The Pathetic Apologetics of Caroline Glick


By Brenton Sanderson @ Occidental Observer

Editor’s note: As someone who has written chapters on Jewish apologia and self-deception, I have to say that Caroline Glick may be the most extreme case I have ever encountered. One struggles for words to describe her rabid ethnocentrism and how it blinds her to the most obvious realities. Jews are morally superior paragons of rationality, responsible for everything good in the world, including Western institutions of democracy and individual freedom. With only a few exceptions (non-Jews who accept the tutelage of Jews), non-Jews are, as Brenton Sanderson phrases it, “brutish and irrational embodiments of evil” while Jews are “reasoning, intelligent moral paragons.”

Truly breathtaking. It’s terrifying to think that such a person is a highly praised and powerful member not only of the Israeli political establishment but is also a well-established figure in neoconservative circles and the media in the US.

Caroline Glick is an American-born Israeli journalist and the deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post. She is also the Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington DC-based neoconservative Center for Security Policy. A radical Zionist, Glick migrated to Israel in 1991 and served in the Israeli Defense Force before going on to serve as assistant foreign policy advisor to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Glick has been showered with awards and praise from Zionist and Jewish organizations. In 2003 the Israeli newspaper Maariv named her the most prominent woman in Israel. She was the 2005 recipient of the Zionist Organization of America’s Ben Hecht award for Outstanding Journalism (previous recipients included A. M. Rosenthal, Sidney Zion and Daniel Pipes). She has also been awarded the Abramowitz Prize for Media Criticism by Israel Media Watch. In 2009 she received the Guardian of Zion Award from Bar Ilan University in Tel Aviv. In 2012 The David Horowitz Freedom Center announced the hiring of Glick as the Director of its “Israel Security Project.”


Another winner of the Zionist Organization of America’s Ben Hecht award is Daniel Pipes. The demonic-looking Jew is a big time honcho at the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and Zionist war monger for Israel. Pipes is also a supporter of third world immigration into America — tell you anything about these backstabbers? (INCOG)

Inevitably, given the Jewish stranglehold over the American media, Glick is given a regular platform to espouse her Jewish supremacist views in The Wall Street Journal, the National Review, the Boston Globe, the Chicago Sun-Times, The Washington Times and many other newspapers and journals around the world. She is also a regular pundit on MSNBC and the Fox News channel. Given her wide exposure in the Jewish-controlled media, and the senior positions she holds within the neoconservative establishment (where she is touted as “a brilliant and outspoken Jewish academic”), one might expect Glick to possess a formidable intellect and have a knack for formulating intellectually sophisticated Jewish apologetics.

Instead we find another Jewish mediocrity whose undeserved public prominence can only be ascribed to Jewish ethnic networking. Take, for example, a speech Glick recently gave to a neoconservative audience entitled “Why the Jews?” In this speech the “brilliant and outspoken” Glick explains to us the “roots of genocidal Jew hatred.” She begins by telling her audience that:

I don’t want to talk specifically about the ideology of Islamic anti-Semites or genocidal Jew-haters or European or Leftist people who want to destroy Jewish power and make us all needy and begging for our very lives. I want to talk about what all of the enemies of the Jewish people throughout the ages share. Because one thing about the genocidal axis is that it’s not new, it’s been here throughout time and the members of the genocidal axis, they may change their accents, they may change the books that they read, they may change a million different things, the continents they live in, but one thing that they share across time is that over and over and over again the target of their genocidal blood-lust is the Jews.

russian victims of Jewry

Tens of millions of White Christians were starved to death and executed in Russia and Eastern Europe by commie Jewry in the last century. Now do you know why you never see anything about all this on the “History” Channel? (INCOG)

So the “brilliant and out-spoken” Glick begins her speech with a tautology: that the enemies of the Jewish people throughout the ages all shared one thing in common — they regarded the Jews as their enemies. Glick melodramatically claims that anyone who has ever opposed Jewish influence or even discussed it critically necessarily harbored a “genocidal blood-lust” against the Jews. Of course, unmentioned by Glick is the fierce and implacable Jewish hostility to non-Jews that has echoed down through the ages—from the enthusiastic and vastly disproportionate Jewish participation in the Bolshevik mass murder of millions of Eastern Europeans in the early twentieth century to the fear and loathing of White Christian America that results in overwhelming Jewish support for massive non-White immigration into Western nations.


Israel constantly victimizes Palestinians to the present day. You only hear one side of the story since Jews in the US pretty much control the media and our politicians. (INCOG)

Jewish hostility toward non-Jews is also exemplified by the egregious moral double standard which, as Israel Shahak notes, is alive and well in Glick’s favorite country:

Anyone who lives in Israel knows how deep and widespread these attitudes of hatred and cruelty to towards all Gentiles are among the majority of Israeli Jews. Normally these attitudes are disguised from the outside world, but since the establishment of the State of Israel, the 1967 war and the rise of Begin, a significant minority of Jews, both in Israel and abroad, have gradually become more open about such matters.

In recent years the inhuman precepts according to which servitude is the “natural” lot of Gentiles have been publicly quoted in Israel, even on TV, by Jewish farmers exploiting Arab labor, particularly child labor. Gush Emunim leaders have quoted religious precepts which enjoin Jews to oppress Gentiles, as a justification of the attempted assassination of Palestinian mayors and as divine authority for their own plan to expel all the Arabs from Palestine.

In the Jewish view, servitude and cruel treatment are the natural lot of non-Jews. Who are the haters?

In her speech Glick recounts the close friendship she shared with Benjamin Netanyahu’s father Benzion (another Jewish intellectual activist and apologist) and notes how the old man would “repeatedly and with the same impassioned anger” declare that “he could not stand the fixation on the Holocaust as some sort of singular moment in global history because there has been a holocaust of Jewry in every generation throughout the ages.” According to Glick, Netanyahu the elder believed:

That the same passions that inflamed the Germans and then spread out throughout Europe with this bloodlust of wanting to kill children like mine was due to a passion that moves through the ages, that there was nothing unique about that desire to shoot lead into Jewish babies. There is nothing unique about it. It’s been going on since the time of the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Egyptians. Just read the Bible, what is he [the Pharaoh] talking about? He wants to annihilate a people. It’s not he wants to enslave them; he wants them gone — out! What’s the difference between Pharaoh and Hitler? Technology? That’s it.

