Absolutely The Planet’s Most Worthless Race

GANGSTA GRANNY EXPRTThese three were arrested this week for the 2013 murder of a 67 year-old White man in an apartment laundry room, apparently just for grins. The ugly old sheboon in the middle is the grandmother of the other two, who locals now call “Gangsta Granny.” As usual, not a word was breathed nationally. Another old black woman (83 years-old!) was recently arrested for jewelry store theft. Both of them are hardly the only ones. It’s effin’ nuts with this criminal race!

dorothy gudger murder

Dorothy L. Gudger, 70, was raped, strangled and suffocated to death by the black handyman above. You might find this one mug shot in the purposefully scant local coverage, but all you can barely find of her is one little grainy photo — sad, since the elderly woman was well beloved and generous to children and community groups in Delaware.

This past Wednesday night, PBS had on a new “Frontline” documentary called “Prison Nation.” They opened on a poor black neighborhood in Kentucky called “Beecher Terrace,” where the state spends 15 million dollars every year jailing criminal blacks just from this one small area alone. No wonder we’re going broke.

The documentary followed around a few blacks from this one particular neighborhood, from old convicts going back and forth to jail all their sorry lives, to hopped-up truculent teen girls who love getting attention by causing trouble every minute of every GD day. Funny thing: They didn’t film any young male gangbangers for some reason — almost certainly because the producers, cameramen and sound geeks didn’t relish the idea of getting shot up in a driveby.

White people: Don’t you think it’s about time to face facts? Blacks simply cannot live in a decent, civilized society no matter what. Our International Jew-stolen tax dollars just keeps going down the crap hole supporting this absolutely worthless, sorry-ass race. And on top of all that, they mob attack us for being White, or target defenseless members of our race for brutal, vicious crime. The traitorous media has never wanted us Whites to figure that one out — and for this, the media whores will reap the whirlwind.

Now, your brainwashed multicults will tell you we need to cut the poor widdle “peeps of color” some slack, enact strict gun control (it’s the White race the power structure really wants to disarm) and give blacks more socio-economic opportunities to succeed. Blah… blah, blah, blah — BLAH. How long have we had to listen to this tired line of ridiculous libtard BS? Fifty years now?

Uh, they get practically everything now on a silver platter as it is, if only they obey the law, speak halfway understandably and merely show up for work. Plus, we constantly have to see them treated like heroes, or victims of us “evil racist” Whites everywhere in the media 24/7. Hell, even the doctors in friggin’ TV commercials are all black now. I ask you: Are you not sick of the bull?

Then the media acts as if we have to be so saddened about a mad dog murderer, Clayton Lockett, suffering unduly during a “botched” execution, when drugs somehow failed to put the miserable bastard gently to sleep and he lived for another 40 minutes before dying of a heart attack. The killer had 15 years more life than his innocent victim — like we should give a flying rat’s ass how his execution went?

Clayton-Lockett-MONTAGE xprtIn 1999, during a home invasion and abduction in Oklahoma, Lockett (right) raped Stephanie Neiman, a 19 year-old White girl, and then blasted her twice with a shotgun. Unfortunately, the poor girl was still alive and breathing when he ordered his two homies to bury her in a shallow grave. The monster also beat and smashed in her girlfriend’s face with the butt of his shotgun and all of them took turns gang-raping her. She’s lucky to be alive.

My guess is that it was a matter of fate that got Lockett what was coming in his botched execution since it probably took Stephanie herself some time to painfully die in the hastily dug pit the black monster put her into.

How about we dispense with pleasantries from now on and just hang these animals by the neck until dead? Hell, there’s plenty of Whites who would freely volunteer for firing squads — me included. We would happily provide our own shooting irons, ammunition and travel expenses to get there.

And don’t think gun control will stop them either, other than putting us decent White people more at risk from criminal predation, such as home invasion — which happens all the time, mind you. You just never hear anything about such cases because the traitorous media has long worked to keep our race in the dark.

