Gangsta Killa Slays Elderly KC Whites with Shotgun


HOT-WIRING THE old Jag was the easy part — just couldn’t work the tricky shift and clutch pedal to keep it in reverse, let alone drive the muthafuggah away. He knew he had to get out of there fast, so it was better to switch over to the gold SUV, even though he really wanted that cherry sports car to tool around in for a couple of hours.

The 69 year-old woman heard the commotion from inside her home, but had no idea of what it could be. When she went out the garage door, she could see something odd going on at her neighbor’s house next door. That’s when she saw a strange black man climbing out of the vintage Jaguar George Taylor owned, and striding her way.

It dawned on her that maybe she should just call the police. But before she could turn around and go back into the house to get to her phone, she saw the savage-looking black raising something up he had down next to his leg.

Susan Choucroun probably had no idea what hit her. The thin, elderly woman took the 12 gauge shotgun blast right to the chest. More than likely, it was double aught buck — nine round lead balls, each about a third of an inch in diameter; the 12,000 PSI force of the magnum shot shell at such close range slammed her straight down into the hard cement of the driveway. If not already, she would be dead in moments as the bright red, freshly oxygenated and frothy blood from her lungs rhythmically welled up into the pastel blouse she put on to meet her husband for lunch.

Gangsta Killa already had the keys to the gold Toyota Highlander from the old couple he just robbed and beat probably to death. He was ready to go, when he noticed two more old white crackers stupidly standing on the sidewalk, right at the edge of the front yard. Didn’t the fools have any common sense? Better take care of them now before they gave out a description to the Man — long after his black ass.

After he killed the first white grandma bitch, he might as well waste the other two. The white man tried to get away, but was too busy yelling something to an even older woman wearing glasses, who stood frozen solid while screaming like a bat out of hell — right before he blew both dumb whitey asses away.

That’s when he looked around the joint and saw even more goofy-ass whites across the street, watching the whole thing unfold. No time now to check the bloody, twitching bodies for a little spending cash, just get in the SUV and get the hell out of this clean and tidy mayonnaise neighborhood before 5-0 showed up. They’ll remember this bad ass nigga around here, alright.

But at the moment, he had to get out of here fast.

Besides, he saw plenty of happy, vacationing whites down at a Motel 6 to rob. Maybe he’ll corner another old couple in a room with his handy shotgun, steal whatever cash they had and get any debit card pin numbers by beating the whiteness out of them too, before taking himself a nice little trip of his own.

It never bothered him one bit hurting or even killing white people. Hell, Gangsta Killa got off on it.

Read more of the crime at a local site, HERE.


The above is a somewhat fictionalized version of what facts can be gleaned from a recent crime spree by a black monster running loose in the Kansas City area just this past Tuesday. Most of it probably happened like so and if it wasn’t for PC, you would have this kind of speculative “true crime” reporting in the media (ala that little homo, Truman Capote). They’ve done it a million times over the decades for whatever White-on-White crime story, right?

Actually, this kind of thing could happen today, or even tomorrow in this great land of multiculturism we now have going on in America.

Don’t you just love it? Don’t you just love how nice people are to each other these days?

How about when you go shopping, say at a Costco? Are not the tastefully-dressed blacks always so pleasant and polite? Don’t the cute little Asians always take a moment to smile and let you pass? Or that clean-smelling nice Muzzie family from the Allah-knows-where hell hole your soldier cousin died a few years back trying to “nation build”? How about all the “undocumented” Mestizos in wife-beaters and straw cowboy hats, shopping carts filled to the brim — who always seem to have plenty of untaxed dough — while still collecting every kind of US state and federal benefit the brochure handed out at the Mexican consulate told them about?

I guess all of that is better than having one of the filthy black animals already born here blow you away for a lousy old car, right? Which, apparently, can now happen pretty much anywhere in today’s “brave new culturally enriched” America.

I often think to myself for good reason that it’s White liberals and the subversive, Nation-Wrecking Jews that I hate tons more than the mean, ugly third worlder slime now infesting our lands and murdering White people at the drop of a hat.

Yeah, I know that’s all racist and crap. And that’s what we’re supposed to think, right?

Haven’t you noticed that there are indeed things you’re supposed to think? Ever stop and simply list out what the media is constantly putting out there for you to believe? Perhaps much more important is the things they don’t tell you about — which is far worse in the first place, once you find out what those things might mean to you and your family personally.

Simply take what they want you to think and ask yourself what it will mean to the White race as a whole, to say nothing about your own personal future or your children’s.

