MLK: Worthless Hero for One Truly Worthless Race


I’m quite certain you’ve probably noticed how the US media has vigorously promoted yet another big White-hating Hollywood movie called “Selma.” His sacred Negro highness, Martin Luther King, Jr., is this movie’s big hero. Although I haven’t seen it (nor will I ever pay to see it), I already know the White race is portrayed as evil, as usual.

This Negro worship business keeps getting more and more insane, does it not? They go on and on AND ON about civil rights and slavery BS, right along with putting in blacks on the screen as big heroes everywhere else (even as computer hackers, lol). You would have to be one seriously moronic SOB not to have noticed — either that or so brainwashed with “White Guilt” and “diversity” crap, as to be a totally spineless little worm.


Just this past Friday night, a crazy Negress in New Jersey, Hyphernkemberly Dorvilier (yep, that’s her name), put her own baby in the middle of the road, doused him with lighter fluid and set him aflame.

Folks: They have to have a Martyr figure for the blacks. All your so-called victimized-by-Whitey minority groups need a Christ-like victim for the brainwashers to use in jacking up everyone against us decent White people. Hell, for the sodomites they have Harvey Milk, a borderline pedophile and minor San FranSICKO city flunky shot dead by Dan White (the scene recreated in a Hollywood movie specifically to shock White America into sympathy for homos, even though the actual crime had nothing to do with faggotry).

Maybe the fact King and Milk were both killed by White guys is the prime requirement for elevation to Godhood status in today’s Jewed America. Ever think of that?

Sure, your idiot White libtards and FOX News Kwans will scream bloody murder how racist I am, blah, blah, blah, but these fools just haven’t got it yet on how completely insane, brutally violent and criminal the black race truly is. Just spend a few minutes scrolling down my page, “White Victims,” to see what kind of vicious animals we’re really dealing with here. You’ll be shocked at how sadistic and evil blacks truly are. Guaranteed.

Another thing you won’t hear the US Jew media tell you, is that Martin Luther Coon was communist trained (the Jew-funded Highland school), a big time whore-monger, wife beater and well-proven plagiarist. His top advisor for a long time was a known black commie homosexual (hmmm, kind of like maybe HNIC Obongo, come to think).

These lefty Jews have been busy causing trouble since the day we let them into the country.

Lefty Jews like the Temple university Jewesss above, have been busy causing trouble for the White race ever since the sorry day we let these bastards into the country.

MLK Cooness was also well-funded and his speeches were written by lefty Jews he surrounded himself. Hell, the NAACP was created and run by Jews to begin with (along with a few White do-gooders for racial camouflage, like they still do to this day). The NAACP legal defense fund was always a complete Jew operation, and totally controlled the black front faces they used to make it look black. They probably still do control them through backroom channels, of which Jewry has always thrived.

And yeah, sure, so maybe a White guy did kill King with a 30.06 rifle, when his Coonness was on that Memphis motel balcony, yapping away down to his black homies in the parking lot about what fried chicken restaurant he wanted to eat dinner that night, or where all the town’s prostitutes ran off to (MLK slept with a couple of whores the night before getting wacked).

The assassin may have been paid by dark international forces somewhere, possibly even by the same killers of JFK, just so they could turn MLK into a big time hero Martyr in their long-running Agenda to turn America commie and drive the White race insane with PC. All of which should be plenty obvious by now.

James Earl Ray also could have been a convenient patsy, set up by the forces who actually did the shooting. These evil ZOG people see no problem taking matters into their own hands, in furtherance of their devious Agenda. No telling what the creeps have in store for the near future, of which I best remain silent with my speculations so as to not give the feds any more excuses to come after my pearly White butt.

In reality, King was some kind of weird, sick black pervert. The FBI secretly recorded him during liaisons with black and White prostitutes (paid for with Jew commie funding or his church’s money). On one tape he’s heard saying  “I’m f—ing for God!” and “I’m not a Negro tonight!” He also smacked around his ho’s, evidently because it turned him on, or maybe it was only the White prostitutes he beat, to get back at whitey.

The whole business of blacks raping White women is really just racial vengeance. Not only at the individual level, but at the bigger over-all brainwashing zeitgeist created by Jewry in White countries, basically to turn the White race into a dumb mud breed.

Step out of the box and you’ll see that’s precisely been the deal all along. Kind of pisses you the hell off, doesn’t it?

Rabbi Rothschild awards MLKRight after the Globalist Jews gave him the Nobel peace prize, Rabbi Jacob M. Rothschild (yep, that’s his name) awards King some kind of trophy crystal vase for his trouble-making efforts; subversive Jewry has always loved pushing this MLK guy down this country’s throat. They say the rabbi is not related to the International Jew Rothschilds who own the planet, but one look at his smug Jew face tells me otherwise.

