The Brutal Black Race Must be Dealt with Severely

NIKKI FRANCO MURDERNew Jersey native, Nicole “Nikki” Franco, 19, woke up to find a 15 year-old black burglar in her Florida apartment bedroom. After he stabbed her multiple times with a knife he stole from her own kitchen, he callously watched the poor girl die as she called 911 for help. Since DNA evidence linked him to the crime, he may have raped her, too. This is from the latest photo montage I recently did of White victims of the brutal black race. More sad montages can be seen on my masthead page, WHITE VICTIMS.”

I keep asking myself: What don’t you White people get?


Last week, Lahla Petersen, a five year-old little girl, was shot dead while sitting in her grandfather’s lap as black gang-bangers plastered her home with bullets. Imagine the uproar if the races were reversed?

Blacks are the ones who are the murderous, violent, criminal bastards victimizing us White people. It’s so obvious nowadays, even though the media does everything they can to keep this from common knowledge among our race. What’s worse is the media treats them like the heroes and forever-victims of “racist” Whites; even though it’s the other way around. Indeed, blacks are a scourge upon our or any nation — no doubt at all.

Am I furious about all this BS? You’re GD right I am.

The only reason why all this is now getting out is because of the Internet. This is one big reason why the mainstream media constantly ridicules the Internet — they want us Whites to blow it all off as “conspiracy nonsense” and not pay attention to what’s in front of our noses (on a lot of topics, most especially when it comes to Jews and Israel).

Now the blacks are threatening to riot should that decent White cop in Ferguson, Missouri, not get charged by the grand jury (expected by many since evidence clearly shows gangsta boy, Michael Brown, got what was coming to him).* Blacks don’t care anything about the truth and they certainly don’t care the least about any White person. That’s why these bastards are the ones who are the real racists.

I do so hope they try something. I say its way past time we go to war with these punks! I’ve plain had it up to here with their never-ending race griping and crime. We need to shut these apes up good and get some serious payback. They’ve had their chance.

The answer to the problem is fairly easy.

One, we withdraw our armed forces from Mideast NWO Jew wars and use them to invade South Africa. The campaign will be ridiculously easy, just as long as we prosecute the attack with extreme prejudice and firepower, whenever necessary.

There we can reconstitute that White nation (whom we screwed over in the first place), giving first priority to Afrikaners who had to flee. We establish military bases along the border to the other African countries and ruthlessly kill any blacks attempting to infiltrate South Africa proper (we’ll do the same thing with our border to Mexico).

Two, we let occur naturally Ebola, HIV, Tsetse flies, Elephantiasis, and the myriad of other insanely nasty tropical diseases afflicting these animals — right along with all the usual starvations, brutal crime and revolutions Africa is so infamous for.

Immediately stop any US taxpayer money to all corrupt black African tinpots and warlords (long overdue). Freeze any deposits they have in America and turn them over to American restoration funds. Withdraw any American soldiers, doctors, nurses, embassy staff, etc., etc. Completely quarantine the US to any sub-Saharan Negroid Africans. They should be fairly easy to spot getting off any plane or ship.

Tens of millions of the stinking two-legged apes will soon be dead in only a matter of months. The natural wildlife of Africa will flourish.

TYPICAL AFRICAAmerica has spent well over a trillion dollars trying to help the absolutely worthless blacks in Africa — virtually nothing has changed. The only thing these people know how to do, is kill each other, eat and crap out more equally worthless children. Hell, we see the same exact thing with this stinking race back in the US. Isn’t it time for us White people to call a spade, a spade?

Three: We give the blacks in America the option of sterilization and enforced separation and apartheid here in America, or return back to their stinking Africa. We’ll use our new bases in South Africa for marching deportees across the border and into the jungles. Should any of the primitive, corrupt black countries next door resist our efforts, they will be dealt with harshly (airstrikes on the corrupt tinpot’s mansions, strafing his favorite tribal villages, etc.).

For those blacks already in our prison system back here, we should execute by hanging any of those who have murdered Whites in the past (retroactively giving the death penalty to those slapped on the wrist by liberal judges or given sentencing deals). Deport the rest of the criminal blacks to Africa, with absolutely no choice in the matter. They had their chance in White civilization and they blew it. Whatever happens to them in Africa will be the will of God.

We must wash our hands of this race, once and for all.

