The True Nature of the Black Race

BLACK CRIMINAL ON TVThe following are a few recent stories* picked at random from one short section of New Nation News. These kinds of things happen everywhere blacks live, every minute of every GD day. What don’t YOU get about this race?

OderraHolmesBaton Rouge police on Wednesday arrested a 34-year-old man accused in the aggravated rape of a 6-year-old girl. Police booked Oderra Holmes, 1912 America St., Baton Rouge, into Parish Prison on a count of aggravated rape. The victim reported to police that Holmes told her to go into the bathroom late Tuesday where he walked in with his pants down and forced her to perform oral sex, the affidavit of probable cause says.

Waco-gang-rapists1-3Six men were arrested Thursday for the alleged rape of a girl under the age of 16. Police said the girl was brought into Providence Hospital on April 23 after she had been sexually assaulted. Officers learned that she had skipped school earlier in the day and left with several people she knew. The suspects allegedly took her to a North Waco home, where they and several others raped her. Devoric Javon Evans, 20; Lamont Tray Davis, 19; Daytron Derrell Smith, 18; and Dejuan Oshea Degrate, 18,  each were Waco-gang-rapists4-6charged with two counts of sexual assault of a child. Douglas Demond Canada, 19, was charged with three counts of sexual assault of a child, and Cory Darnell Hall, 18, was charged with one count of sexual assault of a child.

NathanAllenPUYALLUP, Wash — Puyallup Police said Nathan Allen was arrested by Tacoma Police at a homeless shelter in Tacoma. “A citizen saw media coverage about Allen and alerted TPD to his location,” said Capt Scott Engle with Puyallup Police. Puyallup Police had issued two arrest warrants for Nathan Allen and were actively searching for him after the complaints surfaced from the teens. Amy-victim-of-black-sex-assaulterPolice said the first incident happened Jan. 10 at a youth program at the YMCA. One of the victims, 18-year-old Amy said “He pulled me onto his lap, I tried to get up. He did it a couple more times. And I said, Don’t touch me.” Amy said she didn’t know Allen, but her friends did. The night they met, she said, he kept following her and then got her alone in one of the rooms at the Y. “He pinned me up against a pole outside that room, saying, ‘Kiss me, kiss me.’ I said no, leave me alone.” Police said he did the same sort of thing to another girl at the YMCA that day.

BrandonVernardJohnsonCHARLESTON, SC – A 30-year-old man was sentenced to 15 years in prison for raping an 82-year-old woman. Brandon Vernard Johnson was sentenced on Wednesday after pleading guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct. According to authorities, the incident happened in 2006 when Johnson walked in through the victim’s unlocked front door at her home on Harbor View Road on James Island. Deputies reported that she was assaulted for 12 hours. Investigators say when two of her neighbors heard unusual noises, they went to check on her. The neighbors reported observing that the victim was being assaulted, so they called 911. In 2008, a jury told a judge they could not reach a decision in the case which resulted in a mistrial.

NakedNegroTexasHARRIS COUNTY, Texas – Drivers got quite the surprise Thursday in northwest Harris County as a naked man stood in the middle of the street. It happened on Veterans Memorial at Antonie. Witnesses said the man started dancing and then slowly removed all of his clothes. Several bystanders stopped to capture the man on their cellphones. A group of people were eventually able to tackle the man and put him in a car.

RonaldMartinLOSANTIVILLE, Ohio — A Losantiville man is charged with raping a 9-year-old girl he allegedly lured into his apartment. 64-year-old Ronald Martin is charged with rape, gross sexual imposition and kidnapping. Investigators say he took the girl into his apartment on Losantiville on April 29, where he raped her. When police searched the apartment, they say he had toys and stuffed animals, even though he didn’t have a child living with him. Police say Martin was a stranger to the girl.

MichelleBarksdale-and-RyanCrawfordCINCINNATI —Two employees of a Cincinnati arts center are accused of raping a 15-year-old girl. Prosecutors say Michelle Barksdale, 24, and Ryan Crawford, 28, met the 15-year-old victim at Elementz, a hip-hop and urban arts center in Over-the-Rhine.

