Why Must The Negro Always Be The Hero?


Haven’t you noticed yet that pretty much all the hero roles in Hollywood and TV are now black? Please tell me otherwise. Black heroes are everywhere on TV and the movies (photos below). Even commercials always portray blacks as so smart and cool, while the White guy is made the idiot.

Take for example a Fiat car commercial that first aired during the last Superbowl and running all the time now. Two idiot White guys are stumbling around a desert, lost and dying of thirst. A Fiat car drives up, full of women with a Negro rap star (“Puff Daddy or Diddy,” is what he calls himself) in the front passenger seat. He offers the two White guys some water, which they refuse because they think he must be a mirage. Later the two finally make it to the rap star’s oasis party (filled with sexy White girls walking around) or “soiree” as he tells them with a kingly flourish. But once again the White guys still stupidly believe it’s a mirage since Fiat has never made a 4-door. Right.

Before walking off to certain doom in the desert, one of the White guys loses it and runs back to body hug the big time star (above); who tells him “don’t do that,” like the cool black guy is disgusted with faggoty White behavior — PC-OK as long as it’s in the context of portraying regular White guys as fools.

Actually, these anti-White commercials are everywhere in various degrees on TV, where the fool’s role must always be filled with a White guy, while the hero or smart role must always be filled with a black man or woman (covers a bit more ground PC-wise). The above Fiat commercial is simply NOT the occasional thing — just go to my page “Anti-White videos” (includes an even worse anti-White Fiat commercial), or visit the website “Anti-White Media” for plenty of current day examples. Hell, if you’re truly honest with yourself, you’ve noticed this BS on TV already.

Now I’m not going to tell you that a specific, day-to-day, organized conspiracy is going on. Such a thing would be too obvious and prone to discovery. What I will tell you is that this is indeed the end result of a long-running, media-fostered, racial conspiracy against the White race called “PC” and “diversity.”

They want any Whites involved in media not to say anything, so they’ve created the social situation where we are mentally intimidated to keep quiet. Same thing is at work on the receiving end — in our very own homes.

All of this is now so glaringly apparent in the media, that it amazes me most Whites refuse to speak about it among ourselves. Such is the power of “PC.”

And White guys should be furious with how they get away with freely trashing us all the time.

You know should you say the least thing, they’ll call you a “racist.” Even friends and family. I’ve had White people scream bloody murder and cry like blubbering babies, like I was an axe murderer or something.

Actually, it is a kind of open conspiracy. In the early ’90’s, specific word went out to ad agencies everywhere, telling them to enforce the PC mantra, or risk getting sued and having critical access to media avenues terminated (which would effectively destroy the agency). Like the over-all media in general, the various umbrella organizations for ad agencies have long been controlled by the subversive Khazar Jews, brainwashed liberal Whites and “people of color” affirmative action promotions. Go to “Who Controls Advertising” to see the controlling management groups of the ad agency industry.

Once you understand just how devious this whole thing has been to the European White race, the more angry you’ll become.

BLACK ACTORS redoblack ACTORS 2 redo
Jew-controlled Hollywood constantly promotes blacks as the cool guys and heroes (or victims of us evil racist Whites down through time). It became so ridiculously obvious with Will Smith and Morgan Freeman, they had to branch off using other black actors. Remember, this is only a few (among many heroic roles for each of the above), while media Jewry now puts Negroes and mulattoes everywhere they can on TV.

You can spot all this everywhere in the media. Why? Because they have to have an idiot, or baddie criminal of some sort to make the plotline work and they know they can get away with filling the role with White people (mostly us White males) with no problem. What can any of us “racists” say or do about it? That’s what they bank on.

Meanwhile, media Jewry looks for any opportunity to put “people of color” on the air. Hell, things are now so obvious you would have to blind or a complete idiot not to notice.

What kills me is that blacks are always committing crime and murder. And they rob, rape and brutally kill us White people constantly. Most Whites just don’t know how bad it truly is because of the media control they have with “PC” so we don’t get the big picture. See how it works?

