Zio Media Protecting Zionist USrael Government


NBC’s “Meet the Press” a couple of weeks ago brought on Jew Paul Wolfowitz, former deputy of defense and one of the principal Jew rats who got us into war with Iraq the last time. David Gregory (a proudly practicing Jew) tossed him a softball questions about the advance of the muzzie ISIS into Iraq, freely letting him shuck and jive away. Zio Globalists Dick Cheney and William Krystal (Jew) were all over the TV set, as well.

You might ask yourself why are these f**kers getting asked anything in the first GD place?

Well, the answer to that is our media and government have long been hijacked by Zionist Jewry behind all these geopolitical gambits. America has obviously been used by these devious creeps to advance the regional hegemony of Israel, while the International Banking class has been greedily sucking on our tit since 1913. Think it’s bull? Then why haven’t we ever seen anything on how money is really created?

From the earliest days, this situation has been totally ignored by the US press. Or more accurately: Blacked out and cleverly censored from knowledge by the majority. Hell, most people on the street don’t even know the Israelis have The Bomb, for crying out loud. You tell them and they just look at you — blinking stupidly like a deer caught in headlights — if to say “why should I care, if it doesn’t affect me watching NFL or ‘Here comes Honey Boo Boo?'” America is now ridden with Zio-induced stupidity.


Am I a traitor? Like hell no. I’m a red-blooded American patriot, if you want to know the truth. Oh sure, MSNBC pinkos will call me a hater, and the FOX Kwans will call me a pinko. I really don’t care. All those people are walking, talking morons.

No, the US media is part and parcel to the Zionist divide and conquer agenda in the Mideast. No doubt at all anymore.

The evidence is clear, you can easily tell how the media doesn’t dare ask the people in power any inconvenient questions exposing this real plan. This is a sure sign of government propaganda — just like we once accused the Soviet Union back in the days of the Cold War!


Look at how we’re actually bankrolling Muslim Jihadis in Syria itself. Photos of Senator John McCain was recently released by ISIS showing him paling around with their top leadership. So how come the US mainstream media is not digging deeper into all of this? You might think the “peace-loving” libtards would be all over it, would you not?

No, because Obama is the president, that’s why. Since he calls himself “black” we need to support him no matter what he does in this country’s name. He’s not going to say anything — too many rich, powerful Israel-Firster Jews are responsible for putting him in office.

Funny how that homo, and supposed conservative “republican” senator, Lindsey Graham, goes on TV acting all crazed about the ISIS “terrorists” threatening the US should they takeover Iraq, but still approves of Obama wanting to give Syrian anti-Assad forces (who are pretty much all one and the same) 500 million dollars of our tax dollars. Amazing.

McCain_and_Syrian_rebels Senator John McCain with the top leadership cadre of ISIS. He’s probably just promised them some more of your taxpayer dough!

One of these ISIS guys in the photo, was later seen in a battlefield video literally eating the heart of one of his dead enemies!

Now I got a sneaking suspicion these creeps are going to do something very big this summer. Maybe even this coming July 4th holiday weekend. Something like a 9/11-style False Flag with thousands of American dead and wounded.

A lot of things lately have raised my hackles, so to speak, that something big is just around the corner. Call me crazy, call me wacko, I don’t care.

I wouldn’t even be surprised the Israelis themselves wacked those 3 Jew teens in Israel to make it look like the Palestinians did it. Using a false flag, they’ll get the USA to go to war in Syria, Iraq and Iran, while they take care of the defenseless Palestinians using American-supplied weaponry to massacre tens of thousands.

“One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail.”

–Rabbi Ya’acov Perin

Hell, now comes word the Zionist Jews in Israel have already bombed the hell out of Gaza strip (when the supposed crime took place on the West bank). Hundreds of innocent civilians are probably already dead or horribly wounded.

LIEBERMAN SILO RESIZEDTalmudic Jew supremacist, Joe Lieberman (right), was on FOX earlier this morning kindly explaining to Kwan viewers how Israel is now “forced” to enact massive state vengeance because poor little Israel is so small and beleaguered by these evil Arab terrorists killers. Funny how Lieberman happened to be already in the TV studio, ready for his interview with your typical Shabbo goy suck-up, when the news crossed the wire.

You know something? We’re only getting one side of the story here.

Jew land stealers (“settlers”) kill Palestinian kids all the time. You just never hear about it, because the Jews control the narrative back here in the US. And even the Israelis IDF (military) often kills innocent, non-combatant Pali civilians, sometimes seemingly for sport. Just a few years ago, Israeli snipers shot dead an old grandfather and his young grandson while farming in a Gaza field. They simply told everyone they were probably “terrorists” getting ready to launch missiles!

