Black Baltimore Apes Now Chimping-out Like Crazy


Once again the violent, criminal and animalistic black race shows it’s true colors. Right at this very moment, they are attacking police in the streets of Baltimore. A black racist crime gang called the “Black Guerilla Family” (a violent criminal Maryland gang who claim leadership of the rest), plus the usual Crips and the Bloods have all openly issued threats to shoot White cops dead at will.

All afternoon, blacks have been throwing bottles, rocks and bricks at the cops. They have already trashed several police vehicles. It’s practically a war zone. Believe me: It’s only a matter of time before they start shooting, looting and burning later tonight — maybe by the time I put this up on the Internet!

This all started over a black criminal punk named Freddie Gray, arrested in Baltimore a week or two ago, who got his spine broken and died. No real idea what happened, quite probably he chimped out inside a police van while it was moving and got stomped on by cops who just plain had enough of his black BS. Now the apes are aping out royally.

Over the weekend, the black mayor byatch ordered cops to keep from inhibiting any demonstrations and actually said to give them space to destroy things. She basically sanctioned your typical black behavior to break out. Indeed, criminal blacks on the streets immediately took full GD advantage, attacking any nearby random Whites and busting up businesses like restaurants and bars (quote below).

“I worked with the police and instructed them to do everything that they could to make sure that the protesters we able to exercise their right to free speech. It’s a very delicate balancing act. Because while we try to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that were going on. We also gave those who wished to destroy, space to do that as well.

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake

This stupid black byatch needs to recalled from office. No doubt at all. Maybe even arrested for incitement.

A major league baseball game at Camden Yards was turned into a temporary prison for White fans, when they locked it up to keep them from leaving, since it was just too dangerous with all the black thugs on the outside actually in wait to beat them up as they left. They also had to close down a shopping mall.

This is what the filthy Jewish media and idiot White liberals have done to America. Turned this ugly ape-like race into real-life militant monsters with all their anti-White movies, Trayvon Martin BS and Ferguson race-baiting etc., etc.

Blacks are a criminal, violent race. This is just par for the course with this wacked bunch. Blacks literally look for any opportunity like this to have some fun.

Yep, blacks put out today a “Internet MEME” or flyer, saying “WE GOING TO PURGE,”  referring to a Jew Hollywood movie with a Sci-Fi plot; where a futuristic America has a single night of mayhem and murder every year, free from arrest (with plenty of subtle references to an evil White conservative government who took over). Of course, a White-victimized black guy in the movie becomes the big hero, saving the brave White woman heroine at the end, after evil White neighbors and crazy White criminal punks kill her self-centered White husband.

Looks like a real PURGE just might happen tonight in Baltimore for real!

Blacks are now looting. Surprise, surprise. They can be seen on TV running out of a CVS pharmacy — certainly getting their hands on drugs to further more crazed behavior. Once looting starts happening, blacks will soon descend from all over. Can’t be missing the opportunity to get free stuff!

UPDATES WILL BE ADDED HERE AS EVENTS OCCUR. Feel free to comment in real-time on what you saw or heard below.

Baltimore compilation video. At 5:50 you see large scale attacks on Whites.


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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131 Responses to Black Baltimore Apes Now Chimping-out Like Crazy

  1. bubba says:

    Hoff says:
    April 28, 2015 at 7:20 pm


    To claim that jew banker financed Hitler is not a lie. And if jews supported Hitler, why don’t they tell that on Hitlery Channel? And what more do the Jews lie about?

    Nobody is going to read the book and prove you wrong. Jew banker financed Hitler.


    OK…so…what does this “irrefutable” claim you make change where we are now and what we should do ?

  2. ProudSouthernGirl says:

    Damn apes. Hate ’em. And I was taught not to hate people. That’s the key right there – they are NOT people. I almost never look at news programs any more. The leadoff story was about some chimp getting murdered. I happened to turn on a morning show to look at the local weather. I swear, there must have been three or four stories of nig shootings from overnight. Looking on the bright side, at least it’s less nigs to reproduce.

    I do my damndest to get away from them. Doesn’t seem to matter where one lives. They ALL are pulling the nigger attitude to its fullest and most obnoxious level yet.

