Selma Anti-White Crapfest Now In Full Swing

Jewish intelligentsia rat on CNN spews the usual tiresome crap about “the poor blacks in America still suffering terrible racism,” while the split screen feed on the right reveals a platform truck in the distance, chock full of media cameramen, slowly advancing to record the show. Had enough of the orchestrated media BS yet?

Funny how the media forgot to report on the federal judge shot in the leg in Detroit the other day, huh? Why? Because it was blacks trying to break in his home. Imagine if the perps were White.

Funny how the national media forgot to report on the Detroit Federal judge shot in the leg the other day, huh? Why? Because it was two black criminals trying into break in his home, that’s why. Imagine the uproar if the perps were White?

Now the anti-White race hustlers going off big time about Selma with the 50th anniversary is this weekend. And I thought we were over this black BS after January and February? I guess they didn’t get enough, huh? No, January is Martin Luther King month and February is black “history” month, of course.

Now I see his excellency Obongo (deemed “black” even though his mother was a coalburning White commie, possibly even Jewish) gave a big speech today at the big event, celebrating what they now call “Bloody Sunday.” Bloody Sunday, my White ass — none were killed at the bridge (three were killed over the week, two of whom were White do-gooder liberals); most were merely roughed up and tear gassed by the police. Notice how they all act like it was this huge horrible human tragedy of historic proportions.

Terms like “Bloody Sunday” have always been loved by Marxists. It connotes the little guy fighting against “oppression” and was used back during the days of Czarist Russia, when the Bolsheviks failed at stealing the country in 1905 — finally succeeding in 1917 — helped greatly by a war against Germany and financing from Jewish capitalists in America. Hmmm, the coincidences are interesting, would you not say?

Calling the Selma march a “Bloody Sunday” should be seen as total BS. Over in Africa to the present day, they kill each other with machine guns, machetes and even GD flaming, gas-filled tires in the thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands — like Rwanda just a few years ago. Of course we’re not supposed to compare and contrast the common place brutality of Africa with America, since that would be considered “racist.” Same kind of BS exists about exposing black criminality in places like Chicago and Detroit.

Obongo's handler, Valerie Jarrett, addresses crowd.

Even Obongo’s chief handler, Valerie Jarrett, got to address the crowd. This Rasputinish character has admitted to being part Jewish and black; who was born in Tehran, Iran, of all places.

You see, the creeps behind all this in America (all White countries actually), are expert at crafting and pushing “the narrative.” They’ve been busy doing exactly this since day-one.

It’s really been a giant brainwashing effort against the White race, without a doubt. Merely saying so, makes brainwashed fools among our race to howl “racist,” “anti-Semite,” “White supremacist” immediately — like they’ve been trained to do since birth.

The more I think about the spoiled black race, the more I get positively furious. Here they are, yelping about racism every five minutes, while they commit crime and mayhem all over the country and freely suck down government benefits as a matter of course.

Thankfully, many whites are now waking up to the fact that blacks SUCK MAJORLY. Blacks still think the country owes them because of slavery about a million years ago. And the spoiled rotten SOBs know well they got it good in America!

Bush and his wife Laura attended today’s Selma “Bloody Sunday” celebrations. Bush and his extended family don’t have to deal one bit with black crime since they can live where they want and have plenty of security protection around the clock. Globalist lackeys like Dubya and Billy Bob Clinton know exactly the role they have to play — or else. Us regular White people in America really have no voice today.

How about the DOJ report about the Ferguson police department that came out last week right after they were forced to let go policeman Darren Wilson from Civil Rights violations — the White cop who justifiably had to put down that giant, 6′ 4″ 300 lb. black gangsta boy charging at him like wild gorilla high on PCP?

They really couldn’t do anything (it’s not like they didn’t want to) to the guy, since the evidence was clear-cut Michael Brown and his lying punk homie, Dorian Johnson, bum-rushed Wilson and tried to take his gun while Wilson was still in his squad car. That first round Wilson managed to fire off inside the vehicle probably saved not only his hide right then and there, but down the road after the race hustlers and media descended to hang the WHITE guy, no matter what.

That Dorian Johnson punk ended up costing this country tens of millions, even getting some people killed. The SOB should be in jail right at this very moment for obstructing justice and starting up all this crap. Most definitely. Even worse is the fact the media knows this to be the case, but it takes little unpaid guys like me to say so.

Ferguson: The biggest bunch of Negro horse crap since… Trayvon Martin

FERGUSON BS MONTAGE The media is obviously trying to work up the blacks on a daily basis, reporting anytime a black is accidentally killed by police. Never do they say a thing about White victimization by black criminal behavior.

