Jew Hypocrites DEMAND America Take in Planet


From David Duke

The never-ending hypocrisy of Jewish Supremacism, double standards and its “divide and conquer” strategy is on full display once again as a result of a new Human Rights Watch (HRW) report which has roundly condemned Israel for expelling asylum seekers—while at the same time, Israel-supporting Jewish organizations in America and Europe continue to demand that even more asylum seekers be let into Europe and the US.

The Human Rights Watch report, titled “Make Their Lives Miserable” (available on the HRW website here) says that Israeli authorities coerced almost 7,000 Eritrean and Sudanese to return to their homes, where they face serious threats to life.

As of August 2014 . . . the authorities’ unlawful coercion policy is gradually achieving Israel’s interior minister’s aim of ‘encouraging the illegals to leave,” the HRW report reads.

“By the end of June 2014, at least 6,400 Sudanese and at least 367 Eritreans had officially left Israel for their home countries, while Israel had only recognized two Eritreans, and no Sudanese, as refugees.

“This report documents how Israel has created convoluted legal rules to thwart Eritrean and Sudanese refugees’ attempts to secure the protection to which they are entitled under international and Israeli law.

“It also shows how Israel has used the resulting insecure legal status as a pretext to detain or threaten to detain them indefinitely, and has thereby coerced thousands into leaving Israel. Israel’s policies are well summed up in the words of former Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai who said that as long as Israel cannot deport them to their home countries, it should “’lock them up to make their lives miserable.’”

The HRW report also detailed how the Jews-only state—which uses DNA tests to check if would-be legal immigrants are Jewish enough to be allowed in—ensures that asylum seekers are denied any opportunity to even put their case:

“Israel’s use of detention to coerce people into leaving has been reinforced by an asylum system that systematically denies Eritreans and Sudanese access to fair and efficient asylum procedures. This helps Israel avoid granting them refugee status which would entitle them to remain in Israel with freedom of movement and associated rights until it is safe for them to return to their home countries.”

The HRW report goes into great detail how asylum seekers in Israel are denied all the rights which are accorded to refugees in other nations, and how the Jews-only state makes sure that it remains ethnically Jewish.

The contrast between this position and that of Israel’s most fanatic supporters in the USA—the major Jewish organizations—reveals clearly the outrageous hypocrisy.



The Jew ADL also promotes our race to mate ourselves away, like this shot found on their website touting White women with blacks. This is a direct assault on our race. The ADL has about a 50 million dollar a year budget for pushing the Jewish Agenda on America. (INCOG)

A statement put out by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on July 7, 2014 (see copy above), for example, titled “Jewish Statement on Unaccompanied Children at the U.S.-Mexico Border,” and endorsed by 20 of the largest Jewish organizations which make up the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, says:

“As organizations deeply rooted in Jewish values, we support policies that promote human rights, ensure the protection of children, and fulfill the Torah’s mandate to ‘welcome the stranger.’

“As such, we are very concerned about the urgent humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border. Migration of vulnerable children and others from the “Northern Triangle” of Central America . . . . The safety and well-being of these migrants—and particularly the unaccompanied children—must be at the heart of every policy decision made in response to this humanitarian crisis.”

The Jewish statement then goes on to demand that asylum seekers in the US be given refuge to “start their lives anew in our communities” and that they be funded by the taxpayers at the same time.

“Based on the Jewish values to which we adhere and our proud history as a community and nation established by immigrants and refugees, we urge the U.S. government to protect both children and refugees in a humane manner.”

At the same time, the ADL runs a “support Israel” campaign in which it tells activists how they can express their support for the Jews-only state.


The situation is thus as follows:

  1. The Jewish Supremacists in America demand that the US opens its borders to refugees and asylum seekers.
  2. The Jewish Supremacists in America simultaneously fanatically support the state of Israel and demand that Americans support that Jews-only state, ideologically and financially.
  3. Israel enforces an anti-asylum seeker policy which is the most extreme opposite of what the Jewish Supremacists demand Americans accept.