    We went into a truck stop gas station last night and while we rarely eat fast food burgers, we almost bought food from the place that has a red haired girl on their logo. Damn if they didn’t have a poster for shit from this new abomination of a movie about the Little Orphan Nigger. Obviously they didn’t get my money.

    I am still crying over the loss of those five beautiful white girls from Georgia Southern. Why couldn’t it have been ten or more coons?

    Okay, I feel better. Needed to vent. Damn coons.

  3. Excreshio Williams says:

    What a proud day for American negritude. Career criminal and lifetime fuck-up Freddy Gray gets his black ass killed dead while in police custody. Who knows what came out Freddy’s big mouth and what efforts he made in resisting the cops trying to herd his dumb ass around.

    Then we have Ha Skoo spooks with warm clothes, cell phones, and two-hundred dollar sneakers looting, burning, and trashing everything in sight.

    Community Leaders like Mayor Keesha Sheesha-Buneesha did worse than nothing. She wanted to see a riot so she told the cops to do nothing and prevent nothing destructive.

    Good job, niggaz. You proved the worst stereotypes about you proved correct again.

  4. Excreshio Williams says:

    What a proud day for American negritude. Career criminal and lifetime fuck-up Freddy Gray gets his black ass killed dead while in police custody. Who knows what came out Freddy’s big mouth and what efforts he made in resisting the cops trying to herd his dumb ass around.

    Then we have Ha Skoo spooks with warm clothes, cell phones, and two-hundred dollar sneakers looting, burning, and trashing everything in sight.

    Community Leaders like Mayor Keesha Sheesha-Buneesha did worse than nothing. She wanted to see a riot so she told the cops to do nothing and prevent nothing destructive.

    Good job, niggaz. You proved the worst stereotypes about you correct again.

  5. kenny kircher says:

    THE most vile,worthless,useless unwanted creatures the earth has ever vomited them white brothers and show them good

  6. I wish all European-Americans, White people, would unite once and for all do to these Sub-humans what we had to do to the Native Americans 140 years ago. We need to give these savages a war that they can never recover from. Our ancestors created this once great nation that is going to crap. We need to unite fast or it won’t be a country any more. We won’t exist as a race or people any more either.

  7. Jesse says:

    Low IQ + low impulse control = TNB. Primitive , unevolved sub humans. Looks like chimps running rampant, jumping on cars and stealing anything they can , really does remind me of a bunch of chimps . Can almost hear the noise of chimpanzees in the jungle watching that. At least they are showing the world the negroes true nature, hope they destroy their own neighborhoods. They r certainly stupid enough to do it

  8. NinjaJohn says:

    Actually, I believe it’s wrong to compare blacks to chimps, monkeys, and apes because it’s insulting to chimps, monkeys, and apes. Chimps, monkeys, and apes commit far fewer crimes than the common groid. It’s science.

  9. Jesse says:

    To David. I have to add that the native Americans coulda wiped us out as soon as we got off the boats. However instead of a massacre, they gave us meat and taught us how to survive the harsh North anerican winters, and we gave them poison, disease and near genocide in return. All I’m saying is we should have respect for our hosts , as should the niggers, respect the cities the whites once made great (Detroit , Chicago etc..) and Instead of complaining about slavery , they should appreciate the free ticket to the states and getting the hell outta whatever shithole they descended from. Anyways a little off topic but I believe we should respect our hosts is all

  10. Jesse says:

    I agree ninja John. Chimp/ apes/ orangautangs r far more civilized. At least they can communicate proper English , even if it’s sign lol

  11. allovertheplace says:

    Niggers and jews. Jews = niggers = a major problem. Jews = 666 = 9/11 = usury = your debt to jews. Jews = killed Kennedy. Niggers = pay for me to rob and rape you so that niggers can have food, shelter, heat, children and pleasure. White man: sacrifice food, shelter, heat, children, dignity of yourself and your family for the niggers. Kikes = sacrifice food, shelter, heat, children, dignity for the kikes. You’re living in a huge lie white people. A HUGE lie. Wake the fuck up. Borrowing money from thin air from yourselves to pay the jews to pay niggers to rape your daughter – when is the cost too high? Wake the fuck up white people. The jews are saying you have to pay for the inferior because at first your ancestors maintained a normal relationship with the inferior. Then, as now, did they really want them around? No, the jews pushed the niggers in. An exact parallel is the Mexicans coming across the border to work jobs “Americans don’t want.” Well, Americans have to make a high income, or they will be living near degenerate African niggers who will rape them, steal from them and otherwise brutilize them from their littered dens. Even though the jews have completely used the niggers and WE’RE the instigators and financiers of slavery, the niggers “is” too stupid to ever comprehend. So, the niggers = the jews. THERE, we have ONE problem. Simple.

  12. bubba says:

    Having a shitty(Kike Jew indoctrination redundant) day???

    …time for a KikenJudenVerminLampshadeGassing booster shot !!!

  13. Frederick says:

    Last topic and now Baltimore, Mr. Incogman you sure know how to expose those dirty criminal blacks! I’ve been back from my trip and wished I could comment but was way too angry, how these nation wrecker jews getting easy nigg recruits to do their dirty work its almost fictional, now I believe the ‘Planet of the Apes is coming true!’
    Thx for Mr. Bubba and Mr.Hoff about the Hitler information, as I’m not too familiar with this history and the jew has perverted good historical facts, of this individual its difficult to know from my sources what is correct.
    All I know for sure is Hitler was NO friend of the Christian as like me.
    Biblical Values — or Vegas Values?
    Tuesday – April 28, 2015 at 12:01 am
    “Is the triumph of Vegas values over Biblical values inevitable?” – Mr Smithrines really thx for that.

    I got to admit that many Christians or so-called that I know in some of these organized Christian Churches are really sucking onto the jew in many ways!

    You make efforts to warn them about the fake jews the fake hoax holocaust, truth 9/11 or any MSM, government jew kissing and they write you off their friend list. It’s really easier to discuss this stuff with a Muslim, it so sickening.
    The church buildings we see every day, 99.9% are jew suckers because they are NOT reading their Bibles!
    Myself & wife are having a difficult time finding a Church the teaches ‘Biblical values’ in our local area. Just makes me angry how these so-called Christian leaders are preaching this jew crap positively, I don’t get it.
    One pissy pastor said you shouldn’t be talking about blacks that way.


  14. INCOG MAN says:

    Massive police and National Guard presence — still some wilding apes out even though a curfew is in effect.

    144 cars torched, 15 building burned, widespread looting.

    Imagine the millions of dollars down the drain.

    Traitorous news media is going over time with black talking heads trying to excuse their behavior.

    Making her out like she was a big hero, the media is continuously running a clip of a sheboon (mother of 6, no husband), smacking around her hoodie chillun last night for taking part. What? One single ape mother out of thousands? Please.

  15. gman says:


    I salute you on your astute observations on that nigger mammy smacking her dark spawn around for being in the riots. That is just a classic jewish psyop designed to put the white sheeple back to sleep concerning nigger behavior in Baltimore. You are all over it as I would expect! Excellent catch there! As you so accurately said, “What? One ape mother out of thousands? Please.”. That pretty much sums it up. Memo to GD filthy jews: We are not all fooled by your continual BS “news”. We will be coming for you jews soon enough and we will show no mercy! Mark it down!

  16. INCOG MAN says:

    Looks like some Whites were also shot. Media is in full censor mode:

  17. INCOG MAN says:

    Unbelievable, gman, the total BS out of the media.

    Folks, I promise you I’ll be in the front ranks when we raid these media studios and round up those lying rats.

  18. American born says:

    The overtime pay for the police out there must be astronomical. There are SWAT teams from all over the region in Baltimore.

  19. INCOG MAN says:

    It’s got to be in the millions, not even including the property damages (insurance rates go up for all of us).

    The black race is totally a millstone around America’s neck!

  20. Frederick says:

    Brave white gonna chop some hands off them apes tonite!


  21. Bailey says:

    5 shot in Baltimore ?

    Well , if they’re black , Good !
    If they’re white , it serves them right for running with niggers.
    It’s not like anyone was on their way to work or back unless they were totally stupid, or cops ?

