  22. Flanders says:

    Thanks Incog, There are still a lot of undiscovered good links out there but it takes some work to find them – and the censors have already removed many more than we will ever be able to find.

    “Imagery Of Innocent White People Victimized By Blacks Since Integration Was Created in 1964”

  23. Greg says:


    Dark spiritual forces are the real rulers of this Earth and are truly ‘behind the scenes.’

    But, Jesus said that these jews are the children of the devil. These jews are the ‘Synagogue of Satan.’

    Is the son not like the father?

    The jews are the problem period and everything else that is a problem is an extension of this jewish problem.

  24. Flanders says:

    “Top 100 Black Mob Violence Videos”

    “Pennsylvania Attorney General shuts down investigation because everyone they caught on tape taking money and gifts was black.” – See more at:

  25. Lorna Doone says:

    If Whites can work together, we can implement a Citizens Deportation and round-up
    all the Blacks and put them on ships and send them back to Africa. Blacks culturally
    do not belong in America. If Abe Lincoln had done the right thing instead of inviting
    the Blacks to go back to Africa, he would have enforced their passage back to their
    roots. Abe knew the Blacks did not belong with Whites and expected the Blacks
    would be served under a totally separate gov. Jews destroy any country they

  26. Flanders says:

    “Kovler Black-Jewish Microgrant
    Is your congregation engaged in activities and actions aimed at developing links and common ground between African Americans and Jews? Apply today for a Kovler Microgrant!”
    “Slavery of Negroes by Negroes in this Country”

  27. Bailey says:

    1987 and this is the first I’ve ever learned about this nigger?
    Never heard of Fed Ex flight 705 either, oh, that’s because the nigger with a very white sounding name was responsible.

    This is interesting stuff, I’m gonna study up on both of these stories so when I tell the kwans about real terrorists in the sky i’ll be damn sure I know what I’m talking about.

    Incogman is right of course, if these were white guys we’de be seeing them once a week on the History channel and jew Hollywood would have produced blockbuster films of both highjackings, being that the jew films would be “based” on true stories the victims would have been blacks and gooks.

  28. Eric says:

    filthy groids on White Crime, America’s Hidden Victims

  29. Wow, just checked out injustice files BlogSpot. Yep, the niggers have to git.

  30. Greg says:

    Right on Incogman.

    As long as the jews keep ramming negroid ‘beasts of the field’ down our throats and lying on their behalf to destroy our White nations I will keep rejecting them and opposing the jewish lies with the truth.

    When I no longer see, hear, or smell negroids in our presence I will stop talking about them.

    Someone has to go against the corrupt jewish flow and tell the truth.

    Its easy to see why football and basketball has become such a perverted fetish in the jewish media. Besides money making, its the best way for the jews to ram niggers down our throats and make them look successful.

    As if playing with a ball means a damn thing.

  31. Greg says:

    Get White people to focus on sports filled with niggers and make that the most important matter in their minds while the jews take care of America’s future.

    Its a win-win for the jews.

  32. Eric says:



    Carlos Porter
    If true ?? Cogman you should tell the fraud to start digging his own hole.
    No matter how many credits he has donated to you?? & piss him off from yer
    side bar..

  33. Stoneycool says:

    Interesting blog incogman, I was so dismayed by the events that took place on FedEx flt 705, I became aware of it when I saw part of it on a show called “Air Crash Investigations” on late night TV. (Not that I watch much of the B.S. on TV these days) I brought the book on this incident a few months ago which incidently, is very hard to find. It brought back memories of when my father flew as a Airline pilot for Ansett in Australia.It was also very tragic that all the flight crew lost their employment as flight crew because of the head injuries sustained by the hammer blows of a violent selfish negro savage. It just proves one thing, aviation and savages don’t mix.

  34. Flanders says:

    “Are the Israelis Planning Another 9-11 Using the Missing Boeing 777?”

    “The disappearance of the Malaysian Boeing 777 looks like something from a Batman movie plot – or a bad Israeli screenplay by Arnon Milchan and his partner Rupert Murdoch. The missing plane is bound to turn up sooner or later. The hijackers – or Israeli computer hackers – didn’t pull a fast turn to the west and make professional moves with the plane in order to drop it in the Indian Ocean. Or maybe they did. In any case, all of the events going on right now with the missing Boeing and the Ukrainian crisis look like the making of a perfect storm – or another false-flag terror spectacle like 9-11.

    An Israel-based reporter named Paul Alster has a very interesting article on giving an Israeli prognosis about the missing Malaysian Boeing 777. The Alster article is important because it suggests that the Israelis may be setting the stage for a false-flag event using the missing Malaysian plane as a flying bomb in an attack similar to 9-11.”

