Brutal Black Burglar Goes Haywire in Court


Dante Taylor had only heard the first verdict among several charges read aloud, when he screamed at the jury sitting across the room: “I didn’t do this [EXPLETIVE], you racist [EXPLETIVE, probably “motherf—s”] are sending me to prison for [EXPLETIVE] I didn’t do!” The murderous burglar was found guilty of first degree murder by six men and six women who dutifully deliberated for five hours.

Blacks always play the race card no matter what. Ever so innocent, too. It’s always us racist Whites who are to blame for falsely accusing another “downtrodden” black man — even though police had overwhelming evidence of his guilt. They found the victim’s blood DNA in his car and on a stolen laundry basket he used to haul away liquor bottles from the scene. Plus, surveillance cameras and cell phone towers tracked him on his murderous crime safari out to the mostly White rural area of New York state.

It was a horrifying, senseless crime.

Stacy Moulton and her daughter Terri, had promised a neighbor down the road, Shawn Yager, they would check on his cat, maybe pick a few cherries from his trees when he was out-of-town for a wedding in Aruba. Just make sure the water and little friskies bowl was full, maybe change the cat litter, if too foul. Wouldn’t take but a minute — after-all, what are good neighbors for?

After a few hours, when they didn’t come home and didn’t answer their cellphone, Chuck Moulton, Stacy’s husband and Terri’s father, thought he better go check on the two. What could possibly prepare a man for what he was soon to find at that house?

Both of his loved ones were dead. Savagely stabbed to death, laying in pools of blood almost on top of each other. Whoever did it, also unsuccessfully tried to set the house on fire to cover up evidence of his evil deed (right there enough to suspect a black perp). Later, a co-worker testified that Taylor asked him if fire can destroy DNA evidence. Yeah, the animal killed them.

As Chuck Moulton stumbled out of the house in shock over seeing his family members dead, another neighbor on the scene called police.

The poor ladies had merely walked in on a burglary in progress. And Taylor just decided to kill them right there with a large kitchen knife from the home. Just imagine the utter fear of the two when suddenly confronted with this dark brutal thug? Just scroll back up and take another look at that cold-blooded black SOB.

Oh yeah, get this my friends, police found a plastic bag with the victim’s cellphones in a vacant lot in Rochester, NY — where Taylor lived. Crumbled up at the bottom was a printed sales receipt. The items paid for were traced back to an EBT card (public assistance electronic benefits card) issued to Taylor’s girlfriend at the time. Typical.

Like I said in my last report here, blacks frequently do stupid things that put them behind bars.

Now to illustrate the situation with this race and also how slow our justice system works, just go up to my page under my crazy-looking masthead, “White Victims.” About halfway down is a montage where I included the two dead White women. Please take special note of all the other White victims I’ve put in that page SINCE that one particular montage. I also wrote a little something HERE not long after the crime.

Don’t you think by now, we have ourselves a real problem with the black race in general?

FACT: The black race as a whole cannot live in any decent society and civilization. This conclusion must now be reached, after all the decades of integration and multicult BS that is now practically driving America insane. This realization is all too obvious.

And I know how some folks might take difference with me when I call blacks animals, since animals are no way near as mean, sadistic and crazed as the black, sub-Saharan Negroid race. I hear you and agree with you.

I believe the most accurate description of these foul beasts are “apes” since they appear to be thousands of generations lessor evolved than the much more sublime, intelligent and beautiful White race. Hell, the issue is all too obvious when you simply take into account how they look and behave, without falling stupidly to the decades of never-ending PC and “diversity” brainwashing.

Now, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if certain mistakes in the past were rectified vigorously and immediately.

I might be called racist (blah, blah, blah) by the brainwashed, but these murderous feral beasts are indeed dangerous to us all, even liberals. Really, what are they good for? Singing, dancing and playing basketball? Hell, the singing and dancing bit has pretty much devolved into some sort of insane jungle crap, only good for getting them worked up enough to shoot each other.

And who the hell really gives a rat’s ass about basketball, except brain dead idiots who think it’s “urban cool” to watch sweaty apes running back and forth?

If these foul creatures had been isolated to the dark continent of Africa, they would hardly be a concern since hundreds of millions would have long starved to death over the decades. In fact, the eco-system of Africa would now be infinitely better for the wildlife and fauna. Those few surviving primitive black tribes would only be of interest to the tourist and occasional anthropologist.

Same thing for the island country of Haiti. The place would be a tropical paradise instead of a foul third world nation America and foolish White do-gooders has to bail out every so often.

Just stop and think for a minute about this Ebola business. Africa is full of insanely nasty tropical diseases, deadly to people in temperate zones. On top of all that, you have a pretty much idiot population of proto-humans, who can’t seem to escape believing in the craziest wild superstitions. A perfect petri dish putting us White humans in mortal microbial danger!

Oh sure, you have a few of these apes who have learned medicine from the White race, but these few don’t last long when the rest eventually go completely nuts and machine gun them or burn as witches (they recently killed 8 Ebola workers in a village).

Blacks are indeed an ugly and brutal race, who have easily proved they do not deserve to live among us. We need to divorce this race utterly from our societies.