    Don’t forget the spics incog man, in a few more years they’ll be just as bad as niggers if not worse. If our people ever wake up we can solve these problems in a matter of weeks , a month at the most.

    Gotta’ love this ,

    Memo to GD filthy jews: We are not all fooled by your continual BS “news”. We will be coming for you jews soon enough and we will show no mercy! Mark it down!

    So anyway , I was reading some jewberish today and wouldn’t you know it , they found a way to blame the white man for Baltimore’s failures.
    It’s all because of white flight when the jobs -> “disappeared” <- . Don't blame the jews who disappeared the fuckin' jobs , blame those who picked their asses up and went to where the jobs are while the global kikes found cheaper slaves in some third world shithole and in the 21st century amerikwa the Africans new natural habitat's are our now crumbling cities while working folks never actually stop moving.

  22. JustAGuy says:

    I think this guy makes a whole lot of sense

  23. Bailey says:

    Excellent link Fredrick,

    Real inspirational , we can do this !

    I don’t talk much here about church but i’ll tell you this.

    Not long ago I was talking to a co-worker , an older gentleman who should know better. He told me that his church says we should pray for Israel and it’s jews.

    That’s like praying for cancer.

    I think that getting back to church would be good for me but I doubt I can find one that doesn’t spew such filth.

  24. Marc C. Daniele says:

    What can you tell me about the information in this article?
    “Freddy Gray Had Spine Surgery Just One Week Before Arrest”

    From what I understand, this is a former/current NYPD “rant” page. If true, could be big!

  25. John Taurus says:

    Whites will be forced to move en masse to a pre-designated coastal area and take over the governments there by sheer numbers. We can then vote to secede from the United States and establish our own White nation. Population thinning and race war is coming. The Jews are mentally prepping the Blacks to blame the White man when their EBT card no longer works. We must also prepare and plan on what area of the country to take over that will most benefit us. Whites also need to get a concealed carry permit and start carrying…..sooner or later you will need your weapon.

  26. Bailey says:

    The Baltimore Orioles will play todays game in an empty stadium due to safety concerns.
    “Minor” chimp outs in Ferguson in support of Baltimore, two shot.

  27. Karen says:

    It’s the 60’s all over again. Race riots, a new cold war, trapped in unwinnable wars on the other end of the planet. The only thing missing is good music.

  28. protocolsRtrue says:

    Today in history. Another perfectly innocent nigger gets his ass beat resisting aperest. All he didn’t do nuffin’ was endanger the lives of 100’s of innocent motorists on the highway and the lives of the police officers he was running away from because he didn’t want to go back to the cage. After winning the nigger lottery payout he bought a nice house with an inground swimming pool. That’s where they found him. Jew media is always looking for the next Rodney King hero of the black race. Jews can never let an opportunity to stir up shit and cause problems go to waste.

  29. Bailey says:

    @ Marc, that is an interesting development.
    The fact that there’s nothing like that being reported in the jew media makes it very believable, we’ll have to wait for the Baltimore Police to report the findings of an internal investigation to confirm that but from where I sit I’d put money on it.
    Right now though, the niggers and the white liberal scum really believe this jigaboos spine was severed at the hands of a human or maybe the officer in back of the paddy wagon with the din’ do nuffin’ nigger was the Incredible Hulk.

    Jew news is now reporting that the over night curfew in Baltimore “did” work.
    10 people were arrested for curfew violation but none for throwing shit at the kwaps.

  30. Bailey says:

    Here’s another thing that pisses me off.

    Kevin Bell was a firefighter in Hartford and a black man that died in the line of duty.

    The first firefighter to die in Hartford in 40 years, he may as well be the first “black”
    firefighter to die in the line of duty ever , in the history of fire fighting nation wide.

    They will not shut up about this and they will not stop until Hartford is found to be somehow responsible.–296219101.html

    Could it be that Mr. Bell was just a stupid nigger who failed to maintain his own equipment?
    Does the federal gubmint’ investigate all firefighter deaths or just that of black men?

  31. Bailey says:

    @ Karen , well said !

  32. Bailey says:

    Here’s the jew media’s Baltimore feel good moment of the day.

