Not-So-Happy Labor Day for White Americans


While you work and slave, day-in, day-out (if your job hasn’t gone overseas due to international Jew globalism); the black race seems to have all the time in the world to be out protesting, demonstrating and running their big fat mouths over whatever imagined race slight de jour.

It’s now become blisteringly obvious that nothing America can ever do will satisfy these sorry-ass, worthless brats. Just think about that two-week, non-stop black and media BS fest in Ferguson, Missouri over Michael Brown — a monster-sized, criminal Gangsta wannabee we’re all supposed to think was so sweet and innocent.

Just imagine all the hundreds of billions involved with supporting the black race on a yearly basis. Welfare, food stamps, EBT cards, free Obama phones, Section 8 Housing allowances so they can live near you, earned income tax credits for popping out more chimplets with different men all the time, social security payments for phony injured on the job claims, lawsuit awards for just about any frivolous, bogus damages they can get some shyster lawyer to file, or the legions of race extortionists who get rich threatening companies.

And all that still doesn’t include the yearly expenses of the police, hospital emergency rooms, the court and jail systems! Next to defense department military expenditures — us fighting never-ending Zionist Jew wars for the NWO empire — the government supporting or dealing with the black race in whatever form, is the next biggest part of the federal budget. Probably more so. A government now clearly and so obviously out to screw over the White race for these spoiled rotten black brats.

Our now trashed cities (once so clean and beautiful) and urban neighborhoods are filled with this lazy, criminal race — sitting around on their fat stinking asses all day, trying to figure out new ways to get more money out of the government so they don’t have to work. The rest of the time is out spent selling or doing drugs, robbing, shooting and stabbing each other, or whatever poor sap White person who sadly finds themselves at the mercy of this brutally violent, White-hating race.

Whether you know it or not, it’s us White people who are the ones victimized by criminal blacks all the time. You’ve literally been lied to your entire life by a media that works hard to keep us Whites stupid, while jacking up the blacks for the most selfish of political motives.

Remember, this whole rotten bunch still thinks we “owe them” because of slavery a million years ago. We fought a war over it and 600,000 died — virtually all of whom were White. And practically every single White person in the US today is not even descended from any “slave holder,” as if that made the least difference.

We owe the punks not a damn thing.

Just try to imagine all the wealth of this country that’s been thrown at these “people” over the last few decades. How about all us Whites who suffered education, career and job set-backs due Affirmative Action? Simply try to imagine all the lost wages us White people have had to deal with over the years, thanks to the spoiled black race getting everything handed to them, often just for being able to speak understandably.

What has it gotten us? They now freely spit in our faces all the time.

In fact, the more you think about any of this, the more you’ll realize what a huge millstone around our necks this race has been to America, without a GD doubt.

— Phillip Marlowe

The filthy, stinking Black Race SUCKS SO MUCH, it’s not funny!




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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60 Responses to Not-So-Happy Labor Day for White Americans

  1. anonymous says:

    It has been said that if you want to know the future of whites in America, you only have to look at what’s happening to whites in South Africa today.

  2. whitepride says:

    Gosh I hate these good for nothing black apes!!! I see the niggers every damm day living off the government! Section 8 housing food stamps, free phone, babies in their carriages! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of the way this government has allowed these bastards to live here!!! Ship all the niggers back to Africa! Let them roam free! Good for nothing pieces of shit!

  3. Rosomaha says:

    I totally agree ! Rhodesia , South Africa.
    It will get worse. I don’t think there is a future for the white race.
    Reading now a book by Douglas Reed “The Controversy of Zion”. and see that the situation is hopeless – the tribe is already rules the world. Nothing can be done. Too late.
    Saddest part – majority of people still don’t see their own destruction in a proses.

  4. Hoff says:

    Saddest part – majority of people still don’t see their own destruction in a proses.

    No, saddest part is the non-jews that helps the Jews to destroy their own race and country. The jews Useful Idiots.

  5. MIKEY says:


  6. protocolsRtrue says:

    What would you suggest MIKEY? Doing something illegal? That plays into the hands. You know ( at least I know) that is tracking US. Their waiting for us to do something wrong so they can put us away. Niggers can kill white people all day long and and their traitors committing treason scumbag coward zog agent boys and girls dont give a shit as long as their getting paid the fake jew money. But if were to jaywalk or go 1 mile an hour over the speed limit the rfid chip in my shoe or the gps on my car would alert the terrorist task force that I committed a crime and thescumbag coward piece of shit toughguys and girls zog agents will be down on me within minutes. So just wait. Everyday more white people wake up. Too many the hard way after a family member or loved one or friend gets raped, robbed assaulted or murdered by niggers. And people are waking up to the jewmedia coverups and federal ignoring the plight of innocent law abiding white working taxpaying citizens being terrorized 24/7 by niggers all accross America. Soon enough white people will wake up and demand more from our law-enforcement at all levels to protect us from these uncivilized nigger animals or they will do what I do and simply stop paying them. Paying federal taxes amounts to paying for your own destruction white gentiles. And for the demise of your children and grandchildren. It’s a lose lose situation but quite often niggers kill other niggers and there are more than one perpitraitor that gets caught and goes to the cage for a while. As long as we can remove at least one nigger from among civilized human society per nigger crime committed I’ll sit back and watch niggers kill each other all day long. It’s the innocent people that are killed and robbed and raped and assaulted by niggers that bothers me.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    Mikey did you not see how our responded to fergusan missori when a lone white police officer had the nerve/courage to try and arrest a giant nigger with a long criminal history who had just committed an armed robbery? Do you not know by now that our jew.stupidnigger.federal government considers US to be the terrorists? Conservatives. Tea Party members. National Rifle Association members. Veterans? Law abiding white taxpaying citizens who ask a question of their elected reps at a town hall meeting? And yes anybody that hits on the incogman website let alone post a comment guess what? and their scumbag coward traitors committing treason zog agent boys and girls considers you to be a likely terrorist also.

