Philly.Com Deletes Pro-White Comments on Hit Piece


Typical! The newspaper website creeps run a hit piece article blatantly attacking this one local White guy for his modest efforts to organize fellow Whites, by quoting big money Jew race-hustling operations like the SPLC and the ADL to say he’s a big “hater” boy. When reader’s comments on the article clearly showed how much support the guy had, deleted them all (including mine). Yet sure as hell kept the article up and all the anti-White liberal comments calling the guy “trailer trash,” etc.


Amber Long, 26, was shot dead in front of her own mother, on the streets of Philadelphia just this past January.

And this is from an area of the country chock full of criminal black thugs running amok, shooting and stabbing each other on the street, right along with the occasional White person who happens to be in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

In Philadelphia, back in January, a beautiful young White girl named Amber Long (right), was killed when she held on to her brand new purse just a little too tightly, making the hoody-wearing black callously fire a bullet into her chest at point blank range. All of this happened right in front of the girl’s mother (who they robbed too); Amber collapsed at her feet, gasping out her last bloody breaths for the few moments before she died.

So yeah, I’m furious as hell because I wrote several blistering comments (all totally legal and clean) at in support of the White guy that were completely trashed. Like I said, they did the same thing to a substantial number of other commentators who have had enough. Comments by liberals and hidden Jews went untouched. These creeps used the same old tired, anti-White PC “MEMES” in the attempt to counter the rapidly growing onslaught of awakening, angry Whites, who have had it with this never-ending PC crapola.

autumn pasquale inset

In a town close to Philadelphia two years ago, 12 year-old Autumn Pasquale, was beaten and strangled to death by two black brothers in their basement, who stuffed her dead body like a piece of trash into a recycling bin, while everyone around searched for her. One of the brothers recently walked free as a bird!

Now this kind of thing is happening all across the Internet. My inside contacts in the media tech world say mainstream websites are now getting deluged with non-PC comments, including quite a few on the role of the Nation-Wrecking Jew and Zionists (this is the one biggie they really don’t want to see).

It now takes more and more effort at policing the comment section on Internet sites owned by mainstream media because Whites are getting so pissed!

The regular White American is indeed waking up, seeing all the hypocrisies and clever manipulations, the insane amount of black hero worship now on TV and movies, how they constantly portray White males as the baddies or idiots, and the continuous, never-ending “slavery” and supposed “oppressions” of non-Whites business.

The change agents are also now forcing us to go along with “rights” for homosexuals and other insanely sick deviants, by backroom legal dealings (like a stinking liberal Federal Judge did just today in Oregon) and a wide variety of PC media intimidation tactics.*

Decent White America is GD sick and tired of this BS!

Not only all that, the whole Jewish “holocaust” schmeil is wearing thin. Whites are “getting it” about these subversive creep’s long-running efforts at turning our countries into immoral Third World Marxist Jew hells.

And it’s not just America too, that censorship of awakening White people is reaching a fever pitch. On May 8th, a Swedish politician was fined $6,000 simply for posting rape statistics on his Facebook page. It didn’t matter one bit whether the stats were real (they were); just that he made the inconvenient numbers public, showing just how bad Third Worlder muzzies (Nigerians, Somalis and Pakis) are now raping White Swedish women on the streets of a once beautiful White country.

Have you noticed the increasing amount of black crime these days? Everywhere you turn, these hoody-wearing black punks are out robbing, raping and killing. It’s just the nature of the beast when it comes to blacks.

This crap is getting ridiculous!


How about the story of the two young White mothers who were shot to death this last Mother’s Day down in Louisiana? Seems that one of them had a black “friend” who for whatever reason decided to pop a cap into both of them and drive off with their car. It took the mother of one of the girls to discover the dead bodies that very Sunday. Believe me: If the races were reversed, or even if a scumbag White guy did it (especially if a White did it), you would see it reported nationally.


In broad daylight, this elderly White woman had her face smashed in by a middle-aged black man. Imagine how things will be like for YOU later on in life?

Or the 68 year-old grandmother (right), beaten almost dead the other day in Ohio by a black man in his 50’s? You think Whites are only suffering “garden variety” crimes by a handful of “underprivileged teenagers,” huh? Think again, bozo boy — it’s happening all the time now.†

Deep down, your average “Kwan” instinctually realizes blacks are all too often crazy, violent criminals. To say that aloud to each other is what the real “powers that be” don’t want to see happening. They want the whole rotten mess to continue for as long as it takes, to the point where the White race can’t do JACK about it.

Because, my fine feathered friends, that’s the whole point to all the crap going down.

The filthy Globalist Jew rats realized a long time ago, that a cohesive and racially conscious White race would definitely present future problems for their ambitions of Global ownership and control, at least of the West for now (the NWO). You see what they got us to do to Adolf Hitler and Germany, don’t you?

They want to turn the White race into a dumbed-down, idiot mud people as much as possible, while rendering the rest of us Whites into a continuously victimized minority in our own lands. All of this should now be blisteringly obvious that’s exactly what these SOBs have been up to. WTFU!

— Phillip Marlowe



The censoring earlier today (5/20) completely deleted the comment section for the article — very possibly due to my efforts at exposing the slime here on my site. Evidently, the news of this has spread elsewhere on the Internet, too, since my hit numbers for the above post are way, way up. Plus, the traitorous has completely BLOCKED your’s truly from commenting there AT ALL. Talk about sorry-ass, SOB-ing libtards! If these people can’t win by using the now tired “racist” rant routine, they simply resort to underhanded methods to censor and silence us real Americans.

ADDENDUM 2! 6/6/14

Looks like they restored the comments section, but still without any pro-White comments. Scroll down and you can see the numerous “comment deleted,” yet the replies by White haters were left intact, to seemingly no one. Funny how they see no problem with liberals sliming us but are too gutless to even let us reply back!