Any White libtards who resist these efforts should be dealt with equally harshly. If part of any armed resistance, they should be treated as enemy combatants. If captured alive, we should deport them into Africa right alongside the homies. Let them enjoy the fruits of their labors!

How long do you think this ridiculous little city faggot they put on MSNBC, Ronan Farrow, would last in Africa?

How long do you think this silly little city faggot they put on MSNBC, Ronan Farrow, would last in Africa? The biological son of Frank Sinatra, raised by a pedophile Jew (Woody Allen) and his harpie libtard wife (Mia Farrow); the pansy sodomite is completely idiotic at journalism.

All of the US media (including FOX) needs to be raided and the editorial elements arrested and their financial assets confiscated — turned over to a special national reclamation fund to pay any expenses in the process. Some of the more traitorous media people will need to spend time in hard labor camps, or sent to Africa to experience the full monty.

I can just see the faces of the little punks like they have anchoring “news” shows on MSNBC, getting the big boot into the jungles of Africa –taking nothing but a small courtesy satchel, containing a little local currency, a bottle of avian water and a bag of peanuts.

Any American corporation, with executives and stockholders living in this country, will be legally forced to bring back manufacturing, or risk deportation, right along with their families. In return, they’ll be given a substantial cut in corporate tax rates and penal labor battalions, if needed.

All illegals, from whatever non-White country, will be arrested in cross-country police, military and paramilitary cordons, code-named “Operation Wetback II” (back in the ’50’s there was an actual “Operation Wetback”). They’ll be immediately bussed to the border and also given a small courtesy satchel before marched across the border to deal with life in their own lands.

High technology will be maximized to stop illegal crossings. Any Mexican drug cartel members captured will be summarily shot, no questions asked. Drug mules spotted crossing our border will be deemed targets of opportunity for .50 caliber BMG sniper squads roaming the border areas at will.

The Mexican and Canadian governments will be warned in no uncertain terms that if they ef with our national restoration program they’ll get the horns — big time.

Same thing with those trouble-making Israelis and Jew traitors back here. What we do with those bastards, I’ll discuss in another post. The devious creeps won’t like it one bit!

You may think I’m being a bit too radical here, but I assure you all this is necessary and will be relatively painless, just as long as we are determined and the forces against us know that. Once we have the media back, everything will become crystal clear to the masses.

Consider it to be like pushing a giant “reset button,” as when your computer freezes up over some bad software. After rebooting, you need to run serious “anti-Virus” programs to root out embedded infections. After the crap is eliminated, things will soon go back to normal. I estimate it will only take two or three years before life in America will once again become decent and productive.

— Phillip Marlowe

* My original speculations as to what really happened to Michael Brown have been borne out almost perfectly. Go HERE to read.

We need to start HANGING these worthless black apes, by the neck — UNTIL DEAD.



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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77 Responses to The Brutal Black Race Must be Dealt with Severely

  1. ICU says:

    If, rather WHEN The Toxic Black Mold escapes its Petri Dish in and around the urban hellhole of St. Louis and manifests itself all across this Talmudic Zionist jew Deep State damaged nation and hooks up with other urban strains of The Toxic Black Mold consequent to whichever way the Grand Jury decision goes regarding the righteous wasting of The Gentle Felon Giant Nigger, I encourage all Whites…that is, humans…to rediscover the utility of an old Boer technology, The Dum Dum Cartridge.
    How To:
    Take a conventional Full Metal Jacket round, or a couple of hundred, immobilize it in a soft jaw vise with the bullet tip up or to the side. Then, take a small “cheesecutter” hacksaw, JEWelers saw or a Dremel type roto fine cutting blade and score a shallow “X” or a “+” in the tip through the copper or brass jacket into the lead beneath. Smooth off on fine grit any burrs that may occur so as to NOT Eff Up on a semi-auto or full auto feed ramp, which should be polished anyway. Revolvers ? Fuggeddabowdit…not a problem.
    Then, when the time is right, plant that gem, with extreme prejudice, into the eggplant head of the closest rampaging, ooking/eeking/screeching, frothy mouf, bug eyed, nigger freak, and enjoy the show. Repeat as required.
    “It’s headed right for us !”
    Ka-BLAMMO !
    Can you say “I didn’t know eggplants were red inside and could blow up like that.” ?
    Try it, you’ll like it. It’ll be harsh fun…and true Justice.
    The Planet and your fellow humans will thank you.
    If you’re real lucky, the Oogah Boogah Crowd will be accompanied by jew and white skin colored wigger kwan Libtards. Please feel free to treat them equally, they truly deserve it.
    This will be excellent practice for Hungary 1956 Redux.
    I can hardly wait.

    sog, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas and all the best in The New Year.
    I miss your writing style.
    Barney, Red Pill, nTs, Hoff, Smitherines and all my Bruder…( imagine 2 dots over the “u” ).
    Danke sehr.

