Black Baltimore Apes Now Chimping-out Like Crazy


Once again the violent, criminal and animalistic black race shows it’s true colors. Right at this very moment, they are attacking police in the streets of Baltimore. A black racist crime gang called the “Black Guerilla Family” (a violent criminal Maryland gang who claim leadership of the rest), plus the usual Crips and the Bloods have all openly issued threats to shoot White cops dead at will.

All afternoon, blacks have been throwing bottles, rocks and bricks at the cops. They have already trashed several police vehicles. It’s practically a war zone. Believe me: It’s only a matter of time before they start shooting, looting and burning later tonight — maybe by the time I put this up on the Internet!

This all started over a black criminal punk named Freddie Gray, arrested in Baltimore a week or two ago, who got his spine broken and died. No real idea what happened, quite probably he chimped out inside a police van while it was moving and got stomped on by cops who just plain had enough of his black BS. Now the apes are aping out royally.

Over the weekend, the black mayor byatch ordered cops to keep from inhibiting any demonstrations and actually said to give them space to destroy things. She basically sanctioned your typical black behavior to break out. Indeed, criminal blacks on the streets immediately took full GD advantage, attacking any nearby random Whites and busting up businesses like restaurants and bars (quote below).

“I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters we able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on. We also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

This stupid black byatch needs to recalled from office. No doubt at all. Maybe even arrested for incitement.

A major league baseball game at Camden Yards was turned into a temporary prison for White fans, when they locked it up to keep them from leaving, since it was just too dangerous with all the black thugs on the outside actually in wait to beat them up as they left. They also had to close down a shopping mall.

This is what the filthy Jewish media and idiot White liberals have done to America. Turned this ugly ape-like race into real-life militant monsters with all their anti-White movies, Trayvon Martin BS and Ferguson race-baiting etc., etc.

Blacks are a criminal, violent race. This is just par for the course with this wacked bunch. Blacks literally look for any opportunity like this to have some fun.

Yep, blacks put out today a “Internet MEME” or flyer, saying “WE GOING TO PURGE,”  referring to a Jew Hollywood movie with a Sci-Fi plot; where a futuristic America has a single night of mayhem and murder every year, free from arrest (with plenty of subtle references to an evil White conservative government who took over). Of course, a White-victimized black guy in the movie becomes the big hero, saving the brave White woman heroine at the end, after evil White neighbors and crazy White criminal punks kill her self-centered White husband.

Looks like a real PURGE just might happen tonight in Baltimore for real!

Blacks are now looting. Surprise, surprise. They can be seen on TV running out of a CVS pharmacy — certainly getting their hands on drugs to further more crazed behavior. Once looting starts happening, blacks will soon descend from all over. Can’t be missing the opportunity to get free stuff!

UPDATES WILL BE ADDED HERE AS EVENTS OCCUR. Feel free to comment in real-time on what you saw or heard below.

Baltimore compilation video. At 5:50 you see large scale attacks on Whites.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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131 Responses to Black Baltimore Apes Now Chimping-out Like Crazy

  1. sog says:

    they are pissed cus some other worthless ape got offed and they realize they are worthless to and think it could happen to them ? what is their motiive if they dint know the ape ..they dont even give a shitabout each other anyway and kill each other every year to toon of 8000 or more …so they really got solidarity right .? ….i saw a video of a chimp funeral at a fast food rest a while back ..all the niggers met their woithout permission and so do you think they spent any money while they cloged the place up ..and so some liberal asshole camera crew came around filming and the niggers went wild on them and they were (lol) just trying to have sympathy for a worthless assmonkey made good ..they got a beat down and probably thoiught they deserved it …liberals are the problem inn spades also …niggers live to chimpout and they chimpout to live …bad nigger no bannanna …..
    how would you like to be driving thru that nigger racist morass and all of a sudden have feral pavement apes start bashing your windows in and apesaulting your family …not nice at all ..if there ever was a time to shoot savages this would be it not spare the ammo especially the cheap chinese shit ..let it fly and dont worry about hitting innocent niggers cus there arent any in thet sitch …then drive the eff outta there ….
    the balltuhmo nigra mayor whore is the reasaon the nigger riot occurred ..ass holder and barakroach are culpable in all sorts of misery and mayhem from murder to mass insurrection and this is for the good of america …sure and furious aka the arming of americas enemy ,namely the sinaloa satanic drug cartel and the ensuing murders from this specious crime ..the govt forces gun shop owners to sell them weapons for which they were probably never paid but then later the communist interin installed junta of obama and communists et al tryied to endight the gun shop owners for illegal sales of weapons ..i dont think it applied for the mere fact #1 that they probably never got paid so in essence the communist govt of america stole the weaopons via fraud and then transported them to known gangsters across state lines …
    no one has the real authority anymore to arrest the malingering commutards /moslims in the white house and govt body ..the body politic is completely thouroughly corrupt and infected by jewish subversion …

  2. sog says:

    the niggers killed 67 people during the rotnee king verdict riot ….they murdered white people based onn what some dumb pcp saturated monkey was aperehended for …
    “………..The 1992 Los Angeles riots, also known as the Rodney King riots, the South Central riots, the 1992 Los Angeles civil disturbance, 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest, and the Los Angeles uprising were a series of riots, lootings, arsons and civil disturbance that occurred in Los Angeles County, California in 1992, following the acquittal of police officers on trial regarding a videotaped and widely covered police brutality incident. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the 1960s ….in LA then also..