A couple of years ago, some Kennedy family tapes were released to the public where Jackie O tells of JFK letting her listen to secret FBI recordings made of MLK. The mainstream news didn’t go into details of exactly what it was that shocked her, of course. Basically, they tried to leave it to the idiot viewer to merely come to the conclusion King’s personal privacy was violated by the evil FBI. For good reason, too, since the FBI had ample reason to believe the Soviet Union was funneling him moolah.

Note how the leftys love to make it out like J. Edger Hoover was a big secret sodomite and tranny boy. And I thought they loved such types?

But liberal idiots and militant, White-hating blacks really could care less what kind of freak MLK was. All they care about is constantly making out the black race as heroic victims of us evil White people. Like forever, it seems.

Although I didn’t see the movie “Selma,” I think they had a scene where he hits his wife Corinne in an angry black fit (she’s probably lucky to survive being married to a black male in the first place). The media mavens now realize they have to show something of MLK’s wrinkles or else too many of us hoi polloi might get suspicious of all the PC trickery going on these days.

Another thing: The family of King has greedily profited for years off MLK. They charge tens of thousands of dollars for libtard TV (even the public channel) to use just a few words out of his speeches in their multicult propaganda reporting. Currently, one part of the King family is suing the other, because they want to sell his bible and his Nobel Peace prize to the highest bidder. Apparently, these are Negroes well-trained by Jews.

Now, I’ve already laid out a sensible and cost-effective plan to take care of matters in America. I refer you to my popular earlier post on my site, “The Brutal Black Race must be dealt with severely.” May it hereafter be refered to as “THE INCOG PLAN.”

One thing I must add to do after taking back this country, is to completely destroy the MLK statue on the Mall in Washington DC. First, we bring in the biggest wrecking ball we can lay our hands on. Then we use the resulting rubble as the ceremonial top layer to a new deep water pier — built on the Alabama coast, as part of a special purpose, fast-turnaround harbor — where black deportees are herded aboard converted oil supertankers for the trip back to the African jungle, where they’ve always belonged.

The last thing the blacks will walk over when leaving America’s shores will be the granite detritus of that ridiculous Chinese carved statue of MLK!

Current heroes for the black race are scumbag race extortionists, getting rich milking White Guilt.

Current heroes for the black race are scumbag race extortionists, getting rich milking Jew-instilled “White Guilt” brainwashing. Had enough of all these SOBs?

Simply put: The sooner we remove these filthy, vile apes from our presence, the better.

I’ve looked at the over-all situation, vis-à-vis the black race for years, and it’s patently obvious they are about the most useless race as you could possibly imagine. It’s only going to get worse and worse, simply because blacks will always devolve to the point where they go violently ape en mass and/or starve to death — unless they get bailed out by stupid White people, brainwashed by Jewry, somewhere.

Hell, you see this happening all the time in Africa and Haiti. The question remains: What happens if Whitey is NOT around anymore to bail out this worthless race?

I think the answer can pretty easily be visualized.

— Phillip Marlowe

"I have a dream," too: That these people will one day shut the hell up!†I have a dream, too: That one day we won’t have to listen to all these stupid, spoiled black brats!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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185 Responses to MLK: Worthless Hero for One Truly Worthless Race

  1. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Race Against Racism for MLK, Let Jews Carry Guns, Jews Behind Hate Speech Laws

  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    The future is scary

  3. NinjaJohn says:

    Well thank you, Sazzy. The way I see it, these mongrelized bastards have no moves left. They just keep repeating the same old crap. People are catching on and they are getting scared. Even some of the kwans are starting to ask questions.

  4. NinjaJohn says:

    The “State of Israel” is a fraudulent name in itself. Israel is not a piece of land and it never was. Israel is a race of people that the Edomite “Jews” wish they were a part of, but never have been and never will be because their parents were a bunch of mud sharking shitskins.

    I prefer to call this Jewish satanic government “Mystery Babylon” or “We wish we were White, so here we are, crying out for help by trying to destroy all White people.” Or something like that.

  5. NinjaJohn says:

    Good to see you back, Pat. Always loved your in depth explanations. I have used them many times.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Are You A Closet Racist? The Washington Post Has “Evidence” That Proves You Are

    The media constantly stirs the pot. I hope I live long enough to see them stand trial for it.

  7. ICU says:


    btw, in case anybody hasn’t seen or heard Da Nooz…
    Oopah Loompah Alky Boehner invited war criminal/beats banger DJ Bloody Benny N to spin his stuff and lay down his rap n’ rhymes awn da House…AN da Senate, yo…
    in a JOYNT Thang…wif dancin an clappin.
    Dey AWL be gittin dem nyggahz revved UP an sheeit to lay dey NINES an awl on dat ebil Eye Ran, ah’ite?
    It gone be a WAR Par-Tay !
    EVVY BODY gone be dere.
    Gnome sane.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Jew Erik Bleich Pushes For “Hate Speech” Laws Worldwide

  9. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Canadian Jew Presenter Admits Jews Lobbied For Hate Speech Laws

    They probably wrote the laws too! They did in this country.

