NWO Zio Commies Murdered General Patton

General-George-S-Patton_MAIN ART
Patton was such a bad ass tank general, even the blitzkrieging Germans feared him. Hell, even the commie-loving Zionist Jews back in America were scared of him, too. They simply could not let the hard-charging Patton return to the states as a free man, since the dirty little rats knew what kind of trouble he could pose to the NWO Agenda. [INCOG]

By Eustace Mullins (1984)

In December of 1984, it will be forty years since one of America’s greatest heroes, General George S. Patton, was executed by his Communist foes. General Patton was struck down the day before he was scheduled to make a triumphant return to the United States. He had just been removed from his command of the Third Army, which was in charge of governing the American sector of Germany. Because he not only opposed the dismemberment of Germany, but also because he favored military action against the Communists. As the most popular hero of the Second World War, Patton would have been unbeatable in a Presidential race. This was the reason his skulking enemies ordered his execution before he could leave Germany.

The Patton Papers, 1940-45 recently published by Houghton Mifflin Company in Boston, gives ample reasons for the murder of General Patton. A few months before he was killed, his driver for five years, Master Sergeant John L. Mims, was replaced. Patton was asked by Major General Gay to accompany him on an excursion for a few hours the day before he was to return to America. At 11:45 A.M. in clear weather and on a straight stretch of road, the driver of a GMC military truck turned his vehicle directly into the side of the 1938 Cadillac 75 Special limousine in which Patton was the only person injured. He suffered some internal injuries but did not seem to be seriously hurt. On Dec. 21, 1945, it was announced that he had died of an “embolism,” that is a bubble of the blood which is fatal when it reaches a vital organ. It can be introduced into the bloodstream with a syringe by anyone with brief medical training.

Patton was a vigorous sixty years old with enormous reserves of energy, who seldom needed more than a couple of hours sleep a night. Not only did the U.S. Army make no investigation into the “accident” which had put him into the hospital, but no questions were raised about his “embolism.” On previous occasions when attempts were made to kill him investigations were made, despite the fact that he was one of the most popular and most powerful figures in America’s history. He recorded in his diary that on April 20, 1945, while observing the front in his personal plane, which was clearly marked, an RAF Spitfire made three passes at his plane, attempting to shoot it down, then went out of control and crashed. The story was later put out that a Polish flyer had been piloting the Spitfire. Patton was not injured.*

Private Charles H. Kuhl AFTER WAR

Patton slapped several soldiers during the war, but only after Jew columnist Drew Pearson wrote about him slapping a Jewish Private, did it somehow make a difference. The “yellow-bellied Jew,” Charles H. Kuhl, is seen above smirking over the whole thing during a local newspaper interview after the war. (INCOG)

Patton’s military exploits were such that he was the only American general whom the Germans feared. They transferred entire divisions as soon as rumors were spread that he was on a given front. The Germans’ contempt for Patton’s fellow generals was shared by himself, as he proves on many pages of his diary. During much of World War II, Patton survived repeated efforts of his fellow generals, as well as the British leaders, to get rid of him. In 1943, when he had turned the tide in Africa with his brilliant victories at Gafsa and Gela, Patton was removed from command after Drew Pearson printed a story that Patton had slapped a malingerer at a field hospital and called him a “yellow-bellied Jew.” Eisenhower used this incident as an excuse to refuse Patton command of American ground troops in England, giving the command instead to Omar Bradley, whom Patton exposed as a cowardly dullard. We will never know how many casualties Bradleys’ cowardice and incompetence cost us, but it must have been many thousands.

Patton wrote in his Diary Jan. 18, 1944, “Bradley is a man of great mediocrity. At Benning in command he failed to get discipline. At Gafsa when it looked as though the Germans might turn our right flank, he suggested we withdraw corps headquarters to Feriana. I refused to move.”

death camps

Eisenhower was such a huge German hater he purposefully let about a million German POWs die from starvation and exposure in open-air prison camps after the surrender. But don’t hold your breath for a big History Channel documentary. (INCOG)

Patton cited numerous other examples of Bradley’s cowardice. As for Eisenhower, his references to him are always contemptuous. Patton refers to Ike as “Divine Destiny” but more customarily as “fool.” On March 1, 1944 Patton noted in his Diary, “Ike and I dined alone and had a very pleasant time. He is drinking too much.”

Patton was extremely disgusted with Eisenhower’s infatuation with his “chauffeur,” Kay Summersby, and he persuaded Ike not to divorce Mamie in order to marry her. Kay Summersby was a British Intelligence Officer who had been ordered to prostitute herself to Ike so that he would send American troops into the line instead of the British. England had experienced such a terrible bloodletting at the hands of the German armies in World War I that Churchill and the other British leaders determined to sacrifice Americans wherever possible on the Western front. Although Kay Summersby secretly despised Eisenhower, she was a loyal British subject, and she successfully carried off the affair. It is estimated that she cost the United States 100,000 casualties which otherwise would have been borne by the British.


