Zionists Want You To Hate — JUST NOT THE NEGRO


Now they call this guy a Muslim in the news, but I bet he was pretty much a half-assed Muslim wannabee. Not that I think Islam is the “Religion of Peace” or anything, it’s just that crazy Negros often describe themselves as Muslim after the Malcolm X business and never really know all that much to begin with. Call it a black militant image thing.


These black muslims are indeed psychos, itching to kill Whitey. Hell, so are the rest of them, too, after decades of Jew Hollywood White-hating movies.

Muslim or not, this guy was your typically deranged black, busted for drugs numerous times, assaulting cops, car chases with the law — Alton Nolen was always one step away from ending up in the clink with the rest of his worthless homies for a felony conviction. Hell, they ought to just lock up these filthy apes as soon as they learn to GD walk upright!

Now your traitorous Zionist-controlled US media has no problems reporting on the Muzzie angle, since they so love jacking up us Americans so we go over to the Mideast to kill Israel’s enemies in the region. That’s always been the Zionist’s blueprint. They are using us, fool.

On Thursday, Alton Nolen was fired from his job at the Vaughn food plant in Moore, Oklahoma for unknown reasons (you got to be careful with crazy blacks). Friday morning, the nutcase drove into the parking lot at high speed, crashing into several parked cars. Then jumps out and runs into the plant, shouting Muzzie crap (“Allah Akbar!”) and attacks the first worker he lays eyes on, in this case 54 year-old Colleen Hufford — probably a White woman from the looks of it.

He starts stabbing the struggling woman with his knife (a big scimitar-like produce knife). Then cuts her head clean off. She was most definitely spurting blood all over the place, unlike the fakey ISIS videos, the Zionist Jew-run “SITE” released to the media after they “found them on the Internet,” as they tell us.


Since White guy Mark Vaughn was packing heat that day, he probably saved the lives of several innocent people from a painful death. Just didn’t finish the job.

After beheading the poor lady, the now covered in blood black bastard viciously attacks a second probable White woman, Traci Johnson, 43, stabbing her like a mad man. Imagine what was going through her mind?

Funny, how we haven’t seen one shot of either victim, or any interviews with grieving family members. A sure sign they were White.

Before he gets the chance to decapitate her, too, the chief operating officer in the company, Mark Vaughn runs up and shoots the crazed Negro down. His only mistake was not “accidentally” putting a bullet in the punk’s head. Now us taxpayers will have to pick up the tab.

Of course, the Zionist Jew-controlled US media freely describes him as Muslim, while at the same time minimize any racial aspects. Note how much they immediately played up the fact Nolan was trying to recruit fellow workers to Islam. I guarantee you all those other potential muzzies were black — who probably didn’t want anything to do with it unless it they got something free with the deal.

Ever since the “go to war with ISIS” propaganda spigot was turned on by the Zionist brainwashers in control of DC and TV, the Muzzie Terror paranoia business is roaring full-speed ahead. The goal: Bring down Syria’s Assad and eventually get America into war with Iran before they build “THE BIG ONE.”


So how come they didn’t report on this crime until just recently? Because, fool, they are now using it to JACK us up about ISIS and terrorism.

Like the brutal murder (they shot him 8 times) of 19 year-old Brendan Tevlin in New Jersey last June. I reported here on the case way back on August 6th, but only now have they said a few things on FOX (catering to the conservative White demographic); simply because one of his black killers (they were 3) professed he was on Jihad when police busted him back in July.

Funny, how the media could care less about a crime against Whites unless it was a Muslim perp, huh?

Also, notice how they are milking that story about a crazy White guy (possibly a Jew boy), Eric Frein (or Freen), who shot a Pennsylvania state cop and took off for the woods, where he’s successfully evaded the law for over two weeks now. Israeli citizen-owned (Stanley Gold, Shamrock Holdings) ABC News never, ever fails to mention the state cop was a father when reporting the latest in the manhunt.

It’s so GD obvious how they use our emotions!


Oh God, when the libtard media got their filthy paws on this shot, they practically came in their pants!

The White-hating, anti-gun media so loved the fact Frein was into military reenactments, guns and survivalism (on left, dressed up as a Soviet bloc soldier with an AK-47). You could practically see the creeps drooling while reporting on it all.