TyroneBanksJEFFERSON COUNTY, AL – A man who claims to be an associate pastor at a Jefferson County church was arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old girl in the church’s kitchen. Tyrone Banks, 58, is accused of raping the victim on April 12 when she spent the night with him. The victim’s mother reported the assault. She told investigators that Banks was a family friend. According to the report, the suspect drove to a church near Hueytown where Banks claims to be an associate pastor. He had a key to the church and took the victim inside to the kitchen where he sexually assaulted her, said investigators. He allegedly drove the victim back home and she told her mother what happened.

MalachiJosephMoodyJEFFERSON COUNTY, Alabama – A 21-year-old Mississippi man is in custody in connection with the rape and robbery of a woman who was stranded on Interstate 59 in Jefferson County last month. Malachi Joseph Moody, authorities said Tuesday, was driving a stolen white church van when he pretended to be a Good Samaritan stopping to help a 34-year-old woman April 23 when her car broke down near Allison Bonnett Memorial Drive. He was arrested later that day in Georgia after leading Atlanta-area police on a chase after an unrelated robbery.

VictorOkaforHOUSTON — A Fort Bend County man has been indicted for allegedly trying to trying to have sex with a child he thought he met online. Victor Okafor, 25, was indicted Monday by a grand jury. The things he allegedly sent to and said to an undercover officer are too explicit for us to show on TV.

OzakiTriceThe first time that the boy said Ozaki Trice raped him, he was 8 years old and wearing his school uniform, waiting for the bus that would take him to his first day of third grade. Trice, the child told an interviewer, took him into a bedroom of his Marrero home and closed and locked the door behind him. “He pulled my pants down,” the boy told a Child Advocacy Center interviewer on July 19, 2009, only weeks after the last of the five alleged rapes occurred. Trice anally raped him five times, including once on a kitchen floor.


Enjoy the daily wonders of your “diversity enriched” America!

Remember, the above selection of cases is but a few during the last couple of weeks or so (tell you anything?). This kind of thing happens constantly across the America of today — just pay a little attention to your local news and maybe read between the lines, since the traitorous, liberal media has longed worked obfuscate the race of these perps, or play up any crime committed by White people — sometimes even running the story for decades.

Remember all that never-ending media BS about those White Lacrosse players at Duke university, supposedly raping that crackhead black stripper, Crystal Mangum? What an utter joke that was. Whites rape black women so rarely, it registers as practically zero in the statistics (would you do one of them?). Not so with black-on-White rape. Well over one hundred White women are raped EVERY GD DAY by filthy blacks (after close examination of the data contained in this 2005 DOJ report).

That’s just the way it is, regardless of all the diversity, black hero worship and anti-White brainwashing they’ve done to you your whole life (now increasing noticeably in the media, even the lousy commercials).

Far more blacks are diagnosed with Syphilis than Whites, but media shows you stock photos of White people.

NIGGER TRANSSEXUAL SILOAnd I can guarantee you most of those “Whites” in the syphilis data found in the link above, are really Jew homos who freely engage in foul, unprotected sex acts with blacks and whomever or whatever.

All that and globalist-induced Third worlder immigration (to turn us Whites into a powerless, PC-bickering minority), is why we now have nasty new diseases like HIV, USA 300 (flesh-eating bacteria), drug-resistant Strep and deadly, untreatable new forms of Gram-negative crap, spreading into America these days.

Now do you know why they jammed ObamaCare down this country’s throat, forcing us decent people to spend so much to get health insurance? Someone’s got to pay for it all and it’s not going to be them. Think it out, people.

Things are just going to get worse and worse for us White people, until one day it touches your own life in a bad, bad way. And then what will you do? Scratch your spineless White ass and cry?