Conveniently, Glick has nothing to say about the genocidal Jewish hatred of non-Jews that pervades the very same Jewish Bible she cites. For instance, in Joshua 6:20-21, God helps the Israelites destroy Jericho, killing “men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys.” In Deuteronomy 2:32-35, God has the Israelites kill everyone in Heshbon, including children. In Deuteronomy 3:3-7, God has the Israelites do the same to the people of Bashan. In Numbers 31:7-18, the Israelites kill all the Midianites except for the virgins, whom they take as spoils of war. In 1 Samuel 15:1-9, God tells the Israelites to kill all the Amalekites — men, women, children, infants, and their cattle — for something the Amalekites’ ancestors had done 400 years earlier. Ignoring all of this, Glick proposes that a “genocidal Jew hatred” is the “unifying force between Pharaoh and Ahmadinejad and Khomeini and yes the international Left which is the handmaiden of these monsters of the Islamic world, without which they could never, ever, march even one step forward.”

The inconvenient reality for Glick is that Jews have, for well over a century, been the intellectual, organizational and financial backbone of the Left. Furthermore, the only reason Jews are increasingly subject to Islamic anti-Semitism in countries like France is because of mass non-White immigration and multiculturalism — both of which are the malignant outgrowths of Jewish ethnic activism.

So what is this mysterious “force” that Glick believes unifies those who have opposed the Jews at any time and place throughout history?

It is the rejection of reason. … What is it about reason and about choice and about the notion of moral choice and moral empowerment of individuals that stands at the root of the genocidal bloodlust against the Jews? The answer is that, from time immemorial, Judaism has been based, from the time that God first spoke to Abraham in Iraq and told him to leave his father’s home after Abraham took down the idols from his father’s store and broke them. Get thee to the land that I have promised you and your children. What was it about Abraham that God embraced at that time and about the Jews at every single generation since then that drives people bananas? It is the idea of good and evil, it is the idea that we as human beings have the responsibility to make a discernment between good and evil and to choose good in our lifetimes.

Jews Adorno and HorkheimerIn attributing anti-Semitism to the rejection of reason, one is reminded of the “argument” of Horkheimer [Jew] and Adorno [Jew] in their Dialectic of the Enlightenment, a basic text of the Frankfurt School:

Horkheimer and Adorno propose that modern fascism is basically the same as traditional Christianity because both involve opposition to and subjugation of nature. … In an argument reminiscent of Freud’s argument in Moses and Monotheism, religious anti-Semitism then arises because of hatred of those “who did not make the dull sacrifice of reason. . . .The adherents of the religion of the Father are hated by those who support the religion of the Son—hated as those who know better” (p. 179). (see here, p. 156)

The notion that all non-Jews were mired in irrational amorality before the advent of the Jews is laughable. It is typical of hyper-ethnocentric Jewish activists like Glick to divide humanity into two groups — the inherently moral and righteous Jews on the on the one hand, and the inherently immoral and wicked non-Jews on the other — completely ignoring the ethical double standard that is absolutely central to Judaism as noted above. The origin of anti-Jewish sentiment, according to this conception, resides in the fundamental incapacity of non-Jews to exercise reason and moral discernment. As with Jewish apologetics stretching back to the ancient world, Glick once again presents us with the conception of the Jews as reasoning, intelligent moral paragons and non-Jews as brutish and irrational embodiments of evil. For Glick, what all of the anti-Semites throughout history simply cannot stand is:

A belief that defines us as a holy people, as a chosen people, [that] we accept, not divine salvation, but the notion of a life of hard choices, of constantly making a decision, and loyalty to a notion that it is our responsibility to do so, and that drives people to genocidal bloodlust because at the root of this bloodlust is a rejection of reason. It’s a rejection of individualism, it’s a rejection of responsibility, it’s a rejection of the notion that we have to be good. Because that makes our lives a struggle, that makes our lives difficult.

It takes a truckload of chutzpah from an ultra-Zionist like Glick to criticize those hostile to Jews for their “rejection of individualism” when the defining feature of Jewish history has been that group interests, rather than individual interests, have been of primary importance. Judaism is the prime historical example of how the rejection of individualism leads to group evolutionary success. In Glick’s condemnation of non-Jews who reject individualism we hear echoes of the Frankfurt School’s promotion of radical individualism as the epitome of psychological health for Europeans. The sane and well-adjusted White person was characterized by these Jewish intellectual activists as an individual who had broken free from the traditional Western shaming code, and who realized their human potential without relying on membership in collectivist groups. This promotion of radical individualism among non-Jews was, of course, intended to undermine the group cohesion of Europeans and thereby weaken their capacity to compete effectively with Jews.



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  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    We’re operating on the same wavelength Incog. It’s a great article. I’m glad you posted it!

  2. INCOG MAN says:

    I put the pictures and captions in. Don’t have time this week to write much.

  3. sog says:
    jews are a major global criminal gene pool ..they have to control everything and look at the woorld today uner their control ..look at africa and south africa ..look at what jews did to russia etc …jews are full of shit ..propaganda masters of the big lie ..

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Incog what do you make of this video that is going around the internet claiming Michelle Obama is a transvestite? Vatic Project has that video and another one of Serena and Venus Williams the tennis players. That video says they are also men. I have to admit that I always thought Serena Williams looked like a man. Do you think it is baloney?

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    I don’t know. I suppose it’s possible. But it’s probably because she’s Negroid and built more ape-like than Jackie-O.

    Whatever the case, I sure would not want to sleep with her or it. Maybe Obongo might.

  6. sog says:

    she is the first sheboon ..or first transapegendergayhomorphodite communist ..may they all be stricken with a plague …
    Jewish Center Shooter Glenn Miller Was in Witness Protection Program……smells more n more like jew manure ..