Are you going to blow it all off, simply because the selfish change agents tell you to think that us White people also do such brutal crimes? Ever stop and consider it’s really a matter of math — the occasion over years and years from a once greater population, compared to the daily criminal behavior of a smaller, but rapidly growing number?

And such brutality and crime can only increase as more and more of these violent third worlders fill up what was once our lands and us Whites suffer more unspeakable horrors, like the one I just wrote about.

Just look at what happens to White people in South Africa all the time, for crying out loud.

Remember: What happened to those elderly White people in a nice Kansas City neighborhood, could happen to you down the road when you’re old, or even tomorrow. Think about it.

— Phillip Marlowe

TBrewerADDENDUM: Ann and George Taylor both DIED in the hospital after being on life support for almost a week. The brutal animal also killed a young White teen couple (right) in 1998, but was acquitted by idiots in 2009 (who need to be ashamed right now). The body of Tabitha Brewer, a beautiful young 16 year-old girl, has never been found. They think she was tortured to death possibly with fire to get at money held in a trust account she couldn’t even get for herself. Her prom date seen on the right, Nick Travis, was found beaten to death in a shallow grave on property Brandon Howell’s father owned. Plus, the two were last seen in his company. AROUND BLACKS, NEVER RELAX.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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134 Responses to Gangsta Killa Slays Elderly KC Whites with Shotgun

  1. Bailey says:

    Hey Hoff,

    That’s what our sack of shit president and his DOJ call justice.

    They know what’s going on and they’re loving it , so are their jew masters who installed them.

  2. John Taurus says:

    ALL White People should start carrying concealed weapons (with permits if required by law in your state). It is time that Whites started shooting these devils when they attack us. After 9 of 10 Black on White attacks are stopped by a White person blowing away the Black devil attacker, the Black savages will once again develop respect for Whites. They will then again consider us “dangerous” prey. The Jew media portrays White males as “dickless whimps”, unsuitable for mates…..helpless White bastards while Black males are every White woman’s confidant and best friend/bud…..someone who can be depended on unlike a worthless White male. Blacks have no fear of Whites because of the media and the fact that Whites simply do not defend themselves against Black attacks. Wake up Whitey……the chief law enforcement officer in America is Eric Holder, a BLACK man. He is not on your side. Protect yourselves and teach your children how to protect themselves. Expect the unexpected. Teach your children how to shoot. Start them off on BB guns in the back yard and then firing ranges.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    ….Group of teens….. How about a pack of wild niggers? I know the video was posted earler before facebook pulled it to keep white people from seeing the reality of niggers. There’s a link to it in this article. The reality of niggers is a whole lot different from the jewlywood version huh?

  4. Bailey says:

    This may be difficult for niggers to understand but for white people it should be as easy as A B C .
    Unfortunately , It is too far over the common white persons head too.

  5. Bailey says:

    Hey pRt,

    Notice in that video that all the “teens” are laughing ?

    Obama and Holder are laughing twice as hard , America under nigger rule.

    I just pray that the jews and their HNIC don’t figure out a way to make him president for life, like Mugabe.

  6. Bailey says:

    Jewtube wants you to sign in to view that chimpout video , grab it from the link from Hoff that I left above.
    Notice @ 45 sec. in the sheboon filming it asks , What’s the verdict ?

  7. Bailey says:


    The bitch asks twice , What’s the verdict ? Damn !

  8. RED PILL says:

    Enhanced Drivers Licenses or EDL
    DHS Wants to Tag Us Before They Bag Us: The Enhanced Drivers License
    my wife got hers last week, it’s here now, can be read 30 feet away

  9. Bailey says:

    Here in communist CT. the po-leece have this,

    I’m sure the ACLU is only worried about the rights of niggers, spics and other criminals who may be found through the data base.

    Law abiding folks are of no concern here.

  10. This video says it all… And may any gawd that you believe in, America, have mercy on your soul for allowing these brain dead illiterate hoodlums to poison your cities…

  11. summerled says:

    Corto Maltese .Everything was planned….also Ukrainian crisis is scheduled months before…. what the USA congress approved in may is the : S2277 Russian Aggression Prevention Act , would be secret…but awake people know……/113th…/senate-bill/2277

  12. Barney says:

    Just catching up after the weekend.


    Dimbleby propaganda video posted by Rob (September 6, 2014 at 8:19 pm).

    Quote (not 100% accurate, but this is how I heard it).

    They had no food and had to eat turnips“.

    Are turnips not food?


