NWO Zionist Agents Push Jew BS All Over TV

Here’s FOX’s afternoon designated blonde shiksa, Gretchen Carlson, talking on the split screen with Simon Marks, some Jewish globalist media guy with a British accent, on how “evil Vladimir Putin is restarting the Cold War.” What? Don’t they have enough American Jew talking heads these days, or are they just spreading things out so we don’t get too wise to how many of the arrogant creeps are already on TV?


Wolf Blitzer used to write Zionist propaganda at AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) — the biggest, richest lobby in DC corrupting our politicians. Now he feeds America Zionist and PC crap daily on CNN.

You don’t have to listen to me or so many others these days, about all the Jewish BS going down today. You can actually see it “real time” on TV.

I can’t believe how many of these arrogant Jew creeps they put on TV news anymore and the Jewish propaganda and brainwashing all through-out TV, even entertainment shows. The diversity and NWO crap is so ridiculously obvious these days.

If it wasn’t for the Jewish control of our media, America would be screaming for sanctions on Israel. Instead, we pump billions of our tax dollars and military hardware into that country every year. Hell, we actually have a billion dollar cache of military supplies stationed over there, just in case the precious Zionists need it.

You know how FOX news is supposedly the “conservative” channel, so you expect them to be absolutely huge Israel ass kissers, right? Then why is it your supposedly libtard channels also push Zionist NWO crap? If you pay close attention, you’ll notice how they always end up spouting the company line — how America needs to be allied with poor widdle, always besieged Israel — our bestest buddies and “only democracy in the Mideast.”

What a sorry GD laugh. Jew creeps (both liberals and those who claim to be conservative, like FOX’s Charles Krauthammer) are all for giving Amnesty to non-White Third Worlder illegals in our countries. Even big money republican Jews, like multi-billionaire foreign gambling tycoon Sheldon Adelson, wants to legalize the illegals. Tell you anything about Jewry?

After all we’ve done for them, Jews are absolutely the planet’s biggest backstabbers!

“We got your back Israel!” Some bozo White guy on FOX’s “The Five” proclaimed last week. Even the supposed liberal foil of the show (the fat guy wearing suspenders who once had a bad drinking and drug habit), himself did a nice bit of Israel ass kissing. “Funny” Jew boy, Greg Gutfeld, went on an angry mini-rant about all the “Jew haters” down through history.


You can’t go by the name! Bernard Whitman, democratic pollster and huge Obama lover, is always going on CNN, MSNBC and even FOX news. You can tell he’s another big NWO Jew boy just by looking at him!

I’m so sick and tired of never-ending Jew whining and these Israel Goy suck-ups!

It truly makes a person puke, when one sees all the Jewish slime poured out of Hollywood, right along with all the black worship, faggot marriage, miscegenation, illegal immigration, radical feminism and never-ending liberal crapola of all sorts, ever since the trouble-making punks immigrated to America.

Literally, every single country these “rootless cosmopolitans” have ever lived, ends up kicking their asses out or worse, sooner or later. There’s got to be some good reasons for it, besides religion (bogus, since they have long called themselves a racial nationality).

And these arrogant city Jews pretty much think White people are idiots in America. Sorry to say, they might just be right. For most of the fools, anyway.

Recently, a Pugh research poll out last week showed that Jews dislike Evangelical Christians a bit more than even the evil Muslims, believe it or not. That should tell you a little something. Two-faced, urban Jews have always looked down their noses at White Christian Zionists, no matter how much these fooled Christians support Mother Israel and ridiculous “end times” crap.


Jews have all sorts of huge organizations, with multi-million dollar a year budgets, all dedicated to policing White people with PC and supporting a foreign nation (Israel), like Abe Foxman’s ADL. Say anything about it and the nervy creeps will scream bloody murder or get you ruined in whatever way they can!

The reason they’ve succeeded to this point, is that Jewry has had propaganda and diversity brainwashing in TV and movies for decades. Notice how their evil Nazi/Holocaust BS goes on and on and on in the media. They never let up, do they?

They even put holocaust crap on the “Animal Planet,” if you can believe it.