* The Federal Judge completely ignored the wishes of the electorate, who passed a state constitutional amendment just in 2004 (Measure 36), defining marriage as only between a man and a woman. Looks like the traitors don’t give one flying F what the people of this country want!

† I was once talking to this editor at a major city newspaper who told me in all seriousness that the brutal torture murder of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, was merely nothing but a “garden variety” crime. Her words. Can you believe the utter callousness of these traitorous creeps in the media?

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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113 Responses to Philly.Com Deletes Pro-White Comments on Hit Piece

  1. Tucker says:

    Bubba? Might I ask why anyone would post a comment, describing a video and spend time discussing it’s content and then be so absent minded as to not include a Web link to the video, so other people who haven’t seen it might be able to access the website and give it a viewing?

  2. bubba says:

    Tucker… mean this one? ( BTW I id cite it was on Mamis Shit)

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another humor break. I think SOG came up with this one also. “Copper wire was invented by two jews fighting over a penny”.

    I cannot allow myself to go through a single day without saying something stupid. So for today I will give 2 of my what I call “oddball observations” . First, on Sundays sometimes I put on the morning meet the jews programs and start yelling at the tv. My wife asks me why do you watch that shit when you know it only makes you mad? Because you have to know what the jews are lying about today to figure out what is going on. Then the religious programs come on and they are always preceeded with a disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the preceeding program do not necessarily express the views and opinions of the channel 4 network or it’s owners or shareholders. So I wonder why Incogman does not have the same type of disclaimer for his website the views and opinions expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Mr. InCog nor anybody else on the planet.

    And then when you are watching a football game 20 seconds left your favorite team needs a 2 point conversion to tie the game and you get this BBRRRPPPP BRRRRRPPPP BRRRPPP we interrupt this broadcast for a test of the emergency broadcast system . This is not an actual emergency because if it was that bright flash you just saw in the distance would have emitted an electromagnetic pulse that would have wiped out every integrated circuit board in the western hemisphere. Again, this is not an actual emergency so don’t shit your pants right now. Back to your original broadcast . Then I’m back to my football game the post game interview that was the most amazing play I have ever seen in all my years of watching football…..

  4. summerled says:

    Sometime during the 1990s, Philip Zelikow sat down to work out what would happen if a massive human sacrifice were conducted in New York via the immolation of the World Trade Center. He concluded that such a human sacrifice would – like Pearl Harbor – create a new sacred myth for Americans. This myth would convince Americans to accept restrictions on their civil liberties. It would propel a new era of American interventionism and empire-building around the world…especially in the Middle East, where Zelikow’s beloved Israel is the real reason for US intervention, the reason “that dare not speak its name.”

    Zelikow published an article in 1998 entitled “Catastrophic Terrorism.” In it, he speculated about the likely social, psychological and cultural effects of a Pearl Harbor style event such as “the destruction of the World Trade Center.” What he didn’t say was that he and certain colleagues were already in the process of writing the Hollywood-style script for that very event.

    Zelikow knows that the sacred quality of 9/11 is based on the fact that it was a human sacrifice that everyone is required to lie about. He has read René Girard, the foremost scholar of the role of human sacrifice in myth and religion. Zelikow knows that Girard wrote that pagan culture is “founded on a murder and a lie.”

    Here is how you create a sacred myth: Scapegoat someone. Stage a big, spectacular human sacrifice. Tell a huge lie about the event, insisting that the innocent scapegoats are guilty…in fact, they are (or were) the cause of all the problems in the world. This is how all the sacred pagan myths, all over the world, are created. But they are normally created collectively and spontaneously. 9/11 was the first pagan “religion” ever created by religious studies experts on the basis of a carefully-choreographed act of televised mass human sacrifice.

    Zelikow wrote the script for the 9/11 inside job with Muslims in the scapegoat role. And though the spectacular human sacrifice that inaugurated the new 9/11 religion and the new era was the explosive demolition of the World Trade Center, the REAL human sacrifice was the murder of over one million innocent Muslims that followed inevitably from the original Big Lie.

    A myth cannot function if enough people attack it and question it. If enough people laugh at it, throw rotten fruit at it, point out how ridiculous it is, and generally go out of their way to desecrate it, it quickly loses its “sacred” status.

    The new 9/11 museum in New York is an idol of pure evil. It needs to be mercilessly ridiculed, smashed to pieces and then ground into dust.

  5. summerled says:

    Always Blame the Gentiles: Jewish Supremacist Reaction to ADL Report
    May 21, 2014 at 7:45 am

    “Gentiles are always to blame”—this is perhaps one of the single most overriding characteristics of the Jewish Supremacist psychological make-up, as demonstrated once again by a leading Zionist journalist’s reaction to the recent ADL Report on “worldwide anti-Semitism.”

    Noah Klieger, a veteran Zionist who claims to have organized the mass immigration of many Jews to Palestine on the ship “Exodus” and who also, incredibly, claims even to have survived Auschwitz, is considered the doyen of Israeli sports journalism.

    In an opinion piece published in the Israel Ynet News service dealing with the ADL report, Klieger turned out true to form and blamed Christianity for “anti-Semitism.”

    In his remarks, Klieger wrote that the ADL survey proves that while anti-Semitism is very common in Muslim countries, it originates in Christianity.

    “Anti-Semitism is of course widespread in very high numbers in the Arab countries in particular, and in the Muslim countries in general.

    “As I have known for a long time now, the survey reveals that it is much more common in the devout Christian countries than in other countries in the West.

    “This proves that anti-Semitism originates in Christianity and in its attacks on the Jewish people since its foundation about 2,000 years ago.”

    Klieger goes on to say that the “masses in eastern European countries or in central Europe – including the Hungarians, the Austrians and the Germans. They will remain anti-Semitic in any event no matter what.”

    This “blame the Gentiles” tactic is one that is a common thread amongst Jewish Supremacists. In fact, as Kriegler repeats in this article, this actually amounts to a blood libel against Europeans in particular: they they have some type of inherent “defect” which always makes them “anti-Semitic.”

