I’m Sick of this GD Holocaust BS!


So yesterday marked the silver anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by the Soviets in 1945. It’s like we’re married to the whole thing. On all the channels they made sure to do a report on the 300 Jew survivors visiting the sacred temple of Holocaustinity and how sadly they probably wouldn’t live much longer to make the trip again. News flash, White people: They’ll find plenty of others, believe me.

“INCOG MAN, why you being so hard on those kindly old folks?” Because this whole GD holocaust business has been used by Jewry to jack the entire GD planet into boatloads of BS, that’s why. It’s just keeps getting effin’ more insane!

Try saying something about how Israel treats the Palestinians at this very day. One, your idiot patriotard is going to accuse you of supporting terrorist Hamas and one who might like to see “the Homeland” terror attacked. Or two, your average homo libtard is going to accuse you of being an evil Nazi boy who-wants-to-kill-six-million-jews or maybe even enslave the poor widdle Negroes again.

Indeed, the “Holocaust” is part and parcel to “PC” (political correctness). The evil White race gassed the sacred Jews, enslaved peeps of color and infected forest frolicking, peace-loving Native Americans (injuns) with our equally evil, European city bacteria. We so fully deserve divine retribution for our sins and communicable diseases! Or at least pay taxes through the nose forever so the government can give them our money and jobs.

In fact, the holocaust is the lynchpin to all the PC bull twisting up White people’s heads in pretty much all White countries — not just the poor Germans who have had to put up with being portrayed as evil incarnate 24/7 ever since, though over 20 million of them were horribly killed during WWII and even after the war.

Now a lot of people will say “oh, you don’t believe in the holocaust, because you hate Jews for having big noses and being smarter than your hateful, KKK ass.” Oh BS. I had my doubts about much of the holocaust years ago. Finally, it dawned on me that a lot of history was indeed lies and propaganda written by the victors and used to jack up us little people to support Israel and various NWO rip-off BS.

As I recall, it was after reading the ridiculous story of the geysers of blood at the Jew massacre site of Babi Yar — outside of Kiev, Ukraine. Supposedly, a SS officer (Paul Blobel) in the Nazi kill squads was the source to the geysers story (it may have been a BS story attributed to him to save the hide of someone else). I remember how much emphasis Jew holocaust authors put on the fact this guy was raised a catholic, yet could be so evil.

I thought about the sheer impossibility of corpses rotting and somehow coming together to form erupting blood volcanoes (completely ridiculous physics-wise), along with continual anti-Christian stuff out of Jew-controlled Hollywood. I was starting to think on how I may have been fed a giant crap sandwich for most of my life.

Not only all that, but the number of Jews victims at Babi Yar was exactly 33,771, supposedly because they intercepted Nazi radio communications saying so. But how was anyone to really know if that was true? I already had serious suspicions holocaust photos had been faked up the ying-yang, since I could spot so many immediately.

I did some quick calculations on a scrap of paper. It would have meant a Jew killed every 2 seconds, if they worked non-stop, 10 hours a day for two days and without taking any breaks. No, the numbers would had to have been wildly inflated.

Which is pretty much what crazy Jews always do.

Oh, I was pretty sure some sort of killings did happen at Babi Yar, just nowhere near as huge as they say. But another thing I noticed was that Ukrainians were heavily involved in such Jew-killing “aktions.” I thought about that for a bit. It seemed like every country over there had plenty of Jew haters eager to slaughter Jews, for some reason.

Around this time, I also noticed they were removing the words “Jewish” from Nazi accounts of the Soviet Union, as in “Judeo-Bolsheviks.” I had already read from numerous sources — before any Nazi party was invented — as to the majority percentage of Jews involved in Communism and the NKVD and CHEKA. This dovetailed well with what I came to believe was the real reasons why Americans in general were so stupid about the executions and purposeful mass starvation of millions of Christians and Gentiles by the Jewish-led commies.

The only explanation that made any real sense was that Jewry on our side of the “Iron Curtain” was purposefully doing whatever it could to keep our idiot mass population as oblivious to this part of history as possible.

Since I was involved in aspects of the early personal computer business (I rather not go into details), I had discovered (quite on my own) that the US government was also doing various other things to keep White people in the dark — such as rolling the data of Hispanic/Mestizo murder perps into the White column for yearly official crime stats — most certainly to lessen the disparity in comparisons with black criminal behavior; along with manipulating inflation figures by not including certain consumables, or quietly dropping data sets from various parts of the country to change averages.

