Could Michelle Obama really be “She-Male”?


Quite a few people have speculated recently here that Michelle Obama, our wonderful “First Lady” (a sorry joke right there), is really a transgender faggot instead of your typical, ugly-as-hell, sheboon. Could it be true? The short answer: Sure. You got a problem with that, homo hater boy?

I’m not saying definitely it’s true, just that the possibility is not so outrageous as one might think. We already know for sure they pulled a fast one with Barack Obama’s citizenship qualifications for POTUS from the beginnings.

Obongo’s IDs and background are so full of mile wide holes, that only deep black operations and a traitorous media in cahoots would have dared foist the skinny punk upon America in the first place. No telling how far in the future such forces were willing to plan for, even hooking him up with a “person of color” homosexual she-male (lots of those around) to satisfy the designated mulatto-in-chief’s sexual peccadillos (don’t you love that word?). They later threw in a couple of baby chimplets purchased or abducted from Africa or Haiti (that part would have been easy) to further aid his “legend.” Babies are not going to remember anything.

The only way to know for sure is DNA testing or someone going in there to check out “her” junk. I’m certainly not volunteering, would you?

After officiating at a homo “marriage,” Joan Rivers (real Russian Jew name: Molinsky) tells a reporter that Michelle is a tranny and Obama is the country’s first gay president. When the vid went semi-viral, she blew it all off by saying she was only joking. I’m not so sure. The face-lift freak may have heard a few things through the grapevine — due to Jewish bragging in certain higher circles.

Now a lot of people have speculated on this very possibility by looking at various parts of Michelle’s anatomy, like the hands. Unfortunately, black females of the species are extremely crude, practically ape-like, so that’s not always a sure gender giveaway. I’ve carefully observed them in the wild (like grocery stores) and most of them are indeed brutish, usually grotesquely fat beasts, with big tree branch-grasping digits, massive buttocks and elongated forearms to aid in jungle life.

Yeah, I know that sounds all “raycist” and crap, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t observable reality.

So it’s possible Michelle is merely “big-boned.” She might simply be exhibiting physical traits of ancestral genetics when such primitive creatures roamed the savannah buck naked — hungrily chowing down on whatever maggot-infested antelope carcass they stumbled across, while throwing rocks or feces at hyenas and vultures to scare them away. When you think things out, it’s not a whole lot different in Africa or even some places in America, right at this very minute.

Michell's dick is showing

This photo purports to show Michelle’s thingy under her dress. It might be a clever photoshop distortion.

So like I say, Sub-Saharan blacks are often quite difficult to make out gender-wise. Take away the often negrofied White man-invented clothing and any facial makeup (black makeup techniques can be truly bizarre), they often look very much like each other. It takes closer examination of the genitalia region to be sure of the gender (again, I’m not volunteering).

Hell, it’s hard enough telling blacks apart on a personal, individual basis, let alone anything else. You used to be able to handle matters by simply saying “hey boy…” but this now gets the spoiled brats riled up like crazy these days for some reason.

At the risk of puking you out again — big time — another thing in the equation to be aware of is that blacks generally have little to no problem doing members of their own sex, sometimes even animals, like any convenient stray urban dogs or barnyard beasts — should they have the opportunity. Hell, if they need to, these filthy beasts would hump a GD hole in the ground!

I’ve actually seen this behavior in public, myself. Back in high school we were playing a practice scrimmage game with another football team (not soccer). Looking across the field, I saw two black kids in their uniforms back behind the team in some overgrown patch of grass. The two were laying face down, humping away at the ground furiously in unison. I pointed this out to the assistant coach and head coach of my team, who grimaced and shook their heads in disgust. I’ve talked to many other Whites over the years who have seen similar obscene behavior out of these filthy, disgusting animals.

Now, your White liberal idiot will say that I’m only telling you these things because I’m a racist. No, witnessing such things in the real world and carefully observing this disgusting race in public places over the years, proudly makes me a “racist.”

Blacks are indeed an ugly, lazy and criminal race. No two ways about it. White-hating spoiled brats as well, I might note.


The guy was immediately fired for merely saying what happened.

For example, this past week radio-show “shock jock” Anthony Cumia (left), of the Opie and Anthony show in Jew York city, was taking pictures in Times Square (a public venue), when a sheboon (probably a nasty street Ho) happened to get into one of his shots and went ape on his ass, punching him crazily in the face multiple times, just for taking her precious photo. Nearby homies rushed over to join in on the fun, so they could beat a Whitey.

When Anthony angrily described on his Twitter feed the violent assault by racist blacks (who called him a White motherf**ker); local liberal media went haywire, calling him the racist for merely describing the race of his attackers and what they yelled. Sirius XM fired Cumia immediately. Libtards and Jews can’t have us White people talking openly about the situation with this absolutely worthless, criminal race. It’s PC.

Think about it here, if a famous “shock jock” was beaten by White perps on the street like this, they would have it on the news everywhere, but since blacks did it, not a GD peep is reported nationally. Don’t you get the real deal now?


Your typical PC crap.

Then the media acts like us Whites got to be all happy and crap, just because Obongo made some dykish high-yellow chick (who identifies herself as “black”), Michelle Howard (right), a 4 star admiral last week. BFD.

