Dyke Jewess Blames Ferguson on White Privilege

SALLY KOHN BLAMES WHITES PRIVILEGEWhy is this ungodly thing in my country? I just want to go one week without hearing this parasitic doublespeak. Just one.

By Marcus Cicero, Daily Stormer

The Washington Post, staying true to its theme of allowing fully-Marxist refuse in the opinion section, recently featured a piece written by a disgusting Communist Jewess, in which she denounces “White Privilege” as the primary cause for the Negro uprisings in and around Ferguson, Missouri.

Sally Kohn, a die-hard subversive and lesbian abomination, claims in her work, which reads like the rantings of a split-personality schizophrenic, that the Blacks were only expressing their persecuted “humanity” by burning police cars and looting liquor stores, and that their race’s intense propensity for crime of all flavors needs to be overlooked by endangered White folks.

Kohn then demands a solution be found for her confused perceptions of “prejudice,” with overtones indicating her barely-suppressed desire for all straight men and women of European descent to be harshly brutalized, and possibly exterminated in the near to mid-term future.

Negro-Humanity-Expression“Nigga wears muh diet pepsis an’ orang’ drank? Dis G wants it!” — Black protester expressing his humanity over execution of bloated gorilla, Michael Brown.

Washington Post:

In the days before the grand jury’s decision in Ferguson, when Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon decided to impose a pre-emptive state of emergency, a white relative posted on my Facebook page, “Better to be prepared for the worse, than to have racially charged riot. [sic] At that point, no one cares what your political view points are, who you married or what God you pray too, only that you are White and you are Wrong.” This essay is for my cousin and every other white person who is well meaning but somehow feels hopelessly polarized in a racially polarized debate. It doesn’t have to be that way.

When black people are protesting in Ferguson and across America, they’re not protesting against white people. Maybe this seems obvious, but it’s worth stating. In fact, in the case of Ferguson, the protests weren’t (primarily) about one white cop. Black communities are ultimately protesting systems of injustice and inequality that structurally help white people while systematically harming black people. Just because you’re white and therefore generally benefit from those systems doesn’t mean you inherently support those systems — or need to defend them. Benefiting from white privilege is automatic. Defending white privilege is a choice.

Being a constructive part of America’s necessary discussion on race and racial bias means acknowledging how bias and privilege may shape your own life even if you don’t want it to. Responsibility isn’t the same as culpability. It is not your personal fault that Michael Brown was shot and killed or that we have deep and structural racial bias in America. But that bias is nonetheless a reality, and so you do have a responsibility as to whether you are part of the problem or part of the solution. Just like you’re mistaken if you don’t think white is a race, you’re mistaken if you think you can remain neutral.

What racial justice activists and those protesting in Ferguson do think is that it’s wrong to not scrutinize what race means in our society today — how implicit bias shapes everything from our neighborhoods to our economy to who gets to live and who gets to die when they’re doing nothing else but holding a toy. That’s what’s wrong.

This parasite does make a few points in her twisted and contradictory rant; namely that we cannot remain on the fence for all that much longer, if we wish to leave a future worth speaking of to our children and grandchildren. As our country, and much of the rest of the Western World, becomes more and more racially polarized and divided, our loyalties to our blood grow more necessary and productive.

As for solutions, let us start with the immediate arrest and trial of those Jews most responsible for our civilization’s increasing filth, perversion, and tailspin decline, Ms. Kohn being among the rodent vanguard. Laws could then be enacted that would restrict the tendency of the Jew, and Marxist, to stir up chaos for its own sake.

Until that day comes, expect far more of the above cited rhetoric of hatred, coated in a rich outer shell of typical Jewish mental illness.

This can’t be tolerated any longer. We can get rid of the Jew, but it wouldn’t help us all that much if those who think like them still scurry through the media.

Time Magazine: Violent rioting justified if you are black.
White people told they must remain silent and stand behind blacks at Ferguson protest.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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63 Responses to Dyke Jewess Blames Ferguson on White Privilege

  1. Cowboy says:

    Satanic kikes and retarded niggers. “And possibly exterminated”, almost time to lock and load.

  2. AndreInTheMountains says:

    The only solution is one out of the Judaic playbook: reeducation camps where the supremacist Jews can learn to join the human race. My suggestion is a year in Gaza. The alternative, when the sleeping mass of Christian Zionists and other comatose Americans finally realize who has turned their sons into sodomites and their daughters into lesbians and nigger meat, will make Pol Pot look saintly.

  3. sog says:

    jews are the symbiidiotic authos and conspiracists and nurturers of this invention …marx engles hess etc …wise ..rabbis sons and decendants of jewish mass murderers throuout history ..jews invented communism as a diablolical political hoax to infiltrate white nations and kill them all off like russia post 1917 ..jewish communism …by any other name it is and always will be jewish communism ..and their shitkike trick book is trying to defame and stian us whites with undeserved guilt and disinformation …they rewrtote the history of france as well as russia after they shit all over these countries …jews are a clear and present danger …

  4. dave says:

    The only way we will get back our nation is to send these commie Jews back to I$rael with a nigger under each arm. The Genocide of our race is coming from the Jews, the niggers are just their foot solders.

