Real Life Black Monsters Roam Our Lands



Channon and Christopher. May they rest in peace.

I remember when I first read about the brutal torture murders of the young White couple, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom in Knoxville, Tennessee, back in 2007. The details were so horrifying I immediately picked up the phone and called a major metropolitan newspaper to see why they hadn’t written a word. They punched me through to some public affairs type editor and I told her what I had read so far. Her reply? It was merely a “common garden variety crime,” nothing really to report about, sir.

Well, lah-de-effin’-GD-dah.

I was absolutely shocked at the lefty media woman’s callous indifference to the lives of White people. Here’s two young members of our race abducted right off the street while out on a date and subjected to rape, torture and murder for two days by a gang of black criminals, including a female who at one point was tasked to guard the White girl. The evil “crew” poured bleach down the living White girl’s throat and forced it into her privates to eliminate DNA evidence of sodomy and rape. Imagine that. Then they stuffed her into plastic garbage bags and one of those big Rubbermaid garbage cans where she soon suffocated to death. Her boyfriend was shot to death at close range with a large caliber 30.06 rifle and his sodomized, tortured body burned on nearby railroad tracks.

Maybe the newspaper editor was right in a way about it being “common.” Yep, blacks actually do kill White people in brutal ways almost as bad all the time. Just go HERE on my site and scroll down for only a minute or two. It’s absolutely crazy how much Whites are victimized by this evil, monstrous race. It’s so bad the media creeps work hard daily to keep our race in the dark — just so we don’t come together and put a stop to their agenda to turn America into a living nightmare for the White race.

How about when they do a crime story where the perps are still on the loose? They will freely report a description of what they might be wearing or driving, but somehow forget to mention the race, like it means nothing. Does that tell you anything? This total BS has actually been going on for a long time. It’s so blatant everyone sees it, but are too chicken crap to say SQUAT because of PC — now driving White America insane with daily news of such and such effront to the precious Negro race.

Have you had ENOUGH of the BS?

MOLLY CONLEY VICTIM OF DRIVEBYBack in 2013, a butt ugly black male opened fire from his car on six White teen girls simply walking by the side of the road. He later admitted his goal was to shoot a White girl for fun. And he did hit and kill 15 year-old Molly Conley (above) — a young girl well-beloved by her beautiful White family. The perp was recently convicted — not of murder but manslaughter! If the races were reversed, the story would be all over the national media to this day. What don’t you get about the equation, White people?

Another terrible crime against Whites I only found out about a few weeks ago. It happened back in 2003. The barest details of this murderous crime I came across have haunted me ever since. I copied the few small low res photos (below right) of the victims I could find to my hard drive like I usually do for my site.


The photo of the third black male was nicely kept from publication since he cooperated with police.

Eric Hlass (22) and Aaron Glexa (23) were just regular White college kids living off Ohio State University campus. A cute blond girl was also murdered, Kayla Hurst (21). Her boyfriend, Aaron, was apparently selling bags of weed to his college hipster pals — this kind of thing practically invites criminal blacks to pay a murderous visit.

Hell, crazy black bastards kill each other all the time over drugs and the smallest amount of money every minute of every GD day in practically every one of America’s cities — many now turned into filthy rat holes almost as bad as Africa and Haiti.

Some idiot type liberal Whites will say the college kids had it coming to them. Oh really? Isn’t that just your typical dumbass multicult justifications for how these murderous blacks truly behave? Why must us White people continue to keep silent about how NIGGERS truly are? Call me racist, I don’t give a flying monkey’s ass.

Haven’t you come to the eminently logical conclusion by now this race does NOT deserve White people’s sense of decency and fairness, anymore?

Young Eric Hlass figured out the area might be too dangerous to live. Over the phone, he told his mom that after a couple of paychecks, he would try to find someplace safer. Unfortunately for him, the very next night events would intercede. His mother would never see or talk to her son alive again.

EVA TODD CARMICHAEL MURDERThey found the three White kids shot dead and tied up with electrical wire. It appears that two of them frantically tried to get away at the last moment, right as the first victim was shot execution style; the other two suffered body shots before finally getting a coup d’grace bullet to the head.