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh yes the giant nigger did have arms but it’s beside the point how could the officer know either way in the moment did he get the opportunity to let the nigger go through an airport screening machine before trying to arrest him?

  9. Hoff says:

    Many, many, many appearances of the 6,000,000figure of Jews

    in the New York Times long, long before the end of World War Two

    1869 New York Times:6,000,000 Jews in the world, half in Europe NYT

    1889 New York Times:6,000,000 Jews in the world, 2/3rds in Russia NYT

    1891 New York Times: 6,000,000 Jews in Russia NYT

    1896 New York Times: 6,000,000 Jews in Russia NYT

    1869 New York Times:6,000,000 Jews in the world, half in Europe NYT

    1889 New York Times:6,000,000 Jews in the world, 2/3rds in Russia NYT

    1891 New York Times: 6,000,000 Jews in Russia NYT

    1896 New York Times: 6,000,000 Jews in Russia NYT

  10. Anton Chigurh says:

    So many jobs were outsourced, so now I teach full time in countries OUTSIDE the U.S. The best part of my job? NO NIGGERS! The second best part? Lying on my tax returns so I don’t pay for KIKE or NIG welfare!

  11. bubba says:

    Just remember…10 more days till 13th anniversary of 9/11

  12. bubba says:

    QUOTE: (**** apologies to those who may be offended ****)

    In the book, “X” pines that parents should “[tell] their sons and daughters everything [about sex] at the age of twelve” and that “it’s not wrong for a man to bring a little experience to a marriage. After all, it has nothing to do with the marriage itself, does it?”

    “X” ponders how she would describe her genitalia to a boy she likes:

    . . . In the upper part, between the outer labia, there’s a fold of skin that, on second thought, looks like a kind of a blister. That’s the clitoris. Then come the inner labia, which are also pressed together in a kind of crease. When they open up, you can see a fleshy little mound, no bigger than the top of my thumb. The upper part has a couple of small holes in it, which is where the urine comes out. The lower part looks as if it were just skin, and yet that’s where the vagina is. You can barely find it, because the folds of skin hide the opening. The hole’s so small I can hardly imagine how a man could get in there, much less how a baby could come out. It’s hard enough trying to get your index finger inside. That’s all there is, and yet it plays such an important role!

    ( “X” was also a bisexual degenerate with homosexual fantasies, apparently):

    Unconsciously, I had these feelings even before I came here. Once when I was spending the night at Jacque’s, I could no longer restrain my curiosity about her body, which she’d always hidden from me and which I’d never seen. I asked her whether, as proof of our friendship, we could touch each other’s breasts. Jacque refused. I also had a terrible desire to kiss her, which I did. Every time I see a female nude, such as the Venus in my art history book, I go into ecstasy. Sometimes I find them so exquisite I have to struggle to hold back my tears. If only I had a girlfriend!

    Anyone want to hazard a guess which school textbook this is from?…some get the edited version…BUT `some don’t.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    Sometimes we end up with more than one dead nigger and 4 or 5 go to the cages where they belong. I call that a bonus. Sure it costs money to keep them in the cage but it’s far cheaper and less dangerous to society than letting them out roaming amongst civilized humans. But the wounded niggers cost us a buttload especially when the gangbangers shoot up little niglets. But no worries pretty soon no white people will respond to 911 calls in the jungle and then most wounded ones will die also waiting for blacks to do something that would help the situation.

  14. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “No, saddest part is the non-jews that helps the Jews to destroy their own race and country. The jews Useful Idiots.”

    Bow and worship the wonderful magic negro goyim. Die Juden have monetized football like everything else they get their hands on. Those magical negroid “playas” are eating up their assigned role of kosher biological weapons of mass destruction and brainwashing.

    It would be difficult to find a better description of what Hoff said above than Baylor University in Waco, Texas. These Southern Baptists rule the roost when it comes to being jockstraps to die Juden.

    Texas A&M, with its George H.W. Bush Presidential Library and Corp of Cadets is right up there as well serving as the neocon branch of Texas “higher education.”

    The Aggies and Baylor shabbos goyim just love supporting all these past and present talmudic wars on humanity. Don’t dare try telling them anything otherwise either.

    The University of Texas in Austin serves as the liberal, pro-homo, multi-culti branch of “jockstraptum” to die juden.

    The Synagogue of Satan has their bases covered in the Lone STAR State.

    Don’t forget about Rick “I’m more Jewish than you think” Perry.

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program. Bow whitey man. Bow and behold the almighty glory of “GreaterNegrotum” Don’t miss that third pic of Bobby G. III with his wife, chil and proud in-law “fambly.”