A week or so ago, Animal Planet had on a documentary called “Hitler’s Jurassic Zoo,” where a 1930’s German scientist was trying to reverse evolve modern day cattle to arrive at some semblance of an ancient European bovine species called the “Euroch.” Since early Germanic peoples hunted them (not actually during the Jurassic period, they were doing a play on Spielberg); they made the guy out as a mad racist scientist and the whole thing another example of “evil Nazi White supremacy!”

It actually wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Scientifically, the guy was way ahead of his time. For one, it’s a good idea to have a base population of wild versions to such an important domesticated animal, just in case. Plus, it’s also interesting for many scientific and historical reasons. Hell, the idea of cloning Ice Age Woolly mammoths gives woodies to scientists all over the globe today.

Oh, but doing such things in conjunction with White “racial purity” is treated like the evilest thing imaginable. You see, that’s the thing these White haters go positively ape about. They can’t have us White people looking for ways of bettering ourselves as a race. Even the idea of us thinking we have a race is called evil!

Why? Because the creeps are deathly afraid of the White race once we get our dander up. They think, should we suddenly become racially conscious overnight and figure out what they’ve been up to, may well come gunning for them. Us being the evil goosestepping, pogram-loving, jim crow slavery SOBs they tell everyone all the time we are.

bill maher show

The above are screen shots taken of a recent Bill Maher’s “Real Time” on HBO. During the show, they talked some about the recent Israeli/Gaza war. But in the end, all four Jews above (even Bill Maher is technically a Jew) expressed total support for Israel — so endangered and besieged on all sides (indeed true for Gaza).

Gaza is a Zionist strategy of concentrating enemies of Israel into something called a “Hornet’s Nest,” where they can more easily be attacked by them, or their favorite proxy, the US, should it be too dangerous to precious Jews. This is exactly what the Zionists in DC have been trying do in Syria, with the result now spilling over into Iraq — where the Jews used America to take out Saddam Hussein not so long ago, remember?

Mainstream media said little at all during the last two times Israel massacred Gazans (since 2009). If you think back, hardly any reporting was done on national news. They certainly didn’t tell you about the proven fact Israel used burning US-supplied PHOSPHOR munitions on the practically defenseless Palestinians (a war crime). Hell, they don’t breathe a word on the subject now.

So why are they talking about this latest turkey shoot in Gaza these days? Because of the INTERNET, that’s why. If they did it again a third time, too many goy just might notice.

Isn’t Maher supposed to be some kind of big liberal icon? Don’t liberals take pride in fighting those who “oppress the little guy” and are always so anti-war? Hmmm. Methinks these hypocrites know which side their bread is buttered on!


This was from some kiddie’s Saturday morning cartoon. I actually recall seeing it a long time ago but can’t remember the title. Anyone remember the name, please put it in the comments below. Note the White girl with the black guy behind the cute little rabbi leading us down the primrose path.

Basically, subversive Jewry has been behind brainwashing White people and Christians from day-one in just about every White nation the creeps have control of the media. By now, you can see the path of moral and racial destruction they’ve led America on for decades.

Here they are, telling us we got to support their stinking country of Israel (this by itself proves how traitorous these creeps are), while they continue to destroy our lands and even our race with PC brainwashing. Just turn on the filthy damn TV set!

Same thing with “globalism.” Jews are always saying they want to tear down national borders — except the ones surrounding Mother Israel, of course. That’s one reason these people are called “nation-wreckers.” Another is that they always end up turning countries into immoral crap holes in one form or another.

Hell, these punks have been behind communism since the beginning. Hundreds of millions of people died across the glove because of their twisted political visions, or sometimes even at their own hands, like in Soviet Russia.

We know these selfish, traitorous people have their own agenda for America, too. It’s so, so obvious these days.

They have indeed been working to destroy our race from the inside out. They want to turn Whites into a castrated minority, with a substantial percentage of us half breeds or homos, while White people get constantly victimized by violent and criminal blacks — pretty much like what’s happening to Whites in South Africa right the hell now.

