AA “Scientist” Calls Mars Mission “White Colonialism”

AA SCIENTIST DANIELLE MOSS LEEJust take a look at this smug black buffoon, White people, enjoying her drive-in morning joe at her campus office (you can tell). This is the kind of black militant moron foisted upon us in the name of diversity — it’s little GD wonder America is no longer in space! [INCOG]


A silly Negress named Dr. Danielle N. Lee, who writes for Scientific American and has cleverly dubbed herself “the Urban Scientist,” has claimed that the plan to visit and eventually colonize Mars is a conspiracy of “white colonialism.”

Dr. Bananas has expressed her fear of the Red Planet turning White on Scientific American (yes, they allow this sort of thing there, apparently – to not engage and support the delusions of Negroes is a form of serious racism), as well as on her personal Twitter page.

In an article entitled “When discussing Humanity’s next move to space, the language we use matters,” the jungle BBW attacks Elon Musk, claiming his Mars plan does not use language which is inclusive enough for women and minorities.  “Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Ethics should be a critical part of these conversations about space science, discovery, exploration, and yes eventual travel and emigration,” she writes. “And when we look around and see a homogenous [sic] group of individuals discussing these issues – issues that command insane budgets, we should pause.”

On the face of it, this sounds like raving lunacy.  But it isn’t really.  She is, in fact, employing a type of logic.

This Negress understands on some instinctive level that the affirmative action programs which made her a “scientist” couldn’t possibly be used in a program to colonize Mars as everyone would end up dead. Thus, the fact that such a program would necessarily include only Whites and Asians, and probably almost all men, means that it must be racist.

And Whites and Asians doing something without involving Blacks, even if Blacks can’t and don’t want to be involved with it, can only be one thing: racism.


Here’s a screen capture of one of her tweets. Of course, she just loves Neil deGrasse Tyson for some reason. The black racist, White-hating creep is simply playing off the selfish black belief that money spent on outer space programs is best spent on precious blacks on earth — so blacks can play video games, drive around on fancy new rims and eat at Mickey D’s every minute. [INCOG]

DN LEE ON WHITE MALE PRIVILEGEHere’s another of her White man-hating Tweets. It’s not the Mars business she’s upset about, just that she’s milking the White man was a genocidal conqueror of POC (peeps of color). The woman is truly a black opportunist of today’s PC BS!

Here’s a video of the “Urban Scientist” from back in 2013 when she was called an “urban whore” for demanding money to cross-post on a science blog. [she was a HUGE whore, and her ridiculous public tantrum over it got the poor editor fired]


I remember once talking to a NASA engineer and he told me the place was completely ruined by black “Affirmative Action” hires, who sit on their fat black asses all day collecting government paychecks, while avoiding getting too involved with anything serious. Add insult to injury, management would elevate blacks over Whites every chance they got — often even using them as PR “front faces” on projects where White guys did the real work.

This Danielle N. Lee works as a Zoology professor and is obviously a militant black byatch. Researching the business over her not allowing her precious material to be used by Biology Online.ORG (who apologized profusely), I could see the black byatch publicly made a mountain out of a molehill, getting someone fired. I bet she loved hearing about that.

“Urban scientist,” my ass. More like your typical Affirmative Action angry black, who thinks her crap doesn’t stink, when it reeks to high heaven. The black byatch should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED from her university job for being racist (for saying “WHITE colonialism”).

Back during the Apollo space program, blacks raised cain about taxpayer’s money spent on such efforts. They wanted it lavished on black people in the GET-TOE. You see, that’s all these lousy spoiled brats have ever really cared about: BLACKS.

This multicult PC business is driving America right into the gutter!

This is a wacked video she herself created for the “GeekGirl” Con 2014, attempting to be “whimsical.” Right. It’s actually a pretty hilarious look at a militant black woman. She doesn’t include sound (other than dubbed scary movie background music), but she could be yapping away about any GD stupid thing blacks get torqued over since time immemorial. God help this country.

APOLLO 13 TEAMWHITE men once put a man on the moon, need I remind you? And White people have worked hard to include and help the black race now for decades and we still get PISSED IN THE FACE by the spoiled rotten, murderous blacks.

