Get Ready For Another Giant Negro CRAPFEST!


Looks like another media-stoked black outrage is now in the works, after a White policeman shot a black guy down in North Charleston, South Carolina. Some anonymous person videotaped it and got it to the media (funny how they keep things secret when it helps their agenda, huh?). Immediately, Jew-owned ABC national news broadcast the whole thing as the very first report on the dinner time news hour, both Tuesday and Wednesday night. The White cop has been fired and charged with first degree murder. But that won’t placate the spoiled militant blacks, believe me.

And I suppose WHITE lives don't matter?

And I suppose WHITE lives don’t matter? Look at her smug fat face: You can see the sheboon is trying hard not to smile at all the media attention.

It’s clear: The US media is now doing whatever they can to get the homies torqued up. Make note how the national news keeps silent whenever White cops get killed by blacks (happens all the time), or any of us regular White people out here are robbed, raped and brutally slaughtered by this violent race on a daily basis. Along with the Boston Bombing Tsarnaev guilty verdicts and usual Zio terror stoking, the media will be covering this black victimhood story nonstop.

Sure, with hindsight the cop probably shouldn’t have discharged his pistol. Looks like he reacted a little too automatically with his muscle memory training. Doesn’t matter one bit to the White-haters now in control of our media if the black perp resisted and tried to escape. The poor White cop and his family will now have to pay for it — in spades. Basically, they’re out to intimidate us White people in whatever way they can.

It’s also looks like the perp might have grabbed his taser and tried to run off with it. You can actually spot the electrical wire glimmering for a split second in the light (this will be ignored by the media from here on out). This is the line carrying the electrical voltage to a small fishhook-like projectile meant to stick in the perp’s skin to make a connection. Possibly the taser was still hooked to the cop, with the line spinning out behind the perp as he ran off with the main battery unit. That would be dangerous if the perp discharged the device, rendering the cop as helpless as a flopping fish out of water for at least thirty seconds. Plenty of time to take the cop’s pistol and turn it on him.

Personally, I think the black asked for it. Of course, some visitors might think I’m a big racist in the first place (sure I am). As far as I’m concerned, one less worthless black bastard sucking on good oxygen and ripping off this country! Blacks are indeed out-of-control criminals, excitable, crazed and militant — making such events bound to occur and at ever increasing rates.

My inside police contacts inform me blacks are itching for confrontation whenever cops show up to a possible crime or pull them over. White cops are even giving blacks a pass so things don’t escalate. Like spoiled rotten children, the more blacks get away with, the worse they become.

My guess is the forces in control of the media are trying to stoke up the blacks, so the government can ride to the rescue by federalizing police departments across the land and staffing each with a majority of blacks, qualified or not.

These same forces have long known that sooner or later their on-going brainwashing efforts on the White race would reach a saturation point and further work would be detrimental. There’s only so many idiots to control the thinking of the rest of us. So they have to reap what they’ve sown before the pendulum swings back in the other direction. They know that pendulum can swing pretty fast and they can’t really time things perfectly.

Now these forces are a Marxist/Zionist Jew Third Party working behind the scenes towards the day when Talmudic Supremacist Jewry has full control of the Western World and the White race is completely marginalized and powerless to stop whatever they want to do with us.

Sound crazy? All the things going on today in the world match up perfectly. In addition, we have plenty of Jewish sources and history backing all this up. The bastards did it to Russia, tried to do it to Germany and now it’s our turn.

Are you just going to hope and pray that I’m full of BS, or are you going to get off your ass?

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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108 Responses to Get Ready For Another Giant Negro CRAPFEST!

  1. Bailey says:

    “I’m waiting for the truth why he lived in “Kibbutz” as a young man old Hofflinger?”

    Really ? You copy what I post two minutes after and ad that to it?

    WTF is that even supposed to mean ?

  2. Radio K.A.O.S. says:

    Well, I(like Tom Petty) won’t back down. Anyway,Smitherines it’s out of my hands now.Trolleen. As for Hoff, he may have been pro-Israeli in his youth, just like me, then Ariel Sharon let the Phalangists loose on the Palestians in Sabra and Shatila in 1982 and I haven’t been able to forgive them since. 😡

  3. bubba says:

    Smitherines says:
    April 10, 2015 at 10:06 am

    By Patrick J. Buchanan

    Looking back, one appreciates why we hear so often, “This isn’t the country I grew up in.” For it isn’t.