The globalist Jews are also directly responsible for why our jobs go overseas and why our money is so worthless these days. Ask yourself why the Federal Reserve and Treasury (Jacob Lew) is always controlled by Jews. Hell, the former head of Israel’s national bank moved back to the US, just to help a Jew woman named Janet Yellen — who took over control of the Fed from Ben Shalom Bernanke — another Jew, obviously.

We need to tell everyone we know about what these filthy, lousy Jews are up to. Not only us Whites, either, since the mothers may well get us all into a new World War, like they did the last one with Hitler. Think that’s bull? Think again, pal.

— Phillip Marlowe



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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104 Responses to NWO Zionist Agents Push Jew BS All Over TV

  1. Frank Fredenburg says:

    UN Secretary – General Ban Ki-Moon Rushed To Hospital

    New York — UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital today, suffering from what his doctor’s called severe over-extension of both index fingers.

    His personal physician, Dr. Shlomo Buttstein, said Ban Ki-moon had injured both index fingers over the last few days when he was severely wagging first one, then the other index fingers against Israel for their conduct in Gaza.

    “I have told Ban Ki-moon that he needs extensive rest and no more wagging of the index fingers at Israel, if he wants to recover and regain full use of his fingers,” said Dr. Buttstein.

    “This is not the first time Ban Ki-moon suffered this terrible affliction. He also had a severe case back in 2008, during Israel’s “Operation Cast Lead” and we warned Mr. Ki-moon at that time to avoid exerting his index fingers in such an abnormal manner. And I told Ban that it was beneath the dignity of the Office of UN Secretary-General to engage in such tawdry anti-Semitic behavior!”

    A team of oncologists also checked Ban Ki-moon out, concerned about the blisters on his tongue, but declared the blisters to not be cancerous, when Ban Ki-moon informed the head oncologist, Dr. Ariel Fecalberg that he always got those blisters immediately after licking Israeli PM Netanyahu’s rectum.


  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I’m fine Sog. How are you? Cool Summer! It must be that Global Warming I’ve been hearing about.

  3. sog says:

    yeah i write like shit ..holy s. …the part i meant to outline in the monolongolog above was where all the assholes going to israel besides all the jews that were allowed to leave germany and travel there under the haavaara for 1 but anyway the place was filled up with post war shitkike “partisans ” who mainly fought for zionism and its bank rolling by stealth and robbery during ww2 ..the jews as russians and partisans stole 800,000 artifacts and treasuers from german people and the allies took 600,000 or more and destroyed a nation for the jews pleasure ..cus we know the holohoax was pure delusion and hallucination and fabrication from propaganda ..this propaganda about persecution towards jews was created in hollywood and russia to be distributed in the jews owned media to defame germans ..the very word “nazi” ia a defamation crwated by hollaender a holly wood emigre kike who like billy wilder put out propaganda movies showing deads germans and cleiming they were jews post ww2 ..whe goebbels went as gauleiter to berlin to clean out the corruption was when the jews hit the fan and took olff like rats to all corners of the world ..they were not held against their will in german ever exept as convicted sabotuers and criminals under germanpenal codes ..when bhitler began to enforces laws and banned communism as a dangerous treasonous force used against the the german monarchy in the form of ww1 and the roots of german destruction based in jewish ghettos or shetyls ..dont forget that choickos and poland and other balkn states pesecuted germans and disenfranchised them of theor ancestral property and lifes .. expelledgermans is good site for this ..my drawn out point is that the jews who were proliferating israel after ww2 were the same kikes that proliferated the soverign legitamete monarchy of russia with the intent of destavbilizing and overthrowing in the name of the proletariet ..lol ..yeah and the real reason was so jews could steal all the “borgeoisse” assets and properties ..but in reality it is the jews who excercise “white’ priviledge and borgeoisse behaviors …communism is simply a massive transfer by force of innicent hard working peoples assets to lazy thieving askanazzi and sephardick make believe jews ..wtf ? why would anyone think these shitbags are special or holy etc …they are the most evil presence on this earth ..
    some of these sites are for research purposes ..take what works ..
    life is gettin tough out here in america these days ..i do belive in god ..and praying ..thats my religion ..

