Did Israel Use Monica Tapes to Blackmail Clinton?

MONICA AND BILL CLINTONBill Clinton’s Monica Calls were Tapped by Jews and Used as Blackmail, Ken Starr Covered It Up and is Now Epstein’s Lawyer

From Daily Stormer


So, what was “COUNTRY A,” Mr. Starr? You spent 20 plus million of the taxpayer’s dollars investigating Monica and Bill’s dirty little affair, but you couldn’t bring yourself to spell out the name of that one particular foreign nation in your report? (INCOG)

In 1999, it was claimed in a book on the Lewinsky affair that Bill Clinton’s phone was tapped by the Jews and that they used his sex-talks with Monica Lewinsky – who, coincidentally, was Jewish – to blackmail him.

The book went on to allege that Clinton called off the hunt for a Jew mole inside the White House under threat of having his secret love affair with the fat Jewess exposed to the world by the Mossad.

New York Post

The allegation appears in “Gideon’s Spies – The Secret History of the Mossad,” written by respected author Gordon Thomas and due out next week.

Asked for comment, White House spokesman P.J. Crowley replied, “The only thing I can possibly say is we’ll skip the book and wait for the movie.”

Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States.

But hints about the Mossad connection to Sexgate surfaced in evidence given to independent counsel Kenneth Starr last year.

Lewinsky testified under oath that after a session of heavy petting and oral sex in the White House, Clinton told her that a foreign embassy was tapping the two phone lines in her D.C. apartment.

She said Clinton advised her that if she was questioned about their phone-sex sessions she should claim that they knew their calls were being bugged – and were joking to make the phone-tappers look silly.

Starr did not pursue the matter, as far as the public record shows, and Lewinsky apparently accepted Clinton’s story without asking for details.

For anyone keeping score, Ken Starr is married to a Jew.

But a coincidence, I assure you goyim.


But author Thomas says Danny Yatom, Mossad inspector general, succeeded in tapping Lewinsky’s phone and amassed some 30 hours of sexually explicit conversations between the president and Lewinsky.

Thomas says Tel Aviv used the tapes to stop the probe of an operative code-named “MEGA,” who was, and could still be, deep within the White House.

“So far as anyone knows, the Israeli agent MEGA – a much more important spy than the imprisoned CIA traitor Jonathan Pollard, and probably his controller – is still in place at the White House,” Thomas said last night from London.

“There was a flurry of high-profile counterintelligence activity which lasted as long as the bioleverage” – that is, blackmail – “took to work.”

His book – which coincidentally is published by St. Martin’s Press, like Andrew Morton’s “Monica’s Story” – claims the decision to use the Lewinsky tapes reaches high levels in Israel.

Israel’s Committee for Central Intelligence, meeting in emergency session, decided to play dirty by exploiting Monica’s steamy chats as a way of protecting their White House “asset,” Thomas said.

FBI counterintelligence, which had also been taping Monica’s calls, got the message and decided to go back off,” the Welsh-born author claims.

Verifying Thomas’ account is difficult because spy agencies almost never comment on their activities or anything anyone writes about them.

It’s been reported that the Justice Department and FBI launched an investigation last year for a suspected mole, code-named “MEGA,” based on undisclosed evidence that an Israeli spy had penetrated the White House.

Israel heatedly denied a mole existed, saying it had ended such spying with the arrest of Pollard more than a decade ago.

Prince Andrew with 17 year-old Virginia Roberts and Ghilaine Maxwell on the right.

Prince Andrew with 17 year-old Virginia Roberts and Jewess Ghilaine Maxwell (daughter of big media Jew, Robert Maxwell) on the right.

This is, of course, the microcosm of how Jews control the entire political world – by blackmailing people over sex scandals.

In this particular case, Clinton was already apparently in a position to be blackmailed by a completely different Jew, Jeffrey Epstein, who he was flying around with having sex with underage sex slaves.