I have had quite enough of this BLACK BS!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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128 Responses to AA “Scientist” Calls Mars Mission “White Colonialism”

  1. MIKEY says:

    86-year-old woman with White skin slaughtered by the Jew-American government

    Trained by the Jew government and Jew media since they were 4 years old, Jew-loved black racists, Lakisha Atkinson Boyd and Eugene Williams.

    Currituck County, NC home where the White skin was struck in the forehead with a hammer, over and over, as she would not die.
    April 20, 2015.

  2. MIKEY says:


  3. MIKEY says:


  4. Bailey says:

    Jews in control , what could possibly go wrong?


  5. bubba says:

    Bailey says:
    April 21, 2015 at 7:59 am

    Holohoax show trial, the show must go on.


    Well, I think we are all guilty
    …we are part of the space time continuum, our basic humanity core is atoms, mostly carbon, thus all carbon atoms share a collective guilt…plus the butterfly wing effect in reverse gear , the fact I do have lampshades….Oh the horror…the horror

    I feel so guilty, I need to rehabilitate myself with another review of this sacred text.


  6. RED PILL says:

    Roseanne Barr Reveals She’s Going Blind
    and i thought all jews were blind, blind to the truth that is.
    but marijuana will make her better.
    ya right, roll em up, smoke em out, jewish yente
    Yente is a Yiddish female name which is used generically for an old gossip.
    (dried up cu*t)

  7. RED PILL says:

    Gay Oklahoma Sooners pole vaulter drives 553 miles to marry his husband.
    a pole vaulter ? or a fudge packer?
    every thing now has a new meaning, welcome the the new jew disorder.

  8. RED PILL says:

    can anybody believe this ?
    they just make this shit up.
    the comments are a sad state of denial of the truth.
    they prefer to believe the lie.

    Dachau in the First Days of the Holocaust
    To the early prisoners of the camps, a straight line to Auschwitz, or something like it, may have been discernible within a few months of Hitler’s assumption to power.
    by jew James Rosen

    i have only 5 days left of home internet service.
    i am sick of the B.S. that’s in our faces 24/7/365.
    memorial services for RED PILL will be held on 04/27/2015.

  9. Honestly, I do not see the point? If the Blacks want to go to Mars.. Let them….

    Hey, they can survive in a 0.004 bar CO2 atmosphere, surface temperatures varying from 0F to -200F, and no Ozone layer to filter out dangerous UV light and cosmic rays, right?

    It would also be the perfect place to send the Jews….

  10. But.. That would be dangerous for the Martian microbes… The Jews would introduce them to Usury and a debt based monetary system, and the microbes would want to send them packing as well within no time…

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    No, jews go to jewpiter mars is for niggers.

  12. Before our plane touched ground in Somalia, we were buckled in our seats. As the plane began to descend all the niggers on the plane unbuckled their seat belts, stood up and cheered, and screamed, Welcome to the mother land. Imagine white people all jumping up and down if we landed in London. Yeah, that nigger bitch in Somalia who said she wouldn’t dare shoot one black man jumping over the fense and into our compound should have been shot. This is treason, but nothing ever happens to them. And Somali blacks hate American niggers. A few decent Somalies spoke more with the white soldiers. They would look at the American niggers up and down and ask us, why do they act so stupid like that? Why do they walk with a limp? Are they injured? Ha! That was funny. In fact, a few of the decent Somolians spoke better English than the American niggers. Oh, one more thing: when we were in Somalia, we did not deliver food. That was a total lie. We hauled water and fuel to the Pakistani compounds. We were getting shot at all the time. That whole place was a cluster fuck, pardon my language. We were lied to.

  13. protocolsRtrue says:

    @NTS 2:12. See that’s what I’m talking about when I say we are being forced to pay for our own destruction. Working taxpayers pay for everything you seen in that video including the shrieking negress and even the sailfone taking the video.