Did you notice this past week how the media calling the DOJ report “scathing” since a handful of Ferguson police emailed supposedly “racist” comments about Obongo and his big-boned wife (who might actually even have a bone), Michelle? Well, it was practically nothing but joking around, but they have to act so shocked, blah, blah, blah, because that’s once again part of the PC narrative of us “racist evil Whiteys.”

You see, they have to keep us Whites silent and afraid to say the least thing — even the smallest of joking around — while they continue the deconstruction of the White race in our lands. I should hope you’ve noticed.

At some point, Whites will “get it” and start fighting back, as we should. They just want to put it off as far into the future as possible, when we are even weaker. Then they can come out freely and openly in power and do with what they want with our race.

All one must do to understand this “Agenda” is look at what they did to Whites in South Africa. Whites are now openly and blatantly discriminated against and brutally murdered all the time by black criminal gangs — sometimes even aided and abetted by black police. South Africa today is the future for Whites in America tomorrow.

It’s as simple as that.

— Phillip Marlowe


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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123 Responses to Selma Anti-White Crapfest Now In Full Swing

  1. 4ePlay says:

    protocolsRtrue: I saw the video and it really pissed me off. It’s a clear demo that some entities can never evolve: apes will be apes! I’m white European (but not some white supremacist) I can live with orientals (hot chicks, high IQ) and Latinos (hot chicks AGAIN! and they can be funny; I never meant illegals) but I’d rather stay away from niggaz and pisslamists. No nigga/pisslamist ever hurt me (while some whites did — hey, no complain! — at the poker table ..) , but I read the news and I’m aware of what’s going on ..

  2. Bailey says:

    Duane can go fuck himself , so can you b-e- devil.

    WTF? you don’t like the video’s don’t fuckin’ watch them.

    So, is everyone who ever posted a Johnny Rebel video here a adl/fbi jew?

    Again, I say GO FUCK YOURSELF !

    I no longer wonder why quality people who have been here for years have stopped posting.

  3. Barney says:

    Completely off-topic (so what’s new?). I haven’t even read the entire article yet. Too many claims on my time the past few weeks.

    I just thought I’d share this with anyone who believes it’s possible to stay off “the list” (not a chance if you’ve ever visited a “dissident” site like IncogMan).

    We know our browsers have to transmit certain information, such as our IP address, or the internet wouldn’t work, but then there are “debatable” matters such as which browser and operating system we use.

    Having some knowledge of HTML coding, I fail to understand why the majority of sites would need to “know” things like that, because HTML is a “universal” system that works (or should) with any browser.

    I think most people would be shocked if they knew just how much information our browsers are giving out though, things that are no concern of anyone else’s and which (imho) should be regarded as “private” because they relate only to our personal choices.

    Click Here to find out how much information your browser is making available to any site that cares to read it.

    For anyone who doesn’t trust “Click Here” links, the URL is

    No need to fear the Electronc Frontier Foundation (EFF). As far as I can tell, they’re the “good guys”. They even advise using Tor all the time.

  4. Duane says:

    Are you jew/FBI/ADL/SPLC? I don’t know…
    But that video had their fingerprints all over it…
    Maybe you just aren’t thinking clearly…
    If that is the case I do NOT want to argue with you…
    You posted offensive JEW MANUFACTURED PROPAGANDA….
    I could see if that video was done in a humorous manner but it WASN’T….
    That video was about the bullshit of the gloating psycho EVIL NAZI GOYIM genociding the poor innocent jew…(the hollyhoax excuse the vile jew is using to GENOCIDE US…)…
    And we are supposed to gloat over the hollyhoax fable?

  5. INCOG MAN says:

    Baily is bona fide.

    It’s you who’s new here. SPAMblinka for now, buddy.

  6. Ameribabwe says:

    Of course Dingle Barry’s communist mudshark coal burner gangbang whore mother was a heeb. He is the revenge on the country she hated. And poor Dingle Barry had it so rough at a $20,000 a year private school in Hawaii living with YT bankers and partying with the Choom Gang that he must destroy the country that mistreated him so badly.

  7. Datta says:

    The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

    Khazarians develop into a nation ruled by an incredibly Evil King with an ancient Babylonian Black Arts occult Oligarchy serving as his Court. During this time Khazaria become known to surrounding countries as thieves, murderers, road bandits, and for assuming the identities of those travelers they murder as a normal occupational practice and way of life.

  8. Barney says:

    IncogMan – (re; Duane, Spamblinka) I couldn’t have put it better myself. I’ve “known” Bailey on here for years now, and if he’s a jew, so am I.


    Now back to what I intended to post before the relatively unknown newcomer started the old, tired, hoosajew game.


    Eventually, when all the crap has been dealt with and White People are back in power, we’ll have an annual celebration called “The day of the swinging jew” as a reminder to those of us old enough to remember, and as a warning to future generations, of the dangers of being too tolerant.