    In fact, this blood libel forms a central core thesis to the Jewish Supremacist world view, which believes that Jews are chosen by God above all others on earth, and that they have a divine right to rule over everyone else.

    According to this worldview, anyone who opposes this divine right of Jews to rule is automatically an “anti-Semite.”

    The reality is—as is borne out time and time again—that it is Jewish behavior which causes “anti-Semitism.”

    Jewish Supremacists like Klieger believe—and would have everyone else believe it as well—that “anti-Semitism” is some sort of irrational belief system to which Gentiles automatically and “always” subscribe to, no matter what.

    Kriegler’s claim that Christianity is the origin of “anti-Semitism” is also just part of another diversionary anti-European smear often used by Jewish Supremacists. The historical record shows that opposition to Jewish Supremacism predates Christianity. The many Greek, Roman, and Roman-era Egyptian writings about Jewish behavior, which predate Christianity by hundreds of years, all are evidence of this. In fact, the very first anti-Jewish riots took place in Alexandria in 38 AD–hundreds of years before Christianity was established.

    Indeed, if one has to go by Jewish history, then opposition to Jewish behavior goes back even further than than–to the time of the Macedonian Greek occupation of the Middle East under Alexander the Great. The Jewish event of Hannukah, for example, is a Jewish “celebration” of victory of “anti-Semites” in ancient Persia, circa 450 BC!

    The truth is that what they call “anti-Semitism” is only generated by Jewish Supremacist behavior, and is not the result of some automatically inbred behavioural trait.

  6. bubba says:

    As many of you may or not be aware….there is a major pipeline being built to Ottawa Canada that will transport Kosher vaseline


    Holocaust Monument in Ottawa corrects 70-year mistake
    Ottawa took decades to mark the Holocaust and the team led by Gail Dexter Lord aims for greatness.

    One question lingers about the Holocaust memorial to be built in Ottawa. What took so long? Why has Canada waited 70 years to build a Holocaust monument in its capital city?

    The U.S., Great Britain and Russia all have Holocaust monuments or museums in their capital cities. So does South Africa.

    It was a tragic mistake that the Holocaust was left out of the story when the Canadian War Museum was built.

    Now at last that mistake will be corrected.

    As announced by the federal government on Monday, the winning proposal for the National Holocaust Monument came from a dazzling team led by Gail Dexter Lord, co-president of Toronto consulting firm Lord Cultural Resources.


    The dark part, of how this country turned away desperate European Jews seeking to escape the Nazi nightmare, was told in the book None Is Too Many (by Irving Abella and Harold Troper). The flip side was Canada’s postwar generosity, admitting thousands of Holocaust survivors after the war ended.

    etc etc.

    Some extra notes:

    —-Irving Abella is a Canadian Kike Jew whose wife is a Canadaian Supreme Court Judge. If not mistaken, 4 of the 9 judges are Jews.

    —Canada Kike Jew central is Winnipeg Manitoba, which has a major debacle called the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. It is millions over budget .
    One Kike Jew trick(apparently this is the same story all over the world) is they can’t get gov’ts to dedicate a site and funds to Holohoax…so the Kikes sell the concept as more universal ie a “Museum of Tolerance – Human Rights” ….once the bait is set…and approved…the Kikes take over and overwhelm the building with Holocaust…and token homage to others aka the kikes victims.
    The Winnipeg kikes had a huge pissing match with Ukranians re Holomodor as part of the exhibit. IMHO, the Winnipeg debacle forced the Canadian Gov’t to go this new route.

    — Canada had intercepted Trotsky(Bronstein) when he was on his way from the US to Russia to start the revolution, they knew full well what he was up to , but under pressure released him.

  7. bubba says:

    My US Civil War theory(Part 1)..

    As I have stated several times I only became Jew Wise over the past few years…aka a lot of UNlearning. However, that is not necessarily bad…because one reverse engineers and sees patterns in a way others may not.

    Some connections as simple as :
    All Wars are Banker Wars

    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

    “Money plays the largest part in determining the course of history.” Karl Marx writing in the Communist Manifesto (1848).

    “If my sons did not want wars, there would be none.” Gutle Schnaper Rothschild


    Conclusion: JEWS create war and JEWS profit from it.
    Trick is to dissect each war and determine patterns that continue into the future

    More Later.

  8. bubba says:

    My US Civil War theory(Part 2)..

    I was going over Dave McGowans excellent research in the Lincoln Assassination
    He’s done 7 parts of an 8 part series.

    The whole Civil war is looking like one big Kike Jew psy-opp…( I am sure many of you feel the same) . What I am seeing is a template being established that carries on to today.

    The Kike Jews were performing a HUGE tactical strategy to nail down North America. Canada was cobbled together more peacefully, more on the Hegelian Dialectic mode(another discussion another day)

    The US model was based on autonomous mini nations (aka States) but the Kikes did not want to see a “quasi Europe” set many European nations could fit into the average US state.

    The Civil War consolidated power, and was the Kike Jew, in essence, shitting on the Constitution. It groomed the citizens into brother killing brother, at home or abroad.

    However McGowan research makes it clear that there was a huge conspiracy and cover-up re Lincolns assassination.

    If one looks at the photos re the army officers about Freemasons.(see pose)

    John Wilkes Booth?…= Oswald
    Trivia…Ex Brit PM Tony Blairs wife is a Booth….direct relation to JW Booth
    ..Booth family tree is huge lineage in upper circles.

    The trial to convict(and execute) conspirators was the template/precursor to the NUREMBERG TRIALS about 75 years later. The evidence and the proceedings were a F*cking joke

    (more later)

  9. bubba says:

    My US Civil War theory(Part 3)..