This blatant hypocrisy forms an important part of the Jewish fanatics’ “divide and conquer” policy.

By this they intend to completely weaken all non-Jews—and Europeans in particular, who are their most-hated enemy—while at the same time, ensuring that Israel remains ethnically pure and Jewish.

Once again, it is one law for the Jewish Supremacists, and another law for the hated Goyim.

Watch the video “How Zionists Divide and Conquer:”


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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43 Responses to Jew Hypocrites DEMAND America Take in Planet

  1. Sen10L says:

    Cursed be the assholes of Zion. Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, for it is hypocrisy.

  2. RED PILL says:

    it’s war in America.

  3. Ruth House says:

    If you rearrange the letters in “illegal immigrants,” and add just a few more letters, it spells: “Go home you free-loading, benefit-grabbing, resource-sucking, baby-making, non-English-speaking jackasses and take those other hairy-faced, rag-headed, sandal-wearing, bomb-making, camel-riding, goat-loving, raggedy-ass bastards with you.”

  4. peter says:

    Wake up all people – ignorance is turning our world into an uncontrollable mess.
    Quality people are being subjected to incompetence by way of the democratic system.
    Existing democratic system cannot support a discipline to protect all people’s interests.
    Quality people will have to take initiative and stop the stupidity created by the majority of so called financial heads misusing all people’s circumstances.
    Quality people will have to encourage all real men in the interest of women and children to remove
    all incompetent politicians from the democratic system as soon as possible.
    Please copy and paste this onto as many as possible comments available on the internet even if it is not related to the discussion – just get it spread around the world.
    Quality people can then start to redesign the democratic system in the interest of all of us.

  5. Bailey says:

    Excellent comment Ruth and a fine video from Mr. Lee.

    Here’s a fine video that shows the hypocrite jews of Israel mistreating black folk, they call them infiltrators and they learn that from Netanyahoo .

  6. Ruth House says:

    Thanks for the video – just shows . . . All men are equal – some are just MORE equal.
    At 1:13 the she-devil really rags on “racism” and how she and hers are entitled to have no niggers around. But, we the real chosen, the so-called “Goyim” we must and will suffer the nigger in all shapes and sizes at the behest of the kike jew.

    I quote:
    “This now is Israel, a country … where imposing collective punishment of innocents is the main point, whose elected officials pine openly for concentration camps and genocide . . .
    Hyper-nationalistic, loaded with nuclear weapons, deeply racist, persuaded that opposition to it is derived from anti-semitism, feeling that the holohoax gives it a license to do whatever it wants and that the normal rules of international conduct
    will never apply to it.”
    — Scott McConnell
    Give this video a listen, and then listen to it again, there’s a lot to be learned.

  7. MIKEY says:


  8. MIKEY says:


  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    Well it looks like the American people just may be waking up after all. We sent some libtards looking for a new job yesterday. The illegal immigrants on Medicaid and food stamps are getting nervous. And so are the millions of niggers who planned for a career of getting free stuff plus free sailfones with unlimited niggerbabble and texting. The niggers are worried they may actually have to get a job someday.

  10. Israhell on Earth says:

    Cabinet says it will compensate families affected by the buffer zone in the Sinai-Gaza border, intended to stop weapons and militant trafficking.

    The Egyptian cabinet said on Monday that 1,156 families will be evacuated along the country’s eastern border with the Gaza Strip, as part of an operation to set up a buffer zone to stop weapons trafficking between Egypt and the Palestinian territories.
    The Egyptian cabinet’s Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC) said 802 houses will be demolished once the residents leave, Egypt’s Ahram Online reported.
    The buffer zone, which will include water-filled trenches to thwart tunnel diggers, will be 500 meters (546 yards) wide and extended along the 13 kilometer (9 mile) border.
    The IDSC said affected families will receive approximately $40 in compensation, and homeowners will receive further compensation for the market loss of their houses.
    The decision to create the buffer zone was taken as part of an emergency program that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces and the Egyptian National Security Council announced last month, in response to the series of terror attacks in northern Sinai that killed 33 Egyptian soldiers.
    These attacks are among the worst to have taken place since the overthrow of former President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood leadership in June 2013.