And yes indeed, the black race is pretty stupid and worthless, too. How much longer can they use the tired excuse of “racism” to explain away their ever-degrading behavior, living freely on the public dole, constant criminality and violence? Apparently, forever.

Plus, many of your homos and transgenders are animalistic blacks (the “down low” they call it). Sure, you might see a lot of white skinned fags running loose, but most of those are the filthy, immoral Jews — well known as being sick mofos.

These stinking Jews have long been the driving force behind destroying not only our race, but our religion and culture, too. These hypocrite, self-styled elites feel free as a bird making out anything White and decent as bad, or dufus all the time.

Now you might be telling yourself “oh my God, what a racist, anti-Semite!” for those last statements, but that would be the brainwashing that these people have done to your head since the very day you were born.

Hell, all of it has been meant to brainwash you with “PC” in the first place.

It’s all throughout the media, not just TV commercials. Movies out of Hollywood are chock-full of anti-White messages or simply the whole plotline, when you get down to it.

They want you to feel “guilty” about slavery and Jim Crow, even if practically all White descendants today had ZILCH to do with any of it. It’s been estimated that 95% of White people in America never had one GD connection to slavery in their ancestry (mine, too).

Plus, they even want us White Americans to feel guilt over the so-called “holocaust” (the biggest mass population “psyops” in all history). Doesn’t matter one whit if us Americans had nothing to do with any supposed “holocaust,” unless of course, you count on us White American males going over there to die fighting the Nazis — all of which should truly piss you off once you step out the box and see what they are doing to us Whites these days.

Look at how Jews openly work to bring non-White Third Worlders into our White countries, for crying out loud. Whites in Britain and Europe have had plain enough, yet are branded as evil racists in the media for saying anything.

You think I write all of this just because I’m some kind of Internet nutcase?

Anyone with brain-one can see all of this by themselves just watching TV and thinking it out. Sure, you might not say anything about it to friends and family, well, at least not at first. But the more you see and understand where all this is going, the more you’ll want to shout out to other White people around you.

You see, the Globalist Khazar Jews have been in a quiet guerilla war against European White Gentiles for many decades now. They’ve taken over money creation (ironically called FIAT money) and usury (the banker’s debt shackles they use to milk our lands).

With this financial power, they’ve bought out the media to brainwash us, while long blacking out the things Israel does anywhere on the globe. All of it is meant to use us for as long as possible, while they slowly strangle and dispossess the White race from our very own lands. The evidence is glaringly obvious as to what they are doing.

Simply put: The business with the black race has long been used as a tool to brainwash our race into submission, while these forces use America to create their globalist “NWO” and continue our support for Zionist Israel.

Look at how they use America. We constantly pay for anything that “sacred” Israel wants, without the least word in the media. Like the latest story to come out (just read it), where America is paying for Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system, yet Israeli companies are actually getting the manufacturing profits — not the American worker who’s taxes goes to paying for it, even though they tell us we will.

These bastards get away with all this because they control the media. They control whatever us Americans see and think. Look at how they tell us that everyone is now for homo marriage, or how we are such solid allies with our little friend Israel — like it’s all just a given.

Sometimes you even hear these bastards laughing about how stupid we are.

If you’re a White person pretty much anywhere in the once White Western world, you should be damn pissed off about what these lousy rats are doing to our race.

You know I am.

— Phillip Marlowe

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172 Responses to Why Must The Negro Always Be The Hero?

  1. Flanders says:

    White people everywhere want our White race to continue intact and pure. It is forced intimidation against our White people which makes many seem to accept otherwise, mainly through the influence of jews leadership [some jews are white skinned, but NO jew is White].

    That point on intimidation is brought out by this Irish video:

  2. Flanders says:

    The 1947 book below has some interesting facts and commentary, including a time when the more obvious attempts at race-mixing began – through an earlier executive order by the Feds. As with almost every such measure, it has NEVER been what the PEOPLE have wanted, but force and jew trickery which induced it’s passage.