  10. Dave says:


    I have a request. As you are well aware I live in Texas. Energy is an important part of our economy. I do presently enjoy the fact that gasoline can be bought here for +/- $1.75 in American gallons. In fact, many would be surprised by the fact that we have the greatest wind energy production of any US state and probably most countries (more than twice as much as the polluted state of California 🙂

    Anyway, there is presently a suspicious disparity in statistics that I have read from multiple sources about the price of oil and natural gas. Apparently, the USA is now the top energy producer in the world in both commodities. The official federal statistics don’t correlate with the price of the product.


  11. Dave says:

    I don’t mean to belittle those that have worked hard in the Bakken areas of the Dakotas and surrounding areas. I just would like to know what the hell is going on and how the investors lowered the price so much. That’s all. It really doesn’t make sense.

    There is more to the story than the price tag. Our oil will be worth 2 or 3 times as much in a short time.

  12. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Poland: A Young Woman’s Adventures With A Hardcore Nationalist Organization

    There is two videos included with this article.

  13. bubba says:

    Yo’ all

    Still on another computer(ie which, …..y know….. the non whites invented 1,000,000+ years ago along with kosher pork, the square wheel and peanut butt- err..)

    I know the 2014 status quo stinks…but I think we won the history lottery…!!!…ie the Kikenvermin have exposed themselves beyond the point of no return

    ….yes Baby!!!

  14. John Bottomly says:

    Hi , I disagree strongly . MLK was a great leader in my opinion . You are a really talented writer , and I have been very impressed with some of your writing , on Zionist
    Bankers unfair practices , for example . But I am really distressed when you attack other groups who are just trying to make it . It seems that the world is quoting MLK and he was murdered by the FBI , so I don’t have any idea why you would say such a thing . Why waste your brainpower and power on such a uninformed diatribe ? , John.

  15. American born says:

    I’d guess the drop in oil prices are a move to break Russia’s economy. And the White folks who have been doing rather well over the past few years.
    Although I am sure there are other motives as well. Yet I’d guess this is a temporary thing.. the time to buy land in the effected areas is now. Zerohedge has some numbers.

  16. Dave says:

    That was a very pertinent article AB. Thanks. I happen to work in the water business but that’s very much related to the energy business. Most probably don’t know that.

    I also found Frank’s post interesting. My take on it is that women (thank God for sending them our way) have a need we were created to fulfill. Men are to create stability and safety for their wife and family.

    As men, we are facing a new enemy. That’s the (gonna steal something from the Slavs here) motherland. We are at a turning point here in society. I belive that the father is being proactively replaced be the state. Fathers are very important!

    I do live in the real world and have overheard fathers being referred to as, “sperm donors”. I’ve also heard women being referred to as, “cum dumpsters”.

    It’s wrong. It’s what the jews want/see the Gentile to be.

  17. sog says:

    @ Bailey>>>>>>absoloot-lee shock k k k ing lol …did the niggers mother have any kids that lived or that wernt on waylfaih n sheeyit …
    funny anecdote about deetroYtt ..70,000 street lights and 35,000 have had the copper wires yanked …who says there isnt any jobs out there for ghetto monkeeys …
    lemme assert how really seriously dangerous electricity is for the do it yourselfer niggers out there …this shit travels 186,000 miles per second and the electrons are pissed off to boot …get in there way and they will smoke your dumb ass but pleas go ahead and ignore me for the worlds sake ,,,heh heh …i have been electrocuted 2-3 times and the one that should have killed me woke me up when i was younger ..i will not detail that one ..oyy fuckin hey ..
    but some dumb fucker cuttin on a high volt and hi amp line gets what he deserves and a lot dumb shits die in the usa cutting on juice copper we need to power our shit so it is with good riddanc i bid them adiou …
    mainstreaam cesspool link
    let the games begin and thanks for playing retrads ,iddidiotas…
    next time you see your appliance blink or slow down while its in use you can count another fool gone ..heh heh …
    hey bailey you seen the pictures of niggers who set their frinds on fire and you toob it ..they die that way to ..then ther e is obammy’s fave thee ol JENKEM …
    my o my lawwrdy lawwrdy what wont the clever nigger think of next ….
    i cant help myself on this one but i wanted to thank redpill for aiding and firthuring the white race by remaining reclusive and hermitaged …texas what ? …i cant read the angry script again ..this is not a podium for purely religious persausion is better if you kind of relevantly work it in instead of invasive mental penetration …
    unfortunately usa christian lacsidazicality allowed for extremist religious nut kikes to play on religious jew worship to take palestine …any violation thaer …and deed of title an alodiaol or patent title to the land ? hmmm …incogs been faithful over hear and he aint no judas goat ,,red pill …really seriously …[lus your spellinf sucks er heh heh like mine ……i did l;ike you r jail conversion story and i belived in you through that but what if your lying and its not true or hey thas the clue because you used the fantastic convesion tale to be 100% trusted and a few people on here anrt so sure o that now ..right bro …yeah im stepping way out of my buseness to bother with yours but comment sections only surviv e the fools if we openly discuss all theis shit or just ignore it and ban it …if incog banned you it doesnt mean he is an old commie red in drag …yeah and the redsshiled aka rothschild was red and it was the ashtoreth satanic symbol ,it was red …check that story out in incog archives on the beginnings of rothschild …but the name red pill was bothering me as all things associated with communism and bolshevism is red this and red that …calm down change youer name and come back and play nice ….yeah im an asshole ,so what …mr. asshole to my freinds ..cheers
    and i fuckin hate commies and bolshie kikes