Picture the sheer horror of the last few moments in those young people’s lives. Folks: The black race are clearly murderous, brutal monsters. No doubt at all.

How about the 94 year-old White woman (above left) shot multiple times to death by a black gang of at least 4 who broke into her home a couple of weeks ago? The bastards just kept shooting till she died. They probably plugged her several extra times for fun. The elderly woman was no threat to them. The filthy GD local media didn’t even bother to put up a photo of her (or purposefully made the decision not to). Par for the course. I had to find the one above at an obscure funeral home obituary site to use here.

Are you not sick and tired of this hypocrite crap? I ask you.

Murderous Prophet Eric Isaiah

This idiot mudshark ended up decomposing in a bathtub down in Ghana, Africa. However, lots of mudsharks are murdered in White countries practically on a daily basis. Why? It’s because Blacks are GD FREAKIN’ MONSTERS, that’s why.

And being married to these crazy, violent apes practically invites horrible, painful death, sooner or later.

Did you hear about the “Prophet” Eric Isaiah Adusah, who recently killed his pregnant White British wife (right) down in Ghana, Africa?

“Prophet” ape-man left her body in a hotel room bathtub and then told the staff not to disturb her. He was probably hoping he could come up with some OJ Simpson-style BS to hide his “momentary blackness” and fly off to White land. Three days later the Ghana people found the woman’s decomposing body. Imagine the sight and smell. “Prophet” ape-man will certainly try to grease a few corrupt African palms with shekels and walk — right on to the airport and back to White land. No problemo when it comes to White victims.

“Prophet” ape-man from Africa lived comfortably in Britain, enjoying our WHITE-invented civilization, while ripping off do-gooder idiots using religious gibberish lifted from the Bible (yeah, Israeli-corrupted Christian Zionist false prophets like “Bishop” John Hagee do the same thing). “Prophet” ape-man was also undoubtedly helped greatly by his Jew media-elevated POC (people of color) status in our lands. What the Jews have done to our White brains and lands is truly insane.

Meanwhile, Jewish Hollywood continues the multicult BS, evil Whitey slavery or umpteenth evil Nazi Holocaust movie. Oh yeah, and the teenager Jew CGI super hero crap.

Meanwhile, Jew-owned Hollywood continues the multicult fairy tales, White Guilt/black victimhood or the umpteenth evil Nazi holocaust movie. Oh yeah, let’s not forget the tiresome teenager Jew, fantasy super hero CGI movies. It’s all ridiculous JEW CRAP, people.

And don’t hold your breath waiting for a big report about “Prophet” ape-man on NBC’s Dateline or ABC’s 20/20 — that’s only for trashing WHITE Christians, or just plain WHITE criminals of whatever occasional crime we commit. Haven’t you noticed what the ONE common denominator to all the big trial media frenzies, they cover on TV every minute, on the hour?

Hell, the GD bastards are still going on about the 19th century hatchet woman LIZZIE BORDEN, for crying out loud.

The operative in the equation, of course, is WHITE criminals (Christianity is also a big target, too). Pay the smallest attention to today’s political and media “zeitgeist” and you’ll see that WHITES are the real target in pretty much all “PC” and what is called “cultural Marxism” everywhere. Make note this thing has been going on for decades and is obviously building up steam these days.

Everyone senses a major climax coming down the pike. Oh, people might chase ghosts like the “Illuminati,” or fear Muslim terrorism and Zombie outbreaks, but all that is simply PC-acceptable worries and specially embedded MEMES in our population for clouding issues — mostly to protect Israel and keeping our brains occupied while they whittle down our race and destroy the middle class. All the same BS, day-after-day, TV hour-after-hour, to jack us up or distract us.

Now, I’m just a regular, kind of gruff, kind of fugly, middle-aged White bum off someplace not important. About the only thing different is that I became suspicious about certain things I saw going on long ago and spent years looking into matters, one step at a time. I simply connected the dots, if you will.

They just want you to keep your White mouth shut, continue paying taxes and spending increasingly worthless money on stupid shopping mall crap. Meanwhile, all the homies hang out on street corners, play on Playstations, sell dope and rob White people, sometimes even killing us. “They” don’t give a rat’s ass when it comes to their visions of multicult crap or the “Agenda” to destroy the White race.

