No White Country is Safe From Jew Rats

AUSTRIAN JEWS FOR IMMIGRATION FINALINCOG visitor “Israhell on Earth” dropped a comment here about some Jews heading up a new government commission in Austria (just south of Germany), tasked with increasing “diversity” and immigration. I did a quick Internet search on the names and came across the pictures above. Just look at those two devious Jew mugs!

Oh, man, I am so fuming right now! Just got through reading a new professor Kevin MacDonald article on Occidental Observer titled “Is immigration really a Jewish value?” (you need to read it). I thought about just copying the damn thing and pasting it here, but I’m way, way too pissed off right now and needed to say a thing or two of my own. I get that way a lot.

Here’s the sacred Jews insisting they have a country all to themselves (Israel), but not us White people — anywhere. Should any of us dare to say the least thing against immigration, the creeps go ballistic in the media about us being racist haters and all sorts of crap. Man, talk about insane hypocrites!

Last week, PBS had on a clever, heart-tugging as usual, big documentary over several nights on the “History of the Jews.” Of course, I watched it (must be masochistic). Had I DVR’d it, I could’ve stopped playback about every five seconds to tell you a few things the old Jew guy narrator was hiding with obfuscations, just plain ignoring, or even outright lying. You might think these Jews have balls the size of Jew York city, but it’s really because the SOBs are genetically rigged to lie their fat asses off!

You got to stop a minute and think about all this.

Jewry has heavily-funded, organized operations and paid activists to bring Third Worlders into America, Canada, Britain, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Austria. I’m sure other White countries are also under attack in some way, shape or form, should they have enough embedded Jews, or even in debt to the NWO bankers (like they tried to do to friggin’ Iceland, for crying out loud).

Contrary to what “our” news media would want you to think (by not reporting about it in the first place), most regular White people in these countries have plain had enough with Third World immigration.

They are sick and tired of seeing dirty Muslims walking around like they own the place, holding mass prayers in the middle of the GD street and demanding special favors and laws. They are sick and tired of seeing black Nigerians and Somalis from Africa rioting, burning and looting over the smallest “affronts.” They are sick and tired of us Whites getting robbed, raped and murdered by these violent Third Worlders who freely suck down all sorts of special public assistance — virtually making us White taxpayers fund our own destruction!

julie roginsky inset

Just turn on the TV — the smiling rats are now everywhere telling us what to do, while other rats with different talents for social destruction feel free trashing our race, our morals, our religions. This is what’s really behind the so-called “culture wars!”

Then I turn on FOX news (so fair and balanced) the other day and what do I see? The cutesy blond anchor had on a couple of talking heads discussing whether Dubya’s brother, Jeb Bush, is going to run in 2016. The supposed conservative guy appeared goy (still, you never know), but the slap-happy gal sitting next to him, was indeed a Jewess. Julie Roginsky (left) jibbered away about “immigration reform” (code for legalizing more democrap voters to set the next stage in the Jewish destruction of the White race and America).

Roginsky was a former aide to the now dead Jew senator, Frank Lautenberg, whose widow was given $174 grand tax-free by the US senate, even though he left 56.8 million dollars, plus a 2 million dollar condo in DC and certainly more property elsewhere — probably even in Israel, too.

Israel-Firster Lautenberg was all for gun control of us Goys and once worked to bring into America hundreds of thousands of fellow Khazar Jews from the Soviet Union (including Red Mafiya mobsters); since the poor, always-victim Jews supposedly had it so bad over there (everyone suffered under communism). God knows how much the Jew, Mr. Frank Lautenberg, ended up costing this country over the decades.GODFATHER ISRAEL LOGO 2

Roginsky smilingly warns the FOX TV audience that Retardicans sure had better pass immigration reform because of all the Hispanic voters already in the US will be pissed and not vote for whatever candidate they end up putting forth (whoever that is, we can be sure he/she will be a giant Israel suck up, regardless).

Roginsky’s Jewish parents were let into America from the Soviet Union, which supposedly gives her “the gravitas” to tell all us White people out here in TV land that we had better let in every piece of criminal flotsam and jetsam from the rest of the planet, or else we’re nothing but evil racist “xenophobes” (they have a dictionary of specialized words expressly designed to intimidate our race into silence). These nervy GD Globalist Jews and their brainwashing media are everywhere — even on the so-called conservative FOX news!