    To briefly recap then, all of the following were distinguishing characteristics of the ‘trial’ of the conspirators:

    — The defendants were informed of the charges against them just 72 hours before the trial began, depriving them of the ability to put together an effective defense.
    — The defendants, all civilians, were subjected to military justice.
    — The defendants were denied their right to individual trials.
    — The defendants were not allowed to speak in their own defense.
    — The state willfully withheld the list of prosecution witnesses, denying the defendants their right to know the nature of the testimony they would be defending themselves against.
    — The state freely introduced inflammatory, prejudicial testimony.
    –The state made extensive use of witnesses testifying under assumed identities.
    –The state made extensive use of paid witnesses.
    –The defendants were prohibited from privately consulting with their attorneys.
    — The state was not shy about suppressing exculpatory evidence.
    — The state was also not shy about introducing manufactured evidence.
    –The state allowed subpoenaed defense witnesses to ignore those subpoenas.
    –Only a simple majority was required to convict, and only a 2/3 majority was required to impose the death penalty.

    And yet, through seven weeks of the most extreme prosecutorial misconduct imaginable, the entire defense team raised only twelve objections. They should have raised that many just during the first hour of the first day of the proceedings. If not sooner.

    Template for Nuremberg?

    As noted McGowan has done Part 7 out of 8 (and at times may extend a given series)

    Again, my point is the Kike Jews and their Freemason hands all over it…Lincoln was their bitch…done his deed…now expendable.

    Martyr him..find patsies…move on to the next War….take notes of what did and didn’t work for the next war..err “investment”.

  10. Karen says:


  11. Karen says:


  12. Karen says:

    It didn’t paste?! Oh well, Gen. Grant expelled jewish carpetbaggers for profiteering in cotton. The jewish bankers devastated the South and then like locusts the ‘little jews’ swept in to clean up.

  13. Karen says:

    Stephen Harper is an embarrassment, a nincompoop, an arrogant control freak. He’s an evangelical, a member of the Christian & Mission Alliance. he also has the distinction of being the least educated of any Western Head of State. He dropped out of the University of Toronto after two months. Couldn’t hack it.

  14. bubba says:


    If it doesn’t cut- and- paste…just cite the article title…or gist
    ….usually one can track it through GOOGLE.

    Harper is a classic ZOG-bot…Canada’s George Bush

    ….quasi- Cowboy… quasi -Christian..
    ..once they have the Yarmulke on the head and claim allegiance to IsraHell … should get mark of the beast 666 branded on every square inch of their bodies.

    Major clue was having HOMO FUDGEPACKER John Baird in upper echelons of cabinet…Tel Aviv cruising bitch.

  15. TalmudicDemonSlayer says:

    Just some observations:

    Go to kike-operated Wikipedia. Look up up “Jerusalem”. Grab the geographic coordinates listed there. (31°47?N 35°13?E). Add those up: 31.47 + 35.13 = 66.6.
    Yessir. There’s your 666.

    Look at a 2014 Penny. Gone is the Lincoln Memorial. Now you have a Shield on the “red cent”. Red Shield = Rothschild.

    They just love rubbing this shit in your faces, don’t they?

  16. bubba says:


    Good score on the addendum noted above:



    The censoring earlier today (5/20) completely deleted the comment section for the article — very possibly due to my efforts at exposing the slime here on my site. Evidently, the news of this has spread elsewhere on the Internet, too, since my hit numbers for the above post are way, way up. Plus, the traitorous has completely BLOCKED your’s truly from commenting there AT ALL. Talk about sorry-ass, SOB-ing libtards! If these people can’t win by using the now tired “racist” rant routine, they simply resort to underhanded methods to censor and silence us real Americans.

    KikeRoaches cannot stand even a dull flashlight bulb of light….

    ……Fire up the Internet Enola Gay and drop that payload of truth !

  17. NinjaJohn says:

    Another Jewish child porn ring busted in New York. They mention “a rabbi” in the article, but that’s it.

  18. THIS is what Andrew Anglin wrote on daily stormer.

    “…conversely, you don’t have to be a highly-educated psychologist to figure out that those pushing the “crisis actor” theories are intensely confused.”


  19. sog says:

    5the filthy communist nigger bitch in the white house wants children to turn in their parents and relativers for racially insensititve speech …i would like to wiretap the african caucus in americaqn congress and the other niggers in america and see how often they say cracker ,honkey ..this shit is the par eqaul to the word nigger and yet the marxist speech crime sqaug only looks for whites who have a right to talk any way they feel like since all the other failed branches of subhumanity do it as a rule ..niggers are racists who spout the nigger word all day long as well as the honkey and cracker words you think if a little nigger turns its parents in for using antio white racist words that the hate speech crime goon squad will respond ..that answer is easy ans i doubt if a nigger would turn their parents in unless they said something good about whites ..and you can bet that only white children are being targeted for rat duty indoctrination …
    fuck michelle obama ..what a fake what an arrogant fraud ..this marxist trained bitch hates whites with a pathology of a true commuinist jew …she should keep her ugly face shut since she isnt elected to any office or position but the white house has a habit of letting the presidents wives run shit since clinton …
    “……modernheretic3000….”michelle says Spy on each other. Develop the “American Look.” Turn in your relatives. This is the Orwellian nightmare that will be necessary to maintain the lies that Whites are increasingly questioning. Meanwhile, the lower races are destroying our cities and engaging in tribal warfare. Tyranny and anarchy, the forces tearing apart America’s remains. Soon nothing will be left.
    shes angry becuase a school turned down a visit from her for a communist speech a while ago …go away michelle and take your retarded drug addict husboon with you ..

