Sometimes Even Groids Do The Right Thing


Oh God, I love it: Stupid lefty White multicults at black riots getting whooped on by the blacks. Nothing could be sweeter! I believe the Germans have a word for it. Schaden…freud…frand… something of the sort. The Brits call it “hoisted on their own petard” — whatever the flock a “petard” might be.

Anyway, some libtard named Stephen Schmidt (click link to see his stupid tweets) got his face smashed in by blacks at the Ferguson riots and his precious phone stolen. Later, he tweeted the usual multicult BS to explain it away and then called his mother a vicious racist (she must have used the “N-word” when he sobbed out his story to her). Not a word was said about the true nature of the ape race, as usual. Logic and casuality has no place in the mushy, moronic libtard brain.

A couple of White “Antifa” multicults were put in the hospital by wilding apes back during the 2001 Cincinnati riots. They stupidly believed the looting-fixated blacks would welcome them with open arms and were just like them — i.e. they didn’t “see color.” What a laugh. Of course they do. To the White-hating black race, you’re just a guilty as all the rest of us evil White slavers, Jim Crowers, Klansman, etc., etc.

Not only all that, blacks think such YIDiots are PC-crazed White weaklings, primed for victimhood, just asking for it. For once, I agree with the bruthas.

Several people were shot during the Ferguson riots last week. I didn’t see anything on who the victims were (note how the lamestream media didn’t seem to care much). But I bet my bottom dollar a lot of them were idiot White multicults and wannabee revolutionaries. Sure, some could have been Groid foes using the tumult to get easy payback for a long ago slight, or eliminate a rival to the sexual favors of a neighborhood ape female in heat. No problemo when mac daddy gubmint also pays chimplet expenses down the road!


Yo bes not be messin’ wid us incent peeps of color, raycist Whites boy!

These apes are going crazy everywhere. The other day I had a minor spat with a female gorilla of unknown age in the parking lot of a shopping center. The squat little sheboon accused me of looking at her funny when she was pulling into a spot. Yeah, I was — you should have seen how crazily she was wheeling around the place, while yapping away on her cellphone.

Hell, these days if you are not careful on just how you look at these stinking spoiled brats, you might get a cap put in your butt. No GD lie.

Instead of telling her to be more careful driving blah, blah, blah, I decided to have a little fun. I pumped my head up and down, while loudly saying in my best ebonics, “yo mus be trippin’ GURLFRAAAAN!” With that, her ape-like face went completely spastic. Priceless. I then looked at her quietly, smiling pleasantly I might add, and calmly climbed into the car like nothing happened and drove away laughing my little tushie off.

Little does she know, Madame Sheboon had just encountered the INCOG MAN!


Heather Baker, purposefully run over by a White-hating black coward in a Target store parking lot.

No telling what can happen to a regular White person in parking lots anymore. Like the beautiful 20 year-old girl, Heather Baker, in Arkansas just this past Thursday (8/21).* A black man, Marcus Dorsey, 39, possibly high and drunk, ran her over with his Ford F-150 and kept on trucking down the road. He later bragged to cops that when she tried to get out of his way, he “gunned it.” The poor girl died in the hospital the next day. Imagine that.

But don’t hold your breath for any hate crime charges or CNN, that’s only for us evil Whiteys.

Lately, I’ve been seeing these apes shuffling around everywhere with a major league chip on their shoulder. Yep, the surly punks had them to begin with, but it’s getting even more noticeable since this Ferguson crap. I can see them eyeballing White people with that pursed lip, dull, animal-like expression they have, as if to size us up before trying to take what they think is “owed them,” or payback for “incent yuffs of color ohpress’ by de man.”

I do so hope they try something.

Blacks are basically cowardly. They only attack in packs and only target defenseless, singular Whites. Many moons ago — during my wild man days — I got jumped by a few street apes when I parked in an iffy urban area for a ZZ Top concert (I always seemed to run into some sort of trouble wherever ZZ Top played). I immediately popped the first one smack dab in the bootlips while the rest took to their heels. Nowadays, I’d probably get my ass shot.

And you can see how rude and obnoxious the militant brats are in public. They walk around stores like they own the place, and if you don’t make way for them in the aisles by turning to the side for the highness’s to pass straight on, you can actually see them react with confused surprise in your peripheral vision. The apes now think they are too good to make room for Whitey.

Let me just state some simple facts here for any multicult liberal who has read so far:

  • Blacks are indeed a violent, crime-prone race and have now become totally spoiled rotten in the White countries of the West.
  • Because of long-running Jew media “White Guilt” brainwashing over the decades, even the “nice ones” can harbor virulent inner hatred of Whitey.
  • Foolish Whites have little understanding of built-in black family and black social influences that drags the race down into the gutter, sooner or later.
  • This animalistic race is rapidly “de-evolving” before our eyes. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where all this is going.
  • A lot of it really is because you liberals are blithering idiots.