Notice how TV news will show you updates on this one particular White criminal before or immediately after any segment on a recent black criminal (like suspected UVA killer of Hannah Graham, or this crazy black muslim beheader in Oklahoma).

This helps balance things out a bit for the media and perhaps soothe a few black wackos and race hucksters like Reverend Al Sharpton (now openly bragging that he’s telling Obama who to pick for the next Attorney General).

Even with all this, black militants and White libtards were actually pissed that so much coverage was given to Jesse Leroy Matthew, the dreadlock-sporting rape killer of Hannah Graham. They want total censorship of any non-White crime!

There might be a hundred crazy black crime stories out there that day, but the one White crime will always get top billing in the news; black crimes are usually just ignored, if at all possible. Hell, there’s always some kind of horrible black-on-White murder that very day or week — just the lousy media bastards avoids any mention.

That’s how they’ve been playing this game on our heads for decades, literally. That’s why you have liberal White idiots who say things like “it’s us white people who are always the serial and spree killers…” Whites have been turned into PC automatons by the brainwashing mass media.

The black race have always been violent criminals — everywhere they live when they can get away with it. White people have an instinctual, internal wariness of crime-prone blacks, but are constantly getting told such thoughts are “racist.”

FACT: You can hate the stinking Muzzies all you want but you had better not hate the precious Negro. Hell, you can’t even think of the White race as a race in today’s Jew brainwashed America.

Just stop and think about all this for a bit. Pay attention to the clever tricks they use against us in the news. They’ve been carefully and gradually turning our race into a minority in our own lands, while keeping us at each other’s throat with the left/right paradigm and using our country’s wealth to destroy Muslim nations for Israel’s regional imperialism.

Once you “get it” everything will be clear as a bell.

Now back to the Muslim business. Why is it we have these stinking Muslims in our lands in the first place? Or Mestizos from down south, like from Mexico and Honduras? Because they have been working to destroy White demographics and political power for years.

It’s as GD obvious as the nose on your face!

The real war has been against the White race. Us non-Jewish, Christian Gentiles of European extraction. Not only in America, but Canada, Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Australia. Wherever the filthy Jew has NWO banking tentacles and media power. Other places refrain from talking too openly because Jewry practically considers it an act of war to expose them. You see what they did to Hitler?

The real enemy of the White race and even the entire planet has always been the filthy Zionist Jew. From day-one.

— Phillip Marlowe


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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61 Responses to Zionists Want You To Hate — JUST NOT THE NEGRO

  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    That was a long one Mr. Incog but absolutely and positively true. Absolutely positively true every hard word of it. I’ve been around this country and world for a little while the news is always the same. We caught a white guy drinking while driving and another white guy failed to pay his child support money. But the good news is that some niggers raped robbed and murdered some white men or women at their low wage taxpaying white-privlege workplaces stole some cars wrecked them and caused a million dollars damage not counting jew lawyer and lawsuit nigger caging system fees. You nailed it. Sick of the Bullshit! And these fuckers have the nerve to send me tax forms you owe us money pay up white sucker.

  2. Truth says:

    Looks exactly like the “staging area at Sandy Hook” on the “trutube video”. False flag=muslin+beheading+recruitment, etc. Just in time for the elections. Possible false flag!

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    These jews and niggers certainly do have a certain kind of moxy boldness hubris unbelieveable incredible stupidity about them. Send me a tax form demanding more money? For what you fucking jew.nigger.gov? I pay taxes on everything I eat drink or take a shit on from the first thing in the morning until I go to bed late at night. And I don’t even live in this city or state. I pay taxes for sleeping. Get the fuck out of here jews and take the niggers with you. Well that pretty much sums up our first war with the brits and Indians and French fuckers too.

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Anyway I’m doing the best I can to stop paying for my own countries and my own Childrens destruction. What is treason? What is Traitorous? Putting the benefits and goals of a foreign nation ahead of the best interests of your own nation? Yeah that pretty much is a definition of traitors committing treason. We have a trillion dollar budget deficit per year and 70 trillion in unfunded retirement health care funds. But we borrow printed money from jew fed reserve to be paid back with interest after they transfer the digits and do what with it? Give it to israel and other nigger countries! Hey financial wizard budget balancer if these fucking jews and people in ebolica want money tell them to borrow their OWN fucking money! That’s why there is a jew world bank and stuff. I don’t know about the rest of you but my wallet has been pretty well emptied helping the underserved disadvantaged underprivileged less affluent people in this world. I’m starting to think about myself and my own family for a while.