    I don’t see any po-leece with a bottle of water, probably because they don’t want to be guilty of receiving stolen property.

  33. Bailey says:

    Scroll down to see Freddy din’ do nuffin’ Grays aperest record.

  34. 4ePlay says:

    A single mother of six (which, in my book, means 7 niggaz enjoying life on white slaves’ taxes) just promoted by the ziomedia as the Jean D’Arc of America:

  35. Geez. I was just watching the latest reboot of the Planet of the Apes movies where the apes attack San Francisco, and I thought I was watching the riots in Baltimore…

    Great imagery for this article, Incogman.. BTW…..

    I again see this as a set up… The criminals in control of the once free United States know that with the world’s nations now turning away from the US dollar, and as a result the economic collapse of America now in full swing, that their plans to crush any impending revolt from the American public depends on how quickly they can impose martial law on the entire nation… Thus turning it into a police state/prison camp….That time is now…

    They require a race war to get the ball rolling.. And the dumb ass Blacks in cities like Baltimore are just too stupid to realize they are again being played the fools and being used as the weapon of choice to get the race wars going…

    And yes, if we dig deep enough into this Baltimore riot situation, you will find a snivelling hooked nosed Jew responsible… Look at Ferguson where it was finally revealed that the ultra Kike, George Soros, was fully behind the riots there and funded them! I can guarantee that the Jews are again financing this crap going on in Baltimore as well…

    I honestly have nothing against blacks.. But what they are doing in Baltimore is intolerable.. Most that are involved in these riots are just too brain dead and stupid to realize they are being used as tools for the destruction of the entire nation….

    Hopefully this does not escalate to other cities…. That criminal POTUS is a scumbag who wants these wars so that he can crack down on America, take away your last line of defense which is your guns, impose martial law, have the US citizens line up to have their brains destroyed by their poisonous vaccines, and then lock people up into camps to boot…..

    Honestly, wake the fuck up, America!!!!

  36. BTW… Hopefully everyone catches this video… Most interesting…

  37. protocolsRtrue says:

    @ Bailey 10:10. That was one of the best posts I ever seen. Still laughing at the niggers and their jew handlers. Thanks for making my day I would have never known it was out there without the internet and Incogman.

  38. Bailey says:

    Yea, Thanks goes to Incogman and those who contribute.
    The comic strip on that post is effin’ hilarious.

    In other news , 401(k) savings are at an all time high.
    See if you can guess what comes next.

  39. bubba says:

    Northerntruthseeker says:
    April 29, 2015 at 11:01 am

    Yeah, one has to keep breaking the spell cast on us…let give our heads a shake

    This latest thing in Baltimore reeks of another 9-11

    Think of Ruby Ridge…Waco…OKC bombing,…9-11…….Ferguson…
    ” Big Brother” is sure great at catching terrorists before..err AFTER it happens(?!?).

    In other words, unless these are false flags/ psy-opps ( Noooo perish the thought!!!!) these people ( politicians and cops) are totally useless.

    Not only can they NOT detect terrorism, they do nothing when it is full blown….(unless these are false flags/ psy-opps ( Noooo perish the thought!!!! )

  40. Karen says:

    Today in Halifax a young man and his girlfriend, both white, were convicted to 25 years without parole and 10 years without parole respectively for killing their landlord, a beautiful young woman, because they owed her rent which they didn’t want to pay. The world is fucked and too many people are demented/judaised/materialistic/egotistical/ unfeeling that they’d kill a person for a few bucks or to save a couple months rent. Communism won’t save us or Nazism or Left or Right or Christianity or Paganism or any other ism. God help us.

  41. bubba says:

    Re Baltimore Riots:

    What I find rather intriguing are almost every photo or video of blacks at the riots, they all seem well fed, clean cloths, etc…
    ……its almost like they were told en masse to shit shave and shower before CNN etc. shows up….they don’t look ” poor” and “disenfranchised” to me.

  42. bubba says:

    Bailey says:
    April 29, 2015 at 10:10 am
    Scroll down to see Freddy din’ do nuffin’ Grays aperest record.