It’s a lot like the action of a rainwater cracking and breaking up granite cliff faces. Jews know well how to use the little bit of fluid already inside the fissure to further break it apart– meaning more and more gain for their own kind in the end. They are experts at residing in the shadows, tugging on the heart strings of our race’s sense of fair play, decency and honor. Or simply use the easily led and greedy among us.

Since they’ve installed “PC” in White people and brainwashed us with never-ending White guilt and “holocaust” crapola over the last fifty years or so, each of them now feels free as a bird doing whatever the flock they feel like.

What do they want? To literally rob us Whites of our very own nations — to destroy the future of the White race! They insidiously work to break up any of our racial cohesion and national demographics — silencing each of us with PC, so few can put out the warning until all of us are powerless slaves at their mercy. Who knows what things will be like for our kind once we have nothing left?

And the bit about them merely being an odd, ancient religion? Among themselves, Jews fully believe they are an ethnic group with identifiable genetics, separate and apart from all us inferior “Goyim,” or cattle beneath the oh-so-holy ones, who think they were made the “chosen ones” by God himself.

What are these Jew creeps doing to us?

Hell, besides flooding our lands with non-White Third Worlders, look at what these Nation Wrecking rats have also been doing to us Whites and our countries for decades now:

Jew Rat2They pretty much took over our finances and money making (the Federal Reserve and globalist banking); installed “PC,” keeping us at each other’s throats; are working hard to legalize sodomy and gender-bending across the land; feel free to show all kinds of sick crap on TV (not only sex stuff but cuss words and unbelievably realistic violence); openly brainwash our women to breed our race away; always putting up black hero worship in the media (are you not sick of this crap yet?); censor the ever-increasing black-on-White crime from our race as a whole, including shooting us like dogs in the street; continuously run “holocaust” propaganda and furiously block the least contradictory evidence; bring down Christianity with ridicule, or even prevent us with laws from displaying our symbols in public (they all pretty much hate Jesus); promote birth control and abortions of our children to keep the smartest of us from reproducing; constantly try to get us into foreign wars and entanglements that kill non-Jews (muzzies, at the moment) using high-tech weaponry like drones piloted back in America — making a hell of lot of people hate our guts and want to kill us in anyway possible (terrorism, IEDs, whatever they can manage).

All this and still the disloyal, nervy bastards expect us to support their Jew supremacist country of Israel no matter what!


It’s all just so effed up I want to scream! These stinking, subversive Jew rats are literally destroying America and the Western World, while using our countries left and right!

Now, I’m just a regular White guy someplace. I only have time to bang out a few angry rants here and there, do up a little photoshop artwork, the drop shadow silhouettes with stars of satan (yeah, I do those, too), or montages of several photos to illustrate and go with my amateur wordage.

I can only ask you to read up yourself (please go to the link in my first para) and think about these things.

These Jews are nervy GD RATS, plain and simple.

— Phillip Marlowe

NORBERT SCHLEIJew Norbert Schlei wrote the 1965 Immigration and Nationality act, which specifically overturned immigration quotas to greatly favor Third Worlders over White Europeans. The picture on the left is of him laughing about it all during an interview years later (the smiling creep actually had the nerve to say he had no idea about what it would do to America). The bill was introduced by Jew Emanuel Celler of New York, promoted by one of the biggest Shabbos Goys in American history, Ted Kennedy, and signed into law by LBJ — possibly the biggest crypto-Jew of all time.

Time to wake up, White People!


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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99 Responses to No White Country is Safe From Jew Rats

  1. RED PILL says:

    red flag alert, dirty jew commie rat to be released.
    30 days after his release the fertilizer hits the fan.
    i got this information from a former jew that this is part of a scripted plan.
    he was adopted by jews, in reality he realized he is a gentile, and turned on them,
    only to be persecuted by them

    take it for what it’s worth.

    Spy Jonathan Pollard to be Released by US as Israel and Palestine Extend Peace Talks

  2. Karen says:

    A young man we know recently applied for a free trades course and was informed that it was only available to new immigrants, he has to return to college and pay out thousands in tuition.
    In Ottawa the Blueline Taxi Service, known to locals as Rapeline Taxi, is run by and employs almost all non-white males. One of their Moslem drivers was charged with raping a White girl who flagged him down.
    In Quebec while the police were cracking down on the Hells Angels and Italian Mafia, organized Asian gangs slipped in and replaced them. Like John Gotti famously said. “Yeah, so you humbled me. So what you got? You got a global war. You got Chinks, Dominicans, Asians, Russians, Columbians, Jamaicans. What they doing? They’re desecrating the nation. You got your variable fuckin’ snowstorm of cocaine , smack. There’s no rules. There’s no perimeters. There’s no feelings. There’s no feelings for this country. You got anarchy. So 5-10 years from now they’regonna wish there was an Italian Costa Nostra. 5-10 years from now they’re gonna miss John Gotti.”

