The Cultural Marxists’ Evil War on White Families


By Benjamin Garland, Daily Stormer


Karl Marx. This Jew and his atheist Shabbos goy pal, Friedrich Engels, inspired untold human misery since early in the last century. Don’t you wonder why you never see JACK about all this in the US media? (INCOG)

The revolutionary aim of the political ideology of communism, as laid out in the Communist Manifesto by the Jew Karl Marx, is to have the peasants, or working class, violently overthrow the governments of their respective nations. The manifesto, which demonized the entire middle class as exploiters—everyone from a doctor or a dentist, to a rich capitalist, down to the small business owner—concluded with the battle cry: Workers of the world, Unite!

The promise given to the impressionable peasants,—the “proletariat”—whom the Communists’ evil propaganda was directed at, was that they would live in a “worker’s paradise” after dismantling their “oppressors,” i.e., the middle class, or “bourgeiosie.” Of course, the true aim was for the Communist leaders—mostly Jews—to insert themselves into dictatorial power after the natural leadership had been forcibly overthrown by violent hordes of envious, hate-filled mobs.

Spreaders of the communist ideology believed that revolutions of this nature would take place all across Europe as people lost faith in their governments during the first World War. Much to their dismay, aside from in Russia, these revolutions did not take place, and the war caused the common people to instead become more patriotic and loyal to their countries’ leaders.

The Communists, who saw their victory as inevitable one way or the other, were undeterred by this setback. They went back to the drawing board to reformulate their revolutionary strategy and it was decided that in the West, for their revolution to take place, they would first have to weaken the foundations of civilization, which they recognized as a stronghold in the way of their agenda. The new strategy, known as Cultural Marxism, combined Marx’s theories with those of another Jew, Sigmund Freud, and was to use anti-Western propaganda to attack and tear down all traditions, sexual morality and Christianity and to deliberately break apart the nuclear family.

“…any objection to the Cultural Marxist agenda would not be met with logical debate but rather with smear terms such as “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” “sexist,” etc.”

Many of the preeminent Cultural Marxist thinkers during the 20s and 30s were Jewish intellectuals based in Frankfurt, Germany, at the Institute of Social Research, better known as the ‘Frankfurt School.’ Instead of the ‘class warfare’ that traditional Marxism focused on, they now developed ‘critical theory,’ which attacked Western culture as being evil and oppressive toward minority groups such as Jews, non-Whites, homosexuals, and even women. This served the Communist cause of destroying White society by inciting hatred in all of these so-called minority groups while simultaneously inducing feelings of guilt in normal White people.

Jews Adorno and Horkheimer

They also created ‘political correctness,’ where any objection to the Cultural Marxist agenda would not be met with logical debate but rather with smear terms such as “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” “sexist,” etc.

Germany, home to a daunting number of communists— upward of six million—was facing the dire threat of falling to a violent revolution, similar to what had happened in Russia in 1917. A Communist Russia and Germany would have meant certain death for all of Europe.

Hitler and other European nationalists were largely a response to this madness, which had already brutally exterminated millions of the White elite in Russia. They heroically sprang up like white blood cells to defend Europe from the Marxist cancer that was sure to destroy all of civilization if left unchecked.

Adolf Hitler recognized the Marxist doctrine for exactly what it was: essentially a war on the natural order of the world which can only lead to chaos, decay and destruction, to the temporary benefit of a few, but the eventual detriment of all. He warned of this in his book Mein Kampf, and dedicated every waking moment of his life to fighting against it.


Sigmund Freud. To this day, considered a great hero to Jewry, this coke-snorting Austrian Jew’s convoluted pedophilia imaginations paved the way for tens of thousands of Jew “psychologists” to scam the goy over the decades. He was also a big time Gentile-hating Talmudist and Zionist supremacist. (INCOG)

Once Hitler came to power, the Jews were stripped of their power and the Cultural Marxists and Communist agitators were forced out of Germany or interned in concentration camps as enemies of the state. Germany, once free of this plague, quickly rose to glorious heights such as the world has never seen—possibly the pinnacle of all human civilization.