    Pardon my cynicism, but aren’t photos 6 ( AP : caption ” They learn young”)and photo 7 (REUTERS caption ” Future engineers and Med Students”) showing the same black kid ???

    look at clothes etc…

  43. protocolsRtrue says:

    Nigger bitches fighting over a parking space at the mall on welfare check ebt card refresh day. Can’t see the handicap parking placards though.

  44. Bailey says:

    Brooklyn style bitch!
    How nice.

    Yea bubba, same keeid, i suppose his momma wasn’t around to woop his ass.

  45. kerdasi amaq says:

    @ProudSouthernGirl: it isn’t necessary to hate niggers. All you have to do is to recognise them for what they are and act appropriately.

  46. Israhell on Earth says:

    Holohoax remembrance day? Brace yourselves for yet another hollywood holohoax-flick; this time they’re attempting to demonize David Iriving and other heretics.

    Author’s battle with Holocaust denier to hit silver screen

    Hollywood will bring to life the story of renowned author Deborah Lipstadt’s drawn-out court battle with Holocaust denier David Irving.

    Denial will serve as the on-screen adaptation of her book, History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, with two-time Academy Award winner Hillary Swank playing Lipsadt and Michael Clayton’s Tom Wilkinson playing a barrister.

    Lipstadt’s litigious battle with the “pseudohistorian” lasted four years.

    The film will be playwright and screenwriter David Hare’s second foray into adapting a novel based on the Holocaust.

    In 2008, Hare was nominated for his adaption of The Reader, starring Kate Winslet.

    “This is a powerful story about the legal and personal battle Deborah Lipstadt fought to defend the veracity of historical facts,” producers Gary Foster and Russ Krasnoff told ScreenDaily on Monday.

    Of the star-studded Hollywood talent lined up, Lipstadt wrote in a Facebook post, “I am absolutely delighted that 2x Oscar winner (not nominated) Hilary Swank will be portraying me. I am equally delighted – if not honored – that the incredibly talented David Hare wrote a marvelous script.”

    What exactly is the Chabad Lubavitch cult? I knew that they wield enormous political power and have offices in every western country, Michael Hoffman explains their second task:

  47. sog says:

    yes except in the 60’s the natgaurd could shoot looters and sons of mlk …hunting was good and looters deserve to be shot …this is not civilized civilization any more is jew orc -estrated nation wrecking …the shuhboon bitch mayor of baltymo ,murduhlan sayt tuh keeps bahc away n sheeyit fruhm duh civuhritytes neegrows as day needs day space …she tells the cops to sit and watch the niggers go ape and desrtroy and loot and set fires making them accessorires to uncountable felonies and the mayor a co conspirator ..and the cops would not allow people to defend their own property ..this nations foundational document hollers this right and the right to self defense and property from the likes of nigger termites and govt thugs ..
    our govt is run by thugs ..jews have always been thugs even when they were real semite israelites they were thugs ..the commonality between todays fake jew ashkanaazi multi middle east mix and the ancient extinct israelite peoples is their attention to satanic doctrine …they were not followers of gods laws and instead followed after idols and devils ..this is why the tribes of benj and jewda separated from the kingdom of israel and started a southern alliance etc ..who cares ,fuck jews and their histotrionicx …all rubbish and arbitrary boring diatribe ,useless to settling and sorting our problems ….just know thet jews are the major problem in life today …christianity is loathed by lawless and satanic talmud humpers becuse it has reinforced certain moralities and ethics in a secular setting of civilizations ..most great civilizations have always had strong moral compass anyway as well ..if america would wake up and impale the jew devils and slaughter the ghetto nigger animals for starters then things cld start to get sorted kinda like when the black plague hit earth and slwed down jewish corruption for a while ..islam is a sect ,a separatist society of forced ignorance on an already ignorant and savage mass of fucki rag heads is a ritualized fraternity of death and rape ….moslems in all white countries should be sumarrily exterminated forthwith …asap ..parasites and jew tools …these benevolent monolithiic white countries are having niggers and muslims forced down thier throats by the clever shitkike….
    when justice arrives in the form of death to infidels and communist /mozlim terrorists and their aiders and abettors it will be swift and thourough …..
    i like the old tried and true methods of vlad tepesch who sought to keep muslim invaders out of his country ..he was good man and impaled many malingering moslem rubbish ….heh heh …