And wrap this whole thing around and make it triple-crazy, Shabbos goy Ken Starr, who did not investigate the foreign powers (Jewistan) involved in Blowjobgate, returned a decade later to negotiate for Clinton’s alleged orgy-buddy!

Daily Beast:

Many believe Jeffrey Epstein could have been jailed for life for violating scores of underage girls, but Ken Starr and the rest of his legal team got him a deal.

It was supposed to be a probe into the first family’s finances. But when independent counsel Judge Ken Starr mounted an investigation into the Clintons’ real-estate deals, the “Whitewater” probe took a peep-show turn. Starr and his team began to obsess over every lurid detail of Bill Clinton’s philandering, issuing a 473-page report that was a catalog of misuse of funds but mostly torrid sexcapades in the White House and the president accused of committing perjury to cover it up.

The Starr Report came out in 1998. And all of this would be history, if it weren’t for the fact that Starr, the legendary moral ninny now serving as the chancellor at Baylor University, was handpicked nearly a decade later to negotiate a sweetheart plea deal with state and federal prosecutors for billionaire pederast and Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein.

Alan Dershowitz is now screaming bloody murder about being innocent of fooling around with any young goyim babes with Epstein. Next thing you will know, he'll be saying it's all an anti-Semitic plot!

Alan Dershowitz was also named as one of Epstein’s sex party pals. (INCOG)

On Wednesday, some of Epstein’s lawyers were back in court, arguing that the negotiations over that deal must remain secret.

“I had given [Epstein] a list of lawyers I worked with in the past that had been exceptionally able and Jeffrey picked from the list,” Alan Dershowitz, the world-famous criminal attorney and Harvard professor, told The Daily Beast. He also worked on Epstein’s behalf. “Starr had experience in investigating sex investigations,” Dershowitz said. “He had experience as the solicitor general and as a judge. He had all the bases covered.”

The acquisition proved to be a panacea. In 2006, Jeffrey Epstein was hauled in by Palm Beach police for violating scores of underage girls for years and was facing federal charges for trafficking them across state lines. He was formally sentenced to 18 months prison, but only served 13 of them and was allowed to travel between his various mansions frequently. He was also forced to register as a sex offender.

Dershowitz gave yet another interview for that article.  Worth reading the whole thing.

See how all of this sneaky Jewing and pervert business all ties together, wrapping back in on itself?

Now do you see how the whole thing is about to start crashing down?


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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37 Responses to Did Israel Use Monica Tapes to Blackmail Clinton?

  1. Smitherines says:

    Smitherines says:
    February 1, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    Katy Perry’s Satanic Performance at the Grammy’s and the Toxic Uh-Merican Culture – Break Free From It!

    Again for you kids at halftime’s Superbowl, maybe repeat performance?
    Smitherines says:
    February 1, 2015 at 2:39 pm

    Picture says 1000 words:


  2. Smitherines says:

    You people may think it’s all a crock, to the elite, they know, Chelsea wearing
    inverted cross.


  3. Bobby says:

    It would be nice to have our own channel to broadcast truth. Call letters could be OVEN, WITE, TRUE, LOVE, or something uplifting to white nationalists, pro family, pro God, pro Gun, pro marriage…etc.

  4. INCOG MAN says:

    That’s the one thing they will never, ever allow. Whites having a media channel available to the masses would destroy them, virtually immediately.

    That’s why PC was created to head off any such possibility.

  5. Bailey says:

    YES, Ladies and Gentlemen ,our jew.gov has reached another new low.
    Good people calling Henry Kissenger a war criminal are threatened by jew Mc Cain to be arrested and called scumbags.
    Ooopsy, who’d have thought that knowing the truth is now illegal ?

    Eff’ that fat Zionist tick Kissenger and his “broken elbow”.
    That fuckin’ McCain is whining about an old jew and his broken elbow?
    How many lives did Mc Cain break, or end ?


  6. Bailey says:

    We do have our own channel, it’s called INCOG MAN Sick Of The BS !

