Just More Usual Hollywood HEBE-BRO BS!


Jew hijinks on "Naked and Afraid."

Jew buds on “Naked and Afraid” — part of a big cross-marketing campaign for Hollywood’s assassination movie, “The Interview.” No telling what kind of crap movies and shekel BS stuck-up Jew creeps will lay on America these days.

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo lately about some Hollywood Jew movie called “The Interview” where two “funny men,” Seth Rogen and James Franco, are contracted out by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of North Korea — the famously backward client state of China (who tries to hack America all over the place).

Hahaha, what a hilarious premise for a movie! Not that I’m a big North Korean commie lover or anything, but what if they or the Rooskies did a movie about whacking POC (president of color) Obammy, or maybe even brave little Israel’s Bibi boy Netanhayu? The media hypocrites would be raising all sorts of bloody hell!

Apparently, the lovely Jews think they can do whatever the ef they want nowadays.

Now these two “actors” or “comedians” or whatever the flock you call them, are indeed both stinking Jew boys. Oh, everybody pretty much can get that Seth Rogen is Jewish (with a name like that?). They are even starting to joke a little about it on air, but you can still notice they harbor trepidations about mentioning the Jew word to the idiot general mass population, least too many of us Goyim start putting two-and-two together.

A week or so ago, Jew media people oddly slipped in out-of-the-blue, a stupid 15 minute spoof of “Naked and Afraid” on cable TV’s Discovery Channel — a reality show where various so-called “survival experts” spend three weeks nude in the wilds of Third World nations (yet have all sorts of support people nearby in case of real trouble). Sometimes I watch the show — mostly because of naked chick butts, I must admit — but also to try to catch behind-the-scenes reality show tricks these days. Plus, I’m into survival things as you can imagine — me being an evil White patriot type guy, of course.

Anyway, the Rogen and Franco’s mini “Naked and Afraid” show was completely stupid and boring (I could only watch a minute or two). Rogen quipped about his experience preparing for the show by saying “I had to go to a Jewish summer camp once.” I’ve heard him joke about that elsewhere. Like BFD. I think it’s part of his “comic” persona — him as the jocular buddy-buddy Jew any modern day hipster would like to do drugs with.

But notice how they never say anything about “action/romance hero” Franco being a big fat Jew boy too. Ever. But he is. His mother was a crypto Jew, which makes him a full-on potential dual citizen of Mother Israel — if he isn’t one already.

Both of these Jews are not at all funny. The nasty punks amply illustrate Jewry’s on-going “de-evolution” of America’s culture. Franco is no bigger than Rogen and looked nearly as flabby on “Naked and Afraid.” Plus, his face is rapidly going Jewy as he ages. Hell, he’s one ugly specimen of Jewdom as it is.

Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to watch the movie “This is the End” without my viewing contributing financially to the creeps. I avoid like the plague spending the least money that finds it’s way into Jew hands — pretty much impossible with all the Kosher tax extortion schemes, etc., etc. they run in White lands.*


The movie, “This is the End,” was incredibly vile (it keeps getting worse every year) and only marginally humorous. Of course it was supposed to be funny, but then again, it’s only Jews doing and saying sick things like it’s OH-SO-HILARIOUS.

That’s why crap out of Hollywood is constantly going downhill morality-wise, since Jews always take the sleazy route in making money. Absolutely nothing is beyond doing or saying to satisfy their lust for shekels, sex, teenage immaturity and the usual anal obsessions afflicting the Tribe since the Old Testament. The whole race sometimes seems just like the two cartoon characters, Beavis and Butthead!


Jonah Hill has always been inane. His career was only advanced by fellow Jew bud Adam Sandler and all the other Hollywood Jew rats. He’s supposedly lost some weight recently, probably so he could abuse more foolish Hollywood shiksas — but I’ll run this fat shot of him because I can’t stand the Jew pig one iota.

One of the other “actors” in this movie is that rolly-polly Jonah Hill (real last name: Feldstein). This is another big time Jew creep supposed to be oh-so-funny like his Jew buds above. Of course, they also had to have the required POC (peeps of color) inclusions for PC purposes. The routine is so tiresomely obvious these days.

