The True Nature of The Beast

MARCIA TRIMBLE 1975Also back in 1975, nine-year old Girl Scout Marcia Trimble was raped and murdered by a White-hating black animal in Nashville, Tennessee. Only in 2007 did police finally have enough evidence to charge the killer by DNA matching and his bragging about once killing “four blue-eyed bitches” (story and photo below “continue reading” button).

Kelsey Grammer, popular movie and TV actor, was in the news this past week when Freddie Lee Glenn, the black killer of his beloved kid sister, came up for a parole hearing. Grammer said he forgave him, but still didn’t want to see him released from prison. Hell, I’d have told him I wished to see his worthless Negro hide hung by the GD neck until dead (he was sentenced to death, but later changed to life by idiot do-gooders).*

Karen Grammer was only 18 in the summer of 1975 when she got off work from a Red Lobster restaurant and was sitting on the curb outside, waiting for her boyfriend to finish his shift inside. Glenn, along with two of his homies, had just tried robbing the place but got nothing. On the way out, they abducted the young waitress at gunpoint, so they could show a little something for the effort. Back at the gang’s apartment hideout, they smacked around and gang-raped the girl for hours; then put a hood over her head and drove her to a trailer park, telling her they were going to free her.

Sadly, her life in this world was not to be. With a military M-16 bayonet, Glenn pushed young Karen down to her knees, stabbed her in the back and hand (possibly a defensive wound), then slashed her neck wide open. They left her to die right there in the street.

Bleeding profusely, the poor girl somehow managed to run to a nearby home that had a back porch light on. It wouldn’t have made a difference however, since the homeowners were out for the night. When they came home, they found her bled-out corpse twisted up beneath the door. Police later photographed her bloody handprints just inches away from the doorbell, as she struggled in vain to reach it.

Since the blacks stole and trashed her purse, no one knew who the dead girl was. Kelsey was the one who had to identify his sister’s cold dead body a week later in the morgue (his parents were long divorced and his father was murdered by a crazed nutcase in 1968).

Karen’s brutal killers ended up murdering four other people in the area (probably more Whites). One begged for his life after getting robbed of a lousy 50 cents, before they shot him in the head execution style. Another, foolishly out to score some ganja off the brothers, was stabbed to death with the same military bayonet, just because one of them wanted to see what it was like to kill someone that way. Sadistic animals.


You probably will not believe this, but I never heard or read one damn thing about this horrible murder until just a couple of months ago. Yep. When I finally stumbled on the case and read the brutal details, I was infuriated — not just of the crime but how much effort goes into keeping us White people in the dark when it comes to this murderous race.

Another innocent young White girl was murdered back in 1975, the same year as Kelsey Grammer’s sister (among many others over the years), but this was just a little kid.

In February of 1975, nine-year old Marcia Trimble was out delivering girl scout cookies in her Nashville, Tennessee neighborhood, when she went missing. Over a month later on Easter Sunday, they found her half naked dead body, hidden away in a garage. The little girl had been raped and murdered.


Jerome Sydney Barrett in court. The filthy animal’s DNA finally solved the horrible murder case 32 years later.

Police later theorized Jerome Sydney Barrett (left), took away her box of Girl Scout cookies, and then tricked the bewildered little girl into chasing after him, so he could lure her into the dark, fetid garage of a nearby landscaping business where he worked. We all know what happened next, don’t we?

With the killer or killers still unknown, White people in Nashville were horrified by the evil deed. The traitorous media zeroed in on a quirky, rebellious White teen living nearby, since it was leaked to the press that he was a “person of interest.” The media proceeded to destroy his life (they do this all the time with White suspects). After years of hellish legal and public trouble, the poor sap was fully acquitted.

Only in 2007, could police finally nail Barrett with enough evidence by DNA and him bragging to his prison homies about killing “four blue-eyed bitches” (he was already serving time for another rape and murder of a White girl — a cute college student from Vanderbilt university).

Last week, I was perusing the eye-opening site, New Nation News, where White people across the country alert the webmaster to the rapidly burgeoning number of crimes now being committed by “people of color” in America; when I read about another murder of someone named Trimble that took place in Plano, Texas back in 1989 and only recently solved by DNA matching, too.