    But how did this moral-cultural revolution succeed so easily?

    How was it that the Greatest Generation that won World War II let itself be intimidated by and dictated to by nine old men with lifetime tenure who had been elected by no one?

    How did this happen in a republic where minority rights exist but the majority rules? Why did Middle America meekly comply and not resist?

    By the mid-’50s and early ’60s, black folks were engaged in civil disobedience, refusing to move to the back of the bus, sitting at segregated lunch counters, getting clubbed by cops, and marching for equal access to schools, hotels, motels and voting booths.

    What happened/what is going on ?

    SIMPLE !

    The vampiric Kike Jews and their shabbos goy have exploited Western Culture to the max…and through this, have acquired all the power needed to control the rest of the world. They have weakened the victim and want to strike the final blow so it will not resurrect and threaten them again.

    REMEMBER…everything is an INVERSION. The Kike mantra is to rule the world..period … would not have been possible without latching onto a superior host, using it like a golem…then destroy it so it doesn’t turn on its master.

    The qualities of the white race have been used against it by the Kike Jews….so that begets the question….as it stands and the future unfolds, would it have been better if we, western civilization had never existed, or at least not advanced as we had ?

    TRIVIA..apparently “Frankenstein” was inspired by the Frankist movement…whereby various revolutionary groups (ie Jacobins , Illuminati etc)were insidious creations infiltrating Europe shortly after Cromwell let Kike Jews back in and the Bank of England established. Duly note how fast these groups worked throughout Europe and had numerous wars even in the US, as the US was being groomed to be Jews next golem bitch after Britain

    Giuliani did a good series on this recently..whereby the Kike Jews realized that their (2) current opponents…the Churches(priestly line) and Monarchy(royal bloodlines) were too tough a target, so the 3rd option was secret societies(like freemasons and aforementioned)

    The Kike Jews communist marxist simply want to
    (i) erase any all borders, nations nationalism for the collective(ie strength in numbers) and
    (ii)amongst individuals ie, immigration, interbreed, dumb down, sexually confused etc as much uniformity and conformity as possible.

    THEIR definition of peace is via no opposition
    = resistance is futile
    = Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.

    PS Sorry ladies, but YOU really deep- throated that agenda hook line and sinker…

  4. B-E-Devil says:

    Some here just seem to not see it.
    The cop shooting the nig-nog didn’t even happen.
    It’s all an act. I know it is difficult for many to understand.
    I can understand people over at yajoo news being easily tricked into
    believing that this hoax is real, but here among we that are jew wise and
    should know how the rat-face bastards operate, and still can’t see
    that it a fake shooting saddens me.

    The jews think most people out here are so fucking stupid that
    none of us who have actuall fired a hand gun wouldn’t
    notice no muzzle flash or any burnt powder smoke.

    summerland yes that one by Deek is well done.
    You have to remember back how easily brainwashed you can be at
    the age of eighteen. A person at that age really thinks he is doing the correct
    thing seving his country. I don’t know about the rest of you here,
    but it took me a few years after the age of eighteen
    to become jew-wise. summerland make sure you also watch the one
    by Deek called Fuck The Police.

    This hoax just like the michael brown hoax is a jew opt.
    brown hoax was to get police to begin wearing bodycameras.
    Lots of shekels to be made by the kikes.
    This one now is to have police federalized.
    You will no longer have a local cop that lives
    in your neighboorhood.
    That way it kind of kept him honest.

    bubba just read yours before posting this. Well said bubba.

  5. Shadowcaster says:

    This is what the Jew brings to the table.
    He never CREATES. He only DESTROYS.

    How much longer are you going to tolerate it, America?
    How much longer are you going to tolerate it, World?

    How much longer?

  6. Frank Fredenburg says:

    New York City Pushing Legislation To Allow Millions Of Illegal Aliens To Legally Vote

    The Center For Individual Freedom sent me an email this morning warning me about this. If the criminals in New York get away with this, politicians across the country will be quick to follow.