ZEBRA KILLERSTo this day, few Whites have even heard of the Zebra killings, where a quasi Muslim cult of White-hating blacks randomly targeted innocent Whites on the streets for murder (lot more perps than the ones arrested above). A San Francisco police unit dedicated to the case believed 71 Whites were killed over the years, possibly up to 200 in other California localities. But blacks really don’t need a religion to get their kill freak on.

My research also showed me blacks were in fact wildly criminal across the board and not only that, many Whites were falling victim to astoundingly brutal murders; crimes only scantly reported at the local TV level, so few Whites would hear much elsewhere.

So why was I only seeing documentaries on White criminals, like the Manson family, the Zodiac killer and the occasional White serial killer all the time? The media constantly rolled out ridiculous levels of circus coverage of whatever White-on-White murders du jour, or had expectations to believe it would end up being a White perp in the end (like the JonBenet Ramsey case).

Our race was clearly getting the shaft, majorly.

All this, combined with various conversations over the years with knowledgable people in the financial and economic sectors about the FED and money creation, could only add up to one seriously frightening realization: The GD Nazis and skinheads just may have been right all along!

I even remember feeling giddy when this possibility suddenly dawned on me. Big time. I was laying on my couch watching some after dinner hour stupid TV show, “A Current Affair” I believe it was called, when they showed the dashboard camera of a police cruiser when it pulled over a white van and the two guys inside started shooting. The blond bimbo TV anchor (who once had an affair with a long-ago presidential hopeful named Gary Hart aboard a yacht named “Monkey Business” no lie), told the TV viewers with obvious disdain, the two white guys were Neo Nazi “extremists” who believed “ZOG” was controlling America — like it was all so impossible (but they didn’t spell out what ZOG meant either).

But was it really so impossible? Not at all. In fact, everything fit together that way.

Little freak should FRY!

John Muhammad called Malvo his “little sniper.” It came out the two were gunning for Whites, which the media conveniently forgot to mention.

Now there’s been more than one “white guys in white vans” cop gun battles. I think this was a big reason the media got all excited during the Beltway sniper event (besides the black chief of police). Someone reported the shooter was driving a white van and this made them think it had to be an evil White guy. You could see the media terribly disappointed once a black man (John Muhammad) and his murderous little black Jamaican illegal, Malvo, were finally busted and it wasn’t a White guy such as moi.

The whole Beltway sniper business was then reduced to rare short reports of the trial. It was so, so obvious they just wanted the whole thing to go away.

OK, I know I went off on some tangents here, instead of the so-called “holocaust.” I get that way a lot.

I can’t write down all the things I found wrong about the enforced narrative of the “holocaust” in my posts here. But I can refer you to my page under my masthead “The Real Holocaust Deal.” Simply click to go there, read a little and watch a few videos I have embedded. Won’t take all that long.

Make note that the holocaust is the only legally enforced history in… history. Someone like me in Canada and 11 European countries can actually be arrested and sent to prison for publicly writing or saying anything that goes against what you are supposed to believe. Imagine that. Even lawyers for the accused have been arrested for bringing up facts and figures supporting their client’s case when it comes to holocaust “denial.” Tell me that’s not some BS?


Wolf Blitzer is a big time Israeli asset masquerading as an “American” journalist. I’ve had enough of the BS!

Tonight, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer is doing a big tear jerker holocaust program as we speak. Blitzer formerly worked as a propaganda writer for AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), DC’s biggest, most lavishly funded Lobby organization, designed to keep our politicians in check and our checks going to Israel.

AIPAC is actually a treasonous foreign organization of another country, freely doing whatever the flock they want in the US. No doubt about it.

Folks, it’s all connected. Us White people have been under attack for decades by a tricky-dick race of arrogant punks who seriously claim God himself loves them so dearly and they are so smart and great; who tell us we must live with the murderous, obviously quite worthless blacks, or be happy about our sons and daughters trying out for the pink team. All the while, we constantly see Whites screwed over time and time again.

You can’t even say the least thing, before the mothers start screaming bloody murder!

