Is The Media Trying to Spark a RACE WAR?


Before I say what I think is going on, let me state something right out of the gate: You’ve been lied to all your life. The media has ceaselessly worked to keep us White people in the dark all our lives as to who are the ones really getting victimized. It’s us White people who are violently assaulted and murdered by criminal blacks on a constant basis.

Plus, we got to hear them screaming about us Whites being “racist” 24/7, after all we do to help blacks in the world. Just stop and think about things. How about us going over to Africa and Haiti and spending taxpayer money, donations from White people in all walks of life and even risking our GD lives helping this filthy race everywhere?

God, White people have tried and tried AND TRIED, haven’t they? Cripes, what more do we got to do for this lousy race? I mean, really. It’s enough to make anyone with half-a-brain furious as all hell!

This weekend blacks are once again going haywire, this time in St. Louis, Missouri, right next door to Ferguson, where they spent two weeks this past August screaming bloody murder and looting — as blacks always end-up doing — over Michael Brown, a giant-sized gangsta wannabee, who clearly had it coming when him and his homie attacked a lone White cop. Evidence suggests any cop — of whatever race — would have been forced into putting down that big angry gorilla running at him full-tilt gonzo.

It is now quite obvious, that the anti-White, anti-Christian US media is working to spark more racial conflict between Whites and blacks. Every time you turn on the TV these days, you see the media putting out some recent video of White cops doing something bad to blacks — a criminal race who fully deserves getting “profiled.”

All kinds of militant blacks are getting trotted out on TV, like this crazy freak on CNN. She practically had an on-air spitting fit at the least suggestion the White cops were not to blame. These "people" are simply nuts.

All kinds of militant blacks are getting trotted out on TV, like this crazy freak on CNN. She practically had an on-air spitting fit at the least suggestion the White cops were not to blame. These “people” are simply nuts.

One story this past week was over a black guy in the front seat of a car who refused to simply exit the vehicle and/or provide legitimate ID (why they have problems with having ID is ridiculous). He kept the cops at bay for a full 13 minutes as his “poor family members cowered in the car” while surrounded by “evil White cops.”

When he reached into the back seat to retrieve some kind of paperwork relating to who he was (probably his parole papers), cops busted in the window with a door breaching device and tazed his sorry black ass. The cops had no idea what he was doing — he might have been trying to get to a firearm or they were simply just tired of dealing with the punk.

Cops have to be constantly on guard when it comes to violent black males, even with family members close by. Hell, maybe even more so. There’s no telling what might happen with this crazy race these days.

Indeed, Obama’s sons will shoot you, stab you, smash you in the head with just about anything big and convenient — in a split second from out of the blue. Hell, they do this all the time. Folks: This is one crazed, crime-prone race. Even black women often go completely haywire at the least affront.

The news show, ABC “World News Tonight” (controlled by dual citizen of Israel, Stanley Gold), immediately put the video out on the dinner time national news the very day it came out. As usual, they acted like the White cops were all to blame and the poor little blacks never did anything wrong.


After trying to find out what three suspicious blacks were up to while patrolling a neighborhood, a White off-duty cop (working as a security guard) was confronted and attacked by Vonderrit Myers, above. Mug shot from an earlier crime, of course.

The crap going down in St. Louis this weekend as we speak, is over a black criminal, Vonderrit D. Myers, Jr. who shot at least three times at an off-duty cop before his stolen pistol jammed (stupid blacks are notoriously poor with the upkeep of White-invented mechanical devices). The cop justifiably returned fire, killing him and saving the taxpayer tons of dough later, when the gangsta was eventually incarcerated for a crime of some sort.

Of course, the black punk’s parents said he was unarmed and that their promising young son was merely eating a sandwich when the cop came along and decided to shoot him. I shit you not.

“This here was racial profiling turned deadly,” angrily sputtered state Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, a St. Louis democrat. Yeah, so what if it was racial profiling? Myers and his gangsta homies were obviously up to no good in that neighborhood late at night, and tried to flee as soon as the cop drove by. Of course, Mr. Jamilah Nasheed is black. Nasheed also lied, saying the White cop shot the punk in the back of the head while he was kneeling in prayer (I double shit you not), even though the coroner’s report fully backed up the cop’s story.