  4. sog says:

    niggers ,savages ,purpol dranhk and cow urine …niggers thru jewish entitlement and support have raped and destroiyed beutiful south africa ..the bread basket of africa nad the insurance against famine and political instability and nigger instability have been removed by jews who give wreckless power to stupid niggers ..a recipe for white genocide and starvation ..700,000- 1 million whites now live jobless and homeless in refugee camps and starve to death in many of the locations ..while the farms sit dormant or are failed and gone to seed cuz niggers cant grow anything but jenkem ….and yet another analogous similar jewish communist perpetrated genocidal famine in saouth africa against decent hard working whites once again ..
    these filthy niggers as mass murderers and rapists and muslims are coming to our beloved white monolithic countries around the world by the meddlesome evil hand of the global kike ….

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Obama Issues New Guidelines For Terrorist Watchlist, Says White People Are The Terrorists

    The Chief Black Terrorist of the United States, Planet of the Apes Occupation Leader Barack Obama, has altered the guidelines for putting Americans on terrorist watchlists, explicitly claiming that White people are the real terrorists who need to be watched on lists.

    The DHS suggests a typical woman terrorist would be a Caucasian in her late 20’s or early 30’s with brunette hair, stylish clothing, high heels and a shoulder bag. A man, About the same age, short hair, wearing a shirt and slacks and familiar with technology, as he’s wearing an earpiece cellphone. Also Caucasian.


  6. summerled says:

    yeah PRT my spelling is no good either maybe its the rank and file whistle blower edumacation

    good to see you back SOG!!

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Summerled it’s not you. I’ve seen Generals and Colonels and Majors and Captains and even Leutenants. You send a document with a mispelled word on the cover sheet? What else is fucked up? The Generals I know and even every officer would have said dismissed for today . Generals and Officers are not stupid believe it or not. Maybe some brainwashed but definetly not stupid. If a briefer had started a presentation with a cover sheet like that with a common word misspelled I guarenttee the General or Colonel would chew them out on the spot. So I’m not in GI uniform anymore so I don’t have to spellcheck what I say anymore. So bite me Gemneral.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Please do not take that wrong Summerled I am not biting at you. I was biting at federal/jew/zog government when the cover sheet for the document has such an obvious error. Who’s paying these niggers would be my first question if I was a General.

  9. Bailey says:

    We are way past fucked !

    That’s fer’ sure there sog.

    But, A guy I work with who used to be a liberal dupe said something interesting to me today.

    He said and I quote,

    Hamas using Palestinians as human shields is BULLSHIT .

    So you see, Even the brain dead are waking up.

    This dude used to believe whatever the rotten box told him, not anymore though.
    He also wonders why the hell the JewSA has to give the devil state more money for the iron dome.

    There is no fucking iron dome, just another jew scam.
    Just like there are no Hamas tunnels, just Mossad tunnels.
    Have you seen them on the filthy lying jew news?
    Where in the hell are the Palestinians gonna get concrete?
    Hmm, Do they dig those tunnels with their fingernails?

    I’m to the point that anyone who buys this BS is just as much my enemy as those effin’ jews who are not only fucking up my country and the future for me and mine but the while fuckin’ civilized world.

    It is way past time for the populators of this planet to WTFU !

    Hey, Obama is building detention centers for illegal shitbags, complete with park like settings and soccer fields.
    How nice huh?
    How many americans live under bridges, tent cities or a FEMA camp?
    We’re talking about working class folks who thought they had everything 10 years ago.
    Niggers and spics get everything while the white working class losses everything.

    To those who say they are proud to be American,

    STFU !

    Wake the fuck up !

    Hey Frank,

    That link above about Ban kim moon was pretty funny but that top picture is effin’ horrible. I’d bet the filthy jew bastards in the devil state are using it on late night TV shows as satire.

    Filthy creatures.

  10. Bailey says:

    Well Hoff,

    It aint called the JewSA for nothing.

    Donate now to help support the slaughter of Gazans.