— Phillip Marlowe

* Anti-White multicults always try to say it’s us WHITE PEOPLE who are the sickos — like that somehow balances out the murderous, daily criminal behavior of blacks. So untrue, since blacks are the nastiest, most insane of criminal freaks — who will do practically whatever to get off — just ask any prison guard or cop on the beat.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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83 Responses to The True Nature of the Black Race

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    How Palistinians live in Palistine today is how Americans will live in America (today?) tomorrow.

  2. bubba says:

    NFL Draft:

    GAY Michael Sam Reacts to Being Drafted by the Rams

  3. bubba says:

    The good news is……I foresee a big market for steel shorts in pro sports

  4. summerled says:

    thanks PRT
    maybe it will put people off pro sports helmet padding tight shorts and chastity belt!!

  5. sog says:

    yeah heh heh ol rapeist gore maniac …the glaciers are melting the glaciers are melting and we have billions of dollars in new taxes and farm extinctions planned to re create glaciers that never lkeft …in fact the north pole is moer covered in ice than in a loong time you long time ..the guy is a fuckin joke like that inexcorable bafooon quayle ..what a shit ,,him and the quayle family and the bret kimberlin scandal ..old shit ..
    quayle was retard with a very low iq ..he should have been born a nigger ..
    gore was almost wasted for lil chubs bush so he could be pwezzident and laugh at america ..what a piece of dog shit the whole bush regime family are ..american psyco communist de facto assholes ..
    they sabbotaged his airplane blah blah out of new york airport blag
    so the gore-ster almost bit pavement or river and i guess they didnt do a good enough job of trying to scare him to death …i read there are womne who clam er claim he raped them or tried ..if his shriveled menber is as small as clintons micropecker than it would be assault with a toy weapon or a dead weapon take yer pick …we all know the shrew cunt clinton she bitxch nickle trickster was really running things whie willy fucked off all day long in a cocaine induced haze …like the jenkem house D.C. where the chimp in chief is on a leash all day long and jumps when the 1st sheboon and jarret bark at him or when his pathetic old whore of a mother in law barks out orders ..etc over oan out as in out of order ..our country is out of order deposit no return ..chinkroaches are buying up areas with chimpfestation in motion ..poultry in motion ..niggers walk like chickens with their pants half off and white kids emulate this faggot style of niggers who hate them ..why do we or anybody want to be freindly with niggers PERIOD …
    member that story about the white kid who had grown up with a niggroach and thot the nigger was his freind ..a good nigger ..yeah dayr beez guuud nigguihs n sheeyit ..this nigger would have been considered a “good ” nigger by somewhat careful whites ..the nigger lured his white friend out to shoot him so he could join a nigger supremecist circle .
    THE ONLY GOOD NIGGER IS A DEAD NIGGER ,,even niggers feel this way even sharpclown and jesse jackassclown do …
    cops out of control now …naaaaaah …
    i know someone cops killed this way …wasnt about shit for them and the guy wasnt even a threat ..this is an area of herpetology ..this is how constrictors kill ..and they sense youe heart has stopped they loosen the grip and bon appettite …but what cops do when they sit on people is to stop the flow of blood to the organs and brain and it used to be called in medievel torture COMPRESSION ….it kills shuts down the brain first ..this kills dozens if not hundreds of innocent people every year ..your blood cannot move anywhere like a total body tourniqette ..same dynamic ..when fuckin cops statr to sit on you and ignore your pleas for mercy its time to pull your pice and shoot the sob’s in the face or wherever cus they are going to kill you and not even blink or lose a day of pay or work ..some of these assholes dont even go on admin leave at all and are out on the streets the next day ..i would say that the social engineering by jews in the usa has brought the police to such a protected sataus like nigroaches and musroaches and kikeroaches …it pisses me off ..never call the fucken cops …the story where 2 bafoon cops who also should havebeen born nigger weere wresting with a young 16 year old boy whosew parents called thinking the shitcops would take him to bug intake and instead were surpriesd when bakup coproach #3 came in and just shot and killed the boy ans said exactly that we dont have tiem for this shit know thats how i feel when cops seek to harras me or others …the cops are like niggers now ..unpredictable armed and deangerous ….useless over paid bitches
    hey kender …go fuck your dead mother asshole ..worthless kike ..stupid fuck

  6. sog says:

    kender take the nigger and jew dicks out of your mouth and ass and kill yourself ..please

  7. NinjaJohn says:

    Why is Kender Jennel errr Kendall Jenner posting here, or whatever its name is? Its eyes are way too far apart, kind of like Oprah’s. Gross.