  18. Eric says:

    I think that the jid hijacked the color RED..

    I love the color RED..
    RED is the color of my blood
    RED is the color of a women’s lips when excited..
    RED is the color of a rose
    RED is the color of a sunset or sunrise
    I can go on but I have RED bloodshot eyes that need some rest..

  19. American born says:

    Long time no see, Incog. Above is definitely on for the archives.

  20. Pat says:

    If you’re a follower of Incogman, chances are you recognize that something’s wrong with this society and that’s what originally brought you here.

    It’s not just you. Just go ask anybody you interact with. They’ll most likely tell you they agree that this culture is f*cked up. As them why they think so and you’ll hear them describe a number of diverse reasons.

    Frankly, most of them don’t really know why. This might help you to get them to understand.

    There is a definite “Culture Destruction” going on. They named it “Gl—-ization”. This constitutes an attempt to move people away from cultural diversity towards single world culture that is much easier to control.

    The “Secret Team” hijacked the government and is the “Shadow Government”.

    What’s “Culture”? Culture is a set of suggestions and assertions that are normalized into individuals on the basis of group acceptance and endorsement. Cultural views are shared and agreed upon at the group level.

    The suggestions adhered to by the majority of a population is the dominant culture. A subculture adheres to suggestions that don’t have majority endorsement across the entire population. Individual viewpoints, habits and behavior constitute a lifestyle and may or may not reflect the dominant culture.

    Third-World immigration is literally a physical re-shaping of “Culture”. Because culture consists of the suggestions and assertions adhered to by the majority, changes to the ethnic makeup of the country constitutes Cultural Destruction.

    A central function of bad culture is to create and enforce mental constructions of reality that are erroneous in comparison to empirical reality. Empirical reality is what’s verifiable by actual observation and what the hard sciences are designed to discover.

    It is no accident that “PC’ cohen-cidentally just so happens to enforce mental constructions of reality that are erroneous compared to empirical reality.

    Bad culture is the central bank of cognitive distortions that support the agenda and wealth accumulation of the Secret Team that constitutes the Shadow Government.

    The very bedrock of Western Culture has been the concept of the Nuclear Family consisting of a Man and a Woman . A Father, a Mother- and consequent Children.

    Sexual orientation is the very basis of Western Culture.

    Homosexual Matrimony simply isn’t Marriage. Putting a wedding dress on a man doesn’t make him a woman who’s going to be having children.

    Everybody knows that homosexuality is a fundamental deviation from normality. Everybody also knows that glorifying an abnormality just isn’t “right” – but most of them don’t know why it’s going on.

    Renaming counter-cultural concepts is a key strategy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

    If you want to effectively fight this battle:


    If you’re’ serious about fighting the Shadow Government, stop using their words when you describe things they are trying to normalize.

    An example of a cognitive distortion supporting bad culture is the notion of “equality.” An empirical definition of the word “equal” is “like or alike in quantity, degree, value, etc.; of the same rank, ability, merit.”

    Obviously, no two people are exact carbon copies of each other. The don’t have the exact same ability; the exact same intelligence; or the exact same level of skill.

    Identical twins might come close to being equal but they even have some degree of differentiation.

    If you look up the word “equality” on Wikipedia, you’ll find yourself directed to the term “social equality” that they define as “the state of affairs in which all people within a specific society or isolate group have the same status in certain respects”. Note the qualifying term “in certain respects”. It didn’t say that all people have the “same status with respect to the law” and that no special rights and privileges would be given to anyone base on their genetics. It didn’t say that specially protected sub-groups would have legally enforced special rights and privileges in comparison to other un-protected sub-groups, but the law actually does say that.

    Calling inequality “equality” is a cognitive distortion. Inequality simply isn’t equality.