  15. Bailey says:

    pRt says,

    “Do you not know by now that our jew.stupidnigger.federal government considers US to be the terrorists? Conservatives. Tea Party members. National Rifle Association members. Veterans? Law abiding white taxpaying citizens who ask a question of their elected reps at a town hall meeting? And yes anybody that hits on the incogman website let alone post a comment guess what? and their scumbag coward traitors committing treason zog agent boys and girls considers you to be a likely terrorist also.”

    It’s as easy as going to a book store my friend.

    I really wanted to get Allison Weirs book – Against our better judgment- but didn’t want to use amazog here online.
    So I went the barnes and blah, blah over at the jew mall.
    Sure enough,–>” We don’t stock it be we can order it”.

    Yea, That way the still gets to put your name on another PO-tential TERRORist List.

    I bought the damn book and guess what?

    As I was telling the woman at customer service the author and title , another lady turned from behind the counter to me and smiled, approvingly !

    Look out for those little Marxist spics, especially the females.

    More on that later !

  16. bubba says:


    Answer to last post was “Diary of Ann Frank”

    “whoever ” wrote it, it seems like they wanted to use this phony story as Goyim Guilt Trojan horse so it would become another Kike Jew shrine…but also introduce porn to young minds.

    Juts like showing Schindlers List on TV with nudity scenes…treat it like the Unvarnished truth..editing is sacrilege !!!

  17. Aservant says:

    @ Red Pill,

    I just read J.B. Campbell’s latest from the link that you posted on the last thread. I normally like his stuff, but he is way off on this one.

    First, he is pushing the line of the poor, innocent, negro in Ferguson that was killed by a maniac cop. Second, he bashes the hell out of Christ and Christianity to the extreme.

    People have said that Campbell is an agent provocateur. I never completely discounted it, you never know with someone you haven’t met that says things as extreme as he does that never gets shut down, but I didn’t really buy into it either. With this latest article I would now say the chance is pretty good that he is a plant. I mean, how can someone as informed and experienced as him take such a stupid stance with defending the groid in Ferguson? Campbell supposedly fought black communists in Rhodesia. He doesn’t know the nature of the groid? Unbelievable. He completely blames the incident on a cop that was in a homicidal rage against blacks, nothing more. He hates all cops with a passion and believes that they should all be killed. But the reality is that a lot of times these same cops are the only thing between us and the tidal wave of muds, and because of this, more and more of them are waking up and coming to our side.

    So either Campbell has been in a cave since the incident happened, is completely stupid, or he is a plant.

    I am no fan of the cops in general, but this is the harsh reality. If you have lived abroad in the third world, like I have, you will know that most of the world has police forces that you don’t ever, ever want to call. Like Elridge Cleaver said after his conversion, “I was pissed at the cops for breaking down my door in Oakland without a warrant. In Algeria they came through the wall.” And this has been my experience as well.

    Here in the US, I don’t really want nor need the cops, and many don’t have the best attitudes, I admit. But with all of the interactions that I have had with them over the years, I have seen that if you aren’t out in the middle of the night doing stupid shit where you shouldn’t be doing it, or running with people you shouldn’t run with, or mouthing off, you aren’t going to have a big problem with the police in general. They are a pain in the ass, but not a lot more. Yes, I know that there are exceptions and corruption among them is getting worse, but the whole country is going to shit, so it goes without saying that the cops will go the same way.

    And if you live in an area with a lot of non-whites that has a lot of minorities on the force, move. Plain and simple. Not doing so is stupid. If you are a humble, God-fearing white man, you will find another job and a way to minimize your materialist ways so that this is possible. Your life depends on it.

    Honestly, in the vast majority of the cases where I see the cops “abusing people”, it is in situations like the one with this useless groid Mike Brown or they are beating the shit out of Antifa types at Occupy Wall Street. So a bit of corruption in these situations is good, our side is getting a good service out of them.

    As I have said before, if you think the cops are out of control, don’t run into them. There is a lot you can do to minimize the chances of encounters. These are not the days to be running around at the bar or to be driving with expired tags on your vehicle, doing 30 over the limit. Keep a low profile and prepare yourself for the war.

  18. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Imagine Walking Down The Street And Seeing Black Men Yelling “Death To Crackers And Gooks”

    This article points out that this took place in the Bay Area of San Francisco. That is the same area that the Zebra killings took place. And San Francisco is suppose to be so liberal and tolerant.

  19. Bailey says:

    Yea Frank,

    Here you have niggers and a spic in filthy Frisco threatening white people.
    That must not be a problem being that they also believe in UFO’s, huh?

    Shame on the people, straight or queer for putting up with such shit from stupid niggers and one greasy spic.

    @ Aservant,

    Excellent !

    I don’t spend much time on ole’ J.B. and there are a few things I have trouble with., most of all being that we should go out and kill cops.

    Uh, to agree with that on a public forum would be kind of stupid, kinda’ like threatening the useless life of our HNIC.

    You can hope that the sack of shit gets offed’ but you can’t say you’re going to do it, the same as you can hope that pigs get what’s coming to them so long as honest police officers are recognized as such and are not to be harmed. And you can’t say that either.

    Ah anyway, Calling for the death of police seems kinda’ jewy to me, or downright stupid.

  20. bubba says:

    I know these are turbulent times…..

    …but the fact that Joan Rivers has shut her obnoxious Kike Jewesseptic mouth for a few days (and maybe permanently) = things are looking UP !