    In some ways it will resemble Britain’s annual “Guy Fawkes” ritual, but the effigies won’t end up on bonfires. Instead they’ll be dangling from bridges, lamp posts and trees and children will be encouraged to throw rocks at their hooked noses.

    Perhaps we’ll tell stories of schlomo claws stealing toys from children, instead of the santa/satan stories we tell them now.

    The day of the swinging jew. Doesn’t it make you feel good just to think of it? Ours is the generation that will make it happen.

    For the religious among us, Jesus WILL be avenged. Forget the Alamo. Remember Calgary!

    The day of the swinging jew can’t come a moment too soon.

  9. Bailey says:

    Thanks incogman,

    Anyway, I thought the video jew jew was quite entertaining . I especially liked the end where the jewess gets shot through the head, pretty powerful message there that only a jew could be offended by.
    How many Hollywood jew movies show white guys and girls getting shot by niggers?
    That is what we should be offended by.

    What fun is the holohoax if we can’t laugh at it ?

    Great post Ameribabwe , nice name too !

  10. Duane says:

    Okay Incog…
    If you say Baily is one of us… okay….
    But he INADVERTENTLY posted at jew manufactured/concocted:
    “Psychopathic,Bloodthirsty, Vicious, Evil, Murderous, Anti-Semitic, Nazi. hollohoax” GOYIM Video….
    If I jumped to conclusions apologies to Baily…Everyone fucks up occasionally….

  11. Bailey says:

    Always the perfect gentleman Barney, Thanks and it’s nice to see you here.

    Speaking of holohoax jews , did you see the new hoaxer the Lie-O-Vision dusted off to tell more lies ?

    When will they start bringing our children to hoaxer museums to see the new hologrammed hoaxers ?

  12. Bailey says:

    Hey Duane,

    It helps to read previous posts and go way back in the archives before making accusations, here’s something current that illustrates where I’m at in life.

    Without jews I wouldn’t have these problems.

  13. Bailey says:

    So don’t ya’ call me a jew. 🙂

  14. Jo Jackson says:

    New order our time will come

  15. JustAGuy says:

    @ Datta

    The Khazarian empire was finally put out of business by the Vikings. The Khazars allowed the Vikings to trade through their territory and into the M.E. area but demaned tribute. The Vikings bided their time, paid the tribute for awhile and then finally put the torch to the Khazars and they were finished. They finally ran into a people who were more than a match for them 😉

  16. B-E-Devil says:

    AH! Lighten up Bailey.
    I’m not here to fight with you.
    I can go out in the physical world and find
    no shortage of dick-heads to fight.
    Which I don’t believe that you are.

    I know you have been here a long while.
    Always enjoy the conversions between you and Barney.
    Who I am glad to see is back today.

    I realize that Duane is new here and would like to believe not a hasbraRAT.
    What caught my attention was a post at March 7, 2015 at 9:38 pm by “Dave”
    Then a follow up at March 7, 2015 at 10:28 pm by “Duane” with same “picon”
    Can anyone explain that one to me.

  17. Duane says:

    It is true…
    On the mainstream sites I troll I use the name “Dave” and sometimes “Dave Shimblevits” so they think I’m some kind of “self hating jew”….
    I’m mostly banned from mainstream “judeo-coon” sites for writing the truth…
    On WN sites I use “Duane”….(some of you here may know me from “The Daily Stormer”)
    I haven’t been on this site much and I forgot which name I’ve used here in the past….
    I apologize to Baily for jumping to conclusions that he was a jew/ADL/SPLC/FBI/Hasbara/Mossad/JDL (Oy Gevalt….what else?) troll….
    I like Incog because like Andre Anglin he usually doesn’t censure posts like
    “The Daily Kenn” does….I’m done over there….

  18. summerled says:


    We petition the Obama Administration to:

    File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement.

    On March 9th, 2015, forty-seven United States Senators committed a treasonous offense when they decided to violate the Logan Act, a 1799 law which forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments. Violation of the Logan Act is a felony, punishable under federal law with imprisonment of up to three years.

    At a time when the United States government is attempting to reach a potential nuclear agreement with the Iranian government, 47 Senators saw fit to instead issue a condescending letter to the Iranian government stating that any agreement brokered by our President would not be upheld once the president leaves office.

    This is a clear violation of federal law. In attempting to undermine our own nation, these 47 senators have committed treason.