  5. RED PILL says:

    dave says:
    November 29, 2014 at 9:42 pm
    The Genocide of our race is coming from the Jews,
    the niggers are just their foot solders.
    let add a liberal portion of stupid white people turning there backs
    on God and their race. poisoned by jew filth which they can’t get
    enough of. the jew hasn’t done any thing a jew wouldn’t do.
    America has been bent over with out any pants on, the jew just does what he is expected to. they fucked America in the ass and they won’t pull it out until
    America is dead, at which point a bullet in the head is our only way out.

    before we blame the jews and the niggers for our downfall, a look in the mirror is in order. every one of us has enough guilt, if this sounds harsh it’s because it’s true.
    we are all slaves on the human livestock farm, get on your knees and beg for a part time job flipping burgers while the Asian technicians instal robotic equipment.
    i won’t kiss any body’s ass for a “JOB” . it sounds nasty and it is.
    when some one wants my services, they kiss my ass and the money goes in my pocket.
    100+ years ago few people had jobs, every one was self employed. now people beg for work. call it sucking the government tit.
    nothing will change until we can admit guilt, then we can have control over our adversary. with out that admission we can’t begun to throw off our burden.

  6. bubba says:

    It ain’t all bad..

    The smart Goyim buy PEPSI stock

    ….and short on Coca Cola

    (………..not sure about Skittles, Popeyes Chicken and Mountain Dew)

  7. RED PILL says:

    bubba, any investment ideas on moon pies and RC cola, can they make a come back
    for the southern man?

  8. sog says:

    the one and true elite privelidged people who are basically as gentile as mongols aka the jews and are white mostly skin wise …the 87 billionaires in the world are “jewish” ..they have privelidge and carte blanche globally in the jewish coterie ..aka the criminal gene pool….us labeled as white gentiles are anything but elite or privelidged …have a job still ? yer lucky and it will be gone as soon as the stinking chinese free trade city agreement goes into full tilt production here with a 247 soverign city locations in america to produce all the shit they make in china ..etc …they aint gonna hire gentiles for these jobs in the chinese mini cities in america …and they will soon out pace and undercut the rest of american retail wholesale economix ..the fuckin yellow toothed slopes are your enemy and you will see this point better when you are standoing in a whitye priveledge food soup kitchen line ..
    like when shitkies took econmoical control of germany after installation of weimar ..germans starved to death like americans did in the great jew cuased by jew commie bank depression of 1929 ..oh dont pNIC THE COMMIE YELLUH journals shouted then ..it will get better so some people stayed in for the ride down ..the depression was aseries of down turns and levels and more down turns to deceive and fleece amaricans …nnever mind the holodomors of russia and jewish communist installed regimes in china wiping out hundreds of millions of slantheads ..
    ahh fookin sohr n shreeet aiight …chinks have spoken of a mass die off in america that they wish for ..their politicians want white americans dead all of em ..so any trade agreement to allow coomie chinks in america is a violation of our soverignty and a prelude to complete loss of white american life and property ..sounds an awful lot like armenia turkey 1915 under the donmeh kikes where they liquidated 4 million armenians and the jews dont want this recognized officially ,,,wonder why ?
    jews want to confuse ansd shift blame for the worlds problems on innocent white people …its been their modus operandi for thousands of years…so they endlessly blame the very people they exploit and destroy for the “jewish problem”…oy vayyy duh suffrink ….
    buy sockets i think 11-12 mm for socket wrenches instead of investments ..these babies fit into 9 mm shells if yer a reloader …lead is getting hard to find in future ..the future aint what it used to be …anyway sockets of all sizes can be used for many calibres ..yeah i hear ya ,it needs a little refining so what …its just n idea …take it /leave it …..
    many large old buildings in europe have those gargoyle type built in sculptures of rabbis bleeding out a child in a ritual sacrifice ..creepy shit….
    white priviledge my ass ..jews get accepted into the coveted schools and get school loans forgiven ..shitrussiankikes coem from russai and get ssi no questions …places like
    kiryas joel are full of jews collecting all manner of free american benefits like white nigers they are ….these religious kikes dont work and never will ..

  9. Jason says:

    Sog. Or any one else…
    Do you have any links about the free city trade agreement?
    This is new to me. I’m guessing Barry wants to set up legal Chinese sweatshops in the US?!

  10. Pat says:

    Please attempt to educate yourself on Psychological Operations.

    It would behoove you to goo-goo-dat-sheet.

    Ferguson is a fucking made-for-TV-movie.

    Psychological Operations of this type are specifically designed to polarize groups according to their stereotypical “Cognitive Biases”.

    This is a “Problem – Reaction – Solution” operation.

    ALL of this is totally predictable.

    In fact, here is an excerpt from an earlier comment I posted:

    “By discouraging the lazy, incompetent and debauched man from the belief that his condition is in any way the result of his own faults, but rather that all sufferings and inequalities are due to “White Privilege”, it promises to eradicate these sufferings through revolution.”

    How did I know that “Some jew” would come out saying that Ferguson was due to “White Privilege”?


    Do I posses a Crystal Ball?

    Or – is this all directly from the Communist Playbook?

    My friends, the Communists in Russia specialized in perpetrating faked scripted events in Russia that were specifically designed to provide a reason for certain political actions to be take by the government.

    It should surprise no one that these same tactics are being used here.

    The sad thing is that far too many are swallowing it all – hook, line and sinker.

  11. ICU says:

    The Time of Ragnarok draws near.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    Prepare well, for a Storm is coming.
    Tick Tock
    Tick Tock
    I can hardly wait.