  20. sog says:

    “……I was astonished today as I read comments across the Internet demanding Obama’s removal from office. The tragedy is that America is now ruled by a dictator. What to do about him is the question. One answer is shown in this powerful image…….” really its a question of what to do with the wire pullers behind the presidential theatre act …valerie jarret a bonafide communist and michelle obama a bona fide communist racist who viruliently hates whites …the jews who control washington ..the obama appointed csars ..aipac …
    Here It Comes, the Push To Treat Pedophiles as Sick Rather Than as Criminals..
    The gays came for you and you resisted, so now they’re coming for your children. How can anyone not see that legalized pedophilia is just around the corner, and that those who resist will be demonized as homophobes? The price for homophobia? You’ll lose your job, your home, and everything else.Nintendo promises to push fag agenda …
    The New World Order agenda is no longer about tolerance–not that it ever was–but about recruiting everyone into participating in a Satanic vision of life in which each person is freed of all restraints. We are all being pushed into embracing the idea that we are gods since we, not god or nature, decides what we are. Gay is the new normal. Transexuals are the new normal. The problem is the new normal is a death cult. Resist, saboteurs. The life you save may be that of your child.Earlier this month, the Japanese company Nintendo declined to introduce same-sex marriage in “Tomodachi Life,” a life simulation handheld video game marketed to children over the age of eight,or is it under the age of 8 …congrats if you agree to all this shit your ration of nwo diversity bullshit will be increased from 1 ton to 2 tons .

    “….Israel is no friend to the American people and it should not be listened to when it tries to manipulate US domestic politics to serve its own interests……”
    which also brings back the ghost of chris kyle who comes up now and again …you know maybe the serial killers who work for aipac adl bnai brith etc thought maybe he had too much scelbruty and his loyalties were changing ..[eople like that in the lime light get snuffed out like breitbart ,hastings ,swartz ,noveske and countless other enemies of the communist state ..their idiology is why take a chance ,whack em …the war onn veterans is an obvious conclusion as to why the demonizaton and disarming of veterans ..its because they have learned to kill and have killed and are not squemish about killing and are very dissolusioned as to the war and what the real deal was ..genocide and asset seizure ,nation jacking for the jews so the shitkike can have his fuckin oil …look at the fukkin price of gas …when asshole obama was installed officiously and fraudulently ,gas was 1.75 or so ..didnt this lying nigger tell america that blah blah blah etc he would get gas prices down …666 lies he has told america …700,000,000 he allowed to be paid to michelles old college buddy to set up a totally disfunctional computer on line obama care sign up hub …obama care ..why is this shit named after this limp wristed dictator ..
    and why did he hire 10’s of thousands of irs agents to enforce ..they are gettting ready to outlaw freedom and being white …i can see it going that way ..

    free ranging feral niggers whom we shouldnt offend their feelings or worthlees ugly sheboon michelle will come after us have done a drive by on a white guy for the sake of nigger boredom or stupidity or to prove once again that not enough hate or racism could be aimed at such a worthless race and still describe their pathology ..niggers deserve hate and racism and since most niggers are on board with the ongoing genocide of whites then yeah we hate niggers and want them all dead ..this nigger behaviour is encouraged by holdr and obama and jackson and sharpton so you think we should call kichelles hotline and report this racism and genocide against whites …we need to get the zoo animals out out out fucking out of the white house andf govt and the communist reds jews etc socialists corrpupt sob’s and pedophiles ..out ..string em up ..
    read more @
    they only care about whites justifiably using words and phrases aginst niggers because of disgust at the immense national nigger crime wave aimed at whites one cares about the actual perpetuation of real crime committed by the niggers incited to this degree of moronic violent lawlessness and hatered and racism toward whites one in the current jew controlled communist regime gives a fuck what niggers do to us …and we use a word nigger they use on each other 24/7 and call us names behind our backs as i stated already above …pure fucking hypocrasy in favor of asshole african moron slobs …its called black priviledge …

  21. sog says:

    i feel ya bubba ..the civil war was war like ww1 that everyone said why did we go and do that ..what was the mysterious inertia driving us into battle ..the call of the jackobin ..the foreign alien who had enormous global power even the to be able to get grants toss the jew out of the war zone mandate repealed …john wilkes botha ..a south african dbl agent for rothschils was in the opium slinging trade and mary todd well she was fan of opium ..other undercurrents of domestic malevolence was abe keepin a whole nother woman and family on the side as “allegedly” would have it was the death of abe thet ushered in the secret service agency neccessity ..anyway i always wondered why they just didnt poison abe like they did russian csars quietly or shoot at some other safe point ..some say it is mary todds gun that is in the smithsonian as the death weapon on desplay …sure maybe ? wtf ..? botha comes in to the booth ..heh heh maybe thets why they call him booth anyway he shoots lincoln and jumps down into a large crowd of people breaking his leg ,..why not a civilwar wilkinson sword and stick it in his back side real quiet and twist it know ..quiet why did he let mary todd live ..she could ID the dude obviously ..maybe booth brought her some sticky opium and abe got his feathers ruffled and a domestic argument ensued and todd went nuts from jonesing anyway and shot her hubby wouldnt be the first time this shit happened …so booth thinks he’s next and doesnt think he’ll make it to the booth door and jumps off the balcony out of survival ..heh heh ..its just a theory i like ..we know the civil war wasnt about freeing slaves becues they got their freedom after working for their owners for whatever the time line was ,a few years …what profit would ther be in chattel slavery when you could own a slave for life then the reselling of new slaves all the time would not be in the picture so they made sure niggers got freedom so the constant sale of niggers dould net the jews continuing profits and so why a war ..nigers could get early release from indenturd servantude by joing the northern army but the agin most slaves in the norht were owned by jews anyway ..southern niggers ,what? they would go fight for the north meaning they wouldnt lawfully go through the legal process of being freed legitamately …southern slaves had a saying anyway if they were black slaves that is ..they said they would rather be a black slave than a poor white southerner ..and some rich lanowners had thousands of white slaves going out on memory here but was it the gov of virginia in the 1700’s that had 6 thousand slaves and 5 k were white ..
    the civil war that got whites anglosaxons aryans nordics euros etc to slaughter each other for what was the reason again …i know abe turned down the filthy jew bankers war loan at 30-40 % approx ..produced greenbacks …jews are never happy or peaceful about being turned away from their agenda to complete,ly and inexcorably consume whites to the coer .they will manufacture lies and propaganda and hardships to not just get whet they feel is even but they will seek utter ruin of their competition ..