    Don’t follow the ways of your mudsharking mother and sisters. That’s all I’ve got for you.

  8. Kender says:

    The paroxysm of your misanthropic hatred is quite evident, it reminds one of a rabid dog chasing its tail over and over, round and round until off the cliff it falls, all the way down, thus redefining the term “progress” Do you actually believe that by inciting hatred that you are accomplishing anything at all, except to play right into the very hands of those you claim to be against? You are a fool, then. These Khazarians and niggers are laughing at all of us because of you! You sit there and self-righteously “give out” links to crimes against white people to “wake us up”…are you even in this dimension? We don’t need reminding by the likes of you. What have you accomplished? Have you prevented one black-on-white crime by this “helpful advice”? Has one, even one zionist jew been remorseful about what has happened due to the “preservation efforts” of this website? Or, more likely, are you trying not to break your arm by patting yourself on the back for a job well done in the thankless task of trying to preserve the white race? When are you going to realize it ain’t working? This us against them mentality, plays into the hands of those you claim to hate! Because they then use it against us, as you well know. And for the Soggy One to ADOPT ebonics as a means to show the superiority of us against the lower IQ that walk among us is tantamount to blacks “adopting” the word nigga as opposed to nigger.
    And then to pontificate about who hates free speech? YOU DO!!!! You stupid fucks, are you not able to see? Oh, well, why blame your lack of sight on those who point out a valid point, thereby quenching free speech? Duuuuuhhh. Given your predilection for ad hominem and childish evasiveness over matters that instead of coherently stating your position, you choose to act like those upon whom you are focused, why would you then demand that your viewpoint have any stake in the matter? Think about it, assholes. Unless it hurts too much? You are acting exactly like the zionists, who, instead of taking a matter head on, they resort to obfuscation, ad hominem, lashing out, when it would better serve the purpose to intelligently work thru the issue at hand. But no, you take the weapons of the enemy, and turn them against those who point out an error,and self-righteously congratulate each other on what a great job we’ve done for the white man today and call it a day. You have no mother TO fuck, and no soul to give away….gee, are you niggers or jews? or perhaps both?

  9. sog says:

    kender ,whatever faggot ..
    no one is going to even read your socialist jew propaganda ..go die ..

  10. Incogman,

    Who could disagree with your well-thought-out presentations? If given truth serum, I believe that even blacks themselves would agree w/you (I think many would even agree w/o the serum).

    I also like that you brought up Obamacare & how it’s just a scheme for Whites to pay for nonwhites. Here’s my beef. What about these effing fast-breeding Asianigs who are continuing to invade this country? Did you know that HALF of all mestizos/amerinds/asianigs have been in this country for less than 10 years?

    We are paying a lot more for people who were criminals once they crossed the border. There are twice as many of ’em than blacks, & they breed twice as fast too. Now, I’m not at all disagreeing w/you Incogman, but these effing criminal invaders are a bigger problem.

    Maybe I’m fired up (pun not intended) because I have loved ones in San Diego, where one of the largest of the deadly fires was purposely lit by one of these “hard working” asianigs. I don’t think so, though, because I’m into stats, & the numbers on these brown aliens is not good.

    Here’s the little write-up for anyone interested:

    “VISTA, Calif. – A man arrested in connection with a fire that blackened about 105 acres in an Oceanside riverbed on Wednesday pleaded not guilty Friday a felony arson charge.