The sooner you get that, the better.

— Phillip Marlowe

Information on the crime from the local Finger Lakes Times. Go HERE


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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66 Responses to Brutal Black Burglar Goes Haywire in Court

  1. Yates says:

    Agreed, I reached extreme negro fatigue years ago. It’s time to gut out a fleet (or two) of oil tankers, pack them with niggers and send them back to Africa. They have shown they just can’t hack it here anymore, and lash out in violence.
    Africa should be cordoned off for a century so nature can clean up the mess they have created. If it weren’t for foreign aid, their numbers would be quite small. I read recently that Africa will have over a billion niggers in just a decade; they are multiplying like fucking crazy. Hundreds of millions of them WILL find their way here, and in to Europe.

  2. Actually, I want to make one thing clear for the whole record…I lambast and totally denigrate homos on this site all the time. And the variety I picture in my mind whien i write critiques of this variety of baby rapists deserve it. Although, I have a caveat, which is that I do believe some people are born homosexual (the more respectsble terminology reserved). I have a distant cousin who was born, yes born a ”natural” homosexual (I’ll reserve the explanation for those who can understand what I am talking about), and I I’ll say that I don’t have any problem with this variety of homosexual. My distant cousin had this confition, oif you will, from a very early age or birth, and has lived his life with extreme modesty (in fact, despite his desirous provlivities, has not engaged in any relatoionships – to my removed knowledge). If someone who is homo, and really somehow has no recourse in the realm of attraction but whom does not prey on another who does not share these desires, I proclaim that i really have no problem with it, for, in my case, I know my distant cousin’s heart is good… I’ll stand by what I’ve said.

  3. Gawd- my terrible typing!

    Didn’t notice I was on on a new thread either. Fricking shame about these goddamn niggers, eh?

  4. ICU says:

    This afternoon, while channel surfing on the car radio, I heard the “conservative” jew Michael Medved whining, pissing and moaning about feeding the poor kids in Haiti.
    Haiti is West Africa West, a filthy, vicious, violent, smelly, corrupt, dysfunctional, ridiculous Hellhole…just like its neighbor Jamaica….and North Philly for that matter.
    Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why that is ?
    Anybody want to hazard a guess as to why Airburst Neutron Devices are not detonated over them?
    Medved is yet another Big Media jew puppeteer of not only Black biological weapons, palnetary smears and drains on Western human civilizations, but sappy, easily lead, unthinking, sentimental Kriss-Chun & Kwan suckers and fools…the same ones that believe what their vile Kriss-Chun Zionist TV preacher con artists jam into their spongy little heads about Izz-Ra-Ell and Gawd and THA JOOZ and the Rap-choor and other related deranged bullshit.
    I continued to channel surf until I got to some Metallica.

  5. Hoff says:

    Ferguson police chief makes public apology to the family of Michael …

  6. Bailey says:

    Jim Traficant severely injured in tractor roll over.

    The only thing this guy was guilty of was pissing off our .

    Mr. Traficant says,

    August 3, 1998
    Mr. Speaker, a new report says only 7 percent of scientists believe in God. That is right. And the reason they gave was that the scientists are `super smart.’ Unbelievable. Most of these absent-minded professors cannot find the toilet.

    Mr. Speaker, I have one question for these wise guys to constipate over: How can some thing come from no thing? And while they digest that, Mr. Speaker, let us tell it like it is. Put these super-cerebral master debaters in some foxhole with
    bombs bursting all around them, and I guarantee they will not be praying to Frankenstein.

    Beam me up.

    My colleagues, all the education in the world is worthless without God and a little bit of common sense. And I yield back whatever we have left.


    Good man , supported John Demjanjuk and pissed on his Shabbos goy colleagues every chance he got.

  7. Bailey says:

    Ha , Ha, !

    Eric Holder resigns , Blah blah .
    I saw a pic of him weeping while the HNIC was rubbing his muh dik behind the podium. Queer niggers .
    There should be lightening bolts for those down low jigaboos.

  8. INCOG MAN says:

    He might be getting out while the getting out is good.

  9. Don’t count on African nations to put into motion laws restricting birth rate. They don’t give a damn unlike countries like China. Hell, rape ISN’T EVEN A CRIME in most of Rapefrica!

  10. Bailey says:

    Jew news says it could take months or maybe even until the end of oboingo’s puppetency.
    Who the hell knows what these stupid niggers and their masters are up to ?

    Here’s on for the new comers, Watch this video and then consider what the lying jew scumbags say about us all being equal.

  11. Regarding the Penn. cop killer, the surname Frein is of German ancestry. Could he have kike blood? It’s very well possible, but I haven’t a clue.


    German: from a short form of the personal name Severin. This was the name of two saints in particular: the first was an early bishop of Cologne (died c. 400); the second was a missionary in the Roman province of Noricum (Austria), who died in 482.

  12. Bailey says:

    Here’s another one for the common dupe,

    Yes sir , Another nigger on innocent white crime that folks will only know about if they know where to look. If the masses knew it would be possible to reverse this trend but it seems that they just don’t effin’ care, TV is God and if the TV doesn’t say it then hardly anyone will believe it.
    Most believe that this here internet is all lies and they’ll continue to believe that until some real bad shit happens to them or their loved ones.
    Then they’ll remember what us evil racist , anti-Semite Nazis have been telling them all of these years.

