Subversive Soros Funded Ferguson Fury



The Washington Times today featured a lengthy piece on the funding of the Ferguson Negro rebellion in Ferguson. Surprisingly to absolutely no one, one of the key backers is the billionaire Jew George Soros.

Soros has long used his billions to fund Marxist revolutions across the planet via a complex network of NGOs and other not-for-profit groups, the most prominent of which are and the Open Society Foundation.

The Times conducted a series of interviews and reviewed financial records to find that the protest structure of the Ferguson riots was years in the making.

The paper claims that the wily Jew terrorist gave at least $33,000,000 in one year to support established “grassroots” organizations that were acting on the ground to bring down the system. These findings were based on publicly available tax records from his OSF, but the Jew weasel was probably using harder to trace means to put extra shekels into these riots.

The Times is literally saying that without Soros’ funding, there would have been no revolutionary Negro movement formed in Ferguson.

Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign.

Other Soros-funded groups made it their job to remotely monitor and exploit anything related to the incident that they could portray as a conservative misstep, and to develop academic research and editorials to disseminate to the news media to keep the story alive.

The plethora of organizations involved not only shared Mr. Soros‘ funding, but they also fed off each other, using content and buzzwords developed by one organization on another’s website, referencing each other’s news columns and by creating a social media echo chamber of Facebook “likes” and Twitter hashtags that dominated the mainstream media and personal online newsfeeds.

Buses of activists from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation — all funded in part by Mr. Soros — descended on Ferguson starting in August and later organized protests and gatherings in the city until late last month.

So here you very literally have a Jew funding a violent revolution inside of your country, outright.

This is truly incredible.  How can anyone possibly justify this? This has been one of the worst disasters in American history (or rather, it is the beginnings of what might indeed be the worst ever), and it was caused by a Jew deciding he wanted a revolution in order to further break down our social order.

As I have pointed out many times, Black people attack cops and get shot for it on a regular basis.  At least a few times a week, if not every single day of the year. Attack cops is just part of their behavior pattern as a group, and cops then have a right, as Darren Wilson did, to shoot them. There was nothing special about the death of Michael Brown. In fact, it was probably less debatable than most of the shootings like this are, given that there was video of him robbing a store just minutes prior, and then the autopsy showed definitively that Black witnesses were lying.

I had been blaming the Jewish media – and they definitely played a crucial role in all of this – but to see that there is actually a real life international Jew terrorist who invented the entire thing – man, this is heavy even for me.

What are we going to do about this?

How is this not a criminal act that he has engaged in?

How can the people see this, and not understand what it is that we have going on here?



100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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71 Responses to Subversive Soros Funded Ferguson Fury

  1. Smitherines says:

    Robert Faurisson on the Charlie Hebdo Debacle

    Posted by Jonas E. Alexis on January 15, 2015

    “In 70 years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the ‘Nazi gas chambers’!”

    Edited by Jonas E. Alexis

    Fredrick Toben

    {The letter was a response to Michael Hoffman’s queries to Faurisson. Some of the questions includes, also Hoffman’s letter was Incog Thread several days back}

    Fredrick Toben

    My dear friend, Dr. Fredrick Toben, sent me a letter the other day written by Dr. Robert Faurisson, in which Faurisson provides his own analysis of the Paris debacle. The letter was a response to Michael Hoffman’s queries to Faurisson. Some of the questions includes,

    “It appears from my reading, that Charlie was mainly concerned with attacking Islam and Catholicism, and not so much with Judaism and the gas chambers. Even if you were not a regular reader of Charlie, from your vantage inside the intellectual milieu in which you operate in France, can it be said that Charlie was known as a thorn in the side of the rabbis and Zionists?

    “Certainly we must concede that the staff of Charlie were courageous and defiant. With this in mind, how do you explain their satire of (or lack of satire) of Judaism and the Israelis?

    “Today the French government is posing as the champion of damned and marginalized writers, yet France has been vicious toward revisionists and outlawed even actress B. Bardot for her relatively benign statements, and attempted to prosecute Charlie for the Danish cartoons and of course M’bala. How do you feel concerning this hypocrisy and can you give us a few more examples of French government repression of writers and cartoonists?”