  7. bubba says:

    Frank Fredenburg says:
    April 10, 2015 at 5:22 pm

    New York City Pushing Legislation To Allow Millions Of Illegal Aliens To Legally Vote
    Same global shit… different custom fit pile…

    What happens is…. like the blacks…The Kike Jews feed them muh dick /evil whitey/ entitlement and hatch community leaders for the given immigrant group( usually hatched marxist fly larvae from the commie incubating cesspool called Chicago)

    These immigrants come in….with language “XYZ” (= cannot speak English and never will)….but Chicago hatched an XYZ (2) -legged promordial ooze turd that speaks XYZ (and English)….and creates a voting block.

    Once you get enough of these invaders…they take over the politics…and all your Libtards with B.S. SJW degrees wonder why they got mugged by Leroy… or why Jose’ and his 100 family members next door lowered your neighbourhood property values….

    Oy Carumba baby !!!

  8. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Franklin County Speedway Announces Plan To Discriminate Against White People

    In an effort to diversify the audience, Franklin County Speedway says this season’s first event will cost white people $10 a ticket, but black people will get in free!

  9. summerled says:

    If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.
    Thomas Paine

  10. Holly says:

    I’am Holly, please do not let anyone on here upset you. I said the same thing to them months ago about the accusations and hate. Whites fighting whites, have a little patience with them as many people are paranoid about the internet, and whos who. Thank you for your service and stay with this group. I went through my own timeline remembering my own independence, and wondering about the Chinese and Mexicans, and how they ran around together like chickens with their heads cut off! I think about the relative on my grandmothers side, who was one of the first to hit Alaska during the Yukon gold rush. We still have the nugget he brought back. Whites are loners, adventurers and naturel explorers, we do run with the pack. Un fortunately now we must unite! Our independence is being used against us. Take a deep breath Michele, I’am so glad to meet you————–Holly

  11. Holly says:

    Meant WE Do NOT Run With the Pack:-))

  12. bubba says:

    OK…let’s analyze this latest shooting video(see below)

    Hopefully this is not another ” CGI”/ 9-11 with many different versions floating around.
    TOTAL TIME 4:22

    @ 16 sec: Why the weird flip- flop of the camera? Then its in focus?

    @ 18 seconds…
    —-After looks like Stephen Spielberg gave signal for “Action”
    ie Obama’s son runs and the cop pulls out his gun..why is the cop overacting by bending over so low /upper body at 45 degrees to pull out his gun?
    —Terms of reference..the cop seems to have the gun(and its fixed sights) at a horizontal plane at neck level…not up at eye level..there should be a line of sight from his eyes —to gun— to target.
    –a black object appears on ground between Obams’ son and cop at the same time the video catches the start of the action.

    –@ 20 seconds…the cop shoots first shot and the moving target doesn’t even seem to flinch..did the cop miss..I’m guessing distance of about______ ???
    NOTE @ 60 mph the speed of an object is 88 ft /sec…an Olympic sprinter may acheive 1/2 that..and the target appears sluggish..the shooting starts at about 2 seconds in…you do the math
    —Is the large TREE that blocks the view a “convenient” mask for a magic trick ?

    @ 22 -24 seconds..the suspect seems to run fine after 7 shots…it is the 8th shot that he goes down.
    –Also note the suspect seems to drop down so as to protect himself from injury ie fall down to knees then rest of body…like a cheap stuntman?

    @ 32 seconds…why does the camera move out of focus???

    @ 45 seconds why doesn’t the cop notice the person videoing all this…how does the cop who allegedly shot someone, not go into lockdown mode,ie maybe that the person with camera may have a gun???? and tell them to freeze..or …the camera be confiscated for evidence?

    ——Look how quick the black cop whips on the blue latex gloves
    …NO attempt to really assess the suspects condition

    —- As Jim Stone notes in his blog …where is the blood?

    —-What guns/bullets are the standard issue for this police department
    ..again…I counted 8 shots…what calibre…if it was a head shot…wouldn’t the head explode….OR..if they hit the largest body mass…ie the chest area…should be gushing blood…right

    —Nobody looks traumatized
    … at worst it looks like a drill…where is the AMBULANCE ?