    Anyway , Great post once again !

  13. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Senator Pat Roberts Warns National Socialism Is Taking Root In America

  14. RED PILL says:

    Man beheads woman in Oklahoma, officials say
    and yes, he is a black man.
    search images (Alton Alexander Nolan.)

  15. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sep 26, 1945:
    First American soldier killed in Vietnam

    Lt. Col. Peter Dewey, a U.S. Army officer with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) in Vietnam, is shot and killed in Saigon. Dewey was the head of a seven-man team sent to Vietnam to search for missing American pilots and to gather information on the situation in the country after the surrender of the Japanese. ……..

    Capt. Henry Bluechel, Dewey refused to stop at a roadblock manned by three Viet Minh soldiers. He yelled back at them in French and they opened fire, killing Dewey instantly. Bluechel was unhurt and escaped on foot. It was later determined that the Viet Minh had fired on Dewey thinking he was French. He would prove to be the first of nearly 59,000 Americans killed in Vietnam.
    Rest in Peace all of you. And the survivors thank you for your service I know we had the draft back then you may not have had a choice. But I still keep asking myself Why? I think I know why now. Money and profits and jew world order and kill the Gentiles stuff.

  16. Barney says:

    It’s coming. Here’s what the professional liar and kike (oops! I’m repeating myself) Cameron said this week about people like us who’d rather know the truth than blindly accept the obvious lies of politicians (emphasis added by me).

    And we know what this worldview is–the peddling of lies: that 9/11 was a Jewish plot or the 7/7 London attacks were staged; the idea that Muslims are persecuted all over the world as a deliberate act of Western policy; the concept of an inevitable clash of civilisations. We must be clear: to defeat the ideology of extremism we need to deal with all forms of extremism – not just violent extremism. That means banning preachers of hate from coming to our countries. It means proscribing organisations that incite terrorism against people at home and abroad. It means stopping extremists whether violent or non-violent from inciting hatred and intolerance in our schools, in our universities and even sometimes in our prisons. In other words, firm, decisive action – to protect and uphold the values of our free and democratic societies“.

    I notice he leaves the “N” out of “DEMON-cratic”. NO country is allowed to be a democracy as most would understand the term. Instead we get a DEMON-ocracy, ruled by literal DEVILS such as Cameron and it’s puppet-masters.

    We’re not allowed to know where zog-uk has it’s “FEMA-style” death camps for political dissidents like us – now re-defined as “non-violent extremists” – but we can be certain the round-up is about to begin, as it did after the jew takeover of Russia.

    Anyone still free and hoping to rescue captured friends and relatives before the beheading starts needs to (either carefully or en-masse) investigate those motorway (and other) exits marked as “works access“. Most of them probably will turn out to be nothing more than industrial sites of various kinds, but I’m certain a few such investigations will reveal heavily-fortified death camps swarming with armed guards, so be careful.

    Never forget the words of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the down-stairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had
    nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you’d be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed
    machine would have ground to a halt!

    When the roundup starts, it really will be us or them. One man can’t defeat an entire SWAT team, but a small community can, and even if you find yourself alone, it’s better to die quickly, and take a few of those bastards down with you, than to endure intolerable torture for yourself and those you care about.

    Assuming you survive the first attack, don’t forget to “harvest” their weaponry afterwards, especially in countries like mine, where only cops and niggers have guns. If you don’t need them, give them to someone who does.

    Imagine having to watch helplessly as your loved ones are raped, tortured and mutilated, screaming in unbearable agony, perhaps for hours or days, before eventually being killed (and knowing you’re next). Would your conscience let you put them through that?

    Take as many of the zioscum down as you can, but remember to save a few merciful bullets for yourself and those you care about. The sadism of jews knows no limits, so if there’s no other way, use those remaining bullets to spare those you care about. Don’t allow them to be tortured.

    This IS the FINAL battle between good and evil, and it’s one we MUST win.

    Either the devil jew goes back home to hell or this entire world is doomed.

    First they’ll come for the White Race, Nature’s finest, and if they succeed, the White Race and our creativity will be no more.

    With no more White People, the demonic jews will have no further use for their despised pet niggers, so they’ll be killed off.

    Next will come the muds, all but a few of the more capable ones that will be kept as slaves.

    Finally the devil jew will destroy all life on Earth, animal and plant.

    That will also mean the end of the jew, but they won’t care about that. They’ll have done their “work” of destroying the whole of creation, which is the only reason they exist.

    Protect your loved ones from these evil bastards and DON’T allow yourself or ANYONE you care about to be taken to the gulag.

    When the internet goes down, or when armed thugs turn up at your door, IT’S TIME!

    You can die on your knees, guillotined in zog’s death camps, or you can die where you stand, taking a few of the bastards down with you. Either way, those in the first wave are dead, so what will YOU choose? A good, heroic exit, or a coward’s death?

    Don’t answer that here. You know in your own mind, and that’s what matters.

