Traitorous Media Now PC-ing America Like Crazy


I can’t believe all the PC CRAP they’re ramming down our throats these days! Frankly, this diversity BS is getting more wacked by the minute. The latest was a NBC program on Easter Sunday called “AD: The Bible Continues.” Not only was Apostle James turned into a bug-eyed black, but Mary Magdalene was played by a half-breed mulatto (above right). Jesus himself was played by a Hispanic. And I’m pretty sure they wished they could have found a way to fit in a trippy transgender into the whole rotten mess!

OBAMA SATAN INSETThe same producers behind this, Roma Downey and Mark Burnett (big darlings to the glassy-eyed, befuddled Christian Zionist fundies), also did this for the lousy “History” Channel last year. This is the series that first had Satan (tempting Jesus in the desert), played by someone who looked a bit too much like Obama (right). All the lefty Obongo lovers went nuts, so the two chickened out and cut the devil guy out from any later broadcasts (or to run on the other channels — they all work together).

And I thought that devil guy was cool as hell!

But they sure didn’t have any problemos laying down the multicult/diversity bull on evil Whitey. In the series, “The Bible,” they turned Sampson into a big fat ugly dreadlocked Negro, along with his mother and a slew of multiculted angels delivering God’s instructions to the Hebrews to lay waste any sandnigger idolators taking up precious Jew space in the “Promised Land” (future potential Muzzie terrorists). One was actually a chink warrior angel, kung fu fighting the evil, but definitely not noticeably gay, sodomites in Sodom, no lie. Other “Israelites” in the background were ridiculously out-of-place sub-Saharan Negroids. We’re all expected to go along with this continual PC nonsense — or else we’re the evil racists!

That wasn’t enough, it seems — the spoiled brats still complained the series was too White. I ask you seriously: Do blacks ever shut their big fat chicken chompers?

A very crucial observation of these efforts must be made: It’s not “skin color must be invisible in our brave new diverse reality” mantra, but blacks must always be portrayed as the good guys. These are specific efforts ordered from on high.*

NAZI ROMANSPlay the least bit of attention and you’ll see it — you don’t have think this big hater guy is just a wackjob!

Note how all the bad guy roles are never Negro, such as the Jewish Sanhedrin (who are cleverly portrayed as morally conflicted over Jesus, with only Caiaphas as the true baddie); or the Latin Roman Pagan Gentiles (the evil White Nazis of the Ancient World). The precious Negro must always be a hero figure, member of the good guys in the story, or a “victim of us racist Whites.” Any bad guys must always be White.

It’s only in the last 10 years or so they felt comfortable enough about the brainwashing success for them to change pretty much anything they want. What they’re really doing is quietly, gradually changing the general public’s perception of history, turning the black race into forever heroes, while White accomplishments are blithely ignored, or labeled White — hence bad.

Infuriating ridiculous, since blacks are about the most brutal, primitive bastards on the planet. Look at Africa and Haiti this very day, for crying out loud. Blacks anywhere — including America — would burn you or a loved one alive for the sheer giggles of it. Stealing your stuff is merely a side benefit for this completely sadistic, monstrous race.

Now, your typical brainiac libtards might say “we must build up the self-esteem of blacks in the interim before our brave new world fully comes to fruition” or some such nonsense BS. But reality is, this kind of thing goes right to the black’s pointy little heads and they honestly believe they are so great and can never do no wrong. Combine this with the enormous militancy chip they have on their shoulders and their huge racial propensity for violence and crime — you got one totally nutso bunch of murderous, ugly bastards!

Another thing to notice this Easter weekend (they actually do it every year), is ABC showing the “Ten Commandments” on Sunday night. “Ten Commandments” is a Hebrew fantasy movie of Moses and the “Exodus.” It has nothing to do with Jesus Christ! Not surprising when ABC/Disney is owned by a dual Israeli citizen. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s “Passover” too, but these sorry Jesus-haters had NOTHING about the resurrection on Sunday.

So, are we now a GD JEW COUNTRY? Think about that one, pal.

STAGES IN BRAINWASHINGFor decades, they’ve slowly, but surely brainwashed White people in our own lands. By first creating “PC,” they emplaced the TABOO shackles to keep our race silent and intimidated from speaking out. Practically everything you see on TV is geared to keep Whites this way — until we can no longer do anything about it.

Sometimes, I don’t know why White people just can’t seem to get it. Oh, I’m just being rhetorical here. I know exactly the deal. Just that I get so frustrated I want scream!

I was talking to my neighbor’s wife the other day about that German copilot guy who drove the plane into a French mountainside, killing all those people and I told her he was a Jew homosexual and how our US media kept it under wraps for PC purposes. She acted like the homo bit wasn’t so bad, only what he did. I pointed out the fact that our media hides stuff like this from us all the time, which is the real issue.

In other words, it’s not so earth-shattering that a sick faggot might do such a thing, just that we have a media carefully protecting such types from the mindset of the general population (among so much else). See what I’m saying here? Or trying to.

I can’t really complain too much, though. Both her and her husband both agreed the media seems controlled by Zionist Jewry. That’s a huge start! Unfortunately, the two are still fairly multicult about Negroes and homos. Oh well. She whined a bit about the word “nigger” sounding so awful! Boo hoo. Her husband laughed and said he didn’t have a problem with the word.

vicious_thugsBlacks victimize us White people all the time and the traitorous media remains silent (“hush” crimes). Video still above shows a black gang of men and women attacking a White homeless man in Philadelphia purely to satisfy their anti-White race hate — putting the guy in the hospital in critical condition. If the races were reversed, this would be all over the national media! This kind of thing actually happens all the time. Had enough of the hypocrite GD BS?