  14. MIKEY says:


  15. MIKEY says:

    this is the kind of disclaimer people with White skin must post, when posting from DAILY KENN. COM


  16. bubba says:

    Northerntruthseeker says:
    April 21, 2015 at 2:12 pm
    Today’s brawl in Common Core America:

    Yeah…….. MIT grad school sure isn’t like it used to be..Muh Dogturate

  17. summerled says:

    Jewish money flooding Presidential campaign. Lindsey Graham jokes he will have “all-Jewish Cabinet.”
    April 21, 2015 at 9:36 am

    Commentary – A joke by Lindsey Graham to the extent that he expects so much Jewish money due to his shameless shilling for Israel that he will have to appoint an “all-Jewish cabinet” says so much about the state of politics in America. Some Jewish journalists in fact have voiced their discomfort with Graham’s jokes because it could open people’s eyes to the link between Jewish money, the appointment of Jewish officials, and pro-Israel policies, as the first article below indicates.

  18. protocolsRtrue says:

    See I don’t mind paying for my own kids. As a matter of fact I considered it my responsibility. But to be forced to pay for these uncivilized animals on top of my own offspring is insult to injury. They are just going to grow up to be burdens on society probably thug criminal niggers or maybe the assfirmative action diversity hired and promoted nigger up there and they will hate me anyway because I have white skin. After all we did to provide for them every essential of life for their entire existence plus some perks like free sailfones that I cannot even get myself! Have you ever seen a nigger bitch swipe her ebt card then thank the 70 year old white lady working the cash register? Have you ever seen a nigger bitch drop her niglets off at early pre-K or head start early head start then thank the people that work there for the free babysitting while they go get their hair weaved and nails painted? When a niglet rips out the screens from the doors and windows of her free public housing unit and she starts screaming and yelling and throwing a tantrum because the maintenance guy didn’t come fix it within 2 hours does she thank the maintenance guy for all the free (to her) work? Does a welfare nigger bitch with a free transit bus pass thank the bus driver when she hops on and sits in front and again when she gets off? All my point is I don’t mind helping people who are truly in need. But these perfectly able bodied niggers we are forced to support their entire miserable worthless lives are the ones who turn around and try to fuck us over any chance they get. I said it before will say it again they bite the hands that feed them. Call me racist I realized a long time ago in military and then in postal service that I was the one being discriminated against and I was the victim of racism far more than anytime I was racist which was zero. So now after all that and a few other things including a stint in jail under false charges I say to hell with it now they’re going to call me racist anyway no matter what I do so fuck it N-word jew word I don’t give a damn anymore fuck the pc bullshit. That nigger assfirmative action hired and promoted nasa scientist probably got a diversity scholarship to howard U. for free make the bitch pay back her taxpayer funded student loans that ought to shut her up if she can do the math with compounding interest. A negro brain is a terrible thing to waste united negro college fund. Tell that to the niggers in detroilet or Memphis or New Orleans or chimpcago they don’t seem to have any problem wasting negro brains every night.

  19. Karen says:

    Some scientists claim that earths White race are descendants of Martians who settled on earth when a cataclysm devastated Mars, recorded in the Vedas. Experiments have been done where people have been immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods and Whites circadian rhythms changed frequencies to 24 hours and 40 minutes which is the rotational period of Mars, whereas non-Whites circadian rhythms remained at 24 hours. Maybe those old White guys only want to go home.

  20. bubba says:

    summerled says:
    April 21, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    Re YOUTUBE video you posted “The Holocaust Debunked Once and For All”

    I finished seeing it yesterday

    It gets very interesting around 44:40 mark when Ernst Zundel interviews Dr. Russell Barton, one of the first British medics to arrive at Bergen Belsen May 2 1945


    Dr Barton said the Germans ceded the camp April 11, Brits came in April 15..no medics came in till 2 weeks later ?…..as 500 people were dying each day?

    The naked bodies are are attributed to the theft of clothing by surviving inmates.

    Food was improperly rationed…the greediest got their fill and left scraps

    I am no MD, but IMHO the Allies wanted these people to die..as when people are so emaciated they need a proper dietary protocol to recover…giving them normal food is literally toxic.

    I also noted most, if not all of the bodies I see seemed to have shaved heads…which implies they were still trying to save them from typhus up till the last days ?

    The MORE dead the better, so they could create the right propoganda psy-opp?!?
    They must have known via air surveillance the condition of the camps and that the situation was dire.

    Overall…Good interview, hadn’t seen that one before.