  7. Commander Goyim And His Lost Planet Sheeple says:

    good article Incogman. We know these hate filled vicious Jewish monsterswill never give up their blood lust for poweror their agenda to convince everyone that they’re peaceful

  8. bubba says:

    Frank Fredenburg says:
    April 16, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Incog what do you make of this video that is going around the internet claiming Michelle Obama is a transvestite? Vatic Project has that video and another one of Serena and Venus Williams the tennis players. That video says they are also men. I have to admit that I always thought Serena Williams looked like a man. Do you think it is baloney?


    LESt we forget….blast from the past

    Renee Richards, first transgender tennis player to compete in U.S. Open, subject of new documentary


    Dr “Renee Richards” aka “Dr Richard Raskind”….sounds like another f*cked up chosenite

    Serena Williams?…..either she is on uber steroids or could play linebacker on most NFL teams.

  9. sog says:

    In his books, Burg dealt with the subject of the alleged Nazi extermination camps. Burg had spoken to hundreds of people who had been in Auschwitz and had visited the camp in the fall of 1945. Burg had wanted to see the crematoria, the hospitals, and in particular, a large new bakery. He also wanted to find the gas chambers although at that time gassings were not yet in fashion. He did not find any gas chambers. Burg formed the opinion that there were no “extermination” camps at all, that gas chambers had never existed and that there had been no plan to exterminate the Jews of Europe. These opinions were published in his books and in his correspondence with Zündel.

    Burg also visited Majdanek three times. He did find gas chambers in Majdanek, but testified that they were disinfection gas chambers for liquidating lice and fleas: bugs which caused epidemics. The chambers were standard in each camp and had the German words “Attention! Poisonous Gas!” under a death skull. Zyklon B was the new formula used to disinfect the clothing. It destroyed the bugs but not the fabric.
    see hofflandia for the lice treatment with frequency machines ..oh yeah then jews claim kikes were melted with these to …lol…hollywood sydrome ..
    oy vey vee saw morry only it was a liquid puddle with his eyes floating in di meedle ../
    If any holocaust gassing claims were true, vast numbers of bright, cherry RED corpses would have always been present among the victims. Not necessarily all of the corpses would have been red–but certainly large numbers, probably the vast majority, would have been intensely red in appearance from cyanide or carbon monoxide and would have been remembered that way long after the war. That intense red coloring would have appeared within minutes of death, in the hypostasis and even in the pre-hypostasis condition, and would have remained present for several days at least. This is, however, contrary to nearly all of the statements from self-described “eyewitnesses” to those alleged gassings or of the supposedly huge piles of stark naked corpses. A-L-L of those “eyewitnesses” LIED: — they claimed the corpses were either “blue,” or “bluish” or “unremarkable!”news flash the camps were filled with a larger non kike % of german pole and other non jew …

  10. sog says:
    the gas chambers are the lynchpin of jewish propaganda …alleged non existent for humans ..they claim germans poured zyklon pellets down shower tubes etc or pipes but pellets wouldnt go down such devices nor would they gass off as needed ..the ovens to are a insult to science ..auschwitz ovens were placed there in the last couple o years to handle the epidemic deaths ..any one have knowledge of the thousand jewish ghettos in belarus and russia that probably suffered the same infestation deaths ..jewish ghettos were a constant pathology problem with diseases from bad hygeine among jews ..they brought the pestilence to the camps with them or introduced it to kill germans and it back fired ,either way the source of the lice was the jews in the first place cannot blame germans for jews wallowing in their own filth and excrement ..
    it would take endless script to debunk kike delusion …maybe not real gas chamber execution chamber dangers in gas chamber wiki …
    time it takes to actually cremate a body and it is still very much parts and pieces is not majical producer of powdered kike ..many bones and pieces left …if there had been 6 million shitkikes killed they would have had 5.9 million kikes left stacked up like cord wood awaiting their turn for ethnic fire cleansing …no such mountain of bodies …ovens can only b urn sdo many so fast and they break down and have to be repaired cus of refractory brick ..auschwitx ovens even closed for 6 months once ..oy vey so they would still be burning kikes till 1987 under the best of circumstances non stop 24/7 ..and air photos show only monowitz with any substantial pile of coke to make synthetic oil with other camps had the enormous amount of coal or coke piled up and it would take many mountains of such coke to burn them all …more coke than existed ..and more kikes than existed in germany or occupied areas ..with the 1001 kike shetyls or ttos in the east this is where the jews were being deproted to ..if they were politically undesirables or anti german they were ousted ..funny thing is no other countries wanted them and palestine ancestral inhabitants were getting angry at the influx of secret kike immigrants ..of course tho much of palestinian land seizure early on was done “legally” by jews and banks through the usual jewish usary medium ..many palestinians lost their land and wound up shrecroppers on their ancestral land bu jews in the 20’s on …,_the_armenian_genocide.htm

  11. sog says:

    jews say on the armenian slaughter ..
    What Is The Big Deal?
    According to Jewish historians some 300,000 armenians were displaced and put into camps because of the events of WW1. There was famine, a little disease, and some may have died……
    this is exaqctly what happened to kikes in camps in germany and we say big deal and they go ballistic ..wasnt it the filthy hygenic jews who brought the bugs into the camps with them anyway ..i say big deal ..fuck jews ..
    jews from the pale of setlement mainly the scatterd hundreds of jew ghettos in the western russian and belurus areas simply moved into the dead armenians houses and took their assets and businesses ..bolshevik communism ..jew created malevolence and hate toward everyone else but the shitkike says oy vey it is the gentile who is zenophobic and who is building a 140 mile long wall in israel next to egypt and elsewher to keep non jews out …again ,fuck jews ..
    these media jew quacks are a menace to any society ..the devil may not eevn allow kikes into hell because he may be afraid they will take over ..ya think ..


    at this camp run by kommisar jews bolsheviks post ww2 they killed 10’s of thousansds of innocent german children here which is why they try to stain german nobility and innocence with jew sheister bs …they maed it a real death camp for germans after the war and all camps were turned into death camps for germans …post ww2 …..