    “Jack the ripper indentified”. The kike Aaron Kosminsky was named as the ripper years ago on


    This just about sums the nigger up. Pity Johnny Rebel’s banned over this side of the pond, and so is Carl Klang. If we can’t buy them though, the only way left is to “steal” them. The Firefox add-on “Flash Video Downloader” works quite well, except on some newer uploads, and Audacity (free for all operating systems) can then be used to extract the audio.

  13. GTRman says:

    Hi Incog and Incoggers:

    I just want to say a big public “THANK YOU SIR” to Barney, a fine White man, who has agreed to help me out in a very real way, just when I needed it. I was not at all surprised when he agreed without blinking an eye.

    This is a fine example of what REAL WORLD networking can do: Meeting fellow “wrongthinkers” in the real, actual, physical world. I met Barney with the much-missed Cannibal Rabbi , and Ive been over to Barney’s many times, and it’s a 1 and a half hour journey, 2 buses.
    I realise that’s nothing to you Americans!

    Have Bailey, T-Bone, etc kept in touch?

    Anyway, again, sincerely:

    Thanks, Barney.

    I will sleep well tonight.

  14. GTRman says:

    “”Jack the ripper indentified”. The kike Aaron Kosminsky was named as the ripper years ago on”

    Yes, you’re right.

    All those hokey movies and TV shows to blame every fucker else.

    “We SHALL Witness The Fall Of Babylon”.

    If I ever get a tatto, it will be that.

    On my neck. Just kidding.

  15. manoflove says:

    Black Hebrew Israelites take on NYC jew:

  16. GTRman says:

    That vid’s classic. Kike starts crying, a mini holocaust right in the middle of JYC, jew central.

    “You blacks are supposed to be my friends! We’re both “Ethnic Minoriteees!” We did so much for you! Look at South Africa!…actually, dont….but we even let you have a black president of the NAAAAAAAAAAACP, eventually!

    We even got you a (half) black Pres of the Jew Ess Ay!


    Here’s another classic: A little jew woman (birth name Feldman) sees right through our Favourite Musical Artist, the israeli businessman and creep, Chaim Witz, who recently blamed White People for killing rock music..LOL!

    “YOU CANT HIDE THE HOOK!” (back when there were actual White Male presenters on US TV..and Im only assuming that Mike Douglas isnt KIKE)

  17. GTRman says:

    Confused NYC “Hebrew” nigger:

    ” I see your 6 million jews, and I raise you: 99 million black people!”

    Wow. 99 million blacks killed.
    What a THAT’S why there arent more pyramids.

    Its a LOLOCAUST!

    PS: UK TV and Radio: Every channel a jew, or a queer.

    I post my listings regularly here at Irish Savant:

  18. GTRman says:

    Even a stopped clock…..

    Mike Douglas: “Are you a bat?” (LOL)

    KIKE Witz: “Yes…..actually what I am is Evil Incarnate”

    Ah, the banality of “Evil”.

  19. Barney says:

    No problem, GTRman. It’s what White People do. Last year you helped me out. Now it’s my turn. I’m no hero. I’m just fortunate in having the solution to this particular problem.

    Now I’m off to bed. Goodnight everyone.

  20. Barney says:

    manoflove – Just before I go, that video you posted (September 8, 2014 at 6:26 pm) doesn’t show in Tor (the only way I can get here). Any chance of posting the URL?

    Two ways of doing that. Either post the URL without the leading http;// and www. or post it twice, like I do.

    Like this

    or (twice) like this (hope you like the song)

  21. manoflove says:

    Black Hebrew Israelites vs. “Jews”:

  22. manoflove says:

    ok Barney here it is:

  23. GTRman says:

    Barney: Its that vid of the “Black Hebrews” in NYC making a kike cry six million tears, Im sure you will have seen it, it’s old. any way, link is here:

    Black Hebrew Israelite makes a Jew Cry in New York City


    Red Ice Radio has gone full on jew-wise/White genocide! I hope youve been listening.

    Here’s the latest.

    Patrick Henningsen – ISIS Crisis & Israel’s Strategy

    Patrick Henningsen is an independent journalist and founder of 21st Century Wire, an independent media voice for geopolitical news and analysis. Patrick returns to discuss the ISIS crisis. He’ll talk about who is funding the crisis and how recruitment is done. Does ISIS pose a threat? Patrick explains how ISIS did not come from Syria. We’ll also discuss what Israel wants out of the Syrian situation. Later, we’ll speak about the beheading of James Foley and how social media is being used as a pretext to go to war. In the second hour, we’ll discuss Israel, the Hamas and the aggression against Palestine. Then, we’ll talk about events between Russia and the Ukraine. Patrick explains the agenda of removing Russia from the international scene with the main goal to isolate Russia, an ally of Syria, culturally and financially. Since Russia cannot be folded into the European Union, they must be broken down. We’ll talk about how Russia fits into NATO’s long term plan. Meanwhile, as Russia encourages making babies, the authorities in Rotherham England turn a blind eye to the sexual abuse of 1400 English children, who were exploited by Pakistani gangs of pedophiles, in fear of being labeled racist. We’ll end the hour discussing how insane political correctness can get.