    I don’t think I’m scaremongering. I really do believe the round-up is about to begin, so be prepared to make the bastards pay at least tenfold for every innocent death.

  17. RED PILL says:

    Woman Beats Men in Rap Battle, So They Rape, Set Her on Fire and Shoot Her.
    all these animals are black of course

  18. RED PILL says:

    Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God.

    he probably looked in the mirror before he said that.
    i think he chose the little “g” god a long time ago. (self)
    after all, he is just a quirk of evolution, by evolution’s standards.
    well i believe what he said, as applied to his own self.

  19. RED PILL says:

    Barney says:
    September 26, 2014 at 12:47 pm
    very well stated Barney, that’s my plan also.
    one must always be ready to die for what they believe,
    other wise you die for nothing on some one else’s terms.

  20. RED PILL says:

    Barney says:
    September 26, 2014 at 12:47 pm
    almost every thing you said in your post is written in the bible.

  21. RED PILL says:

    Why I Filmed My Abortion.
    she sure must be floating on a turd in a cesspool. (JEW POO)
    at 25 yrs of age she knew she would get pregnant.
    she should have given head, then her only choices would have been,
    to swallow or to spit.
    i killed my baby to nite, i knew it was right.
    but i want to keep my pussy tight.
    no crying child on my tit.
    got to keep my body fit.
    don’t need no baby in it.

  22. These niggers are ANIMALS, and they need to go back to Africa where wildlife belongs.

    In other news, I almost got run down by an angry white guy for getting into the passing lane 200 ft in front of him because there was someone slow in front of me. This is the kind of asshole who actually speeds up when you take the lane. (?!? – Yeah, me too). So brake slightly, flip the motherfucker the bird and mouth to him “FUCK OFF”. He was in a big older Chevy pickup and I was in a mid size sedan. I sensed he was going to run me off the road, so I got in the right lane, which was now empty and punched it up to 90 in about 5 seconds. He was gone. This guy was just a frustrated, uptight ego who has zero clue in the world about the continuous mendacious engineered assaults on him by jewry, masonry and the niggercaust industry. Sometimes it’s hard to have pity though. Some whites are so caught up in themselves that they will not admit to themselves that they don’t have it figured all out. That takes a little humbleness. And that is admitting you’re wrong. And you can’t be right and be wrong at the same time… finally, if you’re wrong, you’re not going to win.

  23. Well said at 2:19 RP. Hawking is a chicken – faced cunt.

  24. Barney says:

    Red Pill – It seems we agree on the things that matter. My doubts are mainly concerned with the reliability of “that book”, where “God” (or more likely the jews’ bloodthirsty g-d) says things like “Leave nothing alive that breathes” and instructing “humanity” (or perhaps the jews) to correct the “infallible” deity’s innumerable mistakes. I realise I’m concentrating mainly on the OT here, before Christianity could exist (before Christ), but that book has been through so many (mainly jew) hands, so many variations, so many translations and all the rest of it that I’d rather rely on my conscience, on what I instinctively know and on the Natural World, which IS “written in God’s own handwriting”.

    I know this short visit to the devil’s gulag (this world) is not all there is.

    I know there’s an ultimate authority in the universe, generally known as God, though I wouldn’t pretend to guess as to whether this is a single individual, all of us (those currently not “in the physical”) working together or some alternative I can’t even imagine.

    I also know there are evil forces invisible to our senses because I found myself having to fight them around 2005, when a local coven decided to attack me using “black magic” just because I was “in their way”. Long story, and this is not the place to go into it, but it was pretty frightening at the time.

    Evil does exist, but so do the good forces that led to me being able (with help) to fight it.

    I know I was guided and helped through that difficult time.

    Prior to that experience I’d always regarded “witches” as either deranged people who were deluded if they believed their rituals gave them any power, or (more likely) that it was just an excuse for a moonlight orgy.

    Now I know evil people (and jew-devils) really are able to tap into powers most people would riducule as I once did.


    As for the obscenely ugly (Nature’s warning) Stephen Hawking, it seems to me that the only reason anyone takes any notice of that anti-religious freak is because he speaks through a machine. I accept that he can’t help his pysical deformity, but being crippled and having an electronic voice doesn’t automatically make him the genius the jews like to pretend he is.

    Funny that, when he doesn’t seem to be jewish as far as I’ve been able to discover from a quick search.

    If he really was that intelligent, he’d realise there has to be more to life and consciousness than just the physical body, but he wants us to believe this life has no purpose, and the easiest way of doing that is to preach atheism.

  25. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    September 26, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    Stephen Hawking makes it clear: There is no God.

    I read an article a while back that stated Hawking is a fraud, his theories have not stood up to peer reviewed scrutiny( if they have actually dared to question his Gospel)……aka he is simply a poster boy given his disability….ie crippled PhDs turned into celebs cannot be w-o-r-n-g !

    This would be on par with Einstein, who was nothing but a plagiarizing fraud, and who would never agree to a debate….but whose celebrity status has benefitted physics.