  12. sog says:
    the filthy shit kikes will extradidte mickey mouse and goofy if they could to stand trial for war crimes thet never happened to jews but they will close ranks to protect their secret in ussr and the jewish slaughters of many countries ..helena wolinska brus was another that escaped polands justice system ..and i think the whore wound up in oxford england with her pimp who taught at oxford and when this bolshevik mass murdering jew died all the shit kike rabbis flooded the streets of england for her funeral ..i winder if they cremated the body …i hope she enjoys concentracione camp in hell …..heh heh

  13. ticktock says:

    Years ago, I started a quest to find out why the world hated the jews. That my friends, was the beginning of such an awakening my jaw hit the floor over and over again as I started to learn the truth and the whys.
    So, do your own search and avoid anything written by the Jews or you will be misled for sure by ANYTHING they write about their “plight”.
    Just to note, the Library of Congress has most of their revealing documents “locked up” and only small quantity available online. However, a great many of what the LOC has hidden (being a Jew controlled country), is available elsewhere. Just look for it. You will be amazed by what you find.
    Just try to ask a Jew “why” have they been hated for centuries or milennia, and you will never get the answer “because we are known deceivers, thieves, manipulators, imposters, etc. etc.” or “because our Talmud tells us it is right to kill non-jews and steal everything they have with no punishment” or “we can charge usury to you but never to another jew”. That is a good start for some of the revelations. And of course in recent history, the Rothschilds and their banking empire to take over the world is another good search.

  14. Israhell on Earth says:


    The author of a new book on the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in 1961 claims to have solved one of America’s most enduring mysteries.

    The 23-year-old son of New York’s Governor Nelson Rockefeller and an heir to a vast family fortune went missing in Dutch New Guinea while filming a documentary.

    At the time, officials declared Michael Rockefeller had been lost at sea after the boat he was travelling on capsized.

    But shortly after his disappearance rumours began circulating that he had in fact been murdered and cannibalised by local tribesman from the Asmat region.

    Carl Hoffman, author of “Savage Harvest”, retraced Rockefeller’s steps in what is now the Indonesian province of Papua in search of previously undiscovered clues.

    Well, at least one family member of the hostile shabbos goy rockefeller-clan got what he deserded.
    It’s a shame though that david rockefeller wasen’t with him at the time, and tossed in a cannibal’s pot as well.

    I don’t want to bring up 9/11 all the time, but good ole david was probably involed as well.

  15. sam.r says:

    The silence surrounding the jewish center is deafening. What’s up ?

  16. mikey says:


  17. Any Negros need that final push and your on the ledge of a tall building wite me here for “support”

    Rapper cuts off penis in suicide attempt, reattach fails, report says:

    “They also said hard drugs were not involved, and believe Johnson must have mental problems. ” (He is a Nigger what did you expect?)

    Rapper cuts off penis in suicide attempt, reattach fails, report says | Fox News

  18. bubba says:

    squarepegroundhole says:
    April 17, 2014 at 12:00 pm
    Think of the positive…the penis no longer has a “muh dick” attached.

  19. bubba says:

    Israhell on Earth says:
    April 17, 2014 at 6:24 am

    Well, I doubt they were able to kill him and eat him, but if they did, he would have re-assembled and resurrected…

  20. bubba says:

    ticktock says:
    April 17, 2014 at 6:01 am

    Years ago, I started a quest to find out why the world hated the jews. That my friends, was the beginning of such an awakening my jaw hit the floor over and over again as I started to learn the truth and the whys.


    That’s the mental wall people have to break through. My moment came in the 2008 financial collapse….a story the media couldn’t avoid and did some good work on. I was Jew Wise re Jew names….and man it seemed every perp was a Jew.

    Then I stumble on 9-11 investigations aka Israel did it….Then you can’t help but see tangential tidbits that lead you down rabbit who ran the slave trade…which ethnic group were pirates…Jews ran both sides of wars…Jews are both communists and neo-cons.

    Ernst Zundel was right….then review HoloHoax…OMG…we have been brainwashed with lies.

    The key is to “Flip the Script”.

    Once one has done enough research especially via the Jewish sources and Jewish hubris admitting and bragging of their crime against the rest of humanity, one simply takes what the Jews accuse others guilty of and realize, almost without exception its a sure bet they are the guilty ones.

    aka If Jews say “X” did “Y”crime…truth =Jews did” Y” crime and”X” are either innocent or suffered at the Jews hands.

  21. Scott will continue the fight despite having thousands of youtube videos censored.

  22. bubba says:

    If one listen to Charles Giuliani, he traces the Jewish problem literally to the dawn of time.

    —When King Tuts tomb was discovered… it was actually entered prior to the official unsealing which had been resealed. Appparently, in violation of the agreement with Egypt…a lot of items were pilfered…including records that were very indicting of the Jews and their alleged history.

    — In Roman times…the Jews were accused of a major currency swindle….they were to provide the Romans with gold coins via a legal agreeement, ….but cheap bronze coins were substituted in what should have been a slam dunk case the Roman courts were stacked with Jews and charges dropped.

    — Giuliani also notes that many ancient cultures records make note of infiltration by other races….ie “multiculturalism”..and this was a major cause of their decline. Of specific note was the Mayans…and whose language to this day cannot be translated and any attempts to in academia are continually frustrated. The Jews allegedly took down the Mayans and made sure their culture remains a mystery.

  23. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    JEW BOY!

    I wish I could change fonts on this forum just so once and awhile I could for no reason other than I hate the stinking pig kikes, that I could come here and in 72 pt font type in JEW BOY! as if I were shouting it.

  24. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Seriously though, when’s this damn Civil War II thing going to kick off? I’m tired of waiting. I’m ready for serious reshaping of this shit house JewSA.

  25. ihatekikes says:

    re shemales, incog one name, caster semenya

  26. summerled says:

    lying splc tries to smear patriots

    Report: Users of White Power Website Have Committed Nearly 100 Murders

    Registered users of the Internet’s largest white supremacist forum – dubbed “a magnet for the deadly and deranged” — have carried out nearly 100 murders in the past five years, a group that tracks “hate groups” reported Thursday.

    The report by the Alabama-based Southern Poverty Law Center found users of, which advocates “white power,” have been disproportionately responsible for some of the most deadly hate crimes and mass killings since the site’s founding in 1995.