    Sign the Petition NOW >>>>

  19. Frederick says:

    Barney says:

    March 10, 2015 at 10:05 am
    Thx for the useful information, ‘Panopticlick’ I’m going to educate my self on this, not only to protect myself but this site. We I think in Canada have some freedom expression remaining. More or less protecting the Gospel when street preaching, I hope that includes online comments as well. These perverted zoinist are certainty more progressive then I thought and our goyim government Harper is a ass kissing mossed two faced serpent, (NEW all encompassing TERRORISMISM LAWS COMING, in the name of public security- Harper) I just found out. I’m even thinking he’s more involved then Obomamy in this ass kissing.
    Before more perverted zoinist intervention, as I trust some on this site to do the right thing and I hate to say but this freedom we have here will end, hope later then sooner.
    So I’m going to post some information so that those that would like would stay in contact? Also if its allowed to post?
    So here’s my snail mail: Frederick Yatscoff. PO.BOX 68091, 162 BONNIE DOON, EDMONTON ALBERTA CAN. T6C-4N6

    Knowledge is power, but wisdom is from God!

    – Blessing

  20. Frederick says:

    Selma Anti-White Crapfest Now In Full Swing,

    we up here don’t have this same black juggle mentality, at least not yet. But we got the natives being violent and blocking roads bridges seeking more free hand out. Still blaming the white man for giving them whiskey and killing all their buffalo, there going no where fast! They are the true entitlement race here. I wonder what connection do they have with the perverted zoinist? I know the natives are the real pawns, goyim of them but what else?

    – Blessings

  21. B-E-Devil says:

    Duane — Explanation understood and accepted.
    Hope you stick around for a while.

    I don’t take any offence to what Bailey said.
    Realize he is a good jew-wise man who resides in the commie jew state of conneticut.
    One has to develope a certain behavior when surrounded by them.
    You have always been all-right in my book Bailey.

  22. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Spartanburg, South Carolina Targeted To Be Colonized As Next Refugee ‘Seed’ Community

  23. Duane says:

    Hey D-E-Devil…
    Baily and Dave (ooops…I mean Duane….) are almost neighbors…
    I’m here in NYC…(Do I have to say anymore…)…
    I want to head south in a few years…Possibly Tenn/Arkansas border area or WV..

  24. summerled says:

    the Bullshit Broadcasting Corporation is ok with rampant child rape and pedophilia but god forbid you call a spade a spade remember folks
    the truth is an insult to these “people” how dare we deviate from their carefully crafted bullshit

  25. JustAGuy says:

    I hope Clarkson doesn’t give in and apologie either.

  26. summerled says:

    from allovertheplaces post

    From James Petras, a far left former professor of sociology who seems to be aware of Jewish power:

    Prominent among Netanyahu’s financial backers are a group of prominent Zionist lumpen bourgeoisie,billionaires who lent to millions of borrowers at extortionate rates(between 1400 and 4000% ) and played a leading role in the fraudulent mortgage induced crises of 2009-forward.They include Al Goldstein co-founder of AvantCredit and CashNetUSA;Sasha Orloff and Jacob Rosenberg founders of Lendup;Daniel Gilbert founder of QuickenLoans- a predator subprime lender;Ronald Arnall owner of Ameriquest….. .They used part of their ill-gotten gains to ease their consciences by donating millions to Israeli and US jewish causes.Being generous to Israel provides a sort of perverse “forgiveness” for screwing millions of Americans

  27. protocolsRtrue says:

    These people aren’t kidding. They are serious. I’m watching my local news and they run the story about taking Andrew Jackson off the twenty dollar bill and replacing it with a woman or a nigger! Can you believe that shit? I guess since jews print the money in the first place they can put anything on it right? I vote for Elvis.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    I may not know much in this world but before I go to bed I will share this tidbit of knowledge. If you pull out your paper currency and see the picture of a nigger on it—- Then you know for sure that pretty soon there will be billion dollar notes to buy a loaf of bread.

  29. sog says:
    just how corrupt is osamamamaobama …he fines a school 12k for serving sodas at lunch and then pays a soda vender to white outhouse 3.40$ a can ..yeah and this guy taught a law school class lie ..hypocrite at the least ..his worst sin is the jones act ,i guess he thought it was some law gauranteeing him and other transvestities the right to molest the public morality or lack of it ….in shoert he allowed the gulf to become oil borne …him amd asshole holder forced gun shops to sell them thousansd of guns and then they gave them to the spik cartels and they have killed hundreds with these weapons ..the first cazz was a border agent..then they started theior tiresome offensive marxist drivel story about how gun shops were too lax ..then they tried to endight the gun shop owners and harrassed them probably because they never got payed for the weapons ..technickally the pres and igor are culpable conspirators in fast and furious ..
    obama uses the federal agent bots as attack dogs the violent tresspassing and raid on gibson guitar factory about the wood ..i guess obama aint got wood no mo ..another guitar co “martin guitars” uses the same wood from india but he aint a republican ..realy .well he didnt get raided ..obama is a corrupt african canibal dictator in the installed interim marxist islamic hybrid junta ..the cult murderers aka moslems are on a jeehad war against christains and killing them please no anti christain remarx will be tolerated ,but free speech is the hall mark of america the shitkikes want to strangle ..
    obama care was just about putting millions of illegals on a medical program