  5. RED PILL says:

    funny money that ain’t so funny
    it’s not even money, it’s only a credit slip, what you bought with the credit slips becomes due and payable when the dollar collapses.
    that house you bought and paid for is not yours, you used credit slips, that right ,
    it is only a scam. fiat money, money created out of thin air.
    it becomes due and payable . the Jewish carpet baggers will come in and take it all for a Penny on the dollar amount.. you owe for buying every thing on funny money.
    a deed of trust is all you have and it ain’t worth shit.

  6. RIP, Jim Traficant, RIP. We love you, man. You were the real deal. I pray for a peaceful journey to your resting place. And thank you SO MUCH for everything you did. Great Blessings, AOP, and I’m sure many more.

  7. protocolsRtrue says:

    I pulled down my ancestry plack to double check my ancestry. It says I am an Irish American traced back to county Derry. But I never refer to myself as an Irish American I just look at myself as an average American white guy. None of this African American faggot homo lgbt American stuff. But niggers look at me and see a privliged white slave holding jew hating Nazi never worked a day in his life shit. What? An Irishman never worked a day in its life? What about the Chinese? Have they ever worked a day in their lives helping build this nation? No only niggers were slaves built this nation. OK then you wanted niggers you’ve got them. Great idea giving them the right to vote on how to spend other peoples hard earned money after the age of 18 too. You wanted them you now have them. Don’t ask me for more money to pay for them. This past racism shit has got to stop. I hate niggers and jews NOW because they keep stealing my hard earned money and blaming ME for their fucked up third world problems in America and elsewhere . Face it. Face the TRUTH! They are niggers and they are jews and as long as they exist no city no country no nation can exist or survive. No planet has ever survived the first 2 niggers and jews that were spitted out of a volcano.

  8. Muslims, niggers, muslim+nigger. It’s all the same shiznit. Products of blind diversity.

  9. RED PILL says:

    David Allen Coe confederate anthem

  10. Richard S. says:

    Beheadings always catch the attention of the befuddled goyim. “This one’s for you, afterall….”

  11. Hoff says:

    The immigration tap has been turned up across the white lands most particularly in America where the Jews have introduced a new scheme to bus thousands of children from South America every week into the US knowing the Christian conscience of White people will make it hard to send them back.

    A particularly virulent form of the virus known as ‘Jews For Jesus’ was set up in the 1960s to persuade people along with the Jewish control of all major White Christian sects, that Jesus was a Jew.

    Jews have introduced ‘Common Core’ across all Western education systems to lower the IQ of White children to the level of Homo-Simians, Mestizos etc. The list of Jewish criminal activity in this and all areas including finance and economy is almost endless.


  12. Hoff says:

    Elin Krantz, four year now. Private video an pic when the nigger was done with her:



    After, gruesome pics:


  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    I cannot allow a single day to pass by without saying something stupid. And I am no conspiracy theorist other than the protocols and freemasons and Kennedy stuff… But does anyone remember back when Bill Clinton went on national tv under oath and said I did not have sex with that woman! Ms. Lewinsky? This should be an interesting dinner table conversation for him the rest of his life.

    Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a daughter late Friday, the former first daughter announced on her official Twitter feed and Facebook page.

    The girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, is the first grandchild of former President Clinton and first lady Hillary Clinton.

  14. Bailey says:

    Smell the Gefilte Fish and BS here,

    CNN jew hypocrites wish that this little state trooper lady had shot Alton Nolan when she had the chance back in 2010.
    It must be ok to shoot niggers if they’re “evil muslims”.


  15. Bailey says:

    Ferguson officer shot by Obama son.


    I see the jews are still spewing about the lack of diversity in the po-leece dept.

  16. bubba says:

    Chelsea Clinton…….is there any more suitable candidate to spawn the anti-Christ?