Jewry has ceaselessly milked the holocaust crap for money and sympathy for decades now. It keeps going on and on and on. It often seems the creeps are trying to turn it into another religion, for crying out loud.

Isn’t it time for YOU, the reader here now, to work to put a stop to these devious bastards before they destroy America and the White race?

Thank you for reading my rant.

Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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96 Responses to I’m Sick of this GD Holocaust BS!

  1. Dave says:

    Eff the people of the six pointed star. Eff their 6 trillion/billion/million sob story.

    EFF EM!

    Their future home should be six times further than the edge of the universe on a planet with six suns that has walls six times higher than any ever made.

    They’re a joke to human existence. They benefit no one and curse all that allow them in. It’s a curse they freely excepted of their own free will.

  2. Eric says:

    The 6 million line by line


  3. Bailey says:

    70 years after awshitz liberation we have a brand new holohoaxer, spewing more unbelievable tales.

    “Before the last Nazis left, Wise said they gathered her and some of the other remaining prisoners, locked them inside an enclosure and set fire around them. “It was a totally blue sky and out of the blue, suddenly just as the fire was approaching to burn us, it started to rain and the rain put out the fire,” she recalled.”


    This lessens the need for those hologram holohoaxers.

  4. Bailey says:

    Hologram holohoaxer, the best of what the 21st. century has to offer.


    BTW, the post above should be considered mandatory reading.

    sog says, ——–>yeah and katyn massacre was jews which the germans proved ..

    And, the Red Cross agreed.

  5. Bailey says:

    Seriously folks, If the masses believe this rubbish we’re in trouble.

    “It was a totally blue sky and out of the blue, suddenly just as the fire was approaching to burn us, it started to rain and the rain put out the fire,” she recalled.”

  6. Hoff says:


    The holohoax riddle solved


    Am I the fucking greatest or what! 😉

  7. Bailey says:

    Great video Eric !

    What that means is in 25 years the jews must have been fucking their cousins at a much faster rate than those perished in Europe and they must have got it on even harder before the six million that the “evil Nazis” gassed.

    I totally believe it.

  8. Barney says:

    Just a very quick one from me today. I shouldn’t really be here. Family matters.

    Tattoos have been mentioned, albeit in connection with lampshades, but if you haven’t got them, DON’T.

    By zog’s standards we’re all criminals here. They’ll be coming after us at some point (be ready to defend yourselves).

    A tattoo is a permanent identifying mark. That’s probably why zog seems to be encouraging our young to get them.

    How can you expect to hide in a crowd if you’ve got a visible tattoo? Be invisible. Don’t have ANYTHING done that can be used to identify you, especially as a thought-criminal.

    Even something that doesn’t normally show can be used to positively identify you during a strip search, and we know how much the perverts working for zog enjoy humiliating their victims by removing their clothes.

    Tattoos always fade to black anyway, but thought-criminals like us should NOT voluntarily have ourselves marked in any way that can be used against us.

  9. Bailey says:

    I understand what Barney is saying but maybe it’s to the point that such concerns don’t matter.
    The jew.gov knows who we are anyway and they probably already know most of what we do and track our movements.
    Jew wise people should get number tats like the poor jews of aweshitz had but our numbers should all be the same.


  10. Great article, Incogman… And exactly the way I feel about the Holocaust propaganda…

    Living in Canada (Which I call Canuckleheadistan at times) we are under the careful watch of CSIS and other Canucklehead spy organizations… If I was to ever get “out of line” and publicly call the Holocaust the fraud it is, I could indeed land up in a Canadian jail and subjected to the same torture that Ernst Zundel was put under back in the 1980’s for questioning the Holocaust…

    Sadly, this nation is now completely under the jackboot of the evil Jew…. Most Canadians are now unaware that our government just signed off on a new “bill” that will give Canada’s spy organizations horrific powers that could have most Canadians now under their surveillance and possibly put into jail for any “crime” our crooked government sees fit… This has been done to fight the eeeeeeeeeeeeee-vil Moose-slim “terrorists”….