    Alberto Serrato, 57, had his bail increased from $75,000 to $250,000. He faces seven years in prison if convicted.

    Oceanside police Lt. Val Sadaat said Serrato was allegedly spotted using something to fan the flames of the fire in the bed of the San Luis Rey River. Serrato tried to run but didn’t get far and was arrested about 3:15 p.m. Wednesday, Sadaat said.

    The blaze — dubbed the River Fire — erupted east of College Boulevard in the early afternoon and was contained about 7:45 p.m. Authorities said one structure was damaged in the fire, one of more than a half-dozen that were burning in San Diego County at the time amid a Red Flag alert posted due to heat, winds and low humidities.

    Serrato will be back in court May 28 for a readiness conference and June 2 for a preliminary hearing.”

    Now, who knows how much the cost is of the damage he’s done, or how many casualties there’ll be before it’s over, but now of course we get to pay for his shyster, court, & then his expensive stay at the Firestarters Motel.

    In my book the mestizo/amerind/asianigs are not far behind blacks in their violence & criminality — & they will be the death of this country (if not the planet) because they are breeding faster than cockroaches.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    I think a jew wrote a niggers doctorate thesis. So now the doctor nigger/jew goes forth and spews more jew/nigger bullshit. Dr. Rice what happened in Benghazi? Well as far as me and hilliry know there was a cheap arab video that made the arabs mad. Thanks dr. rice. you’ve been very helpful to nobel peace prize winner obammas reelection campaign. And how about lois lerner jew and the irs targeting anybody conservative? I plead the fifth not because I have done anything wrong but because my lawyer tells me I better shut the fuck up and be quiet because I broke a whole shitload of laws.

  12. sog says: black male,trousered asphalt baboon Lemuel Smith, was known to have murdered six people (all presumably white) starting in the late 50s and continuing to the late 70s…..
    this was the 50’s when there was no computers or cameras you wonder how many whites were really killed by niggers in 1900 -10-20-30-40-50…the morroccan niggers attatched to french troops showed nigger behaviour as did america ww2 niggers in italy ..america media has been protecting nigs for centuries ..jew owned media long has the jew dreamt of world domination ,centuries long have they been manipulating white countries and kidnapping whites for slavery ..longer then niggers and niggers were abducting whites all the way up to scandanavia and finland 1000 years ago…you can see the penchant for ocean vessel usage in the muslim attacks on constantinople …”……The Second Arab Siege of Constantinople in 717–718 was a combined land and sea offensive by the Arabs of the Umayyad Caliphate against the capital city of the Byzantine Empire, Constantinople. The campaign marked the culmination of twenty years of attacks and progressive Arab occupation of the Byzantine borderlands ………….”
    they been usin the boats to steal white slaves for as long …
    As early as the Middle Ages, “Moors were commonly viewed as being mostly black or very swarthy, and hence the word is often used for negro …

    the moors, a group of north african muslims who conquered spain and portugal and much of north and west africa, were they negroes mainly or were they like the modern day north african berbers who look like arabs

    am hearing that they were blacks who later mixed with the caucasians of the iberian peninsula thereby forming the fair skinned indigenes of morocco….they were probably muslim either way and they killed millions of north african caucasion christians around 1100 ad …..
    niggers attacked a young abe lincoln ..groups of blacks often would chimp out against military authority and as a result were segregated ..
    there really isnt a differnece between an arab or nigger muslim …
    muslim niggers and muslim rag heads kill and rape white women for religious reasons ..
    does anyone think that poverty creates these kinsd of monsters as in american niggers ..
    appalachia is poorer than the freeloading nigger america trash and yet there is virtually no crime there and its white ..niggers are born criminals is a criminal gene pool ..the liberal front stooges for the inner jew working to create white genocide proclaim they can fix nigger behaviour with money and free housing has never worked ..the liberal and the nigger city or nigger run school gets more money to teach zombies ..this is apefirmative action at its worst ..guaranteed job security for al incompetents claiming they need to do more for obamas chimps ..this causes unfair property tax burdens on home owners who rent shit out or the homowner dweller who is extorted and forced to pay this obscene tribut homage to the failed time and agin nigger trash schools hire black techers and administrators ,and they scream out “we dyin over here etc” and liberal ass suckers ply the nigger circus with more and more money which you can gaurantee they dont work for or earn ..the towson debate niggers all went to worthless giuarnateed income for niggers schools where the chimps are told they are smart and that whites are holding them back can whgites be doing this when whites dont even go to many nigger prison preparortory medium security communist indoctrination centers aka chimp training and ebonix learning hub ..
    truth is te reason there virtually no niggros in higher tech amd intellect mandatory work fields is because they are obfuscatedly stupid ..and are in violent denoial ..the only field of endeavor they seek is the easy way to riches via rap stardum or sports or robbery and rape and murder gome wrong …