    We just need to convince “whites” to turn off their damned TV’s and learn to read and think for themselves.
    It only takes a couple of years to see things for what they truly are and then you drop out of the system and become a human being.

    That’s what they’re afraid of.

  7. Bailey says:

    Interesting article.

    “Now do you see how the whole thing is about to start crashing down?”

    Let it crash, then we’ll see if we have enough men left in this jew rigged country.

  8. Tuff Guy says:

    The sun is setting. My fellow comrades down in the valley at rest after another day of successful resistance. Off in the distance, atop a hill, a lone figure riding horseback appears with the sun at his back. He stops the horse and gets off. His giant silhouette with his long hair blowing in the wind can be confused with no one else. He raises his right arm and clenches a fist and does his best George Lincoln Rockwell pose. My comrades in the valley look at the hilltop in awe and all joyfully say at once “OMG it’s Tuff Guy!”

  9. Arch stanton says:

    Did Israel Use Monica Tapes to Blackmail Clinton? – Get real dude!

    Goodness me! Jews blackmailing politicians? Can this be believed, I mean doesn’t it run against the basic nature of the Jew? Are they not the people of nobility, honesty, integrity and truth? How can anyone think Jews would stoop to such depths merely to gain political advantage? I mean, to think the Jews would stoop to such dishonesty is quite a stretch, don’cha think? I mean it’s like soooo obvious that a white slimeball like Richard Nixon would stoop to such depraved methods – but a Jew? Come on, get real dude!

    The story of Abram is a classic example of the Jew’s basic nature, as narrated in their very own ancient holy book. Genesis 13 (1599 Geneva Bible)
    “Then there came a famine in the land: therefore Abram went down into Egypt to sojourn there: for there was a great famine in the land. And when he drew near to enter into Egypt, he said to Sarai his wife, Behold now, I know that thou art a fair woman to look upon: Therefore it will come to pass that when the Egyptians see thee, they will say, She is his wife: so will they kill me, but they will keep thee alive. Say, I pray thee, that thou art my sister, that I may fare well for thy sake, and that my life may be preserved by thee. Now when Abram was come into Egypt, the Egyptians beheld the woman: for she was very fair. And the Princes of Pharaoh saw her, and commended her unto Pharaoh: so the woman was taken into Pharaoh’s house: Who entreated Abram well for her sake, and he had sheep, and beeves, and he asses, and menservants, and maidservants, and she asses, and camels. But the Lord plagued Pharaoh and his house with great plagues, because of Sarai Abram’s wife. Then Pharaoh called Abram, and said, Why hast thou done this unto me? Wherefore diddest thou not tell me, that she was thy wife? Why saidest thou, She is my sister, that I should take her to be my wife? Now therefore behold thy wife, take her and go thy way. And Pharaoh gave men commandment concerning him: and they conveyed him forth and his wife, and all that he had. Then Abram went up from Egypt, he and his wife, and all that he had, and Lot with him toward the South. And Abram was very rich in cattle, in silver and in gold.”
    Now then, does Abram’s seester act sound like a blackmail/extortion scheme? All Abram does is ask Sarai to tell a little lie to keep them from being murdered by those murderous Egyptians, but does the lord god actually come off sounding like a Mafia god father breaking Pharaoh’s kneecaps for crossing his peeps? So what did Abram get out of this, just a bunch of worthless cattle, silver, gold and slaves? So What? does that mean this was a blackmail scheme anywhere near on par with Billy boy and Monica? Come on, read it again!

