Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act? NOT!



During a recorded interview (@9:30 in), the Jew Norbert Schlei, laughed about how his 1965 Immigration Act “inadvertently” led to the decline of White people’s demographics in America. (INCOG)

How often have you heard America’s Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 — the one that set the country on its subsequent path of destruction — described as ‘Ted Kennedy’s Immigration act?’ It’s standard practice either by way of deliberate tendentiousness or else a cowardly avoidance of upsetting Those-Who-Cannot-Be-Upset by careerist pseudo-journalists (Ann Coulter springs to mind).

In actual fact Teddy’s role was peripheral. He was a Junior Senator, one mainly interested in booze and chicks, who was sold the idea that the Act would find favour with his heavily Irish-American Boston constituency. In practical terms the Act had the polar opposite effect in that it removed the hitherto favourable consideration of would-be immigrants from Northern Europe.

Study the subject and you’ll see that the bill was written by Norbert Schlei and pushed through the Senate by Emmanuel Celler and Jacob Javits. Behind the scenes various presidential advisors and policy makers worked on the same project. These included Julius Edelson and Harry Rosenfield in the Truman administration and Max Rabb in Eisenhower’s.

It was a Jewish project from start to finish.

In fact for half a century beforehand, and right up to the present day Jewish organisations have relentlessly — and by now quite openly —  pursued immigration “reform.” In reality a plot to substitute European immigration with that from the Third World, while massively increasing the actual numbers. The net effect being to reconstitute the ethnic makeup of the whole country whereby Whites would decline from a massive majority to that of a minority within a few generations.

This was (and still is) a carefully planned and deliberately implemented program of destruction. Be clear: Ted Kennedy’s unwitting role was that of goyishe window-dressing to divert attention from the real authors and their malign intentions. Correct this grotesque lie whenever and wherever you encounter it.

INCOG NOTES: It’s NOT just America!

Please make note the writer of the above article lives in Ireland — also suffering massive immigration, much of it from the Third World. This is happening pretty much everywhere in the formerly White, Western world, since Globalist Jewry has one big goal — to quietly turn the White race into a spat-upon minority in our own lands — while making us pay for it all, too! Little wonder our nations are rapidly going broke, as our streets look less and less like the countries we were born in and more like Mogadishu.



Just like America, blacks in Ireland are always given plenty of media time to label us regular White people “racist” as the tiresome excuse for why “they have it so bad.” Nothing ever seems to satisfy these violent, spoiled brats!

Once you get all this — and how they constantly use the liberal, anti-White media (right) to brainwash us and our children to hate ourselves — you will then readily understand the reasons behind all the stinking horse crap going down today.

Why do think everywhere you turn, there’s something about how bad us White people have been — regardless of anything we’ve ever done?

No matter what, the “PC” BS never seems to end, does it? But the truth will indeed set you free!

Without a doubt, these lefty, historically subversive Jews have worked individually and collectively to manipulate us White people into committing racial suicide — while also intimidating our politicians into supporting Jew supremacist, Palestinian-murdering Israel and turning our lands into racially mixed-up Marxist police states.

Face facts, White people: The Jewish nightmare is all too real. The Globalist Jews have been in a guerilla race war against us, our family unit and Christianity for decades — probably going back over a hundred years.




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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85 Responses to Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act? NOT!

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Racism Revealed By L.A. Clipper Owner

    The Times of Israel Headline about Jewish Clipper owner Donald Sperling says it all. It is a headline that would be verboten in the American mainstream media.

    It reads:

    “Clipper owner: Black Jews treated like dogs in Israel.”

    In the actual tape recording he says:
    DS: It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.


    And blacks think jews care about them. These are the same people that preach nonstop about white racism.

  2. Smitherines says:

    Your next Thread ICM has to be this shit with Clippers owner Donald Sterling,
    where the fact he is “Jewish” is totally ignored by the media?