  21. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Joan Rivers: An Exercise In Jewish Supremacist Media Hypocrisy

    Speaking about Joan Rivers.

  22. RED PILL says:

    Aservant says:
    September 1, 2014 at 7:19 pm
    i am not supportive of an armed rebellion. this country was taken over with out a shot being fired. and fire power will not bring it back.
    as far as Campbell goes, he is always trying to instigate some thing.
    i follow no man, i only posted that so some one as sharp as you can expose
    the real Campbell for whom he really is.

    we all need to expose those that have an agenda.
    i live in a county with only one small town and the Sheriff is a personal friend.
    actually i follow Jesus Christ, and will only fight when they come to my door.

    thanks for the expose on J.B. Campbell.

  23. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    These boons are already morbidly obese and these nigger monsters get bigger by the generation. God Damn worthless nigger beast frankensteins have been turned loose on society to shit whenever and wherever they want. When are these nigger beasts going to start taking shots to the head? You just hear “BLAM!!” and then a nigger’s head explodes and then BLAM!! BLAM!! and two niggers heads explode and then RAT-A-TAT-TAT-TAT and niggers start falling like leaves!!! FUCKING NIGGERS. I WISH THEY WERE ALL DEAD!!

  24. Aservant says:

    Agreed with both Red Pill and Barney.

    I, too, follow no man. I did however, until this essay, enjoy reading Campbell from time to time just for a dose of extremism to get the blood flowing.

    Also being a follower of Christ like yourself Red, we are told to get a coat, sword and sachet and be ready for whatever comes. So I rule nothing out nor in, I only prepare in mind, material, body and soul for the test ahead.

    What has happened to T-Bone? Been a long, long time. Maybe he can’t get here. I had that problem for a while probably a year and a half ago, but it cleared up on its own.

    So I don’t

  25. bubba says:

    Owe KKKK

    Next on the list…

    Howard Sterns’ @ss pimple is either :

    (i) ebola

    and/ or

    (ii) terminal

    ### Remember

    The Kike Jew has to be buried within 24 hours…(even thought they have been DOA since birth)

    Goyim medical parties: Use white- out or whatever to forge the Kike Jew Death Certificate

    aka One Way ticket to Hell stein berg

  26. bubba says:

    If a deaf blind and/or mute Kike yells racism in the oven

    …will the ADL or SPLC hear them ?

    ( probably..the truth and evidence is irrelevant )

  27. Hoff says:

    Dr. James Petras is a retired Professor of Sociology from Binghamton University, New York.  He is one of the most outspoken voices in academia about the dangers of Zionism.

    In a public debate, he scolded his former student Norman Finkelstein for ignoring the role of Jewish Americans in pushing the United States into Middle East wars. He is one of the very few prominent Americans who will speak in public about Jewish domination of the media and foreign policy.

    While he is the originator of the term “Zionist Power Configuration,” he does not shy away from discussing the problem of JEWISH power, and not just Zionism. He recent article regarding the Israeli mass murder in Gaza is a must read. –ps

  28. James Laffrey says:

    Some commenters on this thread have made wrong statements about JB Campbell. He has been right on nearly everything for a very long time. His writings in the old Liberty Bell magazine are evidence enough (find the archive on

    One thing he is still NOT is pro-White. He has an American Indian wife, which may help to explain it. But he is rightly anti-jew. His most recent article, linked below, is a great one EXCEPT for his take on the Ferguson, Missouri, event. Given his excellent body of work, we can forgive this one mistake. In fact, the best people will send him an email and respectfully tell him so.

    As for the insults against him for actually saying that we must kill the enemy jews, this shows the ignorance, or worse, of the insulters. Why don’t you look around and make a list of the webwriters saying we must kill the jews? My site will be on your list. We are on independent servers who successfully protect our free speech, thus far. It may be that jews will send thugs against each of us, someday, but until then we show them that we know what to do to them if they come.

    We need more strong anti-jew truthtellers. And we need more “Heroism,” as JB Campbell’s latest article says. We don’t need more cowards identifying the enemy and then saying that the solution is some stupid nonviolent feminine response.

    None of us claim to be perfect, as far as I know. Adolf Hitler wasn’t perfect either. But we have learned from history. Our White Founding Fathers were not wise to jewry. Adolf Hitler was too lenient with jewry. We know better.

    James Laffrey

  29. protocolsRtrue says:

    There is a great body of history from programs like cointelpro and ruby ridge and waco even the entrapments schemes and scams zog agents still use to this day to dupe muslims terrorist wannabes and zog agents save the day at the last minute. Very frequently the people doing the rah-rah lets go out and kill somebody lets rob a bank lets commit some act of terror are the undercover scumbag coward traitors committing treason zog agents sitting behind a computer in scumbag zog agent headquarters. People that would sell out their own mother let alone their country as long as the jews pay them.

  30. protocolsRtrue says:

    The joys and benefits of diversity episode 77,987,696

  31. RED PILL says:

    James Laffrey says:
    September 2, 2014 at 6:54 am===
    you mean J. B. Campbell is a race traitor.?