    This is what George Orwell was talking about in his book “Animal Farm” when he wrote that “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

    Coercing people to accept the fundamentally unfair practice of unequally applying the law and calling it “equality” is a cognitive distortion that the Secret Team hopes will become normalized into the individual on the basis of group acceptance and endorsement.

    The Shadow Government has invested tremendous resources into making that cognitive distortion a component part of the culture they promote. The reason is because the unequal application of law supports their agenda and wealth accumulation.

    In everyday conversation you may find that you’ll have a LOT better results by using the term “Shadow Government” or “Secret Team” instead of saying “j-w”.

    Why not just run around and say the “J” word all day?

    Because the Secret Team has invested BILLIONS of dollars in creating a mental image of “Persecuted Victim” in the minds of the (m)asses when they hear the “J” word.

    The average citizen literally thinks “Persecuted Victim” when you say that word.

    Not only that, they have been indoctrinated to assign “Crazy Status” to anyone who blames the “J’s” for anything.

    To illustrate my point, go ahead and use the replacement term “Persecuted Victim” instead of “J-ws” when you’re talking to the uninitiated. Try it – and you’ll see that they actually understand who you mean.

  21. Pat, Thank you for your thought provoking points. I was not trying to sell the video as anything but “The answer to the Nigger Problem.” as clearly stated.

    The video just made me happy, and I felt compelled to share that viewpoint. The video took me back to a time when Niggers were treated as such and we were a far better country. As a constructive observation; I was disappointed your response did not include an enjoyment clause.

    “You don’t reason with a cockroach you step on it.”

    Have a good day!

  22. Pat says:


    I totally agree with your viewpoint. I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. I actually laughed when I saw the video.

    When I looked at the video, I remembered the whole media campaign involving alleged police shootings.

    Long story short: The results of an investigation (and when I say “investigation” – I mean the application of REAL investigative techniques) showed that the most likely reason for the “Ferguson”; “I Can’t Breathe”; and the one you posted is that the Secret Team is pushing for the Federalization of Police.

    The Secret Team wants to get rid of the local control over policing. They think that Federalizing police will make it a lot easier for them to implement their police-state tactics.

    I think the video was staged. I think most of the people you saw in that video were acting out a drill scenario and it was intentionally presented as a real event. The whole thing constitutes a narrative.

    This is how public opinion is manipulated.

    I can fully explain how to perform the necessary investigation that shows what they’re doing. This ins’t my “opinion”. My “opinion” upon becoming aware of that incident was to apply the exact same investigation techniques that detectives use and that intelligence agencies use to determine what that video actually represented.

    The results came back showing that it was staged.

    The most likely reason for staging it was in support of a larger public relations campaign mainly aimed at legislators to drive the idea of Federalizing police….just like they have in Russia and China.

    Methods used to determine this are highly sophisticated and reduce the level of “opinion”.

    I will be coming out with a complete explanation for anyone who’s interested in understanding how this is done.

  23. Bailey says:

    Never forget – Newtown.

    Also in the news, some newtown story families are suing the Lanza estate because Nancy had weapons in the house while here toothpick son was “obsessed” with Mass Murder, it’s a new season for the newtown show while the Amish Mafia is in it’s final season on jew lie TV.

    I wonder what ever happened to all the money donated by dupes to newtown that jew Liebermann was in charge of. Probably bought himself a nice island on The World.

    Hey sog , great stuff that fried nigger news , huh?

    Good to see American born out and about , don’t be such a stranger there buddy.

  24. Bailey says:

    Hey sog,

    Just wanted to show you a nice craigslist score I came across last weekend.

    One of these in very nice condition along with a very nice letter opener that i have yet to find an image of.

  25. Bailey says:

    Hey Sazzy,

    Here’s a whole hourn and a half worth of Uncle Biden.

  26. Mississippi Burning Man says:

    The question that will always remain in AmeriKwa is:


  27. Pat says:

    They want to create an American-FSB/KGB/CHEKA.

    That’s what the Federalization of Police will mean.

  28. Pat says:


    It’s best to avoid the Melanoid.

    The best way to handle the Melanoid problem is to avoid them.

    Melanoids are a dark, dismal people. Order and decency is eclipsed anywhere they congregate. Any area they infest instantly becomes obscured by a murky shadow of gloom.

    Avoid The Melanoid.

  29. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Thank you for the Biden. (I think) LOL!!! I wish “I am a Zionist Joe” would move to Israel to be closer to his buddies! At least get the bastard out of Delaware!!!!!

  30. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Sympathy for the Devil(s)

    Published on Jan 13, 2015

    Dream’n of Jews, who have been our worst nightmare.

  31. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Forgot to mention the vid above is Scott Roberts.

