Norway Jew Honcho Says Country TOO WHITE

Ervin-KohnErvin Kohn – President of The Jewish Community in Oslo and the Deputy Director at the Norwegian Center Against Racism.

Oh man, this is all-so-typical of these sorry GD Nation Wreckers!

I first saw this over on Daily Stormer and then Council of Conservative Citizens posted the video (below). Jews hate CofCC, even though they nicely try hard not to come down on Jews too much. But simply reporting the least of anything on what these Jews are up to gets Jew organizations like the ADL and SPLC screaming mad about evil haters — us White people had better not dare say a word!

Actually, it took me a little time to watch the video where the guy says it. Sometimes, I can’t bare to watch things like this because it makes me want to go totally haywire.

And of course he doesn’t come out and say it in so many words. These tricky-dicks know how to couch their subversions in multicult lingo that basically says as much. Notice how he’s got himself a foolish young liberal girl next to him to back up his BS. They so like having “Shabbos goys” alongside to camouflage their efforts at killing our race. Also note how he talks about increasing “anti-Semitism” — which would be entirely natural considering what these creeps have been up to.

Here’s the video in english. Note his use of the word “ethnically homogenous” — that’s Jew talk for too White. You don’t hear them describing African or Asian countries like this, do you? Roma are the gypsies — a totally filthy criminal race taking advantage of immigration into the West. I’m not sure if the girl on the left is Jewish or merely another blithering idiot liberal like we got plenty of in America. Maybe a Norwegian INCOG reader can check it out and drop us a quick note.

Now, this is all-too-typical of these Nation Wreckers. In case you are new to the issue, these Jews have been up to this for decades.

But it’s not some kind of massive secret conspiracy, like they want you to think we think.

It’s actually the Jew’s inner propensity for mucking up things, combined with long-running crazy paranoia about all us White people going all Nazi on their ass.

This is the driving force to what is sometimes called “cultural Marxism” or “the culture wars.” This is merely another description of PC, multiculturism or diversity. Everybody sees what this is all about:

  • Homosexuality (includes bizarre forms of transgenderism).
  • Black empowerment and black worship (blacks are always the hero).
  • White guilt over just about everything.
  • Hatred of Whites over just about everything.
  • Destroying the family unit with immorality.
  • Anti-Christianity, not only in the media, but public displays too.
  • Immigration of Third Worlders into White lands.
  • Making Whites and Christians look ridiculous and boring.
  • Promoting interracial sex as fashionable among our women.
  • Never-ending movies and documentaries portraying Hitler, Nazis and KKK as evil and the precious Jews as victims.
  • Hiding black and non-White criminal behavior whenever possible.
  • Protecting Jewry, Israel and their ongoing rip-offs and social engineering.

This kind of thing has been going on in all White countries. America, Australia, Austria, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Germany (of course), Holland, France, Sweden (the place has gone practically PC nuts) and Norway. Everywhere these Jews live and can get away with it, but act like they are merely other White people — only more caring, socially “conscious” and with some kind of old timey religion that is supposed to be the basis of Christianity (ridiculous).

What’s worse, is the backstabbers expect us to support Zionist Israel at the same GD time!

Yes, indeed, us White people are getting fed a giant crap sandwich. Unfortunately, because Jews and PC pretty much control the media, they can work this Agenda on our race while labeling any of us who dare speak up, as “haters” and a myriad other slander terms they have at the ready, like “White supremacist,” “homophobe,” “racist” and tons more.

Clearly, these Jews have been in a silent, undeclared (at least in public) war against us White Gentiles (non-Jewish) for decades, actually for hundreds of years.

You got to stop and think about this for a minute: This is not the ravings of a madman. All of what I talk about can easily be seen by yourself. It explains everything.

These arrogant, spiteful people have caused so much hurt and sorrow upon the world, it’s literally impossible to get your head around. From constant societal frictions between the sexes and races, to merciless, unrelenting warfare across nations and generations.

In fact, the more you know about these punks, the angrier you’ll be.

That’s why simply watching a video of them talking is enough to make this old coon dog mad as living hell!

— Phillip Marlowe

They want to replace this…


With this?



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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73 Responses to Norway Jew Honcho Says Country TOO WHITE

  1. Argo says:

    White protester hospitalized in racially motivated attack in Ferguson

    Police Attacked with Rocket Fireworks In East London

  2. jimbo says:

    Then why are you coming here and attacking Daily Stormer?

    uh….because Anglin’s a fckn CROOK who takes money off people and then bans them for no reason….

    even StormFCK doesn’t do that…..well…@ least, not until yr “sustaining member-ship” expires…..

    the only other who does it is that Linder bastard on VNN……..

  3. Aunty Sem says:

    I’m back! (but only temporarily) after having been locked into solitary confinement in a police cell for about 26 hours since 10.18 am last Monday morning…

    So I think that you should be all be warned of the following before they lock me away again on the 2nd of December 2014!….: Joshua Bonehill (Read bonehead), the Jewish-Kray twins admirer, is promoted by the Daily Stormer, ref:

    “Go figure”!!!
    And then take a look at the following BS which “Bonehead” is attempting to preach on his website:
    “Shocking revelation by the Daily Bale.
    The left wing politically correct Anti Fascists have been hiding a terrible secret that they desperately wanted to hide and why they so desperately wanted to silence the Daily Bale from revealing this shocking dreadful secret.!!!
    “The left wing politically correct Anti Fascists are really – NAZIS”

  4. Aunty Sem says:

    By God the kikes are quick! Apparently they have already removed that stupid comment of theirs about the Nazis!

  5. Aunty Sem says:

    Dear “GTR man”
    I am with you too “Bro Whiteman” with reference to the following comment of yours which you very recently posted on the on the DS website:
    November 13, 2014 at 12:58 am
    I met up with 2 fellow brothers in real life via Incogman, a few years back, its been invaluable.

    (im in UK)

    Ive been greatly helped out by one, and had another generous offer of help from the other. It inspired a few American Incog readers to do the same, “T-Bone”, “Bailey” and one other I cant recall.

    DO IT!”.

  6. Aunty Sem says:

    “Oops” Inogman
    I had to take a second attempt because I did not realise at the time that my posting was posted onto your “newer posts”.
    My very humble apologies to you my dear man for my not realising that at the time.
    Adrian DC
    A very proud self confessed, so called :”Anti Semite”!

  7. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Radio Stormer: On The Beguiling Of Women By The Jew

    I listened to a few minutes of this audio recording and it sounded okay. It is 60 minutes long.

  8. jimbo says:

    FUCK Radio (shite) Stormer….

    that fckn rip-off artist Anglin is just regurgitating stuff that much cleverer men than him have already “figured out”

    stay away from the ARSE-hole!!

    he’s a fucking CROOK!!

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