These brutal animals will simply use any old carving knife found in the kitchen to stick you in the gut, or use a two-by-four with a big galvanized nail driven into one end to bash-in your gibbering face, just so they can get a new flat screen TV, Playstation, “sailfone,” or whatever GD idiot crap they fancy. Often, they’ll even kill you for the thrill of it.*

ANIMALS KILLING ANIMALS 2Even real animals have to suffer from these feral black savages. Just last week, the black animal on the top left set his own dog on fire. The woman on the top right suffocated four puppies merely to get back at her boyfriend. Back in 2005, bratty Cheyenne Cherry put her roommate’s cat into an oven to horribly burn alive. Can you believe just how insanely cruel and sadistic black “people” are?

OK, here’s the problem: In general, the Sub-Saharan Negroid race are America’s absolute worst problem children — spoiled rotten little brats, given to acting out on primitive, primal urges at the drop of a hat. Having the chance at getting something for free practically drives these urban street apes wild.


Because he was White, 6 black punks beat Pat Mahoney almost dead. After 11 horrible months, the guy finally died. But a liberal judge let the blacks walk, saying his death was unrelated to the crime! If the races were reversed, blacks would be going ape everywhere and the whole thing reported on mainstream TV every GD minute of the day.

And the whole business of PC has quite literally turned blacks into militant monsters, hating Whitey no matter what we’ve ever done over the decades. It’s bad enough for them to look into a mirror every day and realize just how apelike they look, let alone getting constantly torqued-up by Jewish media PC brainwashing — really meant to fuel White Guilt tripping.

All of this is made doubly worse by the ever-degrading sexual perversions and insanely realistic violence out of Jew-owned, atheist Hollywood and the hip-hop “music” industry. The power of modern media goes right to their nappy little heads!

And because of the enormous PC head job that subversive Jewry has induced upon the White race (to protect their money scams and NWO Globalist Agenda), many blacks think they can get away with whatever now. Since Obama’s election (due to White idiots and targeted democrap voter-rigging); a lot of them actually believe they are taking over the entire country and look forward to the time they can openly spit in our White faces. Guess what? They will too.

What must each and every one of us Whites do? And that includes any of you White libtards who read this far (probably few, if any).

If blacks think Whites are finally getting sick and tired of their thuggish behavior, they might start cleaning up their act a little. You could actually be doing these animals a big favor just by being a no nonsense, SOB-ing pro-White guy such as myself!

Yep. I mean, think about it here: If the black race thinks they could seriously lose their cushy little dealy they have going on in America, they might start to seriously work among themselves to clean up their act instead of blaming Whitey for every damn thing. Call it “tough love” if you’re a sensitive New Ager kind of guy like me.

Oh, I know the White liberals can’t bring themselves to understand the logic. Hell, they love hating White people. It’s really like a form of media-induced Stockholm Syndrome on our countries — the clever Jew rats have made so many of us mixed up in the head, White libtards see no problem stabbing their very own race in the back!

Yep, none of that’s going to happen. Jewry has such a huge head lock on the United States, it’s not funny.

— Phillip Marlowe

* How bad is it? Just go to New Nation News and scroll down the page a little. You’ll be sickened at all the White people now being brutally murdered by blacks. This worthless race is going criminally haywire across the land!

READ MORE: The Most Worthless Race on the Planet


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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93 Responses to Absolutely The Planet’s Most Worthless Race

  1. Bailey says:



    Home of the down low jigaboo and his advisor, the slum queen Valerie Jarrett.

  2. Bailey says:

    SOG 2016 !

    It’s time for a White America..

    White is right, got that, niggers?

  3. sog says:

    ” !! 2016 freedom from parasites party on a dfreedom platform !!..all miscreants and malingering shit stains will be executed without pity or second thought …
    wtf with obammy giving all the bullets he ordered to al -cia massad kayda ..
    those billion bullets will see their way to mexico and the syrian rebels and other muslim excretions in the mudded east ..
    heh heh baily ,i wish …congress is now trying to see how they can get obama to run a third time ..i can see it now ,hillary the whore and some other prokike bozo will run aginast the obamminny …it looks as if everything that can go wrong in this country has happened in spades ..
    the ninny in cheifs mouth says he gonna deeestroy all deeeim bewlitz n shiyit …once a liar alwaays a lier especially after the 1001’th lie …
    this piece of excrement needs to be flushed down and away ..
    it was utterly mind boggling thet obama cares so much for murdering raping niggers like the shit stain who had a fun ride in the death house a couple days back ..good riddance migger ..farrahkoon says our best warriors are locked up and dont be surprised when obama in his 3rd dynasty releases all niggers from their cages ..niggers were carrying signs like that 10 years ago at san quentin sayin free all niggers ..actually it saif free all blacks from prison …
    hmm uhh what happened to america ..jews ,,,niggers ,,,mesteezo’z ,,,irreverance and stupidity ,,carreeerism ,materialism ,the jews favorot pornjewgraphy ..
    they are now trying to get tyoungsters i america to have sex with animals to avoid aids ..muslims i think are behind this as muslims practivce beastiality ..
    4 dead in cheee-caw-go ,,and 24 attempted niggercides ..you know listen up niggers ,you know that thing on the side of the gat that yall aim with actually belongs on top ..
    heres to better aim ..cheers ..

  4. sog says:

    until i realized that these shootings could be nigger militia shooting at clueless whites ..
    whites need to shoot back ..the communist pecker face in chief knows that niggers will always vbe able to get guns when good white peole have been disarmed …
    all over the globe gun bans are in place and yet the mud muslims and niggers have 10’s of millions of kalshnikovs at their disposal…so the anti white racist hoardes will be armed to the teeth complements of obama and th assholes controlling him

  5. bubba says:

    SHTF preview…

    Maybe review some Rodney King riot videos.
    That was just over a verdict.
    The cops were so scared sh*tless they bailed..it was every person for themselves.
    The conspiracy theorists in me think that this may have been set up by the Gov’t as an experiment on what to expect or what certain thresholds are.

    Now, think about when something “bad” happens…like a food shortage etc.

  6. Jeff says:

    Oh, I know the White liberals can’t bring themselves to understand the logic.

    They understand it perfectly. Blacks are consciously used as stormtroopers by the political left. From violence to the general chaos surrounding blacks. it’s all a purposeful weapon against white America, particularly middle and lower class white America. They’re not interested in helping blacks and they understand the degree to which blacks in fact cannot be helped, they’re interested in containing and controlling lower class whites.

  7. bubba says:

    Good attempt to counteract brainwashing of young minds:

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Whew that was a close call. 5-4 decision supreme court says prayers can be said before public meetings. Who voted against public prayer? The usual suspects. If you guessed kagan, ginzberg, slutoftheyear and breyer then you would be correct.


    from protocol #4.


    3. But even freedom might be harmless and have its place in the State economy without injury to the well-being of the peoples if it rested upon the foundation of faith in God, upon the brotherhood of humanity, unconnected with the conception of equality, which is negatived by the very laws of creation, for they have established subordination. With such a faith as this a people might be governed by a wardship of parishes, and would walk contentedly and humbly under the guiding hand of its spiritual pastor submitting to the dispositions of God upon earth. This is the reason why IT IS INDISPENSABLE FOR US TO UNDERMINE ALL FAITH, TO TEAR OUT OF THE MIND OF THE “GOYIM” THE VERY PRINCIPLE OF GOD-HEAD AND THE SPIRIT, AND TO PUT IN ITS PLACE ARITHMETICAL CALCULATIONS AND MATERIAL NEEDS.

    4. In order to give the GOYIM no time to think and take note, their minds must be diverted towards industry and trade. Thus, all the nations will be swallowed up in the pursuit of gain and in the race for it will not take note of their common foe. But again, in order that freedom may once for all disintegrate and ruin the communities of the GOYIM, we must put industry on a speculative basis: the result of this will be that what is withdrawn from the land by industry will slip through the hands and pass into speculation, that is, to our classes.

    5. The intensified struggle for superiority and shocks delivered to economic life will create, nay, have already created, disenchanted, cold and heartless communities. Such communities will foster a strong aversion towards the higher political and towards religion. Their only guide is gain, that is Gold, which they will erect into a veritable cult, for the sake of those material delights which it can give. Then will the hour strike when, not for the sake of attaining the good, not even to win wealth, but solely out of hatred towards the privileged, the lower classes of the GOYIM will follow our lead against our rivals for power, the intellectuals of the GOYIM

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Niggers for sale! Come get your niggers! Thanks but no thanks. Where’s Jessie? Where’s al?