    “White America must be awakened! The Federal Government has entered the field of race relations by the exercise of unprecedented war powers in the issuance of Executive Order Number 8802, reinforced by Executive Order Number 9346, which forbids racial discrimination in employment in war industries and in government; the Army and Navy as well as certain government agencies have tried to indoctrinate and orientate American soldiers, sailors, and marines with the idea of social equality of the white and black races; the blood of both races has flowed in the streets of Detroit, Beaumont, Columbia, and New York within recent months; an all-out attack on racial segregation has been launched; the Negro leaders do not hesitate to declare that they will obtain full equality even if force must be used. In view of such circumstances, the issue can no longer be discussed in a whisper nor banished into the background. Action is demanded! We must solve the problem completely and irrevocably, or we must prepare ourselves for the inevitable blood admixture of the white and black races in the United States-total mongrelization.

    No one can deny the importance of this question. Its very essence involves the preservation of the white race as well as the Negro race; it is a matter of blood. Compared with the interests which we have at stake in this issue, all questions concerning education, agriculture, trade and commerce, labor and capital, tariffs and subsidies fade into insignificance. This Nation with all its might and glory would never have achieved its greatness without the directing hand and creative genius of the white race, and any effort to destroy the blood of this race by contamination with the blood of Africa is an effort to destroy the Nation and its future. To deny
    these truths is to deny all history itself.”


  3. Israhell on Earth says:

    Yeah, the jewish- black “relationship” throughout history speaks for itself.

    First the jews exploited them and made billions, see monsanto and the slave trade

    Then they used Martin Luther King as their Frontman during the civil rights movement; they implemented the same tactics with Nelson Mandela to bring south africa down.

    On top of that jewish billionaires support mexican drug cartels and flood the US with tons of meth, coke and heroin. Of course this fuels the violence on both sides of the border.

    But hey, on february 22, 2014 they captured Chapo Guzman, one of the world’s most famous druglords. This guy was protected by mexican authorities over the last 10 years, now they want us to believe that the capture of Chapo is something special and will somehow end the drug war. Complete and utter BS.

  4. Karen says:

    I know, can’t let it go, but all the same go to Amazon and check out the cover of Makows book “A Long Way To Go For A Date”….a brown girl of 11 or 12 years old. This is pro White? This is not a pedophile?

  5. Smitherines says:

    Holly says:
    March 16, 2014 at 9:39 pm


    Please Gman tell me when!! Worse than Sandler, is Ben Stiller saying” you bet we own Hollywood–and what are you going to do about It! I could go on,- You should see the fights I’ve gotten into at this local community college. The dean of stupids saying Holly! college “IS A DICTATORSHIP, and the die hard Psyche professor-hating the white men that created the IQ tests—How unfair, the minorities do not not understand!! I’am fighting yadayada……they want to kick me out, These are my white people!!!! And they hate me!!! I understand Karen.

    It’s cuz they are traitors to their own Country, our White forefathers built, like
    Henry Ford (who new Jews and and their puppets better than most) stated “The
    Christian puppets are worse than their Jew masters.”

    Their civil rights everywhere in the world is nothing but a commie-Zionist
    Jew scam: here,Europe, South Africa, all Jew communists, like in America
    the original members of NAACP were all Jews. All the ones behind Mendella
    in South Africa, commie Jews. Yet no cry by these SAME Jews for civil
    rights in their brethren’s backyard of Israel???? Cuz it’s all a fake Jew scam
    do usurp White Christian rule and put their puppets in place who care
    about Jew interest, not the poor or downtrodden minorities of the country
    the parasites infect!

  6. Smitherines says:

    Opps typo should be knew , not new.

  7. Smitherines says:

    For this global SCAM to keep going on they need Gentile yellow spineless traitors:
    like Biden, the Clintons, Bushs, Hucklebee, McCain…etc, they have NO PROBLEM
    finding these bottom dwellers, as the Zionist seeks out these type of COWARDS
    to move up through their ranks, but what they didn’t expect in the 20th Century
    was the dawn of the Internet: an information medium they couldn’t control
    100%: like radio, TV, magazines, churches, pastors, priests, politicians…etc.