    Last week they had a Redneck on there, a farmer talking about slavery and them
    picking cotton, FOX( FAUX News), MSNBC, CNN they all had a field day with it, on
    their shows: all their “Jewish experts” tying this horrible racist behavior to something
    inert to White Christians?


  3. Smitherines says:

    Raping German Women and Children as a Form of Revenge After WWII (Part I) by Jonas Alexis Latest religious dogma of Holocaustinity: “Thou shall have no other
    Holocaust before me.”

    Hoy Vey Moses 11 th Commandment?


  4. sog says:

    yeah good stuff izrahell …youfigure in how many freeloaders poured in from poland and checkos from the pale of setlement areas who wernt even in camps or in war zones except maybee as communist jew partisans profiteers ..these paretisans were all bosheviks mostly and stole assets and valuables ..never mind the shit taken from germany ..800,000 artifacts stolen by russians and 700,000 thousand artifacts removed by us forces and top br-ass ..
    so our point in case hwre is where are the dead ones ..the 6 million that wpould still be stackerd up and waiting fort creamation ..etc ..goota go will continue in aminute

  5. sog says:

    what i was discussin was the amount of kikes who signed up for reparations without any even slight proof of such status ..it was a freefor all by jews ..jews were transferring to palestine thru germany post ww2 ..the german occupation of france was really not considered more than simple demarcation zone protection …the vichy didnt mind ,,the socialist jews did ..considering france brutalized post ww1 german and also occupied and controlled thye confederated territories of the rhine in 1800’s ..french occupying troops of german post ww1 would often shoot german troops stragglig homeward never mind the rape of germany and its assets and put under control of shitkike politics …where in the hell could germans have gotten a hold of 6000000000000 kikes anyway ..thses numbers didnt exist in the jurisdiction of germany 3rd reich …their were 1000’s of shetyls with kikes in them in german occupied belarus .russia and poland but none of these people were rounded up ..there were ghettos whoich were really nive cities where jews lived safely for the most part except from the dangers of their own bolshevik jew thief countrymen …
    the old orthodox belief that the children of israel (thet are extinct) or are whites ) would return to palestine minus 6 million etc ..
    it was in the last months of the war that the lice that jews brought in with them to the camps were dying from the typhus ..jeiwsh shetyls had a history of communicable diseases from 0 hygeine …they brought the death with them and the jewish led allied forces destroyed all infrastructure litterally gauranteeing death by starvetion and disease for everyone on the ground ..so the usa airforce and others caused the calamities inthe camps not the germans …you could never burn 6,000,000 jews in ovens under the best of circumstances in under 40-50 years ..and thats woith out taking the supoer time consumiong cautions of dealing with pure unadulterated extermination level doses of cyanide ..even zyklon b was altered in its form to go into ditomatious earth where it fumed out in heated rooms to kill lice infested clothing ..at these levels no one could be killed and certainly not a garage with 1000 people in it ..cyanide and its spinoff tabum was to diabloical in hitlers mind to even use on enemy soldiers ..even the stockpile of gasses sarin and others wre never deployed aginst anyone ..maybe the jews arre mad that the germans cleaned them up and killed their pets the lice ..?…

    did you ever see this shit ..one company ,krogers under full control of cerberus investment co even went and paid out a multi million ndoallr nigger lawsuit lottery fo scrimination n shit ..after the courts threw the case out ..jews ..
    Black Privilege – CASHING IN On Lawsuits Against White-Owned Businesses
    http://theinjusticefile.blogspot.com/ plus check out his WHITES mudered by nigger collage …..the more you learn about niggers the more you want to exterminate all of them …hell yeah …heh heh ..exterminate all of them painfully and slow …
    even the “good” ones ……..deporting them would be an intelligent 2nd best solution …
    niggers everywhere cashing in on scrimmnation lawsuits with no merits whatsovere ..hell white peoplel should be suing because of apefiramtive axxun givin the niggers jobs when they cant even read beginning ebonix for apetards ..