    I asked Toben if he would grant permission to publish Faurisson’s letter. Both Faurisson and Toben agreed. It is somewhat a different take on the situation, but it is worth publishing.

    Dear Michael,
    Robert Faurisson

    Robert Faurisson

    I admire the quality of your questions, and thank you for the understanding that you show me. I am going through one of the most difficult periods of my life and, consequently, am unable to respond as I would like. I haven’t the time.

    These killings in Paris – with 20 dead in all, amongst whom five Jews – rightly arouse widespread indignation but the Jewish organisations have immediately exploited this indignation for their benefit.

    They forget that, in large part, it’s been under the pressure of international and French Jewish organisations that France has hastily engaged in all sorts of military expeditions causing so many deaths in the Arab-Muslim world.

    They forget this country’s responsibility in the creation of the bogus State of Israel – soon afterwards arming it with nuclear weapons – and in the appalling fate of the Palestinian people since at least 1948; the presence of Netanyahu in Paris and his doings there were, in themselves, an affront to an entire part of the Arab-Muslim world. Those Jewish organisations live in anger and war; that being the case, how can they be surprised if their adversaries live in anger and war as well?

    Such killings may bring to mind a number of murders committed by Jews who subsequently became “heroes” of Jewish history. On February 25, 1994 Baruch Goldstein, an Israeli army physician armed with an assault rifle, shot dead 24 Muslim worshipers and wounded 125 at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron before being subdued and killed there himself. His nearby tomb is a pilgrimage site for many Jews.

    The hysteria we are witnessing now in France, in this month of January 2015, has a precedent: that of May 1990 and the “Carpentras cemetery” affair. It was the exploitation of that event that made it possible to intimidate the French parliament into passing what is called “the Fabius-Gayssot Act” of July 13, 1990, punishing by a term of imprisonment of from one month to one year and a fine of up to 300,000 francs (now 45,000 euros), along with several other sanctions, those who dispute “the existence of crimes against humanity” (that is, essentially, crimes against Jews) as defined and punished in 1945-1946 by a body that the winners of the recent war had dared to name “International Military Tribunal” (three lies in three words) of Nuremberg.

    charlie-hebdo-650x700This law, totally contrary to the French constitution, came into effect by appearing in the Journal Officiel de la République Française of July 14, 1990, anniversary of the storming of the Bastille. It was thanks to a televised lie of the Socialist president of parliament, Jewish millionaire Laurent Fabius (his announcement to viewers that the corpse of a Jew in the Carpentras cemetery had been taken out of a grave and impaled through the rectum with a parasol pole), that the French had been outraged. The Catholic authorities rang the great bell of Notre-Dame in Paris.

    The President, Socialist François Mitterrand, led a march through the centre of the capital at the head of crowds of demonstrators. We have now, in 2015, seen the same scenario repeated in the same place, with Fabius in the front rank of “protesting” dignitaries, the Archbishop taking the initiative of ringing the cathedral’s bells, the Socialist President François Hollande marching through the streets.

    Moreover, those Jewish organisations affect an attitude of desiring to come to the aid of freedom of opinion and expression but, in reality, what they are demanding is increased repression against “Holocaust denial”.

    Revisionism has made significant progress in recent years here in France, thanks especially to the Internet. Those groups therefore want censorship of the Internet, of Dieudonné (who has perhaps more than 80 legal proceedings pending against him), of the revisionists and of a number of other unbowed men and women.

    For want of time, I shall allow myself just three remarks to finish: 1) the name Charlie-Hebdo has, apparently, nothing to do with Charles de Gaulle; it comes, I believe, from the Peanuts character Charlie Brown; 2) Gayssot is the surname of a former Communist MP and government minister, and the Fabius-Gayssot Act is sometimes called the “Faurisson Law” or “Lex Faurissoniana”; I have lost count of the times I’ve been ordered to pay fines or damages on the grounds of this law; other revisionists have been thrown into prison or, like Vincent Reynouard, a father of nine, will be returning to prison; for my part, I’ve settled for ten physical assaults – of which eight in France – and the actions of the French police, who have carried out numerous searches and seizures, or attempted seizures, at my house, and who have often REFUSED to protect me in the presence of danger; 3) I hope to be able, before long, to send you an English version of my nine-page article (with illustrations) of December 31, 2014 entitled:

    In 70 years, no forensic study proving the existence and operation of the “Nazi gas chambers”!