Let me just state an absolute fact: You have more chance of being brutally murdered in your own home by violent criminal blacks than any ISIS or phony Al Qaeda terrorist threat. By far. But “they” don’t want you to know that.

White Americans: We got a real problem. We have a PC-controlled media and subversive, psycho Jews destroying our race from the inside out (Whites are all “waspy” anti-Semites and potential Nazis to the punks). These forces have carefully protected blacks for decades and actively promoted Whites to breed ourselves away with this violent, animalistic and retrograde race. For decades, they have systematically brainwashed our people into believing blacks are just like us. They are not. Blacks are ugly monsters living off us and killing us.

Let me just state another absolute fact here: Whites are clearly getting F**KED over. No doubt at all, anymore.

— Phillip Marlowe

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100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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91 Responses to Real Life Black Monsters Roam Our Lands

  1. Frederick says:

    Your very accurate Mr. Bubba in your comment.

    “Where I live….many of the Protestant churches are dying off….The Catholic churches are quite full but whites are few and far between.”

    In many major cities and here, their are no Protestant churches, but in name only. There all organized as with the Catholic church, nothing remains of true Christianity OR EVEN RECOGNIZABLE.
    But when all hell breaks loose and satan does his damnist to destroy the true Church, a tiny remnant will remain and be saved in the end!
    11″And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever; they have no rest day and night, those who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.” 12 Here is the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and their faith in Jesus. -Revelation 14

    If there’s something better out there to deliver or protect us from the Pharisaic devils. I like to know about it! Fire power is only temporary it won’t save your soul, in Canada we got our legal pocket knives . Extraterrestrials is only a jew clever deception, unless your a liberal then your sold out about aliens deliverance!


  2. Smitherines says:

    Frederick says:
    April 5, 2015 at 2:55 am

    “Smitherines says:
    “Yeah I saw that too, he’s also anti-Louis Farrakhan (which so are many on here!)
    but that’s because he puts “The Real Devil” out there and he’s had constant
    death threats, Farrakhan has, his whole life, like David Duke”

    Mr. Smithrines, not my intention to give you a hard time, but I have been researching many years about world religions and Islam & the Nation of Islam along with Judaism because they almost equally despise my Lord Jesus and intend on killing all His followers exclusively the white people, primary Christian” Frederick

    I didn’t say I was a Farrakhan lover, or supporter, I said, some on here, hate
    the dude , i don’t care about his beliefs, and Duke is at least an agnostic, I simply
    said, both have called out the Jew and PAID for it. And Duke has also
    made light of the bible, but this is his prerogative, i don’t share it!

    I too, like you have become a “social pariah” within my family circles, these FAKE
    Christians, if they loved Christ a fraction of what they love these Khazar phonies
    the whole world would be a better place!

    I’ll tell you this Frederick, the quickest way to get rid of the pesky door to
    door salesmen, telemarketer, Jehovah Witness or Mormon going door to door
    is start to quote “Synagogue of Satan” from Revelations or “My adulteress
    bride” from Ezekiel. New and Old Testament, God is telling you they are
    choosing Satan, and ask them, about their earthly power and the smut they
    peddle, you’ll see everyone IMMEDIATELY make up an excuse they have
    to go now, look at your watch, you can time it, they usually don’t last 10

    They’d rather you call their mother a whore, than hear the TRUTH about The
    Khazar phonies!

  3. Smitherines says:

    You have heard of the “Third Reich” below is the “Third Beich.”