    obama scum bag is obviously just a receptacle for many people who operate him like a puppet ..jews jews jews … http://danfromsquirrelhill.wordpress.com/2013/08/15/obama-252/
    i cant even read past the 20th nigger lie ..625 lies to america and no one gives a shit ..rememvber nixon ,he wiretapped a hotel room anmd got impeached and obama wiretaps a whole nation and no one says shit or cares enough to do anything…this shit falls under the provost marshall and ncis and congress and senate to put obama back on the right vrcter or in jail ..but the authorites who investigate the bogus potus have been duly warned not to fuck with the communists in control in america …”navy yard shooting “”

  6. sog says:

    Israel has a nuke in New York City.http://www.jimstonefreelance.com/indexbkapr42014.html scroll down to kike embassy has a hellbomb ..probably one they get from americas de-commissioned stockpile ..nice lawless shit going on because of marxisleninist communist shit defiling america with no laws and over strict laws …

  7. sog says:

    The Sampson Option is on the table.
    They got what they wanted
    ALL of Israel’s diplomatic workers have gone on strike everywhere and will therefore be returning home. This is an indication that whatever is about to happen is not going to be localized to a specific region, and there will be no political negotiations anywhere while it is happening.
    Let’s just hope this is the most odd of coincidences, but I would bet that they got what they wanted from flight 370 – they cracked the Chinese engineers and have breached Chinese data security. Having flight 370 vanish when it did is all too coincidental with this Israeli diplomatic strike, and I would bet that the Sampson option which was always on the stove has been pushed to a full boil.

    Just days before this diplomatic strike, Israel was preparing for a full scale strike on Iran. Though they have done this repeatedly in the past, it has never coincided with a mysterious disappearance of a jet and full diplomatic strike.
    beware of usa cities going up in flames or electrical pulse devices ..any dirty bomb capabilities or rather nuclear weapon capabilities are not in irans abilities yet ..but they are in israels cap[abilities ..why does thei reprobate kazaar country have hundreds of nukes anyway ..they dont need them to protect their stolen lands ..they havent had to use them to stay in palestine but they ghave used them in places around the world to emphasize political mesages that were blamed on other factions or groups ..according to many prohetic dreams and visions of many people there is much envisuionoing of misslies and nukes on american cities by chinese and jews …russians not so much ..

    “….The Samson option states that Israel will nuke the world to oblivion and destroy everything before accepting significant losses on the Israeli mainland. And it’s an arrogant policy, which means that Israel will destroy all nations with a nuclear attack even if the nations being attacked by Israel never attacked Israel and only stated that Israel was guilty of war crimes, or voted for sanctions via the U.N. This means that Germany, France, and many other similar nations will be nuked if the Sampson option is ever put into effect, Israel is the friend of NO ONE, don’t just count on the Arab world going down…….”

  8. sog says:

    how odd that the major % of other races incarcerated in german penal camps never got to sign up for reparations ..and in fact all germans should have been able to sue for lost property and assets by the jewish regime aka allies ..what about the rediculous lawsuits by sons and grandsons of hoax survivors who claim ptsd from the incident that didnt happen to them …what about the sons and wives of returning americans who had a cloud of darkness over them and severely impacted the lives of their families ..
    seen it up close ..
    all dead from cyanide will turn red and stay red for days …
    less than half of camp inmates were jew…
    In addition, the manufacturer of Zyklon B gas stated that, due to the adhesive qualities of the gas, it would require a 24-hour ventilation period before anyone could safely enter a room which had been used for such a purpose.
    In addition, shaving heads was necessary in order to remove the breeding grounds of the lice. ………………………………….
    Auschwitz, one of the largest concentration camps, had only about twenty ovens in its crematory. The crematoria at the various concentration camps were very crude and required lots of fuel and many hours to consume one body. One researcher has calculated that, given the exact number of ovens available and hours per body, the ovens would have to be going day and night from the War’s beginning until 1975 before that many bodies could be cremated. Are you beginning to comprehend the absurdity of such a claim? Yet, it is repeated by the Zionist-dominated bias machine on an almost daily basis, and it is force-fed to our school children at taxpayer expense and Zionist urging.
    The German prisoners were often so badly beaten that they could not be brought into the courtroom for fear of demonstrating their adverse treatment. The State of Israel today continues to use torture and murder as part of their terrorist campaign. Amnesty International has repeatedly cited Israel for such violations of human rights.
    Heinrich Himmler, Chief Commandant of the Concentration Camps, issued an order, dated Dec. 28, 1942, stating: “The death rate in the concentration camps must be reduced at all costs.”
    The Red Cross interviewed thousands of freed camp inmates at the end of the war. When asked if they witnessed any alleged “gassings,” the response was negative. From Red Cross document #9925, June, 1946, the entry states: “The detainees themselves have not spoken of them.” How can you gas six million Jews and nobody notices?