    Wonder how long it will take America’s first black president, Bill Clinton….to molest his stepgrandaughter….(he ain’t Chelsea’s father)..or will dyke Hilary or the Kike Jew father get first dibs?

  17. Bailey says:

    Same thoughts here bubba.

    Check out this piece of shit that our president hangs out with.


    Global Citizen Fest , Sounds like a jew rig fo’ sho ‘ !

  18. truthClear says:

    Will there, Looks like you all, have been had on this one!

    “Dont believe noting that you hear and only half of what you see!”



  19. Bailey says:

    Don’t forget Sandy Hoax , the very first report said that there had been a shooting and someone was shot in the ankle. By the time I arrived at work that afternoon it was 26 people dead and Gene Rosen was having tea and playing teddy tear with some hoax survivor children that he found in his driveway , next door to the firehouse.

  20. Don in Taiwan says:

    Another spot on article……. !

  21. Serb says:

    Eric Frein is dressed as Serbian Chetnik.The uniform is from Serbian army from the Bosnian war,he has a double headed eagle on his cap.
    He has an obsession with Serbian army,idk why!

    Chetniks are Serbs that are monarchists,some of them fought during the ww2 on German side and some on UK US side,they are nationalist monarchist and very anti communist.

  22. bubba says:

    The plot thickens

    Kevin Barrett interviewed Adrian Salbuchi ( who lives in Argentina )

    Recall the bombing of the Israeli embassy and Jewish charities building in Buenos Aires in early 1990’s and they blamed it on Iran.
    However, the evidence points to another Mossad operation and Argentina and Iran want to enter into a joint investigation , which the Kikes are in mortal fear of.

    There is a resource rich area of land between Chile and Argentina called “Patagonia”.
    Both Chile and Argentina have noted a large presence of Israeli “tourists” in the area…(which means members of the Mossad/IDF)

    Given the Kike Jews, via IMF etc have F*ked over Argentina repeatedly and saddled it with enormous debt, what may occur is that Argentina may be forced by Kike Jew Bankers to surrender land to support another Kike Jew homeland. “Israhell” may transform more into a military base to govern the Middle East area as the Jews flee to another safe house of stolen land ie Patagonia.

    The icing on the cake of course is the new Pope is from Argentina, is a major Jew ass kisser …you do the math.


  23. Roger says:

    I remember this all over the news when it came out, but once the scumbag turned out to be a typical TNB, they removed it from the headlines, the f- Kikes are truly despicable. These bastards want to create a war with the Islamic world at any cost, especially now they are becoming desperate and squeezed; almost everyone figured them out.

    The Kikes want to fight the Muslim world with the last American White blood. Wake Up!

  24. bubba says:

    Hoff says:
    September 28, 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Interesting…..amazing technology

    They do this before they fly into the gas chamber err…shower ?

    Or do they drive the pilot suicidal so he wants to fly into a tall building?

  25. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    Die Juden have indeed been crawling all over Patagonia for several years now where their spies and agents have been down there investigating the land and resources.

    They probably are looking for what they consider a safe haven down deep in the Southern Hemisphere.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Argentina and Patagonia were probably checked out as a “plan B” for the Zionists in case the world wakes up and comes together over Israel during the next phase of the agenda. The Ukraine may in fact be another “plan B” closer to their black little hearts because of the Khazar connection. In any case, the next phase of the Zionist agenda is right around the corner. Remember that, when they take my site down.

  26. Bailey says:

    “Black little hearts” ?

    Excellent !

  27. Bailey says:

    Hey Hoff,

    Where those jews flying out to jew nersey for the reading of the filthy Talmud ?


    Is that Abe Foxman on the “JumboTron” ?

    the devils that roam the earth had more security than our HNIC or his white POS VP.
    In Lakewood NJ there are big banners with pics of that filthy event.

    I shit you not !

  28. Bailey says:

    I was looking for something more about Lakewood’s jews and came across this,


  29. Bailey says:

    Not Lakewood but crazy jews just the same.

  30. Bailey says:

    More crazy jews,

    When they lose a case in CT. they file an appeal in JYC and win.


    See if you can understand the jew math of he good rabbe Eisenbach.

