Lindsey Graham Kisses Serious Jew Butt

Lindsey-Graham-Jew-Ass-Kisser xprt

“I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America.”

— Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, huge Shabbos goy to the Jew Zionist power structure and long-rumored DC homo and/or pederast.

From Council of Conservative Citizens

Speaking at a campaign event Nashua, NH, Lindsey Graham made some very wild comments. He made the completely absurd claim that the US border is already as secure as it can be. Graham stated “We did everything but put alligators. We literally militarized the border.”

Graham said that as president he would not sign any immigration legislation that does not include “a pathway to citizenship.” This is Graham’s standard euphemism for amnesty. Graham has been a major sponsor of senate amnesty bills since at least 2006.

Graham attacked rival candidate Rand Paul saying that Paul is less qualified because he is a doctor. Graham made the shocking statement “I’m a lawyer. He’s a doctor. Doctors are not used to being challenged.” Graham then said that Paul is targeting “kids who smoke dope in their parents’ basement.”

Graham then posted that his campaign is fueled by “pro-Israel funding,” and said “I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America.” Graham was one of the leading advocate of US programs to arm Sunni Jihadists in Libya and Syria. Many of the people armed are now fighting for Islamic Front, al-Qaeda, and ISIS.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal.

David Duke: Jewish money flooding Presidential campaign. Lindsey Graham jokes he will have “all-Jewish Cabinet.”



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77 Responses to Lindsey Graham Kisses Serious Jew Butt

  1. sog says:

    nice to see you karen …father coughlin was basically censured like sen mcCarthy was to and defamed ..father coughlin was jew wisw and had a radio audience of 20 million the neo commies in politics had to lie alot to get the american sheeple to eradicate germany ..on and on ..revenge is a duty ….soon ….
    i think i said that muslims had taken 250 million niggers into slavery cus i read that but the more i think about it i believe in reality is probably more like 25 million ..probably a typo on the site …14 million jigs were transported to south america and not a peep about it down there …muslims basically brought most jigs into sex slavery if not for task work ..and todays niggers idolize islam ..heh heh ..stupeed …
    whites were targets of moslem ship enslavers most likely before niggers were ..the very word kidnapping comes from white slavers staling kids illegally or slip shod legality bullshit …another hoax was that austrrailia was a convict country of origin etc the early colonies in america 2/3 of the whites entering the country were as indentured slaves ..whites were not protected under tratment laws like blacks and they could be kept for life or killed with inmpunity or worked to death as they were 1/10 th the cost of a jig ……
    its been awhile since i read on coughlin but it is integral to early american real history as is huey long and the lindbergh deal …probably the jew cohen mob did the child ritual sacrifice event on the child as they also cut the blasck dahlia in half with a kosher meat plant band saw …she was in a mix with warner bros studio head jack warner and probably was preagnant as they did cut out her female unit ..she was afirmatively cut in 2 by a saw that cut clean and fast and there was a kike meat plant a couple blocks away ..she was packed to split that same night is alleged that her and marylin norma jean were featured prostitutes for the hearst castle set of elite shitkikery ..anyway the mickey cohen mob was ruthless …meyer lansky was the real boss of bosses even over the 5 wop mafiosos ..lansky formed these family units to control and hide behind them when jewish mafia has always been greater and more global powerful…

  2. Karen says:

    They left the black dahlias’ body out in the open as an example and warning? K Anger wouldn’t touch that with a 10ft pole and he waded deep into the shit.

  3. sog says:

    austrailian population was proliferated with white indentured or even forced slavery like the early colonies were and its alot of british aroma around all that …

  4. protocolsRtrue says:

    Australia was founded as a prison colony, although some of the “crimes” people were charged with should nary warrant being put on a ship to Australia for the rest of your life. So I guess you could call it forced labor.

  5. protocolsRtrue says:

    What the brits did to start colonies in Australia was scoop up petty thieves or vagrants and chain them on a ship to Australia. It would be akin to us scooping up homeless people and shipping them off to the Falkland islands to build a colony.
    “the FATAL SHORE epic of Australia’s founding ” Robert Hughes. PRT the book critic gives this one a 5 out of 4 stars. National bestseller hard to put down.

  6. Provana Genstip says:

    AIPAC whores in Congress are traitors and need to be exterminated. Graham, Schumer, Reid, Santorum, Christie, Hoyer, Cruz, hell, all of ’em — why would anyone pay these psychopaths real money to destroy the world? We all pay for the eminently corrupt American political charade, yet most of my fellow citizens are to blame. Educate yourselves, fellow Americans, and perhaps the truth will set us free, or at least get us really PO’ed.

    In the meantime, I don’t have much faith in change. The track record for Americans looking out for themselves is . . . uh, we’re still looking.

    Ain’t “democracy” great? Paying morons to legislate our lives away — thank you Americans for your grand demonstration of political ignorance, voting into office people who aim to destroy your lives. Real smart, Americanos, real smart. Do you really think your kids and grandkids will survive a nuclear war, or ongoing climate change, or the global corporate-mandated wage-slave, ecocidal economy? I’m so glad I’m old.

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