    I dedicated it to Professor Ben Zion Dinur (1884-1973), founder of Yad Vashem in 1953, forced to resign in 1959 for having preferred scientific History to Jewish Memory.

    I thank you, dear Michael, and congratulate you on the work you have done over so many years, and in such difficult conditions, for the just cause of historical revisionism.

    Robert Faurisson, January 13, 2015

    About Author
    Latest Posts

    Jonas E. Alexis
    Jonas E. Alexis studied mathematics and philosophy as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University and has a master’s degree in education from Grand Canyon University.

    Some of his main interests include the history of Christianity, U.S. foreign policy, the history of the Israel/Palestine conflict, and the history of ideas. He is the author of the new book ,Christianity & Rabbinic Judaism: A History of Conflict Between Christianity and Rabbinic Judaism from the first Century to the Twenty-first Century.

    He is currently teaching mathematics in South Korea. He plays soccer and basketball in his spare time. He is also a cyclist. He is currently writing a book tentatively titled Zionism and the West.

    Alexis welcomes comments, letters, and queries in order to advance, explain, and expound rational and logical discussion on issues such as the Israel/Palestine conflict, the history of Christianity, and the history of ideas.

    In the interest of maintaining a civil forum, Alexis asks that all queries be appropriately respectful and maintain a level of civility. As the saying goes, “iron sharpens iron,” and the best way to sharpen one’s mind is through constructive criticism, good and bad.

    However, Alexis has no patience with name-calling and ad hominem attack. He has deliberately ignored many queries and irrational individuals in the past for this specific reason—and he will continue to abide by this policy.
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    13 Responses to “Robert Faurisson on the Charlie Hebdo Debacle”

    Kalin January 16, 2015 at 6:21 pm

    It appears that the French government, like the British and Jewmerican governments is full of traitors. There needs to be major public hangings in all three – along with Germany and Canada.
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    LC January 17, 2015 at 9:49 am

    There’r many more creative ways than just a boring hanging.
    For some of the best YOUTUBE: “GEORGE CARLIN DEATH PENALTY”.
    We’re currently accepting donations of tactical nuclear suppositories from every country who don’t know what to do with their nuke-waste & we should be able to start public executions of corrupt public officials pretty soon here in US!!!.

    & BTW: NWO-Satanic World GOV is run from Rothschild’s Satanic palace headquarters outside Paris. & as lady Kay Criggs testified all NATO countries hit teams are directed from there!!!
    Christina January 16, 2015 at 9:37 am

    Je suis Robert Faurisson.
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    Excalibur January 16, 2015 at 9:32 am

    Jonas – here is the old system of schooling which our judaic intellectual masters quickly had destroyed – for all the old ‘ISMS’ that we have come to know and hate. It was denounced as ‘oppressive’; ‘fascist’; ‘racist’; ‘evil’; ‘backward’; etc., etc., etc.


    Our poor children today are dragged through a brain curdling zio-sphere indoctrination hell-hole instead – to prepare them for subservience, inane media distractions – and a life of fawning to the zio-bolshevik elite.
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    Carnaptious January 16, 2015 at 8:54 am

    I’ve now seen more Charlie Hebdo covers than I ever wanted to. It doesn’t surprise me that circulation was about 60,000 per issue prior to the attacks in Paris, and I’d guess it won’t take many days for circulation to return to that level. Most of cartoons portray images that only members of the stool sculpture deity cult might find amusing.