  4. Good video about those niggers. Like Jesus said, you can make people believe that what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong. These niggers are wrong for what they did and what they do, but the liberals make them all out to be right. And here we are, just trying to tell the truth and look at things honestly and we are the ones who are wrong. Why is logic a menace and truth an enemy? And I must tell all of you out there that sometimes when I write comments to this site, my words are being changed all around, right while I am writing. It happens so fast. I must double check every single word before I send anything. SOG, or one of you out there could you please write and tell me who these people are? Where are they? Who are they? How did they tap into my computer ? SOG, you asked what I meant by White shark. Well I meant, you know if you swam with one Great White Shark, you’d probably be safer than if you walked near a pack of niggers in the slums. You see, when I was writing that almost every word was being changed. These so called people actually took words out from what I was writing. Also SOG, I understand people out of work and they food cards. What makes me sick are the people who take advantage of the system. They don’t care. They have food cards, they go to food banks, but you see them with expensive cell phones, computers, cigarettes, booze, drugs, etc. the list goes on. So when I see commercials or signs that say Stamp out Hunger, I want to go out and make signs that say Stamp out Obesity. Another lie they tell us, you know, that we have to feed everybody and give them everything. This is pretty sad because when you give them everything, you know food, phones section 8 housing, they just get meaner and meaner. They appreciate nothing. Our true American pride is gone. I don’t see it coming back. It can’t. It’s too late. We’ve literally handed over our country. Our white culture is all broken up. It is no more. How can we possibly bring it back when we have all these other people coming here. They have no clue what we once were, nor do they care. It makes me so sad to see what we have built, what we have created and thought of. This makes me sad. Nothing is pure and decent anymore. Satan ‘s Jews have taken over. I guess all we can do is understand this. We must recognize the devil inside his chosen ones and stand up to it. We are good. We want to do the right thing. Of course they are going to call us evil and racists. We know this is not true. I am so glad to have found this website because now I don’t feel so alone in my thinking. I know for a big fact that all those niggers who hate us are the racist one. Take Oprah. My dear god, what a racist she is. And who made her rich? Jews and dumb white idiots who fall for just about anything she and her so called elite say. You know, it’s like those liberal whites have the Stockholm syndrome. They are literally in love with their corruptors. The corruptors could be a murder and they’d still love them. You know Jesus was right when he said narrow is the way and few shall find. Well, the gap is narrowing, and it’s happening all over the world now. It’s closing up. It’s closing up fast. Then what? When the money runs out in our country because we’re giving it away to all the people and causes, like most dictators in the beginning do, the mask will come off and then were going to see a bloody war, probably more bloody than we’ve ever seen before. But all of you, my dear friend, we see it. We know it. We understand it. And when this bloody war comes I will fight back. And if I die, it’s ok. I’d rather die than live under the tyranny that’s coming, and it is coming. It’s a terrifying thought, a terrifying reality that something like this is going to happen. But I’d rather fight and die knowing that what I’m doing is the right thing. And all those people who bash us and want to destroy us for standing up for what is right, well, they have no clue what’s coming to them. They are nothing more than useful idiots. And all these so called blacks who are the supposed victims are next on the list. The Jews are using them in a very sneaky, clever way. They want to shut this site down. They change my wording all around. They consider us evil for seeing the truth. How dare we expose the reality to the world. These Jews want to shut us up, maybe even kill us. These evil satanic Jews don’t want the world to get better. Why do you think everybody is getting sicker. The evil Jew spirit is everywhere. It’s like you can’t get away from it. Eventually there will be no place for any of us to go. And all the while they throw their sick, nasty filth in our faces, they stand back and laugh at us. Someone on this site wrote that we should never underestimate them. This is true. They want to take what is good and thrash it and turn it into filth. Yes, these Jew are satanic and they are everywhere. I hope what I’ve written here goes through. No words that I’ve written have been changed yet. So, once again, SOG, or anybody else who understands this, how are they able to get into my computer and change words around? Where are they? Who are they? How on earth did they tap in? If any of them are watching now what I’m writing, I don’t care. I will continue to stand up for what is right, and I’m not of afraid to speak the truth. I am not out to warp people’s minds and confuse them and drive them crazy. I cannot do that. Well, all you people on this wonderful, honest site, have a very Happy Easter.