  35. Ruth House says:

    The Agony of a White Bride / also known as : The saddest story ever.

    Author unknown
    When a White girl marries a Negro, her sun of life goes down;
    Glaring spots of sin appear on her wedding gown.
    White and Black men stand aghast, while viewing this strange role
    and mutter “they will wreck themselves, and damn each others soul.”

    They know a carnivorous bug has crept into her brain
    and she gave away her self respect, which left her half insane.
    Now all her racial pride has flown beyond redemption’s fold,
    and she begins life’s saddest tale that ever was told.

    Three days and nights she felt black lips pressed smug against her own;
    on the fourth, her troubled soul let out a frightful groan.
    So the weeks and months flew by, and then a baby came.
    She looked at it with tearful eyes and hung her head with shame.

    Then she dreamed of other days, sweet girlhood days gone by;
    of the White friends left behind, and so we hear her cry,
    “Oh, could I turn life’s pendulum backward a few short years,
    I would not bear this cross today nor shed these bitter tears.”

    My baby would be white as snow, and sleep upon my breast,
    like a fledgling robin hat slumbers in its nest.
    While now, oh God, my mongrel child just whimpers through the night,
    till in my sleepless dreams I scream, “Not White; oh God, not White!”

    I stagger through my days, far from God’s love and grace,
    and now I know no black face can take a White man’s place.
    My offspring shall be mongrel bred. Their dark skin shall forever remain.
    God, with all His power, cannot remove the stain.

    I sold my birthright for a mess, I mixed my White-born blood with Black,
    and so I languish here bogged down in sorrow.
    Though God may grant me pardon, I never can retrace
    my footsteps down life’s narrow road, back to the White man’s race.

    So now I groan, it might have been, had racial pride been mine:
    today I’d hug a pure White child and call him half divine.
    I’d lift him up before the world and praise his father’s name,
    while now my baby’s mongrel face reminds me of my shame.

    All other crimes may be forgiven when prayer its power fulfills;
    the scheming crook may find new hope, and even the man who kills.
    All my prayers can never clear my baby’s mongrel skin,
    nor make him White as driven snow, nor cleanse my soul of sin.

    I was my father’s future hope, my mother’s joy and pride,
    but I got lost on life’s dark road, and there my spirit died.
    I smeared my all White heritage and left the White man’s track.
    Now my descendants, for all time, shall be black.

    I try to hide from all the stars, the moon and setting sun;
    for all mankind of my White race condemn what I have done.
    I tremble and my teardrops flow, I pray in vain
    for never more shall I be one with my White race again.

    And so, dark clouds above me roll, deep waters crash below.
    I sink and reap what I have sown and drink my cup of woe.
    My mother sleeps deep in her grave, my dad lies at her side.
    For both were crushed when I became a Negro’s common bride.

    Now should I decide to leave him, where could I choose to go?
    My misspent life will follow me like footprints in the snow.
    Before me lie dark jungles where paramours seek prey;
    behind me death’s deep whispering, “I am the only way.”

    This Black and White prenatal mess; this racial suicide
    is forbidden by the Bible law. Where is the White man’s racial pride?
    Then, never again, forever, shall tales like mine unfold,
    with all its shame and sadness, that ever yet was told.

    The story of how our national anthem came to be.
    This is a story every American should hear.
    It’s a little lengthy, but I’m sure it’ll be worth your watch.

  36. simplysimone says:

    Don’t ever forget, we probably weren’t told the truth about anything in 1987 and indeed we are not getting the truth now in ANY American media. The media has been used for decades to propagandize the citizens to support the manipulated thinking to foment the criminal cabal agendas!
    Paid Professional liars: Lawyers, Cops, Politicans, News media!

  37. $10 Bagel says:

    I believe that Satan is behind all that is wrong with the world also. But it’s the jews who are Satan in the flesh. They are Satan’s earthly representatives.

    It doesn’t do us any good to call them something other than jews. That’s what they are. If you know it’s the jews, call them jews.

    If you want to blame “Illuminati” or Jesuits, then as T-Bone correctly said… Alex Jones, his jew wife, his jew kids, and his full-spectrum-dominance is waiting for you!

  38. Hoff says:

    Africa invading EU.

    This is Spain.