Germany was, of course, destroyed in WWII, thanks to the power that the Jews and Communists already had over the minds and governments of most of the rest of the world, whom they convinced to destroy Germany even though it was against the majority of their best interests.

And so triumphed Marxism over National Socialism, tyranny over civilization, and Jew over Aryan.

The ‘Big Lie’

Many of the Jewish Marxist enemies of Germany returned after the war with a burning, vengeful hatred and convinced the surviving Germans that they had committed a Holocaust and were responsible for WWII, that most devastating of wars that killed tens of millions of people.

The Cultural Marxists, in their quest to overthrow sexual morality in the name of a communist revolution—an openly stated goal of theirs, not a conspiracy theory of mine—convinced many of the surviving Germans that the “Holocaust” was the inevitable result of their “sexual repression.”

The sexual values of the noble White people of the Third Reich led directly to sadistic mass murder and irrational racism, so said the Jewish Marxists in their clever campaign to trick the trusting Germans into turning against their own nature.

German people were highly susceptible to this sinister subversion because of their honest nature and the Jewish ‘Big Lie Technique’ that Hitler, in his infinite wisdom, wrote about in Mein Kampf:

[The Jews] proceeded on the sound principle that the magnitude of a lie always contains a certain factor of credibility, since the great masses of the people in the very bottom of their hearts tend to be corrupted rather than consciously and purposely evil, and that, therefore, in view of the primitive simplicity of their minds they more easily fall a victim to a big lie than to a little one, since they themselves lie in little things, but would be ashamed of lies that were too big. Such a falsehood will never enter their heads and they will not be able to believe in the possibility of such monstrous effrontery and infamous misrepresentation in others.

The “Anti-authoritarian” Kinderladen Movement


Wilheim Reich. Like so many commie Jews in pre-Hitler Germany and Austria, this tripped-out pseudo-scientist escaped to the US to continue his bizarre psycho-sexual obsessions. (INCOG)*

One of the more horrific examples of the result of Marxism winning the war was a movement called Kinderladen that cropped up in Germany in the late 1960s. Led by Jews and brainwashed, guilt-ridden Germans who had fallen for the Jewish lies about the Holocaust and the reasons for it, Kinderläden, as Dagmar Herzog wrote in her book Sex After Fascism, were “experimental anti-authoritarian daycare centers for 2- to 5-year-olds organized by New Left activists” in many of West Germany’s major cities.

The two primary inspirations for the Kinderladen movement were the theories of the Jew Wilhelm Reich (the “father of the sexual revolution) and the book The Authoritarian Personality, written by a team of Frankfurt School Jews headed by the Jew Theodor Adorno.

The Authoritarian Personality purported to be the end result of a study looking for the causes of Antisemitism (of course, Jewish behavior can have nothing to do with it), that found it was due to “authoritarian upbringing,” and “sexual repression.” Here is the Wikipedia description of the book:

The impetus of The Authoritarian Personality was the Holocaust, the attempted genocidal extinction of European Jews by Adolf Hitler’s National Socialist party. Adorno had been a member of the “Frankfurt School”, a predominantly Jewish group of philosophers and Marxist theorists who fled Germany when Hitler shut down their Institute for Social Research. Adorno et al. were thus motivated by a desire to identify and measure factors that were believed to contribute to antisemitic and fascist traits.

Kinderladen activists took “anti-authoritarianism” to the extreme and would not interfere with their children over anything. If a child, say, wanted to crawl around on the floor naked and eat their breakfast out of an old, dirty boot, the criminally insane parents—no matter how much it pained them—would not interject. They were psychologically paralyzed by Jewish propaganda and Holocaust guilt and wanted nothing more than to atone for the sins of their parents and prevent another “Holocaust” from ever happening again.