  22. sog says:

    it was 28% but here is a better structure .. History Shows Bankers Profit from Wars by Martin Larson in bamboo delight ..”…..When the bankers offered to lend money to the government at 28 percent interest, Congress, at the urging of President Abraham
    Lincoln, issued $450 million in greenbacks — which were paid out to soldiers and for supplies….The bankers were able to achieve great objectives….They persuaded Congress to make this currency unacceptable for the payment of taxes, excises, duties and the interest on the national debt…
    the south was and is a mystery i think ..jefferson davis in all likely hood a rothschild picked kike who brought judah benjamin in as atty general and he came form a gypsy flim flam artist family ..the ghoul of anndersoville was a special pick by davis as well and sent abroad to learn techniques etc than brought back here to run andersomville a death camp for whites ..the guys name was wirz i believ ..very strange pedigree ..very corrupt and very jewish ..when the south fell the rats abandoned ship and took the gold with them or at least it changed hands unwillingly at one point and was allegedly hijacked from benjamin and davis ..what the eff was the south all a theater prop ..i leave the digging of this fine ruth to greater minds than mine …the jews were looking to make money off the war ike they usually do but the rest is obvious and yet murky ..well that smells like jew to me ..
    47 Geo 3 Sess 1 c 36, sometimes called the Slave Trade Act, the Slave Trade Act 1807 or the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act 1807,[1] was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom passed on 25 March 1807, with the title of “An Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade”. The original act is in the Parliamentary Archives. The act abolished the slave trade in the British Empire, and also encouraged British action to press other European nations to abolish their slaves trades; but it did not abolish slavery itself. Many of the Bill’s supporters thought the Act would lead to the death of slavery, but it was not until 26 years later that slavery itself was actually abolished. Slavery on English soil was unsupported in English law and that position was confirmed in Somersett’s Case in 1772, but it remained legal in most of the British Empire until the Slavery Abolition Act 1833….etc etc on and on and so on ..america also rallied and passed the same law hopefully to keep any moreniggers from being brought here im sure was a slavery voodoo cannibal uhhhm sorry ment to say IS a voodoo canabul jenkem and slavery continent ..mauritania still has slaves and liberia and the niggers love to enslave each other ,in fact there are more slaves in the world now than there were inn olden times ..geez yeah and whites are the devils ?…
    i know its wiki but many are the clues found between the lines of history ….

  23. Bailey says:

    sog @ 11:23 pm

    Did you see what I said at Hoff’s, It’s here man.
    When Meechelles “retarded drug addict husboon” appoints himself Dictator for life we’ll see kids parents being hauled off to re-edjewcation camps while the Marxist rat kids are sent to foster care and forced slavery.

  24. sog says:

    10:05 pacific here bailey ,i just popped back on here and opened your link …yeah we is scuhreewed in america under jews and niggers as white slaves were once refered to as inside out niggers and the irish sufferd more than the niggers …france started colonies`here like loisiana and jews were a large part of that founding but french as it was thry had slaves there it was a french colony buying slaves and i see france has escaped all meticuois scrutinization on this shit ..

  25. Hoff says:

    Totally off topic. The line, Italian cartoon 🙂


  26. sog says:

    heh heh bailey .. this is not satan i mean santa anagram for satan …marx- engles- hess …marx was freak and this babylonian talmud shit was goin on since the babylonian exile and yes they weere kicked out by king nebuchadnezzar a few short decades later ..i get the feeling jews have been kicked out of countries 200 times or more and several times from the same places once people figured out the kikeroach had a noin jew name change but was still performning socially like a shitkike ..oy vey
    marxism and communism are interreslated because it was marx who fiddled with the jewish propaganda making genocide and political repression look good to blind people ..marx invented or refined communism so hence also referred as marxism .same foul smell ..
    here is another code word on the loose ..Police routinely describe black-on-white violence as ‘”random”‘ rather than ‘racist.’ ……racial animus ..hatred of whites ..we get it ..
    Hess was a friend and collaborator of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Hess converted Engels to Communism, and introduced Marx to social and economic problems and creating them more aptly ..
    When his father died in 1851, Hess used his inheritance to marry a prostitute,another word for a jewish woman ,, in defiance of social norms. Hess was originally an assimilationist Jew who turned first to utopian and then to scientific socialism. Hess was a friend and collaborator of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Hess converted Engels to Communism, and introduced Marx to social and economic problems. He played an important role in transforming Hegelian dialectical idealism theory of history to the dialectical materialism of Marxism, by conceiving of man as the initiator of history rather than as a mere observer….wtf all just mumbo jumbo for figuring out how to kill all non jews and steal their businesses and assets ..the hook is the bull shit od=f the pseudo intellectual babble jews like to rattle off and it hooks the average gentile mind cus we like to figure oput problems ios just mental pollution and invasion by un balancing the normal thougt proceses of the brain ..or what ?..
    fuck ,cant we just nuke africa and israel…

  27. Len House says:

    I quote:

    “The Jews are a leper, leprous and dangerous race, which deserves to be eradicated since its inception.
    – Giordano Bruno, 16 century, Italian scientist:

    “Cursed be this evil and perfidious Jewish nation, which lives only by deception
    – King Franks Guthrie, 6 AD:

    “Judaism is cave cult, an obstacle to progress.
    Jews are nothing more than a despised and barbarous people…”
    – The writer and philosopher Jean-Francois Voltaire, 17th – 18th century

    The only salvation from an evil futility is in the final suppression of Jewry, in its complete destruction and disappearance.”
    – Composer and conductor Richard Wagner:

    If it is Anti-Semitism to say that Communism in the United States is Jewish, so be it. But to the unprejudiced mind it will look very much like Americanism. Communism all over the world and not only in Russia is Jewish.”
    – International Jew, by Henry Ford, 1922

    If only we had the wisdom of our Elders . . . There would be no zhids [‘kikes’], khazar jewpsy yarmulke wearing brotherhood of circumcision walking, living, interfering, homosexual, odd, strange, peculiar, deviant, bent queer perverted, paranoid jews full of hate, jews who believe the Holocaust® Story, in short zionist crazies, jewpsy yid, let us suck your blood wholesale for the sake of piece in the Middle East alive causing ALL the problems that is being inflicted on us.

