Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell


Ever since Saturday, the sorry-ass Negroes of Ferguson, Missouri (outside of St. Louis) have been rioting, burning and looting every night. This typical black behavior started over some big, six foot four ape kid named Michael Brown and his street homie attacking a White police officer in his squad SUV and getting his stinking black ass shot dead, as he almost certainly fully deserved (what probably happened below the “continue” button).

BLACK TWEETSOver the days, outsider blacks from all over rushed to the scene so they, too, can take part in the hijinks. Not only that, they’ve been tweeting and writing in social media that blacks should take their act into White neighborhoods and destroy them, instead of where the so-oppressed blacks live (right).

Think about it here for a minute: Is that not racist, GD it? Funny how the media has not reported a word, even your so-called “conservative” FOX news. But if any Whites threaten any blacks in such a way as revenge for when the sorry bastards kill us White people for being White (happens all the time, these days); you would hear the media screaming bloody murder on all the channels about us evil racists!

Hell, the Ferguson police have refused to release the cop’s name for the poor guy and his family’s safety, even though the media has acted like that’s such a bad thing (makes absolutely no difference). For damn good reason, the police are serious about trying to protect him from these violent blacks, who would see no problem putting a cap into the guy and his entire family just for street cred. Tell you anything about the sheer PC hypocrisy now going on in America?

Let me just state something all of you already well know: Blacks look for anything to give them the excuse to go off and cause trouble. We see this everywhere blacks live in any numbers. Burning down businesses, looting stores, beating up innocent Whites in the streets. To these GD crime-prone animals, all of this is literally fun!

black on CNN
The liberal, white-hating media is now having field day, jacking up blacks over this. They are now bringing on every angry, big-word-using black militant they can dig up to spout black BS. Who’s to blame for violence against black teens? BLACK TEENS!

The spoiled black brats have been getting worse and worse ever since Obongo’s election didn’t turn each of them all into instant millionaires. Affirmative action, government checks up the ying-yang, EBT cards and Obama phones — none of it is apparently enough to satisfy or placate the worthless, lazy-ass punks. On top of all that, black-on-White crime rates are skyrocketing.

The White cop was patrolling the area after word came out about criminal activity going on in the neighborhood (the area is full of blacks, hence full of crime). The two blacks were slowly sauntering down the middle of the street like they owned the place (you’ve probably seen this behavior before). When the cop told them to get out of the street, the militant brats got all up in his face.

The big black ape punched the cop in the face and one of them tried to take away the officer’s sidearm. More than likely, he was thinking he could snag himself a nice semi-auto pistol and take it with him when he went off to college in a couple of days (as the media continuously reports — like he was such a wonderful scholarly kid). All he had to do was grab it up while his homie was fighting with the cop and then disappear into the nearby mobs of hip-hop-shucking black crowds out on the streets for a little warm weather Saturday night action (they love dancing around to nonsense jungle rap crap in front of each other).

From what’s come out so far, the officer managed to retain control of the weapon and fired a round in the car (maybe even hitting him); then fired off some more rounds as the black punks tried to escape. Damn cop deserves a medal for saving the taxpayer’s money!

The blacks say Brown raised his hands in surrender. Right. That’s what they tell us. Or at least some of them. Already, supposed witness reports are wildly contradictory. And guess what? These angry apes will lie their asses off, especially when it comes to Whitey. They all well know, they may end up with a huge settlement and be set for life!

I think it’s time we put the fear of God into these worthless, out-of-control animals. The more they get away with, the worse they act.

Blacks kill White cops all the time — you just never hear a word about how bad it really is in the national news. Same thing for torturing and killing perfectly innocent Whites — hell, just a couple of years ago a black woman in Texas burned alive a 12 year-old White kid with a GD blowtorch on Christmas eve, for crying out loud. This race are violent, sadistic animals, without a doubt.

And they would kill you, too, in a Jew York minute, if they thought they might get away with it, or if you had the smallest of things they wanted right at that moment. Doesn’t matter one damn lick if you think of yourself as a “good White” and not racist, blah, blah, blah. That would just make them laugh as you coughed out your last breath.