These activists were so extreme and radical they even shocked American New Leftists who came to visit. Herzog writes:

American New Leftists on travels in Europe remember how stunned they were in some of their first encounters with their West German counterparts. Young West German parents let their children, while covered in dirt, walk the streets and ride streetcars. They allowed their children to pummel them; they never slapped back. And when asked why they encouraged their children’s disobedience, the parents answered simply: “Because of Auschwitz.”

By using holocaust guilt tripping, lefty Jews had free reign to mess with the German people and destroy the family unit from the ground up. Over the decades, the Nation-Wreckers have been doing similar things in the USA, ever since we let the filthy punks in the door. (INCOG)

In February 1969, a popular West German magazine Der Stern published an article criticizing Kinderladen. According to Herzog, it referred to the children as:

“little leftists with big rights” whose environment was chaotic and filthy, whose parents engaged in wife swapping, and who were allowed to bash in each other’s heads with blocks and splatter the walls of their centers with paint.


The headline reads: “Germany’s Misbehavingest Children.” Kinderladen activists were able to have this issue banned from circulation, despite the fact that they had smeared feces all over the Press Office walls.

According to pg. 150 of a paper published by the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, members of a Kinderladen council retaliated for the Der Stern hit-piece by barging into the West Berlin Press Office and smearing feces all over the walls:

They collected used diapers from the city’s Kinderladen for three days. Then children and adults carried the diapers in garbage bags back to the Press Office, entered the newly painted chambers, and smeared the walls with the diapers’ contents, to express their displeasure with those who had control of voice and opinion in the public sphere.

Child Sexuality and the Kinderladen Movement

“[T]he vociferous defense of child sexuality” Herzog writes, “was precisely the heart of early Kinderladen activism. The activists did not just permit the children to run naked and play with their own and each other’s bodies. They also applauded and publicized the most intimate details of the children’s sexual explorations.”

Herzog recounts how some of them put out pamphlets with “flagrantly excessive” details of Kinderladen activities including:

[A] detailed description of a scene of (expressly adult-encouraged) genital touching between a little boy and a little girl within the Kommune 2, and another scene in which the same little girl attempted to fit an adult penis (which, after she had asked, she had been permitted to stroke to the point of erection) into her tiny vagina (it turned out to be, as she herself “determined resignedly, ‘Too big’ ”).

This insanity was due to the influence of the theories of the Jewish, Freudian extremist Wilhelm Reich, who was absolutely obsessed with the ridiculous notion of child sexuality and the supposed social ills that resulted from suppressing it. Just open up the 1945 English translation of Reich’s book The Sexual Revolution — the foundation of the actual sexual revolution of the 60s—and you will find already on pg. 2 of the Preface the claim that

suppression of the love life of children and adolescents is the central mechanism for producing enslaved subordinates and economic serfs.

Reich originally drew his theories about child sexuality from his personal mentor, Sigmund Freud. Freud had a nonsensical theory called the “Oedipus Complex” wherein he claimed that all infant children want to have sex with their parents – boys with their mothers, in which they long to kill their fathers out of jealousy; and girls also with their mothers — until they eventually realize it is anatomically impossible, wherein they develop “penis envy” and then begin to lust after the father.

The confused parents of the Kinderladen movement, who believed this psychopathic rubbish, were at once perplexed as to why the children weren’t showing sexual attraction to them and delighted that maybe their kids had been cured of this alleged characteristic that Freud talked about. Herzog relates how they

actively debated why it was that their preschool children were not seeking direct contact with adult genitals. Could it be, they surmised with hopeful pride, that the children in their school were free of the “fixation-constellations typical in families”?

An article published by Der Spiegel called The Sexual Revolution and Children: How the Left Took Things Too Far, gives us many revelations about the Kinderladen movement, such as how “the basement was used as an “observation station” to study sexual behavior in children” and that

Almost every day, the students played games that involved taking off their clothes, reading porno magazines together and pantomiming intercourse. According to the records, a “sex exercise” was conducted on Dec. 11 and a “fucking hour” on Jan. 14.