Suspecting the victim might be a White woman and wanting to add yet another terrible example to my already massive folder on White victims of the black race, I searched the Internet in vain for her photo. I found several Texas news stories on the case getting solved by DNA that had mug shots of the ugly animal responsible, but not a single one of the victim. A sure clue the victim was White.

Because of “PC” we hear virtually nothing in the media on how the DNA of convicted blacks solves decades old murders — only the rare case when it exonerates an inmate do they make a big deal — as if so many poor innocent black men now in prison have been falsely accused by the racist White man’s justice system.

You see, that’s another hugely clever “MEME” the Jewish-led liberal media wants out there. It’s all part of the “White guilt” brainwashing of America, designed to slowly destroy the political power and demographics of European White Gentiles in our own lands.

Temmie Cooley INSET

Do they get any uglier?

Sharon Trimble was a young Texas mother whose half-naked body was found in a ditch by the side of the road. She was raped and strangled dead. Recently, investigators matched up the DNA of her killer, who also just happens to be serving 35 years for another murder. Her killer was Temmie Cooley (right), one truly ugly specimen of Negrodom that used to work with the murdered woman in a hospital cafeteria.

If anyone has a link to a photo of Sharon Trimble, please leave it below in my comments section. When us “racist hater” guys do searches for White victims of black killers, we usually can’t find one single shot of the victim, simply because they had White skin.

This is what “news” organizations purposefully do, when they can get away with it, which is usually the case. Avoid showing any shot of a White victim or family in the same report along with the black perp who killed them. Or vice-versa, i.e. show the victim, but not a shot of the brutal black killer. This simple visual trick by “news” editorial people to confuse the issue, has been used against our race for decades now.

If a White guy was the criminal or merely a suspect, they immediately splash his image all over the place, even on the national dinner time news; while soon filming big-ticket dramatic documentaries — like you see on Jew-owned and managed HBO all the time. Ask yourself how many shows and documentaries on the Manson family, or the Zodiac killer or whatever White crime you’ve seen over the years?

How about all the ridiculous media circuses they constantly have in the news about practically any present day White crimes, from pretty much anywhere?

You think it’s because they so love the White race? Don’t make me laugh, bozo.

Most Whites out there simply have little idea of the enormous extent of black crime going on, so the connection is never made about all the head games done by the traitorous media in protecting the obviously worthless black race.

You folks know that I sometimes come on here pissed as all hell about all the black crimes against us White people. For that, I’m branded as the evil hater and racist by the idiot brainwashed multicult liberals. All I’m doing is telling you people that blacks are indeed brutal, ugly animals who would kill you or a loved one dead in a minute.

The simple fact of the matter is that White people in the USA have long been kept in the dark. Only in the last few years since the Internet has the truth been getting out and that truth is that it’s us White people who are the real victims — of a violent race long trained to blame Whites for everything.

You know something White people? Isn’t it time to put away the PC BS and come to the logical realization that blacks are indeed murderous, often sadistic criminals?

These two-legged, free-ranging animals are completely and utterly worthless — so undeserving of us playing the Mr. Nice Guy role, while they continually murder our loved ones in brutal crimes and assault us in the streets just because we’re White people.

I ask you: Isn’t it time we figured out the real deal about this ugly race?

— Phillip Marlowe

The True Nature of the Black Race

* The Kansas Supreme Court just recently overturned the well-justified death sentences of the Carr brothers — two black sadists guilty of the gang-rape, sexual humiliation, torture and execution style shootings of five young White people in 2000. The insanely brutal crimes of these two monsters are often called “The Wichita Horror.”





100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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31 Responses to The True Nature of The Beast

  1. Whites should never be in areas where blacks are. Women should always be in threes or more, or be in the company of a man. Men should not be alone. No one should be in black areas at night. It is far mor dangerous than being in grizzly country in Alaska. These niggers are animals, and the libtards actually know it. They don’t go to the ghetto. They are full of shit and are just trying to get along. The thing is their getting along is costing a lot of white female lives at the hands of entitled impulsive niggers. What I just wrote is the truth. And it is the kike’s master plan to sieze supremacy.