Recently, a couple of people said something here about little old me not reporting on all this, like that might mean I’m a stinking GD Jew. Well, there’s a lot of crap going down these days that I haven’t said JACK about. How much time do you think I have for this site? I can only “weigh in” on the occasion.

Now the question foremost in my pointy little head over all this, is whether or not the Jew media is trying to start up a race war in the US. Look at the coverage they did on the George Zimmerman trial — it was a non-stop hate Whitey event. This Ferguson business is the same anti-White Trayvon Martin crap — version 2.0.

Hell, the Jew has been laying the groundwork for all of this now for decades.

Perhaps the numbers are starting to looking real good to the Globalist Jews as far as Whites becoming or already are, a minority. I’ve long suspected, with good reason, census data has been manipulated to hide exactly what’s going on. Such a thing would not be so impossible — they’ve done it with federal crime statistics for decades to keep the majority of us Whites in the dark.

White people: This is all part of the Globalist Jew NWO destruction of America and the White race. Figure that out and everything going on these days fits together like a glove.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell

  1. Jimmy Marr says:

    “Recently, a couple of people said something here about little old me not reporting on this, like that might mean I’m a stinking GD Jew.”

    Sorry Incogman. That was me. I never had any real suspicions about you. I tried to make the fallacious nature of my mock case against you glaring enough to reveal my parodical intent.

    I think the nature of our misfortune in the jew-wise community is that we are self-selected for skepticism, which is a good thing, but healthy skepticism falls in a continuum with delusional paranoia. It just naturally comes with the territory, and I figured I’d try to make the most out of that unfortunate reality by trying to get a laugh out of it.

    I really appreciate the high quality and obvious effort you put into your work. I’m sorry I inadvertently detracted from it. It won’t happen again. – Jimmy

  2. Rosomaha says:

    I just came from the gun store I was hanging out in.
    It was four white guys there of different ages . They wee talking about the riot and to my surprise they blamed the police officer.
    They were saying “people are became upset” about those apes.
    I think white Americans are really doomed. Maybe they even deserve it – if they even now cannot figure out what is going on and call those feral subhumans “people”, maybe they really deserve to die out?
    I see everyday at least three couple of mix race – of course white woman and a negro beast. In average – five a day.
    I was taking classes at Seattle Central college in 2003, and last week I went to the college to find out about Fall classes for this year.
    I was shocked to see that almost all people I talk to were black. Pictures of Mandela and ML Coon on the walls.
    In 10 years we will have a full blown South Africa scenario.
    And all the whites I know still so content and oblivion.
    How someone can call those apes “humans” ?!
    Beyond my understanding!

  3. joevhens says:

    NSA jew hackers anonymous are loving stirring things up by tracking down police names and the names of their wives and children. RT ‘s reporting on it like a bunch of commies to.

  4. kevin timble says:

    I don’t even want to be racist if niggers would act like human beings we should wall off the ghetto through them guns and let them kill each other maybe put some cameras up for a new reality show

  5. summerled says:

    that’s right folks just because its not happening to you doesn’t mean its not happening
    good luck trying to talk them out of killing you

  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    Those hackers reported the wrong name of the police officer according to some news sources. The IT experts should track down the hackers and charge them for putting an innocent persons life in danger plus slander and defamation and all kinds of other bullshit. Put Snowden on the case or the wikileaks guy. The police officer himself and his family may be in danger even before the truth and facts come out. Anybody remember z-man case or tawana brawley case? I could make a case of my own about people filing false charges and things being printed in a newspaper that are not true that put me and my family in danger.

  7. NinjaJohn says:

    Trayvon Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

  8. bubba says:

    N.J. town erupts after council votes to rename Kennedy Center as the Obama Center


  9. gman says:

    Hi Incogman,

    Got another raping negro scumbag sketch for you. This POS raped a young woman, probably white, in her apartment at 5.30 am. Ever notice how 99.999999999% of all these type of crimes involve negroes? Just an observation….Here is the sketch.

  10. INCOG MAN says:

    Effin’ criminal rats.