  13. sog says:

    w w w . theinjusticefile . blogspot
    “…..A Sexually Depraved Black Male Predator Tortures And Murders White Females..”
    A black male, David Middleton,33, who was convicted of rape while being a police officer in Miami (white female victim), was hired by a cable installing company in Reno, NV(obviously the black man did not tell his employer he was a convicted rapist). This job , of course, allowed Middleton to get access to white females’ homes. No one should doubt that this was the main reason for the convicted rapist taking the job. A client of Middleton’s cable company, who was a white female, was kidnapped by Middleton and taken to a remote storage facility, where Middleton had a special surprise waiting for her, a modified freezer. How many days he raped and tortured the white female remains a mystery. She eventually died of suffocation by being trapped in the freezer without enough oxygen. Black male Middleton also did the same to another white female using the same MO….”
    White Victims:
    Katherine Powell, 45,
    Thelma Amparo Davila
    Note:: Middleton is a suspected serial killer of white females. He had many female’s underwear in a storage facility. Police, however, could only prove two murders…..
    yeah so basically when a nigger is caught for 1 murder in reality they have killed multiple times already ..i will try to find the link where it shows HUNDREDS of multiple murder convictions of feral niggers and suspected further crimes they are suspected of that are not classified as serial killings ..was a few years ago and i probably posted it here but its logged into an old computer i need to fix ..

  14. summerled says:

    Black Kids Can’t Swim, Experts Suggest Throwing Them in the Deep End

    Blacks are no good at swimming, they sink. This is caused by them having much smaller chest cavities than Whites. However rather than face up to the obvious biological difference between the races, the lead author of this new study is desperate to think up an environmental excuse for it.

    From CBS:

    Swimming pools are a much greater danger to black children and teens than they are to other kids, a new government study shows.

    Finally, somewhere White kids can go where they will be safe.

    Black children ages 5 to 19 drown in swimming pools at a rate more than five times that of white children, the research found. That suggests a lot of blacks are not learning to swim, said the lead author, Dr. Julie Gilchrist of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    No, it shows that there are fundamental biological differences between the races.

    Swimming is a life-saving skill, not just another sport, she said.

    It is also a race-specific skill.

    The racial differences were smaller for drownings in lakes or other bodies of water. Experts think that’s because relatively few blacks go boating or participate in other water activities.

    Yes, this is because they are unable to swim. It is not because they haven’t capsized in a boat, or been thrown in the deep end of a pool enough times. Although I have no objections to this course of action being taken as a type of aquatic ‘affirmative action’.

  15. ewkeane says:

    They like to beat old whites, too

  16. sog says:

    summerled says:
    May 17, 2014 at 10:09 am
    Black Kids Can’t Swim, Experts Suggest Throwing Them in the Deep End…lol..
    please dont pollute water by throwin in monkeys who like to crap in the pools a story once about community pools nigger whores woulf bring thier illigitamte ape children to and just leave em there all day while they went and smoked nigger dick and glass dick and get pregnant again with another live stock birth for profit and a fatter ebt card etc …so the lifegaurds at the pools noticed the phenomena where the shit tard make believe parents drop off their pre teenapers at the pool and the kids are the most unruly peices of shit and piss and crap in the pool huh the word has gotten out and the water communicates with other bodies of water and says the dirty filthy proto monkey human craps in our environment and even water hates niggers ,so water now conspires to drown the apes ..who woulda known …many a community pool got closed down rather than deal with niggers and lawsuits and absent parents of children that are chronic delinquent problems ..its no surprise as niggers csan ruin whole cities and nations just by being alive ..ive seen some kaffirs do some pretty crazy shit but i have never witnesses and average white person ever insult a nigger or go out of their way to hold down or oppress a nigger unless revenge was called for because of a crime the nigger committed beforehand ..

  17. silvernickel says:

    “now the word has gotten out and the water communicates with other bodies of water and says the dirty filthy proto monkey human craps in our environment and even water hates niggers ,so water now conspires to drown the apes ..who woulda known”

    Lol sog!!

  18. sog says:

    silvernickel says:
    May 18, 2014 at 6:57 pm …amen …we need to become waster is what even bruce lee taught ..i once knew a couple peeps who were actiall bruce lee trained …anyway yeah water has put a warnin g to other bosies od water to drown the apes befoire they reproduce in the water…
    dirty filthy fuxckin shit berger layin niggiz..i caught that lionk on the filthy san fran shitmonkey kickein the innocent white woman in the head you thibnk she is still a kliberal and wants to apeologise to the niggers for hurting their feet with her head ..probably …sad ..sad ..sad …the conn will be prosecces by haznig incarceration and reape-abilitation services ..the filthy nigg will spend diversity and eqaulity time behind bars with other worthless drags on society and be released to do more harm cant fix stupid and niggers are the kings of stupid is it that white people hold the nigger down again ,i wanna hear that and more about treyvon ..the niggers are the ones killin each other in their own hells they created abd sellin dope to their own ..would a white person venture into te ghetto to sell a monkey crack nope and not even to buy if he had a half a brain ..i seen a white boy get shot in the leg ..didnt see it but i knew him ..he went to buy crack from niggers in the ghetto and they shot him in the leg for fun ..25 years ago a place that was relatively saFE …so the nigger has been practicing anti civilization and anti white activity for 100 years and more ..daily kenn shows that some 4000 people were executed from the 1880’s to early 1900’s and almost half ove em were white ..niggers commit more crime ..hell just look at the nigg universities calif the jails tend to be stuffed with mexcrements and nigroaches wonder they want to take our only means of home and self defense away from us ,cus they are getting nervous about all the nigger be free to roam and kill crime shit n shit ..they cant control it anymore ,,its a fire gone out of control and some jews probably wanted it like that anyway while other commies want something different ..but its all bad for whites …
    this is why noggz need to be hunted for bounty and removed from the earth .
    look at this pathetic asshole black mother fucker …wouldnt you enjoy capping him in the face with a 12 gauge about in the muh syphlitic dick ,first than do your duty and eliminate this trash …
    gee i dunno ,i guess if a white guy had 2 nigger bitches as friends he might likely be killed for just talking to nigger girls or dating them or marrying one ..just saying ,the niggers have been committing racist crimes aginst whites for 200 years and is why they forcefully desegregated whites and blacks so that blacks could get closer to us and do more damage a nutshell “… If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America(world) . Instead it is a hush crime…..”
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  19. Don in Taiwan says:

    Tan their hides publicly. What would they do to them in Saudi Arabia? but they don’t have a nigger problem now, do they. Gee, I wonder why? In Indonesia they periodically cull them. No shit. Cause everyone of them is in the heroin trade or up to some scam. They casually cull them and that’s it. Then they sleep well like nothing happened. This is for real. Not a joke. The police and military have shoot outs over turf. Another world completely. But, no nigger problem.

  20. whitepride says:

    Worst POS to live on this earth! Never met a decent ape! I would love to see all the welfare, criminal, idiots disappear off the earth!

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