  2. RED PILL says:

    The True Nature of The Beast

    it’s a war against every thing that is good and holy.
    but the white world has not yet awaken .
    and won’t until it comes to there door.
    but that day will occur soon. and when it does,
    there will be hell to pay.

  3. Fiddler says:

    Another thing: Have you noticed that certain network TV shows, namely NBC’s Dateline and CBS’s 48 Hours feature nothing but crimes committed by white people, usually one spouse knocking off another?
    I can’t recall any black street crime on either of those shows over many years.
    We were indeed kept in the dark by the media for many decades. The internet may very well turn the tide in our favor. At least I hope so.

  4. Whitepride says:

    Most niggers are animals; the bottom of the food chain! I hate the scum and have nothing to do with them! The worst bastards to roam this earth!!!

  5. Whitepride says:

    Dear Incog man
    Where can I send you a small donation?

  6. Don in Taiwan says:

    St. Hitler was right.

  7. Sen10L says:

    Whitepride, there is a donation link at bottom of each page. Scroll all the way down or press END key.

    Glad they finally caught the serial rapist not to long ago in Nashville. WFT! That Temmie is the one nasty neegar.

  8. Cleansweep says:

    All of us have a duty towards our beloved ones.

    That duty is to find the perpetrators and finish them off.

    Dont wait for the police to find them.

    Its either them or us.

  9. B-E-Devil says:

    Just know that their are plenty of vigilantes in small towns.

    When the end of welfare and food stamps occurs, the beasts of the field will really run wild, but they will also encounter real whites who will not put up with their shit. The beasts will wish the police were around.

    Most niggers in joo york city have never been out-side a 50 block area their whole miserable existence.
    They won’t stand a chance if they think they can head out to the sticks.

  10. Those who conceal these crimes (and this genocidal agenda) are just as guilty as those who carry them out.

  11. ICU says:

    jew owned and managed media concealing the murderous predation of their favorite biological weapons ??????
    Ya think ?

  12. Ruthless Rob says:

    Our current “shit system” is irreparably corrupt and I suspect that lynchings will occur nationwide within the foreseeable future. I also think that the reporters, station managers, editors, judges, politicians, and jew instigators of these “black on white crimes” will hang alongside their nigger beasts. It’s only a matter of time . . . and yes, I have a rope.

  13. Sen10L says:

    Only problem with the South other than the white trash is that they predominantly love Isntreal. I’m from the South and I’m sick of these fuckers.

  14. Sen10L says:

    I emailed a Dallas news reporter and she reported back that they had no file photo of Ms. Sharon Trimble.

    A friend’s beautiful daughter was killed by black gang members about 10 years ago. The perp had their day in court but the victim can’t even have a photo displayed. The victim becomes a nobody while the poor oppressed negro is allowed a pity party courtesy of the court. I asked her about any changes that are being pushed by family and friend activist and was told that as of now, “No the state supreme court judges are up for re-election. And the decision about victims was put off. Victims have no rights. Thanks for asking.”

  15. Sen10L says:

    The young girl I mentioned was also from Nashville.

  16. Israhell on Earth says:

    Here is a vid from the”Amazing Atheist”. I really loved to listen to the angry rants of that liberal douchebag a few years ago. Now he has almost 600,000 subscibers, and jootube pays him real cash. Good for him, but he’s probably a zog-agent.
    He despises feminism, but he would never adress black dysfunction or black on white crime.
    In one vid he claimed that it isen’t more dangerous for a white person to walk into a ghetto at night than for a black guy to walk into a bar full of rednecks. What a joke.
    The video offers some expanations why the US has the highest incarceration rate on earth, but he denies that black crime has anything to do with it.
    He’s a smart guy and i’m sure he knows why the incarceration rate in south africa is lower than in america. The vast majority of criminals never get caught due to incompetant and corrupt police in post-apartheid south africa.,d.bGE

  17. MIKEY says:


  18. Hoff says:

    Gaza Explained Easy for American Dummies

    Have you been to Manhattan, New York? Gaza in Palestine (israel) is the size of Manhattan, New York.

    Have you been to West Point? I have been to West Point and Manhattan in real life. West Point is an hour by car from Manhattan, New York.

