Welcome to the NEXT FRONTIER in Civil Rights!

BRUCE JENNER MAINZionist Jew-controlled ABC News and blond Shiksa, Diane Sawyer, made an obscenely huge media blitz last week over an interview with one time olympic hero and reality TV show star, Bruce Jenner. They made it out like he was such a nice, lovable guy who just simply wanted “to live as a woman.” I watched most of the interview and let me tell you: The guy is a FREAK!

Yep, the Nation-Wreckers now believe they have homosexual rights all sewn up, so it’s time to segue way over to transgenderism, or what used to be called filthy drag queen FAGGOTRY in your face. Oh, I know the tranny business has nothing to do with sexual orientation (they made that point again and again in the Jenner interview). Yeah, right. And I got a rusting, single design fault, ready-to-collapse, bridge to sell you.

This tranny stuff is so intertwined with gay bizarroness, it’s not funny. Sure, you might have a few cross-dressing men who like wearing frilly skirts and have sex with women, or women who like looking like lumberjacks, but also like having sex with men (don’t try to picture it in your head — it’s pretty gross). All that is relatively rare in the “community.” Yet it’s still exactly as you don’t want to imagine.*

All this crap makes you wonder how these sick freaks keep it all STRAIGHT — ha, ha, get it?

Look, I’m not trying to say we got to hunt homos in the streets, or anything. OK, so maybe we chase a few dressed up ones through the woods for laughs and make a reality show out of it? LOL. No, all I’m saying is that decent moral behavior, the family unit of one dad and one mom needs to be, has to be the law of the land. Call me crazy.

Let’s just say it keeps crap simple. And it’s not only “the bathroom issue” in high schools, either. I don’t want to be wildly French kissing some babe I thought was hot, and then find out said babe has a big old nasty unit — once I get down south of the Mason Dixon line with my “ministrations.” Now that would really gross me the hell out! Go ahead, call me a big hater boy for being this way over things.

Now your stinking freelance social engineers and libtards would say “oh, you’re just a latent homo, INCOG man, for even thinking that could happen.” Total BS. It thrills homos to no end to fake out us straights, or whom they call “breeders.” Faking one of us out, gives them proof positive of looking oh-so-hot.

And no, I’ve never had that happen to me before. But I have indeed met and spoke to cross dressers and let me tell you that was more than enough to almost make me puke big chunks right then and there.

Call me weird, call me old fashioned, call me a hater, I don’t care, but this regular White guy wants his babes being born babe. And I want things right where they are supposed to be by the time I get there!

I remember one time back in college, walking the city, when I turned a corner and found myself face-to-face with these two totally bizarre-looking Negro cross-dressing homosexual prostitutes. They looked very young, possibly underaged, but busy working the streets on a hot summer day dressed in drag. I might have talked a little with them. Sure, they were probably scoping me out as a potential customer, but I assure you I wanted nothing to do with them, other than making my usual zoological observations to later fuel my hate-filled ravings here at INCOG MAN.

Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side…


Another time, I was drunk as a skunk, pulling up to my city apartment in my metallic green 8 cylinder Chevy Nova SS two door coupe (oh, how I loved that bad ass little car, even though she almost got me killed on a couple of occasions). There was a tranny street walker taking a shortcut down this alleyway behind my building. It was a White guy (or Jew) dressed to the nines in a tight-fitting sequined dress and a honest-to-god purple beehive hairdo.

I rolled down my window to do a little jive-talking (I enjoy getting subtly confrontational with any sort of wacko for my own personal amusement). When “IT” leaned down, I could see a big as hell adam’s apple in the glow of the street lights and also noticed black beard stubble starting to poke out through the heavy makeup base. Sexy.

As I recall, “IT” said something to me like the apparently cross-dressing Negro prostitute did to Tom Cruise in the movie “Risky Business” when his devious buddy called a number in the classifieds. And indeed, I really was just a clean-cut young Whitey boy (practically looking like Cruise did in the movie) — way, way out of his league in the world of sin. I actually once met Cruise on an elevator in Manhattan. He’s shorter than you might think, but was a pretty nice guy — didn’t seem at all too stuck-up.

