Control of America Gives Israel Top F-35 Fighter Jet


From David Duke

F-35 Lightning II fighter jet (2)

The crazed Zionist Jews need this ASAP to launch a surprise attack on Iran with US-supplied “dial-a-yield” bunker buster nukes. (INCOG)

In yet another remarkable display of Jewish Supremacist chutzpah, Israel has just concluded the purchase of $2.75 billion worth of F35 jet fighters from America—the second such purchase in recent times—funded from the total US taxpayer-funded “aid” to Israel which has now topped $3.1 billion (and is set to increase). a report in The New Observer has pointed out.

The incredible swindle—where the US government uses vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to give to the Jews-only state, which then uses that money to buy more highly sophisticated weapons to bomb and murder its enemies—is only possible because of the firm grip over the American government exercised by the Jewish lobby.

News of the “deal” was, of course, completely suppressed in the Jewish Supremacist mass media which is directed at non-Jews. In fact, the only way anyone would even hear about the “deal” would be if they read the Jewish media directed at Jews—because in those publications, they can barely contain themselves with glee over this latest maneuver.

For example, in the Israeli business news magazine, Globes, the “deal” was announced as “Israel to buy 2nd F-35 squadron” and went on to tell its readers that:

Despite the diplomatic tension with the US, Israel will purchase a second squadron of F-35 stealth warplanes, and will also complete its purchase of its first squadron, after having originally bought 19 of the planes.

Just to remind its (Jewish) readers of where the money was coming from, Globes proudly added:

The US approved $3.1 billion in military aid for Israel, at a time when Washington is cutting back on its military aid to other countries . . . Minister of Defense Moshe Ya’alon met with US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel last week during his visit to the US. They discussed procurement matters for this year and planning of the Israel Ministry of Defense budget. In addition to the US commitment to military aid to Israel, Ya’alon and Hagel also discussed increasing the aid, starting in 2017. At the same time, sources in Jerusalem predicted that the volume of aid would not change as long as President Barack Obama was still in the White House.

In addition to warplanes, Hagel also approved the IDF’s continued procurement of US-made precision and smart weapons, and continued US support for special development and procurement projects for 2015, including the Iron Dome, David’s Sling (also called Magic Wand), and Arrow 3 aerial defense systems, as well as the Namer APC.


As if this was not enough, Globes continued to boast, the “deal” also includes guarantees that some of the assembly work will be carried out by Israeli firms—which means that even more taxpayer money will be sent to Israel, separate from the “aid” allocation already made.

According to Globes, the company Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd, based in Israel:

[W]ill inaugurate its assembly line for F-35 wings in the presence of representatives of the Defense Ministry, Lockheed Martin, and the US Army. As part of the huge F-35 deal, Israel and the US agreed that Israeli defense industries would be included in the production of parts of the jet, and that Israeli-made products would be included in it.

This is possibly one of the largest foreign military arms deals of recent times for the Lockheed Martin company which manufactures the F35 jets—possibly the most advanced fighter aircraft on earth—and the fact that the controlled media has blacked out the news of the “sale” to Israel, speaks volumes all by itself.

About the only other place where one might be able to read of this incredible “deal” is in the Israeli news source YNet News. There, an article announced that:

Israel bought 19 F-35s for $2.75 billion in 2010, with delivery scheduled between 2016 and 2018. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, visiting the United States last month, agreed a preliminary deal for 25 to 31 more planes subject to approval by the ministerial committee for defense purchases, sources said.

According to YNet News, some in the Israeli government are even having second thoughts—not because of any other consideration apart from the fact that they will not make enough money out of the deal.

According to Ynet News:

The Israelis are also husbanding a defense budget which, though buoyed by some $3 billion in annual US grants, faces cuts.

Other concerns include the fact that the jet’s electronic systems are American-made, and Israel will not be able to equip it with Israeli-made systems. This would also have ramifications on exports of the Israeli Military Industry to foreign air forces.

In other words, the Israelis also intend to sell the technology—perhaps to its traditional arms client, Red China—and Lockheed Martin’s desire to prevent this obvious swindle has upset their Jewish clients.