  32. RED PILL says:

    The God that created the white race, Israel (not jews) and gave his people laws to abide by, to preserve their heritage and to protect them from other races. this also includes the return to our former state as spirit beings, he knew that we would get sick and tired of our physical state as it only leads to death.

    it is the disobedience of the white race that has allowed our enemy to gain complete
    dominance over us. we have been diverted by trickery from the satanic race to disobey his commands.

    that is what has allowed our enemy to control us and the only way back to our once pristine state is to give up the ways of the world. one will not find truth in a christian
    church, there can be no mediator in our relationship with our Lord, and he uses our enemy to bring us into correction.

    the bible is a story of our disobedience and repentance and redemption.
    my own personal experience is also along this line. I fought the Lord for sixty years.
    finally i was brought to my knees, their was no one present when the holy spirit entered me. the last ten years have been the most rewarding in my life.
    i want for nothing and i have every thing in the portions that i can handle.

    you won’t understand his laws by just reading the 10 commandments as it takes
    knowledge and that takes study. when we remove the saddle off our back
    the jew won’t be ridding us to our death. where it says “to fear the Lord”
    means being out of his protection. i fear the Lord.

    i do small jobs for a few people i like, and when i finish they say “how much do i owe
    you?” and i tell them “what ever you think will be OK by me” and i am embarrassed
    because they give me more than i would ever ask for. i live by faith and have no fear.
    i pray that my white brothers and sisters could be as fortunate as me.
    we could put our enemy behind us instead of over us.

    it’s strange the the jew knows more about what our God wants from us than we do
    and uses our ignorance to defeat us. but the children of Lucifer (the lair, darkness) are wiser in the way of the world, than the children of God (light, truth).

    there is only one way to defeat our enemy.

  33. RED PILL says:

    James Laffrey And His Call To Assassinate Jews

    that’s some heavy shit, and that’s why i will follow no man.
    i won’t kill my brother in law or my daughters husband whom are jews.
    that would be there own personal problem to deal with.
    you can count me out on that, as it will most likely will be a stupid white man
    enforcing jew law at my door that catches both barrels.

  34. Barney says:

    I have to travel by train fairly regularly, and over the years I’ve got to know quite a few of the station staff. Perhaps I shouldn’t call them “friends” when they’re only doing their job, but they’re a pretty likeable bunch when you get to know them.

    Over recent months though, and perhaps even longer, most of the familiar White faces have been replaced by black and brown ones. They’re not openly unfriendly, but they don’t fit my definition of “English”.

    The few remaining Whites deny what’s happening for fear of joining “the disappeared”, but it’s obvious to me that the former English workers are being sacked so their jobs can be given to foreigners. Even the announcements last week were made by an oriental-sounding female with a high-pitched voice that was difficult to understand.

    Twain now appwoachee pratform tree is the nine-fwirty-flea fwom Hong Kong.” spoken in an extremely high-pitched voice. How a Engwishman suppose understan yat? In it’s own way it’s almost as bad as ebonics, and with stations rapidly filling up with niggers, even in traditionally White towns like this one, it probably will be ebonics before much longer.


    A note for the naysayers among us. It’s NEVER hopeless, and it won’t be over until WE say it’s over. Read Kipling’s “Wrath of the awakened Saxon” and BELIEVE it. The Aryan Warrior Race may appear to be sleeping, but give it a bit longer, a few more indignities, and the devil’s gargoyles and their enablers will find themselves on a one-way trip back to hell where they belong.

    Dismiss it as wishful thinking if you like, but I know my people, and the amount of righteous anger lurking just below the surface surprises even me. People know what’s wrong and which group is responsible. A few are taking action already, but most know it’s not quite time yet. When it is, very soon now, we’ll know it and act spontaneously as if in response to a signal.

    I’ve seen it happen on a much smaller scale, in my own town just a few years ago, and we’ll know when it’s time.


    Btw, GTRman – Does that diamond factory still exist on the seafront, just East of the King Alf? I wonder which tribe owns that one. Just look for a modest name plate on what could be mistaken for a garden gate.

    No. I’ve just Googled them, and it’s looking as if they’ve moved to Londonistan.

    Pity about that, but there’s always the jew ghetto by St. Anne’s Well Gardens (South side).

  35. Aservant says:

    @ Red Pill.

    Don’t waste your time with this clown James Laffery. I found his site about a year and a half ago, maybe two, and I posted a comment that he may want to not bash Christianity so badly if he wished to avoid alienating a large percentage of his potential constituency. He replied with a very insulting and condescending response, so I in turn replied and tore him a new asshole. This scumbag then took the letter and cherry picked lines from it and claimed that I was a Jew threatening him with violence. I had told him that if he didn’t repent, God would deal with him harshly on judgment day and that he had been warned. He took the “he had been warned part” and prefaced it with a comment by him saying that I threatened him and this was the proof. He didn’t mention anything about what I had said about God and the letter was deleted in its entirety from the comment section immediately so it could not be verified as to what I had really said.

    Furthermore, I don’t know about these days, but back then he had a video of himself on the site. He claimed to be living in Asia, I think it was in Japan or Korea, and as you would suspect, he had the slimy, effeminate character of a backsliding, filthy Jew. You have to love these guys that call for a movement to overthrow the Jew order while they are safe and sound in a foreign country so when ZOG comes crashing down on your head they will be nowhere near you back. Just priceless.

