Some Insist Being Certain People’s Little Bitch


Recently, this youtuber guy on the Internet named Ramzpaul did a mean little video calling a kook this apparently genuine pro-White guy in Kentucky for talking about the precious Jews. I also heard he slimed several other folks in the pro-White movement, people like David Duke — a smart, eloquent guy who’s worked ceaselessly his entire life to awaken patriotic Americans to the scourge of Jewry upon our lands and our race.

Ramzpaul is pretty much saying any pro-White who talks about “THE JEW QUESTION” is bad for “business” — which appears to be the main thing for this witty (but often too smart-alecky) guy with his popular youtube advertising and website, sales of personalized swag (including friggin’ underwear for crying out loud), speaking gigs before Zionist and Hasidic Jew audiences up in Jew York, etc., etc.

As you well know, I have never, ever shied away from addressing “THE JEW QUESTION” head-on. I just plain lay it all out. Hell, if anything strategically, I should be Mr. Nice Guy to the criminal blacks and gay boys, by limiting my ranting to the stinking Jews. Kind of like targeting the big head vampire back in the secret lair, while avoiding entanglements with lesser, more junior vampires lurking in the outer ring.

Yep, INCOG MAN knows the Jews are the root source to all the BS afflicting the White race and our lands (or at least the lousy foot soldiers to a more sinister inner core). Hell, we’ll never, ever get anywhere fixing things, without finding a way to first stop the Jew and his brain-warping PC spider web they have us all wrapped up in. As I’ve long said: The PC business is GD diabolical!

Now, I will admit to wishing that all this wasn’t true. I’ve known some pretty nice Jews in my life, sure. Once even made out with a cute little Jewess tramp back in my college days. Hell, Jews have always gravitated towards me for some reason. Like BFD.

Unfortunately, my own personal experiences can only be a very small subset of reality. Logic dictates one must look at the “bigger picture” to fully grasp the over-arching issue at hand. In other words, you cannot allow sentimental reasons to divert you from the larger reality affecting matters. I wrestled with this one particular conundrum for years, actually.

Parables like "the scorpion and the frog" or "rumplestiltskin" are rooted in ancient warnings to naïve heathen and Christian populations about having dealings with Jews.

Parables like “the Scorpion and the Frog” or “Rumplestiltskin” are rooted in ancient warnings to naïve heathen and Christian populations about having any dealings with Jews.

The truth of the matter is that Jewry always ends-up destroying any country where enough of them have power. Like what’s happening today in America.

All down through-out history, it’s simply been the nature of these backstabbing hypocrites to crap up any bed they lie.

Just ask yourself why so many countries in history have kicked them out — some several times (like France). Or just ask yourself why so many Jews have changed last names wherever they’re from and hate like hell being ID’d as Jews?

I mean, would you buy a used car from these historic scam-artist creeps if you knew who you were dealing with?

They would have you believe it’s nothing but blind superstitions, or the blood libel — never, ever how they’ve long behaved among us — as a corrosive and insular racial subgroup that actively takes advantage of non-Jewish people to the point where things go very, very bad, in some manner to either one of us, or both, sooner or later.

In America, for the last sixty plus years, once we made the stupid mistake of letting this lousy bunch immigrate here from Czarist Russia; Jewry has tirelessly played the black race against us Whites, trashed our moralities and Christianity — right along with never-ending holocaust crap so we always feel sorry for them, no matter what.

Oh God, this holocaust “schmeil” by these Jews is totally insane. The creeps make billions off the whole thing, and should any old Jew freak come out saying the most nutty, most impossible bullcrap about his experiences anywhere in the Europe during the “evil Nazi” period — they all think you had better believe every last word or else you’re just a big fat Hitler lover. Tell me that’s not the GD truth?

Plenty of people, including us White Gentiles, have suffered horrible things in the past. Hell, just a cursory look at history reveals it’s us Whites who have had far more genocidal-style suffering than the Jews. The stuck-up victimhood-loving creeps think they have the market cornered in this department and it gives them “the right” to morally police the planet. Except when it comes to sacred Israel, natch.

In addition to all that, the Jew’s favorite little country has brought on enormous problems for America over the decades. Huge, huge problems. Our support for trouble-making Zionist Israel is truly insane. Everything America stands for is now a joke because of these a-holes and the ones back here who jerk us all over the place to support this ridiculous “Israelite Chosen Ones back in the Promised Land” BS.

Then we got to hear “Bibi” Netanyahu today, bragging in front of the UN, on how great the great Jews have turned Israel into (the “made the desert bloom” BS) — when it’s been our US taxpayer money and rich effin’ Zio Jews back here putting dollars out of circulation by sending over there to prop up the whole piece of crap. Everyone knows it.