Ironically, the YNet News article—directed, it must be remembered, primarily to Jewish readers—openly admitted where all the money for the jets will come from:

While most of the funding for the planes will come from the $3 billion worth of American military aid package, the ministers said such a purchase will essentially mortgage the aid package on the expense of other purchases.

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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105 Responses to Control of America Gives Israel Top F-35 Fighter Jet

  1. RED PILL says:

    the jews built the fu-69 from the gutter up
    a fudge packer Uranus provides thrust.
    finger tip control and afterburner functions.
    this bird will blow you away.
    there is nothing that a jew can’t do better.
    that is when it comes to perversity.
    expect the worse.

  2. manoflove says:

    Northerntruthseeker says:
    December 2, 2014 at 3:42 pm

    bubba… I do agree with most of your points… America (and Canada as well) is set to take a massive fall… And the parasitic rat-faced Jews will simply vacate the nation when it collapses and move to another “host” to suck the life out of….

    It has long been said that Paraguay and Argentina are the next nations to suck the life out of thanks to the Jew parasite…. Watch and see….

    Wrong! The next host nation for the Chosen parasites will be China! That is why they are using American/Western resources to build china up now, so when the West finally falls from being hollowed out by these parasites, they can safely move on to their very new and quite fattened host, the People’s Republic of China.

  3. manoflove…. I would have assumed that everyone knows by now that the Jews are already in control of China… I was thinking of some other country on the Western Hemisphere that has not been fully conquered by the Yids…

  4. Red Pill… I love the “fu-69” idea… I would assume it would be designed and built by homo Jews hailing from that center of Homosexuality called Tel Aviv…. I hate to wonder what kind of weapons it would have?? Yikes……

  5. mikey says:

    December 2, 2014

    It is hard to believe that Jew-married, Alex Jones could sink to a new Jew low, but sadly for the fat man he has. On his Monday December 1st, 2014 show, he actually claimed that the death…

  6. mikey says:


  7. Marc C. Daniele says:

    I’m not sure if you know this yet or not, but the new Sec. of Defense is expected to be Ashton Cater.
    Now I don’t know if he is a “jew” or not, but I do know he is a member of the CFR, and that in itself should tell you something!
    Remember the “jew”, and fellow CFR member Kissinger’s quote “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy”

  8. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hey Marc, you might find this article from Press TV interesting:

    “Obama will nominate Ashton Carter to lead Pentagon”

    Dec 2, 2014

    During an interview in 2006, the former Vietnam War veteran (Ashton Carter) stated that “the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people [on Capitol Hill]” and “I’m not an Israeli senator. I’m a United States senator.”

  9. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Ugh! I *HATE* Hillary Clinton! Evil lying BITCH!!!!!

    “Hillary Clinton to address forum sponsored by Israeli billionaire”

    Dec 2, 2014

    Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton will address a forum about US-Israeli relationships sponsored by Israeli billionaire Haim Saban.

  10. Marc C. Daniele says:

    Thanks for that info Sazzy. I doubt that will stop him though, he has probably been “reeducated” since, lol.

    On a side note, do you remember me from when we both where naïve enough to “follow” (if you will) TUT? Just to let you know Mark Glenn actually tried to have me put in federal prison for exposing him as the FRAUD he really is! He did this through his “jew” friend “Patty Goldstein” who had supposedly renounced her “jewishness”! This is the same person who was “supposed” to help me establish the “Gentile Defense League”!

    Hope you’re doing well!

  11. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Yes Marc, I remember you. OMG! I’m so glad I finally caught on to that Marxist Mark Glenn. He always referred to “Patty” as his “right hand man.” I finally figured out she was a jewess from one of her posts. Mark Glenn is an anti-White bastard who was rude to me because I questioned him regarding the fact that he always painted the Muslims as victims of the press but White people he painted as guilty.” He told me to go to Stormfront! I’m so sorry to hear what that little brown piece of shit and his kike harlot did to you! Later, I was to find out that many of his posters are jews!

    I agree with you regarding Ashton Carter but it’s nice to know he was once a sensible person.