  12. B-E-Devil says:

    Yes Pat I am disappointed that so many here can’t see it.

    I promise you that if anyone of us went to Ferguson we would not be able to find anyone who knew mike brown and if anyone said they did they would be liars.

    The spawn of satan will increase these hoax’s in hopes that enough of the un-jew wise
    people will go for the spawn’s plan to disarm Americans. If they have success at doing that the mask will come off and many will see these rat-face bolsheviks for who they are.

    The spawn will then unleash their sick bastard shaboss goys upon all who oppose their evilness.

    Here is just one of the many reasons for the hoax.

    What tribe will just so happen to be able to provide those cameras.
    For many shekels to be made and much more surveillance on the goys.

    Check this out while at that bolshevik run site.


  13. manoflove says:

    Pat and BE Devil, you are both right. The Ferguson thing is another problem, reaction, solution scam that the Chosen is perpetrating on the dumb goyim! It is too easy. Its like taking candy from a baby the way the goyim are so easy manipulated.

  14. protocolsRtrue says:

    What Gentiles need to understand is that the jewish goal is for TOTAL unchallengeable DOMINATION and SUPREMACY over ALL of the Earth. That includes ALL Nations (including America) and ALL non-jewish people. Their Talmud and the protocols of zion clearly state that these are the goals of the jewish people. What this means and REQUIRES is that ALL other nations (including America) must be weakened or destroyed. By any and all means. Subversion from within, third world immigration, outright military attack, economic undermining, changing the Constitution and long accepted laws, immorality, etc. The jews will use every tactic available that the indigenous population will let them get away with. What usually happens when the nationalists and Patriots wake up and get fed up with jew subversion is that jews appropriately and deservedly get kicked out of the country. If the people wake up to the jews BEFORE it’s too late the nation will recover from all the damage the marxist commie jews and libtards have done. In these times since the creation of israel and the nuclear-armed jewish homeland, the parasitic leaching jews are DEcreasingly dependent upon USA and to a lesser extent other nations to provide for them and their security and building the jew world order jewish empire. So they no longer need us as much. So the general rule of thumb to be expected from our jew/aipac/Zionist controlled government is that any policy or legislation or program that is GOOD for America and the Christian/Gentile American people will be OPPOSED by our jew/stupidnigger.gov. The only exceptions to this rule are if the program or legislation has attached to it something of primary value to Israel and the jewish people. It must have some funding or something of benefit in it for Israel and jews. If it does not and is only beneficial to America it will be opposed by jews and libtards and democrats. In other words the Stupid voters (in their own words). Such as the Keystone oil pipeline. Conversely if the initiative is BAD for America and the American people (such as Obamacare and illegal immigration and obamas war on coal and oil and natural gas and global warming bullshit and excessive regulations etc) it will be SUPPORTED by the jews and libtards and stupid democratic voters. Obama the marxist white-hating racist, following the orders and directions of his jew puppetmasters will be spending the next 2 years doing all he can to do as much damage to America he possibly can before his term runs out. His executive order to allow more illegal immigrants to stay announced a mere few days after this years election results is a clear act of treason and attempt to secure more “stupid” voters for the jew/stupidnigger/libtard democratic party. Clearly to make sure that all that was good about America will be permanently and irrepairably destroyed. UnConstitutional overreach of presidential power. Yet he is still doing it. He is doing what he said he would do. Fundamentally change (damage and destroy ) America. America and all other nations will just be colonies of israel. Obama and his family will be rewarded handsomely (already are) by his jew masters.

  15. bubba says:

    Was listening to more discussion of the Boston Marathon bombing..

    It was probably a dry run to see how much the Libtards would take it up the @ss from Obama and his commie coterie.

    The cops had free reign to knock on your door, kick you out of your house…do a warrantless search…Some people weren’t even allowed to put on shoes…told to go to holding areas…and when they got home…their doors were left open/unlocked.

    Wonder how much the cops stole (happens all the time)??
    how you gonna prove it ???

    All this via a clearly staged event…..but even if it was terrorism…so what ???…shit happens!!!!…the police state is worse

    Anyway…thats the future !

  16. bubba says:

    Re US, …..The Constitution…… “I have my rights !!!!!”etc…

    Sorry…but no…..its all been a lie and an illusion

    Later I’ll post a YOUTUBE audio where Vyzygoth interviews “The Informer”.
    Its a 6 parter…but I will post the 6th part ….using the Informer’s strategy that when he reads legal cases…he reads the judgement first..the he can understand the rest of the case.

    George Washington and his fellow patriots were major landowners…lots of skin in the game. When they refer to the the “CROWN”…..it is NOT the Queen or Royal family…it is the BANK OF LONDON aka the Kike Jews.

    Washingtons attempt to be independent and create a republic was all for show. The US had NO Navy…..while Britain had the most powerful one at the time. The British could have blockaded the US and crippled them economically etc. Even the Boston Tea Party was staged..it was all BS

    So Washington realized all this, and so played along as the British had all the cards. Best to have a Judas goat keep the sheep happy so they don’t suspect anything and actually believe they are”free”( as opposed to slooowwwllllly being lead to the slaughter..which we see unfolding as we speak).

    So in essence, nothing changed,its all an illusion… the US was and still is run by the Rothschilds.