    Now I’m going to watch old video of Koreans one handing huge Desert Eagles as they pick off scurrying niggers in The Rodney King Riots.
    Laugh A Minute.

  2. Bailey says:

    Hey sog , Here’s a recent case of illegal immigrant shitbag driving drunk and killing people , Our HNIC and encourages this type of behavior.

  3. Holly says:

    I agree with “northerntruthseeker. my mom and I were in the Birch Society in the 80’s. I was never content with that because I always wanted to know WHO are these assholes trying to control the globe. Well I found out 2 years ago, and once you learn and see, you can never unsee. My mother refuses to acknowledge that it’s the jews. She still watches Fox, she still believes the Republicans can change the country. I give up—I don’t know if it’s arrogance or stupidity? For one who screams that the media “is controlled!” she still watches. I’am watching the shit trail in from L.A, and know it won’t be long before my predominately white little community is trashed!!

  4. Bailey says:

    ..oh hell the future aint what it used to be …

    Now that’s a one liner that fits.

  5. RED PILL says:

    i don’t get in to nigger ball, but i saw a head line that said “Classy Saints fan steals football meant for female Bengals fan”. player hands ball to white lady and a nigger stole it from her. if this was golf i would say it was par for the course. 24/7/365.

  6. Smitherines says:

    RED PILL says:
    November 16, 2014 at 6:33 pm

    i don’t get in to nigger ball, but i saw a head line that said “Classy Saints fan steals football meant for female Bengals fan”. player hands ball to white lady and a nigger stole it from her. if this was golf i would say it was par for the course. 24/7/365.

    I saw this on TV: he didn’t give it back, he was forced to give it to her, he stole the
    pass that was intended for White female Bengal fan in the stands, but like all of
    them, they think anything in arm’s length or in their eye sight is their property!

  7. Smitherines says:

    “she still believes the Republicans can change the country. I give up—I don’t know if it’s arrogance or stupidity?” Holly

    I get this from my older sister, I think, Baby Boomers are the worse, they have been
    brainwashed from womb to tomb: that Jews are just poor victims of a cruel world
    and they are little angels picked on becuase people are jealous of their success.

    They don’t realize the shear numbers of them being less than 2% of the world’s
    population, yet make up most of it’s billionaires and millionaires is a mathematical
    impossibility, yet try to get a mathematics major to admit that???

    Christians fear them more than they trust God and his Son Jesus Christ.

    Only Christian in name they are apostate FRAUDS just like Jews being God’s
    chosen is one big lie !

  8. Smitherines says:

    are jealous, typo meant “our jealousy “

  9. Smitherines says:

    The fix is in for Jews and has been for centuries, they aren’t any smarter than
    anyone, just Google” inventions by White Christians” they’re 1000s and
    outside of Jonah Salk and Einstein, how many have made anything, they just
    constantly tell you how great and god-like they are.

    People like Edison, Henry Ford, Tesla, Newton, M Angelo, Galileo, Leonardo D,
    Copernicus, Alexander The Great, just about every invention or anything
    worthwhile in this world has been by White Christians.

    This video: “It’s A Wonderful Race.”

  10. This floored me more than just about any of the sick, degenerate news coming through the alternative news pipes. Top article.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    protocolsRtrue says:

    November 16, 2014 at 10:00 am

    Nov 16, 1973:
    Nixon supports construction of the Alaskan oil pipeline

    On this day in 1973, President Richard Nixon declares that America’s energy requirements have outpaced its production capacity and urges Congress to pass Senate Bill 1081, which would authorize the construction of a pipeline to access oil from the North Slope of Alaska.