How often do they make a report when a White guy makes the grade? Like GD never. Then they made it out like she was such the big hero on that Somali hijacking story, where the captain of a civilian ship (played by big PC-suckup, Tom Hanks) was saved by White Seal team snipers who made some amazing synchronized shots. I’ve heard it’s a bit of an embarrassment to military PC apparatchiks that so few blacks make it through Seal Team “Hell Week,” or last long later without screwing up big time.

I’m telling you, this PC BS sucks royally. It just keeps getting worse and worse and worse by the day. Pretty soon, the creeps will come up with some kind of head helmet they force us White people to wear, which zaps us whenever we think something non-PC.

Wearing such a PC helmet would probably would get one electrocuted visiting my site. If my site even survives till then.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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78 Responses to Could Michelle Obama really be “She-Male”?

  1. Laydee Liberty says:

    Don’t forget to watch
    Super Freak Scandalous Satire Pictures from Michelle and Obama

    – See more at:

    My collection of scandalous twisted politically incorrect everyday photos can be humorous when in the right frame of mind of Michelle and Barrack Obama collected from the internet. WARNING ADULT CONTENT.

  2. johnny says:

    Here is a link to a scientific paper in a government site showing that black males don´t have more testosterone, but have higher trogenic level (feminine sex hormone) in their blood. I guess that when chimping it is not macho heat, but feminine hysteria.
    Watching black males and female hands show an inverte pattern. Lots of males have a longer index (feminine strogenic hand) and females have a larger middle finger (high testosterone dose in the foetus formation).

  3. Len House says:

    In a speech on September 30, 2011, at the TRANSITION or change-of-office ceremony of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at Fort Myer, Virginia, Obama referred to his wife not as Michelle but as Michael.

    It’s HARD to keep a lie hiding this one is an amazing feat indeed, as President Obama must have wanted the world to know, what a burden to keep this huge situation so private. It must be a relief somewhat now that the conversation has begun. People need to be who they need to be – we are spirts.

    Well ladies and gentlemen our “First Lady” is actually the First Man. EVEN MORE startling, Barack Obama knows that his wife was once a man, making him the first homogay President of our Christian nation.

    According to the Examiner, after high school Michael Obama had a sex change operation DONE, after having supposedly claimed for years to have been a woman in a man’s body.“Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States, was born Michael LaVaughn Robinson in Chicago, Illinois on January 17th, 1964.

    He was the second son born to Fraser Robinson III and Marian Shields Robinson. How about this for news, it’s hard to imagine this is REAL.

    And so if this is real, then let the truth be known.
    As the yiddish kike’s so-called love for each other, no matter what will save this planet from destruction, just don’t wash too well.

    So bring it on….
    YAHWEH God’s waiting to gather the tares from the corn . . . we as a collective the White Christian Anglo-Saxon, Scandinavian, Celtic, Germanic, & kindred peoples only need to CALL on Him.

    And the niggers are waking up . . . calling Jew-Merika their home ground.

  4. Laydee Liberty says:

    IS TRUTH STRANGER THAN FICTION ? Joan Rivers claims very MATTER-A-FACT that Obama IS gay and Michelle IS transgender and it should be obvious to those with fully functioning braincells, HER STATEMENT WAS NOT SAID AS A JOKE OR INSULT. Joan Rivers has a great deal of respect for “gay” people and a huge advocate of alternative lifestyles. – She appeared annoyed by the hypocrisy within the media here – HER COMMENT WAS OUTING THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA – as many of the media she believes “ALL KNOW” the truth. This comment may be scandalous but the general public has a very SHORT attention span and even worse memory or are so dumbed-down as well as clueless they will believe she was joking and all the zombies will religiously whine “RACISM”. The media really should bury this story before people begin to probe much deeper.

    This likely alternative lifestyle reality of the Obama’s however is No real shocker IF you’ve been paying attention or have unbiasedly investigated these two occupying the White-house. How very REFRESHING to hear what could in fact be THE TRUTH – from someone in the media – too often it is a RARE occurrence these days. Give credit where credit is due. – Thank YOU J.R.

    Obama IS Gay Michelle IS TransGender

    July 3, 2014
    AFTER she officiated a GAY MARRIAGE in NYC.

    P: Do you think the county will see the first GAY president
    or the first woman president?

    JR: Well, we already have it with OBAMA –
    so let’s just calm down.

    P: Got it.

    JR: YOU KNOW Michelle is a TRANNY.

    P: I’m sorry she’s a what?

    JR: A transgender. WE ALL KNOW.

    P: Oh my gosh.

    JR: It’s O.K . . .What’s it matter?

    Joan Rivers Bombshell: Barack Obama is Homosexual and Michelle is a Tranny

  5. stevieb says:

    The Joan Rivers outing is very interseting…also there’s a series of pictures from the green dress shindig that show ‘her’ dresd bunching up at the crotch…are they all photoshopped? Where are the Photoshop experts? This is the sort of game our Jewish criminal exploiters love to play…I would bet my right arm that this is a transgendered First “Lady”..

  6. Slim None says:

    Those words were Joan Rivers’s death sentence.

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