    Now the masses can READ the TRUTH about these monsters, their puppets
    and their communist PC and critical theory which was/is basically call someone
    a name constantly like “Nazi, racist, carnival barker, birther, anti-Semite,
    conspiracy nut, extremist, terrorist..etc” Do this ENOUGH until they and the
    TRUTH walks away and no longer confronts the communist liar.

    It’s worked to a T so far but their SCAM is beginning to crack and show signs of
    their charade smoke screen starting to blow away little by little?

  8. sog says:

    »America’s REAL PROBLEM……”Rush Limbaugh Spills The Beans..”
    great article i-man ..run it again ..it is still as time relevant as ever …


  9. sog says:

    no one today had anythiong to do with slavery back then and back then only 5% of america had indentured servants who were freed to do as they pleased after their indentured service was over ..the majority of “owners ” were black freedmen who owned slaves ..slavery is still practiced in africa today and much worse agendas ..the rest of owners were jews ..muslims started the slave trades ..sex slaves and kidnapping of white persons to sell to foreign countrys ..most americans today upwards of 95% never had any ancestors who owned indenturds ..because most americans back in those days didnt have indenturds or wanted them let alone be abale to afford them ..white slaves were cheaper ,much cheaper to obtain than mulatto or niggers ..it weasnt white europeans that wanted or implemented slavery in the colonies of usa but it was whites who eneded it and it cost the north and south 800,000 kia’s and secoindary deaths ..to “free” the niggers who gained freedom as a law and rule after 7 or so years after service ..http://takimag.com/article/whats_the_matter_with_blackface_gavin_mcinnes

  10. Karen says:

    Holly, thanks and good luck with college.

  11. Karen says:

    Bailey, what a man does with his penis is no concern of mine. Why should you care? But how a man conducts himself is important.

  12. Bailey says:

    Coming from a woman who likes Niles Crane that’s not saying much Karen.
    I never watched Frasier, I had to google Niles just to see what a man dresses like.
    So you go for the Harvard or Yale look, real men who do real work for a living don’t dress like that and they certainly do carry themselves better than some queer on a jewish sitcom. From what I read, your dream man was an incompetent doofus.

    I have a nice suit, I wear it to weddings and funerals, I also wear dockers and a nice button up shirt for less formal events.
    Can’t say I have much in the line of impressive footwear though, formals and casuals don’t come with steel toes which are mandatory for an aware white man, we never know if we’ll have to kick the shit out of some nigger who’s asking for it, or anybody, really.
    Now you’ll probably say that a real man would use his fists which I would, along with my steel toes and if things get real bad i’ll whip out my cell phone.

  13. Barney says:

    Tom – Better late than never, I hope.

    Incog hasn’t been away. It’s just that zog is trying to block him. Even Tor often has difficulty getting through. Those of us in Europe have been forced to use a proxy for quite a few months now.

    Europe, jewrope, jew rope. We may not have guns here in the sewer that was one England (and will be again), but they can’t ban rope, and we know the penalty for treason.

    The vermin are trying to destroy us because we’re the Noble White Race, the ONLY race ever to have created ANYTHING, and the People with the ability to destroy zog and it’s evil schemes.

    They’ll fail though, because we ARE the inventive, creative and highly intelligent White Race, vastly superior to the devil’s gargoyles in every way.

  14. Barney says:

    Some racial TRUTH.


  15. Karen says:

    Bailey, relax. I like the Niles character because he’s honest, highly intelligent, moral, and tries to do the right thing. I also like the Jed Clampett character for the exact same reasons. As for the expensive polished look it’s a plus. Honestly Bailey which would turn you on more, a woman in hair curlers wearing a stained jogging suit or the same woman in a beautiful evening dress, smelling sweet, hair lustrous? Now, be honest sweety.

  16. Karen says:

    Thinking about it, that’s a bad example. Men look good, in my opinion anyhow, at the two extremes, well suited almost dandyish, the Yale look as you put it, and in jeans & workboots as both are masculine.