Blacks are totally self racist when it comes to them, always acting like they are ever so sweet and innocent, while us Whiteys are always evil. You see this all the damn time — hell, just turn on the GD TV set and you’ll get racist black talking heads saying that on every news show out there.

St. Louis is right next door to Ferguson and is a hotbed of crazy violent apes, who commit crime and kill Whites all the time. I, myself, once stupidly took a late night walk in an area of this city dangerous as hell for White people. The next day a local seriously told me I was lucky to still be alive. Then again, that’s probably true pretty much anywhere these days where blacks live in any numbers.

WHITE VICTIMS of BLACK DRIVERS REDONo matter where you live, merely existing in today’s “brave new” America literally puts you at mortal risk from the totally out-of-control and uncaring black race.

Simply put, the black race situation is now rapidly spinning out-of-control. Decades of media brainwashing — actually meant to instill race guilt and abhorrence of racial pride in White people — has also turned blacks into raging militants, ready to accuse Whites of racism at the drop of the hat. No matter what we ever do, or how many we turn into heroes at work and in the media, will never be enough. It’s exactly like what happens when a child is spoiled rotten.

Combine that with black’s real propensity towards violent crime and utter mayhem, and we got ourselves some serious, serious trouble on the horizon.

But is the media trying to spark a race war?

Folks: We are already in a race war, whether you know it or not. Have been for decades as a matter of fact. The sooner you get that, the better.

Sure, it hasn’t been a shooting war — unless you consider all the many Whites murdered by crime-prone blacks over the decades as victims of a shooting war (it really is in a big way). But a whole different other race has indeed been at war for our brains. What do you think “PC” was really created to do? And that’s to intimidate us Whites into silence, while this other race brainwashes us ever so gradually into oblivion.

Look at how crazed young people get at the least sign of “racism” out of White people. The italized is the operative part — “racism” exhibited by any other race but White must be ignored. Even to point it out in other non-Whites will be called “racist,” if the one saying so is White.

Just stop and contemplate that degree of racial self-loathing and uncritical thinking exhibited by White people today. How did all that come about?

The answer is a media working for decades at keeping our race feeling racial guilt for just about everything in the past. Lies can freely be made, if it fits “the narrative.” They have even made it “fashionable” for our young to denigrate their own race. And Whites must also be kept in the dark at any criminal victimization done to our race in the present day.

But is the media now trying to jack up the blacks into attacking White people?

Certainly seems that way. Perhaps the string-pullers have long understood that “PC” can only go so far in their Agenda. At some point, the White race will hit a saturation level with brainwashing and after that it’s counter-productive. The next stage must be quickly brought into play before too much uncontrollable “backsliding” occurs.

“Forever revolution” has long been the plan by these commie Jews. We’re right at the cusp of the next stage in the Agenda.

What they want to do, obviously enough, is have black rule over Whites, yet still have enough Jewish backroom control. They first need to make all White policemen look as “inherently racist” and removed from the rank and file to “prevent racial intolerance.”

You might think they’ll have plenty of Jews around to use in police work for racial camouflage like they do in the media (by having white skin); but regular Jews usually can’t handle manual labor or anything too dirty and dangerous, like men in blue have to deal with on a daily basis. Plain-clothed, police state apparatchiks are much more to the devious Jew’s liking.

So they have to create the pretext for removing White police from front line duty at some point in the future. That’s what you’re seeing now. Should things turn ugly and violent so that White or black people suffer, so be it. Jews have always had zero problems with collateral damage to the Goyim — even to themselves if necessary for the greater good of Jewry.

Globalist Jewry is making a “withdrawal” on all their long-running efforts at PC and the “holocaust” over the decades to finally give them strong arm control over local populations in advance of the next stage — when things become ever more obvious — at least on efforts that could not be easily hidden on the Internet of today.

Of course, true free speech on the Internet will have to be eliminated and then regular Whites will have little way of knowing the full extent of Jewish subversion or the real history of these devious creeps. Internet censorship will be part and parcel to any upcoming “solution” of the “racist White cop problem.”