    I was not aware that my website has those continuing problems with posting comments… I have asked others that do comment and many have said that they are having no problems what so ever… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    BTW…. I will put up two amazing videos that I just put up in an article at my site the other day… They deal with the mindset of brainwashing people with the false Holocaust narrative and equating it to the Jew attacks of 9-11…… They are a must see…

    And one other note…. Anthony Lawson who has done some great videos on exposing the Jew died earlier this month… FYI, and a a sad time for us all… Anthony was indeed one of the good guys…

  11. The second video part is very telling and talks in part about the Leuchter Report that came forward in the Ernst Zundel fraud trial for Holyhoax denial…

    The real sick part is that in spite of the truthful evidence put forward by Leuchter in exposing the gassings as being a lie, the Jew Judge simply refused the evidence and said in the trial that the Holocaust was real (!) and dismissed the evidence… This shows that the entire Zundel trial was a farce and a witchhunt being run by the damn Jews themselves… This also shows that the “trial” was indeed done under a kangaroo court system where Zundel was to be guilty (!) no matter what! This shows the sickness of this nation and the fraud of our court system… People are guilty automatically if they ever “question the Holocaust” thanks to this nations subservience to the damn psychotic bastard Jews!

  12. mchawe says:

    “Wolf Blitzer is a big time Israeli asset masquerading as an “American” journalist. I’ve had enough of the BS”
    Good one. You nailed him!

  13. summerled says:

    Controversial C of E vicar faces inquisition after linking Israel to 9/11 attacks
    A Church of England vicar is under internal investigation after allegedly sharing an article on Facebook which blames Israel for the 9/11 terror attacks.

    Reverend Stephen Sizer reportedly posted a link to an article titled, “9/11 – Israel did it” and wrote: “Is this anti-Semitic? If so, no doubt I’ll be asked to remove it. It raises so many questions.”

    Sizer has since taken down the FB post, but the Church of England said on Thursday it would investigate the incident.

  14. protoclsRtrue says:

    I remember that wolf blitzer on tv as I was watching tv through my gas mask that lady airmecopla or whatever her name was saying the israilis are being bombed with scud missiles so we are sending our patriot misilles batteries to go defend israil. gee thanks but then again at least he lived in a bunker. Then they gave me shots to protect against anthrax and other stuff and I aint been the same since. The flu tried to get to me last year I kicked it’s ass too. I don’t even remember what it was called but it put up a good fight. It took a whole month but the flu lost and I’m still here. My wife is going to treat me with Chinese food tonight we’ll see how that goes.

  15. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Rabbi Schneerson’s Contempt For Non-Jews Advertised On Buses In Israel

    From the Israeli apartheid page on Facebook, via Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss: A bus in Jerusalem has this caption in large lettering:

    Israel’s bus company Egged has accepted this add in Jerusalem:

    “Statement of the kingdom. From the teachings = instructions of the [Lubavitcher] rabbi

    The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!”


  16. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t remember what type of influenza that was but it was some bad stuff.

  17. Jeremy says:

    I am sorry to hear about Mr. Lawson. He was so good at making videos, and fearless in his pursuit of the truth. I was just telling my father how much I miss Dr. William Pierce. If it wasn’t for him, I might not have woke up when I did. A special thanks to Incogman for carrying the torch. Don’t ever give up; It is always darkest just before the dawn.

  18. Smitherines says:

    Katy Perry’s Satanic Performance at the Grammy’s and the Toxic Uh-Merican Culture – Break Free From It!

    Again for you kids at halftime’s Superbowl, maybe repeat performance?

  19. Turnagain says:

    The blood geysers of Babi Yar are almost believable compared to some other holyhoax fantasies. Chil Rajchman, alleged survivor and author of, “Treblinka, a Survivor’s Memory,” wrote that he saw the blood of 250,000 Jews accidentally catch fire and burn “like fuel” for an entire night and a day. The Jews were allegedly buried in a giant pit and when the blood on the surface caught fire it caused the blood from the rest of the bodies to rise to the surface and continue to burn.

    Yosep Czarny testified at the 1978 trial of Fedor Fedorenko that he witnessed burning blood and declared to the judge that blood has a chemical in it that renders it flammable. As a result of such testimony, Fedorenko was deported to the Soviet Union where he was executed by firing squad in 1986.

    Anyone who expresses any doubt that blood is flammable can be imprisoned for up to 3-5 years in most Western European countries and Canada. In one European country, Austria, IIRC, will hit you for up to a 10 year bit for publicly declaring that the blood of a Jew isn’t flammable. Mind what you say when you travel abroad, boys and girls. Your “vacation” can turn out longer than you bargained for.