    OK, If you still doubt Jews are a righteous and just people, try out this next story of Abram’s virtuous resolve: (Note the name change? That’s just the way Jews are; for some reason they never seem to like their Christian name)
    Genesis 20 (Geneva Bible)

    “Afterward Abraham departed thence toward the South country and dwelled between Kadesh and Shur, and sojourned in Gerar. And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister. Then Abimelech king of Gerar sent and took Sarah. But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him, Behold, thou art but dead, because of the woman, which thou hast taken: for she is a man’s wife. (Notwithstanding Abimelech had not yet come near her) And he said, Lord, wilt thou slay even the righteous nation? Said not he unto me, She is my sister? yea, and she herself said, He is my brother: with an upright mind, and innocent hands have I done this. And God said unto him by a dream, I know that thou diddest this even with an upright mind, and I kept thee also that thou shouldest not sin against me: therefore suffered I thee not to touch her. Now then deliver the man his wife again: for he is a Prophet, and he shall pray for thee, that thou mayest live: but if thou deliver her not again, be sure that thou shalt die the death, thou, and all that thou hast. Then Abimelech rising up early in the morning, called all his servants, and told all these things unto them, and the men were sore afraid. Afterward Abimelech called Abraham, and said unto him, What hast thou done unto us? and what have I offended thee, that thou hast brought on me, and on my kingdom this great sin? thou hast done things unto me that ought not to be done. So Abimelech said unto Abraham, What sawest thou that thou hast done this thing? Then Abraham answered, Because I thought thus, Surely the fear of God is not in this place, and they will slay me for my wife’s sake. Yet in very deed she is my sister: for she is the daughter of my father, but not the daughter of my mother, and she is my wife. Now when God caused me to wander out of my father’s house, I said then to her, This is thy kindness that thou shalt show unto me in all places where we come, Say thou of me, He is my brother. Then took Abimelech sheep and beeves, and men servants, and women servants, and gave them unto Abraham, and restored him Sarah his wife. And Abimelech said, Behold, my land is before thee, dwell where it pleaseth thee. Likewise to Sarah he said, Behold, I have given thy brother a thousand pieces of silver: behold, he is the veil of thine eyes to all that are with thee, and to all others: and she was thus reproved. Then Abraham prayed unto God, and God healed Abimelech and his wife, and his women servants: and they bare children. For the Lord had shut up every womb of the house of Abimelech, because of Sarah Abraham’s wife.”

    It worked the first time so why not try it again? See how gentiles are always persecuting Jews? Again Abraham is simply trying to protect himself and his gorgeous wife from a murderous tribe of gentiles by telling a little lie. No harm in that, is there? But does this sound like an extortion scheme? The Lord god has to shut up the wombs of the gentile women to PROTECT Abraham, yet in the righteous manner so typical of Jews, Abraham prays to the Lord to help the Gentiles who were going to murder him and his gorgeous wife! So the evil murderous gentiles once again get off easy by simply paying a thousand pieces of silver, which was probably not much money in those days, along with a few sheep, beeves, men servants, and women servants. Again I ask does this sound like a blackmail/extortion plot anything like the scale of Billy boy and his Jewish paramour Monica? I think not. So we can see the Jew’s own holy book shows how such rumors start simply because Jews are trying to protect themselves from vicious gentile Nazism!

    I’ll spare you further proof, but refer you to the story of Isaac and Abimelech in Genesis 26 that shows just how tenacious evil gentiles are in persecuting their Jewish friends. If people would just read their Bible they might see the unvarnished truth!

  10. summerled says:

    Britons dislike Israel more than Iran – but North Korea beats them both as most maligned nation
    CNN’s international correspondent quit his long-standing job on the network after he appeared to suggest that “Israeli propaganda” had played a hand in the brutal Charlie Hebdo terror attacks, while in the Philippines anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters held up burned images of Netanyahu and the Israeli flag with the message “Zionist conspiracy”.

  11. ICU says:

    Arch, well done.
    Also, please note that Ol’ Abe was the original wandering jew; as in, nomadic predator/shakedown artist/pimp…similar to the Khazars smearing themselves Westward and that the places he leaves to “sojourn” elsewhere are famine stricken: as in, bled out/devastated/impoverished…similar to what Khazar nation wreckers do when they perform their Swarming Locust and Vampire Pirate world tour stage acts.