    jeez thet fuckin o-care is the real commie deal ..obama also crushed the med marijane leagal businesses and filed asset forfeiture bs against the owners of the buildings ..
    can you say “the worst president to date in history”
    yeah and i know he is merely an anal worshipping bufoon puppet…he likse to hit dat ass on his boys as hard as some fool beating a pinata filled with cash ..right .? lol…
    shame and condemnation on the federal agents who do the will of anti constitutional forces ..scumbag careerists as proto says hes 100% effin correct ..fucking cowartds er cowterds er etc …worse ..traitors and they will be liquidated under pure communist protocols later ..commies shits always use the coppers to help implement thier jew bs ..
    endless and surrounded by evil ….

    yeah so if you can stand reading thru all obamas worm like behaviour without throwing up youse got a strong constitution..

  30. Frederick says:

    Bailey says:

    March 4, 2015 at 1:31 am
    People go out of their way to kiss the asses of these dregs but I’m fucking evil because I talk about things that nobody wants to hear.
    Yeah I have a good idea what you mean! 4 yrs ago I had to leave my last job, all these politically correct bag lickers, cock suckers were constantly sucking up to the new supervisor and I wasn’t! Only but 3 out of 15 in the shop wouldn’t but it was full out, major stressful, was disciplined, suspended multiple times and the last they threatened me with termination unless I got along with the homos and the cock suckers. I went off on disability for awhile still waiting for a severance pay out, I had that job for 13 yrs. Talking the truth about 9/11, government corruption, natives, jews homos and the Bible is risky these days. The mind boggling thing about this, all my co- worker were white and the boss was a dark skin immigrate from Asia/ pacific.
    For all those that work for someone else, use to be fun, you could crack all kinds of jokes about the minorities, no more since of humor these days. Having a job now sucks and you got take more shit then 15, 20 yrs ago. Even my pro-politically correct relatives think I’m some extremist, don’t dare say conspiracies around them or talk negative about blacks or jews, but natives are still open season most Canadians do likewise. I met some good guy from S. Africa and if the government finds out your talking shit about blacks you could almost be killed! I even challenged my relatives one day and said that we should grateful we were born White, and h…shit they flipped out and said did I join the KKK. Its useless to speak any common since to any of my relatives, drinking the kool-aid for way too long to them, big arguments and blow ups, its not family anymore.
    Praise God for America & Canada we haven’t went yet off the deep end.

    We are nearer to the end then we thought?

  31. mikey says:

    jew say — not the best place to get 12 million facts about what a “Jew” is

  32. The Naked Prey says:

    Has anyone seen this:

    I believe they lost the information war on the internet, so now the kikes are going to make the holohoax lie bigger than ever. Watch out for phony bars of soap to appear made from jewish fat. Watch for stealth hate speech laws. I’ve never seen them kick it into high gear all at once like I’m seeing now. Maybe I’m just paranoid, what do people here think?

  33. Bailey says:

    @ Fredrick,

    Yea, I remember when work was fun too.
    Now it’s a competition of who can fit in with the communist order.
    I’m a racist because I talked to a white woman about “black people” around the time that the filthy jew basketball owner got in trouble for telling his prostitute not to bring niggers to his games.
    A nigger confronted me about it on the floor and then went up to the boss and whined to him. I was called in the office and simply told – your a good machinist, we don’t want to lose you.
    I got their meaning, shut up – right ?
    the bigger problem was that the offended negro spewed his shit all around the shop and whether folks agree or disagree with me doesn’t matter, they all had to go to the other side – the dark side where people cower in hopes of fitting in.
    To be honest I really didn’t give a shit about most of these puppets anyway, I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire, the big problem is that my livelihood is being threatened by people who don’t know any fuckin’ better. If they don’t like me or they fear me that’s fine but a few go out of their way to make my life hell.
    It’s not like I’d go to work and shout hang the niggers – gas the jews , I would talk about current events and real history that the kikes conveniently leave out of the channel line up on the filthy TV.
    The nice men I mentioned that found their way onto the sex offender web site are like fuckin’ gods, it’s almost unbelievable. the nigger who tried to muh-dik his step daughter actually has people defend his disgusting action by saying stupid shit like, “there may have been circumstances.”
    What really irks me though is when the spic who tried to pooch a little girl gives the Gen. Manager a bro’ hug. WTF?
    Anyway, I wont quit, my showing up everyday and doing my job well is a way of saying FUCK YOU to those who don’t like it, I get a certain level of satisfaction out of that.
    However, I did just quit my p/t job because I could no longer stand the little cultural Marxist faggot with the green Mohawk – or was it blue last week ?