    It’s good to see the people of Litchfield not giving in to these effin’ demons though, the people who were once clueless are now starting to wonder why so much of their tax money is going to fight what shouldn’t even be an issue.

    Effin’ jews , Hitler was right !

  31. 4ePlay says:

    Did you guys hear about this reb-eye story?:


    Oh no, HoloCash #2, America will starve the khazars to death ..

  32. bubba says:

    As noted earlier

    Adrian Salbuchi: Why are Zionist mud-slingers afraid to debate?

    Today’s guest Adrian Salbuchi just got slimed by DAIA, the Argentine version of AIPAC-ADL. They threatened to file criminal charges against him for “anti-Semitism” due to four articles Adrian published at Russia Today.



    Now…this harkens back to the memory vortex and the Falklands War in the early 1980’s…where Britain and the “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher waged war against Argentina….WTF for…??? is this part of Kike Jew strategy ?…..Argentina is Balfour Declaration 2.0 ????

    I recall the Brits sent an Aluminum battleship…which was sunk….WTF ???? ever seen what happens to a beer can in the fire…same result.

  33. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jewish Groups Blast Chilean Arts School

    Patagonia region is part of Chile and Argentina. The region is rich in oil, gas, minerals, water, forests, food, fish, etc. Patagonia has been under Zionist radar for over a century now. The co-founder of the International Zionist Movement, Russian Jew Leon Pinsker, in his book, ‘Self-Emancipation’, called for two new Jewish states in addition to the existing Birobidjan in Russia: one in Palestine which he called “ideal state” and the other in Patagonia, which he called “practical state”.


  34. Frank Fredenburg says:

    What Are Israeli Army Reconnaissance Teams Doing In Patagonia?


    This article was one I posted a few years back.

  35. Charlieboy says:

    Boy! This site is a LOT of FUN! We can talk about Jews and niggers and such (Oh, my!), and TELL THE TRUTH!

    There’s not much I can say which isn’t already said about this topic, here, except to say that you guys need to ‘man-up’ and do some work on your own – WITHOUT computer website vitriole. (Remember ‘Hunter’, by Dr. William Pierce/Andrew MacDonald?)

  36. sog says:

    i just dont know why americans dont have an itch to kill off the useless nigger parasites and the especially disgusting mexican filthy hourdes as well as the dangerously mentally psycotic muslim groups ..ALL OF THEM …the only good muslim is a dead one ,bar none ..not one of them should be left to infect the usa …th jews elite group of savages as well as the avergae sayan to the hasdicdic lubavich leadership should be quarantined with extreme prjuidice ..take it how ever you want …what needs to be done in reality is unmentionable on the nternet so i wont metion it except to advise whites thet we are in extreme danger from many differnt extremist groups including our own traiterous marxist jew run govt ..

    what needs to be seen is a rash of nigger moslems with their heads removed and mexican muslims and etc ….its us against all …

  37. Great article as always, sir. You might be gratified to know that a friend and I have started using the term “incogged” as inside slang to signify what other people mean when they say “red-pilled” or “awakened”.

  38. Israhell on Earth says:

    Re: Jim Traficant

    A Washington Post columnist slanderd him and John Demjanjuk with vicious lies. These zog servants will use every opportunity to push their holocaust doctrine.
    The regulars here know that demjanjuk was found not guilty by the the israeli supreme court.


    “Mr. Traficant also maintained an outspoken belief in the innocence of John Demjanjuk, a retired Ohio autoworker who was convicted in Israel of being a Nazi guard at a World War II concentration camp. Demjanjuk was ultimately deported to Germany, where he died in 2012.”


    R.I.P Jim Traficant, you were on the right side and will be missed. Not just in america, many europeans know what you stood for as well.

  39. Bailey says:

    The Washington post jew spin does not surprise me.

    R.I.P Mr. Traficant !

    Has anyone ever read this ?

    American History X movie review.

    I’ve been meaning to for quite some time and had just gotten around to it.
    Incogman could run this as a feature article, it’s that good !

  40. Bailey says:

    American history X deleted scene.

  41. Bailey says:

    Lets hope that this POS suffers greatly , 10 times that of an innocent man railroaded by our jew.gov and it’s stooges.


    May this kikes death be slow and painful.