The article goes on to bring out

an account of a parents’ evening where one of the mothers said that she stripped naked in front of her son so that he could “inspect” her. In the process, the woman spread her legs to expose her private parts for his inspection. The game ended when the boy stuck a pencil into his mother’s vagina. The parents also spent a long time discussing whether it was a good idea to have sex with their own children, so as to demonstrate the “naturalness” of sexual intercourse.

Horrific stories of the sexual abuses that took place in Kinderladen schools, such as the ones above, abound, but I’ll leave it at that. I’m sure you get the picture.

Educating for Disobedience

51BcyBxj2QLA documentary about the Kinderladen movement titled Erziehung zum Ungehorsam (Educating for Disobedience) aired on German television in December 1969. Again, we quote Herzog:

The film included a brief scene from Stuttgart in which a little girl casually attached a cardboard penis to a cutout doll along with hair, nose, eyes and lips. It also incorporated a one minute scene of “playing doctor” in Frankfurt in which one little boy painted in watercolor on another’s erect penis while antiauthoritarian parents and educators explained the importance of not only tolerating but assertively affirming child sexuality..

(This disturbing documentary and the horrific scene described above can be viewed on YouTube — though I don’t recommend it)

Toilet Training and the Kinderladen Movement

Drawing on more Freudian insanity-his so-called “psychosexual development”-the Kinderladen crowd even allowed their children to defecate on themselves.

Freud’s “psychosexual development” is the theory that children go through stages, beginning with birth, in which they are sexually “fixated” on different “erogenous” zones of their bodies. First is the “oral” stage, then the “anal” stage, then the “phallic” stage, etc. If a child remains “fixated” on an “erogenous” zone past when they should move on to the next stage, they will potentially develop mental disorders later in life, such as “anal” personalities.

Like “The Oedipus Complex,” the so-called “psychosexual” stages have no basis in science or empirical evidence whatsoever, but rather are nothing but figments of Freud’s deranged imagination. Why that is not apparent to everyone with two brain cells that has ever studied this insanity is a truly baffling question.

It can only be explained as proof of the power of, ironically: authority. The Jews, having weaseled their way into so many high positions of power and influence over White society, give off an air of authority to an unsuspecting public who does not recognize them for the hostile, alien people that they are, and thus they get away with pushing insane ideas.

A Kinderladen activist told a reporter from Der Stern, Herzog writes, that

not only did the parents allow the children to masturbate and play sex games but also that “many children are already toilet-trained. Now they shit in their pants again. They’re repeating the anal phase. That’s good. Did you know that most concentration camp guards had anal difficulties in their childhood?”

Herzog goes on to explain that Kinderladen members wrote a book that

placed the anal phase and the Holocaust together at the center of political theory. Punitive toilet training, the authors contended, led to authoritarian personalities with sadistic fantasies, who oppressed minorities; preoccupation with cleanliness was part and parcel of a mindset that sent people “into the oven.”

Abolition of the Family!

“[A]bove all, and most frequently,” Herzog writes, “[Kinderladen] activists railed at the institution that they felt was responsible for their own crippling: the nuclear family.”

Breaking down the traditional structure of gentile families has always been a primary aim of the Marxists. It says so rather bluntly in the Communist Manifesto:

Abolition of the family! Even the most radical flare up at this infamous proposal of the Communists.

The solution to the problem of the nuclear family, which the Kinderladen activists, driven to insanity by their Marxist dogma, considered “rotten to the core,” was for children to be raised in communes—a “deliberate rotation of care-givers.”