    The next stop on The Khazarpalooza World Tour is China. Their roadies and advance venue co-ordination staff are already there. Tickets go on sale right after The Petrodollar gets stuffed sideways up the wazoo of The West.
    Katy Perry and that fat thigh/small boob Knowles girl from Atlanta that almost looks White…Buy Once?… are supposed to be the opening acts, featuring The Black Flying Monkey Dancers. The stage sets will be mostly Smoke and Mirrors and have a huge curtain that will partially conceal a hook nosed demonic monster.
    Sounds like FUN !
    I can’t wait to get an official tour jacket made from real Holocaust ™ non-survivor leather recycled lampshades. I understand that there are Six Million of them, but I’m going to order one early so I’m sure to get one, even though the price of 666 Euros is a tad steep.
    I just LOVE to Keep On Rockin’ In The Free World.
    Rilly, man.

  12. INCOG MAN says:


    Negroes saddened all over. Whaaaaaaaah.

  13. HWR says:

    Don’t think the Clintons are crypto-Jews?

  14. HWR says:

    Chelsea Clinton Announces Pregnancy – Presidential daughter married to Jewish banker Marc Mezvinsky

  15. Fred says:

    Excellant article and to the point, but lets not forget the 80 freshman congressmen for this session that were shuffled off to israel for a free all expenses paid “fact finding/introduction trip” prior to their being sworn in for the session. I just wonder how many of them ended up drunk, in bed, compromised, and filmed during their little trip?

  16. Frank Fredenburg says:

    A Look Into WW2 Leaders And Their Bloodlines – Part 3 Of The NWO


  17. Smitherines says:

    INCOG MAN says:
    February 1, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    That’s the one thing they will never, ever allow. Whites having a media channel available to the masses would destroy them, virtually immediately.

    That’s why PC was created to head off any such possibility.

    This good 100 per true!

  18. Smitherines says:


    Negroes saddened all over. Whaaaaaaaah.

    And I don’t even think Russell Wilson is full Black: he looks Arabic or even
    Native American, doesn’t have kinky hair.

    The other obvious ones are STUPID as hell: RGIII, EJ Manual, Geno Smith,
    Cam (Frankenstein in cleats), that idiot coming out of Florida: Winston,
    the rapist. How many have won SBs, outside Wilson and Doug Williams in what
    almost 50 years of having them.

    And Williams was a pocket passer that just had to follow a brilliant game plan by
    Joe Gibbs and beat an inferior team. He didn’t do shit after that and they really
    push the athletic mobile Black QB, they actually DUMB down position with
    the “Read Option” which limits reading Ds and cerebral thought process of the
    position. They have fuck up sports too ICM did you notice all the J reporters,
    Al Michaels is one and NFL Network is LOADED with them, Rich Eisen
    and Andrea Kramer makes me physically sick!

  19. sog says:

    clinton tried to have jew-insky offed later in a car accident involving a retired police off-icer….clinton to monica …come in here and look at my clock ..oh billy that aint a clock ..oh hell monica it will be when you put 2 hands and a face on it …yep …the internet commies took down obamabodycount that had all the killings by clinton and bush and obammy …gone ..
    i dunno barney i think jim stone is still good but i only glossed over some of his stuff ..
    off topik .
    The real reason for Ferguson riots: Mom and Pop refused to sell.
    What triggered Ferguson to become the center of a national propaganda campaign that could very well be used to take away more rights and freedoms? Why was that exact spot chosen for this? Because some high level super rich corporate types decided they wanted to take the main avenue of Ferguson and turn it into a large strip mall, and mom and pop stores refused to sell.

