White Girl Bleed A Lot


When Khrista Ibarolle, left the 36 Handles Irish Pub and Eatery, she had only drank a couple of glasses of Chardonnay with her girlfriend to celebrate the two’s mutual birthdays. She knew it wasn’t much of a party, but she had to get back home soon to let Anela out one last time for the night. Maybe this weekend she and her dog would go for a nice hike in the hills nearby. They both loved that.

Still a bit new around here, the popular and outgoing jewelry designer enjoyed living out in pretty and California rural, El Dorado Hills — only about a half hour or so away from where she used to live in urban Sacramento. Khrista had simply become tired of the increasing crime and general crap out on the streets — every other week or so, it seemed like a friend or business associate was getting smacked around, robbed at gunpoint or worse. She hated some of the thinking she was now starting to do about black people. It was so uncool.

Unfortunately for Khrista, the very street crime she was escaping from, had tonight came all the way out here looking for her. And on her 31st birthday, no less.

Later, everybody would ask themselves how a psycho black guy got way out there from crime-ridden Oakland. Perhaps he stole a car and abandoned it after it ran out of gas, they wondered. Or maybe a drug dealer in the ‘hood gave one of his more troublesome acid customers a ride out into the countryside to get rid of him? What better place to dump his crazy black ass, but where a lot of white crackers lived? Might even be funny as hell giving him a full sheet of blotter and that cheap, stolen pistol a skinny old bruthaman traded him for some wack Belushi the other day, dopeman told himself.

The crazy nigga will surely stir up the shit in whitey land!

Whatever the case for his arrival in peaceful El Dorado Hills, a real-life crazy monster was now roaming loose on the streets. And that monster needed a car and some fast cash to get away before popo man sent out the black man-hunting snipers to shoot his black ass dead — just like he saw happen on TV in Ferguson.

When the tripped-out freak saw the two nice whitey girls happily stroll out of the clean suburban shopping mall restaurant, he knew they would have what he needed. All he had to do was scare them a little with the compact silver pistol his homie gave him earlier, right before driving off. But the two white bitches pretended like they couldn’t understand what he was saying and tried to run back to the restaurant.

So he angrily blasted away. The raysis ho’s both asked for it.

One stumbled, fell over and painfully tried to drag herself away, but only made it a few feet across the parking lot before she stopped moving. He didn’t know where the other screaming white ho got away to.

The pretty blond one was bleeding like crazy. As she lay crumbled up in a rapidly expanding pool of glistening blood, he could just make out her gurgling and wheezing as she tried to breathe in and out.

White girls sure do bleed a lot, he thought to himself.

He saw her fancy expensive purse down at her feet, now covered in blood. Picking it up, he got some of her nasty-ass ho blood on his hands. He quickly dug out the keys to the car and her money wallet. One of his bullets had punched out the car’s side window. No matter. But the keys wouldn’t open the car door. As he repeatedly stabbed at a button with a bloody finger, he kept hearing a chirping noise off somewhere. Ah, there it is, waiting for him right under a street lamp. Nice one, too.

At that very moment, Khrista’s vision red tunneled and her world went black forever.

The black man jumped right on in and sped off. He knew he had to get away fast. Surely, racist white police snipers were on the way.

He was soon driving the modest, aging, 2006 blue Subaru Legacy way too fast for the winding California hills. He didn’t even have the faintest idea of where he was at or where he was going. No more than five miles away, he lost control of the car and violently rolled it two or three times, ending up crashed in some cracker’s backyard.

But he wasn’t really hurt too bad. In a daze from the accident or something else he couldn’t remember doing, the black man knew he had better get his shit together before the snipers caught up to him again. It was all just like he saw in the movies. Maybe he was in a movie.

Right then, some dumbass whiteys came up to help him out of the wrecked car. Aren’t whites always pretending to act so nice and helpful to the black man before they stick you in the gut?


Anderson Swift, 41, in custody. Now the taxpayer will have to pay for the animal’s zoo upkeep for a few years before he gets out and does it again.

