The Conspiracy to Silence the White Race

SILENCE OF THE WHITE RACEAll their plans depend on keeping the White race quiet — until it’s too late.

I once told my brother that his reality isn’t all that different than what I’ve tried to tell him, only that certain parts of history have been cleverly bypassed, ignored, obfuscated for decades — all to keep guys like us from “getting it.” Even what’s being done to our race right at this very moment always goes carefully unmentioned by the media, even his FOX news (so fair and balanced). I don’t think he understood what I was getting at, or just laughed it off as mad ravings of a blind Jew hater.

Let’s just take care of the one real biggie right now: The Jew conspiracy business that all us evil Jew haters supposedly think. This is where they say we believe Jews are all working secretly among each other in some massive, underground way. I don’t know of anyone who’s reasonably sane who believes that’s possible (but the Jews want you to think we do).

The simplest part of the equation is easy to understand: Jews don’t want White people to go all NAZI on their ass — so much so, practically all of what they do is expressly geared to keeping us White people “PC.” Should we get racist about the blacks, or maybe start figuring out what Israel is making America do for them, we might also get prideful about being White and start marching around in jackboots and matching shirt colors. That vision scares the beJEESUS out of them!

Now you might be telling yourself “well, I don’t want any of those mean Nazis around either” and slapping yourself on the back for being a super nice guy. A caring, Globalist citizen of the planet! But the brainwashers have long co-opted your White sense of decency and fair play to turn a blind eye to all the evil BS they do in the world — NWO foreign meddling, continuous wars (proxy and outright) and the gradual genocide of our race, while they turn our lands into Third Worlder slave pisspots.

This one thing is the basis for pretty much ALL of the bull going down. It’s so big, that it’s hard to fathom the sheer magnitude and reach of what’s been done, not only to the US and the White race, but also plenty of other perfectly innocent peoples and countries around the world (or until such peoples had ample reasons to get some payback in any way they could). Ruminate for awhile and you’ll get it.

Millions of powerful and not so powerful Jews residing all through-out Western countries  — even supposedly “conservative” Jews — have this inner, racially selfish motive to police what us Whites might dare say openly among ourselves.

The whole Jew/anti-Nazi/PC BS both fuels and protects “ZIONISM,” which is the real controlling force over America, especially our foreign policy. These Jews are hugely manipulative rats. Have been in whatever country they’ve ever lived. Oh, I know I shouldn’t be calling them rats, because it sounds offensive, blah, blah, blah. That’s the PC blinders installed in your head since birth talking.

But once you do finally “get it” about the Jewish cancer now destroying America and the White race, you’ll be singing the same tune. The GD Jews are exactly like some sort of giant international “Corleone” gangster family — just like in the “Godfather” movies!

Ukrainian conferenceThis photo was taken during a conference in DC when the NWO usurpers of the Ukraine came here looking for high tech weaponry to kill pro-Russian Ukrainians not going along with the plan (they really did steal the country). Seen above is Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, Kiev Mayor Vitali Klitschko, US Secretary of State John Kerry (real name: Kohn) and Ukrainian President Arseniy Yatsenyuk. Every single one of the guys above are associated with rich Jewish Oligarchs and are at least partly, if not fully, Jewish — including Kerry, even with his Irish last name. He actually told everyone he didn’t know a thing about his Jewish ancestry until his presidential bid in 2004. Right. His brother has long been a huge Israel-loving Zionist creep. They are liars!


Because of the Holocaust™ they go on and on and on about, Jews are insanely crazed about Israel. Not only that, but also us “goyim” going haywire on their ass in Russia way back when. Doesn’t matter one GD bit if the Jews EVER did anything to get other people so pissed. They don’t care.

Say anything about what Jews have done bad in the world, their faces go blank. Nothing, I repeat nothing, Jews ever do can be a bad thing, at least to them anyway. They are the “Chosen” remember?

Nor do they care about all America has done for them. They’ve completely ignored all the dead White Christian GIs fighting Nazis in WWII. Doesn’t seem to matter one GD whit to these arrogant, self-absorbed bastards.

This all dovetails with the “anti-Racist PC” bit. Usually they want you to think of them as just another White person, but other times love playing the unjustly victimized minority — just like the blacks with the never-ending slavery and Jim Crow bull crap.

This is at the heart of the Israel business. Say JACK about what Israel does, and they’ll immediately call you “anti-Semitic.” Hell, even Jews who criticize Mother Israel makes them go ape — since they don’t want any nearby Goyim to hear about it.


The media is now busy milking the sympathy angle over Kayla Mueller, a life-long White do-gooder who stupidly went to Syria to help “victims of evil Assad.” She was soon captured by ISIL and may or may not be dead from execution or bombing raids. But notice how the manipulative media says nothing about the US-NWO involvement in creating ISIL to begin with — callously playing upon people’s emotions about her and her family so we stay on the side of the Zionists.