    Egypt builds that buffer zone because the jews were able to install yet another Zio-servant in that country. ISIS will ensure that Syria, Iraq, and maybe even Lebanon have pro-Israel governments in the future as well. Nevermind all the innocent victims brutally killed and the millons of homeless refugees.
    Always remember what Pam Geller tought us goyim: There is no such thing as an innocent arab in palestine or elsewhere, they are all born violent and will grow up to become jew-haters and terrorists.

    As for Gaza, the main motive for the latest massacre seems to be greed, not security.
    What a shocker.Not.

    Israel’s defence minister has confirmed that military plans to ‘uproot Hamas’ are about dominating Gaza’s gas reserves

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    …..Kahane, a charismatic Jewish leader who advocated expelling all Arabs from israel, found followers in israel and the United States. ….

    Nov 5, 1990:
    Jewish extremist assassinated in New York

    Meir Kahane, an American-born rabbi and founder of the far-right Kach movement, is shot dead in New York City. Egyptian El Sayyid Nosair was later charged with the murder but acquitted in a state trial. The federal government later decided that the killing was part of a larger terrorist conspiracy and thus claimed the right to retry Nosair. In 1995, he was convicted of killing Kahane during the conspiracy trial of Brooklyn-based Arab militants led by Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman. Nosair was sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Kahane, a charismatic Jewish leader who advocated expelling all Arabs from israel, found followers in israel and the United States. He formed the Jewish Defense League in the United States in the 1960s and in 1971 moved to Israel, where he founded the Kach Party. Because of its racist platform, Kach was forbidden from participating in israeli elections after 1988, but it continued to be supported by extremist Jewish settlers in israel’s occupied territories. In 1994, after a Jewish settler once affiliated with the Kach movement gunned down more than 30 Arabs worshipping in a mosque in the West Bank town of Hebron, Israel completely outlawed the organization.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews are the most racist supremacists people on the planet by far. Yet they try so hard to put up the façade that they are really the good guys trying to help people.

  13. RED PILL says:

    jew faced rats line up to die. a view of the final solution.
    it would work, just throw out handfuls of dimes for bait.
    OK, i got a sick mind that seeks out a solution to the problem.
    i can still dream, can’t i ?right ? they are just dirty diseased vermin
    spreading their sickness to an unsuspecting public.

  14. Barney says:

    There’s another non-story on the Bolshevik Brainwashing Channel (BBC) today about the millions of niggers waiting in France for an opportunity to swarm across the channel.

    If this wasn’t exactly what zog-uk wants, the answer would be simple. Just take the bird feeders down and the birds would stop coming. Birds. Niggers. Same thing with any parasite. Stop feeding them, and they’ll go away.

    (Actually I like birds. It’s niggers, muds, other parasites, and especially the parasitic species known as jews that I’d rather not have in what was once my country.)

    If these parasitic niggers really were the “refugees” we’re told they are, they’d be happy to settle anywhere safe, so why don’t they stop running once they reach Europe? Why travel hundreds of extra miles to reach the tiny multicult-infested island that was once known as Britain (and will be again)?

    If they really were escaping persecution in Apefreaka, why not stop in the first “safe” country they come to? That’s what anyone with half a brain (description of a typical nigger) would do. Run from danger, and stop running when you reach a place of safety.

    They don’t though. They don’t stop at Greece, Italy or Spain, but insist on travelling another thousand miles or so to reach Britain.

    W H Y ?

    Obvious answer – because they’re greedy parasitic bastards that want all the extra “goodies” zog-uk is offering to any parasite that can get here.