    “Stormfront is the murder capital of the racist Internet,” said Heidi Beirich, report author and Intelligence Project director. “It has been a magnet for the deadly and deranged.”

    About 1,800 registered members log on to the site daily — more than half from outside the U.S., the report said. But this relatively small active group has been responsible for some of the deadliest hate crimes here and abroad, including the murder of 77 people, mostly teenagers, in Norway in 2011, accounting for the majority of the murders listed in the report. The count also includes the 2012 mass shooting at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin that left six dead.

  27. lookee how caroline glick has the telltale jewish givaway physical abnormalities I’m always going on about. The ears, for one, are humongous. Look also how the crown of the head is pyramid shaped in a general way. It does not have a full, robust cranium. Overall, it just looks odd.

    This presentation has me feeling a lot better about Andrew Anglin. I just watched the entire thing. It was ooutstanding, really.

    from sog earlier:

    I foget who recently placed this gem:

  28. sog says:

    all partisans in ww2 were jews ..
    and it was perfectly legal to summarily execute saboteurs ..all sides did it …look at fackelmanner order by stalin which was a great reason for the kommisar order by German high coammand ..evenn if the polish town went crazy and burned 1600 kikes ..i say big deal ..they were communists and bolshevik conspirators and killers …if 6 million had died we would be celebrating it …the talmud shit book says and you shitkikes shall return to a land you will steal minus 6 million …jews had no compunction and i mean NONE about killing their “own” tribes persons when they got in the way of the jewish irgun or haganah palmach bolshevik forces ..another passing note without explantion right now is that most camps were penal camps and work camps and stanford unoversity has hundreds of videos showing jwews who say the holocaust is 100% kosher fake …during camp existence in Germany the Germans allowed jewish kapos to run the camps anyway thay saw fit and to render pounishement and protection rackets and usary and fer fuck sake its like old time in old town everywhere with jews around ..
    monuments and taxpayer paid for money grubbing holohoax museums u seums now u dont to get in …step riught up and see the greeeeatest sheeew on earth .its only 20 dollars ..see all the shrunken heads and bars of soap and piles of diamonds pooped out by shitkikes ..wepay for the rediculous museums of propaganda while the shiftless eternally unemployed welfare collecting rabinnical sect collects the door fee cover charge ..i think they serve maneshvitz wine for an extra 20 bucks …the stark rediculous propaganda is almost unbelieveable …with jews anything is possible ..
    God grant us the courage to do what we need to do and the wisdom to know what it is .
    common sense is a good place to start …
    the jew is the problem ..their father is the devil ,no matter about the blood line ..all jews are corporately guilty under blood libel and hatred of god and his son …

    and also nsa is the author of the heartbleed virus it looks like ..

  29. bubba says:

    Re: ” Jew registry” in Ukraine

    I am going to play Devil’s Advocate.

    I don’t know for sure, but don’t be surprised if this “could” be another false flag to garner the Jews sympathy, y’know….apply the old tried and true Nazi image to those evil Ukranians…..y’know…those survivors of the Kike Jew Holomodor

  30. Karen says:

    Worth repeating….”Instead we find another Jewish mediocrity whose undeserved public prominence can only be ascribed to Jewish ethnic networking”….”Instead we find another Jewish mediocrity whose undeserved……………

  31. summerled says:

    enough of Jew shit

  32. sog says:
    Federal authorities charged that a methamphetamine laboratory was operating at the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse and that employees carried weapons to work. …


  33. sog says: ..some of the real cost of supporting parasites in israel ///

    we heard if dahmer but never this obvious jew fuck ..cannabal
    what is it with jews ? they are either all rabbis or child molesters and bloodstealers or cannbals ,dungeon master or killers of dozens to hundreds of victims…..

  34. ticktock says:

    This is a MUST WATCH video………….your total lying tv and the Boston Bombing Hoax. Trust me on this one…………well put together and very very revealing. 56 minutes of pure awakening to what is being done to this country thanks to the scum of the earth Jewish manipulators.

  35. Karen says:

    Egypt, Rome, Russia, Germany, England, and now America. The jews devour nations and then throw the carcass to the dogs. “In the process of their parasitic consumption of other nations the Jews build up a nation economically and then lead it into war, destroying other nations and cultures, then the Jews cut off the tap, consume the roots of the empires economically, culturally, spiritually and genetically. In the end, not only has the empire destroyed other nations, it has destroyed itself never to reappear in its original uncorrupted form.”

  36. MIKEY says:


  37. Pat says:

    Note the unfolding patterns here.

    Certain internet personalities in the so-called Alternate Media go out of their way to support and attempt to “sell” the various highly politically charged Media Narratives as being “True”, “Correct”, “Accurately Reported” and “Real”.

    One broken-down dried-up quilt designer actually did some dozen internet radio broadcasts in futile attempts to legitimize the Sandy Hook Fraud.

    There is even a mixed-race punk who operates a site specifically designed to attract the wanna-be nazi crowd who also backs the Kosher Lies concerning Sandy Hook and other proven-fake Media Narratives.

    The latest Media Narrative that the quilt designer and the albino-nigger with the Pilipino mom want you to believe as being “True”, “Correct”, “Accurately Reported” and “Real” is the Frazier/Cross/Miller fiasco.

    You “believe” that Media Narrative? Do you?

    If you do, why are you here at Incogman?

    Why don’t you just vacate and go back to Fox Jews and MSNBC where you belong?

    Here’s a news flash for you: Politically Charged Media Narratives cannot be trusted.

    Here’s another news flash for you: Sources in the Alternative Media who not only parrot Politically Charged Media Narratives, but also censor and cite criticisms as being “insane” have outed themselves.

    I have to laugh at how gullible some of our own people are. In the past we had characters like Frank Cohen, the Hollywood Nazi. More recently we even have a mixed-race nigger-nosed “White Nationalist” with a website ready to collect your donations. And don’t forget the quilt designer telling you that the Media Narrative of Sandy Hook was “True”, “Correct”, “Accurately Reported” and “Real”.

    The reason I’m pointing this out here is because I can “Prove” “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” that the Sandy Hook Lie is a Lie. No question.

