Will a “Robbery Gone Bad” One Day Kill You?


No, I’ve never been robbed at gunpoint, thank God. But I did see two black-on-black shooting murders fairly close by and a friend of mine once had a gun put to the back of his head by blacks and forced into the walk-in freezer of the restaurant where he was the manager. He said it scared the living daylights out of him and thought he was a goner.*

You know how when blacks kill us White people, the local media reports on the crime as little as possible and almost always describe it as a “robbery gone bad”? Like it somehow makes it so understandable, especially since they want you to think blacks are economically “oppressed” by all us Evil Whiteys? They know that’s the “party line” us Whites had better believe, or it’s us who are the baddies.

These nervy bastards want everyone to think all us Whites are born “privileged,” and want to hold back the poor widdle blacks and milk their labors, while us life-on-a-silver-platter, plantation Whites lay about, holding fancy cotillons and cocktail parties, drinking from delicate crystal champagne glasses and eating finger foods served up by the noble black help. You see this BS in Hollywood movies all the GD time.

And note how they repeat the latest PC mantra on “racism” constantly these days: “We’ve come a long way, BUT we still have a ways to go.” In other words, this “Whiteys be bad” and PC BS is never, ever going to let up. N-E-V-E-R. Get that one straight.

But let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we?


When 19 year-old Brendan Tevlin had stopped at a traffic light in New Jersey this past June, a gang of blacks ran up to his SUV to kill him just because he was White. They riddled the poor kid with 8 bullets, and then drove off with the car and bloody body still inside.

Basically, if a criminal black steals one little penny off you, then shoots you between the eyes with a .40 caliber Glock, the media feels free to declare it as a “robbery gone bad” and the “downtrodden youth” was forced by circumstance into using a gun — which they would love to see us White people not allowed to own and have a chance against these dangerous animals freely roaming what used to be our beautiful cities.

Makes absolutely no difference to these liberal, anti-White traitors that practically all gun-related crime is due to the criminal black race (admittedly, against each other most of the time). But we know that if blacks don’t have guns, they’ll use whatever dangerous weapon handy to get the job done. “Troo dat,” as the punks themselves would say.

But that’s not all. If the black happens not to have stolen anything AT ALL when he slaughtered your ass dead, the media bastards will still freely describe it that way — to buttress their own personal political belief system that keeps all us White people in daily mortal danger from these brutal thugs.


When Amber Long was robbed of her purse in Baltimore this past Janaury, the hoody-wearing black callously put a bullet in her chest. She died on the dirty sidewalk right in front of her own mother.

Think that’s BS? Well, you’re a complete idiot. And as the victim, you’re not going to hear about any of this in the first place. You’re dead and gone, remember?

But before you died, you had a most unpleasant experience to say the least. That’s when you first realized that you had blacks in front of you holding weapons and you had no exit, no escape, no way out — feeling in the pit of your stomach like a big cold rock was sitting there. It’s tons worse than that time your parents found a lid of primo grass in your sock drawer.

This is sheer primordial fear welling up inside you. This is the body’s instinctual realization your ass might be in very big, big trouble. You suddenly understand your life could be over in only a matter of seconds.

After turning over your wallet and “sailphone,” you hope against hope, the bad experience is all over with and you can get the hell away.

Amber Dawn Stokke, 22, of Oklahoma City

Last year, beautiful Amber Dawn Stokke, 22 and 6 months pregnant, was shot multiple times in her car by 2 black males in Oklahoma City. The perps are still running free after killing her.

That’s when you see them pointing the gun at you and you see a flash. You don’t hear anything. Light travels infinitely faster than sound (186,000 miles a second versus about 800 miles per hour for sound waves). Unless you understand what he’s about to do, you don’t register that he’s firing a conical lead bullet at your body before it punches into you at around 1100 feet per second. That nice hip shirt or sexy cami blouse you’re wearing is not going to slow it down one bit.

It might feel only like a bad bee sting, or a giant invisible sledgehammer hitting your gut at a hundred miles an hour — depending pretty much on where it hits, the caliber of the weapon used and how fast your brain processes the data after being hit.

Contrary to how Hollywood movies portrays it, you don’t fly backwards at all. You just stand there, unless the bullet struck the nerve pathways controlling your legs. In which case you fall straight down like a sack of garbage (often described that way), as your balance instantly gives out.

Chances are, the sadistic black is going to fire multiple more bullets into you with his semi-auto (his license to steal or protect his personal drug fiefdom) — bought from a fellow homie who probably got it from another homie who stole it in the first place. That’s when you suddenly understand you’re purposely being killed. Unfortunately, these apes are also legally allowed to buy them too, if by chance they haven’t been convicted of a crime yet.