  10. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m sure the jews will blame this on the white man too.
    He described the girls as “slaves” and said “By Allah, I will sell them in the marketplace.” The hour-long video starts with fighters lofting automatic rifles and shooting in the air as they chant “Allahu akbar!” or “God is great.”

    The Pentagon said Monday it had not received any request to assist in the search for the teenage girls. But Secretary of State John Kerry did vow Saturday that the U.S. would help Nigerian officials locate the schoolgirls in whatever way it can.

    White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also said Monday that the U.S. provides general counterterrorism assistance to Nigeria.

    “This is an outrage and a tragedy and we are doing what we can to assist the Nigerian government to support its efforts to find and free the young women who were abducted,” Carney said.

    It was unclear if the new video was made before or after reports emerged last week that some of the girls have been forced to marry their abductors — who paid a nominal bride price of $12 — and that others have been carried into neighboring Cameroon and Chad. Those reports could not be verified.

    In the video, Shekau also says the students “will remain slaves with us.” That appears a reference to the ancient jihadi custom of enslaving women captured in a holy war, who then can be used as sex slaves.

    “They are slaves and I will sell them because I have the market to sell them,” he said, speaking in the Hausa language of northern Nigeria

  11. sog says:

    they should be hunting down and exterminating muslims globally ..no second thought ..muslims are pure evil and unlike jews who used to be somewhat secretive about their motives ,the muslims have never been secretive about mass kidnapings of white slaves and targeting christians and massacreing millions of white christians in northern africa a thousand years ago …they continue to massacre christians wherever they can ..they rape kill steal from the countries they have been insanely been allowed to legally invade as immigrants ..not to mention their chronic attacks on ancient christianity and civilizations ..
    they loudly demand sharia control for the countries they are in .countries that pay their housing and food ..these proto parasites are blood suckers even as bad as worthless gypsies and niggers …their extremeist religious deceptions are like zionism ,,that claimed to just want sovereignty in their own country but they really seek to conquer all nations and subjacate all under their rule ..an absolute nightmare for regualar people ..
    muslim extremist is an oxy moron
    its muslims that cause troubles in bosnia
    its muslims that cause trouble in syria
    its muslim jihad panzy obama who supports these extremist groups with millions in cash and weapons
    many mexicoons are converting to the religion of violence since they already are a violent cultre with shit like santa maria and satanin c drug cartels obama and the criminal communist holder support ..
    the black muslim trash in america scream for the heads of whites continually ..in the name of the religion of peace …etc on and on ..

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another day, another nigger felon shoots somebody with a handgun. Ho hum. But think about all the millions of Americans directly employed in nigger control in one form or another.


  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    I called my local 911 number to report a suspicious vehicle. I got a recorded message please leave your name and a brief description of the crime and the nigger that did it and we’ll get back to you within 30 days.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    Read the last paragraph. I hate to tell this guy but estimates of deaths from jew war 2 range between 50 and 100 million and unknown. Regardless of where or exactly how they died on a beach somewhere or from starvation or atomic bombs. It was all stupid and needless waste and destruction in my humble opinion. Not even counting wounded or displaced dispossessed. But of course the chosen ones are the only ones that matter.


  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another paragraph from the above posted news story. Is this not the jews thought and mind control? Anything the jews don’t want you to know must be banned speech? Pay attention to what your kids are being taught people.

    In a statement, the district said Monday afternoon the interim superintendent will be speaking with its educational services department to “assure that any reference to Holocaust ‘not occurring’ will be stricken on any current or future argumentative research assignments.”