  5. After watching the niggers at the movies or wherever that was, and the niggers hair pulling video, I realize how typical this is of them. Once again, they want to destroy everything we’ve built and created. What gets me are all those school shootings that are happening. I bring this up because these Jew criminologists who study this stuff are constantly referring to the shooters as being WHITE males from upper class homes. But it’s the way they say the word WHITE. Like White is evil. They never, ever talk about these niggers who are the true sociopaths. I have studied the school shootings a bit. These stupid Jew criminologist and psychologist love saying that rich white kids are the evil ones with the guns. But from what I see, most of those school shooters are Jewish kids who come from upper class families . Look at Columbine. Two guys did the shootings. One of them was Dylan Klebold. He’s a Jew. He probably masterminded the whole thing. And then there’s Kip Kinkle from Oregon. The list goes on. Another one was some kid named Goldmam or Golden. So once again, it’s Jew kid doing these violent acts and white people get the blame. As I said before, most people don’t know what a Jew is. They are so brainwashed. These degrading TV shows and movies are Jews portraying white people. They do this to dumb our white race down. They act stupid, they look stupid. They use filth and perverted sex that is so sickening. They think its funny and cute. They do this to show how stupid whites are. But it’s not whites. Jews get away with it. They love making fun of us. They’re laughing at us because they know exactly what they are doing. Everything about them is sick and nasty. And most whites out there watching their polluted garbage have no clue what’s going on. Wake up whitey before its way, way too late. It probably already is

  6. summerled says:

    if you need proof of Jew aggression have a look at this

  7. Frederick says:

    Smitherines says:

    April 5, 2015 at 7:35 pm

    I hope I didn’t mislead, give that impression into thinking that anyone was or is a Farrakhan supporter or whatever if I did, my apologies.
    “I simply said, both have called out the Jew and PAID for it,” I agree, but how a Muslim and a white Christian calls out a fake jew is very different. The muslim truly has no respect for God’s word, and Farrakhan is the best to distort the Bible.
    What I was responding to and meant is that Farrakhan gets death threats, as he’s brought this on myself, (his anti-white rhetoric anti Bible, anti Christ behavior).
    I don’t hate him, but don’t respect him in any way and he deserves whatever comes to him. And David Duke, I don’t think is deserving these threats, I don’t agree everything David Duke says but I respect him. To me, its like butting Jesus Christ and Hitler or Stalin in the same sentence or the same level, or making comparisons with either if them. Is totally disrespectful and disgusting! Just saying?

    “I too, like you have become a “social pariah” within my family circles, these FAKE
    Christians, if they loved Christ a fraction of what they love these Khazar phonies
    the whole world would be a better place!” Great one Mr. Smithrines!

    Just think for a few monuments if all our white relatives, friends, co-workers who are fake Christians would began thinking about Mr. Smithrines comment says and rethinking about there homo support, “just a fraction, not looking for perfection!”
    I guess we can only image how that would look? I’m really pissed how people I know personally can be so gullible. And now, how can we genuinely say we care or love them? Its gone too far, past the point of no return as we live in jew / satan bondage.

  8. MIKEY says:


  9. MIKEY says:


  10. kerdasi amaq says:

    Hey, Bailey, I agree with you. 12.14 Michele Ellis Stinks of troll\hasbarat to me. Hands up everyone who agrees. It’s the way it’s comments are structured. If you know what to look for: you can tell.

    I think it has some hasbapals hanging out with it, too.

  11. protocolsRtrue says:

    Very good documentary dvd here called “The Gatekeepers” anybody wants some real history of the israili/ arab conflict should get this (I picked it from Netflix) . Unfortunately it does not end up with much hope for them ever finding peace between them. Too much interesting stuff to mention the terrorism committed by radical jews and how a continuous war on terror also ends up with yourselves becoming a police/surveillence state.

  12. B-E-Devil says:

    In regards to hasbaRATS
    I don’t know if she is or isn’t a hasbarat.

    Decided it’s not up to me to stop anyone here at ICM’s site from
    expressing how they feel.

    You’re right kerdasi amaq when you say “It’s the way it’s comments are structured.”
    I agree it hurts my head trying to read her comments.
    Some might say the same about mine.

    Anyway no-one is going to convince me that the rat-face bastards
    from satans spawn are any good, and she doesn’t seem to be doing that.

    Maybe just another lost soul looking for answers.

  13. bubba says:

    I knew it……………………. It was only a matter of time.

    Filthy Jewish Liars Claim Holocaust Trauma Passes on Through Generations


    Actually, this could get interesting….because if the Kikes try to pull another fast one and claim ” muh shekels ” reparations through perpetuity, A-L-L of history is on the table….and they are gonna lose REAL bad.