  32. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    John Bottomly,
    INCOGMAN is telling the truth and with further investigation you can find that truth yourself. No one is “attacking” anyone. We are simple exposing the lies! “The whole world” is catching on and I’d hate to see you left off the train!

  33. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Thanks for that information!!!

  34. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    NinjaJohn says:
    January 21, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    Well thank you, Sazzy. The way I see it, these mongrelized bastards have no moves left. They just keep repeating the same old crap. People are catching on and they are getting scared. Even some of the kwans are starting to ask questions.
    You’re right NinjaJohn. More and more people are indeed catching on. Thank God for people who carry the news. Don’t stop!!!!

  35. Hoff says:

    MIAMI — Reparation money inherited from survivors of the Holocaust should not be used to calculate eligibility for federal programs based on financial need, such as Medicaid, according to an emergency message issued last month by the Social Security Administration.

    Advocates for Holocaust survivors and their families called the decision a major victory.

    Read more here:

  36. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    This is heartbreaking …

    “Mississippi Marine injured in alleged racial attack is ‘not coming home anytime soon’: father’”

    Ralph Weems, 32, has a long road to recovery after he was beaten up at a late-night restaurant in August amid heighten racial tensions following the death of Michael Brown

    January 20, 2015

    An Iraq war veteran, hospitalized since an alleged racial beating in Mississippi amid heightened tensions following Michael Brown’s death, is “not coming home anytime soon,” his father said.

    U.S. Marine Ralph Weems, 32, suffered a “traumatic brain injury” after he was attacked and told a West Point, eastern Mississippi, restaurant wasn’t “safe for Whites” in August, father Ralph Weems III told the Clarion-Ledger.

    The serviceman’s road to recovery is long and daunting, his family said.

    “He’s physically made a lot of improvements,” Weems III said. “Traumatic brain injury takes a long time to recover in a lot of ways.”

    Although Weems is “doing really well,” he is looking to move to another facility in either Louisiana or Arkansas, according to a GoFundMe page.

    In September, Weems was moved to a VA rehabilitation facility in Texas that was supposed to “push him harder than he has been pushed in years,” according to the Facebook page Standing Up for Ralph Weems.

    “It’s kinda like he’s going through Boot Camp all over again,” a post read. “But he made it through it once before, there is no doubt that he will do it again.”
    Weems was beaten up after he and a friend went to a Waffle House in West Point. They were told it wasn’t “safe for Whites” less than a month after Brown’s death in Ferguson, Mo., friend David Knighten said.

    The men got into an argument with black customers and went to the restaurant the Hull House, Knighten said. They were followed by a group of about 20 people who then surrounded and kicked at Weems, the friend said.

    Constance Levail McFarland, 21, Marquavious McMillian, 20, and Courtez McMillian, 22, were charged with aggravated assault in the attack.

    The FBI and the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation are trying to determine whether the case is a hate crime. (WTF?)

    But West Point Police Chief Tim Brinkley said the evidence suggests it was “a verbal altercation turned physical and somebody got hurt.”

  37. NinjaJohn says:

    No White person can ever be the victim of a hate crime in the Jew S A. I really really hope there’s a chimp out in Texas sometime soon.

  38. Hoff says:

    At incog:

    The jew false flag op Hebdo Paris and freedom of speech and the right to mock. This is one of the best caricature of the eternal jew – Ever. This is exactly what the jew have done all the time in history:

  39. oldranger68 says:

    I was honored to celebrate the birthday of a great man on 1/19. Happy birthday General Robert E. Lee.

  40. sog says:

    nice eric ..yeah like anythinhg else like fire it too can be a freind and a foe ,or like water and sunshine and etc ..
    i like the part avbout womens lips tho thet kinda got my red effin blood goin …
    i think commies bleed yellow cus its pus ..yoamsayn ,,heh heh ..more american english bveing murdered i spect …all them jews have to have ther pus pressure checked regularly ….there is anew after shave for yids called old kike and it smells like ass …aint cheap neether ..yeah sweet neffertitty gas is down to 2.15 i saw in bay area calif …you can go on a road trip without takin aout a small biz loan …it wont last was lower when the stinkpile obMABA STORMED INTO OFFICE WELL ER UH USHERED IN BY HIS COCKSUKKERING FIST FUCKING JEW BUDDIES ..

  41. Sandra Egan says: Marin Luther King visits the Vatican!

  42. sog says:

    hey thanks bailey for the police patch site
    i traced my grandfathers army boots once took all night but i remembered those boots …i know that no americans or dragoons wore them ..or any other nation ..they were german night sentry boots ..ww1 …hence the russian cyrillic tattoo shit on his side area mid abdomen …? pow camp i guess ..? …..the man never confided anything but a bunch of conflicting sotries ..heh heh was unpopular to be german in america post ww1 … now the way the kikes have globally demonized germans but it was the allies who destroyed germanies soverignty with armistice versaiile extortion and the subsequent genmocide of german humanity in ww2 under the faslse pretense of jewoish suffering ,really ? gee i tot it was cus the slanty jappos bombed peasrl fuckin harbor but only after all the good ships were vacated first and an aftrer thought since the japps were goping to bomb russia instead …etc ..etc …it has become rediculous to live here now ….with quack vaxx mandatrory for kids now in most states you can be coerced to poison your child now ..this is fucking war ,man ..