    I’m doing fine and thank you for asking. I hope you and yours are also well. Nice to see you here.

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hey Mark, I forgot I saved that thread. Look what that little brown piece of shit Mark Glenn said to me!!!! Scroll down to #3 comment!

  13. Dylan says:

    They can have the F-35s. They are terrible planes, and aren’t even expected to be combat ready until 2019 or so. The entire F-35 project is a massive (1.5 trillion dollar) failure.

  14. Marc C. Daniele says:

    As I have come to learn, “Stormfront” is the “jews” catch-all (condemnation) for any information that proves their crimes, besides the normal “anti-Semite”, “White Supremacist”, etc. BS. Meaning no matter where you get your information from, it came from “Stormfront”, there-for it is just “Neo-Nazi Propaganda”!
    I had basically only heard of “Stromfront” mentioned in passing before I started commenting on reviews for a book called “Against our better judgment, the hidden history of how the US was used to create israel” by Allison Weir.
    If your able, I suggest you see about getting this book, available at Amazon for about $12 with shipping, but know this, Amazon caters to, and actually helps the “hasbara TROLL/SHILLS” there, and will delete comments critical of “israel/jews”, even when said comments are sourced! I am now banned from commenting, yet the resident “hasbara TROLL/SHILL (“Speaking Truth to the Powerless”, formally known as “Jack Sigman” who claims to be a US Navy Vet, but openly insults USS Liberty SURVIVORS) is still allowed to Slander/Libel me (my “Character of Service” in the US Army, etc.), and others there at will!
    If you can get this book from another place, do so just to stay away from Amazon. This book is short, but a very well sourced. In-fact the sources are longer than the actual Author’s writing’s itself.

    Again, take care. See you around, lol

  15. Marc C. Daniele says:

    LOL Sazzy,
    I think we all know by now that Mark Glenn is just another “jew tool”! Sandy Hook actually happened, etc., DUH!

    I happen to live by a “philosophy” of “What goes around, comes around”! Personally I don’t want to see the destruction of my Republic, but at the same time, I can’t wait until TSHTF finally!

  16. Marc C. Daniele says:

    One last thing for now, Have you ever noticed that TUT never gets “hacked”?

  17. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Yes Marc, I knew about Stormfront but thanks for the information about the book. Nope, TUT never gets hacked Marc and not only that but Glenn asks for donations to help keep the site running when he doesn’t pay anything for the site!!! He’s a Marxist shill and a hater of White people! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

    Also, if you look on Jonathan Azaziah’s website he (Jonathan) freely admits his mother is a Morrocan jew yet he’s buddy – buddy with Karl Marx Glenn!

    How do we know that Glenn isn’t a jew? Fact is – we don’t!!!

    Oh now you got me started!!! lol

  18. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Oh yeah, Mark Glenn swears Sandy Hook really happened. 🙂

  19. bubba says:

    manoflove says:
    December 2, 2014 at 10:55 pm


    Northerntruthseeker says:
    December 2, 2014 at 11:08 pm


    The Kike Jews have long held control of China, through the Sassoons.
    They took out Russia by force in the Bolshevik Revolution and manipulated the US and Allies to take out Germany.
    After WW2, Russia was now the “token” enemy in the Cold War.

    Lots of info about Kike Jews and Mao as buddies…do a search .
    China’s revolution that brought in communism occurred between 1946 – 1949, around the same time Israel was created in 1948 on stolen Palestinian land…..hmmmm

    In essence, The Kike Jews ran the (2) largest countries on earth by force.

    Remember Communism = Judaism, regardless of the ethnicity of the population.
    Jews simply kept China on the backburner till Nixon established formal relations in the 1970’s. The Jews were taking down western culture with inflation, immigration, oversexualization of society etc.

    At the appropriate time, the Jews dusted off China and made it their new shabbos goy bitch.
    National sovereignties were undermined and diluted with Free Trade.

    China is still Communist , it has an enormous slave labour pool run by an wealthy elite.
    It has been reported that “8” of the offspring of Maos inner circle are in charge and all are multi- billionaires

    Or…China is de jure communist…the US is de facto communist, also run by wealthy elite, but in the end they are both communist, which again means Jews are in charge.