  14. Smitherines says:

    “Look at Columbine. Two guys did the shootings. One of them was Dylan Klebold. He’s a Jew. He probably masterminded the whole thing. And then there’s Kip Kinkle from Oregon. The list goes on. Another one was some kid named Goldmam or Golden. So once again, it’s Jew kid doing these violent acts and white people get the blame. As I said before, most people don’t know what a Jew is. They are so brainwashed. These degrading TV shows and movies are Jews portraying white people. They do this to dumb our white race down. They act stupid, they look stupid. They use filth and perverted sex that is so sickening. They think its funny and cute. They do this to show how stupid whites are. But it’s not whites. Jews get away with it. They love making fun of us. They’re laughing at us because they know exactly what they are doing. Everything about them is sick and nasty. And most whites out there watching their polluted garbage have no clue what’s going on. Wake up whitey before its way, way too late. It probably already is ” — Michele Ellis says

    You forgot that asshole Jew in Arizona that shot those people, injured the
    Jewess Congresswomen, Morris Deeds of SPLC was on the air same night
    spewing “The White Christian sociopath” shit. Also gun control, and it wasn’t
    until alternate media started posting pictures of his parents lawn with Jewish
    decorations during their holidays, his parents were synagogue attending
    Jews, yet once again, they tried to play him off as a White Christian kid.

    This satanic looking monster how anyone could not see he was one , his face
    has the map of Tel Aviv on it. Jared Lee Loughner, also the name is Germanic
    and a derivative of Jeremiah, they LOVE Old Testament first names, even
    when they are atheists, shows you how arrogant they are.

    Michele, you write excellent stuff by try to write in paragraphs: break it up, it’s
    hard to follow in a long continuous paragraph, although highly informative and

  15. Smitherines says:

    “kerdasi amaq says:
    April 6, 2015 at 7:44 am

    Hey, Bailey, I agree with you. 12.14 Michele Ellis Stinks of troll\hasbarat to me. Hands up everyone who agrees. It’s the way it’s comments are structured. If you know what to look for: you can tell.

    I think it has some hasbapals hanging out with it, too.”

    Nah, I remember Moo Moo, Mad Jew, she was meticulous on grammar, spelling
    and English structure, most Jews are and their Hasbarats will attack posts
    like Michele writes. She doesn’t follow ordinary English structure, one thing those
    little bastards love: properly structured English, they should listen to their
    fucking Yiddish relatives with their “Vhens” and “Vheres” and “Ves.”

    I grew up around these assholes I can smell them out like a basset hound!

    There is also “keywords” they use, I haven’t seen any in her posts?

  16. Smitherines says:

    “kerdasi amaq says:
    April 6, 2015 at 7:44 am

    I have had the same claims on me time and time again and I LAUGH cuz I’m old
    Irish Catholic boy, one time alter boy about as far from a Jew as you can get!

    But they did live around me, I learned their tricks, how their psychotic
    minds work, i had them from right out of the camps, they are the worst,
    those Khazars dumped right here where I lived from Europe after WWII.

  17. bubba says:


    Probably not worth infighting amongst fellow posters..

    It ends up a Monty Python routine……aka WHO cast-eth the first stone ?!?!?…

    Whenever there is a MSM incident….whether it be Columbine…Waco….etc……..chill…take your time….let the N-O-N MSM do the figurative autopsy…

    I once went to a showing of a screened Indie documentary that exposed it as a military execution exercise about 2 years after it happened….quite amazing.

    Columbine ???…lots of info that this was a major Psy-Opp…Jews or not….the patsies are ALWAYS set up as fodder for a greater agenda…the elite and their goy…especially military…..have no qualms about sacrificing their own flesh and blood…aka ZOG bots.

  18. B-E-Devil says:

    bubba what I’ve noticed is that even expecting to find
    the truth from N-O-N MSM is a difficult task.
    Many alex jones-steen types pretending to be alternative media out here.
    I find that if you suspect that the source has any ties
    with the self-chosen; It’s time to move on.

    Came across this the other day.