He didn’t know what happened to the pistol. Besides, he didn’t have any more bullets left after shooting at those two slutty white witches coming after his big black dick in that parking lot down the road. And he forgot what he did with that sharp knife he stole from a Whole Foods market last week.

Or else he would surely slay all these evil white demons now surrounding him, trying to keep a black man from living his life.

Too quickly, Five-0 showed up with red and blue lights flashing. When he tried to run off, a racist popo caught up to him, tackled him down to the ground and handcuffed his black ass.

But he had that happen to him before.


Now a lot of White people might read the above and think “gun control.” Unfortunately, they are missing the point entirely. In fact, gun control would hardly slow down violent black behavior in general. Chances are with the way White people follow the law, only black criminals would be the ones having guns.

Even more of us would simply end up as dead victims like Khrista above.

If by chance a black didn’t have a gun, they would still stab you in the gut, beat and kick you to death, smash your face in with a baseball bat or any convenient two-by-four, maybe even set you ablaze as him and homies stood around laughing.

Just take a few minutes to scroll down through my White victims photo montages up under my masthead and make note on how each of those people were killed. Do google searches on the names — whatever. That is, if the crime hasn’t already been quietly censored down the rabbit hole by now.

What you will rarely, if ever read, is that many of those White victims were killed simply because of the color of their skin. Isn’t that something that us Whites are continuously getting accused of? All the GD time?

Even little White children have been brutally murdered by blacks in a wide variety of gruesome, horrible ways. Blacks simply have no moral compunctions or empathy for any living creature. Take a look at how they treat animals, or behave among each other in Africa or Haiti to this very day, for crying out loud.

Blacks are indeed a brutal, ugly, rapidly devolving race. No two ways about it.

Us decent White people do NOT deserve these PC accusations of racism. Never have. Nor should we always have to see this race portrayed in the media as the world’s action heroes, the science saviors and high-tech experts, required news anchors or just the nice, regular guy winners. Even all the doctors in GD TV commercials are now black actors, for chrissakes. For it is this one race who most definitely do NOT deserve never-ending worship and adulation.

Ugly blacks would kill you or a loved one in a moment, sometimes even to get back at our race for perceived injustices that none of us had anything to do with. They hate us White people. They’ve been ceaselessly propagandized for decades now by Jewish owned Hollywood and TV (actually meant to instill White guilt in us so we don’t go all Nazi on their greedy, manipulative asses once again).

Hell, they freely make movies all the time jacking up blacks against Whitey. This week they released “Selma” and, like last season’s “12 Years a Slave,” are already excitedly telling us it will win major film awards like it’s a given.

Tell me: Are you not sick and tired of all this BS?

These morally filthy, racially selfish, Zionist Jews are ruining America and all the other White countries they live in and have media control.

Look at all the Muzzie terror BS going on in France this past week. Jewry as a race has worked for decades to allow such non-White immigration in the inner belief that the less of us White gentiles out there demographic-wise, the better it will be for Jewish power in the long run.

They have turned White people’s good graces against ourselves and it is surely killing our race. No doubt whatsoever.

Look into it, pay attention to everything going down these days and you’ll see.

— Phillip Marlowe

KHRISTA IBAROLLE END PHOTO Popular and out-going, Khrista Ibarolle, is but another innocent victim of “hush” crimes against the White race. Remember what happened to her, could happen to any of us tomorrow in today’s “wonderfully diverse” America.



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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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89 Responses to White Girl Bleed A Lot

  1. Henrietta says:

    Incog Man,
    I came across your story/website when searching for an update on Khrista’s case. Without getting into a discussion about your article/views, whether they are correct, incorrect or whatever else someone may say, I would like to politely ask you to take this story down, or remove any reference to Khrista and her pictures (insert another name if you insist on leaving it up and removing her pictures). I knew Khrista personally and I can without a doubt tell you that her tragic death was an absolute heartbreak to those who knew her, to those who even met her for a few minutes. Again, I want to stress that I have no desire to discuss view points or be judgmental, I simply knew Khrista and can vouch that she would not want her image used in this manner. So while I understand that you have your beliefs, I am asking you to remove this content. As the holidays approach, the anniversary of her death is upon us, we remember Khrista for everything that she believed in, everything that she was, and all those she touched. Even today, while she is no longer with us, she is constantly inspiring people to do good for others. Out of respect to those she touched in life, out of respect to her memory, I ask you to remove this. While I can say Khrista would not agree with your views, I can guarantee if you would have met her, she would have treated you with the same kindness and generosity that she would have treated anyone with. Please honor her life and her legacy. Thank you.