Jews will also kill other Jews if it advances their over-all designs. They call it: “The ends, justify the means,” i.e. do whatever necessary to create the pretext for violent action against their enemies. Sure, they prefer to whack Goyim, but will do their own if it comes down to it.

Actually, these Zionist Jews have planned all this from the earliest days. Once they got their hooks into America, they’ve been steadily advancing their evil racial agenda.

Meanwhile, they’ve been brainwashing our Christians with End Times BS and softening up the emotions of the rest of us to go along with our lands getting turned inside out through immigration and the never-ending black/white racism PC BS. Even outright pro-Homo crap is getting pushed all over the TV nowadays.

Hell, you can turn on the telly right now and easily see them furiously ramping up all sorts of social-engineering, PC crap!

The situation is now quite obvious: A crazed alien race from Planet Jew has dug it’s crooked, yellowed hooks into America’s back and has been sucking on our blood and brains ever since. It’s just like some kind of GD science fiction movie!

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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68 Responses to Zio Media Protecting Zionist USrael Government

  1. Karen says:

    These jews need a new playbook, in 2006 it was two supposedly kidnapped IDF soldiers which gave them the excuse to bomb Lebanon. Good news is that more people are waking up and seeing through their lame BS to the reality that they’re demented killers.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    A couple years back it was supposedly the three American college students got lost while hiking sightseeing along the Iraq iran border. Yeah right don’t we have mountains and hillside trails here in America? Sick of these fucking jews always need to be rescued from their hilltops and mountain climbing and taking pictures of sharks so many good men and women and taxdollars need to bail out a single fucking jew that claims she fell off the side of a hiking trail then the jew bitches and jewboys apply for social security disability never ever worked a day in their life to begin with. More than 20 Good Americans lost their lives saving jewboys and jewbitches and their jew college ptofesors in Grenada because a jew made a call and said rescue these jews. No jews died in the jewkid rescue. Good Americans did.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Short sweet real history. The Confederate soldiers were trying to save our Constitution and things like the tenth amendment states rights. Nobody on either side liked niggers anyway and I guess if you pay taxes and have to live around them you can see why. So the white soldiers lost on both sides the jew bankers won the war for America even General Grant said keep these jew peddlars war profiteers away from my army soldiers. Of course the jew moneychangers do what they always do go straight to the top and told Lincoln the great emancipator to recind general grants order to keep us war profiteers from following his army around. Lincoln the great emancipator of course recinded gen grants order immediately upon jewish demand . Lincoln was indeed the man that freed the slaves. But he never carried a rifle or fought in any battle. Lincoln never did anything to free a slave but like our current president he made good jewish prepared speeches. If you are a nigger and you want to see who freed the slaves go to an old veteran cemetery and look at the names. Not a lot of nigger names in there either. No snoop dogs little gs big gs main mans puff daddys j-los street boys new York chitowns northside southside niggas stuff. No roneishas lequishas moneishas latias sasquathitias. So the jews won the war for America and look how good it all turned out? Keep paying your taxes funding your own destruction working white taxpayers on this independence from government tyranny day American taxpayers. You have more niggers and jews and illegal immigrants to pay for get back to work. Fuck the fireworks niggers will rob you and kill you on the busses and subways on the way home. And here’s to you also you unionized stupid ass scumbag cowards traitors committing treason too. I’m still here come get me all by yourself coward fucks. Get the jew york tough guys to lead the way right? Scumbag cowards.

  4. Hoff says:

    Mandatory video! If nothing else, start at 52 min. This will blow everything you ever heard about Hitler where it belongs – in the jewsewer.

    This is a must watch video by David Irving. He tell how the war criminal Churchill started ww2. England started bombing Germany!

    Churchill War


    The book, free read.


  5. Hoff says:

    Eisenhower death camps in Germany after ww2. Book, full text:


  6. Sam says:

    The link to Herve Ryssen is a good one. I’ve also studied the ” mystery of Judaism” and have come up with a simple concise answer for their behavior. They say they are different. Why not believe them? I do. The Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. I’m not calling them names I mean it in a clinical way. They lack empathy for all other races. I do not believe all Jews are psychopaths but that they have a very large percentage of Spaths in their gene pool. The Spaths drive the others crazy. Just like they drive us crazy. If you read about psychopaths and Jews you will soon come to the conclusion that they are the same.

  7. Don in Taiwan says:

    We all know what is going on. But what to do? More are waking up but there isn’t enough of us or maybe there is. Our once great country has been hijacked by a foreign power.
    Freedom and prosperity is the way of nature and the flow of the universe… so that is on our side. Keep telling your friends and associates. It is getting easier to see that our country is going down the toilet. Teach your Christian friends that they are spat on in Israel. Tell the police that they are enslaving their fellow man and the police will be disposed of when no longer needed. Save our unique and sacred Constitution. You won’t miss it til it’s gone. White people united are a force to be reckoned with. God bless you all.

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