  17. bubba says:

    Women’s list of demands re: men are ridiculous.

    Men , on the other hand, only have a few re: women.

  18. Karen says:

    What demands? Just because a man whose well groomed and dresses like a grownup, sans shorts, baseball cap and running shoes, is more sexually appealing? Even so, our demands are probably genetic from when we depended on men to provide food and shelter for us and our children. Women these days are no prize either I confess. The comedian Tom Papa hit it when he mocked moms for trying to be hot to impress other moms. “Give me a strong woman who can cut the grass and stir a pot for hours”.

  19. bubba says:

    Well, the Kike Jews screwed up the old “courting phase” that used to be the norm.

    IMHO, High School or early college years are the time to find one’s future mate.
    Both are maturing yet malleable. Unfortunately, nowadays, the youth are so poisoned with Jew BS…by the time they wake up they are too set in their individual ways and too old to have a family.

    The odd time I go on Craigslist to see how bad things are getting. Everybody has a long shopping list of ” YOU MUST BE_______” aka they are either golddiggers , rebounders and/or perverts.

    At least on National Geographic Channel the Kike Jews haven’t turned the Elephants queer and the Male lion is still boss !..its business as usual old school style.

  20. Bailey says:

    Women still use curlers?
    I hate jogging suites, especially ones with stains.
    I’ll take the chick in the evening gown as long as she’s going dutch, I probably couldn’t afford her.

  21. Julie Mitchell says:

    Karen, veteranstoday.com is run by a jew named Gordon Duff and his little Russian looking slut named Remmic Lewis. They are on the side of the eastern communist jews herding white, Christian America over that Bolshevik cliff with their worship of Putin the jew.

  22. Eric says:

    karen, yer funny..Do you remember when you gave shite to

    About his quote??
    “”I miss the times when i go to a bar and everyone knows my name “”
    and you want to promote a zjopnik nyles in a show called frasier a spin off from

  23. Karen says:

    Eric, I never watched Cheers. We got rid of our tv over 15 years ago. but we recently acquired a Boxee which enables us to watch movies, most of which are bad, but old tv shows are included and I discovered the Frasier show this winter, vicious winter too. forcing me to become housebound with a pack of dogs and a crabby husband, but I digress, I got caught up in the Frasier series, fell in love with the Niles character, he’s so WHITE.

  24. Karen says:

    Julie, the Veterans Today link was meant to be funny.

  25. Irish Savant says:

    It’s perfectly simple and it was outlined more than 100 years ago in the Protocols. It says that Whites will be made intermingle with ‘the dark races’ to create mongrels clever enough to do basic work but not clever enough to revolt. A bit like sheep and the butcher. An essential element of this is to make ‘the dark races’ more desirable breeding material than Whites.

  26. Karen says:

    Which is why the Gentiles are called Goyim, translated as cattle.

  27. STFU Julie you piece of shit yenta bitchhole. Get the fuck out of here.

  28. Jenifer says:

    I know it’s a bit late to comment but so what.

    Is nothing sacred? nah of course not.

    I am currently living where there is a TV – I haven”t had one of my own for years – and yesterday tuned into the Waltons. The last shows were painfully PC. They run the usual themes, the poor oppressed black folks, the black couple in the show Verde and hubby. Hubby has been falsely accused of murder by an evil southern racist. In another show, Mary Ellen is going to side with a poor oppressed Mexican who’s been falsely accused of whatever. Half the cast is missing in these politically correct versions of what was originally a charming little drama about people you might have actually known once. Including those who’ve gone MIA are the grandparents, Olivia, the mother and John Boy, the eldest son, who is the narrator. Why would they even have bothered with so much of the ensemble cast missing except to use it to plug the new gospel?
    It’s not a conspiracy so much as it is idiotic conformity!!!!!!!!!

  29. michael says:

    This is so true. I’m an actor and work on TV shows and movies and it’s always or 95% of the time that the hero is a black or a jew.

    Also, 95% of all casting directors, writers, producers here in NYC are jewish. If you are jewish you get more work, because they like to hire their own.

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