That’s not the only time I’ve talked to prostitutes, either — real female ones, too (but never paid for “it” believe me). One told me straight-up that as soon as she got in “the business” there was no way out and the whole thing was gross as hell. A real nightmare of daily existence (let that sink in, any cutesy young ladies reading here for the first time).

Getting back to the transgender business: I’m sure there’s some “nice” people out there like Bruce Jenner, who only want to “live life like they want” and all that jazz. But for everyone like that, they are ninety-nine totally sick puppies who do all sorts of disgusting crap, like walking the streets for money. Some of these sickos actually like holing up in motels, doing heavy drugs like crystal meth, and getting holed (sorry for being rude) by multiple strangers.

Look, all this stuff going down (uh oh, did another faggot double entendre) in White nations is to slowly and quietly destroy the White race. Homosexuality, transgenderism, feminism, interracial sex, abortion, pornography, divorce, immorality of any and all sorts — they all contribute to the steady destruction of the White family unit. Without a doubt.

At some point, you got to stop and ask yourself: Who gave “them” the GD right to turn our lands inside out and topsey-turvey? I mean, really.

Yep, it’s the Jews, alright. Not only are the powerful hidden Globalist Jews trying to turn the West into a Jew planetary power, but tons of “little” Jews who are indeed big sodomite pole-smokers and carpet-munching bull dykes themselves! Yep, Jews are hugely into the “gay” scene — just go HERE on my site for a big listing.

Gertrude Stein JEW DYKE

Gertrude Stein: Jewess dyke writer, salon hostess for intellectual Parisian elites and Impressionist artists. She was also a pro-Vichyite fascist, at least until D-day, anyway.

In fact, even the word “gay” in relation to homosexuality was coined by this ugly old Jew bull dyke contrarian from Pennsylvania, named Gertrude Stein, who moved to Paris, France, so she could sleep with other chicks (hooking up with Alice B. Toklas, another rat-faced Jew like herself). Toklas is mostly famous for her tasty hash brownie recipe. Ironically, Stein was a big supporter and “propagandist” (code for any writings PC police don’t like) of pro-European Marshal Petain and “collaborator” Vichy France. She even said positive things about Herr Hitler back in the 1930’s, believe it or not.

I once told a militant little Jew chick about that and she called me a lying Nazi bastard. I laughed.

I was watching this documentary the other day about the Guernsey islands off Britain being occupied by Nazi Germany during WWII and they were talking about these two dykes living together there as “sisters.” The two were doing stupid stuff like leaving anti-Nazi phamplets on Bistro tables like they were such brave underground fighters for the “resistance.” The Nazis mostly ignored them. The documentary very briefly flashed up the lovebirds’ tombstones (from natural deaths and not execution by evil Nazis) and you could see the Star of David (or Satan) carved above the names.

I think most Americans now realize the destruction being wrought by these filthy, nation wrecking Jews, even young people — regardless of all the phony, lying polls the media puts up saying otherwise (they do this “Herd Instinct” trick on our asses all the time).

Just pay close attention to all the brainwashing and propaganda the media is doing these days — it’s grown increasingly obvious and fervent. As soon as you start picking it apart, you really can understand the sheer arrogant evilness of these creeps. It’s so bad one can legitimately be suspicious that the devil himself is behind it all!

I don’t really know if I’m making any impressions on new people out there. Hell, no matter how advanced computers and the Internet is, no one can get inside your head — yet.

All I’m saying here at my site is that these filthy stinking Jews are turning America into a real crap house and all us White people into crazy crap house rats. Connect the dots, note the things they push and you’ll agree with me.


Phillip Marlowe

* I once slept over at this bull dyke’s country home (long story) and when I noted her motorcycle helmet and a set of brand new fishing rods, I told her about my dirt bike days and my love of fishing. Soon, I was giving her tips on lures she should try for her fishing waters, knots, favorite monofilament, etc., etc. It was obvious how excited she was getting by our macho man conversation — you could say INCOG MAN bonded with a real butch lezbo. I still get teary-eyed thinking about it.

BTW: I stole my headline above from George Stephanopolis who actually said this out loud today on his Sunday ABC Jew News show “This Week.”