Just the other day, William Davitte came to his wife’s aid when a black was pistol-whipping her in the parking lot of their church in Georgia. The black shot the 55 year-old Davitte three times in the face and head, killing him so he could steal the two’s car.

All of this happens in only seconds, but since your system has been flooded with adrenaline right when the robbery started, time has slowed down to a crawl and it seems like forever (an evolutionary tactic that enables living creatures to process fight or flight responses).

If he shoots you in the head, your world will go instantly black as you’re knocked completely unconscious from the force of the bullet strike. You’re either going to be dead right away, or possibly end-up a drooling spastic for the rest of your pathetic life. Only rarely do people with bullet wounds to the brain make full recoveries, without something seriously effed up.

If you’re shot in the gut somewhere, you will feel like there’s a mechanical clock someplace deep inside your body that’s starting to click down, slowly at first but rapidly increasing. This is from your arteries uncontrollably spraying out your blood as your heart muscle tries to continue it’s job of pressurizing your internal, closed circulatory system (pumping away since before you were born). Your life force is now flowing out into the world and inside the spaces of your body.


Just this past Monday, Sal Schittino, 24, was stabbed multiple times on the streets of Baltimore by 4 blacks who rode up on mopeds. He only survived because he was so close to a top-notch hospital.

You go into shock. You’ll feel this intense coldness spreading out across your body, just before your vision starts narrowing, then disappears altogether, since your eyeball organs are no longer getting any blood. Then you die. That’s why you see so many murdered corpses with their eyes open. That’s the person trying to see the world for one last time.

If the black criminal is armed with a stolen hunting knife (blacks rarely engage in challenging outdoor sports like hunting), or any convenient kitchen carving knife, you’re not going to be one bit happier. In this situation, you instantly realize that he can saddle up to you in a second and stab you in the abdomen repeatedly, very fast. He might even sadistically jerk upwards with the blade, gutting you out like a fish.

You probably don’t want that. Later, the animal will laughingly tells all his street homies, “yeah, I stuck the whitey good.” Stuck, as in viciously and painfully stabbed to death.

Now, the blacks in front of you may instead decide to just beat you to death for fun, either with their fists and feet, or with any convenient two-by-four piece of lumber found down the street. You will feel every blow until the pain is so intense you pass out before death.

arianna angler and mother

Alexandra and Arianna Angler. The 9 year-old girl survived being shot 6 times at close range by 2 vicious street blacks who broke in to rob them.

Whether or not you live after being shot by these animals depends on a lot of variables. You can be a big muscular guy and get hit in the wrong place with a tiny .22 caliber bullet and keel over stone cold dead. You can be hit with multiple rounds of .45 caliber bullets and survive. No telling.

Like the sad story of Arianna Angler a few years ago in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. As her mother was getting the little girl ready for school, two blacks broke in out of the blue to steal TVs or what have you.

To eliminate witnesses (thanks to Jew Hollywood trying to look “edgy,” blacks now do this all the time in real life); they shot the mother dead, then the brutal bastards pumped six rounds into her nine-year old daughter. She lived. The poor girl managed to drag her bloody, pain-racked body over to a phone to call 911.

Martha Childress

Last fall, 18 year-old University of South Carolina freshman, Martha Childress, was hit by a gangbanger’s stray bullet and paralyzed for life. The black brat claimed his prosecution was “only because she was white.”

Or you could easily get your spinal column smashed by a bullet and end up a quadriplegic forever. Think about what that would do to your sex life, to say nothing about everything else you like doing in the world.

Now, you might be telling yourself that I’m just a racist White guy, trying to do a little fear-mongering on my site. But let me tell you something: All of this is quite real, regardless of little old me. Just do some research on your own. No, you won’t see anything on mainstream TV because the bastards obviously don’t want you to get what they are doing to our race.

In fact, it’s readily apparent the people behind the news are doing everything they can to gin up race frictions, while keeping Whitey stupid. Watch CNN or even the other channels for five minutes, fool.

Note how they make out blacks as always-so-innocent and victimized by us “racist” Whites all the time. Hell, 70-75% of shooting deaths in America are at the hands of blacks, while 20 to 25% are criminal Mestizos who shouldn’t even be here in the first place. Only 5 to 10% of shooting perps are Whites, Asians or some other odd race, like Pacific Islander.

Eric Steven Brookins, 24

Eric Brookins, 24, was out bike riding with a friend this past Saturday morning when he was shot once in the heart by blacks in a car. They stole nothing but his life.

Blacks are truly worthless scum — brutal criminals and militant, anti-White racist brats. Hollywood and media Jews have a lot to do with it, I will freely admit.