  3. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Thanks Barney !
    ‘ We’ve got to hold this piece of ground ‘ (lyric)
    I think I was somewhere between 5 or 10 yrs old when that song came out or I first heard it. And of course I loved it. You made my day and I just woke up. Thank you Barney.
    I haven’t heard from my friend yet but it’s only 7:30 a.m. here and he sounded determined to go yesterday. If anyone else here is planning on being there please let me know of course I would love to meet you in person.
    Can you imagine if 5000 militia members really show up there as some are speculating !!!
    And as far as being a ‘hero’ , well , the bar has been lowered some over years of jew control.
    But IMO anyone there or anywhere else who faces down these pieces of shit w/ no apologies is a true hero. How do these jew worshippers dressed in bulletproof gear and tazing good , honest people and throwing old women into the ground go home to thier families and manage to go to sleep ?

  4. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Speaking of Heroes , thanks for the Ernst Zundel documentary Fredward.
    Perhaps one of the three most Couragous , Kind , Genuine and Honest men to ever and will ever walk the earth. He has gone above and beyond just a ‘hero’. His strength immeasurable.
    What amazes me most about him was his endurance and capacity to still be so kind , gentle and levelheaded after yrs and yrs of jewish torture and deciet. This man stands alone and all of us would be lucky to have even a fraction of his strength and commitment to life and truth.
    God Bless you Mr. Zundel. You deserved the whole world and all the greatness of the universe but were given nothing but pain and torture. Know that so many love you and will ‘never forget’ your commitment , strength and love…

  5. bubba says:

    Criminals like Gotti are all for show….they are Jewish condoms.

    The Jews are at the top of the chain…while everybody watches “Cops and Robbers” on TV and in real life.

    Re: Bundy Ranch…bet those cops were trained by Israelis.

  6. summerled says:

    Sickening Jew Cameron Attacks “White Christian Faces”

    We need women running the military and Muslims in the highest positions of government, eh Cameron?

    And we need less White Christian faces?

    Did you really just say that?

    It’s almost like deadpan humor.

    The British people would do well to remember that it is not a White Christian face that these words are coming from, but the rat lips of a part-Jew.

  7. Barney says:

    I wouldn’t want to encourage anyone here to do anything bad, like defying any of those nice thugs that are gently stealing (oops! I mean “liberating”) Mr Bundy’s cattle and administering those stimulating 50,000 volt electric shocks to those lucky people on behalf of Obongo, that nice shit-brown chimp in the brown house and it’s poor, persecuted, always-innocent handlers (yes, I’m being sarcastic in case it’s not obvious), but I read somewhere that a vulnerable spot, unprotected by body armour, is anywhere on the inner thigh, from the genitals all the way down to the knee.

    There’s an artery running down there (both legs I believe).

    If the shooting starts and it’s him or you (and I mean everyone who goes to support the Bundys), go for that artery. He won’t be doing much fighting even if you “only” kneecap him.

    No, I don’t mean that. That would be “inciting” something, and nobody on here would ever do that. Not while “inciting” remains illegal anyway. Don’t do it. It’s terribly naughty and that nice Mr Obongo will be very angry, then he’ll call you nasty names.

    Btw, I was wrong about the story not being reported over here. It’s in today’s “Daily Mohel”.

  8. summerled says:

    murdering traitorous jew bastard to go free!!

    Done Deal: Pollard to be Freed

    Daily Stormer
    April 11, 2014

    The US has reached a deal between Israel and Palestine.

    This is a yawn I wouldn’t even bother to report, but guess what?


    As part of the deal, Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is to be freed from his 27-year detention in the US while the contentious fourth set of Palestinian prisoners are to be released.

    The American-born Pollard was sentenced to life in 1987 after admitting to passing on US miliary secrets to the Jewish state whilst working as civilian intelligence analyst for the US Navy.