100% White boy born and bred in the USA. Dedicated to awakening Whites to all the crap being done to our decent, fair-minded race and exposing the devious brainwashing rats behind it all. Wake the ef up, White people!
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38 Responses to Welcome to the NEXT FRONTIER in Civil Rights!

  1. bubba says:

    I am sure we could each post old war stories about “gay” people we know, or knew etc.

    I can recall in our grad class one party that was queer as a $3 bill, came to a hallowe’en party dress as a geisha girl, …..but hey….. didn’t bother the rest of us. Another one we wondered about…but more subtle…then it was obvious.

    The first one died of AIDS…the 2nd one went off the deep end and pretty much committed a subtle suicide.

    We all “knew” they were gay…but it wasn’t that militant type we see now.

    Now, I keep hearing stories about married hetero couples ( some with children) splitting up and one of them going the gay route…Once the kikes took down hetero marriage…they promote more divisive freakdom.

    People are now so f*cked up they don’t know which way is up….all thanks to histories psycho Kike Jew mind f*ckers.

  2. protocolsRtrue says:

    I get you bubba you get it too. Go to a brooklin bagel shop ask for a ham cheese and bacon breakfast bagel . And a beer. When the jew bitch brings the bagel to you say it’s not hot enough can you put this in the microwave oven for me for a minute? See jews die and be holocaust survivors immediately would be hilarious.

  3. protocolsRtrue says:

    And then you can say my Grandpa and Grandma owned a bakery in Dresden. Grandpa had to go defend the country even though he was 68 years old. Grandma and me kept the bakery going. Mommy worked in a factory. We fed as many refugees as we could but we all were starving. Our starvation ended that one night when the bombers and incidinairies started the firestorm and 70,oo0 of people including Grandma mommy and me died.

  4. bubba says:

    The Kike Jew magic trick is to propagandize “X” for the tribes interests.

    Its a slow and subtle technique , but ultimately the kosher bulls’ eye is THE lowest common denominator.

    Freud,…Kinsey, et al…simply over-rated mental wedge pounders.
    The 1960’s was an era of social re-engineering whereby almost everything became “relative”…like abortion…when is one” brain dead” for transplants?

    OR………are queers mentally ill ?
    or have it re-defined by quack(redundant) psychiatrists as a lifestyle choice?

    The Kikes will soon have the LGBQT divided into ever increasing factions..then the cage match.

    (Personally,…….. I have nothing against queer kikes being in the same jail cell as a militant 300+ lb Black from Ferguson who finds out who ran the slave trade…..but that’s just me….)

  5. RED PILL says:

    Chekist ?????? ‘1992’ Russian film ‘Eng-Subs’ (full)
    what they will try to do to us, i got sick

  6. No to Jews says:

    Of late I have noticed that some bloggers had been not using the word Jew in their formats and articles. Most blatant is Veterans Today. They will use Khazarian Mafia, Zionist, Israeli etc. instead of using the word “JEW”.
    Jew is the word that Jews use to refer to when referring to themselves. Jew is the word that everyone knows all about when referencing these loathsome creatures.
    When you see some author using everything else except the word Jew it exposes their true nature behind the scenes.
    Be very suspicious of those too gutless to use the word “JEW.”

  7. No to Jews says:

    Do not forget the First Tranny in the White House. Same deal as the Williams tennis sisters. PUKE PUKE PUKE.
    A day of Reckoning is coming for the USA.

  8. American born says:

    The picture of the woman who had her breasts surgically removed is very disturbing. She is obviously mentally ill. Bruce should be forcibly held in a mental asylum where he can receive treatment for his insanity.
    Most of homosexuals were, or are abusers of children.

  9. MIKEY says:

    exactly right. there is no such thing as a “jewish” person. the word is used to sucker the White race that they are not rotten to the core. always use the word “Jew” in describing them as Whites are stupid and can’t figure things out. you are either a ‘jew’ or you are not

  10. Karen says:

    Back into the closet!

  11. MIKEY says:


  12. B-E-Devil says:

    I understand your reason for dropping the internet Red Pill.
    I will miss reading your comments.

    Always meant to tell you that you have my admiration for leaving
    the life of the ways of this world that you lead those first 60 years.
    Seems far too many of us can never quit being a part of the evil
    ways of this world.