Divorcée Kay Summersby, the leggy British babe suspiciously assigned to Eisenhower as his “driver.” Not long after Ike’s death, in the early 1970’s she wrote they came close to doing the dirty deed twice, but he lost his nerve (or something else necessary) at the last minute. Reporters and staff witnessed several lover’s spats between the two, but kept it all nice and quiet. (INCOG)

Patton had noted in his Diary, July 5, 1943 before his successful African campaign, “At no time did Ike wish us luck and say he was back of us—fool.”

On July 12, 1944, Patton wrote in his Diary, “Neither Ike nor Bradley has the stuff. Ike is bound hand and foot by the British and doesn’t know it. Poor fool.”

As a result of Patton’s bold advances in France, Field Marshall Montgomery persuaded Eisenhower to issue one of the most amazing military orders in history. All of the Allied Armies must advance exactly abreast, so that no one (meaning Patton) would receive “undue credit.” Throughout the war, Patton achieved his amazing victories by being in the field, whereas the other generals remained far behind the front in their dugout “headquarters” or in luxurious villas far from the sound of gunfire.

During a press conference on May 8, 1945, Patton was asked, “Would you explain why we (the Americans) didn’t go into Prague.” “I can tell you, exactly,” Patton replied. “We were ordered not to.” Patton wrote to his wife on July 21, 1945. “I could have taken it (referring to Berlin) had I been allowed.”

Eisenhower’s refusal to allow Patton to take Prague and Berlin, holding him back while the Russians occupied these critical capitals, remains one of the greatest performances of treason since Benedict Arnold, like Eisenhower, sold out to the British.


The wreck of Patton’s limo was relatively minor, but it did put him in the hospital and at the mercy of the commie-loving Jew Zionists. (INCOG)

Patton apparently was writing his own death warrant when he entered his frequently voiced opinion in his Diary on May 18, 1945, concerning the advisability of fighting Russians: “In my opinion the American Army as it now exists could beat the Russians with the greatest ease, because while the Russians have good infantry, they are lacking in artillery, air, tanks, and in the knowledge of the use of these combined arms; whereas we excel in all three of these. If it should be necessary to fight the Russians, the sooner we do it the better.”

The danger which Patton presented to his enemies was not merely that he was a great American patriot; he also was impervious to any sort of undue influence. He had married Beatrice Ayer, one of the wealthiest women in America. This made him financially invulnerable, and he was happily married, which made it impossible for him to succumb to the blandishments of foreign agents such as Kay Summersby. He opposed Jews and Communists, not only because they were enemies of America, but, because they were a lower order of human beings. He refers to the fact that the Jew is an Asiatic, devoid of feeling for human life. Shortly before he was killed he wrote in his Diary Oct. 1, 1945, “THE JEWISH TYPE OF DISPLACED PERSON IS, IN THE MAJORITY OF CASES, A SUBHUMAN SPECIES WITHOUT ANY OF THE CULTURAL OR SOCIAL REFINEMENTS OF OUR TIME.”

Patton was removed from command in Germany because he actively opposed the swarm of locusts, such as the recently recruited Soviet agent Henry Kissinger, who fought Patton to win control of the Military Government in Germany.

In his Diary, August 29, 1945, Patton wrote, “Today we received a letter in which we were told to give the Jews special accommodations. If for Jews, why not Catholics, Mormons, etc.”


Patton noted in his Diary on August 31, 1946, “I also wrote a letter to the Secretary of War, Mr. Stimson on the questions of pro-Jewish influence in the Military Government of Germany.”


Harry Dexter White’s real last name was “Weit,” and helped set-up the post-war NWO Agenda. The Jew commie was finally exposed in 1950 as a Soviet mole in the “Venona” decrypts, with the code-names of “Lawyer” and “Jurist,” but conveniently had already died from an “accidental” drug-induced heart attack. (INCOG)

As a result of Patton’s opposition to the Kissingers,† who believed they had won the war and should rule Europe, a furious press campaign again was launched against him. A pro-Patton observer named Mason wrote, “The Daniell-Bevin-Morgan plot to destroy Patton was successful because Bernstein of PM was the most powerful force in Germany in 1945 because he had the support of Harry Dexter White, and Henry Morgenthau, Laughlin Curry, David K. Nile and Alger Hiss.”

On Sept. 29, 1945, Patton wrote to his wife, “The noise against me is only the means by which the Jews and Communists are attempting and with good success to implement a further dismemberment of Germany.”

Removed from command by the Jewish plot against him, General George S. Patton would have to return to the United States to work for the good of his country. It was to prevent this that a truck smashed in the side of his car in one of the strangest and most-ignored event in America’s military history. Those who fight for America are always in danger, always thwarted by the plotting and the treachery of the subhumans whom Patton recognized and battled to the end of his life. His story is one which enlightens and inspires us all, and this is why we must, after forty years, remind the American people of the cowards who murdered him.


* Very believable, since spotter planes fly much slower than fighters like the RAF Spitfire, making it difficult to get behind without losing airspeed and stalling out. Also, the Spitfire pilot (Polish Jew?) may have been trying to force Patton’s plane into the ground, making the whole thing look like an accident.