  16. sog says:

    thinking when schools had to teach evolution as well as creationism to balance the ism’s and itis’s ..even creation cant be imagined in its entirety in an eternity ..its a whole nuther deal ..evolution is bs and yet why then not teach holohoax denial as well as holohoax propaganda …they could never fly that holohoax albatross in a real illuminated round table discussion thets why they stifled any dissent to keep the yid er lid on the lie ..science and laws of physics and gravity and laws of sanity and ratioality laugh at the holohoax propaganda originally released as a vague report of kikes being in danger and then the propaganda of ilya ehrenberg minister kommisar comrade sheister of propaganda for stalin streamlined the hoax post ww2 (not prior to the end or during or before ww2 )to claim 11 million shitkikes were shitcanned just to create more hatred and problems for germans who were dying by the thousans in checkos and poland and germany and france postww2 mainly because of the jew propaganda in the first place and stuopid fucking americans ate this shit up even after lindbergh and father coughlin had admonished this god forsaken country about shitkikery and american foerfathers had seen what kikes do etc …so with the nuremberg kangaroo trials and forced confesiions and purim style killings of keitel and others and jewish run nuremberg ordered executions of 70 approx german kids 10 and under …the machine gunning was offered by the wionederful communist butcher allies of the jew -nited states and these small children were buried on the edge of town at nuremberg …the anti german hatred stirred up by russian holohoax propaganda did what they intended and then they spun it off to include free money for worthless jews who dont deserve shit ..
    im with ya there proto ..i think that japanese census shows 10 million japs living in all the cities .each city bearing 10 million souls ..what with all 70 + major pop cities bombed to extinction no one can say how many died in theis conventional bomb deployments but the real deal is that nagasaki and hiroshima must have had more than 10 million people each from refugee overflow and standard indigenous personel …estimeates of 10 million incinerated and vaporised per city is more apt to be the real truth ,since vaporised people are hard to count ..evenn DRESDEN where the standard pop was 700,000 and had probably just as many overflow refugees when the asshole allies holocausted the innocent city ..you cant count the people puddles and vaporised but ,me i figure 1.1 million went up in conflagration fire storms and it would be less tha arbitrary to find a death toll for dresden that high …i also belive with all the post war murder of germans and shipping of all its generational children to russia in cattle cars in the dead of winter was designed to genocide the german dna ..hundreds of thousands …and millions def off to slave labor if they didnt die in eisenhauers death camps ..
    it wouldnt be even a stretch of imagination let alone the hard truth to say 40 million germans were murdered as the jews wished war on germany and advertised this desire all over the world i their shit papers 1n 1933 …if the post ww1 naval blockade wasnt enough to shoiw that jews controlled england thru its banks and the desire to kill germans was come to pass by mass starvation form this blockade and massive financial weimar inflation and the loss of the ruhr valley the area where germany got its coal ..so kikes and their versaille deception and november criminal …Many of the November Criminals were leading members of the early Weimar Republic, and targets for their enemies throughout, including Hitler.The nickname ‘November Criminals’ was given by their opponents to the German politicians(jews) who negotiated and signed the Armistice which ended World War One in 1918…many “right wing” politicians and military felt the army had enough strength to continue and that surrendering was a betrayal, a crime….you could say that again ……
    the kikes are now working ion anew bill to silence all dissent on the internet ..if it was to go through ,the blogs as we know them are finished ..it is already the way its done in germany and europe and england ,places where the jew has too much power ..
    all them niggers are crazy nd now mexicans are getting into theis shit to ..la raza assholes support mexcrement on white violence …i dont about alot of other people but im hearing about some people being past anger and rage and are past being on the ready ..this shit numbs the mind after awhile and good white soldiers can be much more useful numbed out to a cold dead fuckin rage .. ..it is after all our fucking survival at steak noit to mention any kind of future for a minority white population in a place where ee are hated and hunted by worthless nigger trash and muslim ,mexicoon and jew trash ..if i didnt know better id say they are all 1 tribe ..

  17. carnac123 says:

    In reference to the Negro race comments:
    The articles on ‘worthless race’ said almost all there is to say in reference to these criminal beings. They were correct. The blacks in Sharpton’s America have proven over and over that they are not worthy to live with us or near us. There is no reasoning with an animalistic being. They cannot be satisfied. Truthfully, they will not be satisfied until whites are all dead and they own the nation and I will not lay down for that. The Confederate flag was attacked for spite. Now they want to dig up dead confederate soldiers and large monuments. Next they will demand that white walk across the street when the see them so they will not have to be subjected to our visage. Why do we put up with this ridiculousness? Why aren’t we in the streets? Get in the fray. Get in the streets and make this government remember you. They will remember that you and I and others……toppled their liberal circus and put them in jail.