Blacks are also disgustingly immoral and often sadistic SOBs. They will readily kill you simply for the fun of it. Why do you always see stories of them torturing animals and pets, or hacking people to death with machetes and setting people on fire? Because blacks are cruel and uncaring to the extreme.

But the question remains: Will you, a friend, a loved one or one of your own children down the road, fall victim to these insane, criminal animals?

Since our traitorous government is actively promoting the immigration of Africans (like from Somalia for chrissakes) and nearly as bad Mestizos from Third World nations to the south; along with financially subsidizing for decades the reproduction of those already here — it’s only a matter of time before you too fall prey to violent hatred against White people, if you haven’t already.

Guess what? Then it won’t matter one GD bit if you’re a liberal, conservative or independent. It won’t matter if you paid your taxes on time, abide by the law, think of yourself as a big supporter of diversity and tolerant “citizen of the world.” None of that will make one iota of difference to such animals, who will simply laugh in your face as they pull the trigger or stick you in the gut.

And then your White ass is dead.

— Phillip Marlowe




* I might not have been robbed at gunpoint, but I’ve had plenty of personal possessions ripped off by these thieving black bastards over the years. And once had a gun displayed to me in a threatening manner by the filthy apes. Thinking back on another curious incident in college, I now believe a girlfriend and myself came within an inch or two of her being raped and both of us murdered. I’ve been in a few situations and places that I’m probably lucky to be alive.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. GTRman says:

    Here’s a nugget:

    There’s a show on UK TV called “Gogglebox”.

    It features literally people watching TV (as usual, top heavy with faggots, mixed race families, kikes, more queers, etc)

    The viewer watches them as they watch TV.

    Im NOT making this up.

    Are you familiar with the show “Big brother”? It used to be on Channel 4 (boss: KIKE David Abraham) but is now on Channel 5 (owned by KIKE pornographer Richard Desmond)

    There is a “Celebrity” version. The biggest “star” on this series is a slightly addled and partially deaf Gary Busey.

    The smallest “star” is an Electrician from Essex who is “famous” for watching TV on “Gogglebox”.

    Yes, he is a “celebrity” for watching TV on TV.

    He’s obviously the most charismatic and likeable out of all of them ( a parade of faggots, transgenders, nobodies, has-beens, never-weres, all fevered egotists.)



  2. GTRman says:

    Half-baked theory formulated whilst having a pee:

    Have you heard of those “body harvesting” areas that forensic pathologists use?

    They put pig corpses and donated human corpses outside, and monitor the stages of rot and decay, and the various species of fauna that gather. This comes in handy for assessing the time a corpse has been laying, etc.

    Well, TV is over, just as Hollywood movies are over.

    All over the corpse are faggots, jews, transfreaks,unqualified negros, token muzzies, etc.

    I suppose I should see this as natural and healthy.

    Even vultures only eat good flesh (ie not rotting)

    The bigger creatures have had their fill and moved on..leaving the rotting corpse to the maggots, the beetles, etc.

    This is one hell of a tortured metaphor, but what I think Im struggling to say is:

    Its no wonder that TV (and movies) are a swill of stinking filth, crawling with faggots and kikes.

    Those media are at that particular stage of decomposition.

  3. GTRman says:

    Sorry, they are called “Body Farms”.

  4. GTRman says:

    National Geographic. Secrets of the body farm


  5. Truth says:

    Friggin’ kikes. Why don’t they just put free porn on cable. That’s their goal anyway isn’t it. They have certainly cheapened LOVE. No wonder our white woman are so lost.

    What is this big push to record your sex life anyway?
    So couples have unlimited sex before having kids then it stops? Am I missing something? Since when has that been the case. Most married couples I know have more sex in their 50’s than they did in their 20’s. And it is of a higher quality!-Why do they need a book. If that’s the case try Tantric Love. It will preserve a marriage into your 90’s. Oh I forgot most white people are stupidand can’t think for themselves.
    Since when are these “movie portrayals real life. They really want to depict white people as impotent (white husband can’t get it up? Wife needs coke to climax? WTF).
    Wife snorts cocaine with her boss? Very suggestive because women who do coke will “give it up” to most anyone who is near especially if they want or have coke.
    This family is obviously the “new all jewmerica family.
    This “hollow wood” crap is pure crap. My advice: Unplug the cable. Stop paying to see movies. Don’t buy “jew”magazines”. There is more to life than emulating these idiots.
    BTW I’m no prude but lets get real! Everything the jew produces is the opposite of what is reality. They are certainly the spawn of their father the devil. Could it be that they are not Homo Sapiens Sapiens? I’m convinced that they are not, or else their brain works in the complete opposite of a Caucasian brain. I also think that they are adding “poisons” to our food supply causing impotence in white men at an earlier age and fridgidity in white women. Hence Viagra, Testosterone boosters, etc.
    I say 110 and that’s the end or Time for Jews to make plans – hit the road to Birobidjan

  6. Bailey says:

    So now we have Misery State Senator Sheboon Nadal marching with protestors and predicting that if there’s no indictment there will be more riots?