Surely, you’ve noticed: They always have to get in a black or a mulatto, maybe a Indian guy (subcontinent of India), Asian, or even a Middle Easterner Semite (but not any obvious Muslims, please), to round off the diversity BS to the correct mix — even if said POC inclusion is not the least bit funny (like the black guy, Craig Robinson, they have in this particular movie).

European White guys are not always required, since so many fools out there only see Jew actors as White guys. Tell me that’s not a fact these days?

To Kwans (naïve patriotic White Americans who the tricky dick media Jews have pulled the wool over big time), the above publicity shot (without my added caption overlays) is simply five White guys, one with maybe a little Jewish background (no biggie, you know the guy can’t be all that religious, anyway) and one token black for PC purposes (they might think that, but will probably not say as much to people around them — because of Jew PC!).

Here’s Jonah Feldstein filth talking with little kids about his movie “The Sitter.” Note him agreeing that White people suck after the little black girl says her dad told her so. Jews like this fat creep can get away with trashing the White race, since so many people don’t know the real deal about these stinking dirty rats.


Michael Cera is another odd ball little Jew creep they turned into a rich celebrity to rub our noses in Jewish slime these days. In the movie, “This is the End,” he gets impaled by a telephone pole before plunging to the fiery depths of hell. I couldn’t help but enjoy that scene. I think Jews have some sort of suspicion that’s their eventual fate.

In the film “This is the End,” they all play themselves (obscenely overpaid actors) trying to survive THE Apocalypse which occurs during one of their sex and drug-fueled Hollywood hills party. Some get sucked down to the depths of a fiery hell or, if they finally do one single nice thing for another person right at the last minute, fly up to a Multicult heaven — filled with the required POC, dirty dancing to rap music, everyone smoking big fat blunts while wearing funky purple suits and Victorian Bowler hats. You know, the usual idiot libtard fantasies.

Jonah Hill tells a now all grown up and LA party babe, skinny little Emma Watson (Harry Potter movies), that he’s “America’s sweetheart” and he would never, ever think of raping her, right before she smacks him in the face with the butt end of a fire axe (she should have left it in the pig’s skull for real).

Yeah, like Jonah Hill is “America’s sweetheart,” right. These filthy little Jews are not only totally sick, but totally insane.

Also in the movie is Danny McBride, an apparent Gentile who once lived in my state. Media Jews love piggish Danny boy, since he’s so wonderfully “redneck” and rude — extremely filthy, actually. For a Goy, he gives the Jews a big run for the money in the disgusting department. The Shabbos goy McBride found his Jew media niche and is now rolling in the filthy lucre.

Now, getting back to the movie “The Interview” they made a big ruckus about the last couple of weeks. Sony pictures was supposedly hacked by a group called the “Guardians” of something or other. We’re told it’s North Koreans hackers but we don’t really know (a lot of people in the IT business have become suspicious).

The group released hacked emails where big time Jew media executives joked about Obama probably liking black slavery victimhood movies and that Angelina Jolie was a dumb broad and how little they paid a certain red-headed Goy actress whose name escapes me for the moment (Jews love laughing about Goyim among each other).

I think the supposed hackers also threatened to blow up a movie theater if Sony released “The Interview” to the general public. Whether they can, is doubtful. Whether the movie is worth shelling out money to see, is another doubtful proposition.

But I do love the fancy movie posters showing Seth and Franco in enshrined in soviet style iconography — so apropos for these commie Jews.

Then Sony’s US media CEO, Michael Layton (yeah, he’s a big fat crypto Jew, too), decided not to release the film for “safety concerns” and everyone acted like they were so incensed about “free speech” rights trampled on, etc. (like they really care about real free speech when it comes to the Jews, black criminal behavior, how our money is created and, of course, sacred Israel).

During news reports about the hack of Sony, tweets by famous movie actors were splashed up on the screen, telling the idiot mass population to think: “Well, if so-and-so thinks that, maybe I should too!” They do this herd instinct trick all the time.