  43. I have finally found a site that talks about everything I have always known. I have known everything you fine people have written about about since I was 5 years old. Although I was so young, I’d often ask myself if this was all real. Throughout school they, whoever they are/where, tried to convince me otherwise, but I just could not fall for the hypocrisy. There must have been something inside my soul that showed me the truth. Because I saw the truth at a young age. Adults and teachers did everything in their power to make me think otherwise, but they couldn’t. I was picked on something terribly just for knowing the truth. You see, truth is common sense, and Christianity is common sense, there’s no way around it. At this wonderful site, they hate us for seeing the truth. They hate us for understanding the truth. In there devious minds, truth is a menace and logic is a an enemy.

  44. There is so much to say and write about on this site. I feel like you are all my family because you understand. I have an 11 year old daughter now knows what a Jew is, and they are EVERYWHERE! I am NOT teaching her hate; I am teaching her common sense, which is Christianity. She even knows the glassy-stares of white liberals. Dear friends here, look up WHITE CELEBRITIES who ADOPT BLACK BABIES. This site is soooooooo funny! Look at the pictures. Study them. There are also a few Jews, too. I mean,look at how stupid and moronic this looks. For one, not one of these little nigger babies appear happy. These dumb white ladies look so utterly ridiculous. The little nigger babies are not even touching these dumb white ladies. It’s like they are pulling away. In fact, most of the nigger babies have this blank stare–expressionless. They DO NOT touch whitey. And yet whitey has this dumb, phony smile. If you look at Sandra Bullock way back in the beginning when she first adopted the little monkey, she’s all happy, that cause the nig was just born. But as you can well see, her smiles begin to fade. Infact, that dumb whitey starts showing signs of regret—it’s there, you can see it. In some pictures, you can detect fear, frustration, like oh my god what have I done. But of course, for her and other whites like her, she’s probably afraid to even think this for fear of it being a Thought Crime. Now she’s stuck,like so many of them. These baby niggers are clearly not happy. And dumb whitey tries to smile in the most ridiculous way. On the down side, NO man will want them. No black man will want them and no white man will want them. All that money they have, and yet, they have nothing—nothing at all. Friends out there, I studied these pictures. I just can’t help but laugh. I laugh my head off, but then I shake my head in disgrace. It is sad very sad because I realize how stupid, really, really stupid these people are. All that money they have and they have nothing. In fact, they are doomed. God help them.

  45. Thank you so much INCOGMAN for this site and for revealing the truth. When I am down because of what’s happening, your honesty and common sense brings me up because I know I am not alone in the way I have always seen things thank you so much.

  46. I was an American soldier. In my heart I still am. I served for 10 years with the United States Army. I was in the first Gulf War and Somalia. I drove trucks, all kind of trucks. Somalia was the scariest place. I was on convoy missions ALL the time. Our convoy was ambushed constantly. I guess what really gets to me is when I hear these dumb feminist talk about females who should fight in the front lines. Well I did, all the time. They make it sound like its a football game, and it’s no football game. It’s scary, really, really scary. These niggers will shoot you in a heartbeat and laugh while they’re doing it. And Somalias HATE American niggers, boy do they hate them. They hate them more than white people. Anyway, what irks me is to here these feminist act like they’re so tough. They not tough. They are cowards. They won’t even enlist in the military. And just think, many of these so–called wanna be female fighters are running the country. You really want these moronic bitches telling our good, decent fighting men , telling them what to do? I know, I was there, and it was so frightening. They have no clue what the are talking about. Just look at them on TV, these so called tough women?For one, they look totally masculine. They sound like men with their deep voices, their faces look like men, and the way they hold rifles and pistols. It’s funny because they bend down and get in what I call crotch shots, you know, with their legs open. This looks so ridiculous, like they’re trying to establish dominance. They are so masculine looking, worst than men. I have served and I have seen true combat, and never, ever, did any of us women act like that. In today’s society, women degrade women and girls much more so then men degrade women. No real men with any guts want women like this. And even though I was in combat and did some pretty hard core things I am still a woman. I love being lady–like. I don’t speak like these women of today. I will not degrade myself. And everything I learned about the military, I learned from fine, decent, strong men. I will stick up for decent men, not degrade them.