  13. It is so hard to believe that so many kids grew up in the late 70’s idolizing that freak Jenner on Wheaties cereal boxes….

    Our society is being so utterly fucked up by the Jewish psycho inbred freaks…..

    Thanks for this article, btw, Incogman.. Your information is always top notch…

  14. Jesse says:

    Lesbians, gays, bi’s and transgenders – check. I guess the only thing left for these nation wreckers will be making beastiality seem alright. Wonder if they would advocate all this disgusting shit for the betterment of Israel. Hypocrites!!!

  15. summerled says:

    here is jenners first confession

  16. bubba says:

    I watched some of the Bruce Jenner interview…

    The guy(?) is 65 years old…

    …..ain’t it a bit late to be making a political statement…how much surgery and other things like drugs, hormones etc does he expect his body to take ?

  17. bubba says:

    Bruce Jenner:
    Endorsements Before and After


  18. summerled says:


  19. bubba says:

    summerled says:
    April 27, 2015 at 2:03 pm


    Actually, that Gigi chick with the Brunhilde look is actually the Kardashian’s pet Rottweiler after surgery….

    WARNING : Stay away from these people !

  20. Frank Fredenburg says:

    Our Dead Gay Army


    This may take awhile to load. They are having problems at the Daily Stormer. Look at the pictures of our soldiers wearing pink high heels. I bet our servicemen are happy about that.

  21. Karen says:

    Went into town the other day and saw a parade of cops, out of uniform, marching in high heels. It was a “walk a mile in her shoes” event sponsored by women against “violence against women”. I’m a women and though no guy has ever laid a hand on me, he’d be sorry if he did, and violence of any sort, especially those weaker than yourself, is abhorrent, I could personally murder animal abusers, the scene made me cringe. Was it really necessary for these men to emasculate themselves to prove a point?

  22. Arch Stanton says:

    Incogman, you got the clownish freaks all right, but there is a much more insidious class of transvestites who are indistinguishable from their female counterparts. Funny thing about these transvestites, they love the frilly-pink, ultra-feminine look that “modern” women have been programmed to despise and men eagerly sought in their women not too many years ago. These “new” males wear lingerie and “heels” that might only be found on hookers today. They typically eschew any form of masculinity like trousers, preferring dresses and skirts. These males typically strive to look very much like the females heterosexual males pursued back in the sixties. In the meantime women are increasingly looking more and more like butt-ugly males and getting uglier and uglier everyday. What is the upshot of all this? I perceive yet another very careful manipulation going on behind the scenes that will add to others, like the sexualizing of children, that are already serving to eradicate the white race.

    Figure it like this, a segment of the male population is looking more and more like desirable females while more and more men are turning to a life without women. The judeaized court system has set this up by hammering almost every male summoned to divorce court. The horror stories of men who have been “taken to the cleaners” by conniving gold diggers has scared men away from even the thought of a normal monogamous, heterosexual relationship. And now, at a critical juncture of the culture’s social revisionism, in steps the new “gurl” or “demale” ever so daintily. No doubt, there will be men who will find these new transvestites quite literally a more attractive alternative to those conniving cunts waiting to emasculate a former husband’s persona and bank account by means of a bull-dyke, Jewish judge’s order.

    The most disturbing of these emerging alternate lifestyles is the so-called “gender roll reversal.” Ostensibly this is said to make males “less threatening” Yet they make no mention of making women more threatening by pumping them up with steroids. One can only wonder at the potential female health problems that will be suffered by these tough broads in their later years, but of course the Jews behind this agenda could care less about that. Today, the women empowerment agenda is running full blast, leaving less and less options for a male outside perhaps “homemaking” or domestic duties or some other segment of the “service industry.” All those high powered women running the country now need someone to take care of the domestic chores on the home front, but they aren’t lesbians, so what’s a new age women to do? Presto! In steps the new feminized male to attend those household duties once served by the traditional housewife.