    Take a look at this initiative which failed because mom and pop stores said NO:
    scroll down …like katrine with the levees blown and fema making people pay a 200,000 dollar clean up fee and then liening the properties even ones that were not ever under water is also the jews who own the infrastructure of norleeens kicking the swartzas out and building gentrified neighborhoods and rumored to have a casino in mind to ..man they put these niggers on a bus to nowhere ..id be pissed too but it was the jews ….
    clinton should sell humidors named the monicalinskee cigar humidor ..
    yeah and the kikes subjagated all of egypt because they also bribed the king and promised him total slave mentality of egyptshins and all their money well i guess it all landed in jew pockets and thashaboos goys who helped jews stage an insureection for which the new king not the old king said get the fuck out of my country as you have ruined it (and many more to go)and disenfranchised my happy subjects who area ll too broke to buy any beer anymore and to be happy ,(egyptians bought a lot of beer and were very happy )well the jews firther stole all the assets of said egypts subjecrts and fled with all their gold and somne shbbos biys ..later the jews began to look upon thew shabbs like venison and as their histry shows they undoubtedly offed these non jews and took their spoils as well or that was the while plan any way to get a bunch of commie supporters to help carry more loot out of egypt then kill them like they also did in russia to the kilaks who supported the kikes deadly politics and in iran when communist youth groups helped put a muslim cleric in against the shah …then the commie youths were rounded up and liquidated …shit if i can figure out that cesspool political mentality …i dunno ….Cui Bono…
    i dunno with clinton and skankho lewinski tho …jews new all there was to know since jews worked in all sensitive areas of american politics and intel …i think that it was an op set forth by the shitkikes to benefit someone else since jews profit by control of sensiutive infer …there was money involved and extortion and blackmail and bribery ..
    we could speculate as to the prize by going back to that timeline and anylizing all the shit going on around clinton …got hip boots and a gas mask …start with inslaw and promis software and mena arkansas when cocaine became the other gold that backed bank notes or operation pseudo miranda involving all the dead people around mena ..
    the astronomical vast size and breadth of clintons corruption still last today ..hillary gave the torch command to janet reno on waco i guess billy was busy ..a lear jet full of high ranking politicos and military officials weer on the way to arrest clinton and his 3 ring circus when it crashed …go figuer ..his brother roger clinton and lifelong friend terry reed who survived a bio b ook on pres boy clinton …tamiami dea sting where bushes flew in to get 2 kilos of blow may have been on clintons watch or when bush was installed in america communsit jew junta …you could turn over the clinto rock and be lookin at his crimes for years ..he was a rapist as well and many women vouched for this painfully …they had a girl ex intern at white house killed at DC starbucks cus they sthoight she was going to tell media and she had the dame initials as monica …ahhh she was 25 ish and her and 2 other empluyees were shot and no money taken )4000 dollars left in an open safe …FBI fixer guy escapes my memeory now was called in a took the case from local law which only looks funny if you realize that it wasnt an fbi case proto etc …the door was locked also …really …the summer of blonde murders is on clintons watch to ..good luck ever finding and ink on this ..cia agents who also work in local law enforcement have a club ..its evil and i dont want to mention the shit they do to innocent people once o month ….clinton was perhaps best remebered as a guy with something that looked like a penis only a lot smaller ..jennifer flowers said that ..so maybe his rapes were really attempted rapes because of this ..lol …what a piece o shit ..then this cesspool on legs wants people to send donations to haiti fund him and g.w.bush are fronting …clinton owns all the cell phone rights in haiti ,,,ok ..thats enuff here …lewinski was responsible for a white house mandatory rule tho ….all the interns had to wear the same color lipstick so his mushroom wouldnt look like a rainbow at the end of the day …ron brown the transpo csar was offed ..very interesting story on the survivor of that plane crash …take a look at clintonbodycount sites still up …
    this fucker was the son of a rothschild ,a gay one ..go figure …

  20. sog says:

    sweeeet neffertitty they changed the nomenclature order of the site but here the eff it is ..its great ..heh heh
    it has loads of clinton dirt…

  21. Frederick says:

    Arch stanton says:
    February 1, 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Did Israel Use Monica Tapes to Blackmail Clinton?
    What cult teaching did you get that narrative from? Must be a new cult of your own!

    Is there a problem with what the Holy God of the Bible had written? What is recorded is recorded, in the Holy Bible is Gods Word nothing hidden or secret agendas!