  47. sog says:
    good fucking riddanc e to fartin looter qween junier coon …piec of dam dog shit
    when the bullet hit the miscreant in the neck i think they were hopin for a clean head shot ..the pink mist ..gorilla in his own mist …monkey down …why dodnt the guy take out the rest of the shit heels ..
    welcome michelle ellis …its nice to feel at home somewhere in the world today and incog lets us splatter the ink on the perpetraitors ….
    god bless him ..ayhhe

  48. sog says:
    neeeeeegrows …who needs em …lincoln tried like hell to send em all back …you know as much as niggers complain ,there were more white slaves in america before and after nigger slavery was banned …jews saw the writing on the wall and their transatlntic business goin down …seriuoisly one kike named lopez in mass east coast area had 200 ships ..jews owned the seas and tightly controlled the art and skill of navigation was like the diamond business …tight assed jew control ….stick a lump o coal up a jews tight ass and he will shit out a diamond …suuuuuuuuch uhhhh deeeeeeeeeeeeeil …
    white slaves were 1/10th as valuable as mulattoes and etc point was that all the niggers when they got indenture free they CHOSE to stay in am,erica with a land grant and etc …half of slave owners were niggers themselves with the othewr jhalf beiong white jews ….have you ever looked at all the jewish surnames niggers have ……out

  49. I went back to that site, white celebrities who adopt black babies. Those pictures are so funny. Those little negro babies look so expressionless. What a bunch of white idiots, and a few Jews. God they look so stupid and blind. Adopting those babies is no different than adopting a cute and cuddly kitten. Well, all kittens grow up, and the kitty phase only lasts so long. Who knows how these little negro babies are going to turn out. What do their parents look like? It’s obvious there is not a connection between white and black. It’s nature, and the little negro babies instinctively feel it. Unfortunately, the Jews and dumb white liberals are forcing whitey upon the darkness of this race. Whitey is considered evil if he or she does not accept this race. We are doomed. Please wake up, whitey. It’s like you have the Stockholm syndrome. You’re in love with your corruptors.

  50. Madonna looks like a nut case with her much younger husband , sitting there with those expressionless adopted black kids. I laugh so hard because these idiots who adopt these kids think they’re saving the world. I have been to Africa, fighting in a war, and that whole damn country is on fire. And it’s coming here, in fact, it already has. We need to be ready.

  51. Diana Hernandez says:

    Everything and everybody has there shit. Nobdy is different and who are you or trump to pass judgement on anyone? See that’s the biggest problem people like you pointing fingers. What about you? What about the rapist and murderers. Come on stop pointing the finger. It’s obvious your sick.. your racist dude.. but I can’t even blame you dude. All these American people are racist.. Its meant to be that way

  52. dude says:

    You little racist jerk whoever is writing this

  53. dude says:

    worthless hero? truly worthless race? you must be a worthless person! MLK was a great man!, and he was fighting for a good cause. I’m not an african american, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to stand for this shit!

  54. Bailey says:

    Jew trolls are out again , eh ?

  55. marc wilson says:


  56. guiltfreewhite says:

    The brainwashing of the masses about King, have been SO successful, that if Trump would issue an EO, calling for the release of all info now, on king that the government has, It would not change the thinking of more then 1% -2% at best of even the whites, and zero for the blacks, no matter how ugly the info. No statues would be removed, No group would openly demand any removing of them. no repeal of the holiday pushed. The media would smear the info greatly, as total lies, to be disregarded.

  57. protocolsRtrue says:

    Chimpcago, chimpcago, my kind of shithole. I wish these niggers could shoot better. The dead niggers don’t cost us so much anymore. It’s the wounded niggers on da Medicaid/obamacare that cost us so damn much money. And then with da disabiwaty’s an shit…oy vey the cost of the carnage. Oh wait. I thought this was a sanctuary shitty? With strict gun control laws an’ shit. Sanctuary from what? It’s a third world shithole by gosh! shitholeshitholeshithole. I thought oprah and obama would have these nigger animals acting almost like civilized humans by now.

    CHIMPCAGO — Seventeen people were shot over the weekend in Chimpcago, and one man was found dead with lacerations to his head.

    In the weekend’s sole homicide, a man, whose age was not given, was found unresponsive lying outside Sunday morning in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side.

    In addition to the head wounds, the man had wounds on his arms and legs, police said.

    Of the 17 people wounded in shootings from Friday afternoon to early Monday, six people were shot Friday, and eight throughout the day Saturday. Three people were shot and injured Sunday.

    An 18-year-old woman was among three people shot in one attack at a party early Saturday in the Lawndale neighborhood on the West Side.

    The three were seriously injured when someone opened fire at a gathering around 4 a.m. in the 3900 block of West Arthington Street.

    The woman was among six teenagers shot over the weekend.

    The triple shooting was also among four shootings that resulted in multiple victims.

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