  21. Dave says:

    Africa and it’s inhabitants are the antithesis of the rest of the world moving on to better, greater things. While we wait for some insignificant tribe to stop sewing their virgin’s vaginas closed to prevent the inevitable rape that would happen had grandma not mutilated her grandchild’s body. The rest of the world must wait 50 generations until they “evolve”.

    Problem is, the rest of the world will be 50 generations ahead of them when that day comes…

  22. Dave says:

    BTW, in case you don’t know. Native sheboons do indeed sew their female children’s vaginas closed. Rape is a fact of life when you live amongst animals.

  23. Dave says:

    She does have a point though she doesn’t understand what it is.

    If we were to colonize Mars, the jew would follow us!

  24. kerdasi amaq says:

    @MIKEY NTS doesn’t need to post any disclaimers. He is a reliable and respected poster here.

  25. MIKEY says:


  26. MIKEY says:


  27. MIKEY says:


  28. MIKEY says:


  29. Eric says:

    ” If we were to colonize Mars, the jew would follow us!”

    Hopefully, via pRt’s space cannon..

  30. MIKEY says:


  31. Eric says:


  32. Eric says:

    The Fable Of The Ducks And The Hens


  33. Bailey says:

    Men who do not have their heads up their asses .
    As AOP would say , required reading !


  34. MIKEY says:


  35. protocolsRtrue says:

    I don’t know where you live at but I live in middle America and with fairly clear sky I see that the moon and the 2 brightest stars are nearly in alignment. No shit go out and look up I checked it twice. Now I’m not sure what that means maybe this is the dawning of the age of aquarius. Maybe ask that nigger assfirmative action diversity hire and promote nasa rocket scientist nigger she might know.

  36. Arch Stanton says:

    The problem is not space programs that are too white or Negroes to mars missions, the problem is government spending – ALL government spending. Most of the Federal dollar that goes to NASA’s research budget does so with the USAF standing close by in the shadows to benefit from the military technology and weapons development that is a large, unspoken, part of the American space program. For years the space shot boosters had “USAF” painted on their sides along with the “stars and bars”. Frankly I am of the “it never happened” camp. Hey! If they can get away with lying about the Hollowhoax, what’s hard to accept with lying about moon missions?

    America was beginning to sag in the mid to late sixties. The Jew’s youth “revolution” had split the country along racial lines. The white man was increasingly cowed and hobbled by government policies concerning minorities and this had all served to sap the productive strength from the WWII generation. Men watched nightly as the reds took over the world; Cuba had been the most recent domino and Vietnam was next. Worse, the Cuban debacle had led to within a hairsbreadth of nuclear war. The president had been assassinated and the Soviets were on the fast track to interplanetary space flight – at least that’s what Father Cronkite told us. What blue collar America needed right then to keep up production levels was a morale booster and the Soviet space program provided the perfect foil to present the country with the scientific form of a sports game. “Our team won! Were numba one! America is the greatest country in the whole goddamned world!” This was what America desperately needed to hear at that point, Ya boy! making it to the moon would put America firmly back in the number one spot in the minds of not only Americans, but the entire world.

    The first question that came to my young mind at the time was, “what about the radiation from the Van Allen Belt? This ten year old discovery was critical to the possibility of space travel anywhere out side of low orbit. Here, a web site is attempting to answer the question http://www.wwheaton.com/waw/mad/mad19.html. Here are some of the answers:

    (1) “The Apollo spacecraft passed through the Van Allen belt quite quickly, so that in the short time they were exposed, the astronauts did not receive a dose of radiation considered dangerous, at least not compared to the inevitable other risks in the mission. This is the straightforward, scientific answer. It is correct, to the best of my knowledge and belief.”

    Really? So it was just a little radiation and that was OK and the scientists had that down pat before the mission departed? NASA knew for fact that the astronauts could make it through the entire belt so fast they wouldn’t feel a thing? Or perhaps they were just shooting from the hip? Sound logical?

    (2) “It has to be possible to go to the Moon, because we, who are old enough, all saw them on TV; a million of us (me included, for Apollo 11) saw the actual launch; a few of us (me included, for Apollo 8) saw the Trans-Lunar Injection burn, from low-Earth orbit to trans-lunar trajectory in the dark sky over Hawaii; and how could anyone fake all that?! This is a simple common-sense answer. Also correct, I think.”