    Greece, Italy, Spain, the countries that made up the former Jugoslavija (Yugoslavia), France, Germany, Belgium, Holland (have I missed any?) can all be considered “safe” for niggers, but the trouble is that they’re not refugees. They’re parasites looking for a bigger, better meal, and it’s clear to me that zog-uk has advertised all through Apefreaka that English blood not only tastes better, but is much more plentiful.

    How would some primitive tribe know what was on offer in a country thousands of miles away? It doesn’t make sense. Why does it have to be (the multicult sewer once known as) England? If they really were in danger, they wouldn’t care where they ended up as long as it was safe.

    Somehow they know zog-uk is offering much more than any other country. That’s why they’re so determined to get here rather than (falsely) “claiming asylum” in any other country they pass through on the way.

    They’re not even short of judenfetzen or they wouldn’t be able to pay a fortune for their boat trip across the Med or for a long ride in the back of a truck (we call them lorries over here, but as this is primarily an American site I’ll use language most people will understand).

    Those of us who are still dumb enough to watch tel-aviv-zion have to pay zog a “license fee” of about £150 a year (about $220 US) for the privilege of using their own equipment, or face a “fine” of up to £1,000 and/or time in the cage.

    Immigrants don’t. They’re exempt.

    If we want a mobile ‘phone, we have to buy one.

    Nothing wrong with that, except that immigrants don’t. They get one free.

    We have to obey “the law”, however unfair most of the recent laws may be.

    Immigrants don’t. They’re very nearly exempt, and they know it, even before they arrive in what was once my country (and will be again).

    I believe I read somewhere that immigrants get free electricity. I don’t know whether that’s true, but my electricity bills total something like £2,000 a year (about $3,000 US). Admittedly I use a lot because I feel the cold more than most, but I pity those who can’t afford to keep warm.

    We can’t claim “the dole” immediately on leaving school. Our kids have to pay in for a certain amount of time to “qualify”, and when they find themselves out of work because some “affirmative action” nigger or queer has been given their job, their judenfetzen can be cut off at any time if zog’s enforcers decide they “aren’t trying hard enough” to find a job that doesn’t exist.

    Immigrants come here and go straight on the dole with no pressure to find a job, or even to learn our language, and I suspect that they get a lot more judenfetzen than our own genuinely unemployed people.

    It’s “illegal” nowadays for employers to specify who they want to employ. They can’t advertise specifically for men, or for women, or for English-speakers. One firm was criticised after advertising for “hard workers” because, as zog said, the advert discriminated against the lazy. Unbelievable, but true.

    For those immigrants that want to work (they probably don’t pay income tax), employers are forced by “law” to discriminate against our own people, and can “illegally” advertise for any race other than English.

    Employers aren’t allowed to “discriminate” against queers or other weirdos, but they can advertise for them if they want to fill the workplace with perverts. The pole-lice (cops) do that a lot.

    You don’t see immigrants dressed in rags and walking everywhere. Most are well-dressed and seem to have cars. Where do they get cars? Does zog supply them free? It wouldn’t surprise me.

    Immigrants have guns, machetes, kukris, whatever weaponry their “culture” (as found in a petri dish) demands. We can’t have weapons, and we face severe penalties for “possession” of anything that could conceivably be used in self-defence.

    Guns and other weapons are just not available to us. I believe there are still rifle and pistol clubs, where bullets are literally counted in and out to ensure nobody takes one home (I believe the allowance is something like 20 shots per month), and the wealthiest farmers are still allowed shotguns for “pest control”, but only if they satisfy certain conditions including sufficient acreage, ammunition safes, licking the right boots, and who knows what else?

    Every week there’s at least one shooting in Londonistan or elsewhere, usually niggers shooting niggers, so no loss to the country, but the only way niggers could get firearms is if zog supplies them. Either that or the border agents are told to look the other way when heavily-armed niggers are coming in.

    Same with machetes. How else could Pakis get them, or get them into the country? We couldn’t.

    Get rid of the bird feeders. Stop offering Africoons and other parasites an easy life with more rights and “goodies” than they’d get in any other country, and the problem would go away to sponge off someone else.