  42. The Jew media ramps you up 24/7 to go kill “evil people” overseas. Yet through wide-open borders you are expected to accept the same “evil people” into your communities as your neighbors.

  43. bubba says:

    I’m not gonna buy that Jim Traficant MSM story about tractor flip..

    You be the judge what one has to do to flip a tractor (see video below) especially INSIDE a barn?
    IMHO, you have to be going fast, and/or up an incline and /or enough turning radius.

    Inside a building with no witnesses = easy to cover up a murder

  44. Barney says:

    I agree Bubba (September 29, 2014 at 2:23 pm). I hadn’t been following the Jim Trafficant story because I hardly knew more than his name, but coming from a farming background myself, I agree that a tractor flipping over inside a barn is an impossibility, and even out in the open, anyone experienced with tractors would know if the incline was too steep.

  45. bubba says:

    Barney says:
    September 29, 2014 at 4:02 pm


    I became aware of Traficant over the last few years, but have really studied him. From what I have gathered, a rare politician, ie a real stand up guy…which is why they sent him to jail for 7 years on bogus charges.

    My guess is he was ready to lift the lid on a lot of stuff he was in possession of or had knowledge of, given he warned long ago of where the US was headed.


  46. bubba says:

    Stephen Harper’s deceased father a key influence in PM’s support for Israel


    OTTAWA — His father was an army cadet too young to see active service in the Second World War but who swore never to forget the horrors of the Holocaust.

    So when Stephen Harper was growing up in Toronto with his two brothers, he learned from his dad, Joseph Harper — a man he later described as the “greatest influence” on his life.

    Joseph Harper, an accountant who became a member of the Presbyterian Church, was a student of military history who despised totalitarianism.

    He had seen what it can produce, how Hitler’s Nazis had obliterated six million Jews from the face of Europe. He understood why the Jews wanted a Jewish state called Israel to prosper and be safe.

    All this left a mark on Stephen Harper that carried through into his years as Canada’s prime minister. By then, he had adopted a fervent and unapologetic pro-Israel policy.

    As Harper leaves Saturday for a week-long trip to the Middle East — where he will visit Israel, the West Bank and Jordan — the legacy of his deceased father’s lesson burns strong.

    “It’s a promise he made to his father, a man who had experienced World War II and saw the depths to which humanity could go and how Jews were singled out in a particular war,” said Shimon Fogel, head of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs.


    How much more proof do Canadians want that Harper is at minimum a Crypto Jew?

    He presents himself as a westerner…. dresses up as a cowboy.

    Dad was in the military? gee is there a pattern here?……Smells of MK Ultra….check out Dave McGowan’s work.

    Holocaust ? Oh…you mean what happened to just about every Non Jew nation over time…. right ?

    Canada has had some real shit at the top, but man this guy is numero uno Neo Con Jew ass kisser extrordinaire !

  47. Barney says:

    I’m with Jim Stone on this one (the “beheading” story).

    The thing I don’t trust about this or any other “lone gunman” or “beheading” story is that zog often doesn’t bother any more to create “real” false-flags. It just tells us it happened and expects us to believe it, like those Rita Katz “Bin Laden” videos and now the fake “beheadings” from the same source that don’t show anything of the sort.

    Sandy hoax never happened. They repeatedly showed what seems to be a badly-done painting, supposedly of a yellow-skinned jew named Adam Lanza, but it would appear that he didn’t even exist. There were no kids shot because the school had been shut down for years, and a weedy little retard like the yellow one in the painting couldn’t have carried that amount of firepower anyway.

    Smoke bombs were used at the Boston marathon, and that crisis actor’s “shattered leg” fell off and had to be put back on before he could be “rushed to the hospital” for “life-saving treatment” that would have been administered where he supposedly fell if it had been real. Anything else and he’d have been dead before he reached the ambulance.

    Surprise, surprise! That lying bastard lost both his legs in Afghanistan years before, where he was protecting zog’s poppy fields.

    A few weeks ago there was a story on the BBC about an “Italian woman” beheaded by a “British” (code for nigger nowadays) “recent convert to Islam” in the London area.

    Apart from the fact that the nigger was identified as “British”, whereas they quoted the (possibly imaginary) victim’s true nationality, that story was full of holes.