    Many people have no idea that this goes on all the time.
    Lots of people out of work and they all want to be actors.

    Found this too. I was sending this to someone the other day in hopes of
    maybe having them see things. Something caught my eye.
    Check out the date. Then check date of German-wings crash.

    Leaves me to believe that the bastards have their grubby
    little fingers all over it.

    Meant to tell you thanks for your info the other day explaining
    the movie The Pawnbroker.

  19. kerdasi amaq says:

    Hmm, well, I did say that it had some hasbapals. Looks like some suspect characters were flushed out into the open. Tally-ho chaps the game is afoot.

    Playing spot the troll or hasbarat was a game played here a lot. As for ‘infighting’; I won’t be silenced by pleas for a mythical unity.

    Incogman, I respect what you’re doing here; but I’m acting in support of Bailey. So, let’s be clear about that.

  20. Thank you, Smitherines. I am not a Jew. I am 1st generation American. My mother comes from Innsbruck, Austria. She was born during WW two. She was tall, natural blond and beautiful. My other half is English. As a child , children often called me a Nazi. It was horrible. I also served for 10 years in the US army. I am a Gulf war veteran and I was also in Somalia. It was a terrible, ugly place. Also while in the army, I would be the only white girl in the whole platoon. I had to take orders from a bunch of niggers and they were mean and very cruel. I tried my best. So no, I am not a Jew. My dad taught me about them and then I started figuring it out myself. And what a bummer. I thought Baily was cool. I liked what he said, until now. I am not an intellect and I don’t write the way Jews do. Imagine some nigger ordering you around and you have to do what they say. I am talking about the army here. I couldn’t even complain because no would would listen. I just shut up and did my job. And crap. It’s people like me who go to war and fight so that people here in America can have their freedom of speech, like being able to say what you want on websites like these. If it was up to the Jews this website and others wouldn’t even be here. I am proud to have served my country. I would do it again. War sucks and it’s bloody. Those who called me a Jew really have NOclue what a Jew is. They are lost. I am not the enemy here. I know who the enemy is. Maybe I’ll just go to another site. What a bummer. I really liked this site. Thank you again, Smitherines for sticking up for me.

  21. summerled says:

    jews caught RED handed helping to holocaust Syrians

    Today, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force, which monitors the ceasefire borders dividing Syria and Israel on the Golan Heights, has filed a report alleging a network of contact and collaboration between the Israeli Defense Forces and Salafist Islamist rebels (including ISIS and Al-Qaeda) currently engaged in a war against Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran.

    The UNDOF observed activity in the Golan Heights over an 18 month period and found that the Israeli military was providing clandestine medical treatment for wounded Islamist fighters. Additionally, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz cites aspects of the report where armed rebels have been seen interacting heavily with the Israeli military. Representatives of Israel’s Druze minority have been complaining about this for a long time, culminating with an official complaint lodged last month in response to the Israeli government’s ongoing logistical and medical support for members of the al-Nusra Front, which is an Al-Qaeda affiliate, and ISIS, two groups that have committed barbaric crimes against humanity in Syria and beyond. In another instance recorded by the UN report, members of the IDF were seen giving boxes with unknown contents to armed Syrian rebels.

  22. Hey, kerdasi Amaq, or whatever your name is, are you even American?

  23. Arch Stanton says:

    “For decades, they have systematically brainwashed our people into believing blacks are just like us. They are not. Blacks are ugly monsters living off us and killing us.”

    Hmmm, sounds exactly like Jews.

    For decades, they have systematically brainwashed our people into believing that Jews are just like us. They are not. Jews are ugly, parasitical, monsters living off us and killing us.

    Perhaps that is why Jews have such an affinity for the Negro. Of course it my be just the same affinity the Negro has for murder, blood-lust and torture that attracts the Jew. If it weren’t for the color and the higher IQ, one could hardly tell the difference between the Jew and the Negro. Take a look at the horrendous torture and murder methods used by Jews who have gained the upper hand and tell me it ain’t so.

  24. stevieb says:

    Thanks Ned…that was a good laugh

  25. squarepegroundhole says:

  26. squarepegroundhole says:

    Just think about how much is going on with the black cancer that is not on film

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