    In our “new” society it seems perfectly fine for people to mess with your livelihood if they don’t agree with you especially in global corporations , it’s like they got their own sets of communist laws and if you are not a PC drone you are subject to ridicule and harassment and the abusers go unpunished. If you complain to the boss you are asked if you “have proof”.

    My advise to everyone is to keep your effin’ mouth shut at work but I do still keep a little area where I hang interesting op-ed’s and anti-Obama stuff.
    I didn’t surrender yet I just partially surrendered, I still rub the shit in the face of the kwans but I do it like I was told – with my mouth shut !

    Hey AOP, Great read there @ 9:50 pm !

  34. Duane says:

    I’m reading everyone’s comments here and it sounds exactly like the shit I have encountered…My last “job” was as a tradesman employed at the World Trade Center.
    I was basically fired 4 months before the buildings went down 911 for opening my mouth and giving it back to 2 niggers I worked with…(Obviously they did me a favor…One of the 2 niggers went down in flames but the worse vile nigger survived….)…
    Hilariously the final thing that got me fired there was when a gruesomely ugly jewess screamed at me and tried to grab my ID and I warned the vile gruesome jewess that if it touched me again “I WILL DEFEND MYSELF”…(I meant it….A month before that I punched an attacking sheboon in the face in a public library)…
    I have become “UNEMPLOYABLE” and now sell my trade direct to home owners and businesses….My 2 selfdone websites me busy….Mostly “System D”…Google that if you do not know that term….

  35. Bailey says:

    Gotta keep the hoax alive , next year it’ll be 60 million wretched parasites killed by the evil Nazis.

    When all the surviving hoaxers are dead they got hologrammed holohoaxers to tell the story digitally to keep the little goyim children full of guilt over something that never fucking happened.

    I shit you not !

  36. protocolsRtrue says:

    Here’s the criminal genius of the day. Threatens the prez then sends it to the wrong address. I don’t know which is worse? Him or the mail delivery person.

    PITTSBURGH (AssPress) — A man convicted of child molestation has admitted mailing a threatening letter from a western Pennsylvania prison to President Barack Obama — albeit to the wrong address.

    Joseph Savage pleaded guilty Wednesday in federal court to counts of threatening the president and threatening the president’s family.

    Prosecutors say Savage was awaiting trial in Fayette County Prison in October 2012 when he sent a letter threatening to “torture and murder” the president and harm a member of the president’s family.

    The letter was mailed to 1400 Pennsylvania Ave. in Washington. The White House is at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. but received the letter anyway

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    I’m not even British I’m American but if somebody were to walk up to me out of the blue and ask me where to send a bomb to blow up the queen of England or the prime minister I would say 10 downing street. But then again I’m just a public skool graduate with a little bit of college.

  38. The Naked Prey says:

    Lol. Bailey it’s going to be like Star Wars. They’ll have little droids wheeling around showing us holograms! Ah the sickness of the Jewish mind…

    System D, Duane? I didn’t know the French had a term for this lifestyle that I’ve always lived. It’s something that really more and more people are going to have to learn.

    I wonder if people realize today that many years ago, relationships between employers and employees were long-lasting, and based upon trust and mutual respect. Now it’s like a worker is just a commodity. Find the cheapest and let them go as soon as possible. It’s what happens when the kike runs the show.

  39. Bailey says:

    I’m sure the race hustlers Obama, Holder and Sharpton are pleased with this story.

    The po-leece in Misery should all call in sick for a few days , state wide no cops.
    Let us see how the niggers can police themselves.

    Most comments are indicating that folks are sick of the nigger business but there are a few from liberal dupes that need a good nigger beat down to wake them up.

  40. Duane says:

    The White cops in Ferguson were out there for nigger target practice…
    Why would the niggers have another “protest” (riot) if they got what they wanted when the police chief resigned….
    Shooting the 2 White cops was a direct result of the nigger attorney general’s call to action…A different nigger sheboon takes over his job soon…How will the sheboon fight racism?

  41. hens says:

    I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a
    moment and give thanks for the many great contributions of the Black community
    and their culture to our society.

    Their peaceful and generous nature makes them
    ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting
    skills unrivaled by any other culture.

    Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and
    serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people.

    Real estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into an area due to
    their caring and respectful nurturing of these communities, an example of all
    they have achieved by their enthusiasm for self-improvement through hard work
    and a self-reliant can-do nature.

    Without their industrious and creative drive,
    we would be poorer as a nation.