  11. Israhell on Earth says:



  12. Israhell on Earth says:


    I think the regular posters here already know the answer. Karen doesn’t like Henry Makow, perhaps she is right and he is another shill.
    At least he calls out the jew, how much more can we expect nowadays ?
    The Jews WILL shut down so called Hate(Truth)-sites in the near future, therefore it’s essential to wake up as many people as possible.
    Scott Roberts calls it “planting a seed”. It’s not a seed of hate but a seed of love and truth for the White race and the rest of humanity. I still distinguish between good jews and bad jews.

    I always loved that song, especially the end when the singer jokes about bill hicks..


  13. summerled says:

    no problems PRT it could be just a printing error

  14. Karen says:

    Canadian Diversity Club banners
    black- we wuz slaves, gimme gimme
    native- call us first nation, we were here first
    indian- we still shit in the river
    muslim- sharia good, western evil
    chinese- me makee money, screw you white devil dog
    communist-we won the gold medal in genocide
    homosexual-what precious bum f..cking snowflakes we are
    feminist-please let us in the Club we hate White men too
    jew-hahahaha, gotcha goyim

    “They want the White mans world, but without the White man in it. They don’t understand that the White mans world comes with the White man and leaves with him.”

  15. Smitherines says:

    Stop the Coming Obamnesty!
    By Patrick J. Buchanan


    Friday – August 1, 2014

    According to Rep. Luis Gutierrez, Obama intends “to act broadly and generously” on behalf of the “millions and millions” of illegal immigrants in the United States today.

    Gutierrez, who meets often with the president, is implying that Obama, before Labor Day and by executive order, will grant de facto amnesty to five million illegal immigrants.

    They will be granted work permits and permission to stay. With his pen and his phone, Obama will do what Congress has refused to do.

    There is a precedent. Obama has already issued one executive order deferring the deportation of “dreamers,” children brought into the United States illegally by their parents before 2007.

    Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is on to what is afoot. “We must prevent the president’s massive amnesty from going forward,” he says, and urges legislation to block an executive amnesty. But this divided Congress is not going to pass any such law. Nor would Obama sign it.

    Still, would Obama dare deliberately ignite a nationwide firestorm by declaring an executive amnesty for 5 million illegal immigrants?

    Why not? Consider the risks — and the potential rewards.

    On the downside, an Obama amnesty would polarize the country, imperil red-state Democrats and cause even allies to conclude he had become a rogue president who adheres to the Constitution and rule of law only so far as they comport with his agenda.

    And what is his agenda? As he has said: to transform America.

    Obama wants history to rank him among the transformational presidents like Lincoln, FDR and Reagan. And what better way to transform America than to ensure her evolution from a Western and predominantly Christian country into that multicultural, multilingual, multiethnic, borderless land Teddy Roosevelt inveighed against as nothing but a “polyglot boarding house for the world”?

    Obama did not like the America we grew up in.

    As he told that closed-door fundraiser in San Francisco in 2008, that America was too full of life’s losers who “get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiments.”

    What would be the political benefits to Obama of an amnesty?

    It could weld Hispanics to the Democratic Party, would be wildly popular with the ideological and Christian left, and quietly welcomed by those Chamber-of-Commerce Republicans who have silently supported amnesty and secretly want immigration off the table in 2016.

    An Obama amnesty would instantly become the blazing issue of 2014, replacing his foreign policy fecklessness, diffident leadership, and IRS, VA, Benghazi and Obamacare foul-ups and scandals.

    Among Republicans, a roar would arise from the base to impeach Obama, no matter the consequences. But while impeachment would divide Republicans, a Democratic call to arms to save the first black president from impeachment would unite his party and bring the money rolling in.

    Every Republican running for the Senate would face the question: How would you vote on convicting the president, if the GOP House votes to impeach him for high crimes and misdemeanors?

    In the long run, an amnesty that puts 5 million illegal immigrants, most of them from Third World nations, along with their progeny, on a certain path to citizenship, would complete the process of turning America blue.

    How would such a blanket amnesty affect our country’s future?

    After this second amnesty, word would go out to the world that if you can get into America, by whatever means necessary, and lay low for a while, there is a near certainty you will be able to stay.