    Imagine that YOU – yes YOU and your family live in Manhattan, it’s your home, you have nowhere to go to except Manhattan, and that the military center of America, with all its military might attack Manhattan with every single jetfighter West Point controls, every single tank West Point controls, with every artillery West Point controls and on top of that West Point send in all marines West Point got – and it’s all YOUR fault.

    This massive overkill is a “war”? Your right to “defend yourself”?

    Next time you hear Gaza on the jew”news” – think: -It’s Manhattan and West Point, we USA are killing Manhattans with overkill.

    Do YOU get it?

  19. Karen says:

    Some bars in Detroit, back in the late 70’s early 80’s would post “no hats allowed” and no black dared enter. Also a lot of people, black and white were carrying then, so if a fight broke out in a white bar it was always settled amicably, black bars though they just shot each other.

  20. CON10NDOR says:

    I have cows and other animals that I sometimes have to give IVs to when they calf. I used my last one 3 weeks ago and I have tried to get some replacements which I did manage to do after some struggle. One thing I noticed is that all and I MEAN ALL the suppliers seemed to be out or had limits of 3 and then only on back order stating that there was a nation wide shortage. I thought that was rather odd as I had never seen it before. Then our fearless jew leaders made the headlines again by putting the entire nation at risk (except for themselves of course) because one idiot chose to take his family to Africa in an Ebola hot zone and after contracting it and was allowed to return HERE. PROOF THAT YOU CAN’T FIX STUPID. Then I read about the treatment for Ebola which consists of many IVs to keep you hydrated long enough for the outside chance that your body will produce an antibody because of the time bought by the many IVs will kill the virus on it’s own. Suddenly it was no longer a mystery to me why I could not get any IVs. They have been buying up all the IVs for sometime now because this has all been planned. THEY WERE PREPARING AHEAD OF TIME. Don’t believe it ? Go to any online vet supply and try to buy a 1000ml ringers solution with dextrose and see how far you get. I have said Obama is the last president every since he was illegally elected. Looks like I just might be right because marshal law is coming. Just sayin …..

  21. Jo Jackson says:

    There’s one element that’s far worse than the yid or its tools (the nigger and south asian Indo/Paki) – the do gooder, lib/commie indoctrinated, invariably middle class, white trash that defend them in our lands. You can hear them mouthing on all talk back radio shows, knocking back our history, our achievements, our fucking existence, slamming down or cutting off any white man gentile who stands up for us.

    Without these cunts the invidious kikes deviance would be limited and facilitation for their iniquity would be curtailed.

    South African kaffirs have a very effective way of dealing with their black equivalent of these treacherous bastards – simply by using a “necklace” on them.

    Right now us whiteys are far to civilised.

  22. Barney says:

    I once made the mistake of getting a queer kike (repeating myself there) a job where I worked.

    Things were ok for a while, but then, as well as stealing stock and selling it privately, he became ambitious.

    He wanted promotion, but he wasn’t good enough at the job to work his way up, so he came up with a different scheme.

    He decided that if he could get everyone above him sacked, he’d achieve his promotion by having been there longer than anyone else.

    With the help of another of the devil’s gargoyles, he even attacked the MD (Managing Director), but failed in that because the things he accused the MD of doing were done with the knowledge and blessing of the owner.

    He managed to get rid of one employee by tricking him into saying certain things when the MD was standing behind his unsuspecting victim.

    Then it was my turn, but I saw what the kike was up to and got out before he could get me sacked.

    I “sort of” knew the kike was also involved in industrial espionage for a “rival” (kike) firm, and was eventually able to obtain proof of his treachery, so I posted said proof to the company he was spying on.

    I don’t know what happened next, but I hope they had the sense to get rid of the bastard.

    NEVER give a kike an inch or they’ll take the whole fkn WORLD, and still want more.

    Niggers are bad, but the devil’s gargoyles are worse.

  23. Barney says:

    Here’s what I think about the massacre of civilians in Palestine.

    Some kike said something like “What if three kids were to be murdered by Palestinians?”

    Surprise, surprise, a week later, three yid kids disappeared and turned up dead.