  26. silvernickel says:

    I noticed in this ‘crazy muzzy negroid goes bezerk’ story, the FBI is investigating and ‘assisting’ local law enforcement. This is a gruesome murder on the face of it, however this could well have been a mind controlled killer primed by the Feds to instill more homegrown fear into the public via a black psy-op. In this story, there’s a severed head, and a dead crazy muslim who tried to convert his coworkers.

    “Lewis says the FBI is working in conjunction with the Moore Police Department, especially when it comes to the religious aspect of the case.”

  27. RED PILL says:

    Barney, what you just wrote,””My doubts are mainly concerned with the reliability of “that book”, where “God” (or more likely the jews’ bloodthirsty g-d) says things like “Leave nothing alive that breathes”””….
    Barney, God told the Israelites (not jews) to kill and destroy. these were the same people that we bitch about today. they were the descendents of the offspring of the fallen angles (aliens). and all of their genetically modified animals.
    yes every one of them was to be slaughtered.
    and the jew holds that bastardized alien DNA gene.
    no wonder God wanted them dead, and a few bleeding hearts fucked up the whole plan and now today, some folks call for the extermination of the ALIEN jew.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bubba is right again Steven Hawking admitted his theories about the ever expanding universe and everything else this freak of nature said are a fraud and even Einstiens theories about relativity and the speed of light are a fraud and a hoax. Rare circumstances where jews admit that they are lying and have no clue what they are talking about. Just like declaring there may be life on mars or alph-centauri the average American has no way to prove or disprove what these so called expert geniuses are saying. So follow your internal compass.

  29. Denys Picard says:

    Sometime this website is becoming way to vaginal for me. It did not used to be this way; it appears the site has been taken over by narcissistic feminist bitch that masturbate all day as being victims. This sure ain’t going to save the white race. It’s like the website sowed a vagina up its ass…maybe you use the word Nigger like the Fag community of Toronto Canada uses it. In Toronto, all that are not GAY are referred to as Niggers, no matter the color of their skin. I remember when I used to live in that diseased cesspool of sodomy that a black man that was gay was just referred to as a wonderful person. But a heterosexual black man was being called a Nigger. And, the more I witnessed the inside of the Sodomy Society, I found out often that Dikes and Fags referred to White heterosexual men as Niggers. Interesting. I am wondering if there is not starting to be a bit of this around the website??? I mean white women of the right and the left put that negroid sodomite in the white house, and they sure love him and still strongly support him; and as a gift, he walks along and put those hate laws where women gain the great status, together with Niggers and Kikes of being declared Historically victimized groups…and again 2 weeks ago, special laws that make women only victims, never assailants…yet in white heterosexual couples, women instigate physical violence twice as much as men. 2 thirds of homicide within white heterosexual couple are effectively women, but one third of them are men killed by their female lovers…we never here about this…they are no special laws protecting white men from female violence. No laws protecting children from female pedophiles…be they white or other…think of this a bit….

  30. DP – not sure I get the first part of that polemic. In the middle I figure you got further acquainted with the Toronto faggot/dyke ”community.” I understand the last part. It’s the war on normalacy, decency, nature and the natural order by kikedom, their dupes the masons and hangers on trading thrills and freebies for honor. Makow previewed this excellently in one of his articles, not that I trust him, either. Every so often one of his apples has a razor in it; which is, the jews are just people. Not true.

  31. Denys Picard says:

    Thank you for the comment AlloverthePlace…You see, the thing is the tone and the frequency with which Incog addresses women victims, it as changed dramatically over the past 12 to 18 months. Its not that I like niggers killing white women…it is just that it is becoming a bit redondent, as if Incog was falling in the trap of “white women are all victims and only victims all the time”, because next to that is “all women are all victims all the time and only that”. And then this is very close to all Kikes are all victims all the time and only that, and then a step further…All niggers are all victims all the time…where obviously, this would infringe on the fundamentals of the trademark and franchise, the essence and purpose, of this website or blog.

  32. INCOG MAN says:

    Total BS.

    I’ve done plenty of stories on White males victimized by these lousy apes. All anyone has to do is click on my “Negro Crime” topic button right underneath the article or over in the topic “cloud” on the left.

    For that matter, anyone can go back years on my site and read what I say and the topic. Or run my text thru AI writer’s software to see if it is written by the same person.

    I write about what “moves me.” Any GD problem with that, take a hike.

  33. Denys Picard says:

    Hey, I know Incog what you have written…but I am saying the tomne and frequency has changed. You no maybe its because of the coincidence of agenda @ the WH, activists using the Ray Rice porno act to put their agenda aggressively on the table, the Right proposing Condalizza Rice a NFL Commissioner and the Fag team on capitol hill passing these one way abusive laws, together with the Network Media overpourring with the sensionalism of violence on women as if it was a one way street; maybe also fucking Dikes down here macking my life miserable for the past 30 years, maybe bringing back the memories of the fucking cunts how molested me and those that now harass me…maybe it is a bit of all that together…and I come to the site for a bit of relief and I have the feeling of seeing a bunch of dikes pusing their aagenda. I once commented, withouyt muc appreciation, to a white supremacist website that maybe they were sleeping next to their worst enemy every night.