    The media acts like they are so innocent and mistreated by the law. The animals deserve to all be rounded up!

    Thanks, gman. I’ll put the ugly boog in tomorrow sometime.

  11. bubba says:

    I’m watching CNN…(“CIA News Network” ……ugghh)

    For the past few hours they are yapping about this latest Whitey Cop incident.
    I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE !!! When was the last time whites rioted over black crimes..oh yeah….not kosher to report it.

    Harken back to Rodney King…..a fucking loser who was so amped up on drugs they needed several cops to deal with him….whole thing taken out of context with the video.


    Regardless of whether he deserved it or not , he lived, was awarded $$$ millions …but 53 people DIED as a result of the riots.

    Deja Vu…..???

  12. Yates says:

    Was the cop white? He could very well be a nigger.

  13. brian boru says:

    There is a bit of a dilemma here. No white person with common sense can deny that niggers are subhuman savages who have no place in civilised society. These creatures are literally making normal life impossible for whites in America and anywhere else that is unfortunate enough to have large numbers of them. Any white policeman will instinctively view all niggers as potential trouble, and he will be right to. Most niggers are up to no good because it is in their nature to act that way. Therein lies the problem. These vermin have been enabled by the truly evil jews to do what they are doing. The jew has consciously, with malice aforethought, brought about the current situation.

  14. Israhell on Earth says:

    WTF, these savages still loot and riot!? Ughh. Here is coverage from yesterday, looks like pure anarchy w/ shots fired at police, “people”(probably a White guy) trying to stop the looters getting beat up, police getting fire-bombed and injured etc..

    Why are the cops showing restraint? What are they waiting for? Shoot them with life ammunition or at least rubber bullets. Where is jew DHS when you need them? It almost looks as if they want a real escalation.


  15. B-E-Devil says:

    The little bit of time that I spend around people here in the joo SA I realize how bad things are.

    It’s like people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Many out here actually are putting all of the blame on the police.

    I am waiting for the joosmedia to report that poor little oppressed michael was on his way to the book store to purchase a new bible. People would believe it.

    Incog I would never suspect you of being a joo, because even satan himself could not do the writings that you have done.
    I have learned much from your writings and I thank you for that.

  16. 4ePlay says:

    let’s just deport ALL criminals: khazars, non-whites, and the brave u.s. gov to Liberia and hope that Ebola will sort shit out ..

  17. protocolsRtrue says:

    Police chief just had a news conference. It turns out that the unarmed black teenaper fit the description of a nigger that had just committed a strong armed robbery and is why the cop stopped him in the first place.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    The unarmed 6’4″ 290 pound teenaper IS (was) the suspect in the robbery at the convienience/cigar store. They just showed screen captures from the store video system. Ahaaa. You would think that sharpcoon would have learned by now to get all the facts before he shows up and stirs the shit.

  19. RED PILL says:

    did you hear it on the grapevine ?.
    did your mother tell you?.

    Study: Watching TV Can Kill You

    it’s a forgone conclusion that you must be spiritually dead
    to turn the jew tube on in the first place.

    “There is nothing bad in watching television, nothing wrong, unless you spend four or five hours a day,” Martinez-Gonzalez said. “In so far as you watch television for a while, two to two-and-a-half hours a day, this is perfect, no association, no significant [increase in] risk for those categories. Only when there are three or more hours a day.”

    i love the fact that they say a little bit of poison won’t hurt you.
    “Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell”
    the jew tube is nigger vision as they make up there own reality from what they view
    you know, monkey see, monkey do.

    America is sinking and all white America does is sit around the tube getting their media injection so they will know how to think kosher and not offend the jew.

    is a jew or negro any worse that the whites whom lets the tube program them and join our oppressors by default (sins of omission)?.

  20. Laydee Liberty says:

    My latest photo compilation
    set to music

    I called it:
    Ghetto FEVER


    Enjoy Incog Readers!!!

  21. Charlieboy says:

    I just heard on the (apologetic) Fox News some nigger liberal (puke!) interviewee say ‘we’ need to have more ‘race conversation’ in this country… As I heard him, I thought to myself: The way the boons are behaving [in Missouri and elsewhere] SPEAKS VOLUMES.