    And still we sleep while the 2nd. Largest thread against us can be laid at the feet of our kinder folk . . . the so-called judeo-christians, the israHell firsters liberals.
    We need to learn that judeo-Christianity is a TRAP!

    There is no moderate or jews for Jesus, the jewish talmud is the antithesis of the Christian Bible, hence, judeo-Christianity and jews for Jesus is an oxymoron.
    The two words should never be mentioned in the same sentence.

    We must reject this juggernaut in all its manifestations.
    Common sense eventually will prevail not because it is common sense, but because continuous violation of common sense produces collapse.

  28. MIKEY says:


  29. summerled says:

    your tax dollars at work!!

  30. Smitherines says:

    Incog and Magog

    “Wormwood”, Chernobyl, John’s metaphors, “Unveiling the Apocalypse.”

  31. NinjaJohn says:

    Here’s what we need to do: Deuteronomy 17:6-7

    6 But never put a person to death on the testimony of only one witness. There must always be two or three witnesses. 7 The witnesses must throw the first stones, and then all the people may join in. In this way, you will purge the evil from among you.

    We have millions of witnesses.

  32. Smitherines says:

    “—-Irving Abella is a Canadian Kike Jew whose wife is a Canadaian Supreme Court Judge. If not mistaken, 4 of the 9 judges are Jews.”

    4 are here too: Sotomayor is crypto

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    Ahh the good old days. When one of these fucking libtards opens their lie-hole just take your cane and bash them in the head as many times as necessary to beat some sense into them.

    This Day in History

    May 22, 1856:
    Southern congressman attacks Northern senator

    Southern Congressman Preston Brooks savagely beats Northern Senator Charles Sumner in the halls of Congress as tensions rise over the expansion of slavery.

    When the controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 was passed, popular sovereignty was applied within the two new territories and people were given the right to decide the slave issue by vote. Because the act nullified the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the debate over slavery intensified. Northerners were incensed that slavery could again resurface in an area where it had been banned for over 30 years. When violence broke out in Kansas Territory, the issue became central in Congress. On May 19, Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner, an ardent abolitionist, began a two-day speech on the Senate floor in which he decried the “crime against Kansas” and blasted three of his colleagues by name, one of whom—South Carolina Senator Andrew P. Butler—was elderly, sick, and absent from the proceedings.

    Butler’s cousin, Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina, who had a history of violence, took it upon himself to defend the honor of his kin. Wielding the cane he used for injuries he incurred in a duel over a political debate in 1840, Brooks entered the Senate chamber and attacked Sumner at his desk, which was bolted to the floor. Sumner’s legs were pinned by the desk so he could not escape the savage beating. It was not until other congressmen subdued Brooks that Sumner finally escaped.

    Brooks became an instant hero in the South, and supporters sent him many replacement canes. He was vilified in the North and became a symbol of the stereotypically inflexible, uncompromising representative of the slave power. The incident exemplified the growing hostility between the two camps in the prewar years.

    Sumner did not return to the Senate for three years while he recovered.

  34. Smitherines says:

    NinjaJohn, don’t trust their books or Religions they are fakel

  35. summerled says:

    Homosexual Jewess Admits True Purpose of Gay Agenda is to Destroy Marriage

    Homosexual Jewess Masha Gessen is unable to see why having 5 different parents is impossible and would like everyone to just pretend that it is possible. For the sake of her perversion and her hatred of all that is natural.

    Even knowing that there are radicals in all movements, doesn’t lessen the startling admission recently by lesbian journalist Masha Gessen. On a radio show she actually admits that homosexual activists are lying about their radical political agenda. She says that they don’t want to access the institution of marriage; they want to radically redefine and eventually eliminate it.

    Here is what she recently said on a radio interview:

    “It’s a no-brainer that (homosexual activists) should have the right to marry, but I also think equally that it’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist. …(F)ighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we are going to do with marriage when we get there — because we lie that the institution of marriage is not going to change, and that is a lie.

    The institution of marriage is going to change, and it should change. And again, I don’t think it should exist. And I don’t like taking part in creating fictions about my life. That’s sort of not what I had in mind when I came out thirty years ago.

    I have three kids who have five parents, more or less, and I don’t see why they shouldn’t have five parents legally… I met my new partner, and she had just had a baby, and that baby’s biological father is my brother, and my daughter’s biological father is a man who lives in Russia, and my adopted son also considers him his father. So the five parents break down into two groups of three… And really, I would like to live in a legal system that is capable of reflecting that reality, and I don’t think that’s compatible with the institution of marriage.”


  36. bubba says:

    “Straight Out of the Protocols” Fmr Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser Exposes Zio Power!

    By Dr. David Duke — The former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (who is said by many to be actually Jewish) has joined the growing list of prominent public personalities to “take the plunge” and publicly identify the Jewish Lobby as a pernicious influence in public affairs.

    The former Australian Prime Minister joins the recent revelations of the former Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr in exposing the role of Jewish influence and money in perverting the foreign policy of Australia.

    It was while this topic was being discussed, that Fraser took the brave step of standing up in public and naming the Jewish Lobby as the most important factor in determining Australian foreign policy.

    “Israel years ago, during one of the wars, killed 30 or 40 Americans on a spy ship in the Western Mediterranean,” Fraser told Faine.

    “The Americans tried to cover it up. It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate.”

    When asked on what he based the claim, Fraser said: “Information I have. I am not going to tell you the source.”

    Asked by Faine if he agreed that “the pro-Israel and in particular Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power”, Fraser responded, “They certainly do.

    Of course, the yid rags are doing damage control.