I can’t begin to tell you all the evils the devious Zionist Jews have done over in the Mideast. The controlled media has been going on and on about that Jordanian pilot burned to death by ISIL, but let me tell you one simple fact of life: Every race and creed can act brutal and barbaric — even the sacred Jews are murderous bastards — probably the most murderous of all since they think all us “goyim” are nothing but “niggers” here to serve them.

It’s always the terrorist Muslims (enemies of Israeli Mideast hegemony), or us White people who get our crimes put in the media spotlight constantly. God, I sure hope you’ve noticed this going on by now, for crying out loud.

What they refuse to report to the American public is Israel using burning phosphorus or blockbuster munitions on the mostly defenseless Palestinians, or how they treat those people like dogs on a daily basis simply because they are not Jews. And don’t give me any BS about those rocket attacks, either. Those garage-built, over-sized bottle rockets with no explosive warheads and antiquated WWII era Russian surplus rockets (Katyushas) are mostly an inconvenience to the State of Israel, few sacred Israelis have even died (Jews go nuts whenever any of them get croaked by the Goy).

Zionist Jews have been systematically stealing the Palestinian’s lands since 1948, only America remains clueless. In fact, our US tax dollars has been paying for the whole rotten business — right along with rich Jews back here subsidizing (and getting tax write-offs, too!) Jewish immigrants to Israel, who live life easy (between roughing up Palis) in nice modern condos with swimming pools on stolen Pali lands. Hell, all the Jews over there get cradle-to-the grave free health insurance, while we pay through the nose, ObamaCare or not.

The effin’ GD Jews having sucking on America like vampires! This country has pretty much been a big fat dumb cow for the Jews. The bastards laugh all the time among themselves how stupid we are.

While the devious Jews back here work to keep us dumb about what Israel does to the Palestinians, they and their libtard Shabbos goys in the media back here work to keep us in the dark as to the daily brutal murders of White people by the criminal black race.

Another huge, HUGE thing to bear in mind, is that these Jews often have changed names. Let me spell it out for you: YOU CAN’T GO BY NAMES WHEN IT COMES TO JEWS. They are the only race that especially changes their names to sound “less jewish” because the rats are so historically distrusted. Jews have long hidden themselves so they can continue sucking on the labors of good, decent, hard working people.

Also know this: Jews from other White countries have changed names. You can have Jews with Italian-sounding names, Jews with Polish or Russian-sounding names. They’ve stolen the most from Germany, so that’s why you have so many Jews with the name “Miller” or “Sanders” living in the US.

In fact, most of those you see on TV and think are just White people like you and me, are really Jewish (Jews know, they have excellent “Jewdar”). White Gentiles of European Christian descent are pretty much a minority onscreen, especially males, ever since the stinking lying Jews foisted all this “diversity” bull crap down our throats — putting blacks, other races and disgusting homos everywhere.

Haven’t you at least noticed the first to go were White males? They love to pair up our beautiful White blonde babes with blacks onscreen nowadays. Does that not piss you the hell off?

Speaking of Jews sucking on our labor, Jews absolutely hate doing manual work, since they think it’s beneath them because they are so smart. It’s a huge problem in Israel. There can only be so many jobs counting shekels or writing Zionist propaganda and disinfo for the media there and here; so they have to have at least a few Arabs around, or temporary imports from Asian countries like the Philippines to do the dirty work like construction.

Now these stinking Jews are getting close to the finish on their long-running Agenda of turning the White race into a powerless, bickering, spat-upon minority in what was once our lands. Everything depends on keeping things as quiet as possible, so not too many of us Whites wake up before it’s too late.

Why do you think America and other European countries are being flooded with non-White Third Worlders? Jews have been pushing all of this from the very start — the bastards even brag openly about it at times.

It’s clear: The Jews have been in a silent, guerilla war with us Whites of European descent every since we let the bastards in the door. Things have become crystal clear to anyone who dares look past the brainwashing they do in the media 24/7.

Hell, you can see them amping up the evil Hitler documentaries and ever-growing, lefty social engineering and black worship constantly on TV in real time, today.

The Jews are even gearing up to physically suppress our race, once enough of us finally get it. Why do you think the “war on terror” has really been about in the long run? Sure, we got a billion Muslims hating our guts since we’ve supported the invading eastern European Khazar Jews taking over the place and killing Palestinians over all these years, but the true end goal for the West is outright Jewish PC tyranny and a Marxist Police State for America (like they once did to Russia, resulting in up to 66 million White Gentiles dead).

As long as you’re willing to sit there on your fat behind and keep your mouth shut about the things these people are doing and getting away with because of PC, then you’re nothing but a stupid sheep being used and abused. You and your children will pay — big time. Hell, you’ve been paying for it already, just don’t know it.

— Phillip Marlowe

PS: I do this site “INCOG MAN” expressly to awaken fellow White Americans to what the Globalist Jews and their pets, the violent and completely spoiled black race, are doing to this country. I may not have convinced a whole lot, but whatever Whites I have managed to, is more than enough to make it worth my while. I’m certainly NOT doing this to get rich. I’m lucky if I break even (but thanks to those readers who do help me out — you know who you are).