  22. Europeans everywhere will be slaughtered and looted just like the Palestinians.

  23. Louis in Montreal says:

    Greta article, once again, INCOGMAN!

    My 2 cents; I don’t really care for the police, but sometimes they are right. To me, they are something like a necessary evil. I doubt very much that the police aren’t aware of the fact that they can get off much easier by shooting a White.

  24. bubba says:

    Looks like one of the Beach Boys shot Trayvon 2.0

    Oh sorry……DARREN Wilson…NOT Dennis Wilson

  25. Incogman – where did those comments come from? The niggers saying “we should loot white neighborhoods not black etc etc… – you recognize this as the same class war of marxism that was used in russia when kerensky had all the prisons opened in 1917 and on and on… recently in my area a cop shot a young kid with a butter knife – he got the valor award for it…

    I copied the picture off the svartinger comments on attacking our neighborhoods… some of us can’t wait for exactly that – campbell always talks about organizing his neighborhood watch group during riots in california and he says when the nig nogs saw him and his guys massed for confrontation they turned right the fuck around…. honestly people – if white guys went into the heart of the riot and started knocking heads – a couple hundred of us – what the fuck could the government do? Arrest us? I don’t think so – it isn’t realistic – at some point – even if us white guys were helping cops under attack – the organs of government – the actual police on the ground – they do not know they are marxist jew bolsheviks – these cops actually think they are serving a legitimate government – so really – this fear mongering of most white people that we can’t do what is right because they will arrest us blah blah… its just cowardice – the threat that “that’s what they want so they can arrest us all…” is a complete coward fucking bullshit ass threat of defeatism – anyone espousing such defeatism is the real government agent – not guys displaying the pride of free european ideology… cowards are one of the biggest enemies of the “vita separatister” movement if there even is one in the us…


  26. Barney says:

    mike strobach (August 15, 2014 at 11:43 am)

    I agree 100%.

    Here’s some traitor talk (and we know the penalty for treason). “Don’t defend yourself. It’s what they want (which “they” is that? Zog? Niggers? Kikes?). Just roll over and play dead, and hope you won’t get a bullet anyway just because some savage wants to be sure you’re dead“.


    We need to start with the inferior species, the devil known as jew, and let the niggers know they’re next. They’ll be queueing up for George Lincoln Rockwell’s boat ticket to Apefreaka.

    If we don’t make every single one of the devil’s servants a genuinely “good jew”, we might as well give up now. The jew HAS to go – straight back to hell.

    Once the enablers are gone, the niggers will be lost, back to being the frightened, confused, simple-minded jungle critters they always were.

    Uppity niggers go the way of the jew. The rest can go to Liberia, and they can take their coal-burner race-traitor formerly White females with them. We don’t want them once they decide to breed with animals.

    This was supposed to be an anti-White piss-take. Look at the devil’s hexagram on the (jew?) bitch’s hat.

    Nice words though. I’m surprised jew-tube hasn’t taken it down.



  27. TonyCu says:

    This is what we only can expect from this savages negros. But we should and must understand that their masters, that brougth them to this lands are the responsible for this behavior and both group must be expelled from this society.

  28. bubba says:

    “Screw the pooch”

    One other facet to this is ” Cui Bono “…re Trayvon 2.0
    Other valid theories is this is exactly what the authorities want.

    Cops just love this shit….always overkill with numbers, many are working Overtime….and get to play with their new toys..and WHO is footing the bill?

  29. Another factual and fantastic article, Incogman…

    We are still all searching for the real facts behind this “shooting” and the subsequent race riots…. But truth is that the insane homosexual communist Prez of the now dead USA has always wanted a race riot so that he can impose his martial law legislation and have every American considered as a “terrorist”… That will give the US criminal Department of Homeland Insecurity their much needed excuse to disarm the American people…

    We must also remember that most Blacks are just the useful idiots of the Jew… The Jew created the fraud immigration laws of the 1960’s and is now responsible for the southern border of the once proud USA to be opened up for even more illegal, illiterate, and criminal immigrants to come rushing in….