    First we need to depose the devil’s vermin, then all we’ll have to do is take the bird feeders down and we’ll be well on the way to having our country back.

  15. RED PILL says:

    Take Down The Bird Feeder (quit feeding the niggers & illegal immigrants)

  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    Awesome Red Pill. My stepdad Jim who served on two ships sunk by the slant-eyed japs could not have said it better. And I don’t even hate orientals. I hate worthless fucking niggers and criminals and parasites like jews.

  17. 100 ovens of jews in the hall, 100 ovens of joooos. Ya turn up the gas, toss in a match, 99 ovens of jews in the hall. —New drinkin’ song. Spread it around. Sing it to the kikenvermin.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    Watch and listen to the Red Pill post at 1:27. I like the part where he say’s my kids are 4 grades behind in the schools I pay for because half the class doesn’t speak fucking English.

  19. RED PILL says:

    How to tell if there is a God of the Bible ?, and that he loves you.
    well it’s because you were not born a jew or a nigger.
    that is the curse you could have been born into.
    thank you Lord, amen

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:


    In yet another example of outrageous Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy, major US Jewish organizations have demanded that Americans not stigmatize immigrants because of diseases they may carry – but at the same time support Israel which openly stigmatizes African immigrants as “carriers of diseases.”

    The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in a blog post titled “Anti-Immigrant Groups Call For Immigration Bans Following Ebola Scare” slammed a whole series of what it called anti-immigration activists” as “bigots” because they oppose mass immigration from central and south America and Africa, on the grounds that they pose a serious health and terrorist risk to America,

    According to the ADL, anti-immigrant groups [have] seized the opportunity to use this information [Ebola] as a way to speak out against mass-immigration.”

    David Duke’s article shows the ADL article.

  21. Barney says:

    Remember this quote, copied and pasted from Jim Stone’s site,

    The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre” – Benjamin Netanyahoo

    … and they wonder why they’re hated by everyone who knows what evil SCUM they are? How could we not hate demonic, non-human things that are so completely insane that they want to exterminate not only us, but all life?

    Send them all back and let God sort things out? NO. They have no soul, so they won’t even get that far. They’re empty shells, so when they die, they cease to exist. They won’t even go back to their father the devil because they’re not real.

    No soul. No compassion. No empathy. No love. Nothing, just a blind hatred for all that is.

    Either we survive or they do. There’s no other way.

    As Red Pill has said already, “Thank you, God, for not making me a jew or one of those jungle apes known as niggers”.

    I’m no angel, but I know I’ve got a Home to go back to when I finally get off this prison planet.

    They keep going on about their “blood moon tetrad”. WTF? Civilised people never called a simple lunar eclipse a “blood moon” before. We always called it an eclipse. It’s hardly an unusual event, even if there are two this year and two in 2015. It’s happened before and it will happen again.

    Blood moon my arse! Why can’t people just call things what they are, the way we always did in the past?

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:


    “The Norwegian people have very little experience dealing with minorities… So we have a BIG “job to do” in bringing minorities to them, according to Ervin Kohn.

    Kohn is the President of the Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

  23. Barney says:

    Yidland (I refuse to call it “israel” because it isn’t) is too jewish. Time to introduce some “diversity”. What about some monkeys, warthogs, niggers, rattlesnakes, crocodiles, say six million of each for a start.

    The jews will resent us for it, but monocultures like theirs can’t be allowed to continue “in this day and age” (the favourite phrase used by hate-filled faggots).

    What we need is an anti-racist Hitler.

  24. The Elder of Zyklon-B says:

    “Pedophile Polish Jew Polanski protected by Polish government”

    Now get this all you goyim out there, “it is inappropriate to seek the arrest of a “child of the Holocaust.”

  25. Bailey says:

    Barney @12:12 pm,

    Excellent post Barney !

    Much the same here in the Jewnited states of Amerikwa.