  17. bubba says:

    *****Highly Recommended**** !!!!!!

    The New History Of America – (Part 6of6) – The Informer


  18. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    Niggers take their first trophy:

    (Note last Monday they severely beat and carjacked an elderly White man after having severely beat a White liberal fucktard that attended their meetings and got a civics lesson in Love American Nigger Style). They also shot and tried to burn the dead body of the nagger that testified for Darren Wilson.

    Now this guy was a Bosnian so obviously a non-White but since Y T was the target he should be claimed as a White Bohunk or White Hunky for discussions purposes.


  19. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Chinese Academic Says China Using Jewish Model To Take Over United States & West


  20. summerled says:

    quote of the week?

    ancestral homelands!

    ONLY white taxpayers are expected to displace THEMSELVES from their OWN countries by FUNDING minority-ONLY organisations which DIRECTLY UNDERMINE white interests. Such bodies remain ILLEGAL for whites. Non-white bodies are PAID FOR by whites, white ones are govt. OUTLAWED. ONLY whites are supposed to stay silent as they’re swamped with tens of millions of Third Worlders. Japan is 98.5% Japanese, Israel is a SPECIFICALLY Jewish state. If multiculturalism is so great, why aren’t THEY doing it?

  21. silvernickel says:

    well looky here:

    Exclusive: Called “domestic terrorists” by the feds, Oath Keepers help stop Ferguson from burning


    Valerie Jarrett in close regular comm with Missouri Governor


  22. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    Now is the oppertune time.
    I have been reading/scanning hundreds of comments from ‘articles’ mostly from ap on my at&t phone regarding ferguson. I’ve been doing it since the GJ found Officer Wilson Not Guilty of defending his life and doing his job.
    I have yet to see one pro-M. the Gorrilla Brown comment. Of course , there are some Lefty ‘sympathetic’ ones…’It’s too bad someone had to die…ect.’ But about 40% or more of the comments mention the irresponsibility and untruthfulness of the media/press.
    It’s a great time to comment on such stories and educate these White ppl who are fed up and begining to see an agenda about the direct control/ ownership of media/press by jewish Communists. When I do it I spell jewish as j$wish incase there’s any kind of automatic censor device or something.

  23. Well said, Pat.

    ”Hook, line and sinker” is analogous to my sentiments on this recent Stormer comment:

    “These Chinese sound exactly like the evangelicals. There’s only on place on earth where one can, and will, get five years for preaching the Gospel, israhell. It was the same thing in the jew-run soviet. Can anyone come up with a symbol that screams ”666” like the so-called ”star of david?” 9/11 researchers have uncovered the fact that every single demon associated with that horrible event was a zionist, with the vast majority among them being jews. Michael Collins Piper’s book Final Judgment shows that the kikes killed JFK. If that is so, then they surely killed RFK and JFK, Jr. too. USS Liberty, massive swindles, Julius and Ethel Rosenburg, Jonathan Pollard, Emma Lazarus, constant agitation for war, false flags, porn, drugs, pharmacueticals, mass immigration, multiculturalism, child sacrifices…and the list could go on and on for volumes. Every recording testifies to the world that these beings are wicked, and insoucient about being so. The only thing that speaks to the exceptionalism of the jews is their own lips, lips which have been good for no word, at no time and no place. For me the consternation is over and the question is settled. The jews are ‘the problem’. What awes me is that it is I who must wander the world in a state of shock in the realization that I am among a smallish minority and that the remainder belives that this strange, irredemable species is at best benign and at worst wonderful. Shouldn’t it be a small minority who is deluded to the obvious and shouldn’t it be a large majority who gets what’s going on? Jewish names bookend ten thousands of Hollyood movies but there is no jewish conspracy because Ira Shoenburg of jew-owned CBS ridiculed the idea…I remain sane in the knowledge that at least I have honestly examined reality. Judging by the standards of reason others believe they live by, I know I, alas, am. I am not so certain about so many of my fellow men though. Really.

  24. ICU says:

    silvernickel has lifted the rock that has hidden the most vile poisonous insect in the illegitimate regime fronted by Barry Soetoro, Talmudic jew installed agent of national destruction.
    The insect’s name is Valerie Jarrett, the jew/nigger mulatto that gives cokehead faggot mulatto, son of a nigger commie fucking whore, Soetoro his marching orders and directions, as stage manager for the filthy Zionist scum string pullers that have stolen this nation and much of the Western world…that now at this moment colludes with the very willing Chinese to ensure our demise.
    The horror creature Jarrett has been very adept at staying out of sight in the shadows, much like other horror creatures such as Chertoff, Lieberman and to a lesser degree the horror kinky slut witch Harman, Wolfowitz, Perle, Feith, the Wurmsers, PNAC and AIPAC and WJC rats et cetera ad nauseum.
    The Hollywood/New York Big Media, Big Finance, Big Gubbamint, Big Business and Big War Industry jews are less covert and more cocky, more arrogant and almost give a shit that the goyim know who they are and somewhat of what they do.
    The Shadow dweller, Deep State jews are better versed in history and know full well their potential personal peril when the tipping point is reached and Cultural Clean Up Time happens.
    The Good News is, the toxic walking pieces of shit are running out of places to retreat to after The Saxon begins to hate. They may flee to China and that might last for a little while until the Chinese grow sick of them. The Brits used to call the Chinese The Jews of The Orient. They won’t tolerate the competition and may well call on their own genocide skills refined in Mao’s Great Leap Forward that’ll make the jew perpetrated genocides of The Holodomor and the Armenian extermination look like tea parties in the garden at Sunnybrook Farm.
    What goes around, comes around.
    I hope I live to see it when it does.