    The negotiations were on the verge of breakdown after Israel refused to release the Palestinian prisoners and, in retaliation, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas registered with 15 UN agencies against Israel’s wishes.

    The new deal will see Israel release an unknown number of Palestinian prisoners and suspend settlement construction in the West Bank.

    In return, the Palestinians will suspend their plans to join the UN bodies, including the Geneva Convention on the conduct of war and occupations.

    Abbas said he signed letters of accessions to 15 international conventions, thus bolstering Palestine claims to statehood, in response to Israel’s failure to release the prisoners.

    Kerry previously said that both sides had taken “unhelpful, unilateral actions”.

    Please note that this is not a peace deal between the US and Israel, but a US brokered peace deal between Israel and Palestine.

    No one has any idea what a Jew who spied on the US government has to do with it, but there it is.

  9. bubba says:

    Re Pollard:

    As noted…depending on the sources…..Pollard was due for parole OR release next year (2015). Still unknown is if he has more intelligence info to send or decode to Israel.

    As it stands…I think the smelly deal concocted for Pollards release is simply another Jew token trophy…so the Jews can show another victory over the Goyim, and of course to encourage more “golem” rats like Pollard to betray their host country.

  10. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    They’re on the way to pick me up now.
    Of course his camcorder is dead & he couldn’t find the charger. But if you see anyone w/ a sign that says ‘ BLM – FEDS ZIONIST OWNED TRAITOR SCUM ‘ on a vid that’ll be me…
    I’ll try to give updates if possible.
    It’s as good a day to die as any.
    Talk to ya’ later…

  11. bubba says:

    I see Canada’s Finance Minister, Jim Flaherty, who resigned a month ago…died yesterday of a “heart attack”. He held the position since 2006. Another MP…also an MD..lived in the same building and was there performing CPR while paramedics sent

    He worked with Mark Carney Bank of Canada’s Governor, who was a Goldman Sachs executive, and is now Governor of the Bank of England.

    So what up?

    Well American predatory lenders came up to Canada and convinced the Gov’t to allow the same loose credit lending practices about the time the US bubble was imploding.

    Before he resigned Flaherty had to really reign back a lot of what were bad credit based policies.

    Not much further details…but I would NOT be surprised if this was some sort of assassination… who knew too much?…epidemic of strange deaths amongst the financial community these days.

  12. bubba says:

    Why the Kikes want Austria ?


    8,504,850 (2014 est.)

    Austrians are a homogeneous people, although four decades of strong immigration have significantly altered the composition of the population of Austria.

    According to the 2001 population census, 88.6% are native German speakers (96% Austro-Bavarian dialects and 4% Alemanic dialects) while the remaining 11.4% speak several minority languages. The non-German speakers of Austria can be divided into two groups: traditional minorities, who are related to territories formerly part of the Habsburg Empire, and new minorities, resulting from recent immigration.

    An estimated 15,000 Jews or adherents of Judaism live in Austria, primarily in Vienna – a remnant of the post-World War II community after the Nazi Holocaust.

    Immigration during the last decades has increased the percentage of Muslims to 4.2%.


    You can read the rest of the stats…

    The way I am reading it…Austria is still quite “White” and Christian.

    It is also adjacent to the former Yugoslavia, which NATO invaded with usual BS excuses and carved up.

    Instead of a physical war, the Kike Jews will ” Trojan Horse “Austria with invasion of coloured immigration. This will create quite an Western flank to move towards Russia.

  13. Those six porn actors from Game Of Thrones are all female. Not that I watch it anyway.

  14. sog says:

    odd how 90% or more of nevada is owned by the blm and controlled ..the bundy cattle are being stolen and sold or herded up hills in the heat by fright and are dying from the stress ..the blm killed 800 turtles last year ..not sure how they expired exactly but this whole deal isnt about turtles its about fracking …and about absolute tyranny ..fracking should be banned outright ..we can live without gas but not without water and food ..the fracking injects all kinds of dangerous questionable/suspicious poisons into the ground and ruins aquifers ..maybe thats the plan ..they emptied out all of californias reservoir systems that were over designed to outast a real drought for 5 years ..there has been low rainfall this year but the rains the last 8 years have been good ,fair ,heavy, etc ,averaging out to very good ..they wanted to destroy the california breadbasket in the san joaquin ..californiosis reservoir dogs ..politicians ….
    holodomor in cali …calif has the worst and ugliest political left communist cunts in office ,,the unlikes of feinswine and peloosie ..feinswine did the calif desert preservation acr so her friends could get the old ww2 gunnery target range in so. cal worth billions in gold deposits ..the rich get richer and meaner ..not to mention the fast rail bid her kike hubby won for a billion dollars to build a ghost rail system between 2 bankrupt cities ,fresno and madera ,displacing hundreds of homes and businesses ..what happens when they try to run this rail out to los angeles or up to frisco from these dustbowl cities ..fugheddaboudit..
    prices of beef will rise over in nevada ..they arent even saving the cows for slaugther ..their aim is to kill off all this guys cows ..all the govt agenst should be slottid .. ..etc .. …whatever .. ..these situations will become more and more daily occurrences in this former usa ..they got the snipers up in the cuts would be a slaughter of innocent citizens protestors…these quasi legal shooting teams they employ are a curious not so new phenomena in the ussa ..i like the femoral artery idea barney ..a shotgun blast of dbl ott in the groin would fix the pig in my book ..or in the face ..cant mis to far off with a shotgun ..american citizens NEED to get medieval on the jewish govt here and the hidden infrastructure of crony kikes and shabboshit helper ..
    hey but when ever niggers decide to have a swarm or a knockout game or a riot etc by the hundreds of nigger hoodrats involved where the hell is law enforcement and the snipers ..the govt should be rounf=ding up the niggers and herding them uphills in the heat killing the hoodrats or selling them off to salvetraders in liberia ..
    niggers are still here ans still worthless and dangerous ..not going to get better with the ponce holder in place as second asisstant to the emperor soetoro ..this guy holder would be and should be in prison if this was a real country anymore always its the work of treasonous jews ..

  15. Karen says:

    Jewish materialism taken to its extreme, Ray Kurzweil, director of engineering for Google and author of The Age of Spiritual Machines, The Singularity is Near, and other sloppily researched, sensationalist and antihuman, antinature books says he wants to exhume the corpse of his father to extract DNA and create a clone. A Gollum.

  16. Karen says:

    It’s especially irritating to read the fawnings of his fanboys dreaming of everlasting life as a cyborg. These geeks don’t seem to realize that the world is overpopulated and if Kurzweils dream comes true robots will replace most workers with low IQ muds doing the grunt work, all run from the world capital of Israel of course.

  17. Frank Fredenburg says:

    NY Times Confirms: Israeli Lobby Controls American Lawmakers

    British Lawmakers Get Another Jewish Lobby

    “Israeli Lobby Controls Australian Foreign Policy” – Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr

  18. sog says:
    over 90% of nevada is blm controlled /owned? …..they have run 14 other ranchers off the land for reasons only known to the higher up elites …turtles make good soup ..blm has killed 800 tirtles inlast year some how ,the article didnt say………

    mainly ,we dont need any more weapons grade uranium or plant grade …we should be backstepping in a retreat level agenda away from any more uranium production or useage ..the atomic energy commission and the contractors all have exceedingly abused the publics trust and health with nuclear proliferation …time to stop the use or production of any nuclear material …
    also it looks like they will control all of nevada the kike casino kingdom …what happens when there is no cows in nevada anymore …no milk ,meat or cheese etc …astronomical prices for these items to import in …californias water rip off will cause much land to fallow and prices of everything to sky rocket soon …

  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “Israeli Lobby Controls Australian Foreign Policy” – Former Foreign Minister Bob Carr

    I added an i to israel. That’s why the link didn’t work. It should work now.

  20. bubba says:

    Well…I made a Jewish Cyborg

    It kept going AWOL till I noticed it was hiding in the gas oven

  21. Barney says:

    Just a very quick one from me. I should have been in bed an hour ago. Early start tomorrow.

    Fracking – There was a sign in Brighton for a while saying “Frack Off”, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make.

    The “official” story over here is that the shale is fractured by first defying every law of physics and common sense by drilling an L-shaped hole, and then “injecting water under pressure“, and if you believe that, I’ve got a nice bridge in London I can let you have for a fair price (but no time now to find a link).

    People who seem more believable say frackers use explosives, something that seems more logical than “pressurised water”.

    Still others say the frackers use mini nukes. I’ve got no way of knowing, but when (not if) fracking starts in my area, I’ll hope to have a geiger counter handy.