    Just like the photographs told the story about the Hollowhoax, didn’t they show that on television? And isn’t it common sense that evil, demonic, Jew-hating Nadzees would have a genocidal plan to exterminate all of European Jewry? Like a Hollowhoax revisionist agreeing to the fact concentration camps did exist and that deaths from Typhus occurred in those camps, I fully recognize there were manned missiles shot into space. Obviously such missions were launched, however these missions all involved low earth orbit trajectories. It is easy to shoot a missile into low earth orbit and then have it circle for awhile before bringing it back, The shuttle missions proved that, but these all occurred in low earth orbit trajectories, well below the Van Allen belt.

    (3) “There was a monstrous government conspiracy, and the whole thing was faked. I am part of that conspiracy, so you cannot trust my answer. I know for a fact this one is false — but how can you know that?!”

    (4) “There was a monstrous conspiracy, and the whole thing was faked. I was deceived too, so you cannot trust my answer. I am as sure as I think one can reasonably be about anything that this one is false, but of course how could I possibly be absolutely certain, in principle?”

    As with the hollowhoax, I say to hell with “trusting” anyone, show us some real evidence besides photographs and a couple of rocks that could have been picked up anywhere. And therein lies the base element of the big lie, create the lie in a manner that cannot readily be subjected to scientific scrutiny by neutral third parties.

    (5) “You can’t know anything for sure that you have not completely verified yourself, all you can do is take the word of people you trust. So who do you trust?”

    Oh, I can answer this one, trust your government, always take their word as the gospel truth, they would never, ever, lie to you – would they? I know Soviet citizens would have agreed 100% with this idea. Yeah this little session convinced me my question about the Van Allen belt was totally off base.

    However in the 1960s there was no answer for a question never asked. Not a peep was heard from any authoritative source, either about the belt or the problems it presented. I had learned about this problem just a few years before from a USAF training film shown to my grammar school class. Unusual, one might think, but not if you lived on an Air Force base and your father worked in the ICBM missile program. The official Air Force film stated quite clearly that the Van Allen belt was the number one obstacle facing humans attempting interplanetary flight. The shielding required to protect a living organism passing through the belt would make the space craft so heavy it would not be able to leave the ground. But all that was lost in the uproar of America’s space victory.

    Of course there are many other anomalies that call the moon missions into question. Americans could only base their beliefs on official NASA photos of the event, and like the mythical Hollowhoax, many of the details in the photos of the lunar landing simply don’t add up. One thing that does add up however, is the moon program fueled a huge increase in space based military technology along with advancing intelligence gathering and communications technologies. When one balances the idea of advancing military technology with the full support of the taxpayer along with boosting a very negative morale burdening American workers, versus some questionable photographs, it all adds up to yet another big lie.

    I know what you’re thinking how could the government possibly confabulate or hide something this big. Yeah? What about the Holocaust? The Katyn Forest massacre? Foreknowledge about Pearl Harbor? The September 11th attack on the trade towers? The pentagon strike? and in the 1960s, the SR-71 program? They did a pretty good job at hiding the facts about those events didn’t they? What’s more, the beauty of a moon landing hoax would be that no one would be expecting a hoax, after all what possible reason would there have been in 1969 to hoax a moon landing?

    In summary I say QUIT SPENDING! No more space programs! Quit financing the military and all its bullshit that now consumes either directly or indirectly around 75% of the phony GDP. Quit financing the socialist welfare state, with its Negro and Mexican parasites. Quit financing the Israeli/Jew parasites, but most of all, quit funding the ongoing wars that have decimated the American people and their economy. Someday Americans might indeed cross the Van Allen belt to go to Mars – but it will never actually happen until they get rid of the Jews.

  37. Eric says:

    I live 15979 km (says joogle) south from jew york shitty…
    Yeah,I want to keep heading south but the fuckers wont let me..