  25. Frederick says:

    Pat says:

    November 30, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Sounds like a Karl Marx with the Communist Manifesto and his expert experience of the Kabbalah (Zohar). Marx, Trotsky and buddies were Lenin’s Zionist Khazra’s, Bolsheviks. Who conspired in murdering the Romanov Family and over 40 millions white Russians?

    We’re one massive experiment?

  26. Frederick says:

    For those NFL fans, the Zionists / Illuminati now has total control of its players? What’s next Bugs Bunny and Elmer show?


    Dump your TV, media of any type is programmed for your goy pleasure!
    Find new ways to entertain yourself in ‘Knowledge is Power!!’


  27. OnTheOtherHand says:

    What’s lost in all this focus on the racial issue is that the cops increasingly treat EVERYBODY like a nigger, because America is turning into a Jewish-controlled police state.

  28. Mohamit says:

    The proper term is KIKE DYKE!!!

  29. RED PILL says:

    footballing’ any body, sounds like a fu*kfest, white woman?&2 niggers =nigger ballin’
    Former teammate: DeMarco Murray had affair with my wife

    Dump your TV, media of any type is programmed for your goy pleasure!
    Find new ways to entertain yourself in ‘Knowledge is Power!!’
    What’s next Bugs Bunny and Elmer show?

  30. Listen for stories leaking out about criminalizing speech that the Jews do not like.

    Under the umbrella of safety, violence, terrorism, and hate crimes, the Jewish controlled government are looking to stop all this critical thinking, discussions, and posting.

    The Chocolate Emperor is perfect for the program to be ushered in under, although “Mavericks” like John McCain and others will be all to happy to join in to further strip your rights away.

    Critical thinking is well on its way to being criminal. Any view that is not complimentary of Niggers, sexual perverts and other social ills will be punishable by law. There are people serving hard time right now for commenting about the Holocaust TM.
    Only Jewish selected writers should be able to write according to the lawmakers.



    “The Supreme Court is being asked to decide whether a potentially threatening statement should be interpreted “objectively” (what the listener reasonably perceived) or “subjectively” (what the speaker meant to say). While this legal question may sound arcane, it’s a vital one to social media communications. If the legal test is subjective, social media posters can freely discuss violence towards others and then claim (possibly retrospectively) they didn’t intend to make a threat. Thus, we’d anticipate many defendants will say they are just emulating rappers like Eminem, no matter how vicious or threatening their posts sound. In light of the obvious problems that would create for criminal enforcement, I would be surprised if the Supreme Court adopted the subjective test.”

  31. mikey says:



  32. Laydee Liberty says:


    Supreme Court to consider Facebook threats case



  33. RED PILL says:

    a comment from this video;
    A Mother For Spiritual Liberty
    I declare that we are a free and sovereign people if we choose. Or we can choose to accept what is written in some useless, baseless fabricated documents by some corrupt entity. I am not consenting ever to anyone who claims ownership of me or my Soul. My soul is not for sale, trade, or available for any economic purposes.
    If there ever was a ‘debt’ of the people to be paid it has, in fact, has been paid for by the Blood of Jesus Christ who died so that we shall return to our Creator and our ‘debt’ has forever been paid. What part of NOT FOR SALE do these demons not understand?
    Well I for one know that the demons do understand, hence the need for the multitude of “documents, laws, etc.” claiming ownership of the whole planet and everything on it. Why do those demons need all the paperwork and documentation anyway?
    If they really owned everything there would be no need to make such a display, and mainly in secret I might add?
    Yes, I suspect that we the PEOPLE have a choice, in fact, I know we have the choice to either uphold our everlasting promise from our Creator through Jesus Christ or we could uphold those ‘so-called documents, laws, etc’. In the end it will be Your Choice weather or not you choose everlasting life with God or everlasting servitude to demons. HMMM tough choice??
    Mother For Spiritual Liberty has said it all.
    choose today whom you will serve, a simple choice we already make by omission or commission .

  34. RED PILL says:

    Laydee Liberty says:
    December 1, 2014 at 10:35 am
    this is why i consider INCOGMAN blog important.
    we express what the rest won’t.
    and say what they don’t.
    when INCOGMAN is gone from the internet, i will be at a war setting.

  35. summerled says:

    its now illegal to defend yourselves government sides with looters
    Ferguson police shut down armed ‘Oath Keeper’ vigilantes guarding rooftops of besieged town

    The group offered protection for private businesses against looters and arsonists
    Oath Keepers have since been threatened with arrest for operating without a licence
    Police struggled to contain violence following grand jury decision not to indict Darren Wilson
    The Oath Keepers have now left their rooftop posts but will remain in Ferguson to protest

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2855736/Ferguson-police-shut-armed-Oath-Keeper-vigilantes-guarding-rooftops.html#ixzz3KfKafHg1
    Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

  36. Jeff says:

    Zemir Begic – lynched in St. Louis by a mob of yoots on Sunday.

