Brutal Black Burglar Goes Haywire in Court


Dante Taylor had only heard the first verdict among several charges read aloud, when he screamed at the jury sitting across the room: “I didn’t do this [EXPLETIVE], you racist [EXPLETIVE, probably “motherf—s”] are sending me to prison for [EXPLETIVE] I didn’t do!” The murderous burglar was found guilty of first degree murder by six men and six women who dutifully deliberated for five hours.

Blacks always play the race card no matter what. Ever so innocent, too. It’s always us racist Whites who are to blame for falsely accusing another “downtrodden” black man — even though police had overwhelming evidence of his guilt. They found the victim’s blood DNA in his car and on a stolen laundry basket he used to haul away liquor bottles from the scene. Plus, surveillance cameras and cell phone towers tracked him on his murderous crime safari out to the mostly White rural area of New York state.

It was a horrifying, senseless crime.

Stacy Moulton and her daughter Terri, had promised a neighbor down the road, Shawn Yager, they would check on his cat, maybe pick a few cherries from his trees when he was out-of-town for a wedding in Aruba. Just make sure the water and little friskies bowl was full, maybe change the cat litter, if too foul. Wouldn’t take but a minute — after-all, what are good neighbors for?

After a few hours, when they didn’t come home and didn’t answer their cellphone, Chuck Moulton, Stacy’s husband and Terri’s father, thought he better go check on the two. What could possibly prepare a man for what he was soon to find at that house?

Both of his loved ones were dead. Savagely stabbed to death, laying in pools of blood almost on top of each other. Whoever did it, also unsuccessfully tried to set the house on fire to cover up evidence of his evil deed (right there enough to suspect a black perp). Later, a co-worker testified that Taylor asked him if fire can destroy DNA evidence. Yeah, the animal killed them.

As Chuck Moulton stumbled out of the house in shock over seeing his family members dead, another neighbor on the scene called police.

The poor ladies had merely walked in on a burglary in progress. And Taylor just decided to kill them right there with a large kitchen knife from the home. Just imagine the utter fear of the two when suddenly confronted with this dark brutal thug? Just scroll back up and take another look at that cold-blooded black SOB.

Oh yeah, get this my friends, police found a plastic bag with the victim’s cellphones in a vacant lot in Rochester, NY — where Taylor lived. Crumbled up at the bottom was a printed sales receipt. The items paid for were traced back to an EBT card (public assistance electronic benefits card) issued to Taylor’s girlfriend at the time. Typical.

Like I said in my last report here, blacks frequently do stupid things that put them behind bars.

Now to illustrate the situation with this race and also how slow our justice system works, just go up to my page under my crazy-looking masthead, “White Victims.” About halfway down is a montage where I included the two dead White women. Please take special note of all the other White victims I’ve put in that page SINCE that one particular montage. I also wrote a little something HERE not long after the crime.

Don’t you think by now, we have ourselves a real problem with the black race in general?

FACT: The black race as a whole cannot live in any decent society and civilization. This conclusion must now be reached, after all the decades of integration and multicult BS that is now practically driving America insane. This realization is all too obvious.

And I know how some folks might take difference with me when I call blacks animals, since animals are no way near as mean, sadistic and crazed as the black, sub-Saharan Negroid race. I hear you and agree with you.

I believe the most accurate description of these foul beasts are “apes” since they appear to be thousands of generations lessor evolved than the much more sublime, intelligent and beautiful White race. Hell, the issue is all too obvious when you simply take into account how they look and behave, without falling stupidly to the decades of never-ending PC and “diversity” brainwashing.

Now, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation if certain mistakes in the past were rectified vigorously and immediately.

I might be called racist (blah, blah, blah) by the brainwashed, but these murderous feral beasts are indeed dangerous to us all, even liberals. Really, what are they good for? Singing, dancing and playing basketball? Hell, the singing and dancing bit has pretty much devolved into some sort of insane jungle crap, only good for getting them worked up enough to shoot each other.

And who the hell really gives a rat’s ass about basketball, except brain dead idiots who think it’s “urban cool” to watch sweaty apes running back and forth?

If these foul creatures had been isolated to the dark continent of Africa, they would hardly be a concern since hundreds of millions would have long starved to death over the decades. In fact, the eco-system of Africa would now be infinitely better for the wildlife and fauna. Those few surviving primitive black tribes would only be of interest to the tourist and occasional anthropologist.

Same thing for the island country of Haiti. The place would be a tropical paradise instead of a foul third world nation America and foolish White do-gooders has to bail out every so often.

Just stop and think for a minute about this Ebola business. Africa is full of insanely nasty tropical diseases, deadly to people in temperate zones. On top of all that, you have a pretty much idiot population of proto-humans, who can’t seem to escape believing in the craziest wild superstitions. A perfect petri dish putting us White humans in mortal microbial danger!

Oh sure, you have a few of these apes who have learned medicine from the White race, but these few don’t last long when the rest eventually go completely nuts and machine gun them or burn as witches (they recently killed 8 Ebola workers in a village).

Blacks are indeed an ugly and brutal race, who have easily proved they do not deserve to live among us. We need to divorce this race utterly from our societies.

The sooner you get that, the better.

— Phillip Marlowe

Information on the crime from the local Finger Lakes Times. Go HERE



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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66 Responses to Brutal Black Burglar Goes Haywire in Court

  1. Hoff says:

    Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur-what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked? The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed
    machine would have ground to a halt!“.


    Well Barney, Solshenitzyn was dead wrong. If the Russians hade done that, the jews would have cordoned the hood, the whole town if needed. Then the jews would have if they had a good day, give them 24 hours to come out.

    If that hadn’t worked, the jews would have leveled the whole town. Read this short chapter:

    To the jews it was life or death. If the jews lost control of Soviet they was all going to be killed. A flat tire would make the jews stop doing what they did?

    Don’t make me laugh. That stupid comment by Solshenitzyn make it plain clear he didn’t understand why the jews did what they did.

    The jews would NOT hesitate to shell a whole town like Leningrad, actually the jews did just that, but by proxy. The jews cordoned Leningrad and made the Germans do the shelling.

  2. @ protocolsRtrue on Vietnam—
    There are at least five ways Jews make money from wars.
    [1] Governments borrow their paper money at interest. So, the costs are offloaded onto non-jew taxpayers for years int the future.
    [2] Weapons factories & helicopters, planes, ships, foreign prostitutes etc are operated for profit by Jews. (Soldiers are expected to risk death. But Jews expect to be paid).
    [3] If/when a country is over-run, Jews control its paper money – in effect they get a cut out of every money transaction.
    [4] They can get and control assets such as oil, property for rent, ores in the conquered country.
    [5] They can make money from ‘reconstruction’.
    Some of these things apply just to ordinary countries, and may be expected anyway. But Jews when they control it direct all benefits to themselves, offloading as much as possible onto whites and others.

    This sort of thing ought to be studied seriously, and quantified. Otherwise all we have s the garbage Jewish media and Jewish-influenced historians, statisticians etc.

  3. @ Protocols r True —
    ‘… Roosevelt … polio I got when I fell off a sailboat…” — there’s an alternative theory that polio was caused by DDT in water (probably runoff). Not by a virus. That comment about Roosevelt may be supporting evidence. That’s if you’re interested in such issues.

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