Jews Claim “Holocaust Trauma” Inherited by Children


When I saw this over at Daily Stormer I just knew I had to run it over here. Yeah, I read about this line of Jew BS getting started up years ago. This is where Jews say holocaust “trauma” gets passed down to the children and even grandchildren of so-called “survivors” (article screenshot below). This is so patently ridiculous it’s almost funny. But the Jews don’t care. Have they ever? These efwads are completely insane! [INCOG]

Filthy Jewish Liars Claim Holocaust Trauma Passes on Through Generations


As the last generations of “survivors” of the alleged Jew Holocaust of the six million are dying off, the Jews need a way to keep this scam going. Enter the idea of “Holocaust trauma” passing through the generations.

This idea has been introduced before by the lying Jew parasite, but now they are beginning to really push it.  A recent article in the Canadian jewspaper The Globe and Mail pushed this theory:

Children of the Holocaust: Conversations with Sons and Daughters of Survivors – published to widespread acclaim in 1979, 35 years ago last fall – made a then-astounding claim: that the harrowing trauma of the Holocaust, and the symptoms that marked survivors, had been passed on to their children – a generation that wasn’t even alive during the war.

Today, having identified post-traumatic stress disorder, we take this as a given. And the transmission isn’t just psychological, as psychiatrists have pointed out for more than a century; it’s physical. Rachel Yehuda, a pioneering psychiatrist and neuroscientist at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, has found that children of mothers with PTSD are three times as likely to have it as are other kids, and almost four times more likely to be depressed and anxious. As Judith Shulevitz pointed out last fall in The New Republic, the children of survivors often have unusual levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress – which was also true of infants whose mothers were pregnant and near the World Trade Center on 9/11.

Emotional and physical trauma can become genetic.

Yes, goyim – you read that correctly. Through a magical process, the suffering is transmitted genetically.


This is what Jews think of you. They expect you to eat this up, and then apologize to them for it.


Here’s that recent article quoted above, dated April 3rd. Ian Brown is almost certainly some Jewboy punk in Canada, wanting to continue the holohoaxing of us White people forever.

Note how the Jewess in the article, Judith Shulevitz, refers to children of 9/11 survivors having the same issues as holohoax brats. Amazing the “chutzpah” of these stinking liars to freely conflate old BS with later Zionist false flags. These filthy stinking Jews have cojones the size of basketballs!


Here’s one of their organizations down in Australia specializing in pushing the HOLOCAUST descendant TRAUMA BS.

Oh yeah: Practically every Jew out there claims to have had a grandmother lost in the HOLOHOAX. It’s nuts.

It’s also nuts how many Whites believe the BS because of those movies of skinny starved inmates (caused by the intense allied bombing of Germany and typhoid after the place was practically turned back to the stone age). And all those shrunken heads and lampshades were fake!

This past weekend, I had to listen to someone talking about the poor widdle Jews suffering so much during WWII. She told me “she saw it” — like she saw it happen herself! Turns out she was merely referring to those newsreel films taken by allied Psyop teams during the liberation of Dachau and directed by a Hollywood Jew movie director, Billy Wilder (who happened to be right on hand).

Man, the freakin’ Jews have really gotten their dime’s worth out of those dead body movies!


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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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74 Responses to Jews Claim “Holocaust Trauma” Inherited by Children

  1. sog says:
    link explains the jewish financial perfidy on the civil war greenback deal ..
    then fast forward to 1910 general american income tax law passed ..for some it was 10% and for some it was nothing as tax free foundations were set up the list on these ..
    all holocost stories have been proven to be false and new ones will also be proven to,be false …children of kikes who get money from germany’s genocide of germans are filthy mongrel slime …parasites ..flim flam con men and sons and daughters of mass murderers ..jewish bolshevism lives on in infamy globally ..zionism communism socialism bolshevism talmudism are all the same rot and corruption ….

  2. sog says:

    surely the other 70% inmate worker population of no jews in german criminal incarceration centers would have said something about the holocaust and if the fable was right then why wouldnt the valiant champions of human right jews push for reparations for the poles and slavs dead in the camps …hmmm ..or why havent all the non jews said yeah they separated the jews and gased them one has …handling cyanide is not for the faint haerted …it is exxxxtreemly explosive you cfould not drag dead bodies out pell mell and handle this shit without dying and you couldnt burn these cyanide ridden corpses without releasing cyanide into the camp and town nearby air ……
    in other words look up the havaara agreement and one of these days i’ll link the therreisentstadt deal time noew ..hitler banned communism for obvious reasons thet europeans knew how russia communist jews were killing millions of non jews ..
    also another genocide attempt in usa was the depp water hprizon in gulf it is 40,000,000 millions werwe exposed to dangerous corexit and benzene toxins ..beaches water was boiling and the gooks were spraying the shit on housing residential areas for good measure …i guess oprah orca winfree was wagging her tail on that one cus she wants all white crackers in the south to just die …obama basically said no to 14 + nations wanting to come and avert a mass pollution hitting landfall …booms and sucker ships could have saved the shore line but obama the great champion of black extraordianry rites says no and quotes the jones maritime act …while obama sucked shit dick and played golf …he allowed the permanent destruction of the gulf states ecosystem which of course supported millions of white businesses and workers …

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