Homo Senator Lindsey Graham Goes Zio Batcrap

LINDSEY GRAHAM at AIPACPhoto taken at an after-hours party at the AIPAC convention back in March (just kidding, I did it all in Photoshop years ago and it still cracks me the hell up).

First off, did you notice when Israel-Firster Jew, Eric Cantor, lost the retardican primary in Virginia, all the TV whores were (still are) yammering how it’s “probably not just immigration” since Lindsey Graham won his primary in South Carolina? They say Graham is a “moderate republican” when it comes to immigration (Amnesty, etc.), so Cantor’s loss could not be hung on that alone. In other words, Graham survived, even though he’s still a big Jew tool.

Well, Senator Graham ran against a half dozen different candidates, too, so the votes against him were strung out all over the place. Hell, it would not surprise me in the least that some of those other candidates were backroom funded by “certain interests.”

It’s like a big joke — you can see right through the BS these days!

Second, Senator Lindsey Graham has long been suspected of being a big closet fag, possibly even a filthy pedophile to boot (not a lot of difference for the sick homos, who dig young boys big time). I guarantee you the hypocrite Jews controlling the narrative have so much disgusting dirt on this Shabbos goy punk, it’s not funny.

Now Graham is going batcrap crazy about the Muslim Sunni, rag-tag ISIS army advancing out of Syria and taking over Iraq. He’s saying once the “evil terrorists” succeed, we’ll have ourselves another “9/11” here in America. Yeah, I guess he should know, since his Jew handlers are all probably MOSSAD agents in the first place.

Senator Lindsey Graham, has been behind arming and funding the Muslim groups fighting Syria’s Assad (long time buds with Israel’s enemy, Shiite Iran), by US/Israel, the corrupt Gulf states and Shiite-hating, “princely” Saudi Arabia. He’s now raising Cain that some of these wild-haired Jihadis will threaten America — just as soon as they finish chopping off a few heads and installing a “Muslim Caliphate” in Iraq.

Only back in 2011, Graham was going off that Iran just might nuke the South Carolina city of Charleston. Now the crazy Senator wants America to ally with evil Iran so we can bomb the crap out of those ISIS Jihadis menacing Baghad with fast moving pick-up trucks and war booty military equipment we gave Iraq (including surface-to-air missiles, for crying out loud).

Man, you can’t win with all the mess the Zio idiots got us into!


A few years ago, Paul Wolfowitz pissed off his Jew pals by having a cheap affair with some funky-looking Arab woman who worked under him at the World Bank. Of course, nothing really all that bad happened to him, since he’s still a sacred Jew.

Yesterday, MSNBC* had on Bilderberger Jew, Paul Wolfowitz (right), one of the biggest Zionist Neocons responsible for America being over in Iraq from the start. He told the viewing audience how Iraq will probably end up in smaller pieces. Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) head honcho, Richard Haass (another sacred Jew ha ha), came on later to say the same thing.

These so-called “expert” Jews going on TV are somehow all on the same page, have you noticed? Hmmm.

Funny, this is EXACTLY what Israel wanted from day-one. They want a Mideast made up of small, relatively weak, religious-ethno states — easily cowed and manipulated — incapable of threatening “Eretz Israel.” Zionist Jews have been planning this for decades and have blatantly used America to do it. And they want it ASAP, so they can go on to the next stage, which involves clearing out the Palestinians from the West Bank, once and for all.

Here’s how David Duke sums it all up:

In fact, the current crisis in Iraq was manufactured from the beginning by the Zionists, who laid it all out in paper written by American based Zionist traitors, Richard Perle and David Wurmser, and a whole cabal of Zionist subversives in the United States Government.

It was called, “A Clean Break,” all of which I exposed back before the Iraq War, when I traveled across America and the world warning that the Iraq War would horrifically damage America and the world.

Now, it is coming about practically line, by Zionist line. Clean Break calls for the Mideast nations be broken up into squabbling sectarian, and ethnic enclaves.

This whole hypocrisy exposes the ridiculous control these filthy backstabbing GD Jews have over America.

Actually, some Zio Jew guy way back in the 1970’s wrote about the same kinds of things as the “Clean Break” PNAC Zionists did in the 1990’s. I can’t remember his name at the moment, I’ll have to scroll through my now massive folder on all these stinking Jew traitors and look for his photo, while keeping my barf bag at the ready.

Edward_Luttwak INSET 2

God, I can’t stand these smiling Jew rats!

OK, I found him. His name is Edward Luttwak (right), who once published a book in 1969, entitled “Coup d’Etat.” Ever since, the Zionist has been busy promoting bloody wars, upheavals, death and destruction in his “scholarly” writings.

The freaky Jew is one real-life “Dr. Strangelove!”

You can tell he’s the kind of creep who runs with the geopolitical “intelligentia” crowd — you know, the smiling cocktail party elites infesting DC and Jew York city, getting rich living off the government or media, while constantly pushing for the Goyim masses to go out and do a little sandnigger slaying for the NWO power matrix.

Suits like this stinking little creep have never spent one day in the military (unless it was for Mother Israel’s IDF) and the worse thing they might have experienced was a paper cut on their fat, freckled Chosen One pinkies.

Back during the first Gulf war of 1991, Luttwak excitedly said “we’re going to bomb Iraq back into the Stone Age!” Jews so loved getting Americans and Brits to do exactly that to the White people of Nazi Germany, where 600,000 to one million civilians (women, children and old men) died horrible deaths from the purposeful bombing of cities and residential neighborhoods.