    Re Argentina and Chile

    Recall the Pope is from Argentina..coincidence ???
    Patagonia is a huge area that is located south of Buenos Aires, and straddles both Chile and Argentina.
    The Falkland Island are included in Patagonia, perhaps that is why the Brits fought a stupid war to keep it (ie for the Jews)

    Lots of reports that Jews are crawling all over Patagonia…
    WHY? To scout out and create a 2nd “homeland ” or base ?

  20. bubba says:


    So if I held a gun for a few seconds near some Jews…….I lose my pension?

    House approves bill to stop Nazi benefit payments



    WASHINGTON (AP) — Suspected Nazi war criminals would be blocked from receiving Social Security benefits under a bill unanimously approved Tuesday by the House.

    The measure would shut a loophole that allowed suspected Nazis to be paid millions of dollars in benefits. Under the bill, benefits would be terminated for Nazi suspects who have lost their American citizenship, a step called denaturalization. U.S. law currently mandates a higher threshold — a final order of deportation — before Social Security benefits can be stopped.


    These “Nazis” would be in their late 80’s + now…Jews are more and more ruthless.

    What next….gonna dig up graves of all suspected yet deceased Nazi’s?

    Had enough YET Goyim?

  21. Barney says:

    Sazzy – Is this the one?

    “Against Our Better Judgment”

    Why waste judenfetzen on Amazonian kikery when you can read it on-line – FREE?


    Change of subject. I’m sure a few people here have seen this crap, but I thought I’d share it anyway.

    My thinking is that the “ruling” parasites would have dropped the name “illuminati” as soon as it became generally known, The organisation still exists, but under a different name. It sounds idiotic and childish when people like Alex Jonestein blame everything on “the illuminardy” though, so it serves a purpose (for lucifer’s scum, I mean).

    I wouldn’t have thought this “advert” would be genuine, but you never know. The devil’s own are so arrogant and so certain of success, that they really don’t care that we know about them because they believe it’s too late for Humanity to stop them.

    They’ll find out. The day of the rope is coming, very soon now.


  22. Sazzy… I am so glad that you were able to deduce the truth about “Mark Glenn” early on… Many others have not been so lucky, including my cohort Whitewraithe….

    Does Marc know about what happened when Glenn tried to destroy Wraithe? That is an interesting story and it exposed the truth about that midgetman from Idaho for everyone to see…

    BTW, Marc… Glad you are in…. At least here (for the moment) we have the trolls under control and we are all of the same mind set….

  23. BTW….. Even with the world crashing down on Glenn and his trolls and misfits thanks to their exposure due to their shilling for Sandy Hook, the troll does not even give a whisper of an apology for his evil actions against Whitewraithe and others…. Instead he has the nerve to continue to call all of us who see Sandy Hook and other operations as frauds “idiots” and “agents”…

    And do not get me started about Deanna Spingola and her outrageous “cass sunstein” assertions.. The woman has lost it, and most of her listening audience thanks to her idiotic statements….

  24. BTW, Incogman… I “borrowed” this article and have it up at my site.. I have received just over 2500 hits over the last two days from people reading it over there!!

    Thanks old buddy and full kudos for the fine work!!!!!

  25. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hey Barney! Thank you ever so much for that link. I put it in my favorites to read later!

    Northerntruthseeker, I don’t know what Karl Marx Glenn did to Whitewraithe but I think I’d like to know. Does she have a link detailing her trauma? Tell her I give her full support against that slimy agent provocateur!

    Did you know he even attacked Incogman? Here’s the link.

  26. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Sen10L, thanks for the Ashton Carter resume. I guess none of us really expected much more!!!