    stanford university has hundreds of video interviews with ww2 camp jews who say the truth and the truth is the camps were very humane and friendly environments ..

    Photos of emaciated bodies, both alive and dead, are not proof of an extermination campaign. The fact is that toward the end of the war, the Allies were bombing railroads and roads to the point of obliteration. This meant that valuable food, medicine, Red Cross packages, and other supplies were no longer reaching the camps. This was the real reason for the malnutrition, not to mention the serious side effects of malnutrition, which would be an increase in all types of disease.

    The same thing happened in America during the Civil War. Northern prisoners in the Southern camp of Andersonville were also emaciated to the point of being only skin and bone. The commander of the camp, at his trial, said that he simply had no supplies with which to feed the inmates and he was not allowed to set them free. Pictures of these prisoners could easily be substituted for WWII inmates and no one would know the difference.
    commandant wirz of andersonville was a jew immigrant who jefferson davis grabbed for certain duties and was trained by jews over seas and returned to his new job at the camp later ..
    All of the photos of dead bodies being bulldozed show emaciated bodies. If they were gassed and killed immediately, as the hoaxers claim, there would be some photographic evidence of well-fed people being bulldozed into graves. There is none.
    In 1943, the SS arrested Buchenwald Commandant Karl Koch for mistreating and executing prisoners. He was found guilty by SS Judge Konrad Morgan and was executed for his crimes. If there were an extermination policy in force, would they bother trying and executing Commandant Koch?
    n 1960, Auschwitz was opened to tourists and no gas chamber could be found. What a disappointment this must have been for the tourists! Later, in order to make up for this communist oversight (they didn’t have much experience at developing capitalist-style theme parks), the Soviets built one themselves! No doubt, the money for construction was provided by some Zionist or rabbinical organization.

    Although death by starvation and disease had increased toward the end of the war, the videos of huge piles of dead bodies in civilian clothing were most often footage which was filmed in Dresden. Dresden was devastated by the firebombing raids of the Allies on February 13 and 14, 1945. This was one of the greatest wartime atrocities in history, because Dresden had become, in effect, a large refugee camp for German women, children, wounded soldiers, and old men. Dresden was one of Germany’s main artistic centers and had virtually no industry located in its vicinity. The Allies knew this and yet they bombed the city mercilessly for two nights, apparently to dispose of war ordnance which would otherwise go to waste, for Germany at that point was a defeated nation and the war was nearing its end. Why not kill as many unarmed civilians as you can? Who will know?
    from what i read ,dresden was considered a safe city by gentlemans agreement and the implications of the agreement was that it would not be demolished by bombers ..
    jews and gentiles in camps and only jew gets undeserved reparations ..how many jews fled germany ,how many in camps ..3.8 million apply for free money ..why should anyone get free money if the other non jew people who survived the war that the jew brought to europe dont get any money .fuckin jews ..
    And this in spite of massive fraud perpetrated by the Jews. … They created false identities for people, many of whom were born AFTER WWII.
    its odd that dead jews get nothing right ? but ones that were alive who obviously wernt in a holocaust collect money …hmmm
    How Holocaust survivor Bernard Marks survived Auschwitz without a tattoo…