Daniel Cohn-Bendit: European Union politician, Radical Leftist, Pedophile, Jewish.

daniel-cohn-bendit-MONTAGE EXPORT
In 2007, France’s Nicholas Sarkozy personally pocketed millions in campaign donations from Libya’s Muammar Ghaddifi — who was a big problem for the NWO because he helped stop illegal African immigration into Europe and his new Pan African Central Bank was potentially dangerous to the Western Banking cabal. Soon, Sarkozy formed a coalition with Britain, Obama and Hillary Clinton to help Ghaddifi’s Libyan tribal enemies overthrow him — resulting in the guy getting beaten, sodomized with a stick or knife and finally shot to death. A Sarkozy agent is thought to have administered the coup de grâce. Now do you know why I call Jews “backstabbers” all the time? [INCOG]


Daniel Cohn-Bendit is a radical Marxist, Jew politician from France and Germany who was involved in the Kinderladen movement. He was nicknamed “Danny the Red” during his years as a student leader in France in the late 60s because of his radical leftist politics and inflammatory activism as a communist agitator.

In his 1975 book The Grand Bazaar, Cohn-Bendit wrote the following:

My flirtations with all children soon acquired a definitely erotic character. I could sense how young girls aged five had already learned how to get off with me…

It happened several times that some children opened my fly and began stroking me. According to the circumstances of each case, I reacted differently, but the children’s wishes posed problems for me… when they insisted, I caressed them in return.

He smugly boasted about his pedophilia with the Kinderladen children during an appearance on a French TV show in the early 80s:

bendit8“Danny the Red” telling a French TV audience how much fun he’s having in US JEW occupied West Germany. Sick Jews have forever been susceptible to foul perversions of all sorts — hell, just turn on your TV and see for yourself. The media gets sleazier by the day, if you’ve noticed. [INCOG]


Anders Breivik, well-known as a big time Zionist/pro-Israel Freemason, who’s murderous rampage on a liberal, but pro-Palestinian political youth group on Utoya island was blamed on patriotic Nationalist Whites, in the effort to demonize anyone against the immigration of third worlders into Norway. Clever. (INCOG)

Cohn-Bendit can be seen in a video from 2011, shortly after the Oslo massacre of 77 Norwegians by anti-immigration/anti-Cultural Marxist Anders Breivik, standing in front of European Parliament (in which he served in from 1994 to 2014), hysterically claiming that multiculturalism was not the underlying cause of the mass killing, but rather anyone who would “dare” to speak out against multiculturalism (or mass immigration).

For this speech, which was essentially a call for the genocide of Europe, he received thunderous applause from the supposed “leaders’ of the West. This is what we killed Hitler for: a Cultural Marxist, dystopic nightmare where an admitted Jewish pedophile can stand in front of world leaders and call for the genocide of the White race in Europe—and he is cheered on.

Why Does This Even Matter?

The “New Left” radicals in Germany that facilitated the sexual revolution are nicknamed the “68ers” because of 1968 being their most successful year—the year that the Kinderladen movement began. The “68ers,” though relatively small in number, were not just a fringe group. Just as the “New Left” in America and other Western countries, they were the driving force behind the sexual revolution, which, as we all know, did in fact unfortunately take place.

Still one might argue, why should we even care about the Kinderladen movement? It was closed decades ago. We should care because it shows just how sickening these Jewish ideologies are to the Aryan soul. While the Kinderladen movement is admittedly an extreme example, all of the Jewish theories behind it have impacted our society as a whole in immeasurable ways.

Children are as undisciplined and unruly as ever and the nuclear family has been destroyed to the point that 50% of all marriages now end in divorce—a staggering statistic. Before the Jew-led sexual revolution of the 60s we still had large, strong, orderly families and a much healthier society.

Everyone is aware that this sexual revolution took place, but not many know who was behind it, and just how evil they and their ideologies truly were. The Kinderladen movement is a perfect microcosmic example to highlight the utter insanity of these ideologies and what they amount to in their purest form.


