Wake Up To The Real Monsters This Halloween!

PAM GELLER ZIO DEMON Pam Geller is the creepy New Yorker Jewess behind a big Muzzie* hating website called “Atlas Shrugs;” her and fellow agents of a foreign government also freely go around America hosting seminars spouting Israeli Zionist propaganda and disinfo to the Goyim (what Jews call non-Jews among themselves). Even the US Jew-owned media will put her on TV “news” shows to jack up the befuddled masses with “war on terror” paranoia. Are you not sick of this never-ending BS?

And just in case the traitorous little Zio monster comes here to see my GIF Halloween creation, I got this to say to her:

Why don’t…YOU…take YOUR…skanky ho…BUTT to Tel Aviv to live, you ISRAEL FIRSTER, New Yorker Jew byatch? Got that, creepess?


Now, you might call me a big hater boy and all. That’s what they want you to think. These creeps literally spend billions every year manipulating your brain and your children’s brains into going along with the anti-White Agenda. Can’t you see all the Jewish lefty/commie crap — all the pro-Gayness, pro-Immigration and Muzzie-hating they ram down our throats on a daily basis?

These filthy Jews are all over the place, in front of the cameras and behind -- left, right, it doesn't matter, only sacred Israel is really ever important to these selfish creeps. Case in point, the Kagan Neocon crime family. No telling how many people have died because of these Jew trouble-makers -- including American soldiers.

These filthy Jew rats are all over the place, in front of the cameras and behind — left, right, it doesn’t matter — only sacred Israel is really ever important to these selfish creeps. Case in point, the Kagan Neocon crime family — no telling how many innocent people have died because of these Jewish trouble-makers — including American soldiers.

Ask yourself why you always see Jews everywhere on TV, especially when it comes to anything to do with Mideast affairs?

That’s because you have Globalist Zionist Jews all over Washington DC, neck deep in all the bull. Some of them have even made Neocon political work their family business, for chrissakes — with sons, brothers, sisters and wives all working the same pro-Israel Jew “schtick.”

It’s crazy!

And while we’re over there in the Mideast — blowing huge wads of the American taxpayer’s dough killing ragheads with million dollar missiles and White Gentile soldiers (Jews rarely serve in dangerous combat roles) are getting killed or horribly maimed by whatever primitive way Muzzies can manage — all the while, the Jew backstabbers are back here in America pushing for Globalism, offshoring jobs, immigration of Third Worlders into our lands, atheism, Christian-bashing, faggotry, in-your-face immorality of any sort, and getting the blacks all militant about Whitey!

Yep, these damn filthy SOBing Jews are indeed the worst kind of monsters America let in the door. They really are practically like vampires. Little wonder they always end up getting their asses kicked out of every country they’ve ever lived.

— Phillip Marlowe

* It’s not that I’m such a big Muzzie lover — I just think they should all go back to live in Muzzie land, eating goat eyeballs and rice all they damn want. It’s really been the Jew “multicult/PC” mantra and NWO Jew Globalism (including immigration) that has been behind all this never-ending BS in the first place — everything insidiously geared to gradually, quietly destroy White demographics in our own lands — while still using us to fight Israel’s enemies in the Mideast! God, it’s all so, SO obvious anymore what these creeps are doing. WAKE THE FLOCK UP, White people!
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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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