    I hope that Police Officer does go free, let the niggers burn it down – Nation Wide !

    Let’s get this party started, It might just wake some people up.

  7. bubba says:

    I see in my local news that Syphillis rate is highest in 30 years..with almost 90 % of new cases…drum roll….Fags and Bisexuals!

    ( or Bisexual = oops…… I missed the wrong orifice ?!?)

    30 years ago I used to think…well they are still our brethren, everyone deserves a 2nd chance…….we should still care.

    Well not any more…you make bad choices and swallow the Kike Jew programming ?……..F*ck you !!!

    Like mix of “crack” and Kike Jew Frankenstein of Gangster Rap…….it was part of a psy-opp to target blacks. The message was that the blacks have no hope to get the Jew goodies unless they become criminals and deal drugs .

    Live by the Jew Kool Aid???? …Die by it…!!!!…cull the herd dammit !!!!!!

  8. White pride says:

    I do not trust niggers. I hate having them as neighbors. Do not trust their sweet and sneaky ways. I would live to see all nuggets exterminated and out in death camps and on firing ranges! Would live to see all kikes exterminated and decimated! B

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    The British version of octomom. I get to finally say keep working you English white taxpayers. Keep paying for your own destruction.


  10. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    ABC’s “black-ish”

    Get a load of this upcoming jew puke via talmudvision.

    The hip little nigglet gets a bar mitzvah.

  11. bubba says:

    Holocaust Anne Frank Collector Bobblehead



    PS anyone think of any good jokes(……like fireproof? or can I order 6 million and get a discount….?).

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Chicago Boy, 9 Gunned Down Execution – Style After Tantrum Over Cupcake


    Blacks killing blacks. Most of the blacks that are murdered in America are killed by other blacks, not white people.

  13. god says:

    bubba,…and just like A Frank, it survived the ovens.

  14. bubba says:

    Eli Wiesel tattoo kit ?

    Simon Weisenthal Nazi detector ?

    Barbara Lerner Specter black dildo ?

    Irene Zisblatt shite screen ?

  15. summerled says:

    another quote of the week !!

    trueman mann
    1 week ago (edited)

    99% of people, including those who sympathize with Hitler, are completely miss-informed and outright wrong about what actually Hitler stood for in reality. Hitler was not about “white supremacy” or the “white” race. Hitler did not hate the Jews, because of the way they looked. Hitler was against a 300 year old world order composed by France, Russia, UK, and USA… a world order where if you engage in productive work, laborous work, you always remain poor and dependent on artificially low wages for survival, a system where capital owners (non-workers) rob the working class by robbing them of their surplus value (profits) and tightening their control by keeping unemployment as high as possible. IT IS THIS SYSTEM that Hitler sought to destroy, which he successfully did in Germany…Hitler’s world was one of labor..work..not finance, racketeering, debt, wages, interest rates, derivatives, wall street, and capital ownership. This is why Hitler still remains an enormous topic of discussion 70 years later, because your slave masters know the truth, a world where workers keep the fruits of their own labor remains unfinished to this day…?

  16. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Black troll. They show up here from time to time.

  17. silvernickel says:

    25% of Americans Think They Will Contract Ebola!? huh?


    Should be more concerned about the current black plague named ‘Negrola’:


  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Imperial Ape Leader Of America Barack Obama Looking At Granting 800,000 Foreign Worker Visas


  19. GTRman says:

    “The Elder of Zyklon-B says:
    August 23, 2014 at 3:49 pm
    ABC’s “black-ish”

    Get a load of this upcoming jew puke via talmudvision.

    The hip little nigglet gets a bar mitzvah.”

    I just caught ONE minute of a new “Family Kike”, this one’s all about “Peter experiencing performance problems in the bedroom”

    I saw a cutaway skit , it was the scene from “The Lion King” where they present the new cub. One giraffe says to another “Are you going to stick around for the briss?”


    Then, just lots of puking, blood, filth.

    Off topic, here’s a vid for any guitar heads:

    Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World

    Cry Baby: The Pedal That Rocks The World tells the story of the wah wah effect pedal, from its invention in 1966 to the present day. Musicians, engineers, and historians discuss the impact of the pedal on popular music and demonstrate the various ways it has been used, as well as how its evolution has improved the ability of artists to express themselves musically.

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