  37. RED PILL says:

    Pat says:
    November 30, 2014 at 10:40 am
    Ferguson is a fucking made-for-TV-movie.
    Psychological Operations of this type are specifically designed to polarize groups according to their stereotypical “Cognitive Biases”
    i couldn’t agree more
    let just up the stakes in the crap game.
    every thing on planet earth is a fucking made-for-TV-movie.
    every thing we were ever taught is part of the allusion.
    i am sick to death of the bleating sheep mentality of America the lost.
    it’s so fuked up, and yet there is no where to hide from beast that consumes all.
    freedom does not come from governments, so don’t waste your breath.
    freedom comes from the creator alone and my .45 is my insurance policy
    that i will not be taken alive.
    under tyrannical rule, death is preferable.

  38. Bailey says:

    great thread,

    sog says,

    “kiryas joel are full of jews collecting all manner of free american benefits like white niggers they are ….these religious kikes dont work and never will ..”

    Actually, I think many work the diamond district of JYC.

    Valerie Jarret ? The slum queen of chicongo.

  39. AndreInTheMountains says:

    The British Jew-owned press reports what the U.S. Jew-owned press ignores.


    “The police have said they do not think the attack was racially motivated”.

  40. bubba says:

    Micheal Brown was shot just over 100 days ago.

    Since then ….in Jew- run Chicago:
    244 teens killed…77 % of them were Black.

    Where’s Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson…..Mayor Raman Noodles?

    ALSO: Whites are also more likely to be shot by cops than Blacks are

    Yawn……….Time to move on commies

  41. RED PILL says:

    never would i advocate the violent over throw of the elected government.
    i didn’t vote for any of them sons of bitches.
    why do i like this music video?
    I’ll bet it’s the beat.

  42. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Radical Left Demands Statue Of Jeff Davis Be Replaced With Mohammed Ali


    Jonathan Miller is the politician behind this and he is a jew. This article says he is. I’m not familiar with him. This heading of this article should say, Radical Communist Jews Demand Statue Of Jeff Davis Be Replaced With Mohammed Ali.

  43. Frank Fredenburg says:

    “We’re Three Steps From War With Russia”

    The Sabre Rattling Is Getting Louder


    The guy talking in the beginning of the video is named Cohen. Of course he doesn’t say a word about his fellow jews being the people behind the neo-con movement. They’re the ones creating these wars. This video covers the conflict in the Ukraine. It was posted last March. The fighting in that country seems to have died down at the moment but it could flare up at any time.

  44. RED PILL says:

    Frank Fredenburg says,
    Frank, we will see the complete destruction of all we ever knew.
    every thing that is , is wrong and we know who the destroyers are.
    God uses our enemy to strip us of all the institutions of man.
    we are entering this period to make man decide who he will serve.
    the government horn of plenty, or the promise of it and ultimately rejection.
    or will you survive on your knowledge and your faith in the true God.
    no fear, only faith, i have had success in faith, small but true.
    build faith, the battle is for your soul, we will all die any how.
    the promise of Jesus the Christ is for the acceptance.
    any body have a better plan?

  45. Jeff says:

    ‘Young and Restless’ Actor Corey Sligh Allegedly Hit by Car, Beaten


    No mention (of course) of the race of the perps, but most likely black or Mexican.

  46. Frederick says:

    RED PILL says:

    December 1, 2014 at 7:17 pm

    I agree with you. When all hell breaks out here. No better plan but faith in Jesus Christ alone for He is the way.
    John 14:6

  47. protocolsRtrue says:

    I heard that some white guy or white lady actually believed something a jew or a nigger had to say? Aint that some amazing stupidity? Of course most niggers believed the sounds coming out of a jews mouth. The reason they invented jewprompters and TV’s was for stupid niggers and stupid white people.

  48. protocolsRtrue says:

    If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor
    If you like your health care plan you can keep your health care plan
    If you are a voting age college student you can stay on mommy and daddys health care plan till age 26
    If you have pre existing conditions like aids or ebola or diabetis or whatever you will not be denied coverage .
    Everybody’s health care will be better
    And nobody will pay a single dime more.

    These niggers truly do rely on jewprompters and the stupidity of stupid voters don’t they? But the nigger kept repeating the same lies over and over again!

  49. protocolsRtrue says:

    Oh I forgot to mention that we will add 30 million more niggers on to Medicaid.

    Which leads to the legalizing 20 million illegal immigrants or letting them stay will help our economy. First the nigger says:

    They will pay back taxes. Yeah right nigger I’m sure they will pull out all the receipts from their cash pay from the last 10 years and go to the irs office so they can pay the back taxes.

    They will help our economy. Yeah right nigger people who do not speak English and have less than a high school diploma and four kids will help our economy. More like with the child dependant deductions plus the child CREDIT deductions will mean a serious net LOSS to our economy and treasury. When the wave hits MY school system and they ask ME for more money to pay for the illegal immigrant children who don’t speak English guess what I’m going to say?

    This nigger in charge is almost as despicable traitor committing treason as a jew is with his ability to lie.

    Every dollar they ask for to support these new immigrants should be deducted from the foreign aid money we give to other countries and the un. Starting with isrial.

    In the mean time as jews and niggers and Hispanics know is that every day a new nigger or a new Hispanic will be born in the usa as bruce spreenstien jewboy would say and is another American citizen. Born in the land of the free welfare state white American taxpayers pay for it he he ha ha. How many hispaniglets and niglets will be born in the land of the free tonight? How many tomorrow? How many in the next three years?