Christmas card sent out by Rogen and Franco during the marketing run-up to "The Interview." Sick Jews, like these two, always resort to the low route when trying to be all cute and clever. I'm positive they had a lot of airbrushing work done in Photoshop first.

Christmas card sent out by Rogen and Franco during the marketing run-up to “The Interview.” Sick Jews, like these two, always resort to the low route when trying to be all cute and clever. I can tell they did a lot of airbrushing work in Photoshop to make them look a little less flabby and pasty, too.

But then Sony seemingly did an about face and released the film on Christmas day to some theaters, but also to pay-per-view at the same time (convenient, n’est pas?). My guess is all the hack publicity will mean enough shekels in the long run to pay for a dog, which might have been the desired result to begin with.

No, I’m not saying it’s all BS marketing. Could be true about Sony getting hacked. Could also be a combination of real, but not such big events, and marketing — mixed and spun with a little help from insider Jews in all the various news operations. The Jew media rats simply used it to make money on a loser picture.

It’s funny that the hack happened to occur with just enough time to build up interest before the planned release date. Plus, they never did have problems jacking the masses about any freely designated “Enemies of Oceania” (Orwell), like North Korea, Russia, Iran or any of those Muslim countries not locked into the Zionist Western Banker reserve note umbrella (like the Gulf potentates). You see what the NWO bastards did to Libya’s Khaddifi, didn’t you? Shot and sodomized in the desert.

You really can’t be certain what reality is anymore — should it be broadcast on the electronic rabbi.

That’s the trouble having these devious Jews in levers of power — not only in the media, either, but in Washington DC and big International money. You just can’t be sure what’s BS or not. Holocaust, anyone?

The hack business could also be the ground work for a new false flag operation. Say what? Yep, let’s say a friendly neighborhood theater in the Midwest gets blown to smithereens and phony evidence is produced showing sneaky little Asian perps behind it. Then we’ll have all the idiot Kwans over here screaming bloody murder to go to war with North Korea, or at least do a little UAV bombing retribution.

What they really want, is to get America into the crap now going on in Syria and Iraq. May not have anything to do with North Korea, but the Israel-Firsters back in the US and the Israelis want American Goyim cannon fodder over there, to maneuver us into war with Iran — so we can root out any nuclear material that might endanger the sacred Jews in Israel.

Like, it wouldn’t be the first time they used war with Asians to get us into a war for the precious Jews, now would it?

Whether you know it or not, Hollywood Jews have been in cahoots with Mother Israel from the beginning. Just look up a smiling Jew creep named Arnon Milchan who got away with murder.

My guess is the Hollywood Jews will at the very least end up making tons of dough with the movie. Even so, I suspect the movie will be the usual big bore (Jew movies are so formulaic); filled with silly little sex and crap jokes, interspersed with endless CGI explosions. Also, make sure to note the hidden racism going on with little Asian crazy guy stuff. Just as long as it’s a NWO enemy, it’s A-OK to be a racist!

What burns my White little tushie is when they run commercials for the “Wounded Warriors Project,” right after media reports of the latest “mountain out of a molehill” made-up Jew media brouhaha, like this dumb movie. Real life people have to personally suffer what these lousy hypocrites do to America and across the GD planet and we got to put up with their little games. Understand why I get so pissed?

Amazing how much Jew BS enslaves the brains of us Americans.

— Phillip Marlowe

* No, I didn’t see “The Interview.” Nor will I see it unless the chance occurs where I’m not paying for it, if I even care by then. But that’s cool: I sincerely doubt the movie is worth a damn. All the Jew crap out of Hollywood sucks.




100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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75 Responses to Just More Usual Hollywood HEBE-BRO BS!

  1. SazzzyLilSmartAzz says:

    You’re right Red Pill. I doubt anyone one on Incog’s site needs to be convinced the jews are insane.

  2. SazzzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Hahahahahaha! He’s right! Obama *is* a monkey!!!!!!

    “North Korea calls Obama ‘a monkey’ ”
    27 Dec 2014

    North Korea called President Barack Obama “a monkey” and blamed the US on Saturday for shutting down its internet services amid the hacking row over The Interview.