    The reason I’m pointing this out here is because the “Usual Suspects” are out supporting the parroting the Official Media Narrative surrounding the Frazier/Cross/Miller fiasco as being “True”, “Correct”, “Accurately Reported” and “Real”.

    If you accept what the Jewish-Controlled Media is telling you – why are you here?


    If you want to know how to figure out if what they say is true or not – that is a completely different story.

    There are ways to investigate and apply logical deconstruction to their Narratives to identify lies, omissions and areas that need to be verified.

    It is quite obvious what is going on in the so-called Alternative Media. It is infested. And you need to be thinking for yourself.

  38. DICARLO says:


  39. Israhell on Earth says:


    First i found the Story here; no name, no mugshot, no nothing. This crazy spook fired at 20 different cars and injured 3 people, but the MSM covers his black ass.

    Here is an article with a photo:

  40. DICARLO says:

    @ Bubba, and this is no reflection on you or your comments, as I once also used to listen to and was entertained by Giuliani’s exposure of rampant and constant jew perfidy, that is until I realized the guy is a nigger-lover. You’ll never hear him talking about black on White crime because he “feels” for niggers. If one, such as Giuliani is not even honest with himself, or defensive of his race, why would anyone listen to him? If he is aware of multicuralism’s destructiveness to societies, then why doesn’t he jump on the racial bandwagon of truth?

  41. Pat says:

    Re: The Frazier/Cross/Miller fiasco…

    Is it “True”, “Correct”, “Accurately Reported” and “Real”?

    Who is Mindy LOSEN?

    Mindy Corporon Losen, who lost both her 14-year-old son and her 69-year-old father Sunday when they were ambushed outside the Jewish Community Center, gave a moving statement Monday afternoon about what she remembers from Sunday, and how she’s coping with such a profound loss.



  42. bubba says:

    DICARLO says:
    April 18, 2014 at 11:43 am

    Actually Giuliani , who can use some pretty colorful language, stated one rule he has is he won’t use ethnic slurs …he calls jews “Elite Jew Pigs”(EJP)…and not Kikes. His targets are those group leaders more than rank and file members.

    ( I myself tune out when he does his religion bashing ).

    His truther gig is to dig deep into history, and expose what the real history is. It doesn’t seem to be his forte’ to discuss black -on- white crime per se.

    What you can do is extrapolate that the vast majority of our problems are rooted in the Jews. Like, he’ll talk about MLK , or Mandela and its pretty easy to figure out they were communist activists (with EJP handlers) whose goal was to increase hate towards whitey and concurrently betray their own people. ..which of course leads to black -on -white crime.

    Personally, I like to listen to different views and angles that don’t play the same notes, or one gets stuck into same wavelengths. Like a Venn diagram there is a lot of overlap of info but also some sidebar info one wasn’t aware of.

  43. Smitherines says:

    NED’s Chickens Come Home to Roost
    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Friday – April 17, 2014


    Facebook Twitter More…

    When Ronald Reagan called the Soviet Empire an “evil empire,” the phrase reflected his conviction that while the East-West struggle was indeed a global geostrategic conflict, it had a deep moral dimension.

    If Americans did not see the Cold War as he did, a battle between good and evil, Reagan knew that they would indefinitely sacrifice neither the wealth of the nation nor the blood of its sons to sustain it.

    That is in the character of Americans.

    Jimmy Carter had sought to remove that moral dimension by declaring, “We have gotten over our inordinate fear of communism.”

    But with his “evil empire” speech, Reagan re-moralized the Cold War in what Natan Sharansky called “a moment of moral clarity.”

    Here we come to the heart of the matter as to why Americans want to stay out of any Ukrainian conflict. Americans not only see no vital U.S. interest, but also no moral dimension to this quarrel.

    If, after all, it was a triumph of self-determination for Ukraine to secede from the Russian Federation, do not Russians in Crimea and Donetsk have the same right — to secede from Kiev and go home to Russia?

    If Georgians had a right to break free of the Russian Federation, do not Abkhazians and South Ossetians have a right to break free of Georgia?

    Turnabout is fair play is an old American saying.

    Op-ed writers bewail Vladimir Putin’s threat to the “rules-based” world we have created. But under what rule did we bomb Serbia for 78 days to tear away Kosovo, the cradle province of the Serb people?

    Perhaps some history is in order.

    Compare how Putin brought about the secession and annexation of Crimea, without bloodshed but with popular approval, with how Sam Houston and friends brought about the secession of Texas from Mexico, and its annexation by the United States in 1845.

    When the Mexicans tried to retrieve a disputed piece of their lost Texas territory, James K. Polk accused them of shedding American blood on American soil, had Congress declare war, sent Gen. Winfield Scott and a U.S. army to Mexico City, and annexed the entire northern half of Mexico, which is now the American Southwest and California.

    Compared to the Jacksonian, James Polk, Vladimir Putin is Pierre Trudeau.

    Even in Eastern Ukraine, it is hard to see a moral issue.

    For the Kiev regime is loudly denouncing as “terrorists” the Russians who are taking over city centers by using the exact same tactics the Maidan Square demonstrators used to seize Kiev.

    If it was heroic for the Svoboda Party and Pravy Sektor to fight police and torch buildings to oust Viktor Yanukovych, the elected president of Ukraine, upon what ground do the usurpers who inherited his power bewail the same thing being done to them?

    Is there not glaring hypocrisy here?

    And where do we Americans come off piously damning what the Russians are doing in Ukraine?

    A decade ago, the National Endowment for Democracy and its progeny helped to foment the Rose Revolution in Georgia, the Tulip Revolution in Kyrgyzstan, the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon, the Orange Revolution in Kiev, and countless other “color revolutions” to dethrone unresponsive regimes and bring those countries into America’s orbit.

    In the last decade, Putin has learned how to play the Americans’ game. And before winding up in a conflict we managed to avoid over four decades of Cold War, perhaps we should call off this game of thrones, and consign NED to the boneyard.

    Today, two courses of action are being hotly pressed upon the Obama White House by the War Party. Both appear likely to lead to disaster.