    The riot started in South Central Los Angeles and then spread out into other areas over a SIX DAY period within the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California, beginning in April 1992. The riots started on April 29 after a trial jury acquitted four Los Angeles Police Department officers of assault and use of excessive force. The mostly white officers were videotaped beating Rodney King following a high-speed police pursuit. Thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area in Los Angeles rioted over six days following the announcement of the verdict…………..

    Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred during the riots, and estimates of property damage was over $1 billion. The rioting ended after soldiers from the California Army National Guard, the 7th Infantry Division, and Marines from 1st Marine Division were called in to stop the rioting when the local police could not handle the situation. In total, 53 people were killed during the riots and over 2,000 people were injured……….
    so king was the only one who got tuned up and the other 2 passengers were peacefully placed into another patrol car so why was king “singled out ” ….the video that was shown was only shown to where he was geting hit but he was resiting aperest prior …same shit aboiut the so called civil right freedom marches that always erupted into violence during the 60,s and the media placing the blame on cops ..vids of the riots show cops trying to defend themselves against sons of mlk …—Watts-Riots–Erupt-in-Los-Angeles.html
    the article is very niggeral ..liberal infused with bits of truth …truth is niggers dint want to live near whites anyway and they drive drunk and they dont want to be accountable for their crimes ..most of em are sociopaths with anti social disorder and anti white disorder ….so the drunk apes mammy comes down and scolds the boy and all the shiftless bootlips standing around start rioting ..situationn normal all fucked up …niggers belong in africa
    but during this riot the nat gaurd was allowed to soot the miscreants and they still kept rioting …whos gonna save civilization and protect white race from tan savages …it fals to each individual at this point especially if internet goes to smoke ….niggers have a long history ofrioting and mayhem and it goes all the wya bcak to africa where the evolutionary dead end alien dna momboosooz jitterbug jenkem huffing dead beats come from ..they were worthleess there as well as anywhere they might tumble out to .
    .mr wizzard says we aint seen shit yet ,just wait till the ebt cards dont compute anymore ..hmmm insufficient interest or funds …
    white middle cleas has always been tasked with the burden of supporting the worthless nigger just like our sister countries in europe now tanks to the jew trash over there inciting their talmudic rabinnical jibberish thers an infrastructure worthy of study and observation …yeppers …

  3. sog says:

    so typical nigger behaviour includes but not limited to widespread looting ,home invasion ,rape ,murder,mayhem ,pimping ,drug dealing ,general malingering and violence and racist hatred of all colores not black …the nigger is a virus on the face of the earth ..
    its no wonder the jews love to use the niggers to create national decay and is interesting how niggers cant see how much jews hate them and all non jews as well …funny how niggers are attracgted to islam when it was islamic slave traders that first started to transport african niggers to all parts of the globe many hundreds of years ago …needles to say that african tribal tensions and strife created the internal african practice of slaveery among the tribes who captured other brillo heads and ate them and sexslaved em and traded them around …maritania ouylwed black on black slavery back around 2004 or so ,,liberia was the repatriation location ofr stuupid nigros and the first thing they did was to create slaves for themselves ..same deal in american colonies where 1/2 of the slave owners were niggers owning slaves …real shocker there …never mind white slavery but the truth is 2/3 of the incoming white faces into the colonies were white indentured slaves and into carribean and west indies and austrailia ….whites were wiped out in ireland in the 1500’s when british snobs led by kikes went and murdered 700,000 irish and took 300,000 as slaves and then later in the 1800’s(Britain’s cover-up of its 1845-1850 holocaust in Ireland is one of the most successful Big Lies in all of history as it is rewritten as a famine ) it was a forced famine …niggers are not the only ones to suffer and im thinking niggers have not really suffered yet anyway is just victimology like the jewish smokescreen bs …..

  4. sog says:

    so with the heightened terror factor against police in balltuhmo and elsewheres doesnt it stand to reason that now police will definitwly fire on niggers more than ever wher they see a nigger reach for his wallet but that wallet may really belong to the guy the white guy the nigger just muggeed ….shoot all hoody niggers on site ..
    these terror nigger gangs then are to blame for police over reaction in the future and it is arbitrary whether there can be an over reaction to a nigger …any sane person would shoot first and spit on the dead nigger later anyway …its their war ,they started it agaisnt us on the orderes of internal jews …

  5. silvernickel says:

    Pizza delivery boy in Louisville can’t escape Detoilet. Seriously stabbed by random negroid at a bus stop Sunday afternoon.

  6. whelkcollector says:

    It’s great to be able to access Incogman’s site again. I was blocked out for months on every browser possible. Also great to see the same committed people still holding the fort. It’s great to be back.

    Baltimore; NATURAL chimping out, TTTP; Jew free trade; Holohoax; we must debunk this BS.

  7. whelkcollector says:

    Just a couple of sketches you might like.

    Women- Know your Limits:

    Life in 1990-

  8. Whelkcollector says:

    Guys/girls please use the Tor browser. it will make you anonymous to NSA/GCHQ.

    It works by re-routing your web access via 3-4 worldwide servers and is virtually untraceable. Go here to download- I’ve made it my default browser and it works.

    I am not saying that the intelligence forces are on to all of us, I’m just saying don’t underestimate the enemy. Keep hidden from them. They can’t stand it.

    Download Tor and use it as your default browser.

    White national socialism

  9. NativeApacheWoman says:

    Niggers are not Human , we Indian Native peoples would never lick the feets clean to people of the world like those dumb Niggroes , even us Natives owned Niggers if only for using them as Footstools and Feetcleaners …. NIGGERS ARE THE SLAVES OF THE HUMANRACE LICK OUR FEETS OR DIE APES NIGGROES SUCK ON MY BIG FAT TOE

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