  13. For your consideration. Anything is possible in these times.

    Walter L. Scott Jr. Police Shooting Hoax

  14. Bailey says:

    I call BS too bubba, jigaboo runs real good as those bullets are hitting him and he falls just like you said , like a cheap stuntman.
    And like someone pointed out above , where’s the muzzle flashes and smoke?
    Where’s the bullet casings?

    One thing though , the jig is to old to be an Obama son , he’s an Obama cousin.

    Here in the commie state of corrupticut our stooge governor is already calling for cop cams based on this “incident”.

  15. American born says:

    Looks real to me. At that range the rounds would have flown right through him. He would not have been knocked down from the impact, and take into account the amount of adrenaline running through his veins at the moment he ran, and after the scuffle.
    Nigger was on cloud nine until he was hit in a vital area and collapsed.
    Not hard to believe that a cop shot someone in the back – very common.

  16. manoflove says:

    I think this incident is exactly what the Chosen has been looking for to foment their divide and conquer agenda even more. Keep the dumb goyim at each other’s throats, bleeding and killing each other while the Chosen go on ruling quite unnoticeably.

  17. American born says:

    The police here in Las Vegas are very militant. Cops kill people here every month or so; no one really cares. Last year on Bundy Ranch there were Federal snipers taking aim on Americans who were tired of the BS. This cop would cap any of us with the same nonchalant way he gunned down the nigger.

  18. American born says:

    Manoflove, the cops are ZOG. On the payroll. They enforce the whims of the higher-ups.
    Try and protest a Jew owned business, who will be there to stop you? A cop who will pull his sidearm on you.

  19. American born says:

    An example: There was a killing here probably about four years ago. I wrote a comment here.
    A White guy in his 30’s who was in Sam’s Club, or some other “box store” here in Vegas. I knew his future mother in law. Anyhow, the guy was an ex military man and carried a weapon which is common here – CCW law here. Here was compliment with the laws. He was minding his own business and an employee told him that he couldn’t carry in the store. He argued and proceeded outside. He got outside and Metro cops were outside with guns drawn. Multiple commands, “hands up”, “drop it”, .”turn the fuck around” “get on the fucking ground”. Before he could do a thing they opened up. He was killed right on the spot (with one shot to the crown of his head). It was a big deal here years ago. His fiancé supposedly gave him oxy, so they say.
    So she was threatened with charges if she testified. She didn’t go to court, and the case is gone. Those cops still drive around collecting paychecks.
    Google it. I got the first hand account from a family member.

  20. American born says:

    Erik Scott, Summerlin Las Vegas, Costco.

  21. brian boru says:

    We all know how criminal the US government is. Whenever jews gain total control the regime becomes criminal and the lives of the citizens become worthless. The more overt the jews’ control of the US becomes the more it resembles the former Soviet Union. This article by Jim Stone about the US Coastguard, if true, demonstrates once again the kind of creatures now in control.
    Considering what the US has just done to Iraq and Afghanistan and the Ukraine, the idea that its coastguard would engage in piracy is hardly far-fetched. Who’s going to accuse them, and where’s the evidence? The average American, like the pinhead from the Coastguard, really does think that the US is entitled to do whatever it likes to whoever it likes anywhere it likes.

  22. No to Jews says:

    Jew/Ape hybrid in the White House abandons 4000 US citizens in Yemen. Golf is more important.

    Subject: Obama refuses to help American civilians trapped in Yemen | The Ugly Truth

  23. American born says:

    I doubt many of those “citizens” are real Americans. Most likely second hand anchor babies and their parents; citizenship is not what is used to be. Any “American citizens” in Yemen should stay there.

  24. American born says:

    Anything from Mark Glenn should be taken with a very large grain of salt, or a hot dose of heroine.

  25. MIKEY says:


  26. protocolsRtrue says:

    Bailey I’m with you on most topics 100 percent. And this copcam thing even though it will cost us money the niggers better watch what they wish for because it will do more to convict niggers and speed up the process then it will do to protect innocent people. Sure a cop is a human too want to hear me fart hear it is let hiliry Clinton sort out what is or not is is important or whatever that means anyway. I’m for copcams because when these niggers lie which they are prone to do and get jew lawyers who care not about truth anyway just about money please just give the police a chance.