    Nixon claimed the nation’s “dangerous reliance” on foreign oil, controlled mainly by the increasingly powerful, but politically unstable oil-rich nations of the Middle East, posed a threat to America’s economy. America had once relied on cheap domestic oil, but by the 1970s, dwindling supplies forced the nation to buy more expensive oil on the international market. An Arab oil embargo in 1973 exacerbated the problem. Saying that the conservation of existing domestic supplies was not enough, Nixon declared that America had to find and tap more oil resources closer to home.
    Looking back on it, I realize that one of the key reasons always given to keep America involved in the middle east wars (building the israili empire) was how the area was in our vital “strategic” interests. 1st gulf war was just one example. Yet who keeps blocking America from developing our own energy resources? Whether it’s oil, natural gas, coal or modern nuclear technology. We cant even build a dam without somebody worried about a single field mouse. jew/nigger/ and the jewish agent provocateurs environmentalists and epa and on and on block it all. Why?
    Because they want us dependent on middle east oil so they can justify us always being there in the middle east fucking with arabs building the jew empire. Otherwise we could wash our hands of the jews and sand niggers and tell them to fuck off.
    Speaking of niggers guess who is blocking the keystone pipeline? Niggers and jews and libtards and tree hugging jew agent provocateurs. Plus the jews know that as the israili empire keeps growing they will eventually control all of the oil and gas in the region and Americans will be even MORE enslaved by jews. Unless stupid American Gentiles figure this stuff out the noose will keep getting tighter around your necks. It’s the jews stupid. The niggers are just the jew army because you know jews never do any dirty or hard work. To be or not to be, that is the question. Where would niggers be without jews? Where would jews be without niggers? White business owners in Ferguson who have worked decades and built their business just may open fire on some niggers . And niggers just may try to loot the wrong store. The clip I seen today was business owners putting plywood over their store windows. Is a hurricane coming? Maybe a bad storm? No. Niggers. The reality of niggers may be coming.

  12. Holly says:

    @Smitherines—LOL I’am the babyboomer! my mom was born in 1935.Though she did mentioned once as a teenager she wore a I like Ike button” Hmmmm

  13. Stefano says:

    WWII & all its lies & exaggerations changed the white race forever. Whites are in this pathetic unconscious state bc Jews have long planned a psychological war on white people. They’re doing it with guilt. Guilt through nonstop ‘atrocity propaganda’. This is their most powerful weapon. Pumping us full of guilt with Holocaust, Slavery, Colonialism etc agitprop in education and the media. They understand the crippling psychological effects of guilt. Think of a time when you did something wrong & were caught, how you felt, how it brought you down, the shame, the embarrassment. When you feel guilty you don’t fight, you don’t stand up for yourself, you acquiesce. (The antonym of guilt is pride)
    You see, the Jews took the most catastrophic & tragic event in human history (WWII) linked it to “white supremacy” & boom, the ‘white racist’ construct was born. The foundation for the next 70+ years of propaganda was set. It had to be a huge tragic (evil) war, something to never be forgotten. Something that would be burned in the collective consciousness of the whole white race. The result is what we have today, white people afraid of white pride, afraid to be ethnocentric. Why? Because deep in their subconscious they associates any form of white pride with evil. As a result their reaction is to run the opposite direction. Some run so far from it they loath their own people, they do things like race mix & adopt black babies etc. The only white consciousness these people have is the consciousness that white pride is evil & racist. Now this didn’t happen overnight. Whites historically have always been just as ethnocentric as every other race, obviously, or we never would’ve made it to the 21st. So what gives? Answer = The 3 letter people. They psychologically d’balled us & it only took them one generation to do it. Of course powerful modern tools like TV & radio have made their job of brainwashing a lot easier. But now here we are in a critical point in our existence. If we don’t return to being ethnocentric (like every other race) we will cease to exist. I myself don’t see whites coming out of this until we as a race recognize the wicked tares/devils manipulating it all. If we don’t wake up to what they are doing to us we’re gonna go the way of the dinosaur. As the Jewess Ayn Rand once said “any entity that does not value itself will go extinct”. I think its safe to say that without a huge devastating war the cultural marxist would not have the strangle hold that they have in the west today. Jews would not have a perpetual victim pass which allows them to get away with all kinds of shit & white Europe and America would not be headed towards the cliff.

  14. George R Pyle III says:

    It is the majority of the niggers and wetbacks who are uneducated,dunce,and ill mannered beast of the fill in the United States of America when ever it will be safe to walk in your american neighborhoods again will be the day those hot taco face wetback Mexicans and planet of the ape ridden niggers get deported not just now but for god damn fucking good. I cannot even walk into a best buy anymore without looking as if I am the cream filling inside a pack of oreos!

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