    Women stick together before their considerations for raciality, that is a real danger. Being victims gives women authority, they gain authority and stick to women, not to race…science has demonstrated innate patterns of empathy of women for their own kind but not for men. Sometimes I come to the site, and i have the feeling you consolidate this F to F union, despite your intentions and I get depressed.

    That is all Incog…I am worried.

  34. Denys Picard says:

    Sorry for all the Typos, i am tired and didn’t take time to correct!

  35. INCOG MAN says:

    Look, I like women. So sue me.

    Sure, I get pissed like the next guy at women libbers and all that jazz. In fact, I wrote something here on the topic but just didn’t finish it yet. Too many black crime and jew bull crap going down.

  36. Good email exchange interview with Robert Ransdell here. I couldn’t have said it better.

  37. Denys Picard says:

    I used to love women, but I have progressively become quite mysogynistic with the years. Not a fag, but mysogynistic. I have lost faith in the nature of women…Jacques Brel wrote in one of his songs, one of his last ones “…and I am not sure that women are the future of men…”. it sounds better in french, but that is the meaning. Yet he sure loved women passionatly and understood them deeply…he probably got to understand them too much a few months before his too early death.

    Don’t worry, I would not sue you, I was considering sending you a CASH GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS THIS YEAR…despite my “heavy” criticism; I just hope I can come once in a while and relax at your poetry a few more years, not when life is a bitch, but when dikes are fucking bitches to me, together with the negroes, the kikes and the fucking corrupt cops (not all cops are corrupt, of course)!

  38. Does anyone have a fucking clue how to comment on John De Nugent’s site? Was hecdown for awhile? I want to say hi. I like the guy. I’ve never seen a nordic alien, but I still like the guy. Get back at someone! allover.

  39. Am watching Rambo III right now with Sylvester Stallone. Disregarding higher-financial-level authority over Stallone’s selection as a archetype marine in lieu of an Anglo-Saxon, I want to comment on something. I don’t have a drop of Italian blood in me, at least as far back as I know, but I really do admire what great Americans – Americans of Italian extraction are. There are plenty in the northeastern area of the country, and I’ll tell you, you’ll be hard-pressed to find such a right-on, regular, and patriotic extraction. What I admire most is their spiritedness. Fucking right on normal people for the most part. Kudos to you my Italian-American brothers. May we all live in a greater jew-free world in the future. A-men.

  40. Voir Dire says:

    Note to “Barney” @ 12:47 pm post:

    Incisive, brilliant commentary. I often read here without commenting (time constraints; working gal).

    You nailed it.

    Always appreciate your chilling insights into the Bolsheviks-Within, and Incog’s man’s invaluable blog and efforts.


  41. Russian Jew youtube star once again feeding his pet niggers. He’s probably connected to the Russian mob back in the motherland, or some kind of international bankers in the U.S. Skip to the end to see niggers playing the victim as they always do when confronted with a real life situation.

    Here he is again three months ago doing what Jews do – making the pet niggers rich and famous…

  42. So they sent him to prison for something he didn’t do?

    Then they must have convicted him of a not-acting-like-a-typical-nigger charge.

  43. Barney says:

    I’ve seen Denys Picard’s “arguments” used so many times (September 26, 2014 at 8:23 pm), usually by queers and so-called “feminists”, that I can smell shills like you from a mile away. Whatever credibility you may have had, Denys, you’ve thrown it away by resorting to zog’s standard insults. If you don’t like what IncogMan writes, what are you doing here?

    It’s like when queers approach normal people and try to persuade them to “admit” to being queer too, when they know they’re not. Presumably you’ll come up with the “green hair” argument next.

    (“I hate all people why dye their hair green because a long time ago I was attacked by someone who had green hair“, that kind of BS.)

    You’re no White Man as anyone here would understand the term, so bugger off back to your black and white bugger boys. We don’t want your kind here, and no amount of grovelling, backtracking and bad spelling (typical troll behaviours after the main “attack”) will change that.


    AllOverThePlace – I used to comment occasionally at JdN’s site years ago when I still believed in him, but then he decided people had to pay to comment there.

    That was just the start. A lot’s happened since then to convince me he’s not what he pretends to be. We all have to decide for ourselves though.

    I’d rather “follow” Harold Covington at

    No-one else has a plan, certainly not JdN.

  44. Barney says:

    Apologies for any typos. No time today. Family matters at weekends, I’ll “see” you all next week.

  45. protocolsRtrue says:

    Great news everybody. Chelsea calved out a muskovits. I guess that pretty much guarantees hilliry will be our next president. I wont post the picture but to say that must have took some doing. That aint no six-packer that’s a twelve packer at least.
    Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a daughter late Friday, the former first daughter announced on her official Twitter feed and Facebook page.

    The girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, is the first grandchild of former President Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

  46. protocolsRtrue says:

    At least the Brits and their princes and Lords and stuff know how to marry something fuckable. I mean I thought Dianna and this other lady now are worth looking at. What’s the princes name? If you say George or Arnold or Charles you will probably be right.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    Albert the 40th. That’s another one.