    And the Jews were the original slave owners who brought the Blacks to America in the first place, and the ones behind all the racial problems in America… They want America torn apart and they will use their Black soldiers of poor literacy and social skills to do the mass murder of American citizens…. Everything is going to plan for the Jew because most Blacks are just too ignorant of the fact that they are just useless tools to be discarded once the Jews destroy America….

    You dig deep into this incident in Missouri and you will indeed find a stinking Jew at the bottom of the septic tank…..Everyone must take the time to read the evil Jew Protocols because even in there it is laid out fully how these satanic creatures would foment racial tensions in their push for world control…. They definitely want whites destroyed in the process…..

    Wake the fuck up, America!

  30. Steamed McQueen says:

    Interesting note: In all the looting, not a single pair of work boots were stolen.

  31. zona guy says:

    Steamed McQueen, that is a great one. Cannot wait to take it to work. That’s right, white guys work for their food. Fuck these thieving niggers. Good luck any white people living in this area. Screw the jew.

  32. Barney – I don’t think its that simple – really the only way to deal with our number 1 problem – jewish rule – is to remove the insulation that the jews have placed in between themselves and the productive european members of society that they are trying to destroy as they did in russia but here it has a different approach – economic murder rather than shoot you in the back of the head murder – same result – replacement of one class with another… in any case – we only have a chance of victory if we oppose federalism and seek to ultimately remove the federal government that patrick henry called “a blue print for empire” when he read there bullshit constitution… patrick henry realizing that the constitution was the death nail to the declaration of independence was smart enough to demand the bill of rights be added – to his dismay the second amendment subjugated ownership of firearms to ones membership in a federally controlled militia – regulated in his day meant federally controlled – the militia as we know was used by the traitor washington and his jew controller alexander lavien aka hamilton to supress the whiskey and shayes rebellions and to kill tax protestors – if we could bring about a return to the articles of confederation – no central government we would have a chance at removing jewish influence – this is the defenition of endlosung – it doesn’t mean final solution it means solution to jewish influence… just as america was subverted by capitalism so was nationalism subverted by soviet communism… these things are the only way that the jew can be unseated and the svartingers be removed from our societies – svartingers go to africa but jews stay – jews can not be allowed to escape to another country – every country must take responsibility for there jews and deal with them correctly – forcing them on the palestinians is not the answer… america deserves in fairness to be forced to address and deal with the world jewish problem which it forced on russia – eastern europe – china – north korea and even cuba in the form of castro whom let’s not forget – america put into power….

  33. I forgot to mention – patrick henrys bill of rights which was watered down to the point of himself withdrawing in disgust were subverted by amendments 11 through 27? I don’t even remember how many bullshit amendements there are but they subvert the first 10 in the same way the constitution subverted the declaration and stopped forever the dream manifested in the articles of confederation…

  34. There is a small group fighting to create the will from one community to another in america – the will to resist the sovietization of america – or corporatization if you prefer? I feel america is a corporate entity… anyway – there is a group that I’m proud to say I belong to – the american defense party – we say “punish all who abuse power”


    Campbell faced down svartinger riots in california – I don’t even think he had that many guys but the bastards turned right around upon seeing a few whites ready to fight like the skandinaviens of old would have and like the germans did… unless we can find the courage to become men again we might as well all surrender… at least have the courage to start grouping together on a community level and voicing inflammatory dissent with your local weimar like municipal and county governments – I know I did just that with a cop recently who told me he thought the entire federal government was corrupt and must be destroyed – this idea of recruiting police and particularly ex military and serving military to the cause of american defense against the jewish department of homeland security isn’t really an impossibility – veterans are being called americas number one terrorist threat and killing themselves in record numbers… they know something is wrong and they know the american people are asleep at the wheel – its time to stop being afraid and start reaching out to eachother – there isn’t nay reason we can’t form a huge group based on defense and ultimately issue the federal government and ultimatum – the party is overno more class war on the european americans…

  35. Professional Troll says:

    Its fine, the earth needs immediate population reduction to reverse environmental apocalypse.