    The children pouring in from Central America, we are told, are fleeing repressive regimes. But billions of people in Asia, Africa and Latin America live under repressive regimes.

    If all are entitled to come, they will come. And they will remake the West and America in their own image, Obama’s image, the image of that Tower of Babel, the United Nations General Assembly.

    How many more tens of millions of poor and uneducated people can we absorb before we exceed the carrying capacity of the republic?

    How much more diversity can we handle before there is no unity left?

    As we boast of our ethnic, cultural and religious diversity, what still makes us one nation and one people? For it is not religion. Not culture. Not custom. Not history. Not tradition. Not language. Not ethnicity.

    Is it only a Constitution and Bill of Rights — over the meaning of which we fight like cats and dogs.

    What problems of America — from sinking test scores, to collapsing roads and bridges, to endless borrowing to save our social safety net, to income inequality, to culture wars — will be more easily solved with tens of millions more of the world’s destitute arriving?

    The only problem that will surely be solved by the next 50 million immigrants, who follow the 50 million legal and illegal immigrants who have come since 1965, will be the problem presented by the continued existence of the Republican Party.

    Americans should let Obama know what they think of his amnesty now, before he imposes it upon us.

    Read More At: http://buchanan.org/blog/stop-coming-obamnesty-6787

    Visit Pat Buchanan’s Official Website at Buchanan.org
    — Sign up for Pat’s email updates, follow on Twitter, FaceBook and Pat’s YouTube Channel…. Plus all of his site.

    Please Support Our Email List and Website:

    Get Pats Books…
    Signed by Pat Buchanan!

  16. Smitherines says:

    Karen says:
    August 1, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Canadian Diversity Club banners
    black- we wuz slaves, gimme gimme
    native- call us first nation, we were here first
    indian- we still shit in the river
    muslim- sharia good, western evil
    chinese- me makee money, screw you white devil dog
    communist-we won the gold medal in genocide
    homosexual-what precious bum f..cking snowflakes we are
    feminist-please let us in the Club we hate White men too
    jew-hahahaha, gotcha goyim

    “They want the White mans world, but without the White man in it. They don’t understand that the White mans world comes with the White man and leaves with him.”

    Excellent Karen, as usual you post another “gem.”

  17. Smitherines says:

    Only thing Buchanan leaves out is most of this immigration and “human rights”
    garbage is a FAKE Zionist charade to destroy the west: as noted in Golda Meir’s
    letter from 72, stated “Israel must keep Blacks out at all costs, as it will erode
    the country financially, morally, and sexually(all their raping and perversions).

    Obama is more the Zionist puppet than socialist dreamer and civil rights
    crusader, as he would of COMPLAINED about the Palestinian and African
    refugee treatment in Israel if it wasn’t so.

  18. Smitherines says:

    Ask yourself something?? Why is immigration and diversity great
    for western Christian Goyim, but POISON for Israel???

    Grandma Golda’s love note about black Jews. Zionist archives are filled with gems like this.

    Gaza Carnage: It is Merry Time for Muslim Zionists
    “We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.” – Golda Meir.
    … by M. I. Bhat

  19. RED PILL says:

    NWO Zionist Agents Push Jew BS All Over TV

    so who is stupid enough here to watch the jew tube in the first place???

    only the fools that think they are smarter than the mind control experts that
    push this crap out so you can comment how stupid it is.

    if you watch the plug in drug you are truly STUPID and addicted.

  20. Here is another gem of a comment over at my site, from known Hasbara clown “Salvatore” for everyone to view(including all the Hasbara agents still trolling in here):

    “The funny thing is : The more you and all your fuck buddies and all your gurlfriends in the “honest” “alternative” shoot your “truthful” mouths off, the worse and worse the situation in the USA and the world gets. Maybe it’s time for you and all your fuck buddies and all your gurl friendzz in the “honest”, “alternative” media to STFU. The longer you’re all around shooting your mouths off, the worse everything gets, I notice. I notice, too, none of you “truth-loving, truth-seeking,truth tellers” from your “honest”, “alternative” media ilk didn’t slither out from your snake pits until after 9/11 when it was way too late to change the ZOG status quo, at least not without massive civil violence unto outright Civil War in the USA. Where were you and all of your “honest”, “alternative” “truth-loving, truth-seeking, truth-telling” fuck buddies and gurl friendzz before 9/11 when there was at least some small chance to change the ZOG status-quo peacefully and civilly? In what jew naga on Excellent Report From Whitewraithe: The Tyrannical State Of Israel Should Be Vanquished From The Pages Of History – Salvatore”