  42. Bailey says:

    On fox news this morning they called the gathering of niggers in ferguson a “celebration” over the chiefs resignation.
    More jew designed BS to over inflate the ego’s of the stupid niggers.
    They think that because their communist HNIC marched on some bridge that the fight is on because us evil white racists are still keeping them down.
    They gotta be the stupidest life form on the planet and the spics are a close second in the no brain, act as the jew tells you to act department.
    The niggers and the spics need to ask themselves where they’de be if not for us evil European white, blue eyed devils.
    How far can we lift those sacks of shit out of the damn gutter only to have them insist on crawling back in it at our fucking expense ?
    We’re not only paying with our stolen tax dollars, we pay by seeing our once fine communities turn to ghetto trash and we pay with our blood.
    What do we get for it? Jews telling these lower life forms that we owe them more, all of their life’s failures are our fault ?
    Over on DS Andre has a pic of a little niglet smoking a blunt, how is that my fault ?

    Nigger beat downs in Mc Jew ? Must be our fault.

  43. protocolsRtrue says:

    I just watched the nigger chimpout in jew York shitty too Bailey. I guess it’s good to be a jew you will never have to be seen in a mcdonalds ebt cards accepted here place. Even niggers aint safe at a popeyes chicken the colonel himself gave up the recipe under cia interrogation. Go to a chucky cheezes on welfare whale day? Fogeddaboudit.

  44. protocolsRtrue says:

    You know what I mean and I mean what I say. Your ok Bailey keep up the good fight.

  45. protocolsRtrue says:

    I accidently left a thread open earlier I was making a stupid comment about the mash movie and hotlips hoolihan when the tv started showing niggers shooting cops in misory. I got distracted for a minute. But to finish a stupid story when hotlips showed up it was drop your shorts boys. I mean get your gear ready eat well today because we are going to be at war with somebody within the next 48 hours. And prt was right again.

  46. Ironically, as you’ll discover Ashkenazi Jews are European, they simply don’t develop beyond 3 and want to be the kings of this planet, there’s no ‘real meaning’ to anything they do. They’re simply incontinent little Neros, who want to jump up and down on the planet until they’re shot or it breaks in half. Hell awaits them, where all tantrums end, silent or violent.

    Erol exposes the whole story of Zionism in his comedy videos. He uncovered that Hitler was the son of the illegitimate son of Rothschild. You’re seeing the ‘exact~same’ events unfold in the Jewnited state, where Obama {a bath~house homosexual} is fronting for what’s about to ‘befall’ the American people, exactly as you saw in Dresden. {If you’re easily offended or have a closed mind you’ll miss out on 3,000 years of history being squeezed into less than 3 hours, by a comedic genius.}

    I rarely post here, yet I ‘appreciate’ what I read here, every time I reach this ‘orbit.’ I’m a neuro~scientist and I publish the work of a Christlike man who’s insights are staggering.

    I’ve tried publicising Erol’s work on several Ashkenazi~Jew~run sites and as you’d ‘expect’ for anyone exposes the ‘awful’ truth, in what he calls; “The Mosque of the lie;” we’re beset by bans, mobs of trolls and disinfo; so they can lead the sheeple back into the ‘ring,’ of patronising sadomasochists.

    Before I go any further, I’d like to extend my heartfelt empathy towards those running this site; who’ve found themselves being ‘persecuted,’ even~though they’re a ‘minority,’ {hint, hint *!*}

    If it’s any consolation, we experience near~constant panting~paraphiliacs targeting us, for simply exposing the ‘neuro~anatomy’ and genetics and history of Ashkenazi Jews.

    If you have no emotional~reaction to the beasts, it renders them ‘impotent’ and if you simply ‘continue’ and exhibit your happiness, it ‘infuriates’ them.

    In brief; as you may already know; Ashkenazis are ‘European.’ But, the top~secret; they cyber~harrass us for ‘revealing;’ is that neuro~anatomically their ‘Amygdala’ isn’t human *!*

    Which may come as a surprise, but it’s ‘really simple.’ In Europe the ‘genes’ for red~hair come from ‘Neanderthal’ interbreeding. But it ‘doesn’t’ mean you have any ‘other’ Neanderthal DNA.

    But, in the case of the Ashkenazi their ‘brain’s’ DNA is Neanderthal. Which is the top~secret they ‘ruthlessly’ oppress everything Erol does, for publicising, which we ‘overcome’ regardless.

    Because of the primitive ‘strong urges,’ coming from the Neanderthal Amygdala ‘and’ because the Ashkenazi ‘culture’ doesn’t encourage them to ‘build~up’ prefrontal self~controll, instead, they follow the pedophilic~teachings of the Talmud and ‘aggrandise’ being a tribe of sex~offenders by worshipping an imaginary~satan.

    Which allows them to dignify murdering children, for sexual~pleasure and sacrificing adult men, hint, {hint *!*}

    E.g. The fMRI brain~scans of Ashkenazis ‘prove’ they have only 6% brain~function, compared to a ‘human’ European; who have a Cro~magnon Amygdala. {The Ashkenazi’s brain looks ‘hollow.’}

    We’re being ‘genocided’ by Neanderthals. Here’s the ‘fun’ bit; 90% of ‘male’ Ashkenazis are born with the ‘wrong’ sex of brain for their body.