I doubt if I got through. Hell, I doubt anything could, considering how they’ll repeat the same stupid liberal pap even after the apes beat the living tar out of them.

Now some people reading from my site might get the idea sometimes I’m mean, hateful SOB, maybe even a break bad, bad ass, biker bastard (say that fast). I’m really not any of that. Let’s just say I’m a scro-scratching race realist who gets all warm and cuddly with the ladies after a few cold ones. Believe it or not, I’m a lover, not a hater!

I’m just pissed because all us White Americans are totally, obviously getting the shaft. After all the crap we’ve done for these backstabbers over the years?

I mean look at how the media controls the narrative. They say they want “a conversation about race” all the GD time these days, don’t they? Funny, how certain facts pertaining to the matter cannot ever be allowed in “the discourse.” Especially so, should one of us racist honkies dare say it.

Why is that? Because they don’t want the general White population to see other Whites speaking their minds, that’s why. The real power structure is afraid other Whites might “get it” about this and several other dangerous (to them) things, too.

There’s plenty of pleasant, well-spoken, reasonable-looking, non-Skinhead types out there who know facts and figures about black criminal behavior and how much us Whites get victimized by these violent apes constantly. Don’t get me wrong Skinheads, but you know what I’m saying here. Baby steps, OK?

They quite obviously want White people to think one way, and one way only. Anything else is labeled “hate speech” or “extremist.” They are the ones who freely deem it as such.

Hell, look at what they did to that Southern TV cook, Paula Deen, not too long ago. In a court deposition she says she might have privately used “the N-word” with her own husband decades ago, after a black bank robber put a gun to her head when she worked as a bank teller. Just that simple admittance was enough for howls of racism accusations all over the airwaves, 24-7. Yet the media cleverly failed to mention the part about the bank robber during all the “sound bites.”

Oh, sure, you might have read more details if you dug just a little deeper. But most people really don’t have a lot of time to look into things beyond the dinner time “news” broadcasts for the idiots out here, whom are often fairly clueless on even manipulated history. You know, it was the Nazis who bombed Pearl Harbor. Hahahaha.

love_camp_7_poster_01Look how much they go on and on and on about Adolf-friggin-Hitler and the Nazis. Ever wonder why? Hell, doesn’t take a brainiac to get the deal about these PC brainwashing Zionist Jews and the pervert’s never-ending holocaust jerk off sessions (right).

All of this tricky-dick BS against us White, non-Jewish Christian Gentiles has been going on for decades now. I got news for you, pal: It’s only going to get worse as they turn America into a Third World nation.

You know all this is going on, don’t you?

I’m not trying to say you got to be a big hater boy, or shave your head and stuff. All I’m saying is look at the bigger picture to what has been and still is, being done to the White race across the board. Connect the dots, for chrissakes.

Think about it, study it, and have the guts to talk freely with other Whites. May not be enough, but it’s a start. We’ll cross any other bridges when we get to there.

— Phillip Marlowe


* Just think here for a second about this White woman getting purposefully run over last Thursday. You know how I often put in a very recent story about these criminal blacks to buttress my arguments? I can easily do that, because this kind of black behavior happens all the time. Does that mean anything to you? HELLO!




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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76 Responses to Sometimes Even Groids Do The Right Thing

  1. Barney says:

    These aren’t (quite) niggers, but it’s a perfect example of the kind of shit-brown SCUM zog-uk imports from India and Pakistan, and the kind of white (?) SCUM that willingly sacrifice their own (?) people to appease the White-hating parasites from mudland.

    Muslims not too bad? Some perhaps, but the majority are White-hating SCUM, as this story demonstrates.

    Pakis, niggers, queers and every other kind of scum are “exempt” from “our” laws, and they fkn know it. I’ve personally been threatened by some of the bastards when I made the mistake of moving to a Paki infested town 20+ years ago, and as far as I’m concerned, the clean-up is long overdue.

    Those “PC” (=jew-commie) BASTARDS knew what was going on, but chose to look the other way and blame the victims, the same as scum just like them are doing in every major town every fkn day.

    No. I’m not a wayciss. Please don’t call me that. Anything but that. I promise to adopt a mudlet/kikelet/niglet/piglet even. Just don’t use that nasty word.” FFS! Grow up and grow a pair, you pathetic insult to the Noble White Race!

    Nigger, nigger, nigger, kike-scum, mud, queer. Did that “hurt” anyone. If it did, fkn GOOD! Scum that pretend to “be offended” by words deserve to suffer.