Jews have never, ever cared one GD bit about any dead goys — haven’t you figured that one out by now?

Luttwak is a big hero to Neocon Jews, like the ones David Duke mentions above. The guy is also an Israeli citizen (make note how he said “we’re going to bomb…”) and once worked as an advisor to America’s Pentagon (Jew traitors work there all over the place). Just stop and chew on that for a bit and maybe you’ll get all the bull going down these days. Let’s hope so, anyways.

Getting back to our fearless war-mongering homo from South Carolina, Senator Graham, and the business with these Jihadis running amok in Iraq: Spineless Shabbos goys like this guy would have no problems putting our boys back in harm’s way over there, or racking up even more taxpayer debt paying for it all. Anything at all for the murderous Zionists yanking our chains.

If you pay attention to the so-called “free” media like FOX, MSNBC, CNN… hell, all of them, actually… they’ll talk on and on about any details involving the conflicts between the Shia and the Sunni, but notice how they steer clear of mentioning JACK when it comes to Israel’s impact on the region, like with the Palestinians.

That’s the one connection they don’t want Americans to get!

Simply put: The war-mongering Jew Zionists are the ones effin’ us up as a country. And not just overseas, either. The lying creeps are all over the media back here in America, messing with our heads on a whole host of nation-wrecking subjects. Just look at all the never-ending black civil rights victimhood stuff, or all the homo “marriage” crap and illegal alien non-Whites flooding our lands, for crying out loud.

You think all that’s a bunch of hooey? Well, just ruminate on it all the next time you gas up the family car at the filling station, before you commute to work — that is, if you got a GD job these days. Think about it, too, the next time you go grocery shopping — God, a pound of decent joe now costs a fortune!

Just think about all the things these Jews are doing to destroy White people’s demographics in our lands everywhere. Without a doubt: These mothers are in a silent war with our race!

I hate these trouble-making Globalist Jews, I hate the nasty faggot pedophiles, I hate the worthless, White-hating criminal black race and I hate the spineless bastard liberals and idiot FOX Kwans protecting the whole filthy, lousy, GD mess.

I say it’s time to clean house!

— Phillip Marlowe

* Notice how the supposedly “peace-loving, anti-War” liberals at MSNBC put out the same kind of Zionist war propaganda as FOX news. Tell you anything? HEL-LO-OH!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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72 Responses to Homo Senator Lindsey Graham Goes Zio Batcrap

  1. Hoff says:

    Jews? What jews?

    ?Satmar Rebbe Dancing Mitzvah Tanz In Israel



  2. Hoff says:


    How to Milk a Cow by Machine



  3. Hoff says:

    Pre-NAZI jew killing machine. This is hard to watch. Sarcasm, totally harmless. How to milk a cow by hand.



  4. Hoff says:

    Actually footage from Auschwitz 😉

    Using the new milking machine



  5. bubba says:

    If not mistaken…weren’t ALL the alleged Death Camps first in Russian Hands before “exposed”, none in Allied hands ? ie..the Soviets were given time to rig all their cheapo props.

    If you look at the alleged gas chambers….the holes were cut into heavily re-barred cement ceilings. They show cut rebar bent downward. Why would anyone build a gas chamber like that…you simply build forms accordingly to box out the cement to create the space. aka it was built to be a life- saving bomb shelter …dumbkopf.

    Zyklon B requires heating to above room temperature (almost 30 degrees celsius) to be effective. Cement walls are poor insulators…and it wouldn’t be very feasible to gas people during the winter .

    Bodies that inhaled gas would be dangerous to handle…
    the Jews claim a “quickie” gassing turnaround….so rigor mortis wouldn’t set in….thus handling a gassed body could have the lungs expel the poisoned gas to the body handlers.

    Gas chamber executions have proven to be very slow and messy. Can you imagine if these Jews were actually gassed en – masse …there would be shit and vomit and piss etc. all over ……yeecchhhh….who the hell wants to clean up that ?

    One really has to shake their heads over this BS

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    12-Year-Old Jewish Boy Makes Raunchy Penis Jokes, Advances In “America’s Got Talant”


    Not even children escape the jew’s attention.

  7. bubba says:

    More Kike shit….

    Scandal-plagued Phoenix VA hospital gave $10 million in bonuses to administrators who covered up wait times for vets that likely led to the deaths of former soldiers


    More than 2,100 employees were given bonuses over a three-year period
    The bonuses were merit-based
    It was revealed earlier this year that VA employees were keeping veterans off a waiting list to make it appear as though the wait time to see a doctor was shorter than it actually was
    It’s been alleged that veterans died as a result of the manipulated waiting list


    Also…….the mighty Kike Nazi hunters have found another 90 year old target


    These vile, demonic, wretched, blood thirsty Marxist Zionists never quit, do they?
    Mr. Breyer was just 19 years old when he served in the heroic Waffen SS; an elite fighting force whose tenacity saved all of Europe from Stalin’s invading hordes.

    For that, he ought to awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Instead, he becomes the latest old man to be snatched away from his family, soon to be deported to Merkel’s Marxist Germany for trial.

    There is no word yet on when Germany will go after elderly members of the Jewish led NKVD units who raped and tortured so many innocent Germans.


    Does anybody not get it?….these people will bite the hand and the rest of whoever comes near them….

  8. Hoff says:

    On Death row.

    When scotus deny postponing, they are all white. When scotus postpone they are all darkskinned.

    Am I jew right?

  9. Hoff says:

    Hoff at bubba: When did you get jewise?


  10. Maggie says:

    Stomach turning.

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