    It’s all about the jews and niggers niggers niggers…All I am saying… is give police a chance…

  27. Truth says:

    Pardon my “off topic interruption” but I have an important question to ask of any and all here and, foremost of Incogman. This may seem like a stupid question but I am of the opinion that the only stupid question is the one that is not asked., Especially when it comes to those “learning the ropes” of the history of our world and the evil that persists. My question is:
    Do all that proclaim themselves “Jews”, “Jewish”, and any derivative thereof, know of or know about the Talmud and its representative evil? Are there exceptions?
    Thanks in advance
    @ Incogman please feel free to place this “question” in another part of your site if deemed necessary. Sincerely, Truth.
    P.S. I try to live peacefully and honestly but sometimes others can disturb ones tranquility for “no apparent reason” as history is replete with examples; I had a recent encounter with a “nosy nog” who took it upon himself to attempt a try at “disturbing my solitary, peaceful existence”. He learned a valuable lesson from my “Aryan nature”, which came forth in full regalia. He ran away shouting out “you some crazy cracker” hehehe! Never back down. Always be firm. Speak only the TRUTH and, most importantly, always remain “on guard”, fully attentive when dealing with these Erectus hominids. They only respect the law of the jungle and the White Aryan Man, and Woman, must always keep this in mind in order to be able to deal effectively with them. When this “criminally minded yet ignorant dark trespasser” realized that I spoke his “lingo” he became confused and knew that I was no ordinary “white boy”. BTW they absolutely fear the appearance of a white boy in possession of a “Cross-bow” and a couple of “horse-shoes” . I can still hit “bulls eye” and “toss a ringer” even in my advanced years! Hehehe.

  28. Thank you, Holly. You sound very nice. I don’t use the Internet that much, but when I came across this site I was very thankful. I felt alone in my thinking, but this site is practically the only site where I feel people will understand what it’s like to feel ostracized from society. Our beautiful white culture is all broken up. Whites are so afraid to say anything anymore. I am not afraid. I have been standing up for myself and my rights ever since I was a child. I figured things out a long time ago. In the fifth grade this black kid who was black and Jewish, always teased me and called me a little Hitler. One day I told him to lay of me and I called him a nigger. Who do you think got into trouble? I mean BIG trouble? Me. The little white blond girl with the big blue eyes. I was hated, I mean really hated. This hatred followed me all the way in to high school. I stayed to myself and I still do. So you see, I am thankful for this site because it understands what I went through and still go through almost every day. Anyway, Holly, thanks for understanding. I am glad to meet you too.

  29. Bailey says:

    Hey pRt,

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have a problem with cop cams , lets just hope they work when the niggers get uppity. Plus, the are good for protecting the average working man – you know , the white guys.
    I just don’t like my zio-tool governor and how quick he reacts to shit going on in other states while mine is crumbling.

    Did you see this jigaboo that refused to show a kwap a carry permit and walked away?
    This has to be BS , A staged event.
    Can a white guy do this?

  30. sog says:

    good shit amborn ..the cops ar shooting everyone and soon it will be kent state university again every where and already is the mehserlee cop who shot the nigger on bart platform oscar grant while he was paw cuffed ..dey callt duh amberlamps but it was too late this shit storm and riot averted in oaklnd was an attempted meltdown courtesy of the jewish overlords …..fuck niggers anyway ..officer mehserlee knew his right hand from his left …..and so on ..interesting times we live in ..

  31. bubba says:

    Bailey says:
    April 11, 2015 at 2:43 pm
    Hey pRt,

    Don’t misunderstand me, I don’t have a problem with cop cams , lets just hope they work when the niggers get uppity. Plus, the are good for protecting the average working man – you know , the white guys.


    With all due respect….I don’t trust majority of cops and even less than with body cams. I have a clean record….but I’ve had some incidences that leave my head shaking.

    Body cams remind me of 9/11 videos….anything can be faked or altered….unless you have a neutral party or your own body cam.

    The way things are evolving….white cops are scared of non whites insofar as Jew lawyers and the Jew media….which leaves the white man guilty (often by default) till proven innocent…making the white man the cops meal ticket..especially since there is an increasing blurring of lines, and hence less demarcation/differentiation between cops and soldiers.

    Cops are overpaid and I think it would be better to contract out to security guards.