  39. Israhell on Earth says:

    I’ve watched countless documentaries like “Mayday-Alarm in Cockpit”, but i never heard anything regarding that crazed negro and his deadly rampage. This whole PC crap is sickening.

    sog says March 18, 2014 at 11:22 pm:

    “maybe since soo many niggers are muslim and spikbeenerrz are converting to shitslam they ought to profile these people in the airports ..ya know all the special security that you pay for when you buy the ticket ..yeah jew tsa cheka, patriot act cheka ,would rather use penetrating ionizing dangerous radiation x raying your privates and stealing you blind and hur hur hur laughing about what morons and thugs they are and they are since the communist jews do the hiring ..i read where muslims are givin a pass on the checkpoints from hell”

    Yep, but scumbag rabbies and israeli citizens should get the same treatment; they are allowed to breeze through these checkpoints. No pat downs and no radiation spilling porno scans for the chosenites, while the rest of the passengers get the shaft.

    Israeli air force bombs Syrian command, artillery posts on Golan

    Israeli warplanes struck Syrian posts, command centers and artillery batteries in the Quneitra region of Syrian Golan before dawn Wednesday – in reprisal for a Syrian roadside bomb which blew up an Israeli paratroop army patrol jeep in Golan Tuesday. Four Israeli paratroops were injured, one badly. Doctors are fighting for his life.

    The IDF spokesman said: “Israel struck the Syrian targets which enabled and aided in a terrorist attack in which four of our men were injured. They were command posts, artillery batteries and a training facility belonging to the Syrian army. The IDF reserves the right to act in any way and at any time it sees fit to defend its citizens.” DEBKAfile’s military sources add: There is no word from Syria on casualties if any from the Israeli attack, which without doubt opens a new chapter in Israel’s military involvement in the Syrian war.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if that roadside bomb was planted by syrian terrorists or the IDF itself. The jews never had any problems to sacrifice their own if it suits their agenda. Like david duke once stated: “the mossad is ruthless enough to commit any deed, no matter how foul”

  40. Israhell on Earth says:

    Sorry, i forgot to post the last link

  41. Laydee Liberty says:

    Carlos Porter? ? ?

    Nugent has had numerous bogus online account profiles made up to attack and slander his character. I’m kind of shocked that Carlos Porter (If that is from CP) fell for this over used Joo-doo-poo-poo disinfo trick. Our feral kosher friends have the software technology to Copy and mimic Human Voices available to the public since in 2001.

    Software Is Called Capable of Copying Any Human Voice.
    By LISA GUERNSEY Published: July 31, 2001

    Sadly, there is enough ScyFi technology available today they could target anyone and make them look, sound or even believe they are crazy.

  42. Laydee Liberty says:

    My comment was not made to indorse Nugent or condemn Porter but seriously I think any White man promoting White solidarity today has a bulls-eye on his backside. What was that open website forum that Nugent, he was one of the main contributors, it was eventually shut down totally taken off the internet? ? ? I remember his posts were seriously informative and amazing, I wish I would have saved his articles. And the attacks by JEWS were unbelievable, they seriously HATE this guy. The pictures and content he provided in many of his articles should have been published in The Barnes Review, that is how I remember Nugent. So IF between then and now he has really gone off the mental grid, it was because he was deemed a real threat and specifically targeted.

    Look what they did to Edgar Steele because he was going to run for Governor in Idaho? And because he had begun seriously looking into the kosher human trafficking industry. The Jewish Oligarchy are the real psychopaths. They are a serious threat to humanity and they need to exposed and stopped.

  43. Karen says:

    Red Pill, two books you might want to read…The Culture of Critique by Dr. Kevin Macdonald and The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed.

  44. Barney says:

    Red Pill – Sometimes you post good stuff. At other times you come across as a hasbarat.

    Only time will tell, but I can assure you that T-Bone is right about the jews, and he’s by no means the only person on here who knows that the problem IS all jews, so if he’s a rat, so am I.

    Jews are an infinitely more primitive species than their pets, the jungle critter that goes by the name of nigger, and if you don’t know how primitive they are, you need to see this documentary.

  45. Barney says:

    It’s not just the people on here, Red Pill.

    The niggers themselves were complicit in the slave trade though. That’s something that often gets overlooked.

    The niggers were capturing and using slaves long before the jews arrived to buy those slaves for trinkets and watered-down rum and transport them to America.

    The difference though, is that while niggers are just stupid apes, the jews are deliberately and consciously evil. As well as making a quick profit, they realised their nigger pets could eventually become a weapon to be used against the innocent White Race, the only race capable of defeating the demonic plans of the devil’s gargoyles to eventually destroy this world as the ultimate insult to the creative force that brought it into being.

    They won’t succeed because we ARE the White Race, the PEAK of creation.

  46. Barney says:

    Excellent Scott Roberts video, T-Bone. I’ve downloaded it.

    Here’s one by the late Dr William Luther Pierce, a true hero in my opinion.