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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  1. protocolsRtrue says:

    r Wades.

    What would make most White (non-jew) Americans safer? If our taxpayer funded airpains dropped precision bombs on every public housing project in America? Or the women and children in Syria and Iraq? If American true patriots dropped bombs on under-performing but over paid schools in America instead of schools in Syria and Iraq?
    If we bombed city hall in Syria or city hall in detroilet? What would make most white Americans safer? If we bombed the government buildings in Iraq or the government buildings in jewsington dc or better yet jewrulesium? ? Now which would be better for the average American? What if we bombed every head-start pre-k pre-head start and every Medicaid ebt card accepted here store instead of inncocent people in the middle east? Which would improve the lives of all law-abiding white working American taxpayers better immediately? What if we bombed adl and splc and aipac headquarters instead of innocent villagers in afghan and Syria and Iraq and Libya and yemen and Lebanon? Which would save more American lives? Shutting down an abortion clinic in jewmerica or bombing a hospital somewhere in the middle east? What would help us better right now in jewmerica? Bombing the welfare/ebt/Medicaid/social services offices in jewmerica or a marketplace in the middle east? Want an instant improvement to jewmerica? Nuke jew York city and Miami and the whole state of califaggia please do me a fucking favor. Hit chimpcago to. And fuck you too you scumbag coward traitors committing treason zog agent boys and girls. Peek in somebody’s windows today scumbag cowards? Read somebody’s mail? Listen to somebody’s phone calls? Pay an informant worse scumbag than yourself taxpayer money? Fuck you you scumbag coward traitors committing treason stupid jewboys and jewgirls and stupid niggers. But you white guys and girls have no good excuse. No matter how much fake jew monopoly money the jews are paying you.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bomb every maximum security prison in jewmerica first do me a favor before the niggers get let out of their cages to cause more problems and murder somebody else.

  3. AlbKenshiro says:

    Just posting this link so that no one can come up here with some sort of Russian patriotism

    the plot is world wide and infarct Russia is ahead of us in some point as Putin has passed laws baning denial of Holocaust criminalize it
    punting peoples in jail for ‘Internet extremism’ Jewish museum of tolerance and so on

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    What would be better for the average non-jew American in the long run. Bombing federal reserve buildings and stock exchanges and wall street or bombing random bridges and water works in the middle east? How about we bomb the headquarters of Raytheon or general dynamics or boeing or any other war profiteer headquarters instead of bombing villages and farm animals in the middle east.
    Just finished another of my favorite reality tv shows called first 48. They let the nigger out of the cage after 12 years and nigger went promptly home and killed 6 niggers of his own nigger family. Including children. Another niglet survived being stabbed and said uncle junior did it. Now this is what I call great entertainment. 6 niggers dead and another back to the cage. What’s sad about this story? For one thing the police hours to solve it. And the morgue air conditioning costs for the dead niggers before disposal. Plus Jessie aka junior serving six death sentences plus 120 years for the niglet that survived we have to pay for. That’s what sucks. Otherwise great reality of niggers show.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    Beware the rise of the military-industrial complex. Never trust jews. If a jews lips are moving it is lying. If it’s hands are moving it’s stealing. If both hands and lips are moving at the same time it is either a deaf mute lying and stealing jew or it is lying and stealing at the same time.

  6. sog says:

    im very pleased to announce that rev-rear-end jesse jackasson and revearend shardick have made it official and tied the knot and mrs jesse jaxcoon …heh heh
    somewhere the lost little holder bitch is in this picture on a chain like igor …covered up in oine of thos total fag plastic suits with a hold-der hole in the face fuckiun appropriate …in their world ..jews militia ..niggers muslims meximuuds ….fuckin dooms day in the wind …

  7. Arch Stanton says:

    “Incog man Could you please start giving people idea’s on how to start to combat jews in the area’s were they currently live.”

    There is only one reasonable course of action to take and Incogman man is doing a beautiful job putting it right in front of your nose. (1) Inform yourself of the facts get the facts and figures to support your case. Get your ducks in a row so when people call you an “anti-Semite” or “Nazi” or what not, you can rebut their PC drivel with a rational response. When people tell you “Alex Jones says, “America is run by Nazis,” pull out your arm length list of Jews in American politics, economics and media and say, “Would Jews occupy these positions of power if Jew hating “Nazis” were running the country? Didn’t the “Nazis” remove the Jews from these positions in Germany after 1933?”

    (2) Like Incogman, use your facts to start a mission to tell others. Tell every white person about what is happening to their race and nation.

    Whatever you do, don’t let anyone goad you into a Robert Matthews scenario where you are convinced violence is the answer. This is exactly the briar patch the Jews want you to jump into. Nothing better than a violent neo-Nazi to justify their PC position to the gullible goyim.

    Once again:

    (1) Inform yourself of the facts (2) Tell others the facts.

    At this point, doing anything else is tantamount to suicide. Until there are enough white people standing behind you and your facts, it is useless to engage in any other attempt to correct the present situation.

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