    Paul Hickman recently interviewed the highly intelligent English hero Simon Sheppard, of “Heretical “.

    Things are moving in the right direction folks.

    The jews power is a wet paper bag.

  24. GTRman says:

    Barney: Ive had problems in the past getting to Incogman, but Im using Firefox via Talk-Talk and its as fast as a disappearing black-on-White Non-Hate crime story on the MSM!

    You shouldnt have to be using TOR .

    AGAIN: Cannibal Rabbi: Are you oot there? Are ye OO K?

  25. GTRman says:

    OK, for accuracy’s sake, it looks like it may be filmed in De Toilet, not JYC.

  26. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Mixed Marriages, Jewish Supremacist Media Control And Zio-Tribalism

    The full extent of Jewish Supremacist media control, news manipulation, extremist Jewish tribalist racism has been revealed once again with the news that the chief rabbi of one of Israel’s largest cities has refused to marry Africans because they are “not Jewish.”

    More jewish hypocrisy.

  27. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Japanese Nationalists: “To All You Ugly Koreans, Please Get On The Train And Return To North Korea”

    The UN is becoming increasingly anxious about shutting down “hate speech” in Japan. Presumably, the reason it bothers them so much is that they fear that those in the West might catch wind of the open racist in the East and ask themselves why a developed country such as Japan is allowed to defend their race and culture and we aren’t.

    Japanese Nationalist rallies against Koreans, formerly focused in Tokyo and Osaka, are now spreading around the country.

    But white people are ashamed of their own race!

  28. RED PILL says:

    For those who believe what is written in the bible should know this
    period of time is called “the time of Jacob’s trouble”.
    a period of time where Esau,(jews) the disinherited brother of Jacob (us)
    would have domination for a short period at the end of the age.

    I personally believe it’s to see who will sell out their birth right in God’s kingdom.
    there is a contract in effect for those that don’t sell out to the enemy.

    The bible is facts disguised as a story. the contract is found in Jeremiah 31:31
    and Hebrews 8:10.

    Disclaimer; i have presented this biblical information for what ever value one might
    find within the written word. and in no way do i care if you believe it or not.

    There is more to this story and the outcome is not in doubt, Esau (communist, jews,
    NWO) get their ass kicked with help from the man upstairs.

    Actually i do care about my white Israelite brothers and sisters and that is why i posted this.

  29. Frank Fredenburg says:

    It gives us some hope that the jews will finally fall Red Pill. At the present they look invincible. Of course that is because so many whites have sold us out.

  30. bubba says:

    testing 123

  31. bubba says:


    I was trying to post all day////

  32. Bailey says:

    @ GTRman,

    What did Barney agree to allow you to jam over at his flat so you don’t have to upset your queer neighbors ?
    I’ve been meaning to call t bone , we haven’t spoke since early in the summer , I’ve also been meaning to contact summerled and AOP.
    With two jobs I aint got time to do my homework except for on the weekends , not much time to entertain but I hope to find some soon.

    Hey Frank , Not only have we been sold out by white traitors , the jews have trained our younger generation to hate their own effin’ parents and everything else white.
    Just look at the future of white America, confused little white boys, pissed off over whatever they’re told to be pissed off about. What that is I’m not sure but I believe the message is hidden in jew produced rap music, Hollywood trash and video games.

    I see many white boys who dress and act more like niggers than niggers do , that’s our future. I work with a 20 something y/o male that has a blue Mohawk and black and blue fingernails, spikes in his lip.
    He hates me because I listen to 9/11 wake up call on the radio , once I was bitching about the “globalists” and I could see the little freak starting to boil, I thought he was gonna hit me. This dude aint a wigger , he’s more like a burning man queer fest fan.
    He says the internet is full of lies but listens to clear channel jewish radiation all day.

  33. Bailey says:

    Obama sons at it again,

    Hey nigger , Are ya’ gonna be on TV weeping over this or do you only weep when one of your sons was made good by a white man , or in the case of saint Trayvon , a morrano jew ?

    Pathetic piece of shit !

  34. bubba says:

    Wazzup widat?

    OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Though he lives near the Baltimore Ravens team complex, Hank Rebele is a Pittsburgh Steelers fan.

    After the Ravens cut running back Ray Rice on Monday, Rebele said his thoughts weren’t about football allegiance but about the domestic abuse he saw as a child in his home.

    Rebele, 59, originally from Grove City, Pa., had seen the video of Rice’s alleged assault on his then-fiancee and now wife in an elevator at a New Jersey casino last February.

  35. Hoff says:

    This article is about the Baltic World War II anti-Soviet resistance movement. For the Georgian anti-Russian guerrillas, see Forest Brothers (Georgia).

  36. Barney says:

    manoflove (and GTRman) – Thanks for the link. I hadn’t seen it before. What a fkn wimp! I suppose that’s what the devil’s own are though. Stand up to them, expose their holy hoax and they start crying!

    Perhaps that’s why we’re not supposed to say “jew” any more. Say “jew, jew, jew” and the poor over-sensitive little shits would drown in their own tears or jump off a cliff or something. It’s worth a try. I can almost smell the sulphur from here.


    Btw, did someone mention these?

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    Aint diversity precious? Wonder why your kids school bus is running late?

    Hell we could do this all day long. Thugreport is a good site. I was feeling for the teenagers working their after school weekend white-privilege jobs at the grocery store when attacked by a group of underserved disadvantaged less affluent nigger animals. Hope the human “teens” are doing ok.

  38. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    90% of you want to sit down and negotiate away the rest of your rights to the niggers but that’s not appropriate. What is appropriate is to kill niggers. Shoot niggers in the head before they kill you. Shoot them until the head is dead.

    Witness reacts to violent attack at Kroger

  39. bubba says:

    GTRman says:
    September 8, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    Red Ice Radio has gone full on jew-wise/White genocide! I hope youve been listening.

    Exactly…I’ve noticed that too.

    I don’t think they were in denial…they are coming to the same rabbit hole junction the rest of us truthers are.

    What is intriguing is how they have dissected the Scandinavian socialist model and how it was used to set up the disaster we see unfolding now. It appears the globalist strategy was the dumb them down /weaken them with socialism= marxism light…then no resistance left to the coloured invasion.

    Now they are moving on with who is at the top pulling the strings.

  40. steve2 says:

    Video: Israeli crowd cheers as Africans called “slaves.” Jews push diversity in the U.S. but don’t want any in Israel.

  41. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Actor Kevin Sorbo Calls Out Black Rioters As “Animals”

    This happened last month. He quickly apologized after he was accused of racism.

  42. RED PILL says:

    How the jews bring down the wrath of God on the gentiles.

    Actually it’s quite simple, and the reason that they are the destroyers of every
    thing good.
    They understand God’s laws as this passage from the bible indicates.

    Luke 16:8 And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had
    done wisely: for the children of this world (jews) are in their generation wiser than the children of light.(us)
    This statement says the jews are smarter than the gentiles when it comes to knowing
    what the truth is, that being what God’s law means and how our compliance is
    our ticket to freedom and prosperity on this planet.

    so there weapon is to subvert our beliefs by enticing us to disobey
    every one of gods laws, AKA commandants. every thing that
    INCOGMAN bloggers.have testified of. just a few of these subjects
    are multiculturalism, (race mixing) television mind control,
    (media) corrupted government,(American Israel Public Affairs Committee)
    and disbelief of a higher power than ourselves (narcissism)
    (self worship) and that’s just part of the weapons against us.

    there is a cure for us and a way to destroy the jew and his enablers.
    Ezekiel 14:6 Therefore say unto the house of Israel,
    (that’s us, white men and women) Thus saith the Lord God;
    Repent, and turn yourselves from your idols; and turn away
    your faces from all your abominations.

    It’s as simple as that folks, you can’t say it won’t work until we
    have tried it as a nation and it begins with each and every one
    of God’s peoples efforts.

    Jeremiah 33:6
    Behold, I will bring it health and cure, and I will cure them, and
    will reveal unto them the abundance of peace and truth.

    it’s going to get shiter as every day passes, as we head in to our
    own self made destruction by default.

    this battle is spiritual and can not be won with violence.
    we can blog until the cows come home and it will make little difference.

    so the moral of this story is morals, with out them we are doomed
    and we stay jew slaves to our physical and spiritual death.

    every thing here has been put forward by protocolsRtrue and his
    high lighting of the protocols, the master plan & blueprint of our
    destruction.we have all the tools we need, but lack the will to do it.

    what ever happens to us down the road will be for correction and
    each lesson gets harder until we get it right or lose every thing.

    i only post this because i love my neighbor, the white Anglo-saxon
    Celtic, Germanic decedents. the lost sheep of the House of Israel,
    the only people Jesus sent his disciples to.