  18. George says:

    Great site and right on the money.

    Unfortunately, we can’t change it now.

    America is slowly going downhill.

    I hope Trump is able to make America Great Again.

  19. White Man says:

    Christ I hate the fucking niggers, they’re such evil filth that deserve to be hanged.

  20. George says:

    Get a grip White Man.

    At least try to sound intelligent; you sound like a ranting raving maniac.

  21. Eliza Welks says:

    I swear to effing god… Blacks should die in a hole. They do heinous. Crimes just to have fun. They do absolutely nothing to help the human race but help us become aware that they should be wiped off the face of the earth. Dont believe me? Hundreds of scientific tests show that blacks are actually under evolved than whites. They are disgusting and deserve to die

  22. Midnight Black says:

    Its verifiable historical fact that Jews have wrecked America, and have invaded our country with all manner of non-white degenerates, in order to conquer our lands for themselves…. I am an historian, but one that did not allow indoctrination to impede my quest for the truth. And if white people KNEW what the truth was, there would be no issue…Non-whites would have to go.
    Contrary to popular belief, America was 90% white prior to the 1960s. Of the blacks living in America today, 2% of them are the decendants of slaves (another lied about story, the Liberals and blacks have twisted to their benefit, and to the detriment of whites…Here is a web article that reveals the FACTS of slavery, that blacks and Liberals don’t want any white people to learn https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/hey-v12n5 ) and yes, it was those Talmudic-atheist Jews, who had fled from Germany with the wealth they had conned out of those innocent people, that did this to the white nations. Hitler had caught on to their activities, and had realized the evil works they were doing within Germany. He tried to appeal to both America and Europe to join him in stamping them out, but the Jew-owned federal reserve already had both nations in its pocket, seeing as how they could write their own figure. Most politicians have a price, and the ones that don’t, well…They didn’t live long. Not a problem, for people who controlled the creation of money. In fact, they knew that Hitler figuring their deeds out was a threat, so they devised another plan…Have their agents fund Hitler, and fund America and Europe against them. This way, they could cover their tracks, and make HITLER the most evil man in history by blaming anything and everything on him. This way, anytime someone in the future tried to defy them, they could compare them to this devil-on-earth image they had created.
    Both the 1933 Almanac, and the 1936 websters international encyclopedia list the number of Jews living in all of Europe as 6 million. Question number one, how do you kill 6 million, when you only have half a million to work with?
    Its documented and verifiable, that 94% of Germany’s railroads had been bombed out of commission within the first 3-4 months of WW2. Question number two. How do you send traincars full of Jews to death camps, when the railways are inoperational?
    Its been exposed by several researchers, that the doors to the infamous shower rooms, where Jews were supposedly gassed, were made of wood…Question three AND four. How do you keep the wooden doors from shattering with a mob of supposedly panicking Jews being gassed rush it? And how did the Germans not gas themselves?

    Lies, lies, and more lies. No one ever accused these people of not being crafty. Nor can you call them honest. Its funny when I hear them call themselves “Jews”. Did you know, that them using that word is an inside joke? As that word is equal to “Nigger” as a derogatory slang word for the children of Israel??? Did you know, that the TRUE Hebrew people ARE the White European races? This isn’t speculation. Its provable. For example, on ancient pyramid wall paintings, Egyptians are shaded darker with brown eyes, while Hebrew slaves are painted with BLUE eyes. This is a very unique trait that only white European people have. Whats more, the name Adam means both “Red” and “Too blush”. Another white trait. Lastly, in the dead sea scrolls, Noah was said to have eyes “as pale blue as the sky”. Noah’s father flipped out, as he thought his son looked more akin to the fair-haired, blue eyed angels then himself, but God assured him that this WAS his child, and would rebirth the nations of Israel. There is a lot of other evidence as well. Here are a couple of really good videos on it-


    When white people started to realize this, in the late 1800, the Jews convinced a small group of blacks that THEY were the true Hebrews, so that white people, who were rightly disgusted by most the interests of the barbaric and savage black race, wouldn’t look into it any longer. Thus was born the Black Hebrew Isrealites, a cult that openly twists scripture in some crazy ways. Understand, that the fake Jews Gpd mentions in Revelations 2-9 are these blacks (notice that the passage speaks of a people claiming to falsely be Jews and whining about oppression and poverty even though they are rich)
    While Revelations 3-9 speaks of a group of fake Jews that are liars, and deceive the world. There are two similar passages like this because their are two groups of frauds. Sometimes, I like to go tease the BHI with debates, because its SO easy to make fools of them.