    In the cover shown above, the Holy Spirit is represented by a triangle / pyramid and Eye of Horus. No date is visible. Is the cover from before or after Hollande’s remark about “les illumines”? Can’t help but wonder if this is Hebdo’s way of saying the Illuminati are behind attacks on Christianity, although it’s hard to think of a more offensive way of illustrating that point.
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    Excalibur January 16, 2015 at 9:38 am

    Carnaptious – it seems mathematically impossible for them to support a dozen employees and run a business on a distribution of only 60,000. Who was supporting them with their subversive trash?
    Carnaptious January 16, 2015 at 11:24 am

    Excalibur – Since they were still able to produce the miserable rag after twelve top employees were shot, the total number of staff prior to the shooting must have been at least two or three dozen. No, the numbers don’t seem to add up, so funding from NGOs – or covert groups – seems quite likely.
    Dan January 16, 2015 at 2:31 pm

    Great points. Let’s hope we find out.
    Hotdog January 17, 2015 at 9:06 am

    A clue to covert funding may be found by looking at the case of Hebdo cartoonist Maurice Sinet who was sacked from the magazine for ‘Inciting Racial Hatred’ when he mocked the Israelis:

    Free speech but only if they say so…
    Snoop Dough January 16, 2015 at 8:05 am

    Charlie must be rotting in hell now, woe to him that betrays the Son of Man with kiss, namely Judas, how much much more this lewd man for insulting the King of Glory, blessed be His Holy Name!
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    John January 16, 2015 at 6:07 am

    As Voltaire once stated,” To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
    No secret who rules France.
    Time for a real French revolution.
    Germany needs to be freed from zionist tyranny as does America.
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    Allesandro January 16, 2015 at 4:42 am

    In the above cartoon, is that supposed to be Jesus pumping his heavenly father in the butt? I would say that is highly objectionable.

    Is this what they want to be able to do, while NO criticism of “Jews”, concentration camps etc.

    It all appears to be a further degrading of our religions, moral under-pinnings and a deliberate set-up to gain sympathy in the process. But who really died in all this, certainly NOT the cop on the street.
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    33up January 15, 2015 at 10:59 pm

    Great article as always. These laws that exist in many parts of the world which make it illegal to even question the holohoax are obviously themselves some of the most damning evidence that there is a lot to hide when it comes to the official story.

    For those who want some more information about the holohoax and these insane laws I’d recommend this speech by Sylvia Stolz, she was the defense lawyer for the famous Zundel trial, and she explains how even defending this man was against the law, and as such she was put in jail for a few years, as she refused to back down from doing her job.

    Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial
    read more …
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  2. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Shots fired outside Joe Biden’s Delaware home

    Published on Jan 18, 2015

    Gunshots were fired near the Delaware home of Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday night, according to the Secret Service. Neither the Vice President or his wife were home at the time of the incident.

  3. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    Secret Service: Shots fired outside Bidens’ Delaware home

    Nope – it wasn’t me. LOL!

    January 18, 2015

    WASHINGTON — The U.S. Secret Service said Sunday that multiple gunshots were fired from a vehicle near the Delaware home of Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday night. The vice president and his wife were not at home at the time of the shooting, authorities said.

    The home is several hundred yards from the main road where the shots rang out, and authorities were searching outside the Biden residence and nearby houses to determine if any rounds hit anything.

    Secret Service spokesman Robert Hoback said the shots were fired at around 8:25 p.m. on a public road outside the secure perimeter near the home in Wilmington, Delaware.

    The shots were heard by Secret Service personnel, who saw the vehicle drive past the home at a high rate of speed and flee the scene.

    The Secret Service said about 30 minutes later, an individual in a vehicle tried to pass a New Castle County police officer securing the outer perimeter of the area. That person was arrested for resisting arrest and will be questioned regarding the shooting to determine if he was involved.

    Hoback said the incident is under investigation by the Secret Service and the New Castle County Police.

    Biden’s office said the vice president and his wife, Jill Biden, were briefed Saturday night, as was President Barack Obama. Biden’s office referred all other questions to the Secret Service.

    The Bidens spend many weekends at their Delaware home and commute back to Washington for the work week. When he served in the Senate, Biden frequently commuted daily by train to Washington.