    And it even gets worse. This guy posts IP addresses of people that he doesn’t agree with. He didn’t do it with me cause I dropped the issue once I saw what a scumbag he is, but he did it with someone else on his site. If you want to ban people from your site, not a problem, the webmaster has that right, but a decent white man with honor intact doesn’t do such a low down dirty thing, putting people in danger over a disagreement. If someone is really, truly threatening you, you can take the IP address to the FBI. I think this is a federal crime if I am not mistaken, so there is no need to dox someone as such.

    Finally, get this. He claimed on his site, he might still, I don’t know cause I don’t go there, that he voted for Obongo………TWICE!!!!!!

    So it is no wonder that he had to wade in her and stoke the fire in pure scumbag fashion. Evidence is looking even stronger that Campbell is a plant, and this guy probably as well.

    If you are reading INCOG, you have a real piece of work among us. Don’t take my word for it, go to his site and check it out.

  36. bubba says:

    World Jewish Population Calculator :

    “X” +/- 6,000,000

  37. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Half Of Detroit Can’t Pay It’s Water Bills

    Mass Shut Offs Paused For 15 Days

    Big US City Going Down The Drain

    If Detroit was mostly middle class and poor whites instead of mostly blacks, would we see anywhere near this concern over shutting off the water? No! Look at the video of people protesting. All blacks.

  38. Stef says:

    Just dont lose sight of the big picture here. Nigs are tools of the civilisation destroyers, and focussing on the tools instead of the real thing once the time is ripe for a real change will not help at all.

    The problem must be cut at the roots first.

  39. Denys Picard says:

    You are right Marlowe, we don’t owe didelidoo to those Niggers. On the other hand, they owe me big and are never going to pay. To repairation for all the crimes those fucking Nigs have committed, we should force Kikes to buy them back, since they were the ones that brought them here in the first place and sold them to innocent white Christians. Maybe we could ask for punitive damages in the order of 17 Trillion $$$, so we could start from scratch. We must ask for punitive damages, because we know that in terms of value Nigs are worth nothing, like that pedophile in the Niggers Zoologic House has demonstrated for the past 5 years. Fucking Nasdaq Niggers…

  40. bubba says:

    Where I live…our City is below sea level…..aka we have a dyke system that keeps the water out.

    Pretty clear that this is a white man innovation and built by the white man.
    But wait……there’s more !

    You get these Indian Land claims where the Gov’t has carved up the land(which the white man improved) with overlapping land claim boundaries…which to me are subjective BS…….ie yeah maybe your ancestors canoe was over this spot at one time…or your great great great grandmother may have had a shit over a log over there…

    You even get their leaders saying things like ” I am not going back to a teepee, I like my electricity and central heating”.

    If these UNgrateful non whites are going to scream White privilege, gimme gimme gimme…time to say hey Nikola Tesla wasn’t Black, Henry Ford wasn’t a Jew, Thomas Edison wasn’t Chinese etc. etc…..capisce?

    No evidence these entitlement pricks would NOT be back in the stone age without us whites…….and that maybe they should go back to their ancestral homes and make it better for the own kind….which is what whites have done for their own( but other parasites have piggybacked off of).

    White Privilege? = WHITES EARNED IT….. ya lazy c*nt

    In other words STFU….cut the white man a BIG $$$$ check…. or get the F*CK out…MOFO

  41. Barney says:

    Denys Picard (September 2, 2014 at 4:56 pm) – I agree up to a point, but the reparations for imposing niggers on unsuspecting White People needs to be DOUBLE the vermin’s treasonous, fraudulent “national debt” PLUS compound “interest” FOREVER (even if the debt is paid in full), the same as the devil’s own have done to all our countries, with EVERY jew everywhere “jointly and severally” liable. In case you’re not familiar with it, that’s one of their own “legal terms” making them individually liable as well as being liable as a group, so while even a single jew remains to steal MY air, that jew (all jews) is liable for the whole amount plus compound interest forever.

    Don’t let them “create” any more imaginary money (judenfetzen) though, whether it’s by printing or typing numbers on a computer. Make the bastards WORK for it.

    One working jew = 6 million dead jews according to their calculations because you can’t work and still be a jew. Work brings on six million fatal allergic reactions in jews.

    What a pity Herr Hitler only made the bastards work. It would have been better if he’d done to the jews what the jews did to the Poles at Katyn. Trouble is, we White People have too much compassion, even for a species as low, and as evil, as the jew.

    Not any more though. We HAVE to finish what Herr Hitler never started, even though we hear the big lie every day of our jew-infested lives.

  42. silvernickel says:

    hehe, now aren’t we all so enthralled with the Kike-abuki theater from our jewscum friends in the Mossad/CIA/ISIS(Israeli Secret Intel Service)? That poor Sotloff, jewboy……another jew bites the dust, er I mean ‘reassigned to deep espionage’

  43. James Laffrey says:

    The truth about me on my website speaks for itself for anyone who takes the time to read the original.

    The “Aservant” above has mixed LIES with some truth. Of course, no one will take the time to compare his lies to the true documents. But here is an easy thing to do: Click his link to CrooksAndLiars. That article came directly from the SPLC (jew) site’s hit piece on me. That’s where the coward fakenamed “Aservant” got the LIE that I voted for Obama “TWICE”. That particular lie was never published anywhere else except the SPLC and the sites who copied the SPLC article. That should tell the average Incog reader all one needs to know.

    I don’t like to spend time focusing on such as the “Aservant” (servant of whom, is the question, of course). So, I won’t submit another comment to this thread.

