Hollywood Psycho Boy Goes Gunning for Blondes

Elliot_Rodger__Psycho_boy“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male”


His daddy was a rich Jew movie director from Britain and his mother was Asian, technically making him only half Jewish. (INCOG)

– Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

From Council of Conservative Citizens

The suspect is a twenty two year old Jewish college student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a Hollywood big shot and was assistant director of the Hunger Games.

Now that it has come out that he was targeting blonde women, the media will be unlikely to give it the same sensationalistic coverage as FBI wind-up toy Glenn Miller

Two of the killer’s Youtube videos:


INCOG: His super creepy “retribution” video, where psycho boy tells the world of his demonic plans.

This self-made video posted on youtube seems to capture Elliot Rodger’s extreme narcissism.

ELLIOT RODGER'S BMWThe spoiled Hollywood brat had a slick BMW sports car and fancy clothes, but still couldn’t get himself laid! Watch videos: Looks like he inherited his daddy’s murderous “Chosen One” arrogance genes — in spades. (INCOG)

“In everything, we are destroyers even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.”

— Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles,” pages 147, 152 and 155.

PETER RODGER MONTAGE 2Elliot Rodger is a true child of the sleazy, psychotic Hollywood Jew environment. 


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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79 Responses to Hollywood Psycho Boy Goes Gunning for Blondes

  1. Denys Picard says:

    This is a clear case of anti-goyism. It is time government passes laws for preventing these kind of crimes against defensless goyims by hating Jews and hating Asians. The NRLC (Notrthern Richness Law Center made a press release that points to the same problem: “…the Santa Barbara shootings are a clear case of Anti-Goyism. Jews must be stopped from their hating rampage now. The government should pass laws making being Jewsih illegal, this would solve this kind of gratuitous violence “àla Hollywood”…”.

    The son carrying the same misogynistic attitude towards women, towards goyim women, that is as his father. And all this asian like disciplined violence, this structure in the act, this fascist authoritarian communautarist like method, one would believe we are living a Chinese nightmare. We should ban interracial marriages, maybe it would prevent this kind of rampage. The kid must have been so confused on his own identity and sexuality, Chinese women are all fascist lesbians and Jewish men are all authoritarian fags.

    And those videos…you would believe the son was auditioning for one of his fathers pet projects…

  2. Karen says:

    Unlike Sandy Hook or the Boston marathon, this was no false flag. The son of a friend of a friend of mine was there and witnessed it first-hand.

  3. joevhens says:

    Heres another psycho jew in America nobody’s knows anything about.

  4. summerled says:

    Still No Description of Brussels Shooter as Jews Call for Antisemitism to be Shut Down

    Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Center said that while he expects Belgian authorities to pursue the killer with all possible vigor, it is also “time for them and all the European leaders to also take measures to reverse the extreme anti-Israel and anti-Jewish attitudes held by as many as 150 million European citizens.”

    Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the Brussels based head of the European Jewish Association, went even further. In a statement on Sunday, Margolin asserted that condemnations of anti-Semitic attacks are merely “a way to cleanse ones’ conscience.”

    Calling for a “pan-European task force in order to annihilate Anti-Semitism,” Margolin said that “those that do not bother to eradicate these Anti-Semitic lesions within themselves, those that exercise understanding and forgiveness to such terror attacks because of narrow political interests – will end up being victimized by the same nationalist Anti-Semites.”

    In other words: shut it down.

    Once again, there is no analysis of possible reasoning for a violent Antisemitic attack – it is not asked what the Jews have done to become so hated by the whole world. It is merely assumed that it is everyone’s fault but the Jews, and so everyone but the Jews must suffer collective punishment by being stripped of their basic rights of freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

    That is always the way of the Jews, and it always will be unless we push the issue. I am personally all for stopping Antisemitism, but in order to stop it, we are going to have to look at the cause, which is – without question – the collective behavior of the Jews. Thus, the solution to Antisemitism would either be for the Jews to stop behaving in the way they behave – which isn’t likely to happen – or for the Jews to be separated from those who dislike their behavior.

    It is time for dialogue to begin.

