Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell


Ever since Saturday, the sorry-ass Negroes of Ferguson, Missouri (outside of St. Louis) have been rioting, burning and looting every night. This typical black behavior started over some big, six foot four ape kid named Michael Brown and his street homie attacking a White police officer in his squad SUV and getting his stinking black ass shot dead, as he almost certainly fully deserved (what probably happened below the “continue” button).

BLACK TWEETSOver the days, outsider blacks from all over rushed to the scene so they, too, can take part in the hijinks. Not only that, they’ve been tweeting and writing in social media that blacks should take their act into White neighborhoods and destroy them, instead of where the so-oppressed blacks live (right).

Think about it here for a minute: Is that not racist, GD it? Funny how the media has not reported a word, even your so-called “conservative” FOX news. But if any Whites threaten any blacks in such a way as revenge for when the sorry bastards kill us White people for being White (happens all the time, these days); you would hear the media screaming bloody murder on all the channels about us evil racists!

Hell, the Ferguson police have refused to release the cop’s name for the poor guy and his family’s safety, even though the media has acted like that’s such a bad thing (makes absolutely no difference). For damn good reason, the police are serious about trying to protect him from these violent blacks, who would see no problem putting a cap into the guy and his entire family just for street cred. Tell you anything about the sheer PC hypocrisy now going on in America?

Let me just state something all of you already well know: Blacks look for anything to give them the excuse to go off and cause trouble. We see this everywhere blacks live in any numbers. Burning down businesses, looting stores, beating up innocent Whites in the streets. To these GD crime-prone animals, all of this is literally fun!

black on CNN
The liberal, white-hating media is now having field day, jacking up blacks over this. They are now bringing on every angry, big-word-using black militant they can dig up to spout black BS. Who’s to blame for violence against black teens? BLACK TEENS!

The spoiled black brats have been getting worse and worse ever since Obongo’s election didn’t turn each of them all into instant millionaires. Affirmative action, government checks up the ying-yang, EBT cards and Obama phones — none of it is apparently enough to satisfy or placate the worthless, lazy-ass punks. On top of all that, black-on-White crime rates are skyrocketing.

The White cop was patrolling the area after word came out about criminal activity going on in the neighborhood (the area is full of blacks, hence full of crime). The two blacks were slowly sauntering down the middle of the street like they owned the place (you’ve probably seen this behavior before). When the cop told them to get out of the street, the militant brats got all up in his face.

The big black ape punched the cop in the face and one of them tried to take away the officer’s sidearm. More than likely, he was thinking he could snag himself a nice semi-auto pistol and take it with him when he went off to college in a couple of days (as the media continuously reports — like he was such a wonderful scholarly kid). All he had to do was grab it up while his homie was fighting with the cop and then disappear into the nearby mobs of hip-hop-shucking black crowds out on the streets for a little warm weather Saturday night action (they love dancing around to nonsense jungle rap crap in front of each other).

From what’s come out so far, the officer managed to retain control of the weapon and fired a round in the car (maybe even hitting him); then fired off some more rounds as the black punks tried to escape. Damn cop deserves a medal for saving the taxpayer’s money!

The blacks say Brown raised his hands in surrender. Right. That’s what they tell us. Or at least some of them. Already, supposed witness reports are wildly contradictory. And guess what? These angry apes will lie their asses off, especially when it comes to Whitey. They all well know, they may end up with a huge settlement and be set for life!

I think it’s time we put the fear of God into these worthless, out-of-control animals. The more they get away with, the worse they act.

Blacks kill White cops all the time — you just never hear a word about how bad it really is in the national news. Same thing for torturing and killing perfectly innocent Whites — hell, just a couple of years ago a black woman in Texas burned alive a 12 year-old White kid with a GD blowtorch on Christmas eve, for crying out loud. This race are violent, sadistic animals, without a doubt.

And they would kill you, too, in a Jew York minute, if they thought they might get away with it, or if you had the smallest of things they wanted right at that moment. Doesn’t matter one damn lick if you think of yourself as a “good White” and not racist, blah, blah, blah. That would just make them laugh as you coughed out your last breath.

Recently, a couple of people said something here about little old me not reporting on all this, like that might mean I’m a stinking GD Jew. Well, there’s a lot of crap going down these days that I haven’t said JACK about. How much time do you think I have for this site? I can only “weigh in” on the occasion.

Now the question foremost in my pointy little head over all this, is whether or not the Jew media is trying to start up a race war in the US. Look at the coverage they did on the George Zimmerman trial — it was a non-stop hate Whitey event. This Ferguson business is the same anti-White Trayvon Martin crap — version 2.0.

Hell, the Jew has been laying the groundwork for all of this now for decades.

Perhaps the numbers are starting to looking real good to the Globalist Jews as far as Whites becoming or already are, a minority. I’ve long suspected, with good reason, census data has been manipulated to hide exactly what’s going on. Such a thing would not be so impossible — they’ve done it with federal crime statistics for decades to keep the majority of us Whites in the dark.

White people: This is all part of the Globalist Jew NWO destruction of America and the White race. Figure that out and everything going on these days fits together like a glove.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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64 Responses to Ever So Oppressed Blacks Turn Town To Hell

  1. logan says:

    I completely agree with the post about needing to put the fear of god into them. They take and take and take then complain about inequality when they get caught. When will it stop? Right now they think they are an unstoppable force, meet them with an immovable object .

  2. shenaniggans says:

    Courts convict hundreds of niggers every day for the most heinous crimes against humans, the taxpayers support them for decades in their natural environment, a cage.prison. we need to get tough, like the army did to the japs our enemy in the 40’s. Flamethrowers to eliminate the now enemy, niggers, may even discourage even the dumbest thick skulled urban monkey from more crime, and if not, Kentucky Fried Nigger.

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