    As usual, no one seems to be asking the most obvious questions, e.g. what social purpose will this roll reversal serve? What will be gained by white culture when these rolls are reversed from their natural state? Where and how will the social structure be improved when women are tough cops and military killing machines while men stay at home, cook the meals and take care of babies? From a social standpoint, what will have actually changed other than an alternate sex filling the traditional roles? What will happen when these tough, steroid-saturated, broads come up against real men that have not been programmed by the Jews to cower and grovel before the alter of political correctness? To date I have not heard of any women going up against men in those cage fights or multi martial art combats and one can only wonder what the outcome will be when a squad, platoon, division or regiment of these tough broads come up against an equal number of Russian Spetsnaz. I think the Jews know, which explains why they are programming Americans with reversing the gender rolls. Interestingly, Negroes led the way with using women for murderous roles while the males dressed and acted like women. So what purpose will “less threatening” males serve in this new gentle society when their women look like this?


    One day, one of us throws a stone that hits another stone. The noise resounds, a spark flies. We suddenly see the old woman straighten up. Her face is transfigured. She begins to march proudly… Reaching a wall, she lies down on her belly and crawls on her elbows to get round it. She thinks she is holding a rifle because abruptly she shoulders and fires, then reloads her imaginary arm and fires again, imitating the sound of a salvo. Then she leaps, pounces on an imaginary enemy, rolls on the ground in furious hand-t0-hand combat, flattens the foe. With one hand she seems to pin him to the ground, and with the other stabs him repeatedly. Her cries betray her effort. She makes the gesture of cutting to the quick and stands up brandishing her trophy….
    She intones a song of victory and dances:
    The blood flows,
    You are dead.
    The blood flows,
    We have won.
    The blood flows, it flows, it flows.
    The blood flows,
    The enemy is no more.
    But suddenly she stops, dazed. Her body bends, hunches, How old she seems, older than before! She walks away with a hesitant step. She is a former warrior, an adult explains…. The battles ended years ago, but she continues the war in her head.
    And is this the future we want for our daughters?
    As I have long said the Jews provide something to distract everyone. Something that will take one down the path of self destruction. Whether it is TV, movies, trashy novels, comic books, drugs, sex, cars, politics sports, new age religion, Christian fundamentalism, conspiracy bullshit or whatever, Jews have just the thing to occupy one’s time and your mind so they have no chance to address the really important issues in their lives e.g the Goddamned Jews destroying their race and their nation. Once again the Jews cultural inversion can be found destroying America even as it destroyed ancient Egypt, the Jew’s first successful cultural subversion and destruction of an advanced civilization symbolized by the interlocking, inverted pyramid featured on the Star of David.

    Take a look:




  23. Karen says:

    Gertrude Stein, she’s famous, but for nothing, every book she wrote has been forgotten, tossed into the dustbin of history, except for that line “a rose is a rose is a rose” may as well have been “a jew is a jew is a jew” Another attention seeking, talentless, destructive, viper jewess.

  24. No to Jews says:

    Jew fomented riots in progress right now in Baltimore. Soulless Black Sheboon Mayor of Baltimore encourages it.
    Remove all persons who are not pure White from the USA and sterilize them when they depart.

  25. Frank Fredenburg says:

    With Foreign Policy Already Locked Up, Jewish Money Aims For Domestic Chokehold


  26. Jason says:

    We got blitzed with this in Australia to…

  27. B-E-Devil says:

    How to program goy brainz with predictive programming.

  28. Jason says:

    I was just thinking. NW (Nation Wreckers) is the opposite of WN (White Nationalist) just like evil is the opposite of good.

  29. squarepegroundhole says:

    Off the fag charts…

    52 year old Dad now 6 year old girl.


  30. squarepegroundhole says:

  31. squarepegroundhole says:

    Hope this is a new tv show, maybe a AIDS infected fag with a leaky diaper can be the host.

    WHO Report: Trannies 49 Xs Higher HIV Rate


  32. squarepegroundhole says:

    “Thunderpussy,” the HIV-infected, ex-con -Nigger drag queen, on welfare gets free sex-change surgery and and then lets inverted penis rot and has to undergo more surgery – on the taxpayer.


  33. Cindy says:

    I don’t care what people do in private with consenting adults (though I might find it gross) however keep it to yourselves, peeps!
    People shouldn’t be having normal sex in public, nobody wants to see these he/ shes or whatever the hell they are in action.

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