* INCOG MAN: Way back in college, I accidentally stumbled upon a dusty copy of one of Wilheim Reich’s books on “Orgone” sexuality buried in the university’s library. After wading through nonsensical science gibberish on his “Orgone Accumulator” device, I could see he was quite serious, but it all had nothing to do with Woody Allen’s “Orgasmatron” (where the Jew director probably stole the idea for his 1973 movie “Sleeper,” lol). Reich was such a loose screw, he was always running into trouble with various authorities like the FBI and FDA, yet walked away mostly scot-free. Rich Jews always seemed to keep him afloat, financially. At the time, I was only starting to get suspicious about the true Jewish menace to America.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. bubba says:


    Interesting whats happening to black hetero males…NFL….etc.

    I am not condoning any violence especially towards women…but IMHO there is another kosher psy-opp going on.

    I think the Kike Jews are getting nervous that their historical slaves(black ones) are waking up waaaaaaay to fast and need to be re chained.

    aka the Kike Jews fear “Django UNchained 2.0 “……… Rise of the Vengeful Swartzes

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Visit a military cemetary around Richmond, Virginia. And the outskirts. There are too many veterans cemetaries. But the tombstones are little white bricks. 3 CSA soldiers. 3 USA soldiers. Buried on top of each other. If you want to find an ancestor go to the cemetary cartakers and ask to see if one of your relatives is in which grave. Their lives work may be written in that book. Ask to see the greenbers and goldbergs and steinberg section. There is none. Look around those cemetaries unlike the jew saving private ryan scene with the lone shield (star) of david there is no jewish stars there. Only dead stupid white Gentile Goyims. I’ve been to Arlington Robert E Lees front yard also. But visit some of the real unknowns sometimes.

  3. bubba says:

    protocolsRtrue says:
    September 16, 2014 at 6:48 pm


    Now THAT is fascinating…….

    This summer…extended family members went to Europe and one item on the bucket list was to track down the grave of a Canadian family member who died in WW1.

    He was about 20 years old……farm boy from the Prairies…..unfortunately caught up in the Kike Jew global politics….aka why the F*ck would you go 1/2 way around the world to try to kill someone who never harmed you?

    I did some research and just found out that the Canadian Prime Minister at the time , Robert Borden was…drum rollll……a FREEMASON.

    Anyway… finding the grave was an ordeal…very haphazard…as they buried them 3 deep and his name was not at the top of the grave marker……but fate intervened and they found his final resting place.

    PS I have to bite my tongue at family get togethers….they are so brainwashed….a life amongst millions wasted on the Kike Jew altar.

  4. Israhell on Earth says:

    I’ve heard this sickening story on the radio here in europe a few hours ago – i’m not sure if they covered it worldwide. They had no suspect at the time, but who but a darkie would fire multiple shots in broad daylight in philadelphia, hitting an innocent, pregnant woman?


    Detectives have obtained an arrest warrant for a suspect in connection with the shooting death of a pregnant mother and her baby over the weekend.

    Sources tell FOX 29’s Dave Schratwieser that tips and good police work led to the identity of the alleged shooter from Frankford in the murder of Megan Doto.

    Police have now named their suspect as 26-year-old Devon Guisherd. Investigators released a photo of him and described him as black, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing 150 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair.

    After Doto was shot in the face Sunday while on the porch of her Adams Avenue home, doctors used an emergency C-section to deliver the baby, but the child also died.

    Schratwieser reported that police searched for their suspect Tuesday morning but did not make an arrest. Police are now considering him on the run, armed and dangerous.

    “Considered armed and extremely dangerous. He has a very violent history and we need to get him off the streets,” said Homicide Unit Captain James Clark.

    There’s no word yet on whether anyone will get $40,000 reward that had been posted in the aftermath of the shooting.

    Homicide detectives previously said they believe the gunman was standing a block away from Doto when he fired 10 or 11 shots at a white, four-door car headed towards Adams Avenue.

    Police believe the bullet traveled some 500 feet before it struck Doto, who leaves behind two surviving children, ages 4 and 6.


  5. Bailey says:

    You know what I hate ?

    I hate when some jew media whore – in this case being a light skinned negro – says of the victim , “she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time”.

    Yea , right !