    We’ve got no way of knowing whether those kikelets ever existed, or whether they really did end up dead. We’ve only got the lying jew media to tell us what happened.

    If it did happen though, either the kike that so accurately “predicted” the event was psychic, or the vermin murdered them. so it could be blamed on Palestinians, which is the definition of a false-flag.

    Throw a rock through your own window and claim you saw your least favourite neighbour running away laughing.

    I’d do it too if I lived in a kike-infested area. Perhaps we all should.

    “Prediction fulfilled? Three dead kikelets? Good. Now we go and clear the last remaining Palestinians out of Gaza”.

    Even if the story was true, which I doubt, three dead kikelets hardly justifies the merciless slaughter of thousands of civilians, many of them just little kids.

    To me, six million dead jews isn’t worth a Human fingernail.

    At last the world is seeing the jew for the satanic beast it really is. We know zog won’t do anything because they’re all the same, but people power has to have some effect, even if only to wake the sleeping giant that will finally bulldoze every sin-a-gog, ideally on a Saturday, and destroy the devil’s power forever.

    I won’t be here to see more than the beginnings of OUR REAL New World Order, but once the devil is back in it’s pit, this world will become the paradise it was always supposed to be under Benevolent White Rule.

    Niggers back to Africa, Chinks back to China, muds back to the various mudlands, mulattoes and “mystery meats” sterilised and NO jews ever again. We could paint a few up as Christmas decorations dangling from lamp posts and bridges, but they don’t keep very well afterwards, so the celebrations can’t be repeated a second year.

    How do we “pay” for all the repatriations? Don’t be silly! If the devil’s own can create the illusion of “money” from nothing, so can we. We’ve got the ships. We’ve got the aircraft. We’ve got the fuel, and if we need more, there’s always non-polluting hemp.

    One final point. Three-fifths of a man is not a man. Only men (and women) can be trusted with guns, so if we see a dangerous wild animal with a gun, we shoot it before it can endanger Human life.

    How many monkeys here?

  24. Don in Taiwan says:

    The common street coon at the bottom of the page in the wanted poster is referred as “animal “. Beast maybe or predator scum maybe. I have never seen any animal as stupid or ghastly in my life. Animals are far more sensible and intelligent than given credit for. And a little reminder to exercise your 2nd amendment rights.

  25. Klaus Koepp says:

    What is worse is that you got a nigger President with a shit uphill shoving “wife” who has done unspeakable damage to the country and the white people. Don’t let him get away with it !!!

  26. Cindy says:

    I spent a good hour or more looking through the victims pictures last night….beautiful people and children, harmless old ladies and young men. Nobody deserves the horrible things that have happened to these victims. I’m tired of being scared, to go shopping, to go for a walk, even that some thug will break into my house. I hate guns but I got a gun and I’m learning to shoot. I also have mace, brass knuckles and a knife. I refuse to become a random victim.
    I wish I could move to a safe all white town without druggies, perverts and crime. Not in this lifetime I guess.
    I’m sure a lot of people think your site is racist but its all true.

  27. LiberalsMustDie says:

    Marcia Trimble her name was Marcia Trimble not SharonTrimble … That’s why you can’t find much I remember this girl from my mom, her sisters, and friends / close neighbors were gossiping about how some no good nigger killed a little girl and they were trying to find someone who knew anyone locked up where he was so they can pay them to kick the living shit out of him and hey had actually collected money between them and they were even using their big ass glass sparkletts bottle pennies everyone had a bottle in their bedroom back then no matter where you lived or were from you or your parents had one they also used, laundry money in the saltine tin that was their mostly because they saved it by not giving their husbands his change when she went to the store my aunt Rose started doing then the rest followed suit and by the end of that summer they all had a good little stash. Not to mention their wasn’t shit else to do in the 70’s but liberal activities such as drugs, satan worship, getting knocked up by random dudes, catching STDs, collecting welfare for their free range bastard unknown baby daddy kids. But not my mom rher associates they had husbands and did shit like crafts and tupperware parties that is the crazies they ever go! they all used to do it you wouldn’t believe how much it adds up to $200 whole dollars LOL my mom and her sisters are fucking nuts but funny as hell!

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