  47. Barney says:

    Ruth House – Thanks for the poem. Very true.


    I was once a follower of John de Nugent, but it was always just one more book … er … no … it morphed into a video. Just one more video and we’d have all the answers. He was going to provide everything the White Race needed to overcome the jew. Just one more video … and another … and another … and just one more, and he’d lead the White Race out of the wilderness.

    Then came the “falling out” with various supporters who actually knew the man. I don’t remember the names, but his main supporter was a brown-skinned gentleman who seemed to be on our side, and who quietly drifted away with no fuss, like a true gentleman.

    It appeared that JdN was violent toward his then girlfriend, not a nice trait in a White Man, even if there was provocation. We don’t hit our women. If they’re staying, we care for them. If they’re no good, we throw them out. We NEVER use our superior strength to hurt them though. That’s unforgivable.

    The one name I do remember was Heinrick (something like that anyway), who went back to his own country when he saw through the scam, and JdN publicly accused him of just about everything he could think of. That page was soon taken down, but not before I saved a copy.

    Things like that should be said in private or not at all, NOT plastered all over the internet. It’s a pity Heinrick didn’t sue him for defamation.

    Just one more expensive “toy” donated by his unquestioning supporters and he’d be able to finish that one video that was going to save the White Race, but then he needed another expensive toy, and another, and another, all paid for by his supporters.

    Eventually he revealed his “plan”, which involved working with the jews while running for president! That was when I knew he had delusions of adequacy.

    Once in the white house, he’d round up … not the jews or niggers, but all the White People (he calls us “palefaces”) who’d failed to send him “enough” judenfetzen.

    Later he lowered his sights and decided to run for sheriff. I neither know nor care how that turned out.

    He was continually asking for (demanding would be a more accurate term) judenfetzen and expensive toys, always pleading poverty and never failing to mention his claim to have been sexually abused as a boy.

    Who cares? Child abuse is one of the great evils, but as an adult he can either deal with it or go under. Constant repetition doesn’t help his cause or enhance his credibility, so why mention it?

    I may be wrong, but in my opinion JdN is a joke, and perhaps not entirely sane. He seems sincere, and the few videos I’ve seen I remember as being quite good, but he’s not the one to lead the White Race out of the jew wilderness.

  48. Karen says:

    Did you ‘the devil made me do it’ throwbacks to a bronze age belief system cobbled together by Jewish goat herders know that the Latin word Lucifer translates as The Shining One and that the Hebrew word Satan translates as The Adversary? Early Christianity as opposed to the Judaic hocus pocus control system that now passes as Christianity considered Lucifer as The Light Bearer dispelling Pharisaic superstitions and offering freedom. Up until the 5th century Lucifer was thought of as the ascended Christ. I don’t care, people believe what they want, there are jews who wave chickens over their heads, negroes who stick pins in dolls, monsters who murder children and people who blame evil on the devil.

  49. Nana says:

    Interesting article about missing Malaysian flight.

  50. t bone says:

    A short clip from a show detailing the tragic events of Flight 1771’s crash On December 7, 1987. An irate former employee named David Burke stormed the cockpit and shot the pilot and co-pilot.

    And a re-post from sog’s link:

    These were found in what remained of the cockpit. It seemed that Burke had killed the pilots, along with the flight supervisor Thompson. Near to this wreckage was found a part of a note to Thompson. It read, “Hi Ray, I think it’s rather ironical that we ended up like this. I asked for some leniency for my family, remember? Well I got none, and you will get none.” When the black box flight recorder was discovered there was quite clearly the sounds of gunshots in the background.

    (quote mentioned in Incog’s article)

    The above link might be worthwhile for researching murderers-by-country. They even have a handful from israel.

  51. RED PILL says:

    where the jews came from.

    the descendents of cain were the Kenites, who were the precursor to the jews

    “Serpent seed, dual seed or two-seedline is a controversial doctrine, according to which the serpent in the Garden of Eden mated with Eve, and the offspring of their union was Cain. This belief is still held by some adherents of the white-supremacist theology known as Christian Identity, who claim that the Jews, as descendants of Cain, are also descended from the serpent.”

    John 8:44
    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

    this is the lineage of the jews, the sons of god (fallen angels) mated with the daughters of man and produced the mighty men of antiquity , they in turn mated with the daughters of man and produced the Nephilim . they was the also known as the giants of Genesis 6. they built the Egyptian pyramids and the rest of the giant structures of the world.

    what ran down the woman’s leg was the DNA of the jews
    this is the reason for God’s laws on race mixing and that results in DNA death.
    so that says the jews are the spawn of Satan, and are mongrels and bastards.

    aliens are the relatives of the fallen angels (sons of god). more information in “the book of Enoch.