    The USS Liberty incident is beyond obvious..its beyond pathetic that the Kikes even try to deny it was no accident.

    The good thing is, more and more important people are coming out and going on record exposing Satan and his minions.

  37. sog says:

    magog and the people of gog …i read where gog is a demon angel influencing and interfacing with his people the magogs and i read where this was the russian area …..or the question is who REALLY cointrolls russia now .
    yeah bailey the usefil idiots claiming comunism is great until it comes for their head ..and who was communism good for ..always good for the jews ..and thier compatriot gorilla armies ..remember the 388 core central communist committed of russia after 1917 there were 366 kikeroaches and 1 or 2 niggers ..i remember that there was definitely 1 charcoal melanzane or moolie for short or eggplant or svartza ..heh heh ..jews brought their communist monkey with them to cook up fried chicken fat bak and coolerd greens and watermallon and show them how to hold a gun real cool …
    melanzane is pronounced moolenyawn …etc ..on and on and so on .

    (Dense Inert Metal Explosive)
    THERE is getting to be precious little on this gem on the internet ..
    they can use a dron for overkill and terror in indianapolis which show definitive military high explosive feedback in housing environment 2 times event …or the dime ..hence giving new meaning to dropping a dime on someone ..if this shit ball hits the fan within 6-8 feet of you ,you will be newly enlightened by the chosen light of the world people ..the orcs frozen in ancient history for all time as the greatest frauds of the existence of the galaxy ..oh well .youll be picking microscopic pieces of this jewish device out of you unlucky hide for life ..a new hobby and avocation bestowed upon you by the choesen holy rabbis ,no doubt …or you could call it micromanegement therapy and thr kikes wll charge you for your trouble ….like they charge to get in some holohoax museums and have cafes and souveniers shops oy vey ..i would like a bar of jew soap and a shrunken head and a lampshade and some diamonds that were swallowed 1500 times as the carrier of these jems was executed 17 times and burnt to a crispy pile of ashes but came back to life cus he knew he just had to sell his fraudulent book on duh holochosht..
    rmember war is opeace and truth is hate and communism is great ..when its time for payback it will be with interest ..jews like interest ,right ? ..
    have you eber heard a jew use the interest sonds gutteral and like INTREST..
    you haevnt lived tiil you hear a kike shrew utter the majic word ..sheister loanshark etc ..
    god christain people who dotted the land en masse in olden days should haev put all interst collecting jews to the sword and the gallows ..
    i would have to say communism isnt working at all as in no one will be working as the jew is goosd at removing jobs from the usa ..this asshole eating the cum in his ear is saying that communism is good for the illegal wave of mxikkin freeloaders coming here for a lifetime of welfare and sec 8 and ebt and cash and free phones to right or didnt the mexicans get free phones to ..oh heeell dazz raycis cus obama just gibs duh nigguh dem sailfawms n sheet …mexicans gonna habs a riot and go whine to the terrorists at la raza ..
    maybe they all go and suck on holders ass side for a while and give the potus a break ..
    its not communist yet till heads atart rolling and they will roll ..they have their brown enemies lulling in niggr and mexikan paradise and their gaurds down …communism will not spare the worthless lives of the 30 million illegal aliens here ..mexico is run by jewish zio comm kikes and so they just dont need the gutter balls they encourage to send to the united states to fuck us all up a little more but the truth is they dont want to dirty up their country with mass murder and all thet blood and gore ..they would ratehr send all the multi national mixed dna mexicans to the usa for their final demise at the hands of the dept of human sacrifice DHS think the elite population reducers are going to keep the fucking niggers and mexicans around ,,? to do what get more free shit ,,no i think the “minorities ” are being given their “last meal” so to speak as they live it up here and totally screw with whites also ..i just dont see communism as weve studied it to actually allow all the illegal freeshit army welfare colonists and muslims and niggers to survive ..i really dont ..whites are also on the chopping block but the freeshit army has been lulled into a false sense of security ..mossad works by stealth ..and by mossad you could pin that label on most any jews higher up and all bottom feeder jews arr sayan..just sayin …again o would like to say that i am merely expressing an opinion or theory and welcome any progressive changes or modifications ,..actually i would welcome a bounty being put on hood rats and gangbangers and all illegals …all muslims to be immediately hung by the neck mercy for moslems ,any of them ..
    but in reality the target has been painted on our backsides ..never relax when niggers are around and that goes for moozlims and ayrabs and stuopid white fuckin rat bastards out there whop will turn you in for a little freeshit inn the very near future apocalypse ..
    all freedom loving persons should be thinking 24/7 of ways to cause grinding inconveniences to the nwo jew machine ..

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    The benefits of diversity episode # 55,761,243

  39. Destroy ZOG says:

    Check this propaganda coming from Gun Owners of America’s (GOA) facebook page.
    All the people are buying into this hook line and sinker. This is how you tell that the US is still fast asleep.

    Children of Holocaust Survivors Hold Gun Training in L.A. Why? ‘Atrocities Could Have Been Prevented With Bullets and Rifles’

  40. NinjaJohn says:

    I don’t trust their misleading and corrupt versions of the Bible, Smithers. I’ve studied quite a bit on these things. My point is that satan’s offspring need to be removed with a modern version of stoning. The Jews and their “religion” are extremely evil and they need to be purged. We all know this.

  41. NinjaJohn says:

    Jews do not think in terms of what is morally right or wrong. If it benefits Jews, then to them it’s right. Even if those benefits involves lying murdering and stealing from innocent people to get them. If Jews are inconvenienced in any way at all, then it’s wrong. That’s how these demonic parasites think.

    If the Bible is read from the right perspective, it is blatantly obvious that the Righteous God despises these imposter “Jews” who claim to be descended from the Israelites.

  42. Bruce says:

    16 year old nigger beast murders cab driver because he felt the driver was trying to overcharge him. When asked: “What about the victim’s family?” Richardson said “[Expletive] them.”

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