  2. Smitherines says:

    I think she just wants it removed my brother was a victim of domestic violence
    although it was White that killed his daughter, I wouldn’t want her picture up
    on a site, nor would he, he passed in March 2015.

    Id respect her wishes this people see this as bigotry and anti-antisemitism, it’s
    funny because if Christ himself were here, he’d EXPOSE their hypocrisy,
    like Bibby chastising Trump about Muslims being quarantined, while he
    has a wall keeping his “so called terrorists” out.

    These people don’t understand it, You’re TRYING to show Zionist Jew hypocrisy
    but you can’t force them to see the TRUTH, Ive been dealing with her type
    for years, when another family member of hers is the victim of the
    Knockout Game, beaten for merely being White and police tell them “no
    racial motive is involved” maybe then, she will see the LIGHT of truth?

  3. Smitherines says:

    Henrietta says:
    December 21, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    What he is trying show you Henrietta, you’ll NEVER get from our censored
    news. think about it Henrietta, below, that’s roughly a decade after our Civil
    Rights Act here, Henrietta, why isn’t this COMMON knowledge, go see visit
    it, an honorable Israeli Jew’s site, he’s telling us the TRUTH, is he an
    “anti-Semite” to you???? a “BIGOT” a “Nazi?”

    Golda Meir Was First Israeli Leader to Expel African-(American) Refugees

  4. Henrietta says:

    My request is not about a view point, it is not about the fact or truth. My request is personal. Khrista doesn’t get a say in whether you use her image or her story. You are absolutely entitled to your beliefs. And you are right in that maybe I don’t agree with your views, but they are just that your views. They are not mine, they are not Khrista’s. But YOU and those who share your views are entitled to them. Despite our varying views, I do not pass judgment on you as a person. Just as Khrista would, I would great you with kindness.

    I am simply asking you to respect my request without judgment, with kindness. I ask you to put yourselves in my shoes, in the shoes of her family, of her friends. If your loved one, your child, your friend died as she died, would you want someone to use his or her story to advance a view that may not necessary align with his or her beliefs? My guess is you would be extremely upset. Once they are gone all you have left are the precious memories and those memories some days are barely enough to get you through.

    So again, I plead and ask you to take the story down, switch out her name and picture. As I already said, I am not trying to argue truths, facts, etc. You have your beliefs and you are entitled to them. Remember that the shoe could easily be on the other foot. May you never have to know the grief of losing someone in such a violent manner, and if you have, I am so sorry for your loss.

    I ask you to understand my request, not as a request to insult your views or pass judgment, simply as a request of a grieving person to respect a life that was taken way to early from this world.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      You don’t know what she thought after she was plugged by that animal.

      Don’t you think it’s time for us Whites to finally figure out the deal? These black animals MURDER White people all the time. Haven’t you thought about that? Go up to my WHITE VICTIMS tab under my masthead above and scroll down to see all the Whites brutally slaughtered by the black race. TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS!


      Us Whites need to start speaking out. I’ll take the time to reevaluate the post, if you take the time to reevaluate your liberal viewpoint, where us Whites just go along with how blacks truly behave.

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Look, I’m totally pissed off what the hell is going on with you White people out there. You do everything you can not be “racist” even going along with members of our race being shot down like dogs in the street.