  52. bubba says:

    Jews and Christianity:

    Giuliani has an archived multi-part series re the Jews that go way back into ancient times.

    Whether one believes in God and the Bible or not should be put aside in analyzing this group of inhuman demons aka Kike Jews.

    I don’t care if they were once black…chinese… …polka dotted…it is simply a CULT .

    The cult leaders gain enough critical mass membership through some unifying this case DNA blood lines. They brainwash the membership that they are superior to all others and it is ALSO their duty to invoke any/all evil on the rest of us.

    Their patterns, modus – operandi and methodology have not changed for thousands of years.

    ANY nation/culture that has allowed them to live amongst them has eventually been destroyed….no exceptions. Live vampires…they will suck a host dry and then seek new victims, till they have ultimately conquered the world

    Thats the Kike Jews summary…rest is simply detail to this greater agenda.

  53. Barney says:

    I usually try to keep out of religious debates because we each have our own beliefs, and to criticise the belief is often taken as criticism of the person, but we often get religious arguments here, with the CI people usually being the most vociferous, so at the risk of another “James the Just” trying to turn IncogMan’s comment section into his own personal pulpit, as has happened in the past, here’s what I believe.

    Though I subscribe to “Christian-type” morality, I don’t understand why so many people put so much faith in the ancient legends of primitives, especially when so many of those legends can be proven false, or are known to have been endlessly recycled through history and pre-history, with little more than the names being changed in each “new” version.

    I’m not trying to start a war here. I respect the rights of all people to believe whatever makes the most sense to them, and I accept that Jesus Christ may well have existed as the Perfect Man and Son of God we’re told he was.

    I understand why people cling to these old beliefs though, and I’m not criticising anyone for it, even if it sometimes appears that’s exactly what I am doing. If you’ve found your personal truth, whether in the Bible or elsewhere, good luck to you. You’ve found the greatest prize on Earth.

    None of us can genuinely believe what we’re told to believe if it doesn’t make sense to us. The truth has to resonate with us or we’re lying to ourselves if we choose to pretend otherwise and blindly accept the beliefs of others.

    Long ago, when the world was new and I was looking for something to believe in, having witnessed more than enough corruption in the “organised” religions, I looked to the beliefs of the ancients in the mistaken belief that if I could go back far enough in time, before the corruption set in and religion was degraded to a means of political control, I’d find the answers I was looking for.

    That may work for some people, but not for me.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems to me that we can learn very little from the legends of those whose primitive beliefs told them they had to appease the rain god, the thunder god, the earthquake god and numerous other imaginary “deities” with the blood of their children, or face destruction if they failed to give “enough”.

    Even in monotheistic times, why would the Creator of everything demand anything other than simple morality? Why would an unchanging, infallible god make mistakes and then demand that we, the creation correct or complete the work of the creator, as in “leave nothing alive that breathes”?

    Where does that fit in with “thou shalt not kill”?

    Why create a species (cockroach?, snake?, nigger?) and then demand that a part of the same creation exterminate that species, when the deity, if he’s who we’re supposed to believe he is, could do it with a stroke of his mind?

    Why would an unchanging deity suddenly change from walking among us to hiding from us when we need him more than ever, forcing us to rely on blind faith in the words of some old book written and compiled by man?

    The only “Bible” that can truthfully be said to be “written in the Creator’s own handwriting” is the Natural World. Everything else is open to corruption, and has been corrupted.

    I can’t speak for the savages, but we White People have our own morality “built in”, and in my opinion it’s superior to all established religions. We know how to behave. We know when we’re doing wrong. We don’t need some old book or “a man in a frock” to guide us because we already know how to live in peace with our neighbours.

    As well as that, those of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed by the devil’s own have an inbuilt knowledge that this short visit to the devil’s world is not all there is, that there is life beyond the death of these lumps of meat (bodies) we have to drag around with us while we’re here.

    It’s that certainty of the continuation of life that traditionally made the White Warrior such a fearsome adversary, and we will be again. That’s the thing that really frightens the devil jew. Once we find that ancient courage to rise up against them, they’re finished, and they know it.

    109 so far. 110 will be the final solution because they’ve left themselves nowhere to run this time.

  54. JD says:

    St Paddys Day Brawl…
    This is in a fairly upscale Kettering/Centerville Ohio Mexican Restaurant.
    This was reported on the AR15 gun forum of all places. They are tired of it too.
    Note: This area is 92.7 % White.
    But This is what happens when ‘diversity’ is encouraged. = TNB

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