    Now that you know this, know that every time these frauds call themselves “Jews” its a private joke meant to insult YOU if your of white European decent.

    We have been afflicted with a loss of our identities, for breaking faith with God a long time ago. But we WILL get it back, and be redeemed in the last day. God has promised.

    He also promised that as long as we kept faith with him, and recognized the sacrifice he made on the cross for us, our nation would be blessed. And it was, for many years our homelands were wealthy, prosperous, and internally peaceful. (though we have, and always will have, threats from the outside we have had to deal with. In fact, the only WHITE civil war we had in truth always somehow involved other races….)

    And so, the Jews spent trillions over decades with the sole purpose of breaking our divine connection with Christ. They have lied about everything from the space program (no WAY did we make it to the moon and back flawlessly on 1960s tech….and how did they get the mooncar there? Up their ass? and who stayed behind to film the takeoff from the moon haha?) to evolution (this ones a given….Your told you MUST take this at face value. Yet NO FORM OF DATING carbon or otherwise is reliable after 13-1500 years! And that’s a fact! and NEVER has a species been observed birthing ANOTHER species! So no we do NOT have a common ancestor. The story they tell now is that nothing exploded, and created everything hahaha! Sorry, but the odds of dna falling in place for JUST ONE CELL is equal in odds to winning the lotto every day for 10 googleplex years….No I am not joking. Here is a good source, that proves DNA is the evolutionists worst nightmare! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tyVVlRw6hU
    They even lie about the very shape of the world we are on (look up the Bedford experiment….Or you can, if you can critically think for yourself, look at the “Blue marble” picture of the Earth and ask yourself….Does water curve if its on a ball? HAHA!) My favorite lie of the Jews is fossils. They claim they date the fossils by what rock strata they are found in, and the rock strata (cough) by what fossils are in them….HOW do people FALL for this stuff?!? Ill tell you…Conditioning. To believe authority figures, and it helps that the people who teach this stuff were duped the same way…Plausible deniability.
    But it wasn’t enough to lose us the blessings of God. So they went to plan B. Flooding us with Gentiles, Blacks, and every other race, while pulling God out of school and replacing it with pro-queer and pro-abortion….THAT did it. And look at what our nation has become since these things went mainstream. And all the while, our population dwindles, and more and more afflictions hit the nation.

    But this doesn’t have to be. All we have to do, is get the non-whites out of our countries, and return to our Christian standing. Fight back against weaponized words. As I told one guy who called me a white supremacist….
    “When someone is down on their luck, and you let them move in with you to help them out, that does NOT mean they are now part owner of the home. And if that person or his family verbally and/or physically attacks YOUR family, or they call you names, or steal from you, or continue to overstay their welcome by mooching off of you, YOU DONT REWARD THEM WITH THE MASTER BEDROOM, YOU KICK THIER ASS TO THE CURB!”
    Non-whites have done ALL of this in our home. The home we brought them in to help them get on their feet out of kindness. And all we have gotten in return, is evil. Its time for all the non-white (fake Jews included) to be kicked to the curb!

    God bless white America. If enough of us turn to God, he will lead us into making things right!

  23. Midnight Black says:

    In my post above, 6 million was a typo. The truth is, the Almanac and the Encyclopedia listed 500,000….Sorry for any confusion on this.

  24. Midnight Black says:

    In my post above, 6 million was a typo. The truth is, the Almanac and the Encyclopedia listed 500,000….Sorry for any confusion on this.

  25. Whitepride says:

    Niggers are the scum of the earth! Bastards are not human and have shit for brains!!!

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