  50. Mossad Did 9/11 says:

    @ Red Pill & Frank F.
    Yeah , I have a better plan. Let’s resist and fight back on every level instead of just complaining about it and waiting for our predetermined ‘fate’ of complete destruction that you have so much faith in. If you are so confident that our fate is sealed because it says so in a 2000 yr old book then what is your purpose here ? It is pure Defeatism. According to you and religious jew myths we are already finished. I’m not giving up and neither are a lot of other people. And you won’t convince me to.

  51. protocolsRtrue says:

    But we are ALL immigrants! Mostly but was there free medical care back in the 1600’s? Was there free housing or welfare (tanf) ? was there free foodstamps and ebt cards? Was there free schools for niggers and assfirmative actions and diversity hiring and promoting stupid niggers back then? Was there a section 8 housing voutures awaiting every immigrant in the 1600’s ? or the 1700’s? or the 1800’s? Or even the early 1900’s? No it seems like the welfare state started mostly after jews started getting here and niggers were allowed the right to vote. And look at us now? Only seventeen trillion dollars in debt with 70 trillion in unfunded liabilities and trillion dollars a year deficit with most of it to pay worthless niggers and jews and interest on the jews from jekyl island. He he ha ha done with niggers and jews. But all the rest of you can keep on paying for your own destruction if you want to.

  52. Frederick says:

    summerled says:

    November 30, 2014 at 9:07 pm
    Svetlana Razina & CG Bros. – Homeland.

    Great Russki Rock!

    ‘And you forget about what happened.’ ‘I don’t want my forces fall victim to the enemy.’ Some lyrics from the song.
    ‘If you forget where you came from, you will not know where your going!’ A generalization of the song,

    – Blessings & Do svidania!

  53. sog says:

    diamond district bringsd to mind the blood diamond propaganda ..the lessonof sierra leone ..etc …
    cecil rhoades blew up 3 million apes while diamond and raw material searching till he realized he could tax them instead …all diamonds are blood diamonds …the diamond trade is 100% controlled by 2 kikes ..1 of em a russian kike has the csarita bloody clothing or something …bloody ring maybe ..been awhile…according to jews all daimonds belong to jews and germans stole them ..anyway bullshit ..jews think they own all diamonds …and may a meteor hit kiryat joel …may an a-bomb hit tel aviv …
    sorry for head in ass advice ,been awhile ,dont do this at home shit …7mm 1/4 inch drive sockets fit in 45 cal shell and other shit too ..just sayin maybe lead will be banned outright soon …
    jason i heard ya and i got the link ..
    morningliberty . com
    there are other links aand other theories like 100,000 chin troops in mexico …since mexico is kike owned and controlled i wouldnt be at all surprised ..oh well ..

  54. ihatekikes says:

    frederick can I have my answer to my question I asked you?

  55. Barney says:

    There seems to be a general misunderstanding as to the race of the recent Ferguson hammer attack victim.

    Bosnia was a part of Jugoslavija (Yugoslavia) before it was broken up into separate states a few years ago. I wasn’t properly racially aware at the time, but I was in Slovenija (Slovenia) the year before the break-up, and I saw the people as White, with some of the “ordinary” locals in the non-tourist areas among the most helpful, most generous people I’ve met anywhere. I’m sure they have their criminals too, as every country has, but I can’t fault the people I met, and could happily live among them.

    Slovenija, and Jugoslavija generally, borders the Mediterranean, so though the people may not be as White as Scandinavians, they’re as White as the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks, and they’re certainly White in their behaviour.

    Perhaps I’m biassed or under-informed. Slovenija is in the North of what was once Jugoslavija, among the Alps. I didn’t get to the South of the country, so perhaps the people are different there.

    (A note on my use of their spellings. The letter J has a Y sound in their language, and wherever a word contains a natural Y sound, as in Austria [Austrija], they insert a J, and I choose to use their spelling as a mark of respect. Now try pronouncing Ljubljana, the name of Slovenija’s capital city 🙂 ).

  56. Barney says:

    Here in the jewknighted queendom, I learned recently that employers are paid £850 (about $1,300 US) for every immigrant they bring into the country, up to 20 immigrants per year for each employer, helping to keep British workers on the dole.

    Worse, zog-uk pays the same amount to the immigrants, £850 “to cover relocation costs”.

    There’s very little council housing left since most of it was sold off at bargain prices a few years ago, but what there is goes primarily to parasitic immigrants.

    We continually hear CRAP about immigrants “working harder” than us, doing the jobs we “won’t do” and receiving only minimum wage. Apologies to the ladies present, but that is absolute BOLLOCKS!

    Some immigrants may well be hard workers, but so are our own unemployed people.

    If the immigrant parasites do the jobs we “won’t” do, how did those jobs get done before the immigrants arrived?

    Minimum wage is irrelevant. We get that too if we can find a job, but nobody can survive on it without all the perks given to immigrants.

    They get free, or rent-controlled, council housing where this is available, but I learned recently that a lot of employers create immigrant “villages” out of portable buildings for the immigrants to live in rent-free. They may (or may not) be fairly basic, but with all the other “perks” they get, plus free housing, the immigrants are still queueing up to swarm across the channel.

    We have to pay nearly £150 a year (about $200 US) for a licence to watch tel-aviv-zion (if we haven’t got anything better to do with our minds). Immigrants don’t. They’re exempt.

    I believe I’m right in saying immigrants get free mobile ‘phones, probably with about six million free calls back home every month.