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    Here’s another good one for you. I’m going through my mail from yesterday and I get a note from my insurance company. I wont name them directly but it rhymes with state fart. We protect your privacy and are very much concerned about your personal information. They put the shit on a postcard bulk mail and don’t even have the common decency to put it in a sealed envelope with a stamp on it. Gee thanks for your identity protection program.

  49. bubba says:


    Published On September 27, 2014 | News, Society, U.S. News

    A savage Black Muslim Monkey named Alton Nolen has been charged with beheading a woman at a food processing plant. Nolen who previously worked at the plant tried to convert other employees to Islam before going on this violent rampage.

    He was only stopped after being shot by a manager at the plant.

  50. Smitherines says:

    Read the comments: my problem with this is all their “so-called atheist puppets”
    will SCREAM for freedom of speech, EXCEPT if he is doing this at any Holocaust
    museum, he would be subject to their”hate crime” laws and would do jail time,
    he will get probation though cuz White Christians no longer have rights in Jew-
    run America! Then the atheist wouldn’t say shit because their real god here is
    Zionist Jews , the pussies than would shut their mouths!

    Teenagers are prone to dumb, tasteless pranks, but one 14-year-old is facing prison time for his latest stunt. The teen, from Everett, Pennsylvania, hopped on top of a statue of a kneeling Jesus—in front of an organization called “Love in the Name of Christ”—and simulated oral sex with the statue’s face. Naturally, he posted the pictures to Facebook, which made their way to authorities.

    Officials in Bedford County charged the teen (whose name hasn’t been released) with desecration of a venerated object, invoking a 1972 Pennsylvania statute that criminalizes “defacing, damaging, polluting or otherwise physically mistreating in a way that the actor knows will outrage the sensibilities of persons likely to observe or discover the action.” You’d think an appropriate punishment for a kid violating this seldom-invoked law might be picking up trash or, at worst, paying a fine. If convicted, he faces much worse: two years in juvenile detention.

    Truth Wins Out, a LGBT advocacy nonprofit, has argued that the law is unconstitutional because it violates the establishment clause—”Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion”—and free speech rights—”Congress shall make no law abridging the right to hump a statue of Jesus.”

    Pennsylvania is not the only state with a “venerated objects” law—many states have some version of it, but most define “desecration” as vandalizing or otherwise physically harming an object of civic or religious significance. Alabama, Tennessee, and Oregon have laws like Pennsylvania’s, which can be interpreted to punish individuals—like this bold, dumb teenager—who simply decide to do something offensive.

  51. Denys Picard says:

    That is a nice one Barney, but sadly, I am not familiar with the Green Hair allegory. Is it something to do with the Irish?

    I can see that you are making a point that you have a family, and you guessed that I don’t because of what I have written. And you are right, except for my 2 dogs. And naturally white married men do not take likely or lightly when we question the integrity of white women in the context of raciality.

    On the other hand, your interpretation that I don’t like what Incog writes is not exact.

    You see, ever since Incog wrote that piece, about 2 years ago, showing many pictures of what appeared to be underworld somewhat marginal gothic maybe gay lesbian transvestites, where he recounted his adventures of one day, he sow a seed of doubt in my mind. The last picture of that article showed what appeared to be a selfie of some sort and gave the impression he was coming out of anonymity, but maybe also out of the closet; it was very ambivalent or ambiguous. That is also when the rumour hit the web that he was retiring…those rumors spilled on the internet for 2 months. I stopped coming at the website because for a week nothing was posted…

    But then, 8 months latter or so, I found the website to be still alive. But somehow, something in the essence of the content, in the spirit appeared to have had shifted…and that is when doubts consolidated.
    I also noticed that Incog himself has been faced with people inferring he might be a Jew, or Gay activist or else…something like he was not sincere…it is not just me. Maybe this line of content creates this after long exposures…?
    Now, I see white women shitting and pissing on white males every time, a see them plot with Kikes and Niggers and multiculturals all the time to destroy any authority of the common white male. I believe that a comment on this website even used the description:” white men are the new Niggers of the world”. Now, Whiteness as a movement means sticking with whites whatever happens, it is the motus operandi, solidarity. Yet, as I explained, genetically women are wired to have empathy towards women first, raciality is only a secondary factor. This is science you cannot ignore when viewing whiteness as a political movement, a cultural reaction.

    Ignoring it is ignoring the most potent factor of change in our current landscape, and that is women. Obviously, your spouse or partner is certainly not of the same mind frame as the cunts that spend day and night making my life miserable (many of them whites, but also negros and multilturals); but yet within these tormentors, I know that some do hold the discourse of whiteness dear. Yet it is a whiteness were beta males are all emasculated and progressively enslaved. Now, if you view yourself as alpha, you may think this is fine…the thing is that much of the current leadership believes this to be fine also. The privileges President Sodomia views as so offensive that he explains all whites are rewarded with, he believes should be retired from white beta males. If you believe this is the right model for a halthy whiteness, obviously I fail to understand how a strong white western culture can reemerge??? Not much of a healthy whiteness if you ask me.

    Incog often has criticized our white christian (and/or European descent) leadership for exactly this, abandoning their own white people for their own personal ambition, selling the white race to the Frankfurt School of Sociology model.