  48. sog says:

    they are pissed cus some other worthless ape got offed and they realize they are worthless to and think it could happen to them ? what is their motiive if they dint know the ape ..they dont even give a shitabout each other anyway and kill each other every year to toon of 8000 or more …so they really got solidarity right .? ….i saw a video of a chimp funeral at a fast food rest a while back ..all the niggers met their woithout permission and so do you think they spent any money while they cloged the place up ..and so some liberal asshole camera crew came around filming and the niggers went wild on them and they were (lol) just trying to have sympathy for a worthless assmonkey made good ..they got a beat down and probably thoiught they deserved it …liberals are the problem inn spades also …niggers live to chimpout and they chimpout to live …bad nigger no bannanna …..
    how would you like to be driving thru that nigger racist morass and all of a sudden have feral pavement apes start bashing your windows in and apesaulting your family …not nice at all ..if there ever was a time to shoot savages this would be it not spare the ammo especially the cheap chinese shit ..let it fly and dont worry about hitting innocent niggers cus there arent any in thet sitch …then drive the eff outta there ….
    the balltuhmo nigra mayor whore is the reasaon the nigger riot occurred ..ass holder and barakroach are culpable in all sorts of misery and mayhem from murder to mass insurrection and this is for the good of america …sure and furious aka the arming of americas enemy ,namely the sinaloa satanic drug cartel and the ensuing murders from this specious crime ..the govt forces gun shop owners to sell them weapons for which they were probably never paid but then later the communist interin installed junta of obama and communists et al tryied to endight the gun shop owners for illegal sales of weapons ..i dont think it applied for the mere fact #1 that they probably never got paid so in essence the communist govt of america stole the weaopons via fraud and then transported them to known gangsters across state lines …
    no one has the real authority anymore to arrest the malingering commutards /moslims in the white house and govt body ..the body politic is completely thouroughly corrupt and infected by jewish subversion …

  49. sog says:

    the niggers killed 67 people during the rotnee king verdict riot ….they murdered white people based onn what some dumb pcp saturated monkey was aperehended for …
    “………..The 1992 Los Angeles riots, also known as the Rodney King riots, the South Central riots, the 1992 Los Angeles civil disturbance, 1992 Los Angeles civil unrest, and the Los Angeles uprising were a series of riots, lootings, arsons and civil disturbance that occurred in Los Angeles County, California in 1992, following the acquittal of police officers on trial regarding a videotaped and widely covered police brutality incident. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the 1960s ….in LA then also..

    The riot started in South Central Los Angeles and then spread out into other areas over a SIX DAY period within the Los Angeles metropolitan area in California, beginning in April 1992. The riots started on April 29 after a trial jury acquitted four Los Angeles Police Department officers of assault and use of excessive force. The mostly white officers were videotaped beating Rodney King following a high-speed police pursuit. Thousands of people throughout the metropolitan area in Los Angeles rioted over six days following the announcement of the verdict…………..

    Widespread looting, assault, arson and murder occurred during the riots, and estimates of property damage was over $1 billion. The rioting ended after soldiers from the California Army National Guard, the 7th Infantry Division, and Marines from 1st Marine Division were called in to stop the rioting when the local police could not handle the situation. In total, 53 people were killed during the riots and over 2,000 people were injured……….
    so king was the only one who got tuned up and the other 2 passengers were peacefully placed into another patrol car so why was king “singled out ” ….the video that was shown was only shown to where he was geting hit but he was resiting aperest prior …same shit aboiut the so called civil right freedom marches that always erupted into violence during the 60,s and the media placing the blame on cops ..vids of the riots show cops trying to defend themselves against sons of mlk …—Watts-Riots–Erupt-in-Los-Angeles.html
    the article is very niggeral ..liberal infused with bits of truth …truth is niggers dint want to live near whites anyway and they drive drunk and they dont want to be accountable for their crimes ..most of em are sociopaths with anti social disorder and anti white disorder ….so the drunk apes mammy comes down and scolds the boy and all the shiftless bootlips standing around start rioting ..situationn normal all fucked up …niggers belong in africa
    but during this riot the nat gaurd was allowed to soot the miscreants and they still kept rioting …whos gonna save civilization and protect white race from tan savages …it fals to each individual at this point especially if internet goes to smoke ….niggers have a long history ofrioting and mayhem and it goes all the wya bcak to africa where the evolutionary dead end alien dna momboosooz jitterbug jenkem huffing dead beats come from ..they were worthleess there as well as anywhere they might tumble out to .
    .mr wizzard says we aint seen shit yet ,just wait till the ebt cards dont compute anymore ..hmmm insufficient interest or funds …
    white middle cleas has always been tasked with the burden of supporting the worthless nigger just like our sister countries in europe now tanks to the jew trash over there inciting their talmudic rabinnical jibberish thers an infrastructure worthy of study and observation …yeppers …