    I know that the mexcriments radio stations advertise where the shitbags can go when they reach amerikwa, where jobs are and where the sanctuary cities are.

    Niggers get all the free shit you mention here too , they all have sweet rides that a common man couldn’t afford even if he wanted a nigger rig with 20″ wheels and nigger tint. Must be all that time they have on their hands not having to work , they have more time to sell dope or rob white people.
    I go to the liquor store for beer on the weekend and the niggers have shopping carts full of top shelf booze because they trade their EBT for cash to get liquored up.

    The spic bodegas will allow a welfare recipient to use EBT to buy cigarettes at extra cost and they’ll ring it up as food stuffs. In Massatwoshits EBT is accepted in ATM machines at strip clubs, it would be racist if niggers couldn’t use cash allowance to check out white whores .

    Imagine that, niggers using tax payer money to tip filthy whores (or young women putting themselves through college) and get drunk.

    Hell, I’d give up some of my white privilege for that.

    Great video REDPILL,

    Take down the bird feeders !

  26. Bailey says:

    Yea Elder ,

    I saw that in the jewspaper yesterday, Holohoax survivors are noe free to pooch little girls. Some thing tells me that the Polish elites are jews.

  27. MIKEY says:


  28. RED PILL says:

    For those that believe what the bible states. the Edomite jews will be destroyed
    by the “man” upstairs (edom=jews, communist, reds, or hook nosed kikes) .

    For the fools that say “God loves every one”, i don’t fucking think so.
    “For my sword shall appear in Heaven and shall come down upon Edom dooming that accursed race.” “For it is the day of the Lord’s vengeance, and the year of recompense for the controversy of Zion”—Isaiah Ch. 34, v. 5 & 8, Moffat A.V.

    Keep the faith and move a mountain (jewish power) from in front of us, does any body have a better plan or one at all?. for me and mine, we chose the Lord to serve.

    remember, it’s pest control, follow directions, use safely.

  29. RED PILL says:

    THE LONGEST HATRED An Examination of Anti-Gentilism


    THE BANKING RACKET | The Bank Fraud: How It Works | The Bank Fraud: How It Was Invented

    THE BANK ‘OF ENGLAND’ AND THE NATIONAL DEBT | U.S. ‘Federal Reserve’ A Similar Racket | Behind Those Bank TV Adverts…

    CONTROL OF MONETARY ISSUE MUST RETURN TO THE CROWN | “Her Majesty’s Inspector Of Taxes” A Lie | National Independence: Japan Shows The Way

    THE ROTHSCHILDS: HEREDITARY PRINCES OF USURY | A Russian Count On The Rothschild Dynasty

    THE BANKING SYSTEM CORRUPTS ‘DEMOCRACY’ | Banks Create Inflation And Recession | Parliament: The Tool Of The Bankers | The Centre Of The Money Power


    COMMUNISM IS JEWISH | Bankers Control Capitalism And Communism | The ‘Cold War’ A Fraud | American Intelligence Officers Expose The Jews Behind Communism | Zionism And Communism: Jewish Twins | Why The Change In Eastern Europe?

    THE REAL REASON FOR COLOURED IMMIGRATION INTO BRITAIN | Race-Mixing Is Deadlier Than The H-Bomb | The Race Laws | Plans Formulated Years Ago | Race-Mixing: The Lesson Of History Suppressed | “Make Racism A Dirty Word!” | Immigration And The Slave Trade: The Jewish Connection


    ‘ANTI-SEMITISM’ CAUSED BY JEWISH ANTI-GENTILISM | Talmudic Blasphemies | “Fundamentally, Judaism Is Anti-Christian” | ‘The Jews And Their Lies’ | Organised Evil

    MASONIC SECRET SOCIETIES ARE CONTROLLED BY JEWRY | Planned Chaos | “Beloved Brethren Of Moses.. .”