    At first the story was that the woman had been beheaded in her own back garden. Later it changed to a “stabbing”, but they added that she “may have been” beheaded. Didn’t they know? Couldn’t they tell? It’s not difficult. If someone’s been beheaded, the fact that the head isn’t attached to the body should provide a clue, and if the head IS still attached, it wasn’t a beheading.

    Soon afterwards, that story was dropped.

    We’ve been shown ONLY ONE obviously photoshopped image of the mythical Lee Rigby (the head’s the wrong size for the body), another “beheading” with hardly a drop of fake blood, and a rubber dummy (“Rigby”) in the road while two nigger “actors” calmly wait for the cops to arrive and take them to collect their pay.

    We’re told so many obvious lies nowadays that I’m not inclined to believe anything any lying politician tells us. If they told us it was raining, I’d know I wouldn’t need an umbrella. If they said it was daytime, I’d know to take a torch.

    We know niggers are dangerous animals, and Islam is NOT a “religion of peace”, but if that ape really did attack those women, it’s because it’s a nigger, and Islam had nothing to do with it.

    Johnny Rebel. Jesse showed up.


  48. bubba says:

    Re Jim Traficant

    Interview April 2014 ( NOTE: creepy and foreshadowing)

    Congressman Takes on AIPAC and Gets Thrown in Prison

  49. Barney says:

    INCOG MAN (September 28, 2014 at 3:26 pm) – I’ve noticed our little community here getting smaller all the time as zog finds more ways of blocking access. At least a couple of Brits are still able to get here, and GTRman tells me he doesn’t even have to use a proxy, but I have to use Tor, perhaps because my ISP (the main one over here) blocks hate TRUTH sites and (perhaps) his doesn’t (yet).

    Yours is the only site of it’s kind that I know of. We may still have Hofflandia as a backup if they only take you down, but with WW3 just round the corner and the disgusting kike Cameron hinting that the round-up of “dissidents” is about to start, I suspect that the entire internet will be shut down soon.

    Whatever it is, whether it’s IncogMan.net or the whole thing, we MUST take it as the sign that we fight or we die.

    Being crippled, I’m going to be useless in the coming war, so I’d rather take an early bullet and watch it all from the world beyond this one, but if I was fitter, I’d take quite a few of the enemy down before it was my turn.

    Who knows? Perhaps I’ll find a way of doing that anyway.

    There is no death, only dishonour.

    Carl Klang – It’s dangerous to be right (when the government is wrong)


  50. Barney says:

    Oops! I’ve done it again, leaving a bold tag open.

  51. bubba says:

    Barney…don’t sweat it(access) too much..

    I’ve had days I couldn’t post for several hours….

    That aside….I aim to be an objective realist, but does not mean I can’t be an OPTIMIST!

    Many are of the opinion, myself included, that the Kike Jews are playing (= exposed) their final hand out of desperation …BUT concurrently the world has woken up and figured it all out.

    We can decode the news and all the propoganda and put on our “THEY LIVE” glasses, and see the traitors within our ranks ( aka our local Jew Ass – Kissing whores ) who want to send our youth into wars to die for Israel while at the same time cheering on Satan’s children to slaughter Palestinians.

    Gird your psyche into doing battle..its our turn and our duty, the torch has been passed …..our ancestors did this for us…or else we wouldn’t be here.

  52. 4ePlay says:

    if we would develop some virus that will kill everybody with an IQ lower than my neighbor’s hamster we’d solve America’s black problem in no time ..

  53. Holly says:

    If some of these stories weren’t so horrific they would almost be funny. It’s how you write them Incog. 🙂

  54. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Slavery Increases In The UK With Owners Now Branding Their Victims

    We haven’t seen slavery in Britain since the days of the chimney sweeps, but thanks to the wonders of Diversity it is making a come back.


  55. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew Run ABC To Air New Television Show On The Suffering Of Invasive Alien-Latin Parasites

    ABC, which is owned by the Jew-run enterprise of Disney, has announced that they will be producing a new television show based on the alleged struggles of invasive illegal aliens. The show dubbed “Totally Illegal” was created by the Jew Lee Aronsohn who previously helped create the sitcom Two And A Half Men with the Jew Chuck Lorre.


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