    Meanwhile, “Red Pill” tried an instigation tactic by asking if I am saying JB Campbell is a race traitor. The simple answer is, No. He is not anti-White, as far as I know, yet he is also not openly pro-White. He seems to hover in the middle. But he is rightly and strongly anti-jew and he knows that our previous generations failed us because they only talked and did not kill any of the enemy jews.

    When your way of life is being wiped out and your race is being genocided, pacifism/nonviolence as a response is SUICIDAL. We are not afraid to say what needs to be said, no matter the danger. It MUST be said, otherwise our people will not get the message, and in that case, jewry with their indoctrination of pacifism into Whites will continue to whittle away at us to the point of no return.

  44. Aservant says:

    Regarding Clown Laffery,

    I just went to this fool’s site and checked his “about” section where I had initially read that he was a two time Obama voter. You will see that he updated it in April of this year, so this inconvenient fact has been scrubbed. Has anyone else read this fool’s site from back in the day before he sanitized his “about” paged that can confirm my claim? Can his former “about” page be found on the net somewhere to expose this fraud?
    Or once it’s gone, it’s gone? And what in the hell is he talking about clicking on my link of “Crooks and Liars” that I got some kind of bullshit about him from a hit piece on him from the SPLC? I didn’t post any link and don’t have any webpages, and I have never been to the SPLC site.

    And Fool Laffery, you make a real big deal about “fake name Aservant” but you don’t have any problem coming here to post at “fake name Incog Man”. Or are you so fucking stupid that you believe that his given name is Phillip Marlowe or maybe Incog Man appears on his birth certificate? Why don’t you call him out? And while you are at it, why don’t you call out the other 90% or more of the posters here? You’re a real big man using your real name while you reside on the other side of the globe teaching gooks English in a make work project for pussies that can’t get a real job. I have to protect my interests here in the US as I have real job, own property and have a daughter. You know, like a real CHRISTIAN LIFE….. you fucking pagan whore.

    And I already told you before in my initial beat down of you, you imbecilic twit, that I am a servant to God, thus the handle. In the same way that you are a servant to Satan.

    But now that the formalities are over, how’s that political party going, winner? Got a candidate in for the 2016 presidential election? Not so much? Well, maybe someone at the state level? Naw, didn’t think so…….Hhhmmm….how about county comissoner? No one there either? City alderman? Nope………… But you’re such a charismatic leader……….damn, rough break. Maybe you have a gook candidate running for something……like county commissioner of sushi, something like that. I guess white people just don’t know quality when they see it. Or perhaps your faggy, backsliding, Jewey ways are just as obvious to most as they were to me upon site of your video.

  45. sog says:

    i think what i want to say is that most people today areent worth the powder to blow em to hell …niggers ,islamification beiong praised by the almighty isralee shitkikes etc …
    i knew the jews co -opt the islam shit …there isnt one moslem that should be allowed to live or 1 socialist or communist ..death to all of them …maybe when the smoke of ethnic cleansing and cleansing of parasites and perverted religious invaders and anti white scum bums clears there will be peace and law and order …like i said ,death to all traitors of the republic of the usa ….

  46. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Most people suck !

    Sad but true.

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    Well as long as you all are working and paying taxes you might as well pay to educate
    illegal immigrants who will grow up to take your job or your kids jobs some day. After all, as this guy says: We are wealthy and therefor should educate kids from all over the planet. Somebody should mention to this guy the trillion dollar annual deficits and 17 trillion hard debt and 70 trillion unfunded medicare and social security and pension liabilities. You know, those pesky deductions from working peoples paychecks. I wouldn’t exactly call us wealthy I would call it flat broke busted bankrupt. But that’s just me I guess.

    “We’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world,” said Jorge Baron, of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. “We should be able to handle this if we focus our energy and some resources and we make sure that kids are treated well, and treated the way we, in America, believe kids should be treated.”

    A new report puts the price of educating the thousands of illegal immigrant children who recently crossed into the U.S. at a whopping $761 million this school year — as some school systems push for the feds to pick up the tab.

    The estimate comes from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which issued a report on the 37,000 “unaccompanied minors” – who mainly are from Central America – after analyzing data from the Department of Health and Human Services and education funding formulas in all 50 states.

    The numbers underscore the concerns critics have raised for months about the burden the surge is putting on local school systems and governments.

    “We’re not doing American students any favors by dumping in tens of thousands of additional illegal alien children,” FAIR’s Bob Dane told Fox News.

    The report breaks down the costs by state. The biggest impact reportedly will be seen in California, Texas, Florida and New York. The Empire State leads the list with a bill of more than $147 million.

    Immigrant rights groups, though, say it’s a small price to pay for helping kids in need.

    “We’re one of the wealthiest countries in the world,” said Jorge Baron, of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project. “We should be able to handle this if we focus our energy and some resources and we make sure that kids are treated well, and treated the way we, in America, believe kids should be treated.”

    Education funding is always a battle, and the recession took a toll on available dollars. Thirty-five states are still spending less per pupil than they did in 2008, and school infrastructure is suffering. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average age of K-12 public school buildings is 44 years old.

    More than half are in need of repair, with the total cost of bringing them up to good condition pegged at $4.5 billion.