  4. Frank Fredenburg says:

    OUTRAGEOUS: Feinstein Family To Get Hundreds Of Millions From Gov Property Sales

  5. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Outed As A Jew

    Above we see Teresa May, Britain’s Home Secretary, holding up a poster saying, “I am a Jew.”

    Teresa May is the cabinet minister responsible for the security service M15, the police and the inquiry into child sexual abuse.

    Teresa May has said: ‘Without its Jews, Britain would not be Britain.’

  6. sog says:

    sazzy did you get my last week link on the hospital killing fields controlled by majority jewish doctors ….even in a natural non cesarian birth the nurses cut the cord too soon so the hospital caN TAKE what would havce been the last 3rd or so of juniours blood supply and sell it for research ….all you hear is mengele mengele all the time when its a fact that jewish medicne deliberately kills children and fraudulently declaers people brain dead sop they cut out their gizzerds and giblets …i wouldnot check that donor box on your dmv form ..they might just take a liking to you and off you for youer parts …organ traficking is a multi billion dollar a year business …dopctors also kill 180,000 a year with incopetence and aniother 200,000 wsith shit medicenes ansd crap prescriptions …the irony is that if people were knowlegable alot of this mayhem would cease … 2 cents

  7. Barney says:

    I’m seeing six million comments with just two names on most of them. Clearly things haven’t died down since last week. Pity.


    There was a time when I had my doubts about IncogMan’s integrity, and we crossed swords once or twice over a disruptive poster (who shall remain nameless), but over the years IncogMan’s message has NEVER deviated from the absolute truth.

    IncogMan tells it like it is, and he NEVER resorts to filth and insults. We’ve got no way of really “knowing” people we’ll never meet, but I for one am 100% convinced that, whatever else he may or may not be, INCOGMAN IS NOT A JEW.

    I’m also inclined to agree with him regarding Brother Nathanael, who IS a jew, but has never been known (by me at least) to lie about the jews or to resort to jew smear tactics.

    The fact that Milton Kapner IS a jew would make me wary of having him watching my back when the SHTF, and the same goes for other seemingly “good jews”, but if they’re telling the truth, and we’re on our guard against misdirection, we can only gain by listening to what they say.

    Even the likes of Alex Jones do SOME good in alerting the unaware to the fact that “something” isn’t right, which can lead to further research.

    My own awakening started with David Icke. I went there expecting to laugh at “his” lizard people, but I found a whole lot more TRUTH than I’d anticipated, both at and via links to other sites. Had it not been for that initial visit in my quest (at that time) for entertainment, I’d never have discovered IncogMan or the other sites I now visit regularly.

    By all means distrust “the man” (whichever man you may be thinking about), but don’t discard the truth because you don’t like the person delivering it.

    We all have to learn to discern who’s “real” and who isn’t, but when you KNOW the truth is being offered, ACCEPT IT, regardless of who’s offering it.

    IncogMan, Brother Nathanael and others tell the TRUTH, while people like Henry Makow keep some things back (Makow appears to genuinely believe in the holy hoax for example), but we shouldn’t reject EVERYTHING a person says just because of who or what he (or she) is.

    Things will change “when the time comes”, but for now we’re collecting information, so learn all you can while we’ve still got the internet, and when the internet goes down, IT’S TIME.

    Btw, I can confirm that my ISP, the “main” one here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again) blocks access to IncogMan and numerous other sites, so the only way I can get here is to use a proxy.

  8. Barney says:

    Oscar night too White for sharpcoon?

    I prefer Harold Covington’s version in “The Brigade”. If you can’t afford to buy a copy, you can download the pdf, free with the author’s blessing.,%20Harold-The%20Brigade.pdf

    That’s a direct-download link. Google “the brigade.pdf” (with or without quotes) for others.

  9. Was there any form of filth or profligacy, particularly in cultural life, without at least one Jew involved in it? If you cut even cautiously into such an abscess, you found, like a maggot in a rotting body, often dazzled by the sudden light – a kike!
    Adolf Hitler
    Mein Kampf

  10. Sen10L says:

    Thanks AWG… my favorite AH quote!

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