AA “Scientist” Calls Mars Mission “White Colonialism”

AA SCIENTIST DANIELLE MOSS LEEJust take a look at this smug black buffoon, White people, enjoying her drive-in morning joe at her campus office (you can tell). This is the kind of black militant moron foisted upon us in the name of diversity — it’s little GD wonder America is no longer in space! [INCOG]


A silly Negress named Dr. Danielle N. Lee, who writes for Scientific American and has cleverly dubbed herself “the Urban Scientist,” has claimed that the plan to visit and eventually colonize Mars is a conspiracy of “white colonialism.”

Dr. Bananas has expressed her fear of the Red Planet turning White on Scientific American (yes, they allow this sort of thing there, apparently – to not engage and support the delusions of Negroes is a form of serious racism), as well as on her personal Twitter page.

In an article entitled “When discussing Humanity’s next move to space, the language we use matters,” the jungle BBW attacks Elon Musk, claiming his Mars plan does not use language which is inclusive enough for women and minorities.  “Diversity, Inclusion, Access and Ethics should be a critical part of these conversations about space science, discovery, exploration, and yes eventual travel and emigration,” she writes. “And when we look around and see a homogenous [sic] group of individuals discussing these issues – issues that command insane budgets, we should pause.”

On the face of it, this sounds like raving lunacy.  But it isn’t really.  She is, in fact, employing a type of logic.

This Negress understands on some instinctive level that the affirmative action programs which made her a “scientist” couldn’t possibly be used in a program to colonize Mars as everyone would end up dead. Thus, the fact that such a program would necessarily include only Whites and Asians, and probably almost all men, means that it must be racist.

And Whites and Asians doing something without involving Blacks, even if Blacks can’t and don’t want to be involved with it, can only be one thing: racism.


Here’s a screen capture of one of her tweets. Of course, she just loves Neil deGrasse Tyson for some reason. The black racist, White-hating creep is simply playing off the selfish black belief that money spent on outer space programs is best spent on precious blacks on earth — so blacks can play video games, drive around on fancy new rims and eat at Mickey D’s every minute. [INCOG]

DN LEE ON WHITE MALE PRIVILEGEHere’s another of her White man-hating Tweets. It’s not the Mars business she’s upset about, just that she’s milking the White man was a genocidal conqueror of POC (peeps of color). The woman is truly a black opportunist of today’s PC BS!

Here’s a video of the “Urban Scientist” from back in 2013 when she was called an “urban whore” for demanding money to cross-post on a science blog. [she was a HUGE whore, and her ridiculous public tantrum over it got the poor editor fired]


I remember once talking to a NASA engineer and he told me the place was completely ruined by black “Affirmative Action” hires, who sit on their fat black asses all day collecting government paychecks, while avoiding getting too involved with anything serious. Add insult to injury, management would elevate blacks over Whites every chance they got — often even using them as PR “front faces” on projects where White guys did the real work.

This Danielle N. Lee works as a Zoology professor and is obviously a militant black byatch. Researching the business over her not allowing her precious material to be used by Biology Online.ORG (who apologized profusely), I could see the black byatch publicly made a mountain out of a molehill, getting someone fired. I bet she loved hearing about that.

“Urban scientist,” my ass. More like your typical Affirmative Action angry black, who thinks her crap doesn’t stink, when it reeks to high heaven. The black byatch should be IMMEDIATELY FIRED from her university job for being racist (for saying “WHITE colonialism”).

Back during the Apollo space program, blacks raised cain about taxpayer’s money spent on such efforts. They wanted it lavished on black people in the GET-TOE. You see, that’s all these lousy spoiled brats have ever really cared about: BLACKS.

This multicult PC business is driving America right into the gutter!

This is a wacked video she herself created for the “GeekGirl” Con 2014, attempting to be “whimsical.” Right. It’s actually a pretty hilarious look at a militant black woman. She doesn’t include sound (other than dubbed scary movie background music), but she could be yapping away about any GD stupid thing blacks get torqued over since time immemorial. God help this country.

APOLLO 13 TEAMWHITE men once put a man on the moon, need I remind you? And White people have worked hard to include and help the black race now for decades and we still get PISSED IN THE FACE by the spoiled rotten, murderous blacks.

I have had quite enough of this BLACK BS!

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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128 Responses to AA “Scientist” Calls Mars Mission “White Colonialism”

  1. LIttleberry says:

    Arch Stanton says:

    Frankly I am of the “it never happened” camp

    (Having trouble getting the quote to take)

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    Maybe that’s why the pentagon and cia call them ” Black” programs? Because money just seems to disappear into ” Black Holes” in space. Yesterday was all about the hubble telescope. Remember that billion dollars they sent into space then immediately determined the lens was not ground right so it was worthless unless the lens was replaced for another billion dollars? Or the mars missions to crash something into mars for no apparent reason. The greatest scam about nasa is that you have no way of telling if they are telling the truth or not. Nasa shows you a simulation of their pluto explorer taking pictures but how can I verify that it is true? Superman and transformer and x-men movies look more realistic then that. I think the irs hired nasa to make their star trek training film. What the fuck do we want to bring back from mars anyway. Don’t we have enough problems with niggers and jews and diseases and cancer here on Earth already? Why fuck with intergalactic space? What if one of our probes lands on a distant planet and those people are more advanced than we are? They look at this hunk of junk and say hey this was made in USA planet Earth they tried to bomb us let’s declare war and go kick their asses.

  3. Arch Stanton says:

    This video reminds me of something my father once mentioned at the time of these space walks. He told me that, absent gravity, a tethered object put in motion would continue on its trajectory until it rebounded off the attached object. The object, in this case an astronaut, would then bounce back to the end of its tether. Like a yo-yo, this action would continue repeatedly until a third force intervened to stop the motion. Furthermore, due to the magnitude of the forces involved, an astronaut would not be able to correct the action, therefore tethers were useless in space.

    He never elaborated further on the point and I never questioned what he said, but the thought created an odd disconnect in my mind between the televised images of the space walk and the physics mentioned by my father.

    As an Air Force officer, my father was never one of those nutty “conspiracy theorists”. He never put forth any doubt about the nature of the space program or its validity, so I find it curious that he would have made such a statement that most certainly emanated from his Air Force training for the space program.

  4. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    For years the space shot boosters had “USAF” painted on their sides along with the “stars and bars”.

    Stars and bars? I didn’t know that the Confederacy had a space program.

    The Stars and Bars is the flag on the left:………………………………………[111,179]

  5. Arch Stanton says:

    Take a look at any sixties photographs of military aircraft and you will see an emblem on the wings and fuselage consisting of a blue roundel with a white star in the center and two bars emanating from both sides of the roundel. The “bars” have blue borders with another red bar in the center of a white field. In the sixties this national insignia was referred to as the “stars and bars” by military personnel of that era. Then again maybe you are just having fun with the phrase.


  6. Arch Stanton says:

    Here’s a twist. Examining the wikipedia photograph, I found the lead aircraft had the national insignia painted on its nose! I have never seen the insignia in this position on military aircraft of that series and I was around quite a few of the “century series” fighters of that era. Then too, the lead aircraft has an entirely different registration grouping from the other three. Very unusual. It looks like the image was photo-shopped, but why in that manner?

  7. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    @Arch Stanton. I see what you mean. I remember seeing replays of space launches with that insignia on it too. I would never have thought to call it the stars and bars, though. The national flag of the Confederacy was called by that name too and they were there first.

    Like your handle. It’s from”The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”, isn’t it? I love that film; it’ one of my favourites. I really like the bath scene; that line is one of the classics of the film world.


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