    These jew-coordinated riots and their subsequent genocides are all engineered for the survival of the human race.

    The Jews may look bad, but they are actually doing the right thing.

  36. bubba says:

    Professional Troll says:
    August 15, 2014 at 4:06 pm

    Its fine, the earth needs immediate population reduction to reverse environmental apocalypse.

    You first…here is a job opening in Ferguson Missouri


  37. Professional Troll says:

    It isn’t a race issue. The ocean’s sea-life will extinct by 2048, which will deplete oxygen below life-sustaining levels. http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/tech/science/discoveries/2006-11-02-overfishing-threat_x.htm

    Anyone who isn’t vegan will need to be summarily executed. Whites, blacks, yellows and purples.

  38. Jimmy Marr says:

    “Anyone who isn’t vegan will need to be summarily executed.”

    Damn Troll, you’re more radical than Savitri Devi.

  39. Denys Picard says:

    Obviously, police are sometime wrong, the abuse their power too often, but when they shoot she-boon afro gorrila Nigga’s and Nigga dicks, they must always be right. Police forces have always been corrupt. Down here in Canada, in Montreal, the Police force in the 1950’s was considered one of the most corrupt in North Amrica…and I am not sure that the presence of females and multiculturals in the force have made things better since then…but they are a bunch of hard working honest cops everywhere and they always have my deepest respect because they do a hard job. Especially when they have to go in the Nigga jungles and control the beasts.

    When I lived in Pasadena CA, I was able to witness the worst of corrupt Nigger cops from the LAPD, and yet the best of what police has to offer with some members of the local Pasadena Police force.

    But when I see white cops having to deal with out of control rasta jungle Niggers, my vote goes with the cop 99.9% of the time.

    As for Anonymous, putting the name of the wrong cop on the internet, and after that the name of the good cop, they loose all credibility as an entity pretending to be fighting for the people, they are fighting for the corrupt drug dealing techno pedophiles, it’s all they do! A bunch of silicon fags!

  40. bubba says:

    Kosher Troll….

    Vegans are usually deficient many traits that act as markers for triple digit IQ’s.

    Most of the vegans I know could act in Holohoax documentaries..y’know thin , pasty faced….sickly
    Humans need animal protein, that’s a fact.
    Soy? will elevate estrogen levels …shrivel your family jewels and make you grow boobs.

    Humans are not killing the planet…the parasites called Kike Jews and their goyim remoras are.

    Got Jews?= BAD

    NO JEWS = a global paradise!!!!…. that could support a much larger global population and with a fair and equitable distribution of natures bounty.

    Now….go to Gaza with a shirt that’s say ” I’M A VEGAN: NO KIKE JEWS “

  41. Professional Troll says:

    Psychology Today says Vegetarians are smarter http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/the-scientific-fundamentalist/201005/why-vegetarians-are-more-intelligent-meat-eaters

    I would challenge you to find a nutrient that isn’t found in plants however. Most say B12 which is actually found in untreated spring water.

    Veganism is not a Jew Hoax, infact it was the Jews who were trying to slap it down (Ancel Keys Vs. Yerushalmy & Hilleboe) https://www.youtube.com/user/PrimitiveNutrition

  42. silvernickel says:

    “advanced afro-engineering”
    hahaha, good one Incogman!

    check this out……this super lib was killed by ‘die-versity’ Watch the video and get a look at her ‘daughter’ and the boyfriend. Also “she worked for Edward M. “Ted” Kennedy, the late U.S. senator from Massachusetts, and studied with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Saul Bellow for 10 years


  43. silvernickel says:

    Michael ‘da gentile giant’ Brown jus had a bad day yall


    Uncle describes teenager shot by police as a ‘gentle giant’


  44. INCOG MAN says:


    Yep, that’s one dumb ass libtard alright. Her mulatto daughter and rapper boyfriend cut her up and put her in a suitcase. There’s probably a black baby daddy back here in jail someplace.
    That country also uses the firing squad for executions (good for them).

  45. Jimmy Marr says:

    Are you an ecofascist, Troll?

    How many vegan niggers have you met lately?

    Hitler tried to fight the entire goddamned world on a diet of sardines in his most carnivorous phase. Too bad he didn’t realize that penguin meat is more sustainable than soy beans.

  46. silvernickel says:

    hehe….exactly, good riddance to them all in Indonesia, the former homeland of Barry ‘Barack Obama’ Soetero. The world’s foremost ‘mulatto in chief’

  47. INCOG MAN says:

    That would be hilarious a mulatto couple getting the firing squad in Indonesia the last year of Barry Soetero (unless he stays longer).

  48. NinjaJohn says:

    One of Obama’s knuckle dragging sons does the “knockout game” to a pregnant white woman:


    I have now realized that comparing blacks to apes is insulting to apes. Apes don’t commit nearly as many savage crimes as the common groid.

  49. Professional Troll says:

    Lol Jimmy, Ecofascism. Sure am. Here we see in the Okinawan Population Model that vegans outlive everyone else. Hopefully the html works, if not : http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_9mNHNOMqaqM/TFGDVw-hqHI/AAAAAAAADFQ/Cg8YTXpHJwg/s1600/OkinawanDiet1.jpg

    We see that the average Okinawan ate about as much animal product as a vegan accidently consumes bugs in his fruit and sleep.

  50. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Appalachian Emergency Room: No Time For Christmas Vacation


    Look at this Saturday Night Live clip. This is how they view the whites that live in Appalachia. I thought they made the characters on The Beverly Hillbillies look like rubes!

  51. nero1951 says:

    Does anyone realize that President Putin of Russia has removed all t.v. shows like the Simpsons that ridicule the white man? Moreover he kicked out the privately owned,debt based, high interest, jewish Rothschild bank in 2006 and started to bring back the Russian economy. He helped kill the old Bolshevik communistic Jew enslaving govt. and brought back Christianity. When those pussy riot sluts insulted the Russian Orthodox Church,off to prison they went thanks to Mr.Putin. When the criminal jew oligarchs stole Russian assets after the old Soviet Union fell,they too now sit in prison,once again thanks to a real leader with some courage,President Putin. F.Y.I The main reason a war was unleashed on Adolph Hitler was he brought back the German economy by cutting out the debt based international jew bankers and German banks started printing their own low interest money. Finally Germany was out of debt to the jews and prospering .But the Jews couldn’t have what Germany was doing catch on to other countries where they had their banks or they would be out of business. So Adolph Hitler had to be destroyed,and the rest is history. The jewish international banks are the life’s blood of the jews and without them they are through. Could this have anything to do with why we are presently being told to dislike the Russians now? I wonder?

  52. nero1951 says:

    I’m new to your web site and like it very much.

  53. Holly says:

    Y’all are so funny, yet what you say is true

  54. Hey Incog, what do u think of the potential relocation (Great Pacific NW/ Alaska)? I believe the only hope now aside from flight is the rise of a Military Hero who seizes complete control/ coup.
    Hopelessness is setting in based on the weakness of our people. This jew plot isn’t hard to decipher.

  55. BrianSoCal says:

    Spread this video everywhere! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LObFGwSLHY

  56. George says:

    This is the same Monkey business I saw in the 6o’s, when I lived near Newark, N.J. Most of the looting and burning never reached the exit ramp off 78. The niggers know their doomed if they leave their neighborhoods. However, had they done that, the whites were ready and very, very well armed. Let’s keep it that way.

  57. logan says:

    I completely agree with the post about needing to put the fear of god into them. They take and take and take then complain about inequality when they get caught. When will it stop? Right now they think they are an unstoppable force, meet them with an immovable object .

  58. shenaniggans says:

    Courts convict hundreds of niggers every day for the most heinous crimes against humans, the taxpayers support them for decades in their natural environment, a cage.prison. we need to get tough, like the army did to the japs our enemy in the 40’s. Flamethrowers to eliminate the now enemy, niggers, may even discourage even the dumbest thick skulled urban monkey from more crime, and if not, Kentucky Fried Nigger.

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