    Nice to meet you by the way: I hope you get a chance to read this by Monday.

    As you notice, I don’t make a big case that I am not gay or not a Jew (or make me laugh…a Nigger), but I have been celibate for 16 years now (and yes never been married or equivalent). My trust in women has evaporated…too much brutality endured. When women see a door for abuse in a 5 years old boy, they somewhat spend the rest of your life consolidating the abuse, it is instinctual it appears. This does not make me gay, even if I don’t meet your standards of what being a man is.
    And you know Barney, one of the greatest qualities of the white Christian culture has always been being able to question itself, it is the secret of its past success; not the arrogance of believing that we are perfect, this comes from the Jews, and somewhat the Niggers, and the fags, it is due to, it originates from, excessive narcissism.

  52. steve2 says:

    According to Jim Stone, the beheading in Oklahoma is fake and he makes some interesting points.

  53. bubba says:

    Re latest beheading( in the U.S.)

    I caught the article late last nite..I had a suspicion it was phoney, given the plot line

  54. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m going to search the depths of the ocean and see how low I can go. I order a movie from nutflix called on the Hudson. It is about the weekend that king George the stuttering one came to America to ask for help fighting the evil white jew hating nazis. So the movie has some kernals of truth to it Roosevelt has two mistresses and Elenore gulp my gosh woman we sleep in separate beds in separate rooms and I’M crippled up in a fucking wheelchair from stupid polio I got when I fell off a sailboat but I still have 2 mistresses! It should be some indication that you have some seriously bad pussy! I mean not normally bad wrong time of the month pussy but this one is seriously bad. The secret service guys wear gas masks when you are within a thousand feet Here I’m the president I get free bars of soap stick this up in there do something please?

  55. protocolsRtrue says:

    Pop Quiz! What’s the difference between a nigger and a jew? Well if you take the speed that the nigger was traveling down the highway before it slammed on it’s brakes in front of a seventy thousand pound big truck evaluate the surface conditions and subtract the amount of time it took for the niggers to call Greenberg and betterman add the amount of time it takes radio frequencies and sound waves to travel on a nice clear fall day add 20 digits lawyer fees and doctor vacation costs and office overhead and how much is in the insurance money jackpot nigger lottery fund divide it with unionized zog agents and employees add the cost of a new car and that’s the difference between a nigger and a jew. The formula will change tomorrow based on prevailing dollar conversion rates.

  56. ICU says:

    pRt, since sog has been absent for so long, you and Barney are my fave writers.
    sog, I understand. It’s harvest time.
    All the best.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    Rest in Peace Sir. I’ve read this guys columns for a long time at American free press. Of course I didn’t agree with every word but nobody else thinks like me anyway. He certainly wasn’t afraid to speak what was on his mind and Oh Yes he was thrown in the cage political prisoner for a while also. Rest in Peace Sir.

  58. protocolsRtrue says:

    thought this was a good movie. So good I watched it twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything. You really don’t even notice that you are watching a man that went from being a professional goofball comedian to a serious cinematic actor. Put this on your add list. I usually skip over the opening upcoming movie trailers and opening credits. It took me half way through to recognize realize this is Bill Murray I know I recognized him from somewhere.

  59. Hoff says:

    Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed
    machine would have ground to a halt!“.


    Well Barney, Solshenitzyn was dead wrong. If the Russians hade done that, the jews would have cordoned the hood, the whole town if needed. Then the jews would have if they had a good day, give them 24 hours to come out.

    If that hadn’t worked, the jews would have leveled the whole town. Read this short chapter:

    To the jews it was life or death. If the jews lost control of Soviet they was all going to be killed. A flat tire would make the jews stop doing what they did?

    Don’t make me laugh. That stupid comment by Solshenitzyn make it plain clear he didn’t understand why the jews did what they did.

    The jews would NOT hesitate to shell a whole town like Leningrad, actually the jews did just that, but by proxy. The jews cordoned Leningrad and made the Germans do the shelling.

  60. @ protocolsRtrue on Vietnam—
    There are at least five ways Jews make money from wars.
    [1] Governments borrow their paper money at interest. So, the costs are offloaded onto non-jew taxpayers for years int the future.
    [2] Weapons factories & helicopters, planes, ships, foreign prostitutes etc are operated for profit by Jews. (Soldiers are expected to risk death. But Jews expect to be paid).
    [3] If/when a country is over-run, Jews control its paper money – in effect they get a cut out of every money transaction.
    [4] They can get and control assets such as oil, property for rent, ores in the conquered country.
    [5] They can make money from ‘reconstruction’.
    Some of these things apply just to ordinary countries, and may be expected anyway. But Jews when they control it direct all benefits to themselves, offloading as much as possible onto whites and others.

    This sort of thing ought to be studied seriously, and quantified. Otherwise all we have s the garbage Jewish media and Jewish-influenced historians, statisticians etc.

  61. @ Protocols r True —
    ‘… Roosevelt … polio I got when I fell off a sailboat…” — there’s an alternative theory that polio was caused by DDT in water (probably runoff). Not by a virus. That comment about Roosevelt may be supporting evidence. That’s if you’re interested in such issues.

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