    The first is to arm the Ukrainians. This would likely provoke a war with Russia that Kiev could not win, and lead Ukrainians to believe the Americans will be there beside them, which is not in the cards.

    The second option is the sanctions road.

    But Europe, dependent on Russian oil and gas, is not going to vote itself a recession. And should the West sanction Russia, Moscow would sanction Ukraine and sink what the Washington Post calls that “black hole of corruption and waste that is the Ukrainian economy.”

    As for more U.S. warships in the Black and Baltic seas and more F-16s and U.S. troops in Eastern Europe, what is their purpose, when we are not going to go to war with Russia?

    In the title of the old song, Johnny Cash got it right, “Don’t take your guns to town,” unless you’re prepared to use them.

    Undeniably, President Obama and John Kerry have egg all over their faces today, as they did in the Syrian “red line” episode.

    Yet they continue to meddle where we do not belong, issue warnings and threats they have no power to enforce, and bluster and bluff about what they are going to do, when the American people are telling them, “This is not our quarrel.”

    Facebook Twitter More…

    IMAGE NOTE: The image above is an artistic remix by Linda Muller for Photo Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)

    Read More At:

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    …Signed by Pat Buchanan!

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    Linda Muller – WebMaster

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  44. Smitherines says:

    NED’s Chickens Come Home to Roost
    By Patrick J. Buchanan


    Read More At:

    Friday – April 17, 2014

    Please Support Our Email List and Website:

    Get Pats Books…
    …Signed by Pat Buchanan!

    Pat’s latest NY Times Bestseller:
    Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?

  45. summerled says:

    how true!!
    A Call For Activism: The Awakening of the Masses Must Begin Today

    Marcus Cicero
    Daily Stormer
    April 14, 2014

    I have both personally observed and heard others stating that the members of our emerging Movement seem to have the tendency to become divided and hostile to each other over rather trivial matters and issues.

    I now feel compelled to state quite simply but forcefully the basic maxim we should all hold close to our hearts in this decisive period of our history. This is that: We are currently engaged in a great life and death struggle for the existence of the Aryan Race. If we fail in our mission of enlightening and awakening the masses, extinction shall be our only reward.

    We must steel ourselves to a long and often grinding journey, and begin to engage those of our People that are either ignorant of, or even semi-hostile to our ideology. I will herein offer some insight into basic strategies of how best to move forward, and to try to instill some semblance of solidarity among readers. For without unity, we are to the future what a rudderless and broken-sailed ship is in a stormy sea: totally useless.

  46. DICARLO says:

    @Bubba — black on White crime? Well you can be sure you never heard about it from Giuliani. I equate his rule he supposedly won’t use ethnic slurs with his cowardice to speak the truth. It isn’t Whites who are attacking black. We know blacks are entitled and empowered by jews, but does Giuliani? One would be cautious listening to some self declared expert-on-everything who tiptoes around, in fact avoids antiwhite racial issues orchestrated by jews, yet spends most of his time exposing the orchestrators. I don’t have to extrapolate to understand jews are responsible for everything evil in this world. A WN listening to this cowardly niggerlover is like a WN supporting the NFL.

    White Nationalism is a valid and necessary response to the jew-driven multicultural agenda and yet Giuliani has attacked White Nationalism, claiming that anyone who identifies as a White Nationalist or even simply a White separatist is either working for the jews or is some type of idiot. He loves his niggers.

    He says and I quote:

    Just another point I gotta make … looking in the chat room earlier, people were asking “what’s going on? There’s a big shakedown…” Yeah, there is a big shakedown going on in the truth movement and, uh, you know, there’s some efforts by certain people to try to even out, you know, what’s going on, uh, come up with an amicable solution, you know, to round off some rough edges and try to unite the movement.

    But let me say this – I’ve already indicated this, you know, to one individual working to do this, uhhhh, folks, you can’t be united with phony people, okay, the truth movement is loaded with phony people. Some of them are obvious moles on the payroll of our little Jewish supremacist friends, but some of them are just absolute mindless dupes. They might be sincere, but they’re sincerely stupid, bereft of any ability to think for themselves, they just blindly follow whatever their puppet masters tell them to do [unintelligible] Finck, you name it.

    And, you know, you can’t unite with people like that. You just can’t. There’s no union with people like that. Especially if they embrace a White supremicist – or “White separatist” – whatever the hell you want to call it – kind of philosophy. Using the “n-word” every five minutes. Jesus Christ almighty, if you can’t see that that is Jewish supremacist philosophy right there, there’s something wrong with you. That’s exactly the kind of mentality they want you to have. Do you understand that, goddamn it? Do I have to explain this stuff? They want you to come across as a mad, raving, prejudiced, uh uh, racist.

    Racist in the sense of “I’m the best and everybody else sucks” – that’s a racist, okay? That’s what the Jewish supremacists are, and they want to make you that, so that when you question them and their criminal activity, they can point at you, and your use of the “n-word” and legitimately label you as a racist, and therefore a nutbag, and therefore anything you say has no merit to it. You’ve lost credibility, and rightly so – in the eyes of the outsiders looking in. You have poisoned this truth movement with your bullshit, whether you’re a mindless ass following the leader or, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

    This kind of philosophy cannot be a uniting factor, but is in fact, instead, a dividing factor. So if you want to ally yourself with that, you go right ahead, but I’m not gonna do it. Never is that gonna happen. Our Jewish supremacist friends are behind that kind of philosophy, and they would love nothing more than to see the whole truth movement united with scum like that. So if you like to use the “n-word” for blacks or any other racial derogatory term, uh, this isn’t the radio show for you. I don’t want your kind listening to my show, I don’t want to be allied with you kind of people, okay? Go to the ADL and fill out a fucking application. Pardon my French. I’m really sick and tired of this bullshit.

    [we don’t want you either you fucking niggerloving pussy!]