    THE TRUTH REVERSED IN ‘HOLOCAUST’ HOAX | Mass Extermination By Gas Chambers—How The Jews Say It Was Done | What Fred Leuchter’s Evidence Revealed Was Done | Anne Frank’s Story







  30. Barney says:

    Just a quick one from me for now. I’ve got a lot to do over the next few days, and won’t be able to get on the internet very much until about the middle of next week.

    I just wanted to remind everyone that this coming Sunday is another 9/11, and it’s 13 years (and a bit) since the WTC demolition.

    Rixon Stewart posted this on October 17th.

    Taken from that page, here’s the message he received from his psychic friend.

    “They are planning to wipe out an entire town in the USA with a dirty nuke and blame it on “the enemy”.
    “Scheduled for November.
    “There’s a train running through the town.
    “From the hillside you can see the train station and nearby a clock tower.
    “It’s an old town divorced from the mainstream. It is innocent in most respects.
    “Israel, UK and US are planning this as their next false flag.
    “The nuke is on the train.
    “This is what I see.
    “I’m sorry I don’t have more info.
    “Get it out there if we want to prevent it.
    “Regards … “

    Not everyone accepts the existence of psychic abilities, but we know the devil’s vermin are planning “something big”, and then there’s this quote from one of hell’s main representatives on Earth.

    The Jews are on the verge of annihilation at the hands of the racist goyim and the only way to save the day is to carry out one final massacre” – Benjamin Netanyahoo.

    Even the poorly-educated mass-murderer Dickhead Cheney is “warning” that the next false flag will be “more bigger, more betterer and more deadlier” than his and Mossad’s previous “bestest” effort in 2001.

    We know the insane bastards are planning something “even bigger” than the WTC demoliton, probably in several countries at once. We know they’re obsessed with their infantile “magic” numbers. We know they want to destroy the entire world. Satanyahoo effectively says so in the quote above.

    We know it’s coming. What we don’t know yet is where or when, but this Sunday, 9/11/14 as we’d express it here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), is a date to watch.


  31. Luke says:

    I don’t normally resort to excessive profanity when I post comments, but in this case, I am strongly motivated to make a rare exception.

    Just what in the holy FUCK is David Duke trying to accomplish with an article that, from my point of view and interpretation of it – sounds as if he is CONDEMNING the vile and despicably evil jews for doing the perfectly racially sensible thing by KICKING THESE MUDSHITS OUT of their stolen piece of real estate? Granted, I do ‘get’ the indirect attempt by Duke to try to highlight the ‘double standard’ – but, for shits sake, is Duke so freaking stupid as to think that this kind of approach is going to earn him or our White survival movement any points that are credible with our self-loathing, self-hating, Hollywood brainwashed White kinsmen?

    David Duke needs to pull his head out of his white ass and cease CRITICIZING these hook nosed evil bastards when they are taking the very same measures that Whites in every historic White European nation are also going to have to take in order to survive.

    His strategy needs to be to point out what the jews are doing, quote their statements about how they must do this in order to preserve their dominance in their stolen piece of real estate and then praise them and advocate that Whites need to follow their example and do the EXACT SAME THING.

  32. because Americans are afraid of offending someone and not looking nice, being liked. It’s called morality and manners.

    Fricking Amercän males have become a bunch panzies. Fricking men look you in the eye and tell you to get the frick off their territory on pain of a brutal death.

    jews got some our best hung up in the military, screwing around with kids over in irak and afganistan.

    Priority number 1: get the parasites out.

    Hear me?

  33. PRT, my condolences on the loss of your stepfather. Sounds like a worthy character. He knows how much you cared for him, tell you that.

  34. Love that 1:27 vid. Very entertaining. We need more cigar-chomping loud mouths on you tube like that. Seriously. I wonder if that guy knows about the jews and their diabolical plans though. Does he realize it’s all by design?

  35. Frank Fredenburg says:

    109 Locations Whence Jews Have Been Expelled Since AD 250

    People need to hear this piece of history over and over. Why have jews been kicked out of so many places throughout history?