    Obligatory PC disclaimer. I’ve met decent Pakis, decent Chinks, decent niggers and decent everything else – except queers. I’ve even met a (very) few not-too-bad jews. All perfectly true, so I “can’t” be an ebil white rayciss, can I?

    Too fkn true I can! The few decent ones will have to share the fate of the majority when the time comes, and it can’t come a day too soon. Call it “collateral damage”.

    God or Nature or the Creative Force put each human-like species where it was best suited, except that there wasn’t a pit deep enough for the devil’s vermin. They don’t belong anywhere on Earth, and they certainly don’t deserve to breathe my air.

    Those gigantic hooked noses are designed to suck it all up because air is FREE until the bastards can find a way to charge for it.

    No more kikes stealing MY air ever again. Send the bastards back where they came from, and I don’t mean Khazaria. I’m thinking of somewhere a bit warmer.


  2. Unaussprechliche Kulten says:

    LMFAO! Feel good story of the day.

  3. Shadowcaster says:

    This is what the Jew breeds — DIVISION. Always poisoning the well and destroying anything they touch.

    It’s way past time to destroy these vermin like any other parasite.

  4. Hoff says:

    Hello Bailey 🙂

    Originally conceived by George Gershwin as an “Americanfolk opera”, Porgy and Bess premiered in New York in the fall of 1935 and featured an entire cast of classically trained African-American singers—a daring artistic choice at the time. Gershwin chose the African-American musician Eva Jessyeas the choral director for the opera. –Wikipedia–

  5. Hoff says:

    A Washington Post op-ed by Jewess Stosh Cotler gives great insight into the methods Jews use in destablizing White societies.

    Coltler, who is the head of a Jew organization called “Bend the Arc,” which lobbies for “social justice” – a catch-all term for the liberal program of mass invasion by non-Whites, homosexualism, feminism and the displacement of White people – claims that the Brown shooting, as well as the response to the riots, are a result of racism.

    This is an excellent article about how the jews use blacks as their proxy war machine.

    After the AJC-committee left the 1919 “Peace” conference in Paris their greatest achievement was “civil rights” written down. The jews use gullible white people to give a minorities bigger rights, in essence be above the law. And that is where we are today.

    The article is short and hit it right on about the jews and blacks.

  6. Hoff says:

    A Leading American Journalist Breaks Ranks: Admits that US Media Lies to Public over Israel

    AUGUST 21, 2014 AT 7:38 AM

  7. JustJay says:

    When I look at everything Incogman & others point out I wonder how in the world can whites be so insane to allow this to be done to their race/nations? How? How can they not see that all races are not equal? How can they be so blind to not see whats being done to them? How can they not see that importing millions of filthy Muslims to their lands is insanity? How? If whites where this collectively stupid 500 years ago today whites would not exist. So what happened? What brought this psychosis upon us? This pathological suicidal altruism is unprecedented in our history. Then it finally hit me, the Jewish psychological warfare on whites all began with WWII. After WWII is when Jews launched their racial guilt psyops on whites. The Jew narrative of WWII would be ‘a racist war by white supremacist’. This is the theme of WWII seared into our collective consciousness. We all know tragic events have deep psychological effects on humans. So the Jew took advantage of the most tragic destructive event in human history & used it as the genesis of white guilt. Prior to WWII whites had no concept of “racism” or “white supremacy” etc.. We were naturally tribal like every other race is to this day. We saw blacks as the obvious savages that they were, we certainly didn’t think of negroes as our equals. Then here comes Trotsky with his “racist construct” & with a horrific war to blame on white evil it was the tragedy they needed to plant the seeds of ‘white guilt’ through massive racist propaganda. With this huge tragic world shaking event a racist complex is birthed, white guilt started being programmed into white minds. The following decades the Jew continues the brainwashing through powerful tools in entertainment, & academia. For 70 years non-stop anti-white indoctrination through films, tv shows, & also our schools all pumping whites heads with WWII guilt, slavery guilt, segregation guilt, colonialism guilt, civil rights guilt, native American stolen land guilt, on & on with white racism till its imbedded in our collective subconscious. Each generation more brainwashed then the next. Then comes the 60’s & u add to that filthy Jewish pop culture, promotion of drugs & rock n roll, godlessness, degenerate sexuality & perversions, etc.. They even used the sciences to lie to us. Telling us negroes are just like us except for skin color. But since negroes can’t live up to our civilization to support those lies Jews had to promote groids as much as possible in all fields. You started seeing negro doctors, & astronauts. Now, even though all whites had to do was look at Africa or Haiti to see who the black man is without the white mans help. Nevertheless, it worked. It got whites miscegenating with beasts.
    So this is how the Jews have been killing us, all this & much more culminates to the world we live in today. A world where the average white person is afraid to think tribally, where loving your white race is taboo. Why? Well, white pride is evil you know, it caused WWII, slavery, mistreatment of Indians, colonialism etc… On top of that we have a generation of suicidal white multicult lunatics totally demoralized who will never wake up. All this because of one power psychological Jewish weapon at the heart of it all ‘GUILT’. Guilt totally destroys a man, it steels your pride & when you don’t have pride, you don’t fight because you don’t value yourself. Its why to this day the guilt propaganda never stops. Why the media narrative has to always be a ‘evil white racist’ narrative.
    Whites can never be portrayed as victims of racism, NEVER. Whites must Only perpetrators racism.
    The GUILT complex has to continue and actually has to increase as whites become minorities. More fake white racism stories like Saint Brown, Saint Martin. More movies like The Butler, 12 Years a Slave, Django, more more more guilt…
    (Now off course there are other factors that play into this psychological evolution. For example our altruistic nature, the anti-natural selection insanity of ‘love ur enemy’ christian universalism & even our unprecedented prosperity this century, easy life not feeling threatened by other races, anti-natalism etc..)
    Because of all this & more we as a race are more threatened then ever. The next 100 years will be interesting. Something has to reverse this or the white race will go the way of the dinosaur.