What we got going on is this: White people are just too good for own sakes. Most Whites unfortunately have little to no idea of how much blacks hate Whites. Just think about all the years of movies coming out of Jewish-owned Hollywood on slavery, Jim Crow, southern rebel “racists” screaming “nigger” at all the nice clean-cut blacks wearing button-down shirts and chinos — just wanting to vote or drink cherry coke down at the malt shop!

Here’s a pretty typical recent comment from the homies I get that you don’t usually see (such comments stay in moderation and deleted):

INCOG MAN is a small Dick African Hating motherfucker. you pick and choose the stories that best fit your stupid ignorant ego. you go on and on, about the issue facing majority of the world races. you Sir, are a disgraceful to your race. i want you to go kill yourself and all your stupid irrational audiences.

I am not gonna educate your dumb fat lazy white Ape, recessive gene, cave dweller, little dick having, pesticide to human race, son of a bitch mother fucker. Because you don’t need to be educated. you have already made up your white devil mind. However, I am gonna remind you that your Race is the problem to all HUMANITY.

Please make the note the utter hatred and disrespect this black has for Whites (he’s letting it all out simply because I dare speak freely to members of MY race on things he doesn’t want other Whites to know). It’s obvious he HATES our race. White libtards NEVER see this hateful side of blacks or more likely, blank it out from their brains when they do come across it (rarely, since the media absolutely never reports such things).

We need to teach these White-hating black bastards a serious lesson in humility!

Azealia Banks and Paula Deen

I love that line “little dick having.” Oh, you can tell this is one wacky Negro, alright. This “big dick” Negro crap has been well-proven scientifically as a bunch of hokum (I’ve seen the data); certainly promulgated by immoral, filthy Jew change-agents and shekel-loving Jew pornographers using rude prosthesis fake penises in California — all working to screw up Whites in the head while getting their own sick, perverted groove on.

Besides, I’ve been told many times my Chuck E. Cheese is fairly decent (along with plenty of languid satisfied smiles). Sure, they might not call me “tripod” in the gym locker room, but that’s OK. And from what I’ve seen there, White guys are every bit as big — sometimes even bigger. I don’t really go into such topics on my site, since you can tell I try to stay classy here whenever possible. Ha ha.

Plus, the faggot-lovers would love to imply I’m a “latent” homo. My virginal White ass.

And these blacks are always smacking their big fat blue gums and rudely grabbing away at their unit — squeezing away down there like they happen to store pizza dough in their pants as a sideline. I do believe what we’re seeing is some kind of vestigial throwback behavior from the days of ancestral ape mating rituals.

Oh, and get him calling us Whites “APES.” That’s so so hilarious.

I think anyone with half-a-brain left can see African “Americans” are about as apelike as they come. Blacks are so ugly and primitive, there’s good scientific reason to believe they are indeed the Missing Link, or close enough evolutionary-wise. Hell, the ones they pretend to be attractive in the media are only because they have some White genetics that show up in the face. That’s if they’re lucky, since most half breeds are about as ugly as a over-fed pug dog in heat!

Like I said earlier, multicult media has so blown up the egos of these worthless black apes, it’s ridiculous.

Let me tell you, if you’re a mulatto and you’re not trying to get TV commercial work, then you must be as stupid as a… well, Negro. If the main character is not black to begin with, you can see them making sure to put in a black or half breed in all camera shots. It’s so obvious, you can practically hear the production creeps making placement decisions in the background.

This was a front cover of Newsweek magazine just a few years ago. The glee of White-haters is obvious, but notice how they confine it to "males" so they can claim it's not anti-White "racist." Read the subhead.

The media now feels free as a bird openly trashing us Whites — especially us straight males. They get away with it, because Whites are too PC intimidated from saying anything. Blacks laugh at our weakness.

It’s like Jew supremacist Steven Spielberg directing the camera dolly track to show at least one of the six or so Star of David tombstones out the whole Normandy cemetery of 4,000 Christian crosses in the movie “Saving Private Ryan.” Also, notice how Jew Hollywood always has to have a brave Jew dogface in every war movie platoon of soldiers. Ridiculous, since Jews were notorious back then for shirking dangerous front line duty — that is if they didn’t stay home after scoring a phony 4F deferment from a Jew doctor and part-time abortionist somewhere!

Anyway, getting back on topic (I have a tendency to go off “half-cocked” from time to time). The media is really turning on the diversity spigots.

These filthy, devious Jews are bound and determined to breed away us White European Gentiles into the morass of other races. I do believe it’s now as obvious as hell. And that’s what America will become for the White race — a living hell. Those left of us will be spat upon and brutally murdered on a daily basis like the Whites in South Africa.

Call me crazy, call me nutty, call me a big hater boy, I don’t care.

— Phillip Marlowe

* I was actually somewhat privy to the first “orders” sent down the ranks to diversify the media back during the first years of Clinton. I believe a second, much more vicious anti-White brainwashing directive went into effect right after Obama was “elected” but I wasn’t at the insider position like the first (long story). Yet, I did notice the sea change. These are coordinated steps in the Globalist Jewry’s slow motion genocidal destruction of White people. We’ve always been the one race who presented the most danger to their ambitions of a Jew World Order that needed to be weakened as much as possible.


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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