    Matthew 10:6 But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Matthew 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto
    the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

    Jesus never came to save the world, only us.

  43. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Hercules Actor Kevin Sorbo Denounces Jews For Murdering Christ

    So far he hasn’t apologized for saying this. Maybe he learned from the last time that it doesn’t do any good to apologize. Time will tell.

  44. RED PILL says:

    Frank Fredenburg ,
    The actor Kevin Sorbo, who is most famous for his depiction of Hercules during the 1990’s.
    Hercules , one of the original fallen angels, immortalized in myth and the blood line of the satanic jews

  45. RED PILL says:

    what up incogman? did i say some thing wrong to be in spamblinka?

  46. bubba says:


    Don’t blame INCOGMAN

    I get days where I cannot post for several hours…then it works….

  47. Barney says:

    Red Pill – While there’s nothing much happening, I’d just like to say what a refreshing change it is to “meet” a CI believer who’s willing to allow people to decide for themselves rather than continually hitting them over the head with a bible.

    Most CI people are like the old-time bible thumpers. “Believe what I say or go to hell” and “It’s the truth because I say it is”.

    I don’t have much time for the “born again” liars either. Tell them you agree with every word they say, and they still treat you as a liar. Whatever they really are, they’ll probably have to be born again, literally, probably several times, before they understand, because all they are (the ones I’ve met anyway) is con-merchants.

    Back to the CI people though. Some (most?) of them can be pretty nasty, but you’re the exception. I don’t personally share your beliefs, but it seems the most logical version of Christianity, and it’s good to find someone who doesn’t try to force it down people’s throats whether they want it or not.

    My own experience, in most things, is that people will only accept ideas when they’re ready for them. You can’t make them believe something if they’re not ready yet.

    What I’m trying to say is that you seem like a true Christian, putting the information in front of us and letting us decide whether or not it’s for each of us individually.

    Thanks for that.

  48. summerled says:

    to all jews i am selling a nice piece of real estate for a few shekels let the bidding commence!!

  49. Barney says:

    While I’m here, I may as well say something about the coming false-flag we’re all expecting a couple of days from now.

    It may or may not happen on the anticipated date, but whenever it does, it’s likely to be “the big one”, far worse than 9-11, with multiple targets in multiple (mainly White) countries.

    If you can, stay away from tall buildings and other likely targets. Banks and sin-agogs will be safe places, but get out in the countryside if you can, and don’t worry about another Shanksville. Apparently that hole was there long before 2001.

    If things go according to plan (the devil’s plan that is), we’ll find ourselves in the middle of WW3 soon afterwards, in which case the first casualty will be the internet, followed by the telephone networks a few days later. Can’t risk truth escaping, can we?

    I sometimes have a look at “prepper” sites (SHTFplan for example), and while I agree that it makes sense to be as prepared as you can, I see too many there who can only see a few weeks ahead.

    Stock up, hunker down and wait for things to get back to normal.

    I’ve got news for these types. I hope they’re right, but it seems to me that things might never get back to normal.

    As just one example, if the power goes out during wartime, it’s unlikely ever to come back on.

    No computers. No “ham” radios. No CB radio. No tel-aviv-zion (that’s one good thing). No computers. No shops. No electronic “toys”, possibly ever again. No refrigeration. No (working) fuel pumps. We’ll be back in the iron age.

    Stock up on seeds if you can.

    Batteries will keep a few things going for a while, but how do you charge a battery when there’s no power?

    Matches. Lighters. Toilet roll. Everything will run out eventually, and what good do people think their internet-capable devices will be when there’s no power and no internet?

    It would be a pity to have left these “comforts” behind if things do get back to normal in a few weeks, but it’s better to forget about “toys” and concentrate instead on what really matters.

    Staying alive, staying healthy and protecting your loved ones. Nothing else matters without them.

    Use whatever time remains to learn “survival” skills. Wild foods (vegetable as well as animal). Herbal medicines (unlike drugs, they actually work). How to make fire. How to make shelter. How to make your own clothes. How to make soap. How to slaughter an animal. How to become “invisible”.

    It’s worth buying some physical books if time and finances permit. They’ll still be there when the internet is nothing but a memory, and they can save your life.

    If it really is TEOTWAWKI (Google it), it’s going to be “Mad Max” for a couple of years, so forget about contacting other groups. Keep your head down and wait for the danger to pass when the marauding gangs have either killed each other off or come to their senses and settled down into peaceful farming communities.