    Suspiciously high numbers of immigrants seem to have new cars, and not some cheap old crap, but the more expensive models, How TF do they get them unless zog supplies them?

    There’s no doubt whatsoever in my mind that zog supplies them with the (“illegal” for us) weapons of their choosing, with plenty of ammunition in the case of guns.

    Immigrants know “our” laws don’t apply to them. They can abuse, rape, rob and kill as many of us as they like, and nothing will be done about it, but woe betide any English Man or Woman who dares to say one word against them.

    Illegals can stay as long as they want, or they can claim (I believe the amount is) £2,000 (about £3,000 US) to go back where they came from, but there’s nothing to stop them claiming it, going to France and then sneaking back in to claim another £2,000 to do it all again.

    It’s all in the protocols.

    There’s only one answer, and we all know what it is, but it would be “illegal” to discuss it.

    All I can say is that Kipling will be proven right yet again, and not a moment too soon.

  57. Frederick says:

    ihatekikes says:

    December 2, 2014 at 3:29 am

    frederick can I have my answer to my question I asked you?

    You remember the question?

    Yes my friend, I already have; on November 30, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    ihatekikes says: Q. -jews should have their own land in palestine as god decreed?

    But let me reiterate, some Christians say they can give a no or yes. Truly not possible!
    I also can’t and won’t give you my personal thoughts either way. If I say I live by God’s Bible then let me give the best possible answer without my own biases.

    And lastly, I really think the PLO / Hamas and the Israeli Government deserve one another, there both culpable in there violent struggle according to the Holy Bible.
    But there is a end game for both!

    So I reprinted / reposted the best explanation below. I challenge anyone to assist or give a better one.

    Frederick says:

    November 30, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    ihatekikes says: Q. -jews should have their own land in palestine as god decreed?

    I really can’t give a yes or no. And I’m not so keen on knowing these prophecies.
    The best explanation for now.

    Actually God is not blessing the Jews today, they have already been blessed with land that was promised to them during the times of Abraham & Moses and God has decreed that. But God gives and He takes away! The land today called Israel which the Jews now live or if you wanna say Palestine.
    This land today may not have been decreed by God or given, But it was prophesied that the Jews / Hebrews would return to there homeland that was originally given, likely NOT God’s divine will, but His permissive will, big difference.

    Its like a divers cuts you off in traffic, steals your lane ahead of you. But you being a nice guy, say you retard you can have it and I won’t try to f…. with you!. Because I got better things to do!.

    We are sort of living in the end times, but is it the beginning or nearer to the
    end, no one truly knows? The Rabbis of today justify or interrupting the prophecies of right to return for their current agenda (the zionist movement) that God promised, only could be abusing this? To consider, Yes it is true that God will give or return the Hebrews to there original land, but to the people, not to the zealots. Meaning the common Jewish people and not to the rabbis or current leaders. There are a few prophecies regarding the Jews to Israel currently.

    What I understand the facts are, #1 Prophecies are 100% accurate (challenge anyone that can prove otherwise) #2 The Jews or Hebrews will be return to there land whether God decrees it or not, (meaning divine or permissive will). #3 Arabs / Palestinians have NO prophecies (nothing in the Koran or Bible) regarding this land and they have at least a dozen other Arab nations to freely go to. But no one wants these Palestinians, would you want them in your back yard? (Dearborn, Mich.) Also, there is no right to kick/ exile the Palestinians off where they are. #4 In the end the Holy God of the Bible rules.

    A general prophecy regarding Jews to their return homeland, There are many similar, I’d need more time to be fair about these prophecies.
    Book of
    Zechariah 8

    7 Thus says the Lord of hosts, ‘Behold, I am going to save My people from the land of the east and from the land of the west; 8 and I will bring them back and they will live in the midst of Jerusalem; and they shall be My people, and I will be their God in truth and righteousness.’

    There are many similar, I’d need sometimes to be fair about these prophecies. Or to give you a no or yes if its possible? Kind of sorry that I’m rather limited.
    Until later


  58. protocolsRtrue says:

    These people know how to deal with career criminals and save money and jail space at the same time. adults only warning.


  59. Laydee Liberty says:

    Tim Wise IS A kosher HYPOCRITE!

    According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN,
    the ANTI-white crypto Jew propagandist agitator lives in a 100 % WHITE neighborhood, his house is worth $639,300.


  60. carnac123 says:

    In many instructional books on communist takeovers of countries the writers (like Alinski) remind the revolutionaries of the importance of keeping the population of the targeted country riled up and uneasy all of the time. Negroes are pawns of the left to keep the country boiling. The Negro is just acting as himself but he can be used as a weapon and aimed at enemies and the left uses him just for that. Negroes are mainly deficient in brain power and know in their hearts they generally are not a white person’s equal so they have a chip on their should towards everyone, especially white people. It does not take a lot of effort to make them crazy and go off on white people or white governments. The left uses their stupidity and their tendency to violence to keep the masses stirred up. Whites get worried and defensive and blacks get mad or scared of their own people;….depending who they are. Soon unrest rules the day and the left take advantage of the chaos. Blacks are normally violent, criminal minded, and racist but when urged on by professional agitators and leftist medias, they even surpass their usual anti-white hatefulness. The left and blacks are attached at the hip and one helps the other. Next time you see a black community leader know you are looking at, in essence, a leftist, white-hating, violent prone enemy that you will have to destroy one day.

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