† Eustace Mullins is only using the term “Kissingers” here, as shorthand for the Jew backstabbers infesting the US government, then and now. The infamous Globalist Jew, Henry Kissinger, did do Zionist intel and Jew vengeance work in Germany after the war — whether he had anything to do with the killing of Patton is unknown, but possible.

FOX news anchor Bill O’Reilly’s new book, “Killing Patton” makes zero references to what Patton thought about the Jews — totally showing what a giant NWO disinfo whore he truly is. The absence is so astounding, even some media Jews are surprised (if a Goy criticized the book for that, they would call him a Nazi). But Mr. O’Reilly knows what side his bread is buttered on — and Jews are smart enough not to point that out as the real reason. Funny, how today’s lying hypocrisy keeps getting more and more obvious, huh?


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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66 Responses to NWO Zio Commies Murdered General Patton

  1. Hoff says:

    The Ebola Jew

    Thus, all their strength the Jews – basically, ALL the vocal Jews in the world – encourage non-white immigration into every country in which they are located, not only because the multicultural society is their fundamental political aim, but also because the disintegration of national identity in each nation and the massive presence of anti-white immigrants is designed to prevent the original white population from succeeding in any nationalistic outbursts against the Jewish sway over finance, politics, and the media.

    All Jewish intellectuals, without any exception, are focused on this question of building the “pluralistic society” and for this they practice constant “vigilance against racism.”


  2. Hoff says:

    At Incog: Good to see you back in biznizz 🙂

  3. Yates says:

    Great post.

  4. bubba says:

    The eternal question:

    Patton was a “meat and potatoes” No gray area military man…..not a political whore like KIKE-enhowser.

    What might have been if Patton had played his cards closer…made it back to the U.S….then unravelled his epiphany via political “war game” strategy.

  5. RED PILL says:

    “NWO Zio Commies Murdered General Patton”
    very much true
    better add every dead solder from ww1 thru today to that list.
    include both sides in every conflict ever fought from Napoleon
    to today’s date.
    Jewish Zionist Pharisee bankers have started every war in the last
    500 years.
    the blood sacrifice must be paid, get ready to donate yours.
    death and destruction is the devils trade mark.
    your soul is there goal, buy the fear and turn queer.
    or sit back and drink beer.
    yes, i am obsessed with death, the final frontier.
    death and eternity is the future, and you can’t say “no i won’t go”
    better to look forward to your future, because you never know
    when the door will open and you pass thru.
    think about it, if you are prepared for death, no one can threaten you
    and seize upon your fear to cause panic or cause you to react
    in a negative manor.
    incarceration is a worse fate than death it’s self, but the spineless
    will elect for that over death. this is because of fear based reaction.
    they will sell there soul to live in the “hole”.
    Death is a viable alternative to life not worth living.
    (this does not include do it your self suicide)
    98% of the population does not have any idea of life past the
    physical existence because of fear and ignorance, so they give in to
    fear and ignorance and pay the price for it.
    General George S. Patton had no fear and was not ignorant.
    a man’s man and should be a role model for today’s feminized men.
    but they don’t teach true history anymore, just personal freedoms
    to be what ever turns you on.

  6. Wes says:

    Patton was a man of honor in the image of Lee and Jackson. The last one in such an elevated place. There will never be another like him in this era of human development. “They” will make sure of that. May his spirit live on in those of us who deserve it.

  7. Joe Rizoli says:

    Wasn’t it also Patton that said we fought the wrong enemy?

    No one is immune to the Jewish murder machine, they have taken down presidents, buildings, been part of countless conspiracys and the stupid goy turns the other cheek.

  8. Banjo_Billy says:

    Jesus and Hitler Told the Truth about the Jews; the Jews are Devils — Real Ones!

    Praying to their God of Genocide, murdering anyone who opposes them through four generations — grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren — tearing up and burning down all religions and all people not their own, and stealing everything they can get their thieving hands on, what else can the Jews be other than devils?

    Judaism is the World’s Oldest Organized Criminal Conspiracy.

  9. summerled says:

    Stefan Molyneux on “White Privilege” – is This Dude About to Go Full Nazi?

  10. bubba says:

    Some CSI and critical thinking

    Photo of the car crash above does NOT even look like a normal accident…discuss more later.

  11. bubba says:

    Was Jim Traficant “Pattoned”?


    Good discussion of Traficant by someone who knew him.

    Traficant may have been considering doing a “run” for office, the classic strategy of the candidacy is used as a platform to wake people up

    The Traficant accident and death is discussed between 53 Minute to 1:06 Minute Mark.

    Accident ? Bullshit…

    Duly note the classic tactic is to create an accident, (tough to kill them at the crash scene) and then get them into a HOSPITAL…that’s where they get finished off.

  12. RED PILL says:

    One of America’s greatest heroes, General George S. Patton
    was murdered by the same bastards that now want you dead!

    are you going to live forever?, most every one thinks they will.
    but facts are facts every one dies.
    it’s no skin off my ass for your disbelief but i have been looking for a way
    off this jew infested planet that soon will look like the Martian landscape.

    nobody can just hand you the facts, you must find it your self,
    before it can be true for you.
    do you want a leader, a true leader, then don’t reject what you don’t understand.
    make it a point to find out what you don’t know.