    We don’t need the oil and gas industry anyway. British farmers used to grow hundreds of acres of hemp, medicinal, edible, fully renewable and non-polluting, and it can provide everything we get from crude oil, and a whole lot more. That’s why they persuaded idiots to smoke it, peace and love and all that crap, to give zog an “excuse” to ban it as a “dangerous drug”.

    Note to frackers. Frack off and take your oil rigs with you. Frack the whole fracking lot where the fracking sun don’t fracking shine.


    Sog – Femoral artery. That’s the one I was trying to think of. Thanks.


    Now I’m off to bed. Goodnight everybody.

  22. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Been here now about two hours. About two hundred people at least half of them armed. Haven’t seen any Feds yet. A lot of ex military. I met a few jew wise folks who came up to me about my sign , but not enough of course…

  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ SOG. Have you ever heard of Thorium? I caught this article from American Free Press December 2013. I admit I never heard much about it or know much about it but buried in the story is the zog did not go the thorium route because it did not produce the weapons grade plutonium or uranium zog and the jews wanted.

  24. protocolsRtrue says:

    At about the three minute mark they put the video in motion I don’t think the airbag went off don’t even know if the have them down there but the guy was really just getting going and had no real speed or momentum.

  25. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not an expert on vehicles maybe a dodge Durango? But if I was in the marketing department I would forget the hauling dirt and hay bales commercials and go with this one.

  26. sog says:

    yes prt ..thorium was highly touted back when carter was the potus ..he digressed on the greener points of thorium …it is said you dont need to worry about thorium when it is depleted it is depleted ..when nuclear fuel rods are “depleted’ it is code for enriched the assholes in charge decide to make sure all our nuke power plants are breeder plants enriching uranium for the asshole weapons industry the advanced enrichment for nuke fuel reprocessing goes to france and another place leaves a nasty trail is isolated and concentrated and sent back as fuel 1 or 2 more cycles of this shit if i remeber shit anymore ..then it can go to the weapons grade centrifuges ..what is curious is the level of concentration the fukashima fuel that blew was wasnt in the building reactor that exploded as this reactor was defueld at the time ..the mox stuff was being stored there maybe in a basement or above the reactor like they do here in the usa at plants ,,they have the last few decades worth of “depleted” rods stored on site usually above the facility in a pool ..nice ..ayyhe ..mox ive read is 1 -3 million times more potent than satndard enriched highly dangerous uranium go figure why people who routinely travel the pacific by boat have seen a complete dead zone from the fukashima to the west coast left coast calif ….there are vids of guys walking on the beaches here with geiger counters with the alarms chirping and the fallout hasnt even begun yet in its entirety …very bad ..
    all the fish is highly radioactive ..when the first rains came down after fukkashima over in michigan the background levels were 1500 x over …in washington private assays of air tests show 10 hot particles a day being trapped in a filter after 30 square meters of air are filtered thru each day which is the human capacity for lung use on a 24 hour continuum ..
    india is going to switch over to thorium i read last year for their nuker plants ..
    carter vetoed the use of thorium because the idiot said it was too expensive and it would have to be resupplied all the time ….yeah so the utah moab nuke storage site is leaking into the colorado river and i would guess also the colorado viaduct that feeds losangeleez water and the hanford plant in washington is a highly polluted highly radioactive area and has leaked ground water plumes traveling eventually into the mighty columbia river …not to mention the lake karachai russian storage mess and the reason they filled it with raw nuke waste was because they had to stop dumping it into the techa river which they did for decades ..not good ..they built many dams along the river to stop the nuke sludge from traveling all the way into the sea ..people lived and bathed and fished along this river the whole time ….
    when the russian empire collapsed the military was throwing whole live submarine reactors into the barent sea …
    jew controlled russia created numerous nuke weapons at the expense of the planet ..may had to have been secretly transferred to israel ..ya think …
    so alot of spy shennanigans and compartmentalized spy missions to cover this action in play then ..or known as cold war ..
    anyway there are other sites on this info ..
    “…..Proponents claim that nuclear power produces virtually no conventional air pollution, such as … compared to the other major kinds of power plants….” lol ..the bright side of death …
    China’s toxic air pollution resembles nuclear winter, say scientists .
    their eyes will get squintier or they will all die from the jews corporate control there to .
    i dunno ,the way i see it is that the criminal jew gene pool proliferated the nuklear industry freeing the nuklear angel of death genie from the bottle..remember when japan was suing for peace for a whole year at the end of ww2 and japans 70+ metro cities were all completely demolished the jews kept the war going so they could drop the bomb on hiro and nagasukki ..the real body counts according to lovkap dot com is around 5-10 million roasted japs per city as was the real population counts then with added refugees …jew boi oppenheimer “i am death the destroyer of worlds” …
    no one is safe anymore ..