  38. protocolsRtrue says:

    You would love this one Arch Stanton. ” Secret Empire” by Philip Taubman. Early space program and space survielence and u2 programs and stuff. The very FIRST u2 flight was tracked by the Russians. They just did not have any way to shoot it down then. The early cameras and lenses and even developing the film and suits that the pilots needed to wear in the upper atmosphere. The early so called satellites to geographically map the earth and study weather were ALL nothing more than trying to figure out how to shoot up a nuclear bomb into space and make it land in a designated place somewhere else like Russia. The early space camera capsules was a boondoggle that never worked just to capture the capsules with the film was damn near impossible the capsule if the parachutes did employ there would have to be an air force plane close by to fly into the parachute ropes and scoop it up somewhere in the general area before it hit the ground or ocean. Fascinating book though 2 thumbs up for history geeks.

  39. LIttleberry says:

    Arch Stanton says:

    Me too. However, I do believe we sent unmanned, remotely controlled, command modules to orbit the moon and send back photographs of the lunar surface.

    How about you? What is your gut instinct?

  40. LIttleberry says:

    Arch Stanton says:

    (just fixing previous post)

  41. LIttleberry says:

    Arch Stanton says:

    Frankly I am of the “it never happened” camp

    (Having trouble getting the quote to take)

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Maybe that’s why the pentagon and cia call them ” Black” programs? Because money just seems to disappear into ” Black Holes” in space. Yesterday was all about the hubble telescope. Remember that billion dollars they sent into space then immediately determined the lens was not ground right so it was worthless unless the lens was replaced for another billion dollars? Or the mars missions to crash something into mars for no apparent reason. The greatest scam about nasa is that you have no way of telling if they are telling the truth or not. Nasa shows you a simulation of their pluto explorer taking pictures but how can I verify that it is true? Superman and transformer and x-men movies look more realistic then that. I think the irs hired nasa to make their star trek training film. What the fuck do we want to bring back from mars anyway. Don’t we have enough problems with niggers and jews and diseases and cancer here on Earth already? Why fuck with intergalactic space? What if one of our probes lands on a distant planet and those people are more advanced than we are? They look at this hunk of junk and say hey this was made in USA planet Earth they tried to bomb us let’s declare war and go kick their asses.

  43. Arch Stanton says:

    This video reminds me of something my father once mentioned at the time of these space walks. He told me that, absent gravity, a tethered object put in motion would continue on its trajectory until it rebounded off the attached object. The object, in this case an astronaut, would then bounce back to the end of its tether. Like a yo-yo, this action would continue repeatedly until a third force intervened to stop the motion. Furthermore, due to the magnitude of the forces involved, an astronaut would not be able to correct the action, therefore tethers were useless in space.

    He never elaborated further on the point and I never questioned what he said, but the thought created an odd disconnect in my mind between the televised images of the space walk and the physics mentioned by my father.

    As an Air Force officer, my father was never one of those nutty “conspiracy theorists”. He never put forth any doubt about the nature of the space program or its validity, so I find it curious that he would have made such a statement that most certainly emanated from his Air Force training for the space program.

  44. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    For years the space shot boosters had “USAF” painted on their sides along with the “stars and bars”.

    Stars and bars? I didn’t know that the Confederacy had a space program.

    The Stars and Bars is the flag on the left:………………………………………[111,179]


  45. Arch Stanton says:

    Take a look at any sixties photographs of military aircraft and you will see an emblem on the wings and fuselage consisting of a blue roundel with a white star in the center and two bars emanating from both sides of the roundel. The “bars” have blue borders with another red bar in the center of a white field. In the sixties this national insignia was referred to as the “stars and bars” by military personnel of that era. Then again maybe you are just having fun with the phrase.


  46. Arch Stanton says:

    Here’s a twist. Examining the wikipedia photograph, I found the lead aircraft had the national insignia painted on its nose! I have never seen the insignia in this position on military aircraft of that series and I was around quite a few of the “century series” fighters of that era. Then too, the lead aircraft has an entirely different registration grouping from the other three. Very unusual. It looks like the image was photo-shopped, but why in that manner?

  47. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    @Arch Stanton. I see what you mean. I remember seeing replays of space launches with that insignia on it too. I would never have thought to call it the stars and bars, though. The national flag of the Confederacy was called by that name too and they were there first.

    Like your handle. It’s from”The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, isn’t it? I love that film; it’ one of my favourites. I really like the bath scene; that line is one of the classics of the film world.


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