    Those who know that our True Messiah Jesus Christ returns
    at the last trump know that flesh and blood can not inherit the kingdom of God.

    your fight for life against the demonic jew cabal will only end with your death.
    so what are you fighting for. a few more years of jew compromised life?
    or life beyond the physical existence that has always been our true home.

    You know we live in the Twilight Zone.

  13. useless eater says:

    Further details of General Patton’s assassination can be read here:




  14. ICU says:

    My father, and a lot of other JW2 veterans, also firmly believed that Patton was assassinated. Many of those guys were and still are jew wise.

  15. 0jr says:

    he fired on ww1 vets and famlies that went to dc to get paid see bonus army youtube

  16. Lorna says:

    No, there will never be another military man/General like him. They can lie all they
    want to in the history books about incompetent, cowardly, murdering, stupid,
    unpatriotic, communistic, flunkies. Patton also said of the jews, “I know the expression
    ‘lost tribes of Israel’ applied to the tribes which disappeared-not to the tribe of Judah
    from which the current sons of bitches are descended. However, it is my personal opinion that this too is a lost tribe–lost to all decency.” He said too” that unless we
    restore Germany we will insure that communism takes America.” This has come to
    pass. It was a jew who rammed Patton’s vehicle and the jew admitted to this.

    Thank you Incog for keeping this great man alive.

  17. summerled says:

    During the occupation, Eisenhower and Truman deliberately engineered a famine in the Allied sectors (US, British and French) of Germany. The massive carpet bombing had totally destroyed the food infrastructure and millions of German civilians starved as they tried to survive on boiled grass and roots. Truman outlawed private food relief to Germany until the Pope, former president Herbert Hoover and numerous high profile senators and journalists objected to the Truman’s policy of deliberately starving the German civilian population. In all, far more Germans died in the first two years of peace than had died in six years of war.

  18. Laydee Liberty says:

    Until recently, it was only speculation that Patton had been assassinated.

    Now it is known for a fact. And it is know for a very simple reason.
    Because an agent of the well-known OSS (Office of Strategic Services) or American military spy, a certain Douglas Bazata, a JEW of Lebanese origin, announced it in front of 450 invited guests; high ranking, ex-members of the OSS,
    in the Hilton Hotel in Washington, the 25th of September, 1979.

    Bazata said, word-for-word:

    “For diverse political reasons, many extremely high-ranking persons hated Patton.

    I know who killed him. Because I am the one who was hired to do it. Ten thousand dollars. General William Donovan (alleged crypto Jew) himself, director of the O.S.S, entrusted me with the mission.

    I set up the accident. Since he didn’t die in the accident, he was kept in isolation in the hospital, where he was killed with an injection.”



  19. Laydee Liberty says:

    General Patton’s Clear Vision –
    WHY He Was Murdered

    SEE: http://rense.com/general88/patton.htm

    As General Patton’s understanding of the true situation in Europe grew his opinions about the War changed. In his diary and in many letters to his family, friends, various military colleagues, and government officials, he expressed his new understanding and his apprehensions for the future and the manipulation and treasonous control from the ruling Jewish Oligarchy.

    His diary and his letters were published IN 1974 by the Houghton Mifflin Company under the title ” The Patton Papers “.

  20. Charlieboy says:

    Maybe someone on this site can shed some light on the reason Brig. Gen. Harry Semmes (Patton’s closest friend-at-arms – even in Mexico together in 1916) family name was cited on ‘Jew Watch’ about fifteen years ago… (Semmes and Patton led the first armored assault by America, using 22 Renault tanks in France, in WWI; and served with him in North Africa in WW2, etc., as well as authoring a biography of Patton after his demise.) They used to start fox hunts, together, at Ft. Myers, proceeding down through the grounds of Arlington on into Virginia (then) country.

    Having been close to that family, I have some questions, too – but would like to know if anyone here might shed some light on the ‘Jew Watch’ suspicion…

  21. Israhell on Earth says:


    According to a new report, if you are single and looking for sex thrills, Tel Aviv is the second best place to go. But if you are looking for gay sex and illicit sex with underage girls kidnapped in Eastern Europe and Russia, Tel Aviv is top of the list.

    read more: http://www.darkmoon.me/2014/sexiest-cities-earth/

  22. Laydee Liberty says:

    Patton On Communism
    And The Khazar Jews
    General Patton’s Warning from his diary
    Edited by Raquel Baranow

    General Patton clearly recognized the Jewish Communist threat to America and that WWII was fought FOR THE JEWISH OLIGARCHY ‘s INTEREST which Germany was NOT in reality America’s enemy or was Germany ever the real problem. Patton became pretty vocal about the Jews in his diary published under ” The Patton Papers” in 1974 by the Houghton Mifflin Company. They kosher kindred obviously felt Patton would act, he was considered a hero and already had a military following so his enemies were threatened and so he was permanently silenced.

    SEE: http://rense.com/general85/pats.htm

  23. Laydee Liberty says:


    A YOUNG Patton, Eisenhower, MacArthur and President Hoover BEING shitheads.