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I get exasperated too, Incog! Whites get so upset at the slightest mistreatment of any minority by a white, but blacks could kill 100,000 whites every year in this country, and it wouldn’t mean anything to them. How many white women are raped ever year in this country by blacks? I think it is over 20,000. They don’t only kill whites. Most of the blacks killed on this planet, are killed by blacks. Not long ago blacks fired shots into a house and killed a little black girl. I think they said she was doing her homework when it happened. A drive-by shooting if I remember correctly.
    Incog this is your site but my opinion on removing your articles is that once you remove one there will be a constant stream of people demanding you remove your articles and pictures. It wasn’t too far back that some other person demanded you remove something on your site. I’m not sure what it was.
    I think whites have reached a crossroad. Either they wake up and start caring about their own race, or they’re going down. They will cease to exist. Nobody else cares about them. We better. It is self-hatred that causes it. The jews have done a great job indoctrinating them.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Thanks, Frank. I agree. I went back into the article and removed the words bleeding “like a stuck pig” but left it pretty much the same. I could only write the above “Truman Capote style article” from the meager details I read in the media, since the media creeps do all sorts of things to cloud details when the victim is White. Most Whites have little understanding of the degree of EDITING when it comes to blacks committing crime against us Whites.


  7. Matt says:

    I don’t think Henrietta has a right to speak for Khrista. The woman is dead and her unfortunate story can be lesson, and an eye opener for some potential other victim.

    Often these people become victims because friends or family don’t warn to watch uncontrolled black people.

    I think Henrietta is being extremely selfish, not thinking Khrista or the potential other victims of black crime, Henrietta appears to be concerned with her own likes and dislikes, which as this point serve no useful purpose. Whereas Incog Man, is doing a useful public service for the benefit of all white people, exposing what the Jews seek to hide.

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Incog what happened to the avatars on the site? I had a green one. Now they are all the same. No color.

    • INCOG MAN says:

      Frank, I turned off “generated” Avatars a few days ago when comments disappeared to see what would happen. I’ll turn them back on if it doesn’t screw up again. You can also go to a site called GRAVATAR and upload a graphic for your own personalized avatar. I like when people do that, since it looks cooler here. Just use the same email address here (no one else will see that).

  9. INCOG MAN says:

    That picture of Khrista and her dog tears me up, when I think about what happened to her — probably not long after the photo was taken.

    Haven’t you White people plain had enough?

  10. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Ugly Negress Monkey Runs Over A Bunch Of People In Las Vegas With Her 1996 Oldsmobile


    From the report I read earlier tonight it appeared that she did it on purpose.

  11. Hoff says:


    A longer comment lost in cyberspace.

    Listen very careful at 0:35 and next 15 seconds. What the jew say is key factor to understand the whole MS St Louis. There was many other ship like the MS St Louis, but no one got the jew “media” coverage as MS St Louis.

    And the reason is that the zionistjews had decided to make an example of the MS St Louis. The whole point was to make sure that every jew in Europe knew that they could NOT run off to America, Canada or Cuba.

    When Canada Said No: The Abandoned Jews of the MS St. Louis —17 min.


    According to this video MS St Louis was outside Florida. The zionistjews that ruled America could easily let the jews into America – but they didn’t . The zionistjews made an example of the MS St Louis.

    The zionistjews had one major problem, no jews in Europe wanted to move to Palestine, so the zionistjews did everything they could to force the jews to move to Palestine. One way to do that was to close the gateway to the west, America, Canada and Cuba. And that is what MS St Louis was all about.

    The True Story of the SS St. Louis —3 min.


  12. Hoff says:

    Culture of Critique by Kevin McDonald the whole book in full text.


  13. Henrietta says:

    Matt, I don’t have a right to speak up for my friend, but you and people on this website who have never met her do? Seriously.

    Incog Man…I asked you nicely. I didn’t come on hear blasting you or your ideals, starting a fight, I didn’t attempt to serve you with a cease and desist or use other legal means. I came to you person to person, human being to human being. You have decided to turn this into something more. You and your follows blast me, try to start things.

    May all of you never know the pain of having someone taken away from you so suddenly in such a violent manner. And if you do, I hope that someone doesn’t use their image and their story to bolster a cause you may not agree with. But perhaps if that happens, then you will know how I feel. Until then it seems that you are not capable of understanding someone else’s feelings. I did not attack you as an individual. I may not agree with your view points, but that doesn’t mean I am judging you as a person. You have clearly judged me.