    State taxes and local property taxes pay for nearly 90 percent of the cost of K-12 public education. The federal government pays for the rest.

  48. SBD TV says:


  49. Hoff says:

    “No, saddest part is the non-jews that helps the Jews to destroy their own race and country. The jews Useful Idiots.”

    Well said. I’d add that it’s the “white” European tools of kikenstein who are by far the worst traitors, for obvious reasons. The majority of blacks are like little kids in big ole bodies. When you not only let a brat always have their own way, but encourage him to demand even more, the results are predictable. They behave just like not-so-bright children who have poorer frontal lobe functioning than average. Effed-up Baby Hueys on steroids.

    Besides the Culpritics themselves, I think the amerind/mongols/asiatic hordes who have been invading us for many decades, own far more culpability than the blacks. First, even the amerinds aren’t as intellectually challenged as the blacks (& the amerinds are low man on the totem pole, intellectually speaking, among asiatics). They know & understand full well that they’re stealing from Whitey, & they glory in that process. Although they get plenty of help from kikenstein (e.g. the immigration policies that have been increasingly bastardized), the jew media doesn’t have to “egg them on” like they’ve been doing w/the blacks since the 50s. No, the mongol hordes are plenty worked up w/hate against Whitey (e.g. la raza etc.). These organization have a much bigger membership & needless to say the mongol hordes will be the majority in this country w/in the next 20 yrs. They are asiatic, so they’re much better at being sneaky about what they’ve been doing & what they have in store for Whitey. Blacks just work for the circus, but mark my words — the mongols will be the bestest friends sheenycampers ever had, & they’ll be co-running this here circus in just a few short years.

    Say what you want about blacks — they’re pretty up-front about everything. In this respect, they are like White people. This is a big thing in my opinion. Whitey has proven again & again that s/he can’t deal w/the asiaticjoostealth. We know that the Big Jews don’t give a crap about Blackey (they actually loathe “schwartze”). I often think that they’re drumming up this black/white animosity as a smokescreen for the fact that the mongol invaders are a far, far greater problem.

    But then, kikenstein has so many smokescreens going at any given time that they can’t even keep track of them all (this is why even the so-called “alternative” media — which is of course also 100% jew operated — stages their many side shows of jew arguing w/another jew about yet another jew. Let’s keep pretending that there is any side save Snipcock Nation’s side.

    Ultimately though, kikenstein is gonna miss us when we’re gone because the asiatic hordes (& not just their pretend-enemy-asiatics in the mideast) will swarm over them like locusts. Read Tom Goodrich’s “Scalp Dance” for a preview of what’s in store for the Dead Sea Pedophiles.

  50. James Laffrey says:

    I apologize for one mistake. It was Red Pill who posted the CrooksAndLiars link, not Aservant.

    All else stands. (In fact, I NEVER voted even once for Obama. You see? So many lies of theirs and of Aservant have LAYERS to them so that long detailed responses are required. This is Incogman’s site, not mine, so long responses are inappropriate here. Anyway, my site tells it all, hides nothing. My evolution is still there, as it is on my previous site, which still stands as an archive subject to deletion by — who deleted my first site of awakening.)

    Incogman, though fakenamed, deserves admiration for being the WRITER and PUBLISHER of this strong anti-jew site. We all know that the enemy can learn the identity of site OWNERS any time they want to. Mere commenters are risking virtually nothing.

    I had intended not to post another comment on this thread, but the necessary apology for my mistake is the reason for this comment.


  51. gilbert says:

    The monkees nice 1668 song in a new dres:

  52. A says:

    White Woman sexually assaulted in Springfield MO by feral pack of Negroes.
    Boyfriend saves her and the 2 of them fight them off bravely.

    She said she was approached by a group of men outside the club, and they began to sexually assault her. Cole says she returned inside the club to alert her boyfriend, who then left the club to try to identify who her attackers are.

    At that point, Cole and police say, the group of young men began assaulting Cole and her boyfriend. Cole has pictures taken after the attacks that show her bleeding from the head and her boyfriend with multiple bruises.

    Female victim speaks out and says “I’m sure it wasn’t a racially motivated attack–it was a sexual assault”

  53. Christie says:

    I can tell you what the end result of Amerikwa is going to be. It will start in Detroit. Here we have a situation where the groids in Detroit can’t pay their water bills. “But everyone deserves the necessities of life, such as water, food, and a home” right? But it’s not fair that these staples aren’t being given to them in equal proportion to Whites. So make the water free, right? But then, who’s going to pay the utility workers, the mostly White and asian engineers who design the dams of the reservoirs and plan the water main distribution? They can’t be paid, right? So they’ll just quit. But hold on, that wouldn’t be fair. That would be “White privilege.” Therefore they must not be allowed to quit. Ah! They must be Forced to work, both for the greater good and to serve the goddess of Fairness. And besides, black people were once forced to work for free by Whites, so it’s “only fair” that Whites be forced to work for free for blacks, right?

    But the Whites will just move out of the cities, away from the black slavemasters. That goes beyond simply avoiding social justice, that is downright evil and racist. What to do? Aha! Kill em. Pack a bunch of Somalis and Sudanese and Nigerian asylum refugees in their small White rural towns. Then spread a weaponized form of Ebola in Africa. Then let those poor wretched immigrants come home to some good old country cookin’ and you got yourself a tidy little White genocide. Now how convenient is that?

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