  9. sog says:

    French railway firm to pay reparations for transporting Jews to Nazi death camps…
    or risk losing a billion dollar contract …

  10. sog says:


    this is hubris and greed jew style …claimants wanting shit they never owned like israel for one but what of the 3 million palestinians killed by israel over last few decades and all the 70 cities taken over and hundreds of villages destroyed ..in short where are the reparatons for the hundreds of thousands of palestinians properties and lands …


  11. Keiser says:


    Yes Ireland is run by the E.Joo. (EU) A liberal bureaucratic nanny anti-state.

    Look at how Joo globalism and big business is trying to indoctrinate Irish children here. Watch the “New beginnings”


    It show how important multi-cunt-uralism is to society (third world society) and how it happens at the expense of the host culture (but this is a shown as a good thing in the video) The best part is where they suggest that Christmas shouldn’t be celebrated because it might offend non-Christians but suggests that all these “holiday” celebrations have something to do with “lights” (funny I thought that Christmas had to do with the birth of Jesus Christ)

    Well anyway our erstwhile brown heroes suggest that a “festival of lights” should replace the Christmas play.

    Goyim ignore the fact that Hanukkah the Joo fest is also known informally as the “festival of lights” Just another Cohencidence of course.

    Now it seems the media Jew is turning his nose towards Ireland. The finance ones have already been and gone!

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Don’t forget the pigford case. Niggers claim the department of agriculture discriminated against them for years jew.gov handed out 50,000 dollar payouts to any nigger that claimed they was a farmer. After billions handed out and nobody seemed to notice or care the niggers said lets extend this free money program and go to pigford two and keep handing out 50,000 dollar payouts to any nigger with a lawnmower.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    How do you afford a caddilac in jewmerica? It’s really very easy. Go down to the hardware store and buy yourself a can of flat black spray paint cover your eyes or just keep them tightly shut and start spraying yourself.


  14. Israhell on Earth says:

    @bubba says April 28, 2014 at 3:36 pm:

    Thanks for your reply and update, i’ve listened to the entire david cole interview now. I’ll do my own research on the holocaust, and i know that it won’t be an easy task.

    The kike jews have managed to conceal nearly every major conspiracy, albeit leaving ‘in your face jew clues’ behind. That’s what they love to do.

    Just look towards newtown and the sandy hook hoax. @Pat mentioned it before and it’s true. These so called parents moved to newtown in 2009 and got their houses for free. It sounds crazy, but it looks like large parts of the town were bought by the government/FED on 12/25/2009. So everybody got a nice christmas present and kept his mouth shut.
    Remember, the jews got away with 9/11 and are fully capable of taking this shit to the next level.

    Many if not all of the fake parents are jews or crypto-jews. They got millions of US$ and probably went to israel or some paradise-like island in the carribean.

    And the golden rule of “waging war through deception” is: The patsies of their giant Mindfuck-hoaxes are never jews. Nah, jews are portayed as heroes; they are the ones that save the day. Remember danny lewin from 9/11?

    Now it’s the jewish teacher victoria sotos who saved countless little children and died in the process. Her facebook memorial page was created before the alleged massacre occured(hard to prove). All these traitors need to be brought to justice. I don’t want to pretend to be a tough guy, but believe me, robbie parker would not like to spend 30 minutes with me in a dark room without windows. Gene rosen the lying kike bastard would regret it, too.