  32. bubba says:

    Michele Ellis says:
    April 11, 2015 at 2:16 pm

    Hi Michele…( btw…..I stay out of hasbarat fights)

    You mentioned your family were from Austria….were they WW2 refugees?

    Same as mine….I am currently researching family history.

    What was their escape route out of Europe ? Each of my parents took different routes.

  33. Holly says:

    Your writing is superb. You sound like a reporter for the right!

  34. Smitherines says:

    Holly says:
    April 11, 2015 at 6:45 pm

    Your writing is superb. You sound like a reporter for the right!

    Thanks but I was band for defending Michelle which these young kids: don’t know
    when they go to war it’s for Jews, my father was an OSS Gorilla, thenI hear on here
    “owwww the OSS was full of communist, they killed Patton , my father
    adored Patton and Douglas MacArthur, if the OSS killed him it was European
    theater, he was in Burma, 1944.

    Any kid that volunteers that’s including Pat Tillman: I’ll honor them, and by the
    way Red Pill served , so did Protocols, he’s kid is serving now, they feel they
    are protecting us, they don’t know they were manipulated, my father knew
    later on, he would say “I severed, they aren’t taking you or your two brothers”
    he won a bronze medal, had malaria 7 times, yellow fever 3 times. He had to
    carry cyanide pill cuz the Japs would torture an OSS spy to death. And they
    took great enjoyment in doing it.

    Thanks for your lovely comment, God bless.

  35. Smitherines says:

    OSS Gorilla

    Typo meant OSS guerrilla

  36. Smitherines says:

    Use to kill me to go to DC and see all the names on WWII Memorial and he’s
    was absent due to O.S.S. (Now CIA) non declassification of files, only recently
    they declassified them, and my brother had them add his name, but he was
    dead before that happen.

    That jungle took 25 years off his life, God rest his soul.

  37. Smitherines says:

    He hated communists his whole life, bastard on here mocked him and they don’t
    even know shit!

  38. Holly says:

    I know Smitherines my son is in the navy. He calls me a racist, and clings to my commie ex-husbands viewpoint that I’am a conspiracy theorist and nut. I hope Dan fries in hell. Unfortunately my son Stewart has a hard road to tow for his ignorance. I am just about to the point where I am done. Human kind seems to timelessly perpetuate the same communist circle through all the ages. One only needs to read about ancient Rome to understand this. jews (will not capitualize!) have always remained the materialistic carnivores, that they always were. Jesus knew they were evil, and They knew he was from God, hence the evil Pharisees exodus! Jesus was a blonde Nazarene, not an Israelite. At any rate I feel so fatigued. I wish I had an isolated cabin in the wilderness, to spend the rest of my days……….Holly

  39. American born says:

    Yeah Sog, his future mother in law was crushed. Really crushed. I never met his fiancé who was there when the tough guy cops lets loose.
    Bailey, when White guys get shot no ones cares. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson don’t organize riots for White guys. George Soros doesn’t pour in millions to excited the mobs. No one cares.

  40. Frederick says:

    Truth says:

    April 11, 2015 at 2:01 pm
    “My question is:
    Do all that proclaim themselves “Jews”, “Jewish”, and any derivative thereof, know of or know about the Talmud and its representative evil? Are there exceptions?
    Thanks in advance”

    hi Mr. Truth, if you want to know this answer the only authority to answer it correctly is stated in the Holy Bible. An Israelite is from the tribe that began with Abrahams sons Isaac & Jacob which means Israelite. Ismael are the Arabs descendants (Muslims).
    All of Jacobs descendants (their lineage) to the time of Jesus Christ and the Apostles and not much further, as there are no documents proving after that time period. Only a Holy God knows where the true Israelite (Jew) is today.
    The Pharisaic (pervert) jews that Jesus confronted / challenged in the temple and synagogues of satan as we are familiar with, are NOT the true Israelites or Jews. Sometime after 70 AD (the destruction of the temple) these Jews and other jews, most were killed and those who remained were dispersed throughout the lands.
    Later history records these ‘Khazar Jews’ (Pharisaic perverts, as these modern day rabbis) adopted satans book the most evil / sacred Talmud & Zohar, they only use the Torah for superficially, like the Passover some laws of Moses.
    Only a small remnant of true Israelites or true Jews remain. The remnant the apostle says in, Romans 11:4&5 The overall majority Israelites , Jews are these fake jew (Khazar) which are in name only.
    About the Apostle Paul, he also did risk is life many times as Jesus Christ did by confronting these Pharisaic hypocrite pervert jews says very clearly:
    But it is not as though the word of God has failed. For they are not all Israel who are descended from Israel; 7 nor are they all children because they are Abraham’s descendants, but: “through Isaac your descendants will be named. Romans 9:6&7
    This is just a very brief explanation, theirs is a great site to study any Bible topic you wish in, ‘Answers in Genesis,’ site.