    North Korea has denied involvement in a crippling cyberattack on Sony Pictures but has expressed fury over the comedy depicting an assassination of its leader Kim Jong-un. After Sony Pictures initially called off the release in a decision criticised by Obama, the movie has opened this week.

    On Saturday, the North’s powerful National Defence Commission, the country’s top governing body led by Kim, said that Obama was behind the release of The Interview. It described the movie as illegal, dishonest and reactionary.

    “Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest,” an unidentified spokesman at the commission’s policy department said in a statement carried by the official Korean Central News Agency.

    He also accused Washington for intermittent outages of North Korean websites this week, after the US had promised to respond to the Sony hack.


  3. SazzzyLilSmartAzz says:

    North Korea Calls Obama “A Monkey In An African Zoo”

    LOL! I love it! I love it!

    Published on Dec 27, 2014

  4. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Help! I’m stuck in the spam filter!


  5. Hoff says:

    Why has the jew”media” for a half century being slandering North Korea wholesale? Why have jew”media” for almost a century now slander Germany and Hitler wholesale?

    Because they both kicked out the Jews.

    This picture is from North Korea. What is in the midst? A hook nosed kike disguised as an American GI.


    Even better. America as a hook noosed sob getting kicked out of North Korea:


  6. Smitherines says:

    @ the “Obama is a monkey in a zoo post”

    He says “we know North Korea believes in “racial purity” (so does Israel, numb nuts doing this Youtube clip, and they’ve called Obama a lot worse there than a monkey

  7. Smitherines says:

    China kicked the Jews out too, in what they call purging The Intelligentsia:
    that’s Jew Media code for Jewish bankers and their lackeys. Mao knew they
    traitorous rats that would turn on him one day?

    Stalin also had plans to railroad his Jews to Siberia to work them to death
    and that’s when “Uncle Joey” turned from Zio- Savior in America to a
    “Red Butcher,” soon any form of Soviet Communism became persona non grata!

    Just decades before the American J press hailed it as the new utopian society.

    They are lucky Stalin’s doctor was a traitor (well to the Soviet cause anyway) she
    was another Esther, and poisoned his ass somehow and made it look like a

  8. protocolsRtrue says:

    @sazzy 503 . jews are not insane sazzy. Insanity is doing the same things over and over again that do not work thinking it will work this time. jews do the same things over and over again because it works for jews and stupid niggers and libtards let it happen. Insanity is Gentiles letting the jews do the same thing over and over again and thinking the jews will not fuck us over this time. We will turn the other cheek and forgive just this one more time. There must have been some kind of reason that jews eventually get kicked out of every country on the planet that they stepped foot upon. When the jews in israel (Palestine) start kicking jews out that will be a hoot.

  9. protocolsRtrue says:

    jews kick jews out of israel. Now that would be a headline I’m waiting for. Maybe that’s why we spend billions on nasa exploring mars.

  10. WHITEMAN says:

    2015 Suggested Social Policy – United States of America

    Required equipment:
    – Large Backhoes
    – 50 passenger Buses
    – .30-06 Bolt Action Rifle
    – 180 Grain Ammo
    – Patriotic Americans

    – Using the large backhoes, dig a trench 100 yards long, 10 feet wide, 10 feet deep.
    – Using the buses, transport Jews to area of trench.
    – Using Patriotic American, line the Jews up on the edge of the trench.
    – Standing no more than 7 yards from Jews, aim bolt action rifles at face of the Jew.
    – Pull the trigger, and repeat.
    – Fill trench until full. Dig more trenches as necessary.

    Suggested trench locations:
    – Hollywood, CA
    – New York City, NY
    – Orlando, FL

  11. That a roadkill-ugly Edomite like Seth Rogen is a Hollywood star proves beyond any disputation that Hollywood is indeed run by Jews.

  12. protocolsRtrue says:

    When Victims Rule is a good read.


  13. Bailey says:

    Joe “youdontneedtobeajewtobeazionist” Biden needs to wipe his chin, so does his boss nigger.
    American people who don’t see anything wrong with all of this may want to take their heads out of their asses.

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