  20. sog says:

    not 1 thing the jews still teach school kids about the ww2 events are anywhere near true ,,correction ,,in the area of jews and the alleged suffering they claimed in germany is total falsehood …jews have put forth the 6 million dead and whining jew story so many times over so many times in history its laughable …and then you have to put up with yadda yadda yid vasham bs horror museums with shrunken heads and phony use of real strenght cyanide (giftgas)…the zyklon b tablets wernt any stronger then zyklon a ..germans had tabum and the other gas ..true forensic analysis of cyanide gas is telling ..it is extremely explosive in high enough concentrations to kill and in a room full of kikes with a dor that opens inward how do you open the door and how does the leaking non hermetic structure of the room not spread deadly cyanide gas throughn the camp..
    look at the real protocols of real american gas chambers …they have to air out the chamber after wards and men in space suits have to go in and wash down every god dam thing with ammonia to neutralize the deadly residue of cyanide …you could not enter a room without protection and you could not handle bodies with residue on them without succumbibg to poison ..you could not cremate these people either without releasing mass amounts of poison into the surrounding towns …
    since i started to post the gas chamber wiki last year the kikes have changed it radically now mostly to frame germans for holohoax …the rooms that had prussian blue in them were rooms where they deloused clothing …later they changed over to microwave emitting machines that would kill all lice ..sarin
    stories of germans digging up millions of bodies and burning them on wood funeral pyres is delusional ..usinf what ,,gasoline ..not even in the realm of possibility..
    there are so many reckless stories about that there was really 10,000 smaller camps like McCamp franchises ..it is the same bs as electric floors and assphyxiation trucks which bolshevik jews created in russia during there purge of 70 millions of non kike russians ..
    look at theis shameless propaganda …https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gas_chamber
    also the tales of jews being carbonmonoxided to death is delusional ..they would all have been cherry red ..some of the rooms they claim were death chambers had no prussian blue present and that shit lasts for ever on walls.
    “” At postmortem, an exhaust fan sucks the poison air out of the chamber, and the corpse is sprayed with ammonia to neutralize any remaining traces of cyanide. About a half an hour later, oderlies enter the chamber, wearing gas masks and rubber gloves. Their training manual advises them to ruffle the victim’s hair to release any trapped cyanide gas before removing the deceased. (Weisberg, 1991)
    one of the reasons they discontinued its use was its degree of difficulty of use …it did some shit to people like popping out of eyes etc …
    water is not the only compound that can be solid liqiud and gas so can cyanide and acute lethal cyanide poisoning of a human organism will result in also the cherry red ..so now we have prussian blue and cherry red colors to refute the ludicrous fables of the satanic moneylender guild …..cyanide is found in some insecticides as well ..cyanide levels in the rooms would have been moot as pellets were low dose and if you really wanted to kill people you would have to drop cyanide crystals into sulfuric acid to make hydrogen cyanide a compund strong enough to actually cause death in a room with 4000 people in it ..i cant see how any of these rooms ever could hild more than a hundred people at a time if indeed they had been used to execute …
    typhus is an extremely serious ilness causing all sorts of delusional hallucinations …who braiught the lice into the camps ..jewish shetyls in russia and beloruss always had outbreaks of typhus as their hygiene was non existent as was seen and documented later by american troops ..anyway there is alot of articles out there proving jews liars ..did we go to war because of japan or to save 6 million jews in europe …we went to destroy germany to the last man as the jews had promised to do ..amreica was just as complicit in atrocities towards germans and french and italians as were other nationalities …the story is huge and much written is still avsailable …
    crematories were down in auscwitz once for months ..it takes 2 plus hours to cremate a dead person ..you cannot stick 2-3 people in an oven and burn them all in 2 hours it takes 2-3 times longer …simple physics….the fuel to burn was coal and so where were the mountains of coal that would have been neccessay ..sure at monowitz there was a mountain of coal for the process of producing synthetic oil for machines ..
    more fantastic tales from this link …
    airphoto dot com was really good on this subject …also all camps were completely visible 360* with low see through fences etc ..not hidden to the eye from spies and partisans who would have known about some holohoax shit as they were busy doing what jews do at the camps ..smuggling in extra food providing protection and loan rackets ..think this shit stopped cus of a genocide against germany …aka ww2 ….
    working from cramped memory here ..but some sites out there really crush the delusional tales of the jews …wanna buy some jew soap or a kike skull for a beer mug maybe a lampkike shade ….treblinka and sobibore and belszec were actuall really truthfully train stations becuase thats how people got around in those days ..righto we got them suspicious trains ..gold trains deatah trains loot trains ..they make mention of trains enough thet you know they have to know that trians were a serious form of transportation and they virtually linked up all over germany and wernt the least bit evil ..those evil trains ,hell i may never ride a train again in honor ufff der whowlowcohst..