  15. sog says:

    “. . . . . In 1943, the SS arrested Buchenwald Commandant Karl Koch for mistreating and executing prisoners. He was found guilty by SS Judge Konrad Morgan and was executed for his crimes. If there were an extermination policy in force, would they bother trying and executing Commandant Koch? . . . .”
    i do tend to paste or throw out raw stuff ,i dont get to think much about the real deatails at the time ..imho …you can deduce thet karl koch executed prisoners who left the camps and came back routinely with contraband or were subversives who had committed seriuos crimes against other inmates like rape and murder but this detail escapes scrutiny because of historical rewrites and jewish bias media …to say the german reich over compensated to care for jews is an understatement and even the germans valiant efforts to save jewish and german prisoners from the advancing russians is no less than heroic on their parts ..they transfered inmates from camps to new camps farther away …russians liberations as they call them of camps with even jewish russians and russian women were not safe from rape and executions ..the advancing russian army mob was like ciafu the army ant in africa that devours all in its path ..and the order that himmler put out is an order a bonafide order thet the hollywood bolsheviks tend to ignore as well as the red cross interviews with camp goers and the vids at stanford showcasing was why holocaustdenier dot com was removed by the jews as well as airphoto dot com which showed the rediculous lack of camp infrastructuer at treblinka belzec and sobibor that were deprotaion transit stations in reality and today there is nothing there except what was there in 45 ,small delapidated out buildings ..but the kick in the nuts to the lying jews ,those jewish people ..and yes there are jews and they are not related 1 iota to ancient israelites ,,sorry ,no can do ..its the rule of the old testament which ios proabably why rabbis read the filthy talmud instead ..their religios political satanic pornography manuel …the kicker is not the vent holes the punched into the roofs of the small rooms where clothing was or wasnt de liced but the total lack of haz mat filters ..lemme explan ..one of the reasons they got rid of the america gas chambers to kill worthless criminals is the extenseve preparations neccessary and the dangerous neutralizing of the gas ..it has to go through a very complex and special filtration process ..a filter that has to be handled like hazordous material ,extremely lethal …then the room chamber door has to be opened carefully after the chamber has vented for many hours already …then a guy goes in with a protective space suit on and the door is shut and he sprays the room with ammonia to neutralize the cyanide ..tedious ..the cyanide is extremely explosive at all times even while being vented out toi a filter …getting any cyanide residue on you could mean death …but none of thesae claptrap tourist attraction so called gas chambers for jews had the required complex filtration and vent systems ..yeah just punch holes in roofs that air photos of these camps showed none up to the end of the war …
    Germany deported undesirables and incarcerated criminals of all ethnicities ..
    why is this so differnt than if you go to acountry and stay past your visa time you get arrested and deported ..
    Hitler had it right when he decided to simply round up all career criminals in Germany that were responsible for over 80% of the crime there ..and many were those jewish people ..clannish ,secretive ,conspiritorial,greedy ,unscrupulous ,unlawful ,opportunist parasites who always are designing the take over of any nation that hosts them ..most of the countries they were thrown out of was because of criminal deviant behaviour ..this fact speaks about the cohesive morality and goodness of most white and non jew kingdoms of old that jews just couldnt and wouldnt submit to and assimilate into ……
    when shitkikery bombed DRESDEN they did it in a way that was designed to be a lull in between attacks ….so when the 1st wave stopped ,people came out of hiding and others in the parks were still safe and this is when they dropped the 2nd wave and strafed the elbe where people were trying to escape the mass murder by the allies ..and the parks got saturated and anhilated also ..many refugee ships with germans on them and jews ,yes jews were being brought out as well and the GERMAN hospital ships evacuating refugees and patients were bombed and torpoedo’d killing 10’s of thousands ..sounds like A GENOCIDE DRESSED UP AS A WAR …another story is what happened to refugees who made it to denmark ..they were put in concentration camps and 7-10 thousand German children starved to death ..german children born to women who were with german soldiers in the denmark norway areas were kept in orpahanges and mistreated ..its like the french women who hung around with the German boys in occupied france were hunted down and persecuted as soon as jewish political troops re took france ..this meant shaved heads and worse as we know bolsheviks did not have any humanity or normal thinking preocess…..