    The wrong place being her front porch , the wrong time being in broad fucking daylight ?
    Maybe by the wrong place the nigger meant a white woman living in some philly nigger ghetto , huh ?

    In our filthy jew rigged society it’s more than likely it’s the only type of place a young mother can afford to live .

    I suppose the fetus was in the wrong place too.

    Here’s a picture of the young victim for incogs ever growing roster of dead white people killed by niggers.

  6. Bailey says:

    I’s 10:45 AM , Do you know where obamas sons are ?
    It’s best you say inside.

  7. god says:

    When King James, watched the catholic Guy Fox, being removed from the tree of life

    he surmised, that under the rack he held up, and never reavealed what he knew.
    of course as all you know,
    he was dragged from the white tower,
    naked accept for a white linen gown,
    face down and strapped upon a pine board
    pulled by a horse his nose now removed…
    hung, and then quickly cut down
    his balls cut from and roasted in a coal fire
    where his limbs were attached to four horses, and his head was posted upon a stake on Londons bridge.

    in front of King James

    that is a true story

  8. god says:

    bravo incogman…bravo, watch the shining and re read this article over and over until you get it.
    How do you mend this broken heart…who gives a f@#$, some things that are broke aint worth fixin.

  9. sog says:

    the real apparent and visible reality of jewish creation and covert control of islam is as viable as their deep rooted attatchment to the creation of communism a name given to the enforcement arm of talmud dogma and heresy …1.3 billion fly infested violent mentally deranged moslems and they dont attack jews anywhere in their gated african cities ..oops well the niggers of sierra leone tried to organize to rid themselves of the rich jews and 70,000 butt sniffing apes got genocided by taylor and foday stankho etc ….anyfukkinway you see absolutely no attacks on israel or jews globally …yeah a bunch of camel humpers pulled off 9-11 …words escape me here …i think the ayrabs would have gone to the trouble to bomb israle with a nuke instead …but the never ending quest for false flag terror events have furthered the bolshevik zio commie kikes and have not created any kia numbers among the kikes around the world at effin all …like bailey said ..isis is a new creation ,same spook ,different face …tierd old game for the jews endgame over …the industrial world as we know it will come crashing to violent end maybe tomorrow …its a world economy zand life itself based on oil which is why we invaded iraq for the oil ..etc …hussein was a decent guy ….i meant to mention the time iran used communist youth college kids to overthrow the shah and inxtall a muslim cleric nd the mossad was always treiner and head of savak ..iran has the largest contingent of euro kikes outside of zograel ..etc …it is odd thT COMMUNISM was espoused to remove a decadent westernized leader and put a muslim in place ..islam is a secret fraternal troplet of jewish talmud judeaism ..they all love to cut off heads like the noahyde laws and quaran …etc ..islam is a clear and present danger to whitye nations and should all be hunted into extinction …especially nigger muslims who did be reeedin n sheeyit in duh slam all bout mowlcum x an duh other bruthers who n\blame whitey for everything ..american and europe is being africanized ,islamified ,communized but the end game is all the same and some of these b grade actors will get a surprise bullet tp their brows for their efforts after they help the jew likw they did to the Tudeh …
    anyway one can see the alleged complicated connections between all these anti white groups that are pro islam or pro commie or pro jew …
    anyway no one is persecuting jews anywhere or niggers except niggers themselves ..islamics seek asylum everywhere but they are the predators of free white nations ..these hordes need some serious attitude and population adjustment …when ebt goes belly up the niggerfied cities (dead cities) of america will explode into mindless africanized violence ready ….

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  12. Ran out of white doctors on the Dr. Who anti-white cultural marxist Jew/Jesuit BBC TV show: White replacement using women and people of color = white genocide.

    I now suspect the anti-white Christian cultural marxist /liberation theological ZioJesuit criminals of infecting largely white people globally with the cancer virus/bacteria = white genocide. I have not seen one person of color sitting in the cancer clinics I have been to and the clinics are packed!

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