    My request was so simple. You could have changed her name, put a different picture, but instead you choose your own path to serve your own cause, using someone who had no say in how her image and story would be used. Matt says that I am selfish and how can I possibly speak for Khrista. Well Matt, I knew Khrista for over 15 years…that’s how. I know who she was, how she lived her life. So forgive me for speaking on behalf of her, but I am quite sure that I know her better than all of you who try to use her story to gain support for your own cause.

    I won’t respond again. I had hoped that you would see my request, that was without hateful words or condemnation, and respect it for what it was. But alas I can see that is something you can’t even consider.

    Even “Smitherines” who doesn’t agree with my views, stated above: “I think she just wants it removed my brother was a victim of domestic violence
    although it was White that killed his daughter, I wouldn’t want her picture up
    on a site, nor would he, he passed in March 2015.”

    Today is Khrista’s birthday, so instead of sitting hear and trying to reason with you, I am going to go out in the world today and try to do good in her name.

  14. Matt says:

    Henrietta, you “asked” and the answer should be no. You cannot speak for Khrista and neither do you have a right to decide what the rest of us do.

    It’s people like you that are part of the problem and why America is the straits it’s in. You want to put on rose colored glasses, stick your head in the sand and believe every lie the Jew media tells you. Instead of searching for the truth and seeking to solve the problems.

    Nobody is forcing you to read the article.

  15. Bailey says:

    Maybe what Henrietta doesn’t realize is that “stock ” photos and bogus names do not hit home. Without facts and faces all this is just another show.

    Watch this video , watch as these town folk deny that race was a factor in this horrific crime , watch how the naacp fails to accept responsibility.
    Watch toward the end as Channon’s father speaks of rage.

    That’s what’s missing Henrietta , the rage .

  16. Bailey says:

    I almost forgot , Do you wonder why the comments for that documentary are closed Henrietta ?
    Could it be that jewtube is censoring honest feelings of people who don’t have their heads up their asses ?

  17. rick says:

    Khrista Ibarolle I see pictures of her hanging out with blacks ? I googled niggers dead girlfriend and a photo of her with her black girlfriend came up ?

  18. INCOG MAN says:

    Sure, there’s lots of brainwashed Whites out there. Women, especially.

    The Jew has targeted our women for brainwashing.

    GO here to see all the women murdered by violent blacks:


  19. BLACK ALPHA says:

    INCOG MAN you just put your ugly pork ass on the chopping board… Top of the list. Pork face.

  20. INCOG MAN says:

    You can stick it up yo fat ass, Negro.

    You and your GD pork BS. You apes love chowing down on greasy pork and chitlins, smacking your big fat bootlips, with those yellowed ape man molars — smiling and all happy as shit getting fed for free.


  21. Not a racist says:

    This is the most racist website I’ve ever seen. Investigating a story I came across a link to this site. It’s literally shocking how the “writer” inserts such blatantly racist comments in this “article” as if this is what the murderer was thinking. What ever happened in your youth to make you like this, hopefully you’ll get some therapy at some point b

    • INCOG MAN says:

      How about telling me one part of the story doesn’t line up with the basic facts of the woman’s horrible murder?

      Plenty of “true crime” writers make up what the perp was thinking that line up with the facts, but can’t really be known, except for maybe God, the lying criminal or the dead victim. Ever hear of writers like Truman Capote? Of course he only did it to White criminals, otherwise the Jew media would’ve destroyed his career.

      You’re just a brainwashed liberal fool who can’t seem to get the brutal violence of this race. Maybe you’ll get to see it in real life, huh?

  22. Bailey says:

    Reality is NOT racist, maybe one day you’ll get culturally enriched.
    If you survive come on back and tell us how it worked out for ya’.

  23. INCOG MAN says:

    She’s not going to come back, Bailey. She’s too cowardly to face reality or anyone daring to say something she’s not programmed for.

    Good thing Whites are now waking up in droves.

  24. Jesse says:

    Hey not a racist , how about you go to a black neighborhood alone at 2 am and don’t forget to wear some nice jewellery , now try walking 2 blocks! Lemme know how that works out for Ya lmao.

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