  8. Tool Book & Rifle says:

    The word you’re looking for is “Schadenfreude”, meaning malicious pleasure/joy. And a “pétard” is French for firecracker.

  9. Barney says:

    JustJay – Better late than never, I hope.

    Excellent comment. Just one thing I’d like to add for anyone who doesn’t know it already (though I can see you do).

    Every one of those crimes the jew expects us to “feel guilty” about was committed not by us but by the satanic jew.

    They commit the atrocities and then demand that we accept responsibility for things we haven’t done. If they succeed in exterminating the Palestinians, we can be certain that future generations of White people will get the blame. It’s what jews do, and no different to scapegoating those poor chicken they wave round their evil, stinking heads in the insane belief that they can somehow “transfer” their sins to the innocent and then “punish” the poor creatures for the crimes of the jew.

    It doesn’t work that way in God’s world (even though the devil is currently in control). The moronic cretins known as jews think they can fool the Supreme Being, the real “All Seeing Eye”.

    If I do something wrong, it’s my responsibility. I can’t transfer the blame to an innocent man, goat or chicken, and even wanting to blame someone else for things I’ve done would be a “sin” in itself, making me even more guilty in the eyes of one who sees all and knows all.

    White People know this, but the jew thinks it can deflect the blame by “screaming (as if) in agony as it stabs you in the back”.

    What can we do about it? Try this – “stolen” from Hofflandia ( ). Posted by John Miller.

  10. Schadenfreude (/????d?nfr??d?/; German: is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is taken from German and literally means ‘Harm-Joy.’ It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. It is also borrowed by some other languages.

  11. Schadenfreude (/????d?nfr??d?/; German: is pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. This word is taken from German and literally means ‘Harm-Joy.’ It is the feeling of joy or pleasure when one sees another fail or suffer misfortune. It is also borrowed by some other languages.

  12. I’ve always called it Pimp walking, but notice if you punch it while laying on the horn the start running again!

  13. The kikes never met a war they didn’t like…other people dyeing in.

    The kikes do not fight their own wars. They have people they despise battle other people they despise….

    For all the wars the kikes have been intimately involved in pressing, it is very difficult to find more than a slight representation of kikes on the battlefield, as in this regiment of kikes took this hill or that beachead…

    The soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen get buttons and banners, along with scars and amputations, if they live.

    The kikes get the spoils. Oil assets, mineral assets, art, natural resources, production assets, technological assets. They sell these at a premium to the survivors. No quarter is given for crossing the obliquely- though definitively-set bounds of the victors.

    The treachery and subterfuge with which they set parties agains one another to instigate conflict remains in play on the back end. They promulgate favorable propaganda and institute a hegemony over politics and communications with their lucre.

    Political representatives, held hostage by the requirements of funds and access to channels of communications prerequisite to political endeavor essentially become lobbyists for the kike agenda, for that is where the bar is set.

    For some to have much, it is necessary for others to have little. That is typically the reason for war. They apply a garnish of rhetoric, with terms such as ”freedom”, liberation” and ”democracy.” That and perhaps a paycheck sufficient to die a slow, inglorious death.

    The people are apparently mollified by the words, somehow not shocked and enraged at the incongruity that those shouting for war are the ones the farthest from the front.

    I could say more, but I assure you we are being warred against. It is a different kind of war.

    There are many ways to die. What does it matter how one dies? Death is indifferent to all of them.

    Survival depends on differentiaing what is beneficial from what is harmful. It has always been this way. If you cannot do this, you die.

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