  27. Karen says:

    Just finished reading The Pathetic Apologies of Caroline Glick at the Occidental Observer and my morning is ruined. Very sick people, these jews and its scary to realize they are in control.

  28. Thanks agin’ ‘cog man. You are the Dude! Karen, there is a real distinction between those who are kike’s by spirit and those who are not, IMMHO. Tho some disagree, I think there is crossover both ways. Same thing with _niggers. Some _niggers are actually okay. Some _kikes are actually okay, buy we are talking a miniscule amount here, not enough not to justify the mass deportation of them all to Africa, along with the blacks. Check out bulahman’s revolt. It’s revolting, but witty. Effin_ _kikes sure do have some nerve; it’s not jes’ nerve, though, these are whacked out sicko freaks of nature and must be treated exactly as that. Blaming them does nothing to solve the problem. We are the masters of our own destiny, or our destiny isn’t ours, clearly.

  29. Read that Occidental Observer article on that she-demon, Carolyn Glick. Hmm what a nice American name! Carolyn. Does she name herself so because she is full of admiration for Americans? The reasoning for that conclusion would be convoluted indeed. No, she is cloaking the fact that she is a she-demon, the name being just part of the disguise. I love K-Mac. He has got one heck of a brain in his cranial cavity; however I dislike the dry ending of the article. It should end something like this, “So, therefore, with complete haste, we should mass deport the kikes to the jungles of Africa where they can pal up with the black they love so much, a win-win for all concerned.”

  30. Karen says:

    Allovertheplace, I agree, there are good people in all races, genders/ gender benders but the jew will almost always put the interest of his tribe first, so can’t be trusted in White society in influential positions when their tribal priorities conflict with White interests and their will always be conflict. I’ve known a lot of jews and to be honest most of them were simply not nice, nasty.

  31. Israhell on Earth says:

    Our Austrian interior kike minister, johanna mikl-leitner will grant asylum to at least 1,500 syrian refugees (many other syrians have already lodged an application for asylum…)

    The government claims that the majority of those refugees will be women, children and persecuted christians. However, these gov. crooks won’t send them back after the war is over, the refugees will multiply and some of them will commit crimes here.,1006530

    That’s a classic twofer for the jews; toppling assad and flood european countries with foreigners.

  32. benyaminprot says:

    To eliminate the fatal influences of the jews around the world cannot be done by PEACE or LOVE revolution or some other diplomatic moves… They’ll load you with killing machines-axes, knives, bullets and other means- to silent us – the gentiles. These vicious jews wont think twice to kill anyone who cross their red line. Time will come where we’ve no other choice to choose than sacrificing our lives to liberate the next generations from the jews menace. We gentiles are always desperate to seek liberation through a peaceful way but at the same time we are aware of the jews power and capabilities to force us to the next bloody encounter…

  33. johnny anonymous says:

    So true. Thanks for a great site too!

    Here is a nice vid back from the good old days, very informative and true:

  34. Canadian says:

    Canada imports over 300,000 immigrants a year.

    Plenty of these immigrants left their home countries as doctors, lawyers, bankers

    Only to end up having their credentials ignored and being forced back into Zionist school to learn that 6 million white European Jews died in the hands of murderous Nazis /sarcasm.

    The Zionist Jews win, because

    1) The immigrants home country loses valuable labour and skills

    2) The immigrants are taught to sympathize with the Jewish persecution caused by NaziswhowanttokillsixmillionJews.

    3) Canada can have lower wages because these immigrants will work for a low-paying job, and the job market exceeds capacity for the demand.

    4) More immigrants means more customers for Zionist Hollywood, Kosher stamped foods.

    5) Zionist Jewry can corrupt women worldwide by forcing feminism into their minds. Hereby, this creates a division between genders.

  35. Pingback: No White Country is Safe From Jew Rats – aladdinsmiraclelamp

  36. George says:

    The Department of Education is brainwashing American kids. They grow up thinking socialism is OK and to vote Democrat when they turn 18. Hopefully enough people will vote for Trump and he’ll kill the Department of Education.

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