    there was a massive cover-up by the Kennedy political “machine” to protect the powerful Senator and their own(asses) dependent jobs… The Kennedy operatives whisked the other “Boiler Room girls” off the island who had been with Kennedy and Kopechne at the lawrence cottage, where the party was held and removed any evidence that the senator had been drinking… In addition, the records of Kennedy’s expired driver’s license disappeared from the Massachusetts motor vehicle office…..
    mary jo was room mate of the chick who hale boggs the warren report dissident was seeing ..hale boggs wanted to open up the jfk can o worms again ..179 witnesses were killed off after dealy plaza…the concubine of hoogs er boggs was also snuffed after boogs ..
    now an island off of an island ..was not an isolated island till 2007 …thats some expensive real estate ..notariety happens and i wonder if it drove up realestate prices or down ..The island became internationally recognized following the July 18, 1969 incident…a household word ,oy vey that senator goy viill drive the prices of land down ….boggs disappeared from the usa hollywood communist theatre theme park in 72 somewhere over the rainbow or alaska etc …what pisses me off more then the rediculous frivolous killing of so many people is the taking of innocent lives in the process ..this leads one to an unmistakeble conclusion thet blood thirsty anti gentile talmudic kikes do all the killings and that the cia the spinoff of the oss was in fact a mossad operation thru and thru …

  16. ProtocolsRtrue says:

    @SOG. I’m halfway through the book “other losses” . How did so many German soldiers disappear and die after jew war two. Simple. Jewsenhower simply declared them not to be POWs ( prisoners of war) and subject to Geneva conventions but made up a new term never before used ” disarmed enemy forces” . Unfortunatly for the disarmed enemy forces they had no Geneva convention protections and were killed by starvation disease and exposure. At least 1 million Germans died this way.

  17. sog says:

    yeah prt ..i think maybe you meant civilians being reclassified to genocide status under DEF …it is ironic to note that not all germans liked hitler or national socialism and they wernt commies either ..they didnt appreciate the many things hitler did for germany ..Berlin little paris was the most unapreciative and retivcent towards any notion of a fuhrer as many of these people were steeped i germanic order and culture ..it didnt help that adolf cancelled any elections future but he had to to insure that no moderate social communist took the reigns again like they seem to do everywhere and latestly over at venezuela who is having a dictaor moment and financial destruction ..its always the jews ..
    I truly believe with all the grabbekommando activity and the rounding up of minor orphans aorund the big bombed out cities and the subsequent shipping of them to slave labour in france, checkos, russia,killed hundreds of thousands .. shipping by train with the intention of having them all freeze to death in open cattle cars on the way to russia and they did ..and the shipping of german civilians and soldiers to places like sachenhausen where who knows how many were murederrd ..one report has 14,000 german youths mass murdered there by the kommisar communist occupation forces post ww2 ..the grabbekomandos means russian abductors who stole out of the ruins of berlin 70,000 children and sent them to ussr in the dead of winter in open cattle cars ..98% of them died on arrival ..
    i belive 1.1 million died in dresden ..a 700,000 population and a million or more refugees ..bombs meant to make body counts impossible raining down on the innocent because jews are influencing american military and english and french ..
    i believe 40 million Germans died between 1935 and 1950 …certainly the women were tortured to no end with the redcross reporting 6 million aboortions from 1945-1950.
    hundreds of thousands were raped .? more like millions ..and 10’s of thousands raped to death ..many germans took the only way out they knew to be humane to their family members ..a family would have a last supper together then take a cyanide capsule …which brings me to jewish holohaox …the germans did not give convenient and safer form of mass murder ,ie: the cyanide capsule ..no the jews would ratehr stick to the impossible sceanario ….even at ciamossad jonestown experement they gave 700 or so cyanide injections ,and a couple hundred lead bullet injections ..its amazing that the holohoax hasnt just collapsed under its own bs yet …anyway ..
    Eisenhauer was promoted up and over the jew ladder from colonel in a mind blowing short time ..he always stated how he hated germans …later on he also had nixon as his vp once and the question of all the military ordinance pre stored for planned and cancelled japanese island frontal invasion was on an island close to japland ..this stuff was eventually covered with a black op blanket and sold and borrowed by global arms dealers and we know who they have always been ..like adnan kashoggi on the rich and famous show once and now destitute was a jew arms dealer to nations ..heh heh hey can i borrow 5000 anti personell toys ..you cant exactly return them in good condition .. …anyway the jews certianly have done their joo diligence and their homework ..they are simply the arch enemy of mankind as are niggers and muslims.
    yo eric ..i cant seem to leave any comments at hofflandia anymore ? i tried to answer you over there 3-4 times on the sogthread but it dont post ….anyway your question .answer ..go ..good investment ,,going rate ..and versatile as hell as ar .22 magnum revolvers cus you can use all 3 sizes of 22 ..
    so who can the dead germans sue for reparations ..the kike stank er bank leummi in israelowned by jacob merkin the big honcho who once gave ariel shaorne a bj and 500 million dollar check …he was deeply involved in the atttack on general motors corp and chrysler and allison transmission and is bro one solomaon merkin are all in on the cerberus anti trust crusaders …they call it an investment comp but in light of their newest aquisition the safeway chain and already krogers puts them incharge of your 3 meal a day plans ..
    has anyone figured out the acchiles heal of those urban military police tanks on wheels yet ..

