Michael Brown Was Suspect in Robbery


Now comes word that “oppressed black” Michael Brown, Jr. was a suspect in a strong-armed convenience store robbery of a $50 box of Swisher Sweets cigarillos (blacks love these cheap pieces of crap — especially when freshly stolen). Video clearly show the hulking, 6′ 4″ 300 pound monster boy roughing up a little store keeper (above) and threatening him so he could get away without paying (see entire video below).

Only minutes later, the White cop came upon the two in the middle of the street and saw Brown with the box of cigarillos. Even though the blatantly pro-black media tried to say otherwise, the cop was responding to a call (the police chief said this from the start) and probably saw a description of the big gorilla on his vehicle computer, or heard it on the radio. Looks like it was all simply a matter of two black criminals violently resisting well-justified arrest by a White cop — who blacks think are cool to hate.

Now subversive media Jews and militant talking heads are all over the TV, saying it might not be him — or if it was, the cop is still guilty. They are only going on what Brown’s criminal cohort said (the hands-up crap), even though the punk never said anything about a robbery in the first place. You just can’t win with these spoiled black brats!

Note how the blacks demonstrating in Ferguson are all happy about this one black state cop, Ron Johnson, they brought in to take over. You see them smiling away, hugging and pumping his hand like crazy. This shows just how racist blacks truly are. Only us Whites are to be attacked for having the least racial loyalty.

Brown was basically a large-scale Gangsta wannabee. Photos of the guy have come out showing him doing the gangsta act for the camera (below). There’s a better than average chance the guy would have killed someone, sooner or later — maybe even another black — during a “robbery gone bad.”

The identity of the store and the shopkeeper have been kept hidden, for fear the black mobs will come after him too. They already looted and burned down a Quick Trip convenience store nearby. They’ll kill the storekeeper just for grins.

GANGSTA BROWN 2This exactly the kind of worthless ape Brown was. Note him putting up the graphic using Eve Carson’s face. Eve was a popular and highly successful student at the University of North Carolina, abducted by criminal blacks from her college apartment, driven in the back seat of her car to an ATM so they could empty her account, sexually abused and finally forced to her knees in the street to say her prayers — when the two laughing, evil blacks shot her multiple times with a small caliber pistol and shotgun. Imagine the poor girl’s fear? The media covered her murder — right on up to the time they found out it was blacks who did the crime. I covered it all here in 2008.

This whole thing is simply insane. White-hating Obama and his Jew-tool Attorney General, Eric Holder, undoubtedly had this knowledge early on from law enforcement sources. Yet they continued the black militant BS.

It’s unbelievable just how twisted up with PC America is these days. Crying GD shame, too.

Blacks are insanely brutal criminals, going around committing crimes left and right, while us White people are expected to think they are innocent as the driven snow.

Here’s him roughly pushing the store clerk aside, intimidating him and just walking on out with his stolen goods. His black criminal cohort, Dorian Johnson, is also seen. Johnson is the punk who’s telling everyone the cop shot him down for no reason.

Blacks are violent criminals. Everyone knows it, too — even them.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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61 Responses to Michael Brown Was Suspect in Robbery

  1. Israhell on Earth says:
  2. That’s some damn good work Iman – exposing the class war of jews… someetimes I think only of reversing federalism and jewish rule – but one can only take this animalistic svartinger behaviour so long… why can’t we just start patrolling areas with arms – open carry – its totally fucking legal – there are still europeans with balls who do this in america but not many – this type of thing is exactly what the american defense party is all about – getting people to start acting normal for the first time since the 30s – a great example and one of americas greatest heros – john dillinger – banks start taking our money as charles lindbergh pointed out – what do you do? Acquire machine guns and shoot the bastards – dillinger could have used his great fortune to arm all the suffering white men out of work – we could have had us a real revolt against jewry and perhaps joined the struggle against jewish bolshevism in 1941 – instead we sat by starving as the kike banks sent all our money to there jewish brothers in russia like leiba bronstein and vladimir blank… we paid to build the soviet union – we even sent hundreds of thousands of americans there as immigrants or workers like alex dolgun and andrew smith and yet – when the jews put all these americans in the gulag death camps – we didn’t even report any of it to the american people… john noble didn’t even get realeased until 1955…

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    Police officer assaulted by giant nigger for doing his job while being white. Villified by white hating racist niggers at doj and jews throughout media. Eyewidness says we didn’ do nuffin’ was also suspect in robbery. Jeez go figure nigger criminals did not want to go to jail.

    911 dispatch: What’s your emergency?

    Caller: I’ve just been robbed by a giant nigger!!!

    911 dispatcher: Sucks to be you we are not allowed to arrest niggers anymore. Call your insurance company or hire private security guards is my best suggestion.


    30 days later not a single business with a brain operates in the niggerhoods. Niggers complain it’s all racist and shit no pizza or Chinese food delivery drivers or taxicabs come into their niggerhoods anymore. As it is now the only people who operate a business in the niggerhoods are the ones that accept the fake jew money economy ebt cards/food stamps check cashing businesses and liquor stores. No business that relies on real money cash from honest working people would survive for a month in niggertown.

    Niggers deserve to live with each other. Apparently they like and are accustomed to being in third world shitholes. And yes they are making a hero out of the black officer who came in and saved the day although the cops were ordered to stand down and not make any arrests last night regardless of the nigger crimes committed.

  4. Bobby says:

    I’m glad he ate pavement.

  5. summerled says:

    brand new footage in Ferguson has no historical context whatsoever

  6. Jimmy Marr says:

    It wasn’t just any convenience store. It was the same goddamn store that the niggers trashed and burned after the fact.

    My guess is that the niggers knew exactly what they were doing: Sending a message to the store’s South Asian owners that niggers are not immune from prosecution for robbing them blind in broad daylight.

    Whitey already knows this, and doesn’t have the balls to do anything about it.

  7. Jimmy Marr says:

    Scratch the “not”.

  8. summerled says:

    ok now its time to start the JEWS OUT!! movement no more will be live amongst
    blood libel child murders its time for them to be kiked the fuck out
    –make it so

  9. Denys Picard says:

    Another glorious son of Obama somehow dies under fire…RIP!

    I wonder how many illegimates he has conceived, as many as “illegals” I fear…his own and proud Princes of Anarchy.

  10. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    From the not that anyone gives a crap department, but I will share it anyway .

    It is relevant because I believe most of us here have had similar experiences after becoming Jew-wise and attempting to share truthful information about exactly what we are dealing with.

    I went back to the outskirts of my rural hometown today to visit in laws. Stopped by a package store to pick up some German brew when I ran into a guy I went to school with for 12 years.

    He is best buds with another old friend who is about to the point of ditching me due to zealousness in denouncing the Jew and feral Negroids as well. This guy just loves Bill Reilly and still believes the kosher version of 911.

    What did my old classmate who idolizes Jewry and Hollywood say to me when he first saw me?

    “Hey jewboy. “

  11. Frank Fredenburg says:

    How Israel Got American Weapons Behind Obama’s Back


    The Elder of Zyklon-B take a look at the comments in this article. Maybe that will cheer you up. I didn’t read all of them but most of the ones I did read sound promising. Maybe new Incoglanders.

  12. White Pride says:

    Blacks are demons. The jew is the devil. Welcome to hell!

  13. Professional Troll says:

    The State of the American & British Negro seems to be largely in part to Protestantism.

    The Colombian/Costa Rican Catholic Negros are actually quite tame, as well as the Ugandan.

  14. INCOG MAN says:

    Oh BS.

    I don’t know why I let you in here, “Professional Troll.” I guess I thought your name was funny.

    Costa Rican groids are descendents of Afri-coons and equally worthless as they are here. Other Indian natives are a little better, especially if they follow catholism truthfully and not santé muerta.

    Basically, your SubSaharan Negroid is about 200,000 years lesser evolved than the European White.

    Am I a supremacist? Your GD right!

  15. INCOG MAN says:

    All of these filthy blacks need to get rounded up and forcefully deported to Africa. Once there, we can wipe our hands clean of the issue, once and for all.

    Maybe we’ll keep a few around in city zoos, where we cage them in 1970’s era street habitats and dress them up in pimp and ho clothing for the laughs of White visitors.

  16. bubba says:

    Funeral held in Miami for murdered Rabbi Raksin

    Brooklyn Orthodox Jew was shot and killed in an apparent robbery gone wrong in Miami


    Oy ………what are the odds it was a “Schwartze”?

  17. Professional Troll says:

    It just isn’t necessary. Colombia was ranked the Happiest Country with Barranquilla (Where I live) the happiest city on earth. It’s about 30% black. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/01/07/colombia-happiest-country-in-the-world-in-2012-survey-finds_n_2426667.html

    Races get along fine as long as they all have the same religion.

  18. Yates says:

    This story will quickly go away. The MSM has egg all over its face for defending this stinkn’ ape.

  19. RED PILL says:

    ya, right INCOGMAM you took more shit off Professional Troll that you would from me.
    not that the asshole didn’t deserve banishment. it’s because you got a white man’s trait
    of letting some one have a chance to participate. it’s a weakness that the kike smells in in his hast to take advantage atevery chance he gets.

    this is not a weakness but a moral strength, in a world with out the jew.
    i look fore ward to that day.


  20. bubba says:

    Blue plaque marking Belfast birthplace of former Israeli president removed ‘due to anti-Israeli attacks’

    Marked the Cliftonpark Avenue birthplace of Chaim Herzog


    A blue plaque marking the Belfast birthplace of a former Israeli president has been removed ‘due to a series of anti-Israeli attacks’.

    The plaque was first erected on a property at Cliftonpark Avenue in 1998.

    It marks the birthplace of Chaim Herzog – who later went on to become President of Israel between 1983 and 1993.

    But according to one DUP councillor, the plaque has had to be removed due to a spate of attacks.

    Brian Kingston said there was concern for the safety of those living in the area.

    “Attacks have included the scrawling of anti-Israeli graffiti on the building and items being thrown at the plaque and the house,” he said.


  21. l’m witcha, Incog. Get the motherfuckers out. Kikes, niggers, spics. All of them. Why the heck are they here?

    Simple answer: Because it’s better.

    Simple answer to that: because the White Man is here!

    A-men to that!

  22. bubba says:

    Eirigi Israeli goods protest 11/8/2014 asda

  23. Fredward says:

    If there were no niggers in the world and we dug up a nigger skeleton, I guarantee people would immediately label it a prehuman ancestor. They are imply not human. The very idea we expect them to mesh with modern civilization is sheer insanity.
    The thought of us interbreeding with these simian creatures is nauseating to me.
    That’s enough reason to hate these vile ersatz jews. If they like them so much they should mix genes with them and leave us out of it.

  24. Yates says:

    Jews don’t love niggers. Jews are opportunists that recognise the usefulness of niggers as a WMD.
    If anything, the jew is far more racist than the average whiteman.

  25. Yates says:

    Rap music from Brown.

  26. joevhens says:

    My kids are reading this so I try and be nice. I’ve been watching RT cover this and they have me wondering if nigers aren’t gods chosen people to…But I have a dream. I think if I could find myself planted in Jerusalem with the proper rifle and a nice front end loader I could end the occupation and tear down the wailing jew wall. We need maps of every synagogue, jew old folks home and Hebrew School in the United States made public because there everywhere and have declared themselves a nation within our nation.

  27. Bailey says:

    Excellent !

    Please note, The other day the jews on CNN said Brown was suspected of stealing a pack of gum from the convenience store before being stopped by the Po-leece.

    The real racists are the niggers, The spics and their jewish enablers.

    Hell, most white guys go out of their way to act and dress like niggers, they think it will get them laid.

    People like us might be .5 % of the population and I’m proud to be a real minority.

    So eff’ you Obongo and erect holder and tell abe foxman to STFU !

  28. Bailey says:

    Strong armed robbery ?

    Dat’s nuffin’ !

    Stupid effin’ niggers.

    Even worse are the white people who are too stupid or afraid to call bullshit when they see it.

  29. bubba says:

    joevhens says:
    August 16, 2014 at 1:04 am

    My kids are reading this so I try and be nice. I’ve been watching RT cover this and they have me wondering if nigers aren’t gods chosen people to…But I have a dream. I think if I could find myself planted in Jerusalem with the proper rifle and a nice front end loader I could end the occupation and tear down the wailing jew wall.

    Kicking Ass & Not Taking Names Cuz He’s Too Busy Kicking Ass

    Thus potential Kike Crusher Should be named “The Rachel Corrie”

  30. MIKEY says:


  31. Fantastic find, Incogman.. and proves once again that what we are told is not the truth by the liars in the Jew spew media..

    Time to root out the cause of all this trouble, and again when you dig to the bottom of the compost heap, you find the filthy stinking Jew…

  32. MIKEY says:



  33. Big deal. The empirical evidence is all around and the imbecilic public still does not see.

    You could offer a million-dollars to the first liberal scholar to point to one, just one, one tiny spot on the entire planet earth inhabited by a numerical majority of those folk, that is not a crime-infested cesspool with little more than a precarious toehold on civilization, and sleep soundly in the knowledge you will never have to pay.

  34. bubba says:

    What a loss….

    As Obama would say Michael Brown coulda been a back -up to Michael Sam(no Freudian slip/ both from Missouri)

  35. bubba says:

    Its quite simple to figure out the Jew mindset.

    They think they are brilliant, the world is a chessboard and they are the grandmasters.

    Actually no….a chess board is a limited arena, its “Black” versus “White” , and even the moves have limits. Regardless the Jew have only so many moves in their arsenal.

    The Jews have created Cultural Marxism as a rush to judgment, a subliminal kangaroo court leading to a Nuremberg 2.0.

    “Whitey” can do no good..White privilege….etc etc. so every perceived wrong is magnified by the Jew media. Guilt or innocence is irrelevant, its too late….the passions have been inflamed…rational thinking can’t exist.

    We have Trayvon 2.0..and will have a Trayvon 3.0 ….Trayvon 4.0 etc.

    One last point…I am wondering how many possible MK ULTRA’d Blacks are out there ready to do their programming?

  36. Frank Fredenburg says:

    CNN Jews, Eric Holder And Infowars Agree: White Cops Are Bad, Rioting Blacks Are Peaceful


    Jones and company are doing their part to stir up race riots.

  37. RED PILL says:

    The Ballad of Michael Brown

    i weigh 290 lbs and i am 6’4″ tall, i am Mr bad ass.
    i can steal what i want, then i can walk where i want.
    MR white cop don’t give me no shit, your ass i will hit.
    i can shove your butt back in to your car.
    and lay my fist along side your scrawny head.
    give me your gun, you honky cracker.
    oh wait a moment, i gotta go see my grannie.
    can’t you take a joke white cop?
    bang 1 inside cop car, bang 2 and i turn around and raise my hands.
    band 3, bang 4, bang 5, bang 6, bang 7, & bang 8 and i am dead nigger meat.

    white people just don’t know how to play fair.
    that’s all there is to it.
    the blacks need to run the whites back to Europe.
    i almost forgot it’s all ready full of brown and black people.
    if we could clear out all the white people we could have our own black nation.
    just like Africa before the whites came and screwed it all up.

    the mentality of blacks can not be repaired.
    you can’t fix what never was in the first place.
    they tell lies, only they them self’s can believe.
    and get upset because you don’t buy there crap.
    the best home land for non compliance Negros is in a pit , buried at least 6 foot deep.

    i didn’t say any thing that hasn’t been said before.
    and i would never start shit with an armed man in authority.
    it’s so much easier to say “yes sir , i will walk on the side walk,
    than to take 8 shots. but then when did reason enter a niggers thick skull?.
    just about 5 seconds before he died.

  38. ihatekikes says:

    “Races get along fine as long as they all have the same religion.”, oh hello, look to occupied Palestine. We have your white kike trying to get rid of the black kike.

    Methinks you missed a whole chapter in your hasbaRAT training schekelstein. Now piss off you little parasite. Wheres your senior, they must ask you to pay back the money they spent on you.

    Didnt they tell you in class that Incogman.net has the biggest kike haters in the universe?

    Please if the JIDF people are reading this, and we know you are, send some fucking professionals for crying out loud.

  39. bubba says:

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry Indicted On Abuse-Of-Power Charges



    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been indicted by an Austin grand jury in connection with a veto of funding for state public corruption prosecutors.

    An ethics complaint was filed last summer. The Associated Press has this background on the case:

    “The Republican governor is accused of abusing his official powers by publicly promising to veto $7.5 million for the state public integrity unit at the Travis County District office. He was indicted by an Austin grand jury Friday.

    “Perry said he’d veto the funding if the district , Rosemary Lehmberg, didn’t resign. Lehmberg had recently been convicted of drunken driving. The state’s Public Integrity Unit operates out of her office.

    “When Lehmberg refused, Perry carried out his veto, drawing an ethics complaint.”


    Lehmberg ? OY !!!!

    Integrity unit? ………ahahahahahahaha

    Bet if the name was “Smith” or O’brien or Jensen……..nothing would have happened.

  40. protocolsRtrue says:

    Now this is what I call great entertainment. One nigger smashing another nigger in the head with a hammer. Amazing the hammer blows actually penetrated the niggers skull concrete and knocked the peanut brain unconscious. Note that no white police officers were involved in this event, but I bet they were called afterwards to get blamed for not preventing it from happening.


  41. 4ePlay says:

    so when will this humble Israeli colony, America, make laws that will forbid apes to loot white (call them NON-black) businesses whenever their filthy apehood want? Absolutely take them rabid rats down, castrate them, sterilize their bitches, STOP feeding their average 16 kids/black ape with MY taxes!

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    @above nigger hammer attack.

    No, Niggers are not uncivilized out of control animals prone to violent outbursts. It’s the hammers fault. As a matter of fact jew York ex-mayor Bloomberg is now suing home depot and lowe’s for selling 2lb sledge hammers to white people knowing full well that a nigger will be stealing that hammer someday and use it in a violent crime.

  43. SBD TV says:

    Riding the rails in Mexico. Where are the children? Jim Stone’s video report about the illegal children that the Washington regime is importing by the dozen. ……………..[514]

  44. bubba says:

    Y’ know

    ….. if it wasn’t for MSM

    … I’d have this weird vibe that the Planet Earth is going to SH*T

    … and via God’s Chosenites?!?!

    ..OY MG …..I need a Brew -sky -stein


    PS: KAREN…what’s on the menu for the weekend ???

  45. Maggie says:

    Obama’s other son.

  46. god says:

    expect higher than normal mating amongst the Africans during this violence….its a testosterone thing.

    The social engineers are well aware of these side effects.

  47. kender says:

    @Baronvonjewhammer says “Big deal. The empirical evidence is all around and the imbecilic public still does not see” …(cool name btw) , For YEARS now, this sh!t has been going on, and the white man refuses to believe what is in front of our eyes. Also, I think another one in here Bailey says that white people are too afraid to call bullshit when they see it. SO TRUE!!! I don’t understand how that makes us “great” , because joos and the toads smell that and pounce…every..single…time. We need to get over our “politeness” and even though I too think it is a sign of moral strength to let everyone have a chance (well, not everyone lol), it has gone way too far. We are going to end up losing OUR country, folks. Our epitaph will read thus, “They lost their nation to hooligans and thugs, because they were afraid to be called racist”
    I mean, if we are going to lose our nation, at least let it be because we were invaded or something authentic, NOT because we were to “afeered” to be called racist.
    Why is OK to be a “humanist” or a “nationalist”…but woe unto those who are “racist”
    Really, people?????

  48. FYI The Nigger with the gun and money in his mouth is Jodah Cain another Feral Ape, who is even worse than Michael Brown was. He and his cousin killed his great grandmother who was White and was kind hearted enough to take him in.


  49. INCOG MAN says:

    Yeah, I heard about that. I thought that was Brown in the photo.

    All of them look alike to me. I’ll have to fix that montage. Thanks, man.

  50. Barney says:

    Only a couple of weeks ago I read something about Whites teaching Haitian niggers how to collect rainwater, ffs! Seems niggers don’t understand rain is made of water.

    We constantly hear of niggers living in mud hut “villages” having to walk miles each day to collect water, poor things. What’s to stop them building their huts nearer to where the water is? No. Can’t do that. It would involve using something only White People have. We call it common sense.

    I don’t like quoting Darwin’s disproven evolutionary crap, so instead I’ll list a few species in order of intelligence and advancement, most advanced first.

    White Humans.
    Advanced muds (apparently there are a few).
    Primitive muds (most of them).

    (several hundred entries later)

    Slime moulds (molds).
    Swamp mud.

    Perhaps I’m being unfair to cockroaches.

  51. Barney says:

    While I was typing that last comment, I received a “phishing” e-mail. If anyone here would care to reply (or at least, be on your guard), the sender’s address is

    angelhart1919 [at] comcast.net

    Perhaps if we all published the e-mail addresses of scum like this, they might eventually get the message that we’re on to them.

  52. Barney says:

    Simple solution to the immigration problem, “legal” or otherwise.

    Get rid of the bird feeders.


  53. sog says:

    yeah and all these nigger service stores operate on high robberry alert with apes behind bullet proof cages so their oppressors cant rob them ..the only thing opppressin a nigger is the nigger himself ….all looters should have been shot to death like watts los angeles ..allowing niggers to loot is the marxist jew manifest ..lawlessness to the top of the africanized american communist nigger /jew /muslim run american govt …no freedom or civil rights are extended to the whites and as long as the cpmmunist atty general is in power and the obama jew muslim regime is in power the usa will continue to slide into africanization ,balkanization,bolshevik genocidal hell on earth fpr the white men and women …its unbelievable how fast the rot is infecting our country …the fat lard fuck nigger future scientist and phd shot in ferguson was the goodifying of a rogue ape ..the niggers now are so brazen with the washington junta so firmly behind them that they must realize they are encouraged to disobey all laws ,sort of an extension of the commuist jibberish the mutton looter king diatribe which was perscribed out to nigger ghetto nations continentally …the niggers arew twittererd up and conspiring away to loot and kill whitey …its time for quid pro quo …anyone who knows the depth of communist jewish and african depravity and brainwash propagandizement of the usa knows that we are really in a battle for our lives and words and politics wont cut it …any white support groups are immediately assaulted by the muslim communist thugs on high …we know the deal dont we ..the end game ..the communist agenda and its protocols and the desire of the extremist jewish tribe and thier nigger and muslim counterparts …arm up …everyone is your enemy ..cops feds neighbors anyone with a fucking cell phone and aa camera and the millions of cctv cameras al over the usa communist gulag ….fuck that fat pig ..the cops are trigger happy in some instances but they have a right to fend himself and us against future nigger crimes ..this is one nigger who will be silent and crime free in the dead nigger storage …
    everything is an excuse for the niggers to loot and pillage ..slavery oh lawwrdy laawrdy duh white man disan dat ..my ancestores were slaves to muslim slave traders and our caucasion women were stolen long before africans were released onto the world by the jewish slave ships ..the niggers in africa were practicing slavery on each other and canabilism for 20,000 years and more …the nigger slave traade was packaged right onto the back of the already in operationn muslim corsairs ships ..etc ad nauseum ….
    their is aplenty on whites as slaves long before niggers even in the colonies …even the gov of virginia in 1700’s had 6000 white slaves and 1000 nigger slaves …the niggers had a saying thet went like “they workin us like an irishman today fo shuh n shit “….
    muslims have long been a virus on earth and the jews have been a virus even longer ..
    the jews committed genocides among the cyrenes and cypriats and romans all the way back to the times of jews in judah being vassal state of rome and the 74 approx expulsion from their own land .and later in 117 ad and again in 200 ad ..the body counts were astronomical …the jews made their behaviours known to the world and committed atrocities in other peoples lands as in russia and spain and armenia and latvia and and and ,etc and iraq ,palestine ,..the U>N> is isareals attack dog along with the extension nato army ..the unit nat was simply to further the goals and aims of the bilderbergs who spun off of the morganthaus grouop for jewish world domination and genocide of christian and non christian whites and caucasions of the world …..

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