    16All Scripture is inspired by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness; 17 so that the man of God may be adequate, equipped for every good work. – 2 Tim.3:16

    Surprise to hear that the same Holy God is the same God of the Old & New Testaments and Abraham is a direct descendant
    of the God Man Jesus Christ.
    How is anyone man born not without sin, Abraham was just as much of a sinner as anyone. I’m in no way trying to justify Abraham sins, but let God’s Word say, as it is unaltered.
    Abraham’s sin or sins with Clinton /Lewinsky affair sins, even Jim Jones could be more convincing!

    For he saith to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. – Romans 9:15
    Yeah the zionist and these fake jews are certainty evil, beyond even what I could have imagined. But to take scripture and twist it to fit my own narrative, I’d be damned to do so.
    Arch station I noticed of your senseless rambling you omitted the texts why Abraham did what he did and God’s blessings! Remember Abraham and all his descendants were all once chosen by a Holy God You can cherry pick scripture and mock His Word.
    I hope you’ll be prepared to back up your boastful big month when you stand before a Holy God at Judgment!

  22. sog says:

    my real guess is that used thoise tapes to fuel up the wanking booths in china and israel in the peep show brothels where kidnapped sex slaves work it to the bone every day ,,,holy israel says batman ….robin your too young for this shit…israels brothel problem is that all these girls are being held in israel sex slavey against their will …maybe that aruba girl who was in the press for months is there or in saudi arabia …i fuckin hate arabs ,,sand nigger mother effin shit stains …the royals are seld proclaimed sepharic shitkikes since 8-900 years back

  23. SimplyFred says:

    A jew dominated publishing company just gave Monica Lewinsky a 12 million dollar advance on her autobiography.

  24. allovertheplace says:



  25. Richie S. says:

    An interesting article, I’m certain the “foreign power” was Israel. It matches their ‘by way of deception’ modus operendi to a tee.

  26. I remember watching a discussion on Bill “Israel First” Maher where Maher said that Monica was just “patriotic girl ” and was “trying to help her country in the best way she knew how”. Well I believe that’s true unfortunately “her country” was “country A” (AKA theshittylittlecountryformerlyknownaspalestine)

  27. Sneaky Jews at it again. Trying to confuse us and make us crazy. I know what a Jew is. I know how they look, I know how they think, I know how they speak—I know. Our media gets sicker and sicker by the day. The days of beautiful movies and television shows are gone. No more social redeeming message in television today. Just filth. The devil Jews have control. These Jews come straight from hell. Yes, they ARE chosen. You see, to them, anything that’s clean, pure, and good is revolting to them. They don’t like goodness. A beautiful rosé to them would stink, that’s because they’re from hell.

  28. Rufus says:

    The bedrooms in Epsteins ‘paradise island’ retreat likely had hidden cameras. Drug a man and photograph him in a compromising position, preferably with little girls or boys and you own him. Godfather 2 showed this with the politician and murdered prostitute.

  29. Bailey says:

    Michele says,

    “No more social redeeming message in television today. Just filth. The devil Jews have control.”

    That’s right, here’s an example.


  30. Bailey says:

    I copied that tomatobubble link to post here and then realized it was off topic, I was gonna scrap it until I read Michele’s post above.

    Thanks, Michele !

  31. Fred says:

    I should have posted a link for my comment.


    I didn’t know about the “skinny dipping” part. O_0

  32. Steve says:

    Hellstorm……the most amazing book to come along in the last decade by author Thomas Goodrich. This book about the horrendous treatment of the German people during and after WWII is a must read. See trailer for the upcoming documentary based on the book Hellstorm: http://www.hellstormdocumentary.com/trailer/


    Incog, please push this book and documentary. Thomas Goodrich has done incredible research and work on these projects.

    Goodrich has numerous interviews on YouTube about Hellstorm. Please listen and share with everyone you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQvL6NR-j5o

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