    The U.S. Military ATTACKS demonstrating American War Veterans who occupied Washington DC in 1932 when they demanded payment for their services during WWI which was promised to them by the American Government in the form of certificates called here in the news a FUTURE “bonus” aka simple PAYMENT for services rendered.


    The American Veterans were then tear-gassed, physically assaulted and their property all burned by our own military, instead of getting paid.

    I guess the old adage IS TRUE,” the biggest turds rise to the top”

    Think the military, acting on orders from a broken federal government, won’t march against its own ??

    Just watch, this is hard to believe, but did happen 82 years ago and the Obama administration is getting ready to target Americans AGAIN.

  24. summerled says:

    old one but good one an eye opener for the newbies
    have a look at what our former leaders said about the “chosen”ones

  25. bubba says:

    Laydee Liberty says:
    October 19, 2014 at 6:34 pm


    Good scoop…
    here’s another reference



    Here’s what was left out of the puzzling rifle demonstration in the episode:
    Bazata was a world class marksman. As a young Marine he made big news by shooting the best score ever for a recruit in training. It made the local papers. He starred on championship Marine rifle teams and taught weaponry in World War II. The shot he described was an easy one for him – perhaps 30 feet. Oswald, not near as good, made his shot on JFK in a moving target from 10 times as far and at a harder angle.

    Bazata was not aiming for the neck, as seemed important in Decoded’s rifle demonstration. He told me he shot Patton in the face. Patton, hospital records prove, had a vicious gash in the middle of his face when he was admitted. And such a hit easily could have broken his neck. He need not have shot only on the back of the neck to do so. He also didn’t use “pellets” as Decoded theorized. He used a rubber bullet (or other similarly unusual material) shaped like a bolt so it would not penetrate but look like part of the wreck scene if found.

    Contrary to what Decoded indicated, assassination by vehicle accident was a preferred method of intelligence organizations then, especially Stalin himself. It looked like an accident, which was important, and gave the assassins a second chance in the hospital if the victim wasn’t killed in the street. Again, contrary to the Decoded portrayal, once at the hospital, it was relatively easy to disguise as a nurse or doctor and finish off the victim, either by painless injection into an IV, or a spray. Nurses or guards could easily be ordered out by a doctor impersonator. I wrote several chapters specifically on what happened in the hospital, much of it contrary to what Decoded portrayed by talking to the current administrator, who is 60 years removed from the 1945 event.


    Another surprising omission was the Patton accident car, a 1938 Cadillac limousine, which supposedly is at the Patton Museum at Ft. Knox, Ky. I had regarded it as my only chance to investigate the scene of the crime, so to speak. I brought a Cadillac expert referred to me by Cadillac in Detroit. But what happened is he identified the supposed repaired car as a fake. It’s a 1939 and that’s not just a mistake. The VIN number, which is stamped in all cars, has clearly been scraped off. The vehicle has fake decals affixed, and other indications of fraud. The car is important because there is much speculation about how Patton was injured. He flew up and hit his head or flew forward and hit the barrier between the back and front. I thought I could examine for traces of the injuries. But the accident car has disappeared. Why? This certainly seems to me to be a key part of the investigation. But no mention in Decoded.

    etc etc.


    Look at the photo of Patton’s limo in INCOGMANs post

    C’mon….how the f*ck can the front bumper and the tires look so square to the frame if it was smoked by another vehicle, that’s B-U-S-T-E-D

    ….the limos front end looks like it was left in Harlem for 30 seconds…aka a few smacks with clubs from above….duhhhhh

    I say Patton was “stunned” so he could be taken to a death chamber…err hospital…

  26. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Here’s your “Peaceful Protestors” niggers. Fucking niggers everywhere, fucking and squirting out more niggers.


  27. Frank Fredenburg says:

    John Hagee: Ebola Is God’s Punishment For Obama ‘Dividing Jerusalem’


    John Hagee is back up to his high jinx. Why doesn’t he just get it over with and move over to his precious Israeli state? Something tells me that if he did, the feelings of love he has for that state wouldn’t be returned. Maybe after he was spit on, cursed and physically assaulted enough times, he would rethink his beliefs. He’s pretty badly infected with Judeo-Christianity, so that is wishing for a lot!

  28. Scoot1073 says:

    http://tinypic.com/m/ild0uq/4 ?

  29. brian boru says:

    Unfortunately, Patton learned too late that he had fought on the wrong side, just like Smedley-Butler before him. For well over a hundred years American and British soldiers have been nothing more than mercenaries for the jew in its drive to enslave the planet. When Patton showed that he was reluctant to ‘get with the program’ he was eliminated, as was Kennedy in 1963. No one is safe from the jew psychopaths. They will kill anyone and any number of people if necessary to achieve their goal of a ‘1984’ type world but, also, because they enjoy killing and inflicting suffering. It’s what jews do, always and ever.
    I briefly visited the city of Wroclaw in Poland last week. You may remember that it was once the German city of Breslau in Silesia; as German as Berlin or Hamburg or Munich. Seventy years ago this month the city was still pretty much intact. It hadn’t experienced the genocidal bombing most of the country was enduring at the hands of the British and American air terrorists, being generally out of range, or perhaps being saved for a Dresden like experience. The population would have known that the war was lost and that worse was to come, but life went on as normally as was possible under the circumstances. Breslau was a beautiful cultured city like many other ancient German cities with exquisite buildings, museums and parks and had been German for centuries. All over eastern Europe the situation was the same. The Germans were the great civilisers. They built the roads, bridges, canals, cathedrals and so on in that particularly beautiful style exhibited by a high civilisation. Traces of it survive everywhere in the east despite the catastrophe of the jew victory over Europe and its people. I spent time wandering around the old city and trying to imagine what it had been like for the people then. They must have had an idea that it was going to be bad with the constant stream of refugees and wounded German soldiers, but it is doubtful if any of them would have imagined how bad, even in their worst nightmares. In January the Soviets began their last overwhelming offensive. Belatedly, the authorities allowed civilians to escape west, many of them the illusory safety of Dresden. Scores of thousands of women and children died in the cold on the way. By February 15th the city had been surrounded by the Red Army and a ferocious battle began which lasted until the totally shattered city surrendered on May 6th, just before the final surrender of Germany itself. All over the east the Germans fought with despairing heroism, unrecognised and unremembered. You can still see some effects of the battle today although the Poles have done a fair job of renovating the city centre. Naturally, the Soviet troops, urged on by their jew commisars, went on a rampage of rape, torture and murder after the surrender. In the next couple of years the city, and all of Silesia, was emptied of all of its Germans, as was all of Eastern Europe with maximum brutality. It had all been agreed upon by Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin beforehand. Today the city is Polish. There is little to no recognition that it was ever a German city.
    White people everywhere need to realise that we are in a similar position to the Germans of Breslau of 1944. There is the same ominous feeling that something bad is coming down the road but we can’t really wrap our minds around it. I can assure you that it will be every bit as terrible as our German brothers experienced. We don’t have a bloodthirsty Red Army at our borders this time. The enemy is already inside the gates and hates us as intensely as the Soviet soldiers because the same Talmudic monsters motivate that hatred. If the white race ever becomes as helpless worldwide as the Germans were in 1945 we can expect no mercy. One can say that the Americans and British deserve no less because of their disgraceful part in that evil jew-inspired war but that would be pointless. We are all in this now regardless of whether we live in South Africa, or Britain or any American city you care to mention. To paraphrase a line from a well known film, ‘we have been targeted for termination’. There is no negotiating with the jew and its minions. No concessions will ever satiate it. That parasitic life-form intends to destroy us and all we value, unless white men resist it and deal with it finally.

  30. thoughtandmemory says:

    Fine writing Brian.

  31. No to Jews says:

    What are you going to do about Jews NOW?

  32. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bonus Army.

    Congress passed the Adjusted Compensation Act in 1924. Each ex-soldier was to receive a paid-up insurance policy due in TWENTY years. ( that would be 1944). It would represent $1.25 for every day overseas and $1.00 for each day of home service. A sum that would add about three and a half billion dollars to the cost of the war. It was vetoed by penny- pinching Calvin Coolidge but the veto was overrode by congress. Fast forward to 1932. Although congress passed a modified law allowing veterans to borrow money based on 50% of their promised bonus the veterans still moved on jewsington dc and demanded the full payment. President Hoover was a sound money man and did not want to further burden an Already Unbalanced budget and FURTHER INFLATE THE CURRENCY by paying for it on credit. (from the jew federal reserve of course). There was a riot with police and some men were killed. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA OFFICIALS DEMANDED THE PRESIDENT TAKE ACTION TO RID THE BONUS ARMY. Hoover had already pledged to pay for the veterans trips home, and about 6,000 took up the officers. When the federal action took place it was found that MANY OF THE SO CALLED VETERANS WERE ACTUALLY EX-CONVICTS AND COMMUNISTS. ( what the protocols would call Agent-Provocateurs). Hoover was booed by the country and the democrats also used professional “smear” experts to drive him from office. Next of course came president Roosevelt who surrounded himself with a cabinet of jews. Brought in the jew deal and government borrowed spending and debts and deficits and expansion of federal zog never imagined by the founders of our constitution nor authorized by our Constitution. The start of the socialist/communist Bolshevik jew takeover of America.

  33. protocolsRtrue says:

    Of course the real hard beginnings of the jew takeover of America was the establishment of jew federal reserve and passing a law for the creation of the progressive income tax system.

  34. mikey says:



  35. Israhell on Earth says:

    I’ve seen many foreshadowing/predictive programming clues in kike jew hollywood movies, but this video is quite new. There is also another vid on you tube: “Back to the Future Illuminati Symbolism DECODED”. I haven’t seen it yet.

    The guilty ones have to face justice, and soon.. The punishment fo treason ranges from life in prison without the possibility of parole to the death sentence.


  36. Fabulous article, Incogman… It shows the depravity and sickness of the Jew in their actions in having George Patton murdered…

    Patton himself could not even stand being next to a stinking Jew, because he said they absolutely did stink! There is a famous part in one of his diary entries where he was forced after the war to attend a make shift “synagogue” that was made out of a roughshod tent.. He said that when he entered the tent, the SMELL was overwhelming and he almost vomited. He commented about how these creatures were like animals and not even human!