Just think about all the GD trillions of dollars America spends killing the latest raghead supposed “threat” in the Mideast, to say nothing about all our boys killed and messed up as hell from IEDs etc. these GD sandniggers use in getting payback. Or all the dough spent on “Homeland” security nowadays. Capiche, brainiac boy?

The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.

– Voltaire, Essai sur les Moeurs et l’Esprit des Nations (1753), Introduction, XLII: Des Juifs depuis Saul

For anyone NOT seriously pointing a finger at the Jew means he’s either 1) a Jew, 2) owned by the Jews outright, or indirectly by Jew-created PC (fearing of losing your job and career because of PC protecting the creeps) and/or 3) a complete and utter moron — not surprising when we have a media and education system obviously working to dumb us down and PC-us up.

Now, there’s plenty of total Jew suck-ups in the so-called “truth movement.” And there’s also others who have quiet reasons not to name the Jew, even though they talk about everything else going on in today’s geopolitical and social upheavals.


Alex Jones goes haywire over any Jew Talk. He knows well this is the ultimate “third rail” he better keep away from (like so many other people everywhere).

Guys like Alex Jones. His prison planet/infowars website and radio show (hosted on a Jew-owned radio network) talks about a lot of what’s going down — including 9/11.

But he won’t touch “THE JEW QUESTION” with a 1000 foot pole. Even with all the obvious connections of 9/11 to Zionist Neo-COHNS within the Federal government, loyalist Jew traitors all through-out the narrative and the state of Israel — who had absolutely everything to gain from America being sucked into never-ending Mideast wars for Israel’s hegemony.

Perhaps it’s because his wife is a funky little Jewish Yenta (making any children qualify as racially Jewish and allowed to immigrate to Jew-racist Israel); while also much of his staff and advertisers are Jewish? Or maybe it’s something even more NWO sinister?

You see this all the time in the management of many corporations, the media, social change and political organizations — liberal or otherwise. Besides PC “people of color” hires, most of those who people think are Whites just like them, are in fact Jews, or a smaller subset of Gentiles with Jew husbands or wives.

I call this phenomenon “Married into the Mob.” Jews feel confident internally if you’re married to a Jew, you probably won’t have any Nazi tendencies. Or be racist — except among drunk Jew hypocrites at cocktail parties when they laughingly let you know they hate “swartzes” as much as you (I’ve had this happen to me several times, I guess I look and sound too southern).

One excellent way to get an over-view of this “Married into the Mob” effect is the site “Who Controls America?” They have broken down the management of the major points of power controlling the country — who they are, what they do and if they are married to Jews. Spend just a few minutes here and you’ll clearly understand what’s happening to us. You won’t like it one damn bit!*

Now, I don’t care if Ramzpaul wants to be the Jew’s little bitch. What I don’t like is him attacking any of us Whites about it, when there are tractor-trailer loads of in-your-face facts and even things the stinking Jews say themselves all the time — easily proving the creeps have been busy destroying our race and using our countries for Israeli Imperialism for decades now.

Got that, Mr. Youtube clever boy?

–Phillip Marlowe

* A few shown on the site “Who Controls America” that are called non-Jews, I think might be wrong, since there are numerous reasons to suspect they are deep state “crypto-Jews” — like Rupert Murdoch, owner of FOX news. Nevertheless, Murdoch is one huge Zionist supporter of Israel, PC, faggotry and even immigration of non-Whites into our lands — totally exposing FOX’s supposed “conservative” mantle.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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69 Responses to Some Insist Being Certain People’s Little Bitch

  1. thoughtandmemory says:

    Yup Incog,

    This is the best and clearest post ever. 100%.

  2. Bob in DC says:

    Note some comments above reflected here:

    Zionist Rhetoric infiltrates White Nationalism

    RESIST !!!

  3. wretchedWhiterabbit says:

    You’re still missing the point, Bob in DC.
    It’s not about *you*, hating an enemy more than you love Whites.
    It’s about the huge numbers of otherwise normal White people,
    who are demoralized and conditioned to reflexively oppose your viewpoint.
    We have to get those Whites thinking and acting in terms of our interests,
    rather than in the interests of non-Whites, whom they see as “victims of hate”.

  4. Hadding says:

    It is remarkable that this blog is promoting BUGS with links, since this is clearly a blog that doesn’t balk at criticizing Jews, while the BUGSters are largely occupied with trying to shush or belittle that criticism.

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