    During the first few months (at least), if you create a flame by any means, use it to light a candle. That way your matches and lighters will last longer, long enough perhaps for you to have mastered “friction” methods of creating fire, otherwise use a lens to focus the sun. It is possible to get a fire going that way.

    If possible, never let the fire go out.

    Buy all the natural sponges you can get. It’s what the ancient Romans (and probably others) used before toilet paper was invented. Wash the sponge before and after each use. Use it in a cleft stick if you prefer.

    Never trust even a fast-flowing river. You never know what might be happening upstream, from dead animals rotting away to other groups fouling the water with their own wastes. Never assume water is safe unless it’s been boiled.

    If the enemy still exists, dense fog can be your friend, but don’t be stupid. During daylight, you can be invisible to infra-red if you remain under dense vegetation. That’s something zog doesn’t want you to know. Again, don’t take chances. At night you’ll glow like a beacon to an infra-red camera (or a night sight).

    If you’ve got an underground shelter in mind, don’t forget some kind of lighting for it. L.E.D’s are good, economical and non-polluting, keeping the air breathable. Don’t dismiss this. People can and will go insane if they’re kept in total darkness for too long. Within reason, it doesn’t matter how dim the light is, but it must be enough for people to get their bearings or they’ll soon start imagining ghosts and monsters, whatever their personal fear might be. Rats, spiders, snakes, demons, aliens, even the boogeyman whatever we imagine him to be. We think we grow out of these childhood fears, but not everybody can. Once an idea is planted in a young mind (by zog-inspired stories), who knows when it might reappear?

    I’ve been training all my life for this kind of situation, and now I’m not fit enough to use that training, so if there’s anything anyone needs to know, ask now. I may not know the answer, but you won’t find out unless you ask.

    I once designed a self-regulating (fairly) constant speed waterwheel for example, and I’ve studied all aspects of zog-free survival. A few examples of knowledge and/or skills I’ve acquired/studied include wild foods (of course), gardening, wattle making, herbalism, magnetism and electricity production and handling, mechanical engineering, electronics (basic, but usable), Permaculture, water and waste management (as part of Permaculture), butchery, and things I can’t even think of at this time of night (it’s after midnight at the end of a long day), so ask. None of us can know everything, and the only stupid question is the one that’s never asked. If I can’t help, perhaps someone else will.

    We may not have the internet for much longer, so we need to share what knowlege we’ve got in every way we can while we still can, and if it does all blow over, what have we lost by acquiring new knowledge?

  50. sog says:

    greetings an all that shit …bailey aop summerled etc …barney hey hey ..
    lol heh heh nigger with a capitol N code word for the hnic in da big dc zoological center …
    yeah the fuckin new generation is kaput ..most are completely fuckin spoon fed commie brainwashed savants with rainbow colored hair like to see that in a female gynocological zone white and blue ..maybe salute …ok nuff o dat …da fuck …
    i notice kids are either completely aware of the jewish swindle or they arw all for its trappings and bells and whistles and sex toys ..we have jews and their babylonian talmudic proto agenda to thank for our satanic chain gang society now ..
    not having meant to preach the truth of constitutional need for remodeling the country i will say being armed is great and know that they will eventually come for all the guns so just being armed is never going to be enough …read between the lines and add your own tool box of creative options to the enhancement of our well deserved freedom from satanic jewish and islamic rule …we got freaks a plenty in grand ol callyfornya ,thats fer damn sure ..we got the rotten agenda of forced diversity also being shoveled onto us here just like every place else ….
    a nigger with a gun is a scary thing especially wonder where the nigger got the gun ..could the hloder regime be secretely arming street nigger rats like the crusty niggfuk did for mexican terrorists …just because they are drug cartels dont mean they arent anti american anti white terroists ….if moronic americans didnt buy the dope they would not be able to sustain a cartel under the holder obama regime ….anyway fuck all the socialists ,communists and marxists and islamic turds ..may israel be nuked soon ..

  51. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    There’s a lot I wont disclose here about my tool box but i’ll say this, I’d bet my last fetzen that the queer DOJ Holder is putting guns on the streets, as sure as my dogs will crap in the morning.

  52. Barney says:

    Same here Bailey. Guns have been pretty tightly controlled here throughout my entire life, and almost completely banned following a couple of false-flag shootings quite a few years ago. Farmers can have shotguns, subject to strict controls, and members of gun clubs are allowed whatever weapons still exist, but I believe owners are rationed to something ridiculous like ten or twenty shots a week, issued by the club and counted in and out to ensure nobody leaves with a bullet or a cartridge hidden in his sock.