    Yes, Patton found out very quickly the truth about the disgusting vile Jew and it cost him his life…. Now we all are suffering the wraith of this inhuman creature and their evil sick lust for world dominion…

    Wake the fuck up, everyone!

  37. John Kountouris says:

    Eustace was the man. My family met him in 2007 in his home in VA. We filmed him for hours. He disclosed things to us that he has never told anyone else. Soon we will create film of all of this because we haven’t uploaded anything to the internet or youtube yet. Eustace gave us the rights to carry on all of his work.

    I truly thank him because he, in a nutshell, stated how the onset of the NWO was when the Christian Greek Byzantine Empire fell to the Ottoman Turks who were AIDED….BY THE JEWS FROM VENICE. I put all of this in my new book, which honors Eustace, Your Academic Guide to the Greek Language Culture & Civilization.
    This book is about how the Western world has replaced its Hellenic roots and ideals with those of base, depraved, modern-day Jewish “ideals” of filthy ill gotten gain, perversion, sedition, blood-shed and more all of which has led to the DEMISE of Western Civilization.

    Anyone who is interested can check it out. I am an activist just like many of us here. Thank you!


  38. RED PILL says:

    the story behind the movie is one that can not be disbelieved
    in this day and age the truth pours out and the past is exposed for
    what really it was.
    read the artical first.

    Forces Occultes (Occult Forces) (1943)

  39. RED PILL says:

    men have paid a price to expose the Rothschild /Zionist / Illuminati /jewish/
    Freemason/ satanic/ Lucifer worshiping, bastard alien bloodline of the fallen ones.

    the reason that this group is having so much effect today is because it
    has been going on for at least 6,000 years to get it to where it is to day.
    the epic struggle of mankind at it’s epoch .
    they are better prepared and rule supreme, it can not be denied.

    the people involved in the ”Occult forces” movie paid in blood.
    if you are afraid of death you are defeated
    if you blink you are dead.
    get prepared to die because if you don’t you give your enemy the edge.
    i assure you your enemy is not afraid to die.
    they made that decision when they took up arms.


  40. bubba says:

    Re: Lower Oil Prices

    Based on some on line info and reports…appears that these lower oil prices are, in essence, sanctions meant to attack countries like Russia.

    The main facet is what price per barrel of oil is required by each producing country to balance its budget.

    Apparently Saudi Arabia (aka Jew run) can produce oil at the cheapest cost, while Russia’s oil is one of the most costly.

    So, the Saudis will now grab market share by producing more “cheaper” oil and elbow out competitors like Russia.

    Another point mentioned is the US gasoline consumption has dropped dramatically (60% ?) since the 2008 crash.

  41. bubba says:

    RED PILL says:
    October 20, 2014 at 4:53 pm

    Yeah I caught the end clip…
    Pretty ballsy to make that movie at that time.

    Many truthers have said that WW1 and WW2 was basically FREEMASONRY versus Hitler or FREEMASONRY versus the world.

    Most of the Allied world leaders at the time were FREEMASONS (…gee what are the odds) and duly note none of them fought on the front lines….they were either drunk and/or with their mistresses etc.

    What part don’t people get….the people at the top are “scum luciferian murderers.”..they join groups and if they are willing to sell their souls for power and wealth etc…they will move up into the brotherhood. No such thing as earning on merit.

    That’s why FREEMASONRY(aka Judaism for Goyim) was attacked by those who knew what it was all about.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Fucking Niggers and jews. You cannot blame niggers so much because they are born stupid and jews with preK and head start fuck up nigger pea brains hate all whitey shit from the get go. It’s not babby momma or babby daddy It’s white people. And the police are here to shoot you not help you when you niggers call 911 too. Fuck niggers how fucking stupid can someone that calls themselves human actually be? Listen to what a jew tells you to do. Follow a jews advice. That’s a stupid fucking nigger or a scumbag coward traitor committing treason zog agent uh huhh aint that right Bubba?

  43. 5th SS Panzer - Das Wiking says:

    Bill O’ Lielly is a leprechaun POS from A Current Affair which was like a supermarket check out lane tabloid for teevee.
    Patton was the only general the Germans feared and respected. That was the reason they thought the invasion wouldn’t come at Normandy, there was a whole army of blow up tanks, jeeps, and other fake equipment that the Germans took many recon shots of by air and they thought this was Patton’s 3rd Army.
    Patton also let a regiment of Waffen-SS stay together in a compound and urged Jewsenhower to attack Russia while the troops were in such high morale.

  44. Fred says:

    HOLY CATS!!!! Incog Rivero at what really happened linked to this article. I never thought I would see the day he would link to you, but then he used to link to Curt Maynard now and then.

  45. Yates says:

    I enjoyed reading Patton’s views on jews. He was not a light weight. Smart as a whip and a very capable man. Guys like him are far few between.

  46. Yates says:

    I look forward to that day, Incog.