    Honestly, people.. Is this the best the Hasbara have? They cannot even debate anymore about the insanity of Israel but instead they are stuck now trying to “shoot the messenger”….

    Come on, you psycho agents of Isra-Hell.. You can do better.. And you can again show yourselves as the true losers and misfits you truly are!

    Thanks again Incogman for putting most of these Hasbara/JIDF trolls in spamblinka.. But there are a few that are still trolling in here that need disposal!

  21. hens are liars says:

    “Genocide is permissible” according to insane Times of Israel Op-Ed (UPDATED)

    Please read the entire article at:

  22. Karen says:

    Thanks Smitherines, and if there were more politicians like Pat Buchanan the U.S. would have a chance.

  23. summerled says:

    Putin, EDL, Tea Party, Fake Nationalism, And Commie-servatives


  24. Barney says:

    I get parked in front of the tel-aviv-zion, also known as the electric jew, when visiting friends, so I get to see how vile it all is, but I wouldn’t have a brainwashing box in my own place, haven’t for several years now and never will again.

    The tel-aviv-zion is nothing but a freak show. As well as the jew this, jew that crap, jews discussing jews with other jews and not a Human in sight, the hardened sheeple can watch obscene crap like “embarrassing bodies” and all those freak shows where spastic surgery (yes, that’s what I intended to call it) “gone wrong” is plastered all over the screen while a jew spastic sturgeon waffles on about what can he done about it.

    WHY the f*ck would wealthy idiots go to those incompetent spastic sturgeons in the first place? It’s not as if they can’t afford one who knows what he’s doing. Don’t they discuss it with other idiots who’ve had things done?

    Then there are those “foreign hospital” programmes showing how fkn stupid some holidaymakers can be, lazing about in the sun all day thinking they won’t burn, getting pissed and falling through windows, jumping into swimming pools without checking whether they’ve got water in them and just generally doing the most stupid things imaginable. Always White idiots I have to add. They never show niggers acting like niggers.

    Six million things removed from the sub-human body.

    Constipation Street, Enema-dale, Horribly City (something like that anyway), Deadenders about a bunch of niggers, thugs, sluts and general rubbish. The craplist just goes on and on.

    (Some [all] of the above have been renamed by me to indicate their true nature.)

    Endless pole-lice car chase videos, when at least some of us know zog has given itself the ability to take full remote control of every modern vehicle, individually or all at once on the day they decide “goyim” are no longer allowed to drive. Boston brakes, anyone?

    Simian Cowshit’s fake “talent” shows, where participants are (allegedly) auditioned three times before they get to perform in front of the main judging panel to be publically ridiculed, so we know that any “surprise” the judges show at being (very rarely) confronted with real talent is fake (see the video below – pity it includes the revolting Piers Morgan).

    Then there’s the worst freak show of all, known as “the news”, where some ugly kike or nigger feeds us a pack of lies, often about things that never happened (Sandy Hook-nose?, Aurora?, Boston?, MH-370/17?, Global “warming”?, “the” holy hoax?).

    Holy hoax films are on literally every day of every week. Perhaps someone should tell them the war’s over, so the atrocity propaganda isn’t needed any more.

    Something to keep in mind. False-flags nearly always happen (or don’t, but are “reported”) on a Friday. MH-370/17 was a day early, and Boston a day late, but if we hear about it just before the weekend, we should always suspect a false-flag.

    Now for the video showing what a sack of shit Simian Cowshit really is. We already know about Piers Morgan. Where’s the rope?



  25. BrianSoCal says:

    Spread this video everywhere! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LObFGwSLHY

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