    Now I’ll be bold as with Jesus Christ His linage is stated clearly in Matthew 1. Even the inscriptions on the cross in 3 or 4 languages can be easily translated as Jesus being an Israelite or Jew. Now the word Jew itself was not invented until hundreds of years later. But you have to seriously consider the Bible translators are much more educated in languages or linguistics then any in the modern world today, most gave their lives to translate the Holy Bible, ?1385 Wycliffe New Testament – ?William Tyndale – ?Erasmus to name a few. There are other so-called experts who try to refute this, but they reject the Bible to do this!
    Is there a better document to give an account of the true or wicked Israelite or Jew then the Bible? I’m don’t claim to be an expert in Bible studies, and you don’t have to be smart, (no seminary necessary) you simply got to study His word to know the truth, devotion to His truth is all only necessary to know His truth!
    I hope I answered your question, or just ask God yourself?

    If you read some of my other posts , you’ll find out that I’m a literalist Christian, I don’t cherry pick the Bible for convenience sake. All of the Bible is literally inspired
    (2 Timothy 3:16) its all or nothing!

    ” I can still hit “bulls eye” and “toss a ringer” even in my advanced years! Hehehe.”
    It’s great to know you can remain physically active!! I’m getting back in shape only in the last year, if it helps to fend off the pervert jew, I’m in!


  41. protocolsRtrue says:

    Another oddity about this recent shooting of a perfectly innocent nigger (rip) running away here comes all the fambly members he was such a good man great father loved all 30 of his kids and everything. The dude was on warrant for more than 18,000 bucks in back child support. I’m sure he loved all his kids and baby mommas and shit up to and all the way to the point where it costs him money to feed them or clothe them or put a roof over their head or pay an electric or water bealll. White suckers do that.

  42. protocolsRtrue says:

    Wasn’t he driving a Mercedes with shiney rims while owing 18,000 in back child support? That in itself should be a capital offense. If he was driving a station wagon or a minivan I would have more sympathy for him, again (rip).

  43. Hello, bubba, my mom was born and raised in Insbruck, Austria. She was born in 1942. She has several brothers and sisters. At 19 she and one of her sisters came to the United States. To tell you the truth, she doesn’t talk about her past much. One of my aunts lives in Gottingen, Germany. Another aunt lives in Beil, Switzerland. Two uncles live in Austria, I think in Kirscheim don’t know if that’s the correct spelling. The other uncle lives in Vienna . Another aunt lives in Gratz, Austria. I think that’s how you spell it. And another uncle, who passed away several years ago, moved to Holland. From what I have learned from my mother, she had it pretty rough as a kid. Sometimes there was no food. Some of her older sisters tell me some things about what was going on. My aunts and my mom believe that they all have different fathers. One must understand that during that time, many women were having lots of children for the cause. They were extremely proud of their country. I am very proud to be half Austrian. My mom kind of raised me in that culture–the Austrian culture. It’s a bit different than the German culture. Anyway, my mom doesn’t really tell me much about her childhood. She came to this country and learned English. I must say that she has always been a very, very hard worker. She never, ever complains about anything. She believes in work. And like a lot of Austrians from that time, she’s not afraid to stand up to things. My aunts from Germany and Switzerland told me that she is very, very smart. If I want o learn anything about my mom I usually just ask my aunts. For some reason, my mom doesn’t like to talk about it. And it’s not because she’s pro Jew. She also can’t stand hem and thei aggressive ways. She stands up to them. Anyway. My Austrian mn met my dad in California. My dads parents were English. As far as the army goes, I joined it on my own. I was quite naive but I made it through.

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