  21. Laydee Liberty says:

    Please consider adding these other website links as a source of good info to your site.
    Some excellent well documented information about The Jewish Holocaust™ Dogma

    Dennis Wise’s Amazing Documentary
    Adolph Hitler: The Greatest Story NEVER Told (TGSNT) Documentary

    Dennis Wise

    Futherglory’s Scrapbook Pages on The Holocaust™

    The Holocaust™ Historiography Project
    The Web site of Greg Raven, once co-editor of the Journal of Historical Review.

    Historical Review Press
    Classic British revisionism from the Historical Review Press (HRP)

    The Scriptorium — Focuses on distortions of 20th-Century German history

    Ernst Zundel’s Website

    Dr. Fredrick Toben / Adelaide Institute

    Mike King’s Tomato Bubble

  22. Laydee Liberty says:

    Here is a few more sites I forgot about dealing only with Auschwitz.



    Holocaust Hoaxer Extraordinaire Elie Wiesel’s “Night” is used to brainwash naive public schoolchildren. Weasel claims he walked to the edge of a flaming pit of fire
    at the entrance to Auschwitz.

    He falsely claims the Germans dumped live babies into this pit. This is pure fantasy. Promoted by politicians, unquestioned by journalists or historians.

    Truly kosher Holohoax Looney Tunes!

    The Truth?

    Auschwitz had a children’s barracks where they performed elaborate costumed plays. A Jewish artist describes painting the walls of the children’s barracks and helping them create costumes. The arts and crafts supplies were supplied by the Germans.

    Auschwitz : Truth vs. Lies

    Auschwitz – Flaming pit of fire, Hell on Earth?

    OR a wartime Labor and Transit complex?



  23. protocolsRtrue says:

    Somebody should put America on suicide watch. Not just our domestic policies fundamentally changing America into a third world nation, but now the jew.gov wants US to arm Ukrainians against the RUSSIANS for gosh sakes. War, war war . more death more destruction. Talk of going back to middle east again. (but we never really left). Remember when we predicted the jews will suck us into Syria? Guess what? And it wont stop until after Iran has been destroyed also. Who’s after that jews? How much money and how many lives and how much destruction have we brought upon those people AND OUR OWN on behest of jews who want US to build the israili empire for them? All that stuff about weapons of mass destruction and Saddam did 911 was all bullshit lies carefully fed into George Bush’s head by his Zionist jew advisors and jews at the pentagon . What was accomplished? Nothing but making things worse. ISIS declares they just want us to leave them alone, but NO. No wonder those people hate us so much. Who could blame them? We should never have gotten involved in middle east affairs going way back in the first place. But this is what happens when your government is controlled by jews.

  24. Laydee Liberty says:

    I’m so sick of hearing this too Incogman. . .

    NOW Shoahing 24 Hours A DAY


    You think JEWS would stop confessing a Six Million™ Holocaust™
    BEFORE it actually becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy!

  25. Bailey says:

    Have a look at this crap,


    Why don’t they tear up the Autobahn and plant trees for peace ?

  26. Bailey says:

    Laydee liberty,

    Great poster !

  27. Laydee Liberty says:

    “Not giving heed to Jewish fables,
    and commandments of men,
    that turn from the truth.” Titus 1:14

    BUCHENWALD Illustrated Lessons in Bogus Allied Propaganda


    “ Above all, propaganda here is entirely in Jewish hands. . .when bearing public ignorance in mind, their propaganda is so effective that people have NO real knowledge of the true state of affairs in Europe. . .”

    -Polish Ambassador at Washington D.C., Count Jerzy Potocki,in a report to the Polish Foreign Office, dated January 12, 1939

    Quoted in J.F.C. Fuller A Military History of the Western World, vol. 3 pp. 372-374

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