  36. CB says:

    Guys, I’ve got the strongest suspicion
    that the ‘Anti-Racist Hitler’ video –
    see the Comments – is the handiwork
    of the Jews themselves. It’s not at all
    unusual for the Jews to wholesale their
    arse on both sides of the street – and
    ingratiate themselves with both sides.

  37. sog says:

    shit ..that site i found on niggers who have killed 3-4-7 whites among many of their own and was arrested for was a list thousands long ..i have little time to search for it again ..maybe i can stiil find it ..i get sick and fuckin tired of all thr jew hoopla about fergusin when several BLACK WITNESSESS say the nigger attacked the cops ..and he was a prime person of interest in amurdered case as a minor etc etc ,,he a good boy ,he dindoo nuffin …fuck rosa nigger parks the stanky nigger cunt and the fuckin shit disturber asshole ellis tills that the adl killed to further their racist bs …if the husband of the woman tills molested killed him ,so what was about boundaries crossed with a married woman and alot of these boundaries are not exclusive to color …if the kkk had killed the mutt they would ahve buried him in another county ..yeah ellis tills a future serial killer and or rapist ..and the shit cock nigger from ferguson who is getting cannonized by the communist jewish media and moron nigger mobs ..autopsy and black witnesses prove the cop shot the n igger in self defense but the niggers still want their pound of white flesh …the story is as old as niggers them selves ..they have always been a problem to everyone including themselves ..they cant get out of their own way or live right ..they are just parasites of malevolent sullen hateful pedigree ..
    niggers putting on plays in calif ..yeah about the oscar grant bart shooting by mehserle …ooops ..yeah that was agoof or an agenda shooting ..the dude was cuffed on the ground ..meserhle etc used to practice the wyat earp sit to pullin his gun out 50 times a day and twirlin it so he would never forget how to pull his gun but on the day he cancelled grants ticket he says i pull me taser and oh lawwwrdy it was a gun do you mistake the 2 when your gun is on your favaroble hands side etc …mehserle was dumber than a nigger so they shoudlnt be so angry that a dummbass stupider than anigger shot a nigger ..grant would have wound up dead sooner or later and with a checkered past behind him like all other smart ass jiggaboos …
    rosa parks ..well anyway niggers wanted their own black bus drivers for thier areas at that time so this just created an impetus for this maexist fed platform ..and treyvon martin we see all the media shenannigans …oh yeah media shennaigans and jew is an oxymoron ..treyvon martin could have expected no less than a bullet from any one else of any color and alot faster from anigger ..since during the martinez kangaroo trial took like 15 months and niggers killed 11,106 other niggers during that time as well as their 700,000 annula racist attacks on whites every year..and its probably more like 8000 afrmericoonas shot the 11,106 shitbirds since all killer bot niggers trigger niggers are bona fide serial rapists and serial killers and serial thieves …just lookk at the effin crime stats …for fuck sake be armed and suspect every nigger thet gets too close to you …in san franpsyco some niggers was attacking whites randomly with a hammer ..sanj fransyco the place of the ZEBRA killings ..JUST ASK SHIT COCK FARRAKON ..HE WAS THEIR the beltway killer some freek ass muslim shooting whites for acceptance in the 5% ywaeh beez yaway n shit or NBPP or nation of shitslam ..fuck em all ..they all want you and yours dead ….so the beltway guy wqas offering tutelage and killing safaris ?… you dont think this boon wasnt taking a different nigger with him each time for acceptance and varification of a white kill ….yeah god damit its kill or be killed …it is past that time ..the war is on since the 1700’s against the benovelent soverign white race by shitkike jews and their toad armies ….when the shtf ,the worm will turn ..

  38. kenny kircher says:

    The kike is the eternal parasite,the race of serpants,the synagogue of hatred for those things is beyond fire.

  39. summerled says:

    oh by the way if anyone accuses you of holocaust denial just use my trusted old rebuttal
    what 6 million dead Jews GOOD RIDDANCE no crying over dead rats !!

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