At this stage, they’ll see no problem using black racism to confuse White people. Fooled Whites will be all for any efforts at stopping black violence in the streets by whatever means necessary, even giving up true free speech for themselves. Multicult liberals already clamor for vigorous censorship of us “haters.”

Whites need desperately at this stage to realize what is being done to our race and have the guts to alert other White people before it’s too late.

Thank you.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    A lot of interesting points today in history, but this one is kind of funny. The last sentence. And you’re right israhell and of course the niggers got a lawyer and are suing the hospital. What a fucking country.
    Oct 16, 1851:
    Psychopathic gunfighter “Wild Bill” Longley is born in Texas

    The sadistic and murderous western gunman William Preston Longley is born on this day in 1815 in Austin County, Texas.

    Little is reliably known of the youth of William Longley, or “Wild Bill” as he was later aptly called. But it is certain that before he was even 20 years old, Longley had already killed several men, and the evidence suggests he was probably what modern-day psychologists would term a psychopath. Notoriously short-tempered, Longley frequently killed for the most trivial of reasons. More than a few men died simply because he believed they had somehow slighted or insulted him, like an unarmed man named Thomas, who Longley murdered in cold blood for daring to argue with him over a card game. He had a particularly strong dislike of blacks, and African-Americans in Texas avoided him whenever possible

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    The head of the TSA Transportation Security Agency just announced that now would be a good time to submit his resignation and retire. Uhghh boy. When you see the captain of the ship getting into a lifeboat that may be a good time to put on YOUR life preserver jacket.

  3. Barney says:

    Frank Fredenburg (October 15, 2014 at 8:37 pm)

    I’ll try that salt if I can get it. Right now I’m using an un”refined” sea salt with a slightly brownish colour, and I’ve also got some “fleur de sel” (excuse my French – it means “flower of salt”, which is the first crystallisation by natural evaporation from the open-air salt pans).

    I’d only ever use that white stuff (“ordinary” salt) if I couldn’t get anything better.

    Thanks for the advice.

  4. Of all the excellent candidates among blacks out there you used Cynthia McKinney in your montage? FYI

  5. Bailey says:

    Great video, a good one to share with some sheep who love niggers and hate white people who know and tell some truth.
    Maybe a smart black women can get through to them.

  6. hens are liars says:

    “You know this holler you hear? “Police brutality”? [Audience laughter] Police brutality – I’ve had a little of it myself. But police brutality is a myth. There are some mean cops but they’re very rare. Most police officers that I’ve met are professionals. Most of them are pretty damn good. The police brutality business is to destroy your police department because that’s the last thing between you and the takeover by the communists in the street. That’s what they’ve done all over the world………

    ……Same people that told you Mao Tse-tung wasn’t a Communist, couldn’t be. Same people that told you Castro couldn’t be a Communist. Now they say Rockwell you’re sick. Martin Luther King couldn’t be a Communist. And yet I could show you the manuals where they show how they’re going to overcome police departments, exactly how they’re going to do it, and they’re doing it. Step-by-step they’re doing here just what they did in China, just what they did in Cuba and you’re helping them. And the first thing you got to do to do it is to destroy law and order. Destroy your police departments. We have the manuals where they show how they will actually overcome the riot control police officers. They holler “police brutality!” Every time a police officer arrests a Black man he is in danger of losing his job, maybe his life, maybe being electrocuted because he killed a…last time in San Francisco the last riot when I was out there was one of these colored brothers was robbing a place and he was running off with the loot and a police officer told him to stop and he wouldn’t. He shot over his head twice and he still wouldn’t stop so he…so he shot him. So they had the San Francisco riots over this and the police officer lost his job. He got it back but he lost it for a while and he almost lost it permanently. He had to fight like the devil to keep it.

    Now this, ladies and gentlemen, is going to destroy your country. You say how come could you go from a Brown [University] man who did pretty little cartoons for Sir Brown to a Nazi? Well because I found out that the Communists are doing to my country just what they did to Germany in the 20s, exactly the same, the same inflation, the same insanity, the same destruction of law and order, the same inflation is almost here. The same riots, the same bedlam, and the same Jews operating it, even the same Jews. The same people that were over there are here now. The gassed six million? Most of them are over here running the Civil Rights Movement”

    – George Lincoln Rockwell speech at Brown University, 1966

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