  27. Marc C. Daniele says:

    Yeah, I know a little bit about what Glenn-Stein did to Whitewraithe, I was a listener of your show. I also get her emails when she posts.
    Speaking of which, I believe I am signed up for yours, but never get any. Any idea why?
    Same with Darkmoon (very rarely).
    Also, the last time I looked I could not find your version of the article “israel did 9/11, all the proof in the world”. Am I just missing it? I used to promote this anytime I spoke of 9/11, lol. At this time, I’ve had to go with theinformationunderground’s version.
    What Barney posted is the meat of the book I was telling you about, so… I don’t know if it’s me/my computer, or what, but the last time I looked for that article, I was not able to get it, and I had it in my favorites. I used to used that article quite a bit on FB before I was deleted for the fourth time, lol.

  28. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Damn, just call me nosy but I would love to find out what Karl Marx Glenn did to Whitewraithe. Since when does someone who calls a closet jewess his right hand man dare to call for a “Gentile Defense Force?” So he can gather names of those who are “aware.!” He’s a stinking infiltrator!

  29. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Don’t worry Marc. You made us aware of the book and Barney supplied it! That’s the way we should always work; by helping one another as White people should!!!!

  30. useless eater says:

    Re: (towards the end of the post we read) “then-CIA Director James Woolsey told…that Israel had been selling U.S. secrets to China for about a decade.”

    Below is a link to an article by Wayne Madsen (from 2007/03/06) about a major Jewish player in arms smuggling to China and Southeast Asia, one Shaul Eisenberg (d. 1997), Zim Shipping, etc.

    A footnote to/reminder of Zim Ship., since the name comes up in the article:

    And last but not least, the indefatigable IncogMan’s earlier dispatch:

  31. Sazzy… I put up several articles about the wrath of the evil Mark Glenn “midget man troll from Idaho” and how he attempted to destroy Whitewraithe… But I will lay out the facts here…

    Shortly after the Sandy Hook planned operation went “live” on December 14th, 2012, Whitewraithe and I did some in depth discussions about what had happened and the puzzling information that was coming out in droves… We both quickly deduced it to be a hoax and I put up several articles in rapid succession giving people some of the facts to wrap their brains around them…

    Wraithe has always been a highly intelligent woman with one heck of a great critical thinking mind… She at the time was friends with the troll from Idaho and she sent him a few emails back in January 2013 asking Mark his impressions of the fraud operation.. The response she got back was alarming!

    The midget man from Idaho started a string of emails to her slandering her and calling her every name under the sun…. He went out of his way to attack her and myself with consecutive emails calling us both idiots, trolls, misfits, (those are just minor considering the horrible slurs that he put out) and personally tried to destroy Whitewraithe…

    She contacted me and sent me the emails and other print from Glenn… I was aghast… I sent Glenn off a few emails myself asking him what the hell he was doing.. His response was to turn his attacks on myself and then started into a tirade about how Wraithe, myself, and others are laughable insults to the “movement” and that he himself was suddenly the great “leader”…

    I forwarded many of the insane letters from that troll to others, and I got some interesting replies from many that said that we must ALL be weary of Glenn and his associates for they are actually agent provocateurs…. I could not believe it, but from seeing the diatribe from that troll, it began to make sense…

    Wraithe herself took the bashing of Glenn very hard, and it was through my efforts that I convinced her to finally cut ties with the moron and to concentrate on not swaying from her efforts and the truth… We both cut our ties with the man, and we have refused to sink to his level of depravity…

    Since that time, we have discovered so much more about Glenn and his associates and how everyone must steer clear of them, period… Now with the release of the Sandy Hook video just last week that puts nails into their coffins, these fools have all been outed and they are the real agents of disinformation…

    Sazzy, I have always recommended that people avoid agents such as Glenn, Piper, Johnson, Azaziah, and even Spingola…. They are either well paid by the government and the Jews to spew their trash or else they are in this ‘fight’ for not the right reasons, but to get rich quick off of their disgusting “books”…..

    There it is in a nutshell…. The real laughable part is how these fools have gone out of their way to insult everyone at every chance they get, but now they are exposed as fools.

  32. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:


    Thank you so much for providing that information about Whitewraithe. I am so sorry that you both had such a terrible experience with that disgusting excuse of a man. Apparently he attacks anyone who dares to disagree with him so even if he’s not a jew – he certainly behaves as one!!! I read this rather late; my apologies.


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