    As, in utero, their brain is flooded with the ‘wrong’ hormone for their chromosome, so they make ‘female’ connections. This should make it even~more ‘clear’ about their ‘behaviour.’

    It gets ‘worse,’ the womb then tries to ‘abort’ them, but the primitive creature clings~on and if it survives, it ‘sweats’ so much the amniotic~fluid becomes toxic, which then crosses the blood~brain~barrier and ‘arrests’ them, at that primitive stage of ‘evolution.’

    So, not~only were they going to have a Neanderthal ‘rapist’s’ Amygdala, it’s arrested at a ‘proto~emotional’ stage of development.

    Which, ‘explains’ a great deal of why they’re doing what they’re doing to you. I.e. They’re ‘genociding’ you and 1 of the key ways they’re doing it is by spraying you constantly with nano~bacteria and aluminium nano~particles, which ‘both’ cross the blood~brain~barrier and lodge in the ‘key’ areas of your brain, which ‘make’ you human.

    They then ‘eat’ your brain, there, {as they’re doing ‘right now’} and start to zombifying and dehumanising you, until you ‘don’t care’ anymore, about them ‘genociding’ you. {Whilst they believe they’re taking the ‘antidotes.’}

    Which they ‘lampoon’ with huge ‘tells,’ in the movies they make. I could list them all. E.g. Invasion of the ‘body snatchers, Planet of the Apes, Zombie movies and so on.

    They’re a tribe of ‘assholes,’ to be neuro~anatomically correct. As without prefrontal brain~function ‘all’ they have is a bird’s brain, a ‘solitary’ pathology coming from that, which leads nowhere, like a length of rectum, terminating in an ‘asshole.’

    The ‘meaning’ to their life, is the bit in the middle, which is the ‘ventral tegmental reward~centre,’ which they live to trigger, with ‘dopamine.’ Which they get from ‘attacking’ you or betraying you, especially genocidally.

    If they murder you or rape you or rob you they get a ‘rush’ which also includes ‘serotonin’ *!*

    I noticed an article, on here, a long time ago, pointing out how many Ashkenazis are diagnosed with schizophrenia. But it’s ‘not’ schizophrenia, they’re simply mental~quadriplegics, who talk ‘constant shite’ to themselves, which is ‘why’ they suffer.

    Because the more ‘grandiose’ your delusions; since reality remains constant, irrespective of the magical~thinking of a bird’s brain; invariably the ’emotionally~incontinent’ megalomaniac ‘suffers’ and can then be relied~upon to take that out on ‘you.’

    Which leads to the hand~me~down tyranny of all the prefrontally morally~vacant, empathically~void, pathologically~dishonest, irrational, unreasoned and ‘mindless’ weak assholes whacking you, due to unconcious and conscious ‘genocidal’ ideation, because you’re a different ‘species’ *!*

    Which is ‘existential~envy,’ which every psychopath we’ve studied ‘admits’ to. They also admit to ‘knowing’ they’re going to hell, for eternity. But neither myself, nor Erol, believed in hell ‘until’ the psychopaths we ‘independently’ studied convinced us.

    To conclude; They rely on those ‘outside’ of the ‘rings’ of lies to fall~for the mistake of ‘black and white’ thinking. So if we ‘differ’ on major points we part company, thus we’re divided, whilst the Zionists are ‘united,’ across the globe.

    Those of us who differ, do so, due to the ‘depth’ with which they ‘plunder’ history to. I.e. ‘If’ you stop digging, it’s wise to still keep an open~mind and ‘if’ you find information which means you’ve to ‘abandon’ everything you previously thought; on that subject; I ‘urge’ you to do so, especially since we’ve ‘no time left.’

    Either way, let’s ‘unite’ and ‘distance’ ourselves ‘geographically’ as well as ’emotionally’ and wisely, from what Erol Christened “Neandertrolls.” Without falling into their traps, I.e. It’s 100% fine for you to not be on the same page of whichever books I’m reading and visa~veras.

    As we are ‘united’ by our ‘moral’ humanity, whereas they divide us due to their moral~vacancy and sexual~predatory neuro~chemical addiction ‘and’ because they ‘hate’ their own ‘reflection,’ so they want to rid the world of those who can ‘see’ them as they truly are.

    p.s. Kindly don’t ‘personalise’ if I don’t reply, I won’t have seen it, as we get 1000’s of hate~mail on a regular basis and it’s impossible to sift~through, to look for the goodies. Kindly support Erol’s work and don’t fall~for black~and~white thinking, he’s truly Christlike and hilariously funny. E.g. When we used to field our mail we’d see the exact~same ‘solitary’ thought pattern, which is why Erol rechristened all psychopaths as being ‘unitards.’


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