    What it all means is that we can’t get guns, and ammunition is unobtainable.

    Every week we hear of niggers shooting niggers. Where do they get the guns and ammunition?

    We can’t get guns or ammunition. Niggers can.

    It’s obvious to me that zog-uk supplies niggers with firearms, muds with machetes, and other species with their weapons of choice. How else would they get them?

    Recently someone had a couple of perfectly legal BB guns (obviously very low power) “confiscated” (stolen) by the cops, who referred to them as “firearms”.

    I could be “arrested” (kidnapped) for having a small electrical screwdriver in my inside pocket.

    A few years ago, someone I knew was “arrested” (kidnapped) and accused of “going equipped to commit burglary”. His “crime”? Having the tools of his trade in the boot (trunk) of his car when he went out at night. People have been “arrested” (kidnapped) for innocently having a baseball bat in the car when they haven’t been on their way to a game.

    If you’re White and have anything that could conceivably be used in self-defence, you can be “arrested” (kidnapped) and charged with the imaginary “crime” of carrying an offensive weapon.

    Niggers have guns and ammunition. Muds can carry machetes in the streets. Sikhs are allowed their “kukri” (or khukuri). Other “races” (species) carry their preferred weapons, knives, clubs, whatever.

    I know a shop in Boulogne (France) that sells quite a lot of “interesting stuff”, but I’d never get any of it back through customs, so how do immigrants get weapons?

    The only possible answer to that question must be that zog supplies them with everything they want.

  53. protocolsRtrue says:

    HELP WANTED: Need three hard working people to fill immediate white-privilege entry level jobs at Kroger store in Memphis Tennessee. Group of teens accidently dropped 20 pound pumpkins on the heads of previous white privileged teens. Yes you too can work hard and pay taxes to support jew world order and underprivileged underserved less-affluent niggers and baby-mommas so they can pump out more niglets every day that you will be supporting for their entire existence. Don’t worry the niglet support money will be automatically deducted from every paycheck as well as the jew support money. No need to fill out any forms has your hard-earned wages before you do. They call it withholding. Speaking of holding erectionholder is on his way to Memphis to find out if any nigger injured its back lifting the pumpkins. That would be negligence on Krogers part.

  54. RED PILL says:

    thanks for your comments on my post,
    i always remember what my mother used to say.
    ” a man convinced against his will, is of the same option still”
    that’s why i am unteachable, i drove the “teachers” to exasperation.
    exasperation – actions that cause great irritation (or even anger).
    i would not do that to any one.

  55. Bailey says:

    Yea Barney ,

    If I have a screwdriver in my car it’s a burglary tool .

    A bat or lone golf club ? Dangerous weapons .

    A utility knife ? Potential domestic terrorist tool capable of bringing down an aeroplane .

    A BB gun ? An imitation fire arm.

    Niggers and spics shoot and gut each other all the time except for when they’re too busy shooting , gutting or beating whites but I better keep my pellet gun locked up somewhere safe.

  56. protocolsRtrue says:

    Wow. Me being at a loss for words. Flabbergasted. I guess all I can say is get back to work white people you have niggers and jews to pay for.

  57. Damn. It’s nine fricking eleven. If the Amer- no, the world- is so god damn idiotic, the cryptocracy has little incentive to put the kibosh on the next leg of their JWO plan. We have plenty of people stuck on gun rights, states’ rights, immigration, birth cetificates, and to a far lesser extent, obvious nigger race crimes. But where the eff is there concerted efforts around 9/11 justice, 99% kike media ownership, chemtrails and the kike central bank usury scheme? A potato too hot to touch I guess. The world is being anally raped by these fake fucking faggots. Hello? Anyone home?

  58. “jewish radiation.” Heh, that’s a good one. Credit, Bailey.

  59. Bailey says:

    Jew promoted nigger hate whitey campaign, by your t-shirt and five bucks goes to fight the evil white racists.

    If the niggers are over racism why do they need to stomp and kill white people?
    Racism against niggers hasn’t even begun , I’d say the opposite is true.
    White dupes – the majority of americans – go out of their way to kiss nigger ass.

    Thanks AOP but credit goes to whoever it was that coined that term here before me years ago , appypolowoggies for me not remembering who.

    Yea, the kike federal reserve scam was granted another 100 year charter and nobody gives a shit. The jew media made slight mention of it just to brag , rub the shit right in the face of the goyim and they’re still too fucking stupid to smell it.
    But don’t you take their effin’ guns !

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