  50. sog says:

    so typical nigger behaviour includes but not limited to widespread looting ,home invasion ,rape ,murder,mayhem ,pimping ,drug dealing ,general malingering and violence and racist hatred of all colores not black …the nigger is a virus on the face of the earth ..
    its no wonder the jews love to use the niggers to create national decay and is interesting how niggers cant see how much jews hate them and all non jews as well …funny how niggers are attracgted to islam when it was islamic slave traders that first started to transport african niggers to all parts of the globe many hundreds of years ago …needles to say that african tribal tensions and strife created the internal african practice of slaveery among the tribes who captured other brillo heads and ate them and sexslaved em and traded them around …maritania ouylwed black on black slavery back around 2004 or so ,,liberia was the repatriation location ofr stuupid nigros and the first thing they did was to create slaves for themselves ..same deal in american colonies where 1/2 of the slave owners were niggers owning slaves …real shocker there …never mind white slavery but the truth is 2/3 of the incoming white faces into the colonies were white indentured slaves and into carribean and west indies and austrailia ….whites were wiped out in ireland in the 1500’s when british snobs led by kikes went and murdered 700,000 irish and took 300,000 as slaves and then later in the 1800’s(Britain’s cover-up of its 1845-1850 holocaust in Ireland is one of the most successful Big Lies in all of history as it is rewritten as a famine ) it was a forced famine …niggers are not the only ones to suffer and im thinking niggers have not really suffered yet anyway is just victimology like the jewish smokescreen bs …..

  51. sog says:

    so with the heightened terror factor against police in balltuhmo and elsewheres doesnt it stand to reason that now police will definitwly fire on niggers more than ever wher they see a nigger reach for his wallet but that wallet may really belong to the guy the white guy the nigger just muggeed ….shoot all hoody niggers on site ..
    these terror nigger gangs then are to blame for police over reaction in the future and it is arbitrary whether there can be an over reaction to a nigger …any sane person would shoot first and spit on the dead nigger later anyway …its their war ,they started it agaisnt us on the orderes of internal jews …

  52. silvernickel says:

    Pizza delivery boy in Louisville can’t escape Detoilet. Seriously stabbed by random negroid at a bus stop Sunday afternoon.

  53. whelkcollector says:

    It’s great to be able to access Incogman’s site again. I was blocked out for months on every browser possible. Also great to see the same committed people still holding the fort. It’s great to be back.

    Baltimore; NATURAL chimping out, TTTP; Jew free trade; Holohoax; we must debunk this BS.

  54. Whelkcollector says:

    Guys/girls please use the Tor browser. it will make you anonymous to NSA/GCHQ.

    It works by re-routing your web access via 3-4 worldwide servers and is virtually untraceable. Go here to download- I’ve made it my default browser and it works.

    I am not saying that the intelligence forces are on to all of us, I’m just saying don’t underestimate the enemy. Keep hidden from them. They can’t stand it.

    Download Tor and use it as your default browser.

    White national socialism

  55. NativeApacheWoman says:

    Niggers are not Human , we Indian Native peoples would never lick the feets clean to people of the world like those dumb Niggroes , even us Natives owned Niggers if only for using them as Footstools and Feetcleaners …. NIGGERS ARE THE SLAVES OF THE HUMANRACE LICK OUR FEETS OR DIE APES NIGGROES SUCK ON MY BIG FAT TOE

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