  18. sog says:

    if you were german you were dead meat ..never mind that you wernt a member of nazi party and most wernt ..nazi party and its political impact versus german nationalism ..are the 2 inexplicabl;y related or cousins …alot of people saw the hitler rieich as over top heavy politically ..but it had to be ..the aristocrats and the rich jews who enjoyed rank and priviledge in the top military positions and political parties did not have cog=hesion ..their focus was on position and power not too much on nationalism …hitler was constantly at odds with hios generals also ..there were many jewish generals in germany ..one ger=neral fell out of favor with adolf by condemning the oppeeraztion barbarossa ..said it was national suicide …I wonder why Germany didnt build long range bombers and obliterate moscow and leningrad ..fuck all the ground ops shit ..just do to communist russia what was being done to Germany bu the allies ..hitler should have deployed tabum or sarin against the dday invaders ..you know for alot of bs and occupation imperative to take away a enemy demarcation point and to watch the english cghannel sea wall ,it all seemed wastee effort and not enough effort ..
    who the fuck didnt know about the 7000 ship armada coming to france …and what 1-2 airplanes germany used to defend the beach .lol ..hitler should have just used gas on the armada ..it would have become a ghost fleet ..litterally ..tough shit ..
    all of germanies energies and focus should have been on that real estate and patch of ocean ..germany had excellent subs and production capabilities …also hitler should have blown england to a scorched earth finish ,thusly burning out the juden ratticus ..
    hilter should have taken the 325 thousand english and french troops off dunkirk and put approx 4,500 men in each of the 7o or so cities as a deterrent to ariel bombardment ..hindsite is 20/20 some say hitler was repalced early on and couldnt paint shit after wards etc ..maybe he was already replaced with a doppelganger when he ordered the SA into the wheremacht ,elimianting that political arm that had supported hitler and natioanlism ..hitler was likely replaced at a party somewhere given by a wealthy weimar mentality german prince or aristocrat ….i could see this shit happening ..the hitler of the 20’s and 30’s wasnt the hilter of the last half of the 30’s and 40’s it seems ..
    history mystery ..
    another ..what took england taxpayers 300 years to pay off to the jew bank of england starting in 1694 and is cloaked in mystery and irrationality ..clue is a ship ..heh heh
    t i m e 4 j a v a

  19. Fredward says:

    Usually if you learn enough about a people you will find something, no matter how small, about them that is somewhat charming or even endearing, but the more I learn about these perfidious jews the more I loath them!

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