Video Stills Reveal Escaping Negro Tazed Cop

walter-scott-taser-leadIn this still, it appears that Slager’s left leg has been hit by taser electrodes and the wire is wrapped over Slager’s arm. Later, Slager was photographed with his left pant leg pulled up [photos and video below].


From Citizens of Conservative Citizens

Video stills appear to show taser wire dangling from the arm of North Charleston police officer Slager. The raw cell phone video appears to show an enraged cop shooting a fleeing suspect without cause. However, when the evidence is all put together and stills from the video are analyzed, a much different narrative emerges.

Video stills suggest that officer Slager was telling the truth about being attacked. He appears to have taser wire dangling from his body. It looks like Slager’s left leg has been hit by taser electrodes, and the wire is wrapped over Slager’s left arm. Later, Slager was photographed with his left pant leg pulled up. If you look at this collection of sequential stills, a black object is being dragged across the ground behind Walter Scott.

The officer alleges that he was attacked and Walter Scott took his tazer. Slager says he fired because he feared for his life. While tasers are considered a non-life threatening alternative to firearms, dozens of people are killed by police tasers every year. Also, someone who was just hit by a taser is unlikely to be thinking clearly.

Given all the evidence that has come out so far, it seems extremely unlikely that Slager could be convicted of first degree murder (simply called “murder” under South Carolina). This webmaster predicts that the charges will be reduced to manslaughter. Under South Carolina law, manslaughter is defined as “the unlawful killing of another without malice, express or implied, must be imprisoned not more than thirty years or less than two years.”

Gwen Nichols, another witness, told the media that she saw Slager and Scott fighting. The full evidence that has been released so far suggests that Slager was attacked by Scott. Slager was hit with his own potentially lethal taser. Then Slager fired the fatal shots as Scott ran away. Scott initiated the confrontation and probably committed felony assault in the process.

For days, every media outlet in the nation has been screaming “white officer charged with murdering unarmed black father.” Walter Scott was a habitual deadbeat dad that had an outstanding warrant for non-payment of child support. The media clearly is pushing an agenda. Every day white people are murdered by blacks and none of them are national news stories and usually race is never mentioned.

walter-scott-tazer-wire This is the part to the video where I talked about seeing a wire for a split second gleaming in the light. NOTE: The traitorous media isn’t saying a word! [INCOG]

Don’t expect the media to show you this shot! They don’t dare cast doubts on the Negro victim narrative.


The black bastard owed $18,000 in back child support and had an outstanding warrant out. Plus, Scott had no legal connection to the car. He was just out joy riding a used Mercedes for sale, “thinking” about buying it. His front seat companion looked like a crack head or worse.

So Scott took the NEGRO WAY OUT (feets do your stuff). His pal in the passenger seat almost certainly suggested he bolt, so he wouldn’t face going to the slammer for child support delinquency. The homie knew the cops couldn’t do anything to him if he remained behind. The two worthless black parasites probably had big party plans that night — maybe a date with a crack pipe and a couple of bottles of Colt 45 malt liquor!

The poor cop really didn’t know who or what he was dealing with. Far as he was aware, he had a WANTED NEGRO on his hands. Maybe a killer. You know something else? Cops nail criminal Negroes like this every minute of every damn day.

Oh, I forgot, he was supposed to be a big Coast Guard hero, right? So he had his portrait taken while in uniform.* Like BFD. What a bunch of pure bull! The traitorous US media is clearly out to screw over White people.

The worthless GD black race are a millstone around this country’s neck!




The guy was a criminal crack dealer. Go HERE! You won’t hear the media say a thing.


* Scott did not get a honorable discharge from the Coast Guard. That’s why the media stopped showing you the photo of him in his uniform! He got a “general discharge” because of an unspecified “drug related incident.” Typical.


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81 Responses to Video Stills Reveal Escaping Negro Tazed Cop

  1. INCOG MAN says:

    I answered him. He’s a new guy. Let’s help him out!

  2. Frank Fredenburg says:

    I agree with you Incog. He hasn’t attacked anybody or accused you of being a government plant. Mike is probably a white guy. He just sounds confused. We were all that way at one time. I just get frustrated with whites sometimes. The Daily Stormer had an article about college students partying at a beach. I think it was called Panama Beach, or something like that. There was a video that had white college girls at the beach. I’ve been in a bad mood since I seen that. Did you see it? If that is the what most of our white college girls are like, we are in trouble. I couldn’t watch the entire video. I forget the name of the article. It was either yesterday or the day before.

  3. Frank Fredenburg says:

    These Are Your Women, White Man – #YesAllWomen

    This is the article I was telling you about Incog.

  4. American born says:

    It’s worse than that, Frank. I attend a major University right now and the young women are trash. It’s hard to put into words how depraved they really are.
    The young men are just as bad. We discussed the shooting in North Charleston today and all the white guys were defending niggers and blaming racism. The vast majority of them are throughly indoctrinated; it will take years of deprogramming for them to even begin to see reality.

  5. Rastus Banjolip built the pyramids says:

    This bee wayciss! The poor downtrodden noble magic negro was running off to work to pay for his baby mama’s kids when the cracka poleece done killed em!

  6. Hoff says:

    INCOG MAN says:

    April 13, 2015 at 11:04 pm

    My site is now getting beaucoup hittage!

    This short video should wake some people the hell up. If this was YOUR child ..

    Israeli snipers shoot children playing on rooftop in Gaza

  7. Mr.X says:

    Hmmmm, funny how I couldn’t see any blood from the corpse considering the number of shots the Police officer let off. Another thing which I thought was strange is how could they allow someone so close to film the entire incident on iphone at close proximity unless it was planned that way. It seems to me to be a contrived and staged event to incite racial hatred against white cops.

  8. Bailey says:

    Damn it Rastus , learn to spell.

    It’s keeds..

  9. Bailey says:

    Why niggers shouldn’t be allowed to drive automobiles,

    Same goes for shit bag mestizos, they kill people all the time, La Raza and the hypocrite jewess’ of MADD don’t want you to know it though so it’s a non-issue.

  10. kerdasi amaq says:

    Troll alert, 12.12 troll alert.

    Note the stilted writing. It’ a giveaway. Establishing orthodox pro-White credentials for trollish shenanigans later on. 😀

  11. telenahelutova says:

    zumting eez missink frum diz, eet es called blud therew is no blud,shot 5 times no blud no bulet see black man on pavement handcuffed and police shot him several times while he was lying on his stomnachand you see the blood run till he drained and die fast ,dat 1 was real dis is psyops copsare in on everytyhing trained in israel amelikans are thew enemyblacks who dumb enough and beleieve any ole ting just like dummie whiteswho are self haters like jew self haters? which i dnt see any of dem about.i see people with brains enouhg to go pp poopoo and eat and slave away after dat i not see much of the use of brain.

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