Murderous Black Serial Killers Everywhere

The only reason you’re seeing the least coverage of this crime in the media is because of the circumstances of her going missing (after police released surveillance video, the media first thought it was a White guy) and how popular she was around campus. The national media was forced into continuing some coverage, or else the degree of censorship of black-on-White crime would be too noticeable to the sheep. Just don’t expect gavel-to-gavel court room TV attention like they do for White perps.


Morgan Harrington’s body was found in the same area back in 2009.

Searchers finally found what was left of Hannah Graham’s body in the same general rural vicinity in Virginia as his earlier White victim — a cute blond girl named Morgan Harrington (right). Seems like Jesse Leroy Matthew, Jr. had the place earmarked as his dead Whitey girl dumping grounds since he knew the countryside and his parents lived nearby — Matthew probably had the twisted-up dead corpses of his victims waiting in the trunk of his car while out on Sunday visits to eat collard greens and chitlins.

Now, there wasn’t much of a chance the poor girl was still alive somewhere, especially after coming into contact with murderous Matthew while highly intoxicated — it pretty much meant she would get abducted, raped and finally murdered by the animal. And I was absolutely right postulating this apeman as the killer of Harrington back in 2009 and most likely a serial killer of other White females — a full 10 days before FOX news ever so briefly mentioned a word on the possibility. At least 4 other White women are missing from the general area.

Blacks are definitely a most foul and a most brutal race. No doubt whatsoever. I get all sorts of angry comments from lame-as-hell Negroes stumbling on my site (left in my SPAMblinka moderation que unless it’s so ridiculous I release it for humor purposes); usually saying something like “jus cuz of a few little bitty crimes lik dis, yo kaint say dat bouts allus incent and sweet peeps of color, who nevah don’ nuffin wrong an’ alway ohpress’ by da White man…” Oh yeah, I can, Negroes. Read on, fools.

Listen up: A substantial percentage of you filthy, Ebola-ridden monkeys are indeed murderous crazy criminals, right along with even more of your worthless kind being totally suck-ass scum taking advantage of the government and all the other BS you can get for being black. Every single place you live turns into a pisspot sewer, eventually. Look at our cities and Africa, for crying out loud. You got that, you stinking, GD black punks?

Oh yeah, I’m mad as hell. Let me tell you I and more and more Whites by the day can’t wait for when we round up all you animals at the point of the bayonet. Oh yeah, we’ll definitely string up quite a few of you while we’re at it.

You think us Whites are going to put up with your black BS forever? I don’t think so. As you blacks constantly (and I mean constantly) say: You feel me?

There are tons of us White guys out here well-armed and know how to use it all. You think for one damn minute you punk-ass, sideways shooting, Glock mothers are going to last long? Don’t make me laugh. You won’t know what hit you and where it came from.

For a limited time: I’ll let through black comments — should any of you stinking, foul apes got the guts.



Maybe bootlips just didn’t want to pay da skanky bitch?

Another black serial killer was busted just today for murder in Gary, Indiana. The one victim Darren Vann (right) has been nailed with so far is a skanky little crack ho appropriately named, “Afrikka” Hardy. He phoned her to meet up at a motel for sex. During his later confession, he owned up to 6 more victims, making his total number so far at 7.

This just goes to show you that blacks are huge serial killers (actually more so percentage-wise than Whites, contrary to how they want you to believe).

America’s biggest serial killer in history was a black guy back in the ’70’s and early ’80’s named Carl (sometimes spelled Corel) Eugene Watts, who is thought by police investigators to have murdered up to 100 women across the country and in Canada (but only 22 officially). Practically no one has ever even heard of his name because of the media black, black-out. Virtually all of his known victims were White women, too. This real-life monster specifically targeted young White women he saw on the streets to randomly attack and kill with whatever weapon or way he had handy right then. He never even bothered raping them — just killed them as fast as possible (a very difficult crime modus operandi for investigators).

The media wants you to think it’s mostly us White guys who are the crazy bastards, even if we happen to think the criminal blacks shoot each other on the streets 24/7. Why do you always see tons of Charlie Manson, Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer documentaries on TV all the time? That’s how they purposefully work to keep the false MEME alive.

Blacks kill us White people all the time. You just don’t have a clue because of the media working to protect these violent bastards. Just go HERE and see a few photos of White victims you probably heard nothing about.

This PC crap is literally going to be the death of America — if not the White race.

— Phillip Marlowe

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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