  47. ihatekikes says:

    hi incog, great article. funny tying when I. type in my nick It comes up as israelites. grr autocorrect. incog softball into the trap of communicating with these door keepers. I don’t trust wrh. I believe they get you all happy auto be on their ssite, get your details then wammo. but that’s just the conspiracy theorist in me.

  48. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Great article!!!!

  49. summerled says:

    fedora hat. ha ha incog the homos should stick thiar heads up long enough to be mounted

  50. hens are liars says:

    Thank you Incog for your support.

    Topix has a poll, all six candidates are up for consideration.

    Click the link and simply tally a vote for ROBERT RANSDELL on there, again no sign-up is needed to vote. And you also don’t have to be living in Kentucky either. McConnell leads right now with only 105 total votes, if we get enough help we might be able to rise to the top.

    Vote Robert Ransdell for US Senate and always remember With Jews We Lose!

  51. sog says:

    banjo_billy is in here ………..great to see you here billy …and he’s also a very good writer for those who dont know ,here is his web and archives and new material …

    R.I.P. Patton …definitely a murder cus wild bill donovan bragged about it but for man other reasons …
    the allied bunch of fuckwits freed europe up for kikeroach kommunism to proliferate ..
    Hitler was not the bad guy ..the jews were ..oh yeah remember the havaara agreement where the shitkikes backed off their global boy cott of german goods so that the bankers in berlin and the bankers in palestine could set up a transfer fund and asste agreement for the entitled privileged jews ..so was theriesernstadt a chekkoz city hitler bought up and padid all inhabitnats to leave so the jews could live there out of the falling allied bombs ..it was those bombs that destroyed men women and children german non combatants ..the largest fuckin genocied of a single nation ..
    look at lovkap and justice4germans ..or expelled germ,ans or holocaustianity . com or head over to johnballs free download of his once bad ass web site about air phohtos even allies looked at saw no systematic killng of kikes ,,the only systematic kiling was by jew communism in russia of russians to 80 + millions and 3-4 million armenians and katyn mass and and and spin rebels in 36 ish killed 2-3 million spanish ..the bolshevik mobile death sqauds targeted children and priests and women …how about “purim” and the shedding of innocent blood in the book of esther or ruth etc in the old bible…the jews have never been right in the head ..so the esther wench gets kink xerxces to exterminate 70,000 people …and haman and his 10 sons ..which is what the crazy jews do during purim is the make meat stuffs mde into hman image and beat them with sticks etc ..nuts ..they also partake of pastries wit inn ocent gentile human dried blood mixed in ..see jimstonefreelance and hos journey into the belly of kike temple world and the effor to kill him when he bailed outta the judism talmut hell cesspool ..the kikes and the islamic kikes since there are no racial ethnic israelites left ..who cares anyway but the jews have been secretly running islam like they secretly ran iran through mossad trained savak and kike savak head honchos ..something is amiss in media ,,lol ..ya think ..any way we know what shoit bags jews and moslems and niggers are ..god help us ..

  52. Laydee Liberty says:

    October 15, 2014
    Scrapbookpages Blog

    My comments on Bill O’Reilly’s book “Killing Patton”

    I was very disappointed in O’Reilly’s book, which has gotten mostly good reviews, as far as I know. Patton was not killed by the Soviets, but died from his injuries in a vehicle accident.


  53. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Patriot Depot sent me an email today offering me a deal on a hardcover book about Patton. It is called, Patton: Blood, Guts, And Prayer. It was written by Michael Keane. I went to the book section at Amazon to check it out. It doesn’t look like it says anything about Patton being murdered or what he thought about jews. Patriot Depot is a neo-con all for Israel bunch. They probably wouldn’t offer a book that told the truth about Patton. Jews like to write biographies about history. That way they can control what non-jews believe about history. I wouldn’t be surprised if Michael Keane is a jew. I don’t know anything about him.

  54. Luke says:

    As far as I am concerned, I am glad that the jews did kill this piece of shit, IQ challenged, race treasonous freaking bastard.

    Think about how many of our White German kinsmen and women that this mother humping slab of hyena dung slaughtered at the behest of the jews. Think about how little homework this arrogant and cocky war mongering sonofabitch did before he hitched his wagons to the jew war machine. This guy was supposed to be some kind of intellectual genius, right? Tops in his class at West Point? Hard assed, steel balled White macho stud muffin, right? Well, where was this freaking race treasonous piece of hyena shit when it came time to hit the history books and get his miserable two-inch dicked, pathetic and nauseating white ass up to speed on the jewish problem? For fucksake, poeple. The ‘jewish Problem’ has only been around for two or three thousand fucking years, right?

    A very powerful case could be made in the White Nationalist community that this greasy, stinking, maggot infested slab of arrogant, cocky, stupid-as-fuck, jew clueless and race treasonous hyena shit is one of the primary destroyers of White Western European nations all over the fucking globe – since he helped the jews defeat Hitler, who not only was the only White man who had the balls to fight and name the jews as our #1 enemy over the last 100 years, but Patton couldn’t carry Hitler’s dirty jock strap on his best day in the field.

    Patton is rotting in Hell and I hope Satan, who is the jews daddy, spends every day fucking him up his miserable stinking White race treasonous asshole.

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