    Do I recognize that White society is being waged war on on a grander scale than any other group right now by Jewish supremacists? Absolutely. And do we need to fight against this? Absolutely. But fight against it to the point where now we’re turning against all other people? Speaking about them in derogatory terms – what the hell is the matter with you? Well, I know what’s the matter with you – you’re either a Jew whore, or you’re a blind follower of a Jew whore. Take your pick. In either case, I will not unite with people like that. Nor do I consider them truthers. Okay? Let’s just make that clear right off the top, because there’s all kinds of shit floating around out there and, uh, I wanna set the record straight.

  47. sog says:

    Truth be told — and it seldom is by the mainstream Marxist media — white Americans suffer incessantly from violent black crime; the exact opposite of the Marxist narrative we are led to believe. – hmmm

  48. bubba says:

    DICARLO says:
    April 18, 2014 at 5:09 pm


    We all have our various filters Re: messengers…either 100% tune out or pick and choose what nuggets can be gleaned .

    What I find in the truther movement is that some have ZERO tolerance level if someone doesn’t follow a certain program 100%…we toss them off the truther ship.

    There has been so much infighting(ie Renegade Broadcasting) ya gotta wonder if things are infiltrated with figurative suicide bombers who are there to f*ck things up and split..or???.

    Anyway….to each their own. Truther mileage may vary.

  49. sog says:

    yeah it makes one wonder ..12 million africans were brought to south america by jew and muslim slave ships and more so jews than muslims but i have trouible seeing any differenc between the 2 anyway …most massive sugar plantations on braziland elsewhere were owned by jews in the slave days dont see any shit aimed at south americans for slavery ..400,000 niggers were brought here to ussa by kikes ships ..we already had white slaves here to and the west indies etc ..niggers killed all 70,000 whites and mulattos off of haiti in “”The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery(normal working situation) there and the elimination of every last white person on the island ..africans were not indigenous to the island was a french colony ..what the niggers had after the downfall of civilization on haiti has been african hell since that they richly deserve …africans are incapable of running anything bigger then their mouths ..or the bazzzkitbawl cort ..
    does anyone think there were no white slaves there also ..the whites left the nigger over seers in charge i guess the niggers were the whipcrackers and cruel to their own see it all the time in detroilet and africa ..its in their genes ..
    and you might ask where the niggers got the notion to revolt and who organized them and where did all the weapons come from to kill all the whites ..haiti was a major exporter of goods and productive till niggers started to shit on the land(with jew commie help) like in rhodesia and south africa …niggers show their worthlessness every day in america and elsewhere ..niggers are evil insurgents into the lands of the monolithic ancestral whites in europe ..they come as muslim rape and murder jihad ..muslims seek to overthrow and take for free all that whites have built in europe and the jews are a ok with all this carnage ..the jews sent that ship to haiti full of arms and the niggers knew it was coming ..think of all the logistics involved and the conspiracy under the currents …if it could have been like ,uh hey french haiti whites look out the niggers are going to get you but as always the jew handlers had other agendas in mind as for europe to with the communist tinkum olum narrative long as these miscreants draw breath they are a menace to whites everywhere and will continue to be so … 2 cents ..
    hey bailey where ya at man ..t-bone to ..i guess people arr having problems getting on here ..nsa is muddying up the waters with viruses and bugs on the internet and censorships ….it sure would be nice if the communist jews and nigers would all die horrible painful suffering lingering deaths ..amen .
    something else is troubling ..with al the shitkike immigrants coming here in 17-1800’s were rich or backed up by other carpet sack kikes ..the south in particular was over run with jews in high places ..look at jefferson davis and he picks a swindler on the run from europe for crimes to be atty general of the confederacy ,judah benjamin ….plus the commandant of andersonville was a jew as well who tortured and kept prisoners in a open air concentration death camp for whites ..i dont the north was any real enemy of right and goodness but for jew propaganda sake it was has been alleged that jews were working behind the scenes to rip the south away from the north but not for the reasons people thought ..i read where they wanted to annex to mexico which to this day is a huge criminal jewish multi cultural gene pool repository..

  50. summerled says:

    come on folks we know with every new hate crime law written are against us
    its no consequence for the Jews or “minorities” are free to do as they wish
    for us we walk a tightrope of PC bullshit forcing us to censer ourselves
    withdrawing our labor productivity and forcing the jews to live in “minority”
    niggerhoods would be a good start let the fuckers practice what they preach
    next time somebody accuses you of racism tell them to fly to Mogadishu

  51. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Hey everybody…
    I’ve been keeping a low profile here cause I don’t want to cause more division than I already have , but what happened at work today was so Awsome , I have to share it w/ you.
    It’s not that it was a big deal , but the face to face stuff always gets me hoppin’ and leaves goosebumps on my skin. So anyway , I had to man a register for a few hrs because someone called in sick. So I see this cocky short guy on line w/ a friend & one of thier girlfriends. Early twenties. While thier on line the girl says ‘ look they have Zohar here ‘ looking at the impulse buy videos. So I say ‘eeww , who would want that ?’ and the short guy says ‘ what do you mean by that?’ So I say I don’t like Adam Sandler. He says , ‘why not’. I said ‘well I’d love to tell you but I could be fired.’ He said ‘no , go ahead and tell me’. I said , ‘no , I’ve already got a death threat from a particular ‘advocacy’ group and I’m not going to lose my job , if you want I would be happy to tell you as soon as I get off work in an hr or so’. He said he would give me his #. I said sure , that’s cool. When he showed me his ID for his alcohol , the last name was Soloman. There ya’ go.
    I was already pretty certain w/ his veiled arrogance and the Sandler thing. He kept trying to provoke me and I was handling it very well and proffesionally. Mentioning ‘hate speech’ etc.
    Once they left , the woman next in line kept saying how well I dealt w/ him and knew exactly what was going on. I absolutely LOVE that kind of situation. Today , I wished all customers a Happy Easter and added ‘while you can say that and your not arrested’.
    People are listening. Now is the time to speak up loud and proud…
    Happy Easter everyone.
    Happy Birthday Adolf !

  52. Laydee Liberty says:

    My video CENSORED and caused me to get banned from youtube
    Politically INCORRECT narrative anyway you slice it.


  53. Israhell on Earth says:

    @Laydee Liberty

    Fantastic videos, especially the first one. Great music as well, The Verve were a great british rockband back in the 90’s.


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