  5. Voir Dire says:

    All 3 of the mongrel-psycho’s roommates’ finally pictured/identified (Asian implants ALL in the GREAT White-racial-replacement experiment/objective by Jewish elites – replete with calls for more “gun control.” WTF, where are the calls for banning knives? Oh that’s right… that’s why these mass-murders are getting belated attention as an afterthought) as well as invoking the earlier slaughter as recalled by sharp posters’ above:


  6. Jason says:

    The second shooter!
    “One suspect shot dead. One suspect in custody.”
    Proof of ‘Mystery Man’ Shooter Inside BMW with El…: http://youtu.be/vKZX_FbzGrk

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    The national knife association is responsible for this. Plus we need more mental health care for retarded rich kids who cant get laid for some reason.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    fux news also ran a story it was the anniversary of the oj simpson trial thing he was aquitted by a jury of twelve niggers with his dream team of jew lawyers. Are you kidding me? They could have brought in a knife and a homeless guy and said in front of the jury now oj please demonstrate to us how you did not kill those people oj would have stabbed them now if I was going to stab the bitch this is how I would have done it the homeless guy would be like you said I can make 20 bucks this guy is cutting my head off the jury of niggers would still came back with a not guilty verdict. But the good news is that oj is still looking for the real killer and since he’s in jail he has a lot better chance of finding him.

  9. Karen says:

    The kid wasn’t bad looking and young girls today are promiscuous. Tells you what an arrogant little beastie he was to be 22 years old and never been kissed.

  10. Laydee Liberty says:



    JEWISH Hollywood Media Mogul and studio executive Harvey Weinstein talked with Howard Stern JEWISH SHOCK JOCK kosher entertainer about the movie “SHOAH” business on the Howard Stern Show.

    Weinstein whines and laments about Jewish persecution during WWII war-time. He mentions his ANTI-GUN Propaganda pet project HE DECLARES HE WILL PRODUCE.

  11. sog says:

    I’m always amused at the things the mainstream media selectively chooses to avoid reporting, and when it comes to Elliot Rodger, there are some deep, dark secrets the mainstream media won’t dare mention. It turns out that Rodger was the product of media programming in a soulless, materialistic culture that has abandoned compassion, morals, ethics and self development in favor of symbols of wealth (such as driving a BMW).
    look at the role of the jewish monopolized media in celebrating the death of young people(increasingly violent video games) and desensitizing us all to death through Hollywood film and television shows. Rodger, in particular, was reportedly the son of an Assistant Director who worked on the Hunger Games films: a series that depicts young people killing each other as a survival sport in a dystopian POLICE STATE society……(a warning of future events ) remember swartzanigger in the (the running man) etc
    The hunger games movie, as important as the message is for resistance against government tyranny and Orwellian oppression, nevertheless desensitizes us against acts of violence against children. But this is just the beginning of a system of cultural programming that produces psychopathic killers like Elliot Rodger…anti depressants do even more to add to this shit…
    There are also seemingly countless television shows these days that openly celebrate death and murder. The show Dexter, for example, celebrates the life of a “revenge killer” who meticulously plans his murders, but who only murders “people who deserve it” such as other killers, rapists, etc. (killing people who deserve it isnt a bad thing actually ..its a good thing but for peole to stay within that track is unpredictable ..look at cops )))..In fact, the cold, calculated strategy of Rodger eerily resembles that of the star in the Dexter television series. As Rodgers explains in his own manifesto,,”’The first people I would have to kill are my two housemates, to secure the entire apartment for myself as my personal torture and killing chamber… After that, I will start luring people into my apartment, knock them out with a hammer, and slit their throats. I will torture some of the good looking people before I kill them, assuming that the good looking ones had the best sex lives.””””””
    In other words, Rodger sees himself playing the morally justified role of killing women who deserve to be killed, in his own mind. Although he is clearly twisted and demented at some level, TV shows like Dexter drive home the message that “it’s okay to kill people if they deserve it.”
    It also seems that Elliot Rodger took great inspiration from a film called American Psycho in which the “hero” mutilates and murders prostitutes after sleeping with them.

    “In another of his clips he appears to reference the film American Psycho, and it might be that he has taken the main character, Patrick Bateman, as a role model,” reports the Daily Mail Dr. Adam Lankford, author of that story in the Daily Mail, writes, “Elliot Rodger was trying to act out the role of a film star when he went on his killing spree.”

    Yes, it was movies and modern-day “on screen culture” that provided Rodger with inspiration to be cold-blooded. Imagine how different the outcome might have been if he instead found inspiration from something like a church group, or volunteerism or even a youth music band.

    Even Facebook prefers you read about serial killers rather than anything really important. As all popular websites with a large number of Facebook followers already knows, Facebook severely limits the number of your followers who see your posts. Because Natural News has over 1.1 million Facebook fans, many of our posts are strictly limited. But not when we posted this story about a serial killer! Facebook allowed this story to be seen widely, and the story went immediately viral within seconds, exploding our website traffic.

    Yet if we had posted a story about any number of serious health topics — such as genetic contaminants in your food, chemical contaminants in the water supply, hotly-debated medical interventions in children and so on — this article would have been suppressed and restricted to make sure almost nobody would see it.

    It’s not just Hollywood that hopes you’re steeped in stories of mass murder and psychopathic killers, you see: it’s also the people who control social media. You are being programmed from every angle to focus your attention on murder and death rather than solutions for humanity. And this misdirection is by design.

    Getting back to Elliot Rodger, he also confused materialism with character, believing that he would be loved by girls if he only adorned himself with a sufficient supply of the symbols of material wealth.

    He drove a BMW, for starters, and openly asked why women wouldn’t want to be with him because of his nice car. In one video, he explains that he goes to great effort to wear nice clothes, and he even cites his $300 brand-name sunglasses, all while wondering why these material objects aren’t attracting women to him like a magnet. (The idea that he should have a loving personality apparently never occurred to him…)

    Where does a person get such a twisted idea of the origins of love? From the media, of course! It’s the media, through incessant consumerism advertising and product placement, that pounds the idea into all our heads that if we’re not adorned with symbols of wealth, we’re nobody.

    The subtle, undercurrent message of all mainstream media is “buy more stuff!” Get that fancy car, those expensive brand-name clothes and that $300 pair of sunglasses. You’ll be cool! You’ll be popular! You’ll be loved! But when Elliott Rodger tried all those things and wasn’t loved, he was confused. Eventually, confusion gave way to anger, and anger led to him forming a plan of vengeful murder. This is clearly evident in his many videos where he talks about how he has been cast out by women in particular, saying:

    This world is such a beautiful place. It’s such a tragedy that I’ve had to live such a pathetic life in it. All because of the cruelty of humanity. And women. …This world is so marvelous… and yet all I can do is just sit by myself and admire them. I’m not allowed to enjoy life in this world, all because I’ve been cast out. No one likes me. No one accepts me. All my life I’ve been struggling to fit in with the popular kids, I’ve been struggling to get a girlfriend. No one, no one has ever accepted me. It’s so sad. I can’t enjoy life in this world anymore. Every time I go out, I always have to see these young couples, and I get jealous of them, they remind me of exactly what I’m missing out in life; sex, love, companionship. I desire those things…

    Above all, Elliot Rodger is really a product of a twisted, detached, soulless society where young people are taught all the wrong messages by a shallow, corporate media focused on material wealth and the creation of engineered desire among consumers.

    The “big lie” of this society is that happiness comes from buying things rather than from improving yourself from the inside out. This is the great artificiality of modern American culture: You are what you wear…the other many big lies are that the jews are israleite and because of their nonsensical bs about suffering they have a right to destroy us and all whites everywhere …

    If Rodger had found a way to become a desirable person — by treating others with dignity, respect and compassion — he would have had plenty of friends (and even girlfriends). But no one apparently taught him these all-important lessons. Instead, he was brought up in an extreme rendition of California culture where material wealth trumps personality…a real pansy ass woman hater pathology of having a real small dick ..like the original night stalker of california in the 70’s aka the golden state killer or folden state rapist who had a small pecker and like bill clinton a serial rapist and serial murderer by proxy who had a real small cork ..heh heh ..when a man or semblance of a man is called out on this by a woman it creates an instant misogynist pathology almost always …ask a jap or chink ..lol…
    Don’t expect the media to report the truth about elliot rodger, He was directly the result of a culture (killed by jews and immigration)driven by money, material wealth,drugs and domination over others rather than the things that should really matter in life: personal values, acting with integrity, feeling empathy for others, exercising compassion and treating people with dignity and love….(normal human emotion range)
    When a society no longer teaches ethics, values, compassion, morality and kindness to others, sooner or later it produces hoards of people exactly like elliot rodger ,sociopathic killers who only value their own desires and are incapable of thinking about the welfare of others.
    And this is what the(jew owned) mainstream media, television shows and Hollywood movies tend to teach in our modern culture: greed, power, selfishness, material wealth and the idea that nobody else’s life has any value or worth.
    Roger won’t be the last. Modern western society is filled with people raised with no values, no ethics and no compassion. And this, I believe, will ultimately be the downfall of modern-day materialistic American society which teaches immorality rather than morality.
    the phenomena of nigger serial killers with a presidential license to kill whites and their own are mostly crack babies ..the medical socities worried about when the crack baby backlash would come home to roost and the niggers are also sons and daughters of crack babies ..when you add the same desensitization via jewish media bombardment and black privelidge and entitlement with communist and muslim criminality on top of natural negar criminality its like a recipe for a innercity mega bio weapon thet the jews have aimed at us and themselves and the jews are laughing all the way to the bank ..
    look at the promotion of rap rymes like nursery rhymes for holmicidal illigitamate crack babies who were bred for profit like livestock so the nigger whore could get more ebt ..
    anyway i plagiurized this shit from nstarzone and naturalnews and edited it for jew awareness …
    in a socirty where men are bombarded with you aint a man unless your packin 10 inch heat and porn addiction there is a pervasive escape syndrome and fear of rejection etc for being normal or average and some men submerge into the addiction of porn cus its safe and relationships today seem to have a shelf life of 6 months or less …just sayin

  12. sog says:

    maybe women didnt want to be with him cus he was weird ..ya think .,,girls really wanna be with a guy who brings new meaning to one night stand ,,but multitudes of women are now swooning over this guy like they do at serial killers trials ..the real obvious problem here is thet he didnt want normal boy girl relationships ,he wanted sex slaves and was pissed that no one was jumping into his net …maybe he didnt hold his mouth right ..it waaas thiis long ..etc heh heh old fishing humor..soon to be forgotten as fish will cease to exist soon ..im old enough to remember good fishing and healthy fish …basically the kid was a whiner and a sissy boy ,a bioillogical defect ..he rooks rike brooos lee ,hey russup murruhfrukkuh …his mother looks like something hideous ..I dont think this kids dad loved him or payed any attn to this thing he spawned
    hail to the impotus chimpotus http://www.theawl.com/2011/04/primate-in-chief-a-guide-to-racist-obama-monkey-photoshops

  13. Karen says:

    Sog, you’re great, and it’s none of my business, but I doubt you ever lacked female companionship.

  14. Jason says:

    Sog, I would go so far as to say this little maggot wanted an Aryan looking ‘shiksa’, not for the sex or companionship, but for the social status. Something pretty to put in his beamer and parade around like his Rolex…

    Any one seen the firearm he used? Is it gold plated.. lol

    Thank for those links mate, cheers!

  15. harri karri says:

    Why do men always think it’s length? Most women’s vaginas are no longer than 6 inches on the inside – get a tampon and make a comparison study with your junk – what women are more likely to be appreciative of is girth. Ask any plastic surgeon who does that type of reconstruction work.

    I wonder why his dad had to marry a short Asian. Was he short as well?

  16. Israhell on Earth says:

    NWO goes Mainstream, American Politicians use the Term now more frequently in their Speeches and Interviews.

  17. heroay says:

    SOG – On your long post, May 27. Have you stopped to think that their De-sensitizing games WILL work both ways? While puritan worthless sheeple won’t touch a hair (??) on these balding beasts to reprimand them for all their crimes against humanity, when the time comes, and WILL, there will be PLENTY of people ready to quash these scum cockroaches into Oblivion (“extinct sub-species”); mighty well deserved, absolutely